Bethenny Frankel I'm Delivering 500,000 Masks ... Doctors, Nurses Desperate

Bethenny Frankel is about to deliver half-a-million masks to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are at high risk for contracting coronavirus, and the decks have just been cleared to deliver them quickly.

FEMA has told hospital workers they can get masks outside normal channels and get reimbursement because the supply is so critically lacking.

Bethenny tells TMZ, she's getting thousands of messages a day from medical professionals -- many in New York but also other areas of the country -- begging for help.

Bethenny's foundation, Bstrong, in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission is working with manufacturers from all over the world to make masks, and the number she's making has ballooned from 10,000 to 500,000 N-95 masks and counting.

She says the masks will be available in a few days and they will go directly to the people who need it, because the red tape is being eliminated.

The shortage is especially bad in rural areas, and they'll be the beneficiaries of Bethenny's good work as well.

'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore No, NeNe and I Can't Be Friends ... Too Much Has Been Said

no friend-zone

Kenya Moore says it's far too late for her and costar NeNe Leakes to bury the hatchet off-camera -- because too much bad blood has been spilled over the course of the show.

We got the 'RHOA' star in Atlanta Tuesday at the premiere of the new show, "Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka," where she told us why she's not willing to reconcile with the spirited and equally opinionated NeNe after a bitter feud erupted on this week's show.

Kenya says NeNe showed her true colors in how she dealt with Kenya to her face -- but perhaps more offensive is how she spoke about Kenya behind her back in a confessional.

ICYMI ... NeNe tried weighing on Kenya's marital problems with Marc Daly -- who's been caught texting other women -- and when Kenya refused to have a chat with NeNe ... the gloves came off in terms of insults. NeNe called Kenya "sad," also criticizing her skin.

Kenya thinks NeNe went too far, and because of that ... there's no going back between them.

And, as far as the rumor NeNe and her own hubby, Gregg, have an open relationship now ... Kenya says it's par for the course. Person who's loudest has their own problems, it seems.

'RHOC' Star's Son Walking Out of Jail!!! After Copping Plea Deal


The son of ex-"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Peterson is off the hook for attempted murder -- thanks to a sweet plea deal -- and he's walking out of jail.

Josh Waring pled guilty on Friday to felony counts of assault with a firearm, evading a peace officer, 2 counts of assault, hit-and-run with property damage and battery ... this according to court records. Waring's attorney, Joel Garson, tells us Waring will get time served and be released later today.

As we've reported ... Waring's been locked up for nearly 4 years while waiting for his trial since his July 2016 arrest when he was accused of shooting a man outside a sober living home. He initially pled not guilty.

It's been a harrowing time for Waring behind bars. As we first reported ... he was ambushed back in October 2019 at the Orange County jail in Santa Ana and brutally assaulted by another inmate wielding razors wrapped in towels.


Waring suffered deep gashes to his chest and face. Waring's lawyer believed the attack could have been retaliation against Josh for filing a federal lawsuit against Orange County and its Sheriff's Department for violating his civil rights.

He was transferred to another jail shortly after the attack ... but now he's walking free.

'RHONY' Star Jules Wainstein Hubby Claims She Abuses Drugs ... Gimme Hair Samples, Judge


'Real Housewives' star Jules Wainstein has something her estranged husband wants -- a lock of hair -- because he wants to prove she's abusing drugs, claiming it made her crazy.

Michael Wainstein ran to civil court shortly after Jules was arrested last week on domestic violence charges in Florida -- asking a judge for a restraining order against his wife. He also wants to get her tested and treated for what he says is a very dangerous addiction.

Per the docs, obtained by TMZ, Michael claims Jules poses a serious risk to not only him ... but to their two minor children as well. He says one of the kids told him they saw their mom taking pills before she allegedly went on a mini-rampage during a custody exchange ... for which she was ultimately arrested, booked and charged with battery.

BTW, Michael also says in the docs ... one night while they were in NYC, Jules came home visibly high on cocaine and repeatedly punched Michael in the face when he confronted  her about it. Just another reason he's concerned now.

Mike claims he's aware of a past drug problem she's had with Rx pills, including improper use of Adderall. Because of "bizarre behavior" Michael says Jules displays in front of the children -- including allegedly using a baseball bat on his car, licking his window, punching Mike, etc. -- he believes the court needs to step in here.

Specifically, he wants hizzoner to force Jules to submit hair follicles for testing to see if she is, in fact, on something ... and if so, Mike wants her ordered into a treatment program.

This is all part of their divorce case, which was filed in New York. The restraining order and battery cases are in Florida where the kids were handed off from father to mother, and Michael ran to a Florida court for an emergency restraining order that's tied to the divorce case.

A court hearing on what to do permanently going forward is scheduled for later this month -- but Mike wants something done about this situation now.

'RHONY' Star Jules Wainstein Busted for Domestic Battery Allegedly 'Smacked Him'

Exclusive Details

10:12 AM PT -- According to the police affidavit, obtained by TMZ, cops say Michael told them Jules punched and scratched him in the face ... all while Michael recorded the encounter on his phone. Cops say they reviewed Michael's footage and say it backs up his claims. Cops also said they noticed a reddish mark on his left cheek and a small scratch on his nose.

The incident went down Sunday morning in what was supposed to be a simple custody exchange. Michael was dropping off the kids with Jules. Cops say Michael told them he started recording Jules because he felt threatened from a previous argument over the phone about child support payments.

Then there's this ... cops say Michael told them when Jules got out of her car, she pulled a baseball bat from her backseat but immediately placed it on the floor. Cops say when they talked to Jules she admitted to pulling the bat and putting it down on the ground before approaching him, telling them "I was angry" and "I smacked him."

'Real Housewives of New York' star Jules Wainstein is in hot water down in Florida ... and we ain't talking hot tub.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Jules was busted Sunday in Boca Raton for domestic battery. It's unclear at the moment who the alleged victim is. Jules spent the night in jail and was released Monday under her own recognizance.

She's scheduled to return to court Tuesday. In docs, Jules was found indigent ... which means she can't afford a lawyer. A public defender will be assigned to her case.

Jules is no stranger to domestic disturbances. As we reported back in 2016, Jules called 911 after getting into an angry argument with her estranged hubby, Michael. Their divorce case was pretty nasty.

Originally published -- 9:11 AM PT

Kandi Burruss 3 Shot at Her Restaurant ... She Responds

Breaking News

5:32 PM PT -- Kandi Burrus has spoken out about the shooting at her restaurant, and it sounds like she's pretty devastated about it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She says she sends her thoughts and prayers to the individuals affected, going on to say ... "As African-American business owners, it has been our goal to invest in our community by bringing jobs, quality dining, and a positive experience to the greater Atlanta area; we hope that you know and understand that the acts of violence that occurred yesterday evening do not, in any way, serve as a reflection of OLG or its values."

Kandi ended her post by encouraging anyone with relevant information to reach out to law enforcement.

Three people were shot outside Kandi Burruss' Georgia restaurant, and it appears cops know the identity of the culprit.

It happened Friday night at around 8 PM. A man walked into the Old Lady Gang restaurant in East Point and began firing.

A police official said the shooting was not random. Based on the police statement, it appears a man who was shot inside was the target, and then 2 other people with no connection were also hit.

Police are on the hunt for the suspect, but they say they don't have a motive.

Chaos erupted at the restaurant, which is just outside Atlanta. Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, own Old Lady Gang ... a popular eatery that features Southern cuisine.

Originally Published -- 6:56 AM PT

Dina Manzo Home Invasion Baseball Bat Attack Seems Fishy ... Says Expert Witness


Former 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Dina Manzo's husband is getting called out over his claim he was bludgeoned during a home invasion -- a medical expert thinks he's full of it.

The 'RHONJ' alum and her hubby, David Cantin, told cops they were the victims of the attack back in May 2017. Cops arrested James Mainello, a 51-year-old New Jersey man, last year for the alleged crime.

However, Mainello's lawyer, Marco Laracca, says he has a doctor ready to testify Cantin's allegation he was beaten with a baseball just doesn't add up.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ ... Laracca plans to call Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Peter DiPaolo to testify it's "highly unlikely" the baseball bat portion of the attack is accurate.

The doctor says baseball bat injuries are "very well-described in the trauma literature" and typically result in skull and orbital fractures when someone's struck in the head or face ... as Cantin claims he was.

DiPaolo says Cantin sustained no such injuries ... according to photos and medical records he says he reviewed. For the record, Cantin claims he was repeatedly hit by the bat "in the leg, knee, arm, back and face."

We reached out to Dina and David. Their attorney, Andrew Brettler, tells us ... "This doctor did not even examine Mr. Cantin. He was hired by the defendant. For him to opine on Mr. Cantin's injuries is ludicrous. My clients were the victims of a violent attack."

Mainello is facing multiple robbery and assault charges in the case.

Joe Giudice Partying with a Flock of Hunnies ... Teresa Who???


Joe Giudice is moving on from Teresa Giudice with ease -- and by that, we mean he's got one, two, three, four .... lots and lots of options, basically.

The 'RHONJ' star was down in Mexico over the weekend at a place called Isla Mujeres. That translates to Island of Women ... and, lord, did it live up to the name. Take a look -- Joe, who seemed to be on a boys' trip, was absolutely surrounded by gorgeous babes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

They were pretty into him too from the looks of these photos and videos TMZ obtained. At one point, Joe was seen dancing with some of the girls at a hotel called Izla. Later, he was spotted cozying up with a couple other gals under a cabana on the beach. Heyooo!

Of course, Joe's single right now ... so no harm, no foul. He and Teresa officially split last month after growing and living apart for several years now. No one's filed for divorce or a legal separation, but it's clear they're both moving on and dating other people now.

In fact, we just saw Teresa with a new/not-so-new boo thang not too long ago in Jersey. Apparently, it's an old flame of hers ... who was also on the show as the family's pool boy man.

Welp, Joe's doing his own thing as well. And, loving every second of it from what we can tell.

Wendy Williams I Didn't Break Girl Code with Nene ... Keeping Much Bigger Secret


Wendy Williams says she didn't violate girl code by sharing NeNe Leake's plans to leave 'Real Housewives' ... and says she's sitting on an even bigger NeNe bombshell.

As you know, Wendy is getting tons of backlash for sharing -- on her talk show -- NeNe's private texts talking about bolting from 'RHOA.' NeNe even chided Wendy for blabbing.


However, after Nene aired her feelings on Twitter ... our sources say she and Wendy spoke after about what happened.

'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Poses in Wedding Dress w/ Fiance ... Before Oct. Ceremony

Cynthia Bailey and her FOX Sports fiance are getting a taste of a dress and tux to come months before they officially say "I do" ... and the photo-op appears to be an official celebration of their engagement.

The 'RHOA' star was seen doing a photo shoot Sunday with Mike Hill outside the J.W. Marriott Essex House Hotel in NYC, where they were rocking pretty standard wedding attire ... especially, Cynthia who seemed to be wearing a bride's dress or something like it.

Some folks might think they've already tied the knot -- despite announcing their wedding ceremony for later this year in October -- but it's possible this is simply for a formal engagement photo spread ... assuming they didn't get ahead of their own plans.

Lisa Vanderpump Ferrari Rams Her Restaurant ... Hubby Says It Happens


4:04 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources now seem to be confirming what Ken told us ... that the guy was allegedly cut off in traffic, which caused him to lose control and slam into the restaurant.

3:26 PM PT -- TMZ just spoke with Lisa's husband, Ken Todd, after the car crash, and he was actually in pretty good spirits ... all things considered.

Ken tells us that he'd spoken to the driver -- the guy in the white shirt -- and apparently, the dude claimed he'd been cut off in traffic and accidentally swerved into their patio. We asked if he was pissed, and surprisingly ... Ken's not! He says these things happen ... c'est la vie.

Definitely a great attitude to have after such a shocking event. Not only that, but Ken says he's going to keep the restaurant open for the rest of the day and seal off the patio area as it gets worked on. He also tells us one lady got slightly cut up on her arm, but other than that ... no major injuries, thankfully.


Check out what he says when we ask how Lisa's taking the news ... sounds like she might be a bit more panicked than her hubby. As for the driver of the Ferrari, he was busy talking to cops, and later ... we saw him pull the vehicle out and drive off. It still worked!

We're working on identifying the guy, but it seems the matter's being handled by the appropriate parties.

2:38 PM PT -- We're being told by law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation that the accident doesn't appear to have damaged the structure of the building -- the wreck just tore through Lisa's restaurant patio. Cops also say drugs and booze don't appear to be a factor here.

2:28 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Ferrari was apparently trying to make a left turn on one of the surrounding streets, but clearly ... he lost control. We're told one person thus far has been transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant got greeted with a sports car that came smashing through the front doors ... which left shattered glass and a chaotic scene behind.

The accident went down Sunday at the reality star's place of business in West Hollywood -- it's called Pump, and it's a restaurant, garden and a lounge. Somehow, a silver Ferrari jumped the curb and smashed through the patio seating area into the building itself.

Teresa Giudice Joe Made Me Sign a Prenup ... I Added No-Cheating Clause

Teresa Giudice's marriage to Joe apparently got off on the wrong foot 20 years ago ... because she claims he forced her to sign a prenup.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star made the revelation on Wednesday night's episode as she and her husband had a heated argument over the phone ... while Joe was in ICE custody.

Teresa shouted, "You made me sign a prenup, okay?" and later claimed in a confessional he asked her to sign it a week before they tied the knot ... much to her dismay. She said, "I just felt when you love someone, you don't do that."

Teresa went on to say she considered calling off the wedding over it, but decided instead to sign the prenup under one condition -- she made him add a clause stating if he ever cheated ... the prenup was off.

Joe Giudice Reunites With Daughters, Italian Style


Joe Giudice got exactly what he wanted for Christmas ... his daughters, who will be spending the holiday with him in Italy.

Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana all flew in Tuesday to reunite with their dad, who has been deported from the U.S. after his 41-month prison stint.

Joe was thrilled ... saying, "They are so cute, so happy."

The girls overpacked for the trip, at least that's what Joe seems to think. You hear him say,  “Think we can do this or what? We have to take apart this whole thing. We still got another three [suitcases].”

As you know ... Teresa and Joe have split up. She does not want to move to Italy and it's all but certain his appeals to return to the U.S. will be rejected.

Teresa's already dating someone else, and Joe has intimated he's doing the same.

Teresa Giudice Baby, It's Cold Outside ... New Flame Post-Joe???

4:48 PM PT -- Looks like Teresa's mystery man has been ID'd as Anthony Delorenzo -- a pool contractor who's worked at the Giudices' home on the show and, apparently, he's also an old flame of Teresa's. According to reports, they dated as teenagers. Awwww ....

Teresa Giudice is cozying up to a new man after breaking things off with her husband, Joe -- but the question now ... is this just friendly, or signs of a new match?

The 'Real Housewives' star was spotted walking into a breakfast joint Saturday morning in NJ with a hunky guy by her side the whole time. And, by that we literally mean he had her wrapped up close as they made their way in to eat ...  laughing all the way.

The flirtatious touching didn't end there ... Teresa and this fella were seen hugging a couple times during their outing, and she was hanging off his arm as well as they stood outside.

All I Want for Xmas ...

Now, the one thing they didn't do was kiss ... which would've all but confirmed she's moved on from Joe. And, yes, this might've just been friends palling around ... not unheard of.

To us, though, it appears like these two are more than just friends -- and if that's the case, you can't really blame TG. In the wake of splitting up, word has it Joe's already been on a few dates himself in the motherland ... so obviously, it's NBD if Teresa did the same.

One big consideration though ... how would the kids react to a new man in the house??? Time will tell, we suppose.

Originally Published -- 12/21 4:00 PM PT

Teresa & Joe Giudice Splitting Up After 20 Yrs. of Marriage

Breaking News

Teresa and Joe Giudice are finally saying what we all saw coming ... they're headed for splitsville -- calling it quits after 20 years of marriage, this according to sources close to the former couple.

The former childhood sweethearts decided to separate following Teresa and their daughters' visit last month to see Joe in Italy. It appears the breakup is amicable, and they're just trying to move on. Joe's reportedly already gone on a few dates.

He also took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself and Teresa and captioned it, "It's time to let go."

Neither was interested in a long-distance relationship, though they had been living apart for a few years now ... due to both doing time in prison. As far as we know ... no one's filed for divorce yet, or even legal separation. This is more of a public declaration.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Joe posted a video for his daughters, showing them he's doing some pricey Christmas shopping for them ahead of their holiday trip to see dear ol' dad. We're told the girls are still going, but Teresa will not join them.

Joe and Teresa got married back in October 1999 ... and their relationship was clearly fractured after they were both convicted of wire and bankruptcy fraud.

Teresa served nearly a year behind bars and was released right before Christmas 2015. Joe served 36 months before he was released in March.

He was ultimately deported, which he appealed ... and a judge let him live in Italy while his appeal works through the court.

Cynthia Bailey Flu Home to Kiss Her Fiance ... Who Cares If I'm Sick?!?


Cynthia Bailey has a message for all the couples out there this flu season ... she says there's nothing wrong with snuggling up with your sick partner!!!

We got the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star at LAX Monday and asked how she's holding up during her bout with the flu ... and Cynthia says her symptoms won't stop her from planting a huge kiss on her fiance, Fox Sports host Mike Hill, who she was on her way to see.

Cynthia is totally open to debating whether couples should sleep in the same bed if someone is under the weather ... but she says there's only one right answer, and married folks better uphold their vows!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Lucky for Mike, Cynthia thinks she's no longer contagious ... but it sounds like she's ready to take care of the sportscaster if she gets him sick.

As Cynthia puts it ... that's real love!!!

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