Meg Ryan Sells Island Home for $9 Million!!! So Long Chappaquiddick

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Meg Ryan's no longer an island girl ... she's unloaded her Chappaquiddick Island mansion, and it's gotta connection with Barack and Michelle Obama's new island pad.

Our Massachusetts real estate sources tell us Meg just closed the deal to sell her 6,600-sq-ft crib for $9.125 million. She's been in the home -- which sits on just over 5 acres -- for about 10 years. We're told she bought it for about $6 million.

The spread has 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and isn't far from the water to the east and west. Translation: tremendous sunrise and sunset views from inside the home.

We know all you history buffs are wondering, so we Googled for ya. Meg's old place is less than 3 miles from the infamous Chappaquiddick bridge where Ted Kennedy crashed in July 1969.

Meg was repped in the sale by Tom LeClair and Gerrett Conover of Landvest. If those names sound familiar, it's because they're having a helluva week!

They also helped the Obamas close on their new $11.75 million estate on neighboring Martha's Vineyard.

We reached out to Gerrett and Tom about Meg's sale ... but they had no comment.

Barack & Michelle Obama We're On the Vineyard Now!!! Close on $11.75 Mil Estate

Barack and Michelle Obama are busting out the champagne, we imagine, to celebrate closing the deal for a mega-estate on Martha's Vineyard.

The Obamas got the keys Wednesday for the awesome mansion which sits on 29 acres of beachfront property. TMZ broke the story back in August when the former Prez and First Lady were in escrow on the luxurious home ... formerly owned by Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

As we told you, it was listed for $14,850,000 ... but our sources told us the Obamas were paying much less. Now we know how much less. According to real estate records, they're plunking down $11.75 million.

That kinda dough gets them 6,900 square feet with 7 bedrooms. The enormous pad has a pool, outdoor fireplace, and vaulted ceilings. It also has 2 guest wings off the main home.

Michelle and Barack test drove the house over the summer ... when they were renting it. Obviously, they were impressed and decided to make it permanent.

Tom LeClair and Gerret Conover of Landvest were realtors for the transaction. We reached out, but they had no comment.

Congrats to the new homeowners! Did we mention their estate comes with a private beach and a boathouse?

Translation: The housewarming party next summer is gonna be lit!

Justin Hartley Divorce Wife Chrishell's Moving Out

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Chrishell Stause is making the next big move in her divorce from "This Is Us" star Justin Hartley ... by packing up her stuff and leaving their home.

The "Selling Sunset" star was seen talking to movers at her L.A. residence Wednesday, and it looks like she's staying positive through the rough situation. A moving truck was also parked in front of the house she's shared with her recently estranged husband.


We broke the story ... Chrishell filed her response to Justin's divorce petition, and strongly suggests she was totally blindsided by it. According to the docs, she lists their separation date as Nov. 22, 2019 -- the day Justin filed for divorce -- but he claims they separated on July 8, 2019.

As we've pointed out ... that's a bit odd, considering the couple was seen out together multiple times after that date, including a week before his divorce filing.

The separation date isn't the only thing the 2 don't agree on -- Chrishell wants Justin to pay spousal support and her attorney's fees ... but he wants the opposite.

Chrishell also took a thinly veiled shot at Justin on social media by sharing a quote about it being difficult to watch people change, and now ... she's changing her address.

Jenna Dewan My Bday Present ... Moving Into New House With My BF!!!


Jenna Dewan is trading in birthday cake and candles for cardboard boxes and dollies ... she's moving into her new digs as she celebrates 39 trips around the Sun.

Check out these pics of Jenna and her boyfriend Steve Kazee on her birthday ... no celebrations, just business as they move into her new crib in Los Angeles. This is 39.


The good news is Jenna doesn't have to do any heavy lifting ... she's got a hunky BF and some movers to take care of everything. Of course, it looks like she's still overseeing the whole process -- it's the birthday girl's day after all.

Jenna's been living with a Steve for a little while now, and we're told she recently closed on the home ... and Tuesday was the big move-in day.

As you know ... Jenna's locked in a nasty custody battle with her ex, Channing Tatum, with the parents going at it over daughter Everly's custody. Channing is asking a judge to lay out a detailed schedule for who gets their girl and for how long, including holidays, birthdays and work trips ... something sources on Jenna's side say was already figured out.

Now, Everly's gonna have some new scenery whenever she goes over to Jenna's.

Kelly Clarkson Can't Break Away from TN Mansion ... HUGE Price Drop

Kelly Clarkson probably wishes her lakeside home was already gone, but it's not ... so she's making a big move to get it off the market.

The singer just slashed the price of her 20,000-square-foot mansion in Hendersonville, TN by more than a MILLION DOLLARS ... $1.25 mil to be exact.


Kelly originally listed the gorgeous 7-bedroom palace -- which she bought in 2012 -- for $8.75 mil in March 2017, but it's been relisted with a new $7.5 mil price tag.

The property sits on 4 acres right next to Old Hickory Lake ... just 25 miles from Nashville. It features a long, gated driveway that leads to a central fountain, and inside the front door is a double staircase leading to the grand foyer.

Along with the 7 beds -- including a master suite with a fireplace -- the 3-story house has 8 full bathrooms and 3 half baths. Other highlights include a saloon-themed bar with a pool table, a gym, a playroom with a ping pong table, a media room and a 2-story office ... with a private elevator.

And, that's just the inside. The backyard boasts a large saltwater pool, 2 spas, a garden, a greenhouse, a private dock and an area for outdoor dining. Of course, the home also comes with breathtaking views.

It's definitely a place fit for a queen, and for now ... it's available at a million-dollar bargain.

Mohamed Hadid My Bank Account is Just Fine!!! Clarifies Bankruptcy Filing


Mohamed Hadid is either in denial, or splitting a very important financial hair ... when it comes to the bankruptcy docs he's filed over an infamous Bel-Air mansion project.

Gigi and Bella's pop was out in Bev Hills Saturday night when a paparazzo asked him about the news he's gone bankrupt. Mohamed seemed confused, at first, by the question. Fact is, the photog was a little off with the facts.

TMZ broke the story .. Mohamed did file bankruptcy papers last week in L.A., but it's his construction company, 901 Strada LLC, that's gone belly up ... not Mohamed, personally. Watch the video because Mohamed wants the pap -- and the world -- to know he's doing just fine.

As we reported, Hadid filed docs declaring the LLC is between $10 million and $50 million in debt. The company was building the massive Bel-Air mega-mansion, known as the Starship Enterprise, but last month a judge declared it a "clear and present danger" to the surrounding neighborhood.


The court agreed with complaints, from the city and neighbors, that the home sits on an unstable hillside and wasn't built up to safety codes. As a result, the judge says the Enterprise -- which Hadid planned to sell for $100 million -- has to be torn down.

That alone would cost his company $500k, but in the clip it doesn't sound like Mohamed's planning to move the mansion off that mountain.

Seems demolition just ain't his thing.

Mohamed Hadid Company Files For Bankruptcy ... After Being Ordered To Demolish Mansion

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Mohamed Hadid has declared bankruptcy on behalf of his company that owns his mansion ... this after a judge told him he's gotta tear down his $100 million Bel-Air home.

Mohamed's company, 901 Strada LLC, filed docs in federal bankruptcy court the day before Thanksgiving, declaring he has between $10 million and $50 million in debt.

According to the docs, Mohamed says his Bel-Air mansion needs immediate attention -- it needs to be physically secured or protected from the weather.


That's notable because as we've reported ... a judge says Mohamed's gotta demolish the 30,000-square-foot crib because it's unsafe for a myriad of reasons and the property is a "clear and present" danger to Hadid's neighbors.

You'll recall ... Mohamed's neighbors and the city are concerned the mansion is on an unstable hillside and wasn't built to safety standards.

In the docs, Mohamed says he's over $386,000 in debt to a design and management company and over $200k in debt to a building materials company. He says he owes over $93k to a demolition company and owes over $35k to plumbers.

The bankruptcy filing raises the possibility that if Mohamed does not pay the estimated $5 million to demolish the mansion, local taxpayers would then have to foot the bill.

Peter Thiel Sued Your New Mansion Caused Landslide ... Now I Can't Live At Home!!!


Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel is pissing off a neighbor who claims Peter's new mansion caused a landslide that buried the dude's home ... according to a new lawsuit.

Peter is being sued by his neighbor, Kevin Keenan, who claims the City of Los Angeles won't let him live in his own house after it was damaged by a landslide emanating from Peter's hillside property.

In the suit, Keenan claims he never had any issues with landslides in his Hollywood Hills hood until Peter moved in next door and demolished an old house to build a new one.

Keenan claims Peter's new estate sits on an over-steepened slope which is a violation of building code, and after heavy rainfall earlier this year, a bunch of dirt and rocks from the hill gave way, burying Keenan's home and backyard.

According to the docs, Keenan claims Peter has done nothing to repair or fix the hillside, and he and his attorneys have ignored Keenan's request and government orders to do something about the slope.

In his suit, Keenan says he can't remove the dirt of debris from his own home until Peter stabilizes the hillside, and thus Peter is the one preventing him from living under his own roof.

Keenan is going after Peter for damages and he wants the judge to order Peter to fix the hill.

We reached out to Peter's reps. So far, no word back.

'7 Days' Singer Craig David I Sold My Miami Penthouse ... For $4.3 Million

Craig David's got something to be thankful for ... he just unloaded his baller penthouse in Miami.

The "7 Days" and "Fill Me In" singer sold his 2-bedroom, 1,895-square-foot Tower Suite 5 at the iconic Mondrian South Beach for $4.3 million. It was originally listed for $5.75 million.

The sale closed Monday, with a mystery buyer scooping up the one-of-a-kind party paradise with just enough time to set it up for an epic holiday or New Year's Eve bash.

When Craig was living in the penthouse, it quickly became the premier destination for Miami's It crowd to pre-party, thanks to a corner rooftop terrace with sweeping views of downtown, 2 master suites, lounge areas, a professional recording studio and special light effects throughout.

Luxhunters Productions

The new owner has quite a reputation to live up to ... Craig would infamously host as many as 150 people in the penthouse before heading out for the club scene around 1 AM.

Craig was repped by Alexander Goldstein and Adi Amuial of Miles Goldstein Real Estate, and the buyer by Ashton Coleman of One Sotheby's International Realty.

Joe Giudice Check Out My Modest Italian Digs ... Not In Jersey Anymore


Joe Giudice went from mansion living in a ritzy area of New Jersey to a holding cell and now ... to a cool little apartment in his homeland of Italy. He ain't complaining though.

The former 'RHONJ' star recently gave a tour of his modest digs in Salerno, Italy, where he's currently living as he tries to get back to the States amid his deportation case. It's a cozy 1-bedroom, but Joe was happy to take fans through every nook and cranny of the place.

He's got a bedroom, a kitchen with a tiny table, a living room with a couch and TV, a washer (but no dryer), and a toilet with no seat and a bidet nearby. Welcome to Italian living!!!

That's not to say that Joe's griping about his living situation -- if anything, he says it's much better than where he was being detained by ICE ... so he'll take it for now. And besides, Joe lives right next to a gorgeous mountain range. Not too shabby all things considered.

It is interesting though, considering what he was used to about four or five years ago ... when he was living with Teresa and the kids in an upscale mansion in Montville, NJ.

The house above is actually one of the Giudices' only properties they kept when they were in the middle of legal trouble a few years back. It initially went up for sale, but Teresa got to hold onto it in the end. Other properties of theirs were either sold or demolished.

Hey, an abode's an abode at the end of the day ... humble as it may be.

Mohamed Hadid Bel-Air Mansion is 'Clear and Present Danger' ... Judge Says Tear it Down!!!

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Mohamed Hadid is taking a major L on what he hoped would be his $100 million Bel-Air mansion -- cause a judge says he's gotta tear down the whole thing.

The 30,000-square-foot crib, which has been dubbed the "Starship Enterprise" -- it's that big -- is unsafe for a of myriad reasons, according to the judge who ruled this week in L.A. Superior Court. In the judge's words, the mansion is a "clear and present" danger to Mohamed's neighbors.

The concern Hadid's neighbors and the city have had for years is that it's on an unstable hillside and wasn't constructed up to safety standards. The judge affirmed that in court, saying, "If this house came down the hill it would take a portion of the neighborhood with it."


A structural engineer told the court the supporting piles under the home were only driven 20 feet into the bedrock, instead of the 30 feet required by regulations. Hadid had hoped to sell the mansion for 9 figures.

Mohamed's neighbors had sued him over the construction and scored a huge victory with the judge's ruling. Demolition for the home will cost an estimated $5 million, and the judge has turned that responsibility over to a receiver named Douglas Wilson.

The judge is ordering Mohamed to pay Wilson a $500k fee, but Mohammed tells us his LLC's financing is strictly for construction, NOT demolition.

As for the judge saying the house is unsafe ... Mohamed says it "has not moved a millimeter! It has never been an imminent danger to the neighbors." He adds there were plenty of city inspectors who observed construction, which started in 2012, and he's pissed no one said anything until years later ... when he'd already spent millions.

Mohamed blames one particular neighbor, who he claims demanded $3.5 mil, or he'd report building code violations to the city. Mohamed sued him for attempted extortion, and tells us that suit is still pending.

BTW, the City of L.A. filed 3 criminal charges against Hadid for building code violations. He pled no contest and got 3 years probation on the condition he either complies with building regulations or tears it down.

Robin Williams Northern Cal Home Hits the Market ... Bayside Livin' for $7 Mil

Robin Williams' former crib along the San Francisco Bay is up for grabs ... and the view alone might make it go quickly.

The late funny man's single-story Mediterranean home in Northern California -- located in Paradise Cay -- is a nearly 6,500-square-foot palace with walls of windows in the living room and kitchen to ensure you never lose sight of the gorgeous bay.

The house features a wood-paneled library/den, an office and 6 beds and 6.5 baths. Outside, there's a gorgeous stone patio with a pool and spa.

Williams -- who first started doing stand-up comedy in the San Fran area in the mid-1970s -- bought the property in 2008 for just over $4 million. Following his suicide in 2014, the home was transferred to a trust tied to his widow, Susan.

It's on the market now for $7.25 mil.

The Weeknd $25 Mil Spectacular Penthouse Bachelor Pad!!!


The Weeknd just moved into a penthouse bachelor pad in Bev Hills, and while the dude certainly doesn't need any help getting laid ... his new place is certain to be filled with chicks.

Our real estate sources tell us the "Starboy" singer plunked down $25 MILLION for his bach pad on the top floor of a super-exclusive high-rise ... and the place is definitively worth every penny.

The 4-bedroom penthouse is 8,215 square feet of pure luxury. It's got breathtaking views of the city, hills and ocean, and you can soak it all in through huge glass windows, or the 4 balconies tucked in each corner.

The Weeknd can wine and dine his guests with his wine vault, wet bar and massive great room decked out with an entertainment system and a wraparound sofa. The chef's kitchen is custom designed by Antonio Citterio.

Oh, and there's an espresso bar and a home gym for those overnight guests -- a perfect way to start the morning.

Check out the gallery ... and wish you were living the bachelor life like The Weeknd.

Kevin Dillon Divorce Finalized ... $2 Mil for Her, House and Cars for Him

TMZ/Getty Composite

"Entourage" star Kevin Dillon's ongoing divorce drama is finally over, and although he probably won't be shouting, "VICTORY!" ... it seems like a pretty good deal.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ ... the judge signed off on a final judgment in Jane Stuart's divorce from Kevin, ending a process that started way back in 2016.

Kevin and Jane get joint legal and physical custody of their daughter, Ava -- and he'll pay child and spousal support. According to the docs, Kevin will pay $1,823/month for Ava and $2,100/month to Jane.

As for big-ticket items ... Kevin keeps their house in Malibu as well as his New York residence and another pad in L.A., along with a motorcycle and NINE cars -- including a couple classic Corvettes and Camaros. That "Entourage" dough is loooong, yo!

Meanwhile, Jane gets their Ford Escape, but Kevin also has to make equalization payments to her totaling $1,705,594 and owes her an additional $242,411 for her share of a brokerage account.

As we reported ... the now-official-exes have squabbled for years over issues like their date of separation, the amount of temporary support he was paying (before this settlement), and the cost of their daughter's tuition.

Kanye West Stop Construction On Your Ranch!!! Wyoming Puts Foot Down


Kanye West's plan to build an amphitheater on his ranch is drawing the ire of officials in Wyoming ... and they're ordering him to put the brakes on his construction project pronto!!!

Park County Wyoming Planner Joy Hill tells TMZ ... the County is ordering Kanye to cease construction on his property because he broke ground without a permit and that's a big no-no.

As we reported ... Kanye submitted docs to build a 70,684-square-foot amphitheater on his sprawling Monster Lake Ranch, and there were construction crews on the property moving large amounts of land to clear a footprint.

We're told Kanye's team was told to stop construction when county officials visited the site after he submitted his building permit application, but subsequent visits to the site by officials showed his team ignored the mandate and kept working.

And, get this ... we're told Kanye's proposed meditation space was on the agenda at a Tuesday meeting for the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission, but the topic never came up because a few hours prior, Kanye's team notified the commission he was changing the intended purpose of the site to residential use.

Now, we're told Kanye's about to get a letter from the County telling him to put an end to construction ... and he's gotta submit a whole new building permit application.

Bethenny Frankel SoHo Loft Sells ... Listed For $4 Million

Bethenny Frankel's former residence is finally off the market ... someone just scooped up her two-bedroom condo and is ready to live like a real housewife.

The former 'RHONY' star recently slashed the listing price from $5 million to $3,995,000 ... and now it's got a new mystery owner.

The 2,392-square-foot SoHo loft looks amazing ... it's on a cobblestone street in the historic cast-iron district, with a wood-burning fireplace and a small balcony -- the only one of its kind in the building.

The home is decked out with walnut flooring throughout, plus an internal atrium and a sunken living room with 14-foot ceilings and triple-paned arched windows. The master bedroom includes a huge walk-in closet and a marble bathroom with a steam shower and soaking tub.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows encompass the bedrooms, and the second room comes with built-in speakers to set the vibe. There's also a grand hallway perfect for displaying art, and a powder room. The building includes a common rooftop terrace.

Leonard Steinberg, Herve Senequier, Amy Mendizabal and Calli Sarkesh had the listing.