Coachella No Need to Be Vaxxed Negative Test is Just Fine!!!

Coachella is making a U-turn ... ditching its plan to enforce a mandatory vaccination policy for ticketholders, and instead settling for testing negative right before the event.

The announcement came down Tuesday via an update on Coachella's official IG page -- which is run by AEG Presents -- saying, "After seeing first-hand the low transmission data and successful implementation of safety protocols at our other festivals this past month, we feel confident we can update our health policy."

The change ... allowing folks to come to Coachella (and other AEG Presents events, it seems) without having to prove they're vaxxed. Instead, you can just show a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the day you're attending.

This is a serious about-face from what AEG honchos said just a couple months ago -- when they announced they'd be requiring proof of vaccines, adding they felt they'd be on the right side of history, and that it was in the best interest of everyone.

The explanation is sure to thrill any anti-vaxx, or anti-mandate, folks on the fence about attending Coachella -- but something feels weird about the change of heart.

Frankly, if ya wanted to be cynical ... you could argue AEG's making a business decision -- especially in light of the massive pushback we're seeing around the country in relation to vaccine mandate.

Important to note, though, the new policy falls in line with what several other festivals have done ... including Lollapalooza back in the summer.

Coachella and Stagecoach Canceled For 2021 ... COVID Strikes Again

The coronavirus vaccine isn't enough to save Coachella and Stagecoach from suffering the same fate two years in a row ... the music festivals just got put on ice ... again.

The sad news came down Friday from Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser. He signed an order scrapping the April events, citing COVID as the culprit.

Hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to the festivals each April before the pandemic, and more would have been champing at the bit to go this year after lockdowns and the death of live music ... the doc says it's just not safe to have people coming in from all corners of a world ravaged by virus.

The move's not too surprising, considering the pandemic is far from under control ... and right now it's anyone's guess if the festivals can be revived in October. That was the plan last year, but it never panned out.

Hey, at least you don't have to try and get refunds this time.

Beyonce New Collab with Peloton ... Perfect Timing!!!

Beyonce and Peloton have teamed up on a multi-year deal that will bring a series of themed workouts paying homage to historically black colleges and universities ... and the timing couldn't be better.

Playing off "Homecoming" -- her iconic Coachella concert film -- Beyonce's helped create cycling, running, strength, boot camp, yoga and meditation classes with Peloton to commemorate the annual fall Homecoming season at HBCUs. The singer was already the most requested artist among the fitness company's 3.6 million members, so the collab makes total sense.

In addition ... Bey and Peloton are gifting 2-year digital memberships to students at 10 different HBCUs, which provide access to the fitness classes through the Peloton App that can be used with or without equipment.

Along with the big partnership coming during homecoming season, the timing's also huge for the company ... in the stock market. As you may know, Peloton use has surged during the pandemic, but its shares took a hit Monday with the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine ... dropping 20 percent.

With the Beyonce news, shares jumped as much as 7 percent early Tuesday.

As for the Queen, she says she's been a Peloton member for years and is excited to partner with a company providing an innovative way for all people to "be the best versions of themselves."

She adds ... "I'm proud to celebrate the students at HBCUs with this donation, to encourage them to find and embrace their own wellness regimens."

Coachella Canceled for 2020 ... Says Health Official

Coachella 2020 is officially dead on the table -- the music festival will NOT go on in October as previously planned ... with hopes to fire it back up next year.

The news came down Wednesday from Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser. Kaiser signed an order to cancel the October event citing the fears of another rise in COVID cases in the fall. Stagecoach -- a country music festival held on the same grounds -- is also canceled.

It's still undecided if Coachella organizers will try to bring it back in April -- when it normally runs -- in a limited capacity, or just wait 'til October 2021 to open anew, and welcome everyone.

Another thing that's not totally clear is whether the 2020 lineup will remain the same, or if organizers will try booking new acts for 2021. You'll recall, this year's headliners -- which were supposed to perform later this October after the initial postponement -- included Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Rage Against the Machine and even a late-game Gaga announcement.

A lot of those artists were already rescheduling shows for 2021, so folks probably saw this coming. Not just that, but Lollapalooza just got canceled too ... and will live stream instead.


Aqua Coachella Would Be Dream Come True We're Around in 2020, So ...


Aqua's got a New Year's resolution that will surely have their legion of fans fired up ... a gig at next year's Coachella.

Singers Lene Nystrom ('memba her?) and Rene Dif and keyboardist Soren Rasted tell TMZ ... the band's set its sights on playing at Coachella next April ... which would be about 2 months before the Dutch-Norwegian band kicks off its '90s nostalgia tour.

How the band's gonna get it done is TBD ... but it's making a strong case for itself well ahead of Coachella announcing its highly-anticipated lineup. And, if it helps, the band -- famously known for its 1997 worldwide hit, "Barbie Girl" -- will be in the neighborhood.

Aqua recently announced it's making pit stops in 5 cities in Canada next June. Aqua's headlining and they'll be joined by fellow Dutch Eurodance group Vengaboys and Ace of Base's Jenny Berggren.

Aqua's undoubtedly excited to get back onstage next year but they make it crystal clear -- they've set their sights on Coachella. Check out the vid ... Lene tells us they'd fit in PERFECTLY 'cause, y'know, all the sex, drugs and rock & roll.

The group's ambitious goal is NOT far-fetched. Remember, a precedent's been set after 'NSYNC (sans Justin Timberlake) performed with Ariana Grande this year during weekend one.

Aqua -- which hasn't performed in the U.S. since the late '90s and teases about possible new music in the horizon -- is no stranger to syncing up with Lance Bass & co. -- they not only toured together, Lene says 'NSYNC's one of the bands they traveled with the most in the 90s.

So ... your move, Coachella.

RZA Glad Rage Against the Machine is Back ... Let's Finish What Wu Started!!!


RZA is stoked to see the guys from Rage Against the Machine rocking again -- but he wants to see another reunion that involves them and his Wu-Tang Clan.

We got the Wu leader at LAX and asked how he felt about Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha putting their band back together to hit the road and play Coachella. RZA says it's the perfect time for their return, 'cause there's plenty to rage about these days.

He also brought up some unfinished biz with Rage that he wants to address -- wrapping up the tour their groups weren't able to complete 20 years ago!!!

Yes, believe it or not ... the Wu-Tang Clan actually got its touring feet wet with a co-headlining national tour with Rage Against the Machine back in 1997 ... but it was cut short after RZA and the fellas pulled out due to internal conflict among its members.

Welp ... RZA says he wants to run it back and finish out what they couldn't all those years ago. In fact, he's already got a point of contact on how to pull it off.

Cue up that 'Ain't Nuthing Ta F*** Wit' remix and slap it loud and proud -- assuming RZA can get his way, that is, and make a big reunion even bigger.

Amanda Stanton Sued You're a Social Media Fail ... Fork Over $5,000!!!

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Amanda Stanton is blowing it as a social media influencer ... so claims the luxury boutique that's suing her for failing to do the simplest task.

According to new legal docs ... Moonstone Vintage LA says it gave Amanda a very pricey gift -- a Chanel purse worth $3,249 -- and in exchange, she would pimp the store out to her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Pretty standard social media quid pro quo.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Moonstone claims Amanda failed on the pimping part. As they say, it ain't easy. The boutique says not only did Amanda fail to tag them in her post from Coachella ... but she kept the purse.

As a result, it's suing Amanda for $4,996 ... the cost of the purse, plus shipping and handling expenses.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda requested the rare, vintage, black leather quilted mini backpack as a last-minute accessory for her Coachella trip earlier this year.

Our sources say the store personally delivered it from Santa Monica to the desert. And, while Amanda did post with the purse ... she tagged several other companies, but NOT Moonstone.

Adding insult to injury ... Amanda posted a second pic with the mini backpack and again didn't tag the company. Two days after her initial post, Amanda did finally tag Moonstone ... but the boutique's now saying too little, too late.

A rep for Amanda tells TMZ ... "There was miscommunication between Amanda and the brand. Amanda didn’t have full confidence in what she was advertising, and was trying to negotiate with the brand to cancel the deal. We are working to settle this privately."

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