'RHOA' Star Eva Marcille Baby Daddy Says He's Suing Cops ... I Was Targeted and Injured!!!


The father of Eva Marcille's 5-year-old daughter says his black skin made him a target before he got into a courthouse scuffle with cops ... and he's going to sue their asses because he got hurt.

We broke the story ... the 'RHOA' star's baby daddy, Kevin McCall Jr., was arrested earlier this month at the Justice Center Tower in Fulton County, GA after he refused to stop recording video on his phone, and an effort to detain him allegedly led to a sergeant falling down an escalator.

McCall claims he got injured in the chaos too ... but he has a bigger issue with what led to the altercation in the first place -- he thinks he was singled out because he's black.


It's an interesting allegation because according to the Instagram Live video he shared before his alleged physical confrontation with cops ... the officer who told him to quit FaceTiming is black too.

Regardless, McCall believes the fact the cop specifically said "FaceTiming" supports his theory he was targeted ... it's unclear how. He also offers up some excuses why things went south for him at the courthouse ... and why he didn't help deescalate the situation -- no pun intended.

As we told you ... McCall was in court to fight for custody of his and Eva's daughter, Marley Rae, but instead ended up in jail and booked on 5 charges. He's facing 4 misdemeanors and one felony count of criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree.

Before his arrest, Marcille filed legal docs alleging McCall is dangerous and unstable ... and doesn't deserve any increased custody rights with their girl.

Joe Giudice Back with His Family!!! Teresa and Kids Arrive in Italy

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The Giudices are finally reunited.

Joe Giudice is hugging his daughters once again, as Teresa and the girls have arrived in Italy to see him. Their eldest daughter, Gia, just shared the family photo on Instagram with the simple caption ... "we're back."

As you know ... after Joe was released from prison, he was in ICE custody for months before going back to his native country, while waiting for his deportation case -- and he's not allowed back for the time being.

Though he's been celebrating with his Italian family since arriving last month, this is the first chance Teresa and the kids have had to come visit him.

All in all ... it's been 3-and-a-half years since their family has all been together on the outside.

As we reported ... Teresa is trying to help Joe obtain an Italian passport so he can travel closer to the U.S. to see them while he awaits the decision on his deportation appeal. Regardless of what happens, Teresa wants to make sure her kids have a relationship with their dad ... even if he can't come back to America.

Looks like this is a good start.

'RHOC' Star Lauri Peterson's Son Jail Guards Lied About Attack!!! I Didn't Give 'Em a Pass


Lauri Peterson's son, Josh Waring, says an Orange County Jail guard is flat-out lying about Josh's reaction to getting slashed by an inmate ... to cover up a screw-up on the jail's part.

TMZ obtained the criminal report filed for Josh's crazy jailhouse brawl from last month and in it, one of the correctional officers involved claims Josh said right afterward he knew the guards didn't set him up ... or allow the attack to go down on purpose.

Per the deputy's account, he says he asked Josh immediately after breaking up his fight with a razor-wielding prisoner if he knew what happened back there.


According to the report, Josh said, "Oh, I know you guys didn't do that on purpose." Josh also allegedly told the corrections officer he didn't wanna press charges against the slasher. He allegedly explained the guy was in a gang that didn't like him because he's in the protective custody section of the jail.

Josh and his attorney, Joel Garson, are calling BS, telling TMZ ... Josh denies EVER saying anything remotely like that. As for why the guard would fabricate a comment from Josh? Garson calls it a "cover your ass" statement.

When TMZ broke the story of Josh's attack, Garson told us he believes guards showed a blatant disregard for protocol because Josh's attacker shouldn't have been out of his cell at that time.


We know what you're thinking -- there's gotta be video of the guard questioning Josh to clear up the dispute. No dice! The jail tells us their corrections officers don't wear bodycams.

However, Garson tells us he plans to question the deputy under oath during a hearing this week. As we reported, Josh is in the middle of a federal lawsuit he's filed against Orange County and its Sheriff's Department.

We've called the Sheriff's Dept. for comment ... but no word back yet.

'RHOA' Star Eva Marcille Baby Daddy & Cop Tussle in Court!!!


Eva Marcille's baby daddy, Kevin McCall Jr., went from fighting for child custody to fighting officers and falling down a courthouse escalator ... according to cops who arrested him on the spot.

The drama unfolded Tuesday at the Justice Center Tower in Fulton County, GA ... where McCall was supposed to attend a hearing in his ongoing child custody battle with the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star.


According to cops, they repeatedly told McCall he's not allowed to record video in the courthouse -- but he had his phone on, and was posting on Instagram Live as he walked through the courthouse. He refused to shut down the feed, and you could see him repeatedly calling a cop a b*tch and telling him to take off his badge and fight.

Cops say McCall swatted away a sergeant's hands, and when backup arrived to detain McCall, cops say he broke loose. They made a second attempt to detain him, and cops say that's when he and the sergeant fell down an escalator.

McCall was booked on 5 charges ... 4 misdemeanors -- obstruction of a law enforcement officer, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and simple assault. He also earned himself one felony count ... criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree. That might be related to sarge's eyeglasses, which cops say broke in the fall.

As we've reported ... Eva's said McCall's a ticking time bomb, and she's begged the court to block him from getting custody of their 5-year-old daughter, Marley Rae.

Teresa Giudice Give Joe a Passport, I Trust Him ... So He Can See Our Kids

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Teresa Giudice is telling the Italian government she trusts her husband, Joe, is not gonna run off with their kids outside of the homeland -- his or hers -- and that's why she's vouching for him as he tries to get a passport.

The 'Real Housewives' star hit up the Italian Consulate in NYC Tuesday to sign off on some paperwork that would allow Joe to get an Italian passport. Joe wants to get the passport so he can travel to countries closer to the U.S. where his kids can more easily visit him. The one place Joe can't come -- the U.S. of A.

Of course ... Joe was deported from America back to his native country of Italy -- and he's not allowed back for the time being.


Joe has applied for a passport in Italy and Teresa has to agree before he gets one. The reason -- the Italian government wants to make sure Teresa has no issues that Joe might take the kids to Cuba or some other place and not return the children. She has no fear of that.

We're told Teresa is planning to take the brood to see Joe in Italy in the next week. She's working hard to make sure her kids have a relationship with their dad, even if he can't come back to America.

So, Teresa and Joe are still good ... and they're figuring out a new way to preserve family relationships under these new circumstances.

Ex-'RHOC' Star Lauri Peterson MY SON'S JAIL ATTACK WAS PREMEDITATED Guards Want Him Dead!!!


1:31 PM PT -- 11/4 -- The former 'RHOC' cast member tells TMZ ... Josh has been telling her his life is in danger since he got locked up in 2016. She says guards have threatened to kill him and he's suffered multiple attacks ... 3 at the hands of inmates and at least one by a guard!


Lauri believes the latest -- which was captured on security video at the Orange County jail in Santa Ana -- shows the attacks are premeditated and likely being facilitated by the jail.

Just like Waring's attorney, Joel Garson, told us ... Lauri claims the protective custody unit her son is in only allows one inmate out at a time, and it's up to the guards to enforce that rule to keep everyone safe.

According to Peterson, the guards failed to do so ... and she thinks it was an intentional move to give the attacker a chance to kill Josh.

The troubled son of former 'RHOC' star Lauri Peterson is recovering after getting slashed in his face during an insane jailhouse ambush ... and TMZ has video of the whole incident.

The brutal attack went down at the Orange County jail in Santa Ana when Josh Waring was on his way back to his cell. He never got there because another inmate jumped out wielding razors wrapped in towels.

This surveillance video of the October 9 showdown shows the attacker sneak into position -- hiding under a staircase -- and then Josh, in pajamas and sandals, is suddenly fighting for his life. Fists start flying and Josh defends himself well for a while -- getting in a few head shots -- but he eventually suffered deep gashes to his chest and face.

The brawl -- which moved off-camera, but was still visible in a mirror -- lasted nearly 90 seconds and only stopped when guards rushed in ... commanding both men to get down on the ground.

Josh's attorney, Joel Garson, tells TMZ ... his client was returning to his cell in the protective custody unit of the jail after making a phone call. He says the normal protocol is for all other inmates to be locked in their cells while another inmate is using the phone.

Garson says guards are supposed to confirm over the intercom that the other inmates are locked away. There's no audio on the surveillance video, so Josh's attorney says he can't tell if that protocol was followed -- but he says he wouldn't be surprised if the attacker was allowed to be out of his cell.

Garson is claiming it could be retaliation against Josh for filing a federal lawsuit against Orange County and its Sheriff's Department for violating his civil rights while he's been behind bars.


Another video shows Josh receiving medical treatment after the attack. He's surrounded by deputies as he describes his injuries. He was concerned the razors used against him weren't sterile, and he could've contracted an STD.

We're told he got 20 stitches to his chest and face, which was slashed from his left eye down to his chin.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department tells us it's opened a criminal investigation into the attack.

Costa Mesa PD

Josh has been locked up since 2016 while he awaits trial for attempted murder. He's accused of shooting a man at a sober living home where he was living.

He could get life in prison if convicted.

Garson tells us, based on this video, they are considering adding new claims to the federal lawsuit they've already filed against Orange County.

Originally Published -- 11/2 1:00 AM

Vicki Gunvalson Kelly Dodd Tried to Burn My Biz Rep ... I'm Suing Her Ass!!!


4:15 PM PT -- Vicki's attorney just told us they've filed to dismiss the lawsuit against NBCUniversal and Bravo. Good news for the networks, however they're still suing Kelly.

Vicki Gunvalson is fuming over some good ol' fashioned trash talk her 'RHOC' costar Kelly Dodd dropped because she fears it could sink her real-life career.

According to docs filed Friday, and obtained by TMZ, a Jane Roe is suing Kelly and "The Real Housewives of Orange County" producers at Bravo and NBCUniversal over 3 statements Kelly allegedly barked at Vicki while shooting an episode in Key West:
- "You prey on older people."
- "You are a con woman."
- "You engaged in 'fraud.'"

Vicki says those things are all lies, and she told producers so, in writing ... explaining why each claim was false and could be damaging to her livelihood if they air.

Now, it's pretty clear the person behind the pseudonym, "Jane Roe," is Vicki because she describes herself as a TV personality on 'RHOC' who is also a retirement planning specialist and prez of an insurance and financial services company. So, yeah ... it's Vicki.

In the suit, Vicki points out she's never been sued over the last 31 years of her profession ... and has an A-Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It's unclear from the docs if Kelly's remarks are actually going to air on the current season of 'RHOC,' but Vicki's going on the offensive because she believes the producers are going to leave it in the episode. She has reason to be worried ... in the trailer for season 14, Kelly drops the "con woman" line.

Vicki's not asking producers to kill the whole episode, she just wants those 3 sentences from Kelly's lips to be left on the cutting room floor. As she puts it, NBCUniversal "will suffer no harm to their popular TV program by removing a fraction of an overall episode."

Vicki's suing to get an injunction to block the episode from airing as is, and also for damages.

Originally Published -- 3:38 PM PT

'RHOA' Star Eva Marcille Don't Give Custody to My Baby Daddy ... He's a Violent, 'Ticking Time Bomb'


11:00 AM PT -- Kevin McCall Jr. just fired back at his ex, with his attorney, Adamma McKinnon, telling TMZ that his past shouldn't hinder his ability to be there for his daughter right now. She says, "Fatherhood or the right to be a Father is a highly esteemed privilege. Each and every human being has a shortcoming and has made a mistake a time or two; yet mistakes or shortcomings should never prohibit a father from serving as a father to his son or daughter."

McKinnon adds, "Such denial becomes a disservice to the innocent child as it serves a child's best interests to foster a bond with both parents. I look forward to working with counsel for Mrs. Sterling to ensure that Mr. McCall will be able to enjoy his privilege of fatherhood with their lovely daughter going forward and under the direction of the presiding Court."

She finishes by saying, "Mr. McCall's primary focus has always been and will continue to be the best interests of his daughter."

Eva Marcille is pleading with a judge to keep her baby daddy away from their daughter, because she fears he's capable of going on a killing spree like Chris Dorner.

The 'RHOA' star filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, responding to Kevin McCall Jr.'s request to have the judge reevaluate their custody arrangement for 5-year-old Marley Rae -- but Eva says there's no need to because her ex is dangerous.

In the docs, Eva claims Kevin is unstable and has admitted to her he could do worse damage than Dorner -- the ex-cop who went on a killing rampage in 2013 that ended with a manhunt and fatal shootout in Southern California.

Eva also claims Kevin praised a man that killed her good friend and himself in a murder-suicide. She alleges he referred to the guy as his "hero." Eva even included a screenshot from one of Kevin's IG posts where he seemed to make ominous threats against her ... and called himself a "ticking time bomb."

Adding insult to injury, Eva says Kevin's been wrapped up in more legal woes -- including a recent domestic violence charge -- which she believes should disqualify him from spending time with their daughter.

According to the docs, Eva claims Kevin's not only been an absentee father for most of Marley's life, but he also hasn't paid a dime of child support.

She says nothing needs to change in terms of custody, and she wants a judge to toss Kevin's request entirely.

We reached out to Kevin ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 9:35 AM PT

Joe Giudice Freedom Danza!!! Celebrates with Italian Fam


Joe Giudice is taking full advantage of no longer being held behind bars ... by cutting a rug with his mom and brother in Italy.

Joe's family recently held a celebration for him finally being out of prison, and the good vibes were flowing on the dance floor as everyone gathered around to watch the 3 show off their tarantella moves.

Joe's mom and bro made the trek from New Jersey so they could be there for him when he first arrived after his release from ICE custody last week.

Sources close to Giudice tell TMZ ... he's "doing amazing" staying near Salerno with his extended family -- which includes his grandmother and cousins -- and is talking to Teresa and their kids daily on the phone and via FaceTime.

We're told they will be traveling to visit Joe the first week of November, as well ... and can't wait to be reunited. The trip would have come sooner, but we're told the kids' school schedules delayed it a bit.

The family lawyer, James Leonard, tell us ... "They can’t wait to see each other. They can’t wait to sit down and have dinner as a family for the first time in three and half years. They can’t wait to hug each other for the first time in almost a year and talk and laugh like normal people."

Other than celebrating, we're told Joe's been getting acclimated with his new surroundings and is planning to start the job hunt soon. He's down 55 lbs. from his time in detention thanks to a healthy diet and exercise ... so he's feeling great too.

As for his immigration case ... we're told there's expected to be some movement in late November. As we've reported ... Joe appealed his deportation order and was allowed to go to Italy while immigration officials decide his fate.

Kenya Moore NeNe's a Bully with No Friends ... Let the Shade Throwing Begin!!!


Kenya Moore's returning for the upcoming season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but it seems the war with her nemesis has fired up again ... even though Kenya says she comes in peace.

Moore was at Sally Beauty in Atlanta Wednesday for the launch of her haircare line, when we asked her about her issues with NeNe Leakes ... and she didn't hold back.

Kenya tells us her former friend has shown her true colors over time, but says she doesn't understand why NeNe's so intimidated by her.

She goes on to call Leakes a bully who's treated all of her 'RHOA' costars terribly, and according to Kenya ... NeNe has "very few friends" left because of it.

Teresa Giudice Enjoying Football Game w/ Daughter While Joe Heads to Italy


Teresa Giudice is keeping things afloat at home in New Jersey while her hubby, Joe, is heading to his new home in Italy ... doing it with the help of some American pigskin.

The 'Real Housewives' star was out Saturday at the SHI Stadium in Piscataway, NJ -- where the Rutgers Scarlet Knights were hosting the Maryland Terrapins for a college football game. Her daughter, Gia, attends Rutgers ... and she was there too, of course.

In fact, it looks like Gia -- who's only 18 -- was enjoying herself with a game day can of ... something. Could be beer, could be lemonade -- eh, who the heck knows?


It seems Gia was feeling pretty fearless ... 'cause she posed for a selfie with what appears to be a campus cop right behind her, who was all smiles as well. School spirit, we suppose.

Joe Giudice Arrivederci, I'm Heading to Italy!!! For Now, At Least

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Joe Giudice is getting his wish -- he's returning to his motherland as he awaits a final decision in his deportation case.

According to federal court records, the judge signed off on Joe's request for his immediate release from an ICE detention center so he can travel to Italy while the courts decide on his appeal of deportation.

We broke the story ... Joe wants to return to his native Italy so he can work and send money back to the States to support his wife, Teresa Giudice, and their 4 daughters, who are all living in New Jersey.

Now he's got the green light, but the question remains ... will it be a temporary trip or permanent?

You'll recall ... the feds ordered Joe to be deported last year after he finished his prison sentence for bankruptcy and wire fraud. Joe immediately appealed the ruling, and the case is still pending.

'Real Housewife' Eva Marcille Baby Daddy Says ... Gimme More Time w/ Our Daughter!!!


'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Eva Marcille's got some baby daddy drama on her hands ... he claims she's blocking his QT with their daughter, so he wants a judge's help.

Kevin McCall Jr.'s attorney -- Adamma Mckinnon -- filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming Eva's tried to alienate their daughter from him ever since she moved from Los Angeles to Georgia in October 2015.

According to docs, Kevin's requesting a change to their previous custody order, so they can share joint physical and legal custody of 5-year-old Marley Rae.

Kevin says it's in Marley's best interest for them to spend more time together and "foster a parental bond." Kevin also wants Marley to take his last name. Right now she's Marley Sterling -- the last name of Eva's current husband, Michael Sterling.

'RHOA' Star Peter Thomas Sports Bar Shut Down ... $237K Unpaid Taxes

Exclusive Details

Former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Peter Thomas is pulling the plug on his North Carolina sports bar ... and it's all because the place is dealing with some tax issues.

According to federal records, Peter's Sports One Bar and Lounge in Charlotte was hit with a tax lien for nearly $237,000 ... and now the establishment is closing its doors after racking up a huge debt.

Sources close to Peter tell TMZ ... the bar didn't have enough money to stay afloat after committing funds to other projects, and the place fell behind on its taxes. We're told Sports One Bar and Lounge will be shuttered for 3 to 6 months while Peter and the bar's legal team clear everything up and pay down the debt.

It's been a rough year for Peter ... as we first reported, he was arrested in Miami back in March on an out of state warrant for allegedly writing a $4,000 check that bounced.

Peter eventually paid off that debt ... and now he's trying to do the same with his beloved bar.

Joe Giudice Judge Denies Bond Request ... Stuck Behind Bars Pending Deportation Appeal

Exclusive Details
TMZ/Getty Composite

Joe Giudice just got shot down by a judge in his immigration case -- he's been ordered to stay locked up while his deportation case plays out.

Joe petitioned the court earlier this month -- where he appeared via video conference -- asking to be released pending his appeal of his deportation. Now the judge has ruled, and it's not in his favor.

He will remain locked up in the ICE detention facility he's been a resident of since his release from prison in March -- the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

The Giudice family attorney, James Leonard Jr., tells TMZ, "We are absolutely devastated. Our system of justice has failed this family. We are now at the mercy of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. God willing they will return this man home to his four daughters."

TMZ broke the story ... Joe's homesick and tired of being kept behind bars and he feels he should be let out from ICE custody while he's appealing. Joe says the least the judge can do is let him see his family, especially if he's in danger of getting deported soon anyway.

As we've previously reported ... Joe was immediately transferred to ICE custody when a judge ordered his deportation to his native Italy. This after serving a 41-month sentence for conspiracy to commit wire and bankruptcy fraud.

Joe appealed that decision and lost. But, he appealed again to a higher court ... and that's where we're at now. Joe wanted to be home in New Jersey with his family as he awaits the judge's final ruling.

Joe has the opportunity to appeal this bond decision within the next 30 days, but Leonard says that's off the table, and they are just holding tight to see how the deportation appeal plays out.

Kenya Moore Divorcing Husband After 2 Years, 'Miracle Baby'


Kenya Moore is calling it quits with her husband, Marc Daly, after just over 2 years of marriage.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star says it's with "profound sadness" that she is divorcing Daly. She adds ... "Due to recent and ongoing circumstances, I can no longer continue in the marriage."

Kenya added, in a statement to People, her daughter, Brooklyn, is and will always be her sole focus and concern.

Daly reportedly says he made the decision to split from Kenya, but they will continue to co-parent their daughter in a loving way. He also issued a thinly-veiled legal threat, saying ... "Rumors, innuendo or false accusations only serve to hurt our family and will be addressed through counsel as the law permits."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kenya and Marc tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in St. Lucia in June 2017. After struggling to get pregnant for months, Kenya posted an ultrasound in June 2018 to prove she was expecting at age 49. She gave birth to Brooklyn -- who she calls her "miracle baby" -- in November.

Kenya's relationship with Marc ruffled some feathers among the 'RHOA' cast and crew because of his alleged unwillingness to be part of the the show.

Well, this is one way to eliminate that issue.