Tamra Judge Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Tamra Judge's looks over the years are peachy keen and those of a fitness competition-winning queen!

Here is a 43-year-old version of the reality star showing some classic Tamra sass with her hands on her hips at an event at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in California back in 2011 (left).

And, 11 years later ... the now 54-year-old gym owner recently stepped back into the limelight -- complete with her classic hand-on-the-hip pose -- at the "Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip" season 2 premiere at The Bowery Hotel in New York City (right).

"That's my opinion!!!"

The question is ...

Tamra Judge ...

'RHOA' Star Eva Marcille Overturning Roe Hurts Black Women ... What Trump Wanted!!!


Eva Marcille is ripping the Supreme Court for turning back the clock and overturning Roe v. Wade ... she says it's disgusting and is concerned about its negative effects on minority women.

We got the 'RHOA' star at LAX and asked her reaction to the SCOTUS overturning the 50-year-old precedent that legalized abortions nationwide ... and she didn't hold back.


Eva says crazy is an understatement when it comes to wrapping her head around the country moving backward ... and she thinks it's going to make healthcare for women of color even worse.

What's especially frustrating for Eva ... one group of people forcing their beliefs on women's bodies.

And, get this ... Eva believes this was Donald Trump's endgame when he appointed three Supreme Court Justices in Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

While Eva says folks should keep up the fight and be encouraged by some corporate responses ... she feels overturning Roe is going to be a domino effect in a really dark way.

'RHOC' Star Noella Bergener No Co-Parenting with My Ex ... I'm Out Here Grinding On My Own!!!


The beef's still hot between Noella Bergener and her ex-husband, James, 'cause she says they're not on speaking terms, nor are they "in a great co-parenting place" ... but she's not losing any sleep over the situation.

We caught up with "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star in NYC outside the Baccarat Hotel where she told us things are anything but amicable right now. She sounds hopeful things might change in the future, but for now, she's moving forward professionally and romantically.

Noella's partnering with Seeking -- she was walking into an event for the dating site --  and hoping her own experience inspires other women and men. She says she's single and mingling, but not just looking for fun -- she's actually down to marry again if she finds a Mr. Right.

BTW, she met James on Seeking back in 2015. Interesting, that she's not gun shy even after their split.

We broke the story, James Bergener -- a personal injury attorney known in SoCal as "Sweet James" -- filed for divorce in August 2021. The couple dated for 5 years and were married for one.

The newest member of "RHOC" joined the Bravo show last year, and it sounds like she's anxious to be a current wife again, instead of an ex! 😉

'RHOC' STAR'S SON JOSH WARING Busted for Fentanyl, Meth Possession Cops Say He Was Dealing

The son of ex-"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Peterson is allegedly dealing drugs ... at least according to prosecutors who claim he was angling to sell fentanyl.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Josh Waring is facing criminal charges from an arrest back in January, including felony possession and the sale of fentanyl, plus a misdemeanor charge of methamphetamine possession.

Orange County Sheriff's Dept. sources tell TMZ ... a deputy saw Josh in the passenger seat of a car, recognizing him from a prior drug arrest. The deputy was aware Josh was on parole for an assault, which meant the cop could conduct a random search, which he did, and allegedly found drugs right on Josh's lap.

Our sources say the deputy saw Josh brush the drugs onto the car's floorboard ... drugs later identified as fentanyl and meth. We're told Josh was arrested on the spot and taken to jail.  As for why he was charged with the sale of fentanyl ... it's because of the amount found.


As you know, Josh has a history of legal troubles ... he was arrested back in 2016 when he was accused of shooting a man outside a sober living home. Josh spent 4 years in jail, where he was once ambushed and assaulted by another inmate who was wielding razors wrapped in towels -- the attack was caught on video. He was later released on parole.

Now, Josh could face more time behind bars.

Andy Cohen Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Watch What Happens when Andy Cohen's looks over the years age like a fine wine!

Here's a 41-year-old version of the late-night talk show host casually posing at a screening of "I Love You, Man" at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City back in 2009 (left). This was just a few years after he pioneered "The Real Housewives" franchise.

And, 13 years later ... the now 54-year-old father of two little munchkins recently stepped out from the Club House and into the 'NBCUniversal's Upfront's' event in New York City (right) - still showcasing his unchanging smise.

There is absolutely NO pleading the fifth here!

The question is ...

Andy Cohen ...

'RHONJ' Joe Gorga No Regrets About Ranting at Tenant ... He Should Hustle to Pay Rent!!!


Joe Gorga doesn't deny it, he knows he totally lost it on one of his tenants, but he stands by his actions ... telling us he doesn't do well with folks who don't work hard.

The 'RHONJ' star says he has no regrets about how that confrontation with the tenant went down, because he was genuinely upset, and wanted the guy to feel exactly the way he did. Mission accomplished, we think.

You'll recall, JG recently got into a screaming match with the tenant ... who Joe and his attorney claim hasn't paid rent out of his own pocket in 4 years and owes nearly $50K.


He doubled down, saying what pissed him off most was he gave the guy an opportunity to better himself by giving him a place to live ... and feels like he took advantage of the situation.

Joe insists the tenant is trying to "beat the system" instead of finding a job to pay rent.

For his part, the tenant says the state of NJ paid a large portion of the rent through a COVID relief program -- which he qualified for after losing his restaurant manager job during the pandemic.

All in all, Joe admits the guy's failure to pay rent didn't really hurt his pockets, but his behavior could hurt another family ... and he wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

'RHONJ' Star Joe Gorga Goes Off On Tenant In Wild Video ... No Rent for Four Years?!?


Here's Joe Gorga going nuclear on one of his tenants in a rent dispute over an apartment complex the 'RHONJ' star owns ... and the screaming match is intense!!!

The heated argument is a peak Jersey showdown ... with landlord Joe getting all up in the grill of his tenant, and profanities and accusations flying in both directions.

The incident went down Thursday in Hawthorne, NJ and it sounds like this dispute has been brewing for a while -- Joe's lawyer claims the tenant hasn't paid for a few years and owes nearly $50,000 in back rent.

As you can gather from the video, the tenant sees things differently ... claiming Joe's gotten a good chunk of rent money from the state due to a COVID relief program.

While Joe's attorney, W. Peter Ragan, says Joe collected nearly $40,000 in COVID rental assistance from NJ, he claims the guy hasn't paid rent on his own since October 2018 and still owes Joe the nearly $50K sum.

Joe's rep, Mike Martocci, says Joe initially felt bad for the guy and didn't want to evict him but as you can tell from this video ... Joe's had a change of heart. Ragan says they've now filed eviction papers.

For his part, the tenant says he's a restaurant manager who lost his job during COVID, and is still trying to get back on his feet.

Guess Who This Baby Leopard Turned Into!

Before this little cub was showcasing her beautiful looks on the global runways and slaying New York Fashion Week, she was just a cutie with blunt bangs posing for the camera in Los Angeles, California.

This blondie with her bright, shining smile famously signed with IMG Models back in 2017. Her younger sister also followed in her footsteps and joined the modeling world.

Still not positive on who this feisty gal is? You've probably seen her and her little sister giving their mom a run for her money on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Can you guess who she is?

NeNe Leakes I Would Never Steal Someone's Husband ... Claps Back at BF's Wife


NeNe Leakes says she's no husband stealer ... clapping back at her boyfriend's wife, who sued her and claimed she hooked up with him when he was still married.

The former 'RHOA' star just broke her silence on the lawsuit she's facing in North Carolina ... posting a video on social media where she says she "would never" steal somebody's husband.

TMZ broke the story ... NeNe is being sued by Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh, who claims in a new lawsuit Leakes and now-BF Nyonisela Sioh started a romantic relationship while he was still Malomine's hubby.

NeNe seemed to take a veiled shot at Malomine earlier Thursday, posting a pic with Nyonisela with the caption "yours, mine, ours" ... a lyric from a Muni Long song.

The video is much more direct, and NeNe is not only denying the explosive allegations, but also laughing them off ... cackling as she says, "nobody want to steal nobody else's problems honey."

As we first told you ... NeNe and Nyonisela went public with their relationship back in December, some 3 months after NeNe's husband, Gregg, died from cancer.

NeNe Leakes Sued By BF's Wife You Stole My Husband!!!

NeNe Leakes is being hauled into court by her boyfriend's wife for allegedly sleeping with her man, causing her marriage to collapse ... this according to new legal documents.

Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh claims in the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, NeNe and now-BF Nyonisela Sioh hooked up while he was still married to her.

Malomine says NeNe posted picture after picture of her and her new man ... humiliating Malomine and cratering her relationship with her husband.

Malomine claims she suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, and a loss of affection. In case you're wondering, North Carolina is one of 7 states where a person can sue a spouse's extramarital partner for alienation of affection. Most states have disallowed such suits, because it's really just the game of love. Malomine is gunning for more than $100K.

NeNe is no stranger to lawsuits  ... as we reported, she recently accused the 'Real Housewives' team of being a toxic workplace.

She claimed the show ignored her complaints about years of racist remarks hurled her way by fellow cast member Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

We reached out to NeNe ... so far, no word back.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this squished snap is a hot momma bear of two, who is often seen embarrassing her two daughters on TV but makes up for it with her top-knotch 'mommagering' skills.

This soap actress frequently posts dance vids on her Instagram, which display her toned bod and her Harry hubby. Need one more clue on who this 'rich honey' could be? She will forever be known for her famous tagline, "I'm just an asshole with iconic hair and big lips."

Can you weasel your way through this mixed-up photo and make a guess on who the scrambled star is?

Lisa Vanderpump Throwing Party for Furry Friends ... 6th Annual 'World Dogs Day'


Lisa Vanderpump is going all out to celebrate some four-legged friends by hosting her 6th annual 'World Dog Day'!

The 'Real Housewives' star (and her pup) joined "TMZ Live" to give us the lowdown on this weekend's festivities in West Hollywood, which raises awareness about global dog abuse.

Lisa tells us, "World Dog Day' is a real feel-good factor ... especially coming amid some very tough times in America, around the world ... and even for Lisa's charity Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

From the sounds of it, it'll be a whole 'lotta fun ... Lisa says, they're doing it big for all the furry folks -- live music and a DJ, vendors with doggy treats ... also a dog water park, pie-eating contest and even a fashion show with dog models!

While the foundation puts on a great show for pleasure, it also gets down to business too. The org has rescued and adopted over 2,300 dogs domestically and hundreds internationally ... even more of a reason to celebrate!

This year's event is co-sponsored by WeHo as a part of the city's celebration of Pet Week.

The fun begins on Saturday, May 28.

'RHONJ' Teresa Giudice Caroline Isn't Tough ... She's Using My Name for Clout!!!

'RHONJ' star, Teresa Giudice, is clapping back at Caroline Manzo ... insisting she was all bark and no bite.

ICYMI, Caroline recently let loose on the "Dear Albie" Podcast, "Caroline Manzo, Out For Blood," saying she was tired of Teresa blaming her for allegedly alerting the IRS of the Giudice's wrongdoings. She added, "Sometimes, you gotta smack the bully. I am more than happy to go smack the bully.”

Dear Albie

Giudice clearly isn't intimidated by Caroline, telling us, "She didn't knock the s*** out of me the entire time she was on the show, that's why I'm still there and she's not." She says Caroline's just using her name for clout, adding, "She's promoting her son's podcast so she talks about me because otherwise, no one is paying attention."

Interestingly enough, Teresa claims Caroline was totally cool with her when they recently did a Super Bowl commercial together, saying, "In person, she was hugging me. On her son's podcast, she wants to fight me."

If you're not caught up on all the IRS drama ... Teresa previously accused Caroline and 'RHONJ' star, Jacqueline Laurita, of setting her up and getting the IRS on her, which resulted in Teresa pleading guilty to multiple fraud charges and serving 11 months behind bars.

Guess Who This Little Chef Turned Into!

Before this cute kid was serving up looks on the runway and gracing the covers of countless magazine covers, she was just a little chef cooking up something awesome in Santa Barbara, California.

Modeling definitely runs through the family gene pool for this top model, but she definitely has put her own touch on her craft. Aside from seeing her on the catwalk, you probably have seen her on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Still not sure who this posing princess is ... one last hint: her father is one of the richest real estate developers in the world!

Can you guess who she is?

'RHOC' Dr. Jen Armstrong Ending it with Hubby ... Files for Legal Separation

It's splitsville for 'Real Housewives' star Dr. Jen Armstrong and her husband, she's pulled the trigger for legal separation.

The plastic surgeon and 'RHOC' cast member filed docs last week in Southern California against her husband of nearly 8 years, Ryne Holliday. The pair has 3 kids together, a set of 10-year-old twins and an 9-year-old son.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Dr. Jen lists "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split ... and is asking for legal and physical custody of the kids, giving Holliday visitation.

Armstrong is the newest member of the 'RHOC' family ... appearing in just one season so far. She had recently revealed she and Ryne split last year, but had gotten back together and were working things out. Obviously, things have now changed.

The couple listed their home back in March before taking it off the market and renting it out for $20K per month.

'RHONY' Alum Jill Zarin Haven't Heard from Producers About Throwback Show But, Don't Count Me Out Yet!!!


'RHONY' alum Jill Zarin isn't fretting that she hasn't gotten a call for the 'RHONY' throwback series ... she says even if she's shut out, she's grateful for everything the network has done for her.

We got the former NY housewife at LAX, Tuesday, and asked how she feels about the new series "RHONY: Throwback" that's in the works ... which will feature some of the OG New York women.

Jill tells us, she hasn't heard from producers but she's not worried because she doesn't think anyone has gotten a call, at least not yet. She thinks Bravo execs are focused on rebooting and recasting for the original 'RHONY.'


Of course, this is very different in tone from former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star, NeNe Leakes, who just filed a lawsuit in federal court ... accusing 'RHOA' producers of ignoring her complaints about years of alleged racist remarks directed her way by a fellow cast member Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

She also claims Bravo execs blacklisted her ... making it hard to take legal action sooner and making it hard to find work.

When it comes to NeNe's situation, Jill says she's personally never witnessed this kind of behavior from Bravo ... but she was quick to say she doesn't walk in NeNe's shoes.

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