Anthony Davis Renting $14 Million Bel-Air Mansion ... Welcome to L.A.!!!


New team, new pad -- L.A.'s newest superstar Anthony Davis has found a temporary home in his new territory ... renting an INSANE $14.1 million mansion in Bel-Air!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... The Brow is resting his feet in a super private gated community in L.A. ... and the 12,000-square-foot house is a perfect for a big-time baller.

The 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom pad comes with a decked out gourmet kitchen, bar, personal gym, master bedroom with marble fireplace and walk-in closet, pool ... and of course, a basketball court!!!

We're told AD is renting the place for around $50k a month ... but the guy's in the middle of a 5-year, $127 million contract ... so it's a drop in the bucket for the All-Star.

FYI -- if Davis decides to crash at this spot during the season, it's only about a 35-minute drive to Staples Center!!! (But, you never know with L.A. traffic.)

AD's not gonna be far from his bestie, LeBron James, either ... he'll be about 15 min from his Brentwood neighborhood.

Welcome to L.A.!!!

Chiefs Rookie Mecole Hardman Here's Your New House, Mom ... Surprise!!!

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"It’s my turn to take care of you now."


That's new Kansas City Chiefs rookie Mecole Hardman's message to his mom after he surprised her with a new house ... and, yeah, the video is a tear-jerker.

Unclear where the new pad is -- we're assuming somewhere near Arrowhead Stadium so Mama Mecole can watch her son ball with the Chiefs -- but it looks like a sick place regardless.

There's a pool, a brand-new kitchen and plenty of yard space. It's pretty sweet.

"I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am," Mecole said of the gift ... "I love you ma x1000000000."

Mecole was a 2nd-round draft pick of the Chiefs and reportedly just inked a 4-year, $5 MILLION deal ... and he said on camera his mom's new house is already fully paid for.

The Chiefs' season doesn't begin for another few weeks ... but chalk this one up as the first W of 2019 for Mecole!!!

Tim Tebow Drops $3 Mil On Sick Jacksonville Pad

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Audrey Lackie / The Legends of Real Estate

Tim Tebow strikes again ... as in, he just bought up even MORE real estate in Jacksonville, Florida -- and this new place is awesome.

The New York Mets prospect plunked down $3 mil to scoop up an 8,100 square foot mansion in an exclusive private community in South Jacksonville, according to Jax Daily Record.

Tebow, who recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (the 2017 Miss Universe winner), had previously bought a smaller home nearby for $1.4 mil in 2014 ... but clearly he felt he was due for an upgrade.

And, man, this place is cool ... it's got a personal gym, fire pit, beautiful pool, a massive wine room, home theater, 5-car garage ... and PRIVACY.

The home also overlooks a golf course and a nearby lake.

Tebow can definitely afford it -- he made roughly $10 mil during his short NFL career ... but has racked up a fortune in endorsements, broadcasting and TV hosting gigs.

He's also getting paid by the NY Mets -- though his exact salary is unclear.

By the way, Tim grew up in the Jacksonville area -- and famously stayed in the Sunshine State to play his college ball at the University of Florida, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2007.

Harry Styles Sells Hollywood Hills Home at a Loss

Harry Styles just pocketed $6 million ... because we've learned he just sold his Hollywood Hills home.

Harry bought the house a few years back for around $6.8 million, so in reality he's taking a loss, but at least he unloaded the crib.

The house has been for sale for around a year. He initially listed it for $8 mil but there were no takers.

As for why Harry's selling ... he thought he'd be spending more time in L.A. but that's not the case. He's not buying another house in the City of Angels.

The house is gated, modern and has great city views. It's 4,400 square feet strong ... and has 4 bedrooms and 6 baths.  

The house was listed by mega-realtor Kurt Rappaport and Carl Gambino.

Joe Montana $30 Million Mansion For Sale ... 500 California Acres!!!

Here's a look at how Joe Montana lives ... and if ya got $30 MILLION lyin' around -- you can live like one of the best quarterbacks EVER too!!!

The San Francisco 49ers legend's EPIC 500-acre palace in Calistoga, California is up for sale ... and the place is ridiculously awesome.

The main house is a 9,700-square-foot mansion that features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an insane wine cellar that can hold 3,500 bottles of booze.

Outside the main place -- there's a horse-riding area, a basketball court and a bunch of olive trees that produce anywhere from 30-60 GALLONS of olive oil every year!!

Paul Rollins

There's also a swimming pool, a skeet-shooting range, a pond (that you can fish in) and two creeks to canoe in.

Oh, and if that ain't enough ... the pad is surrounded by unreal Sonoma County views of mountains and trees.

Unclear why Montana is trying to unload the place ... but it can be all yours if you've got $28.9 MILLION to burn!!!!

Remember, Montana played BEFORE players started signing 9-figure contracts -- in fact, back in 1990, Joe was the very first NFL player to average more than $3 million per season when he signed a 4-year, $13 mil contract with the 49ers. 

At the time, Montana's salary made up about 15% of the 49ers' $27 million payroll. 

Boy, have times changed ... 

NFL Legend Lamar Hunt California Estate & Vineyard For Sale ... Got $20 Mil?!

Wanna live like a baller NFL owner?!? 

Well, now you can buy the massive Northern California estate the late Kansas City Chiefs honcho Lamar Hunt built ... if you've got $20 MILLION to blow!!! 

Hunt died back in 2006 -- but his widow, Norma, still owns the massive 6,615 square foot compound Lamar bought in Napa Valley back in 2000. 

The place is insane -- it sits on 40 acres of land complete with its own Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard ... a vineyard that's already won a ton of awards over the years. 

The house itself is just 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms ... but it boasts one of the coolest views of the valley we've ever seen! 

Oh yeah, and the wine cellar on the property is pretty rad too. 

Hunt's wife, Norma, held onto the estate for years after his passing ... and now she's ready to part ways with it, listing it for $19.95 million through Compass Realty in San Francisco.

Good luck! 

Michelle Obama Rents Amazing Hollywood Hills Home

Michelle Obama is leading the Hollywood life ... at least she did for a day, because TMZ has learned she rented one of the most exclusive and amazing homes in all of the Hollywood Hills.

Real estate sources tell TMZ, the former First Lady rented the home, which is up for sale for $23 million, this past Monday and Tuesday. It's new construction ... aside from a rental here and there, it's never been lived in.

The house has spectacular views of the city. It's called Shark House because there's a tank inside with a bunch of them.

Our sources say there was "incredible security" present ... the owner had to have all security cameras turned off.

One realtor, who's very well connected in the area, tells TMZ the buzz is that Michelle might be scoping out the neighborhood and/or that particular house to set down roots. Now that she and the former Prez are empty nesters, there's nothing keeping them in D.C., and L.A. makes a lot of sense given their recent Netflix deal and other entertainment projects. 

We reached out to brokers Tomer Fridman and Kurt Rappaport who have the listing ... so far, no word back.

Gavin Rossdale Obsessed Fan Visits Crib Twice in 12 hrs ... Let's Talk Illuminati!!!


Gavin Rossdale had a rude awakening that quickly turned from creepy to downright scary in a matter of hours.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a Caucasian woman believed to be in her 40s showed up to Gavin's L.A.-area crib late last week just after midnight, rang the doorbell and started talking gibberish about the Illuminati.

Our sources say Gavin was home at the time but didn't say anything to the woman, who apparently thought nobody was home and left. But, later that afternoon ... she came back and spotted the Bush frontman in his car about to pull out of his driveway, so she pulled up right next to him.

We're told Gavin came face-to-face with her ... thinking the woman was a delivery person -- but when she tried talking to him he immediately recognized her as the Illuminati woman.

Our sources say Gavin bolted, leaving the woman in his driveway, and immediately called cops. LAPD is now investigating.

TMZ broke the story ... Chloe Grace Moretz had a similarly creepy and dangerous situation when an obsessed man knocked on her front door twice within days. The second time coming right after he got out of jail for the first incident.

'7 Days' Singer Craig David Throw Epic Parties at My Penthouse ... If Ya Got Many Millions!!!

Craig David's walking away ... from his baller penthouse cause he's ready to sell it, and he wants a pretty penny for it.

The "7 Days" and "Fill Me In" singer is unloading his Miami crib -- Tower Suite 5 at the iconic Mondrian South Beach. The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom pad sits on 1,895 square feet and is listed at $5.75 million. It features a terrace with sweeping views of downtown Miami ... but it's the epic parties Craig hosted there that truly gave the penthouse its legendary reputation in the 305.

Luxhunters Productions

What started out as a 10-person bash with his friends at Craig's penthouse quickly became the premiere destination for Miami's It crowd to pre-party. Craig has previously said he's easily hosted as many a 150 people in the penthouse before bouncing for the club scene around 1 AM.

The pad has 2 master suites, lounge areas and day beds in the terrace, a professional recording studio and special light effects throughout the place to give it a true party vibe.

Craig is being repped by Alexander Goldstein and Adi Amuial of Miles Goldstein Real Estate.

Channing Tatum Someone's Sleeping in My House ... And She's Not Welcome!!!

Channing Tatum had to step up and get the law involved in a squatting situation -- taking out a restraining order against a woman who's made herself very much at home ... in his home. 

A judge granted the actor protection from a woman who Channing says broke into his Hollywood home (which was vacant at the time) at some point in June, and stayed there for 10 days, even bringing her personal belongings with her.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman was eventually discovered by one of CT's assistants ... and was held under citizen's arrest until cops arrived and took her into custody. She claims Channing invited her to stay, but he says that's BS. 

Channing does say that the woman has tried contacting him in the recent past, and he was aware of her existence prior to her squatting. He believes she's not in her right mind.

As part of his restraining order request, he also asked the court for protection for his ex, Jenna Dewan, whom he still lists as his spouse -- their divorce isn't finalized yet -- as well as his daughter, Everly, and his 2 assistants. He didn't include his GF, Jessie J, though.

Well, a judge partially granted Channing's request -- giving him the court-ordered force field he wanted, but only for himself, Jenna and Everly. The assistants are on their own -- at least until a court hearing to hash out the facts.

The woman has to stay at least 100 yards away from Channing and co., and can't have any form of contact with them either.

Justin Theroux Victory in Neighbor War Raise the Roof (Deck) All Ya Want


Justin Theroux's just showed his neighbor who's boss, because a judge settled their nuclear war over a roof deck ... and Justin came out on top.

The fight between Justin and neighbor Norman Resnicow has gone on for more than 2 years, and it redefined nasty.

It was all over a 40-square foot strip of roof deck ... and the judge said it was always his, even before the legal dispute erupted. As for the nastiness ... Resnicow allegedly once threatened neighbors with a harpoon-like device for siding with Theroux, and he even inserted himself in Justin's breakup with Jennifer Aniston.

In his suit, Justin said Norman was threatening to cut off water and electricity to his roof deck if he didn't comply with Norman's demands.

A lot of legal mumbo jumbo in the court's decision, but the bottom line ... the judge concluded Resnicow was a deck trespasser and it was rightly owned by Justin.

Now, it's all over ... or so it seems. At least on this issue, it's a big W for Justin.

Halle Berry Man Tries to Steal Her Home


Halle Berry damn near returned to her home to find the locks changed and a strange man living inside.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin first showed up at an L.A. property owned by the actress in January and allegedly fiddled with the locks, but took off when he was approached by Halle's gardener.

A couple months later, in March ... cops received a trespassing call from workers at Berry's pad, who said Griffin was there with a locksmith trying to get in, claiming he was the new owner of the home and had the deed to prove it.

We're told he'd already managed to have one of the locks changed, and actually made a call to the police when he was confronted by the employees at the house. Yes, he was audacious enough to call the cops claiming ownership and pointing the finger at Halle's employees as trespassers!!!

According to law enforcement ... when police arrived Griffin maintained he was the owner of the house, but LAPD detectives quickly determined Griffin had fraudulently changed the title of the residence.

Halle told the detectives she had no idea who he was ... and definitely didn't give him permission to be at her home.

Griffin was later arrested and hit with a felony count of procuring and offering a false warranty deed and an additional count of petty theft. His bond's set at $36k.

Strangely enough ... we're told the guy didn't even know it was Halle's place. Just luck of the draw for her.

This isn't the first time Halle's had major issues with intruders. Back in 2011, she came home, walked in the kitchen and told cops, "As I opened my glass kitchen door and closed it behind me, all of a sudden I sensed someone behind me and turned to see the intruder standing less than a foot behind me, staring through my glass kitchen door." The guy was arrested.

Bob Barker Home Smashed by Out-of-Control Car


No ... this is not the right way to "come on down" to Bob Barker's house.

The legendary 'Price is Right' host's manager tells TMZ ... the crash went down Tuesday outside his Hollywood Hills home. The vehicle slammed into the perimeter wall, but didn't get close to the house -- the 95-year-old former game show host was safely inside.

Law enforcement sources tell us the car was involved in a collision on the street, and the impact sent it flying into Barker's wall.

We're told everyone involved in the crash is okay -- there were no injuries to people, but clearly to vehicles ... and walls.

Lou Williams I Got a Big Ass Bed!!! Room for 2 Girlfriends!!!

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The guy who's famously had multiple girlfriends at once just got a BIG ASS BED ... and we think we know why.

L.A. Clippers star Lou Williams showed off the new centerpiece of his master bedroom on Wednesday ... and the thing is big enough to fit like, 4 Shaquille O'Neals.

Williams captioned his IG pic with "California wasn’t big enough" ... and he wasn't lyin' -- the folks at MAREE tell us he got a bed 4-feet-wider and 3-feet-longer than a regular California King sized bed.

Now, remember ... it was revealed back in 2014 that Lou Will was running the triangle offense with 2 different women -- Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell -- who were cool with him spreading the love.

Unfortunately, Lou and Ashley broke up last year, but things are still going strong with Mitchell ... so if another girlfriend happens to come along, there will be plenty of room for her!!!

Congrats, Lou ... on everything.

Trent Reznor This Home's Moldy, Sewage-Laden ... I'm Suing My Landlord!!!


Trent Reznor claims his landlords did a piss poor job building his rental home -- which is now overrun with mold, sewage leaks and flooding -- so now he's suing the people who collect his rent.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ ... the Nine Inch Nails founder claims the people who constructed the pad used crappy materials to build it on the cheap, and he suffered the consequences in the form of a dilapidated residence ... and was forced to get the hell outta there.

In the docs, Trent says there was an electrical fire in the 5-bed, 8-bath home in January that was caused by mold growing inside the walls ... and that forced him to shack up in an expensive hotel with his wife and 4 kids.

Trent claims his landlords told him they got rid of the mold and it was safe to move back in, but he says when he went back the place was still a hellhole. Trent says the work they did caused even more problems, because it closed off huge sections of the home.

In the suit, Trent says sewage leaks and flooding were also common occurrences in the house.

Trent claims his landlords are refusing to give him back his security deposit, are balking at paying for his hotel expenses and haven't reimbursed him for some of the rent he paid ... so he's going after them for cash.

Dead Miami Dolphins Owner FL Mansion Sells For $16 Mil ... To Pet Store Mogul

The late H. Wayne Huizenga's incredible Florida mansion has a new owner ... and the lucky buyer got it for a bargain -- $16.02 MILLION!!!

Huizenga -- who was worth more than $ 2.8 BILLION -- died in March 2018 at the age of 80. Besides owning the Miami Dolphins, Marlins and Florida Panthers, he also founded Blockbuster Video and Waste Management. Dude was RICH!!!

During his life, Huizenga bought up this amazing 20,653-square foot waterfront pad in Fort Lauderdale ... which boasts 10-bedrooms, a home gym, workshop, theater, billiards room and a kitchen with a pizza oven.

Oh, and there's also enough dock space to park your 135-ft mega-yacht ... right near the infinity pool which contains its own BELLTOWER!!!

Huizinga's estate previously listed the place for $27 million ... but they were clearly motivated to sell, and later put it up for auction where it sold on June 5th for a cool $16 MIL.

So, who's the highest bidder? Turns out the new owner is Charles E. West, Jr. -- the founder of Pet Supermarket.

Good for that guy, huh?!