Alyson Stoner Missy Elliott's 'Work It' ... I Didn't Know What Her Song Meant!!!


Missy Elliott knows how to put her thing down flip it and reverse it ... but Alyson Stoner says she didn't know the sexual significance behind "Work It" until long after she starred in the music video.

We got Alyson out at LAX after she got back from her highly-regarded dance routine with Missy at the VMAs ... and the dancer and former Disney Channel actress told our guy she was kept in the dark about the song's true meaning for years.

Alyson, now 26, first danced to Missy's provocative hit 17 years ago ... and she says their reunion onstage at the VMAs is easily one of the best moments in the history of the award show.

But, it wasn't until she was older when Alyson says she figured out what Missy was talking about in the lyrics. Kudos to the person who finally filled her in.

It's pretty wild ... Alyson tells us she nearly skipped her audition back in the day because of her sister and parents. But, thanks to a last-minute change of plans, she tried out for a spot in the music video and got the part.

Sounds like divine intervention.

Tyler Cameron Shirts vs. Skins!!! Gigi and VMAs Can Wait

Tyler Cameron was too busy hooping and showing off his toned bod to hit up the VMAs with Gigi Hadid ... and it looks like he made the right call because he won some hardware!!!

The 'Bachelorette' heartthrob hit the court for some rec league basketball in New York City Monday afternoon ahead of the VMAs across the river in Jersey ... and naturally, Tyler C took his shirt off. It's kinda his thing.

Sure, taking in the VMAs backstage with Gigi sounds appealing, but Tyler's got his priorities ... this was the championship game after all!!! Check out the gallery to see his big shiny trophy -- TC's got game ... on and off the court, apparently.

In the end he enjoyed the best of both worlds -- after showing off his moves and his abs, and balling with his boys, the underwear model met up with Gigi for a VMA after-party!!!

Y'know you're confident when you can put someone as hot as Gigi on the back burner ... while you play a game. Point is ... those first few dates they went on in the Big Apple must've gone REALLY well.

Good for Tyler! That 'Bachelor' nonsense is fully in his rear view.

Taylor Swift Impersonator Travolta Was Confused at VMAs ... 'Cause I'm Stunning, Just Like Taylor!!!


John Travolta mistook a famous drag queen for Taylor Swift at the VMAs -- and if you wanna know how he got so confused ... go straight to the queen herself!

We got Jade Jolie -- a former contestant on "RuPaul's Drag Race" -- Monday night after the award show and asked her about the awkward moment onstage right after TS won Video of the Year. John, very awkwardly, tried handing the Moon Man to Jade.

Ooops!! Taylor ... the real one ... wasn't even onstage yet.

As you can see (and as Jade acknowledges) ... she's a dead ringer for Taylor, whom she calls her "goddess" and "queen." But, while talking to us, Jade got all wrapped up in her own Swiftie fandom ... and even started talking 'Game of Thrones.'

You can tell by her mood here that Jade wasn't that offended by the case of mistaken identity -- she's clearly overjoyed to have shared in the glory of a VMAs win. The look-alike -- and a bunch of other notable gay and trans people -- appeared in Taylor's video for "You Need to Calm Down."

Speaking of that, Jade and another drag queen have some thoughts on inclusiveness in the music biz -- especially for LGBTQ folks. They think other artists should follow Taylor's lead.

Lindsey Vonn Rocks Giant Engagement Ring ... to MTV VMAs

Breaking News

Lindsey Vonn hit the MTV VMAs with a brand new accessory ... her massive new emerald engagement ring!!

The legendary skier just got engaged to her hockey superstar boyfriend, P.K. Subban, last week but she kept the ring on the down low ... until Monday night.

As you can see, the stone itself is BIGGER THAN HER KNUCKLE ... and while the price of the ring is still unknown, safe to say it ain't cheap! Good thing Subban is in the middle of an 8-year, $72 million contract!

Subban previously told Vogue he picked the emerald because green is Lindsey's favorite color -- and it also happens to be his birthstone ... so it all worked out.


Plus, it matches an emerald green necklace he gave her for Christmas.

As for the wedding, Vonn has said the two are in no hurry ... this could be one of those super long engagement things, but both seem to be okay with that.

In the meantime, enjoy that rock!!!


Blac Chyna Like My Dress, Kylie? It's Just a Coincidence!!!

3:07 PM PT -- Chyna's stylist, Deno Just Deno, tells TMZ ... there was nothing malicious about her dress choice -- it was neither Kylie-inspired or directed at Kylie.

Deno says BC didn't decide to attend the VMAs until 3 days ago, so he picked up several dresses for her at the last minute and they both loved the pink, feathery getup. Deno tells us it was just a coincidence it was the same dress as Kylie's -- they didn't know she wore it because they don't follow her.

He adds he wasn't aware there was a hubbub about Chyna's wardrobe until he woke up today, and he doubts she's caught wind of it ... yet.

Blac Chyna might have ruffled a few feathers with her wardrobe choice at the MTV VMAs ... because Kylie Jenner just wore it a couple weeks ago.

Chyna opted for a hot pink feathered mini dress for the awards show Monday night, which would normally be no biggie ... except for the fact Kylie rocked the exact same dress during her 22nd birthday trip.

As you know ... Chyna and the Kardashian/Jenner crew don't get along too well. There's a lot of bad blood stemming from her soured relationship with Rob, sharing an ex with Kylie, and oh yeah ... Chyna's suing the entire family.

So, ya gotta think they won't be tickled pink with her attempt to one up Kylie in a duplicate strapless frock, which BTW ... goes for about $4,600 by Attico.

Still, we gotta ask ...

Better in Feathers

Originally published -- 8:04 AM PT

MTV VMAs After-Parties Missy & Cardi 'Work It' at NYC Bash ... T. Swift Gets Love from Hadids!!!

Missy Elliott is soaking up the well-deserved spotlight ... and what started during the MTV VMAs, continued afterward as Cardi B, Lil Mama, and Lizzo all toasted her amazing career.

Fresh off her Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs ... Missy was surrounded by huge celebs who came to kiss the ring, as it were. Cardi presented Missy with her special Moon Man statuette during the show and was still by her side later in the night.

Other legends in the house for Missy's bash included Queen Latifah, Treach and Ice-T. Check out the gallery to see who else came to get their freak on with Missy.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was turning up at NYC's Moxy Hotel ... and Monday night her squad was FULLY glam.

Gigi and Bella Hadid were practically draped on T-Swift whose VMA performance was one of the night's standout moments.

Taylor's label, Republic Records, threw the event with other hit makers like Bebe Rexha, Joe Jonas and Hailee Steinfeld.

As if her huge night at the VMAs wasn't enough to celebrate -- Taylor's new album, "Lover" is already the top-seller of the year.

Miley Cyrus Emotional VMA Performance ... Debuts New Ink


6:42 AM PT -- 8/27 -- In addition to her new song, Miley also debuted some new ink on her left bicep. Keeping with the theme of the night for her, the new script tattoo also seemed to be all about the new, single Miley.

It reads, "My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free." The line is from the Pixies song "The Thing."

Miley Cyrus just performed her new single -- which mirrors her recent split with Liam Hemsworth -- at the VMAs ... and it was super emotional.

Miley took the stage Monday night rocking a skin-tight black dress, singing her heart out as she performed her latest track, "Slide Away," which makes some not-so-subtle references to her breakup with the Australian actor.

It was a stirring performance, filmed in black-and-white ... and Miley got the crowd off its feet inside the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey where the awards show is going down.

Miley dropped the single earlier this month, only a few days after announcing her split with Liam ... and the lyrics seem to reflect the real-life struggles of their failed relationship, including drug and alcohol references.

We broke the story ... sources close to Miley told us she desperately tried to save their marriage, but she became tired of Liam's partying. His side says the drug and alcohol accusations are only a cover for Miley's recent outrageous public behavior.

Miley and Liam have a long history together ... they were together on and off for a decade, and tied the knot back in December, hosting family and friends at a wedding celebration inside their Nashville home. But, the good times didn't last.

As we first reported ... Liam just filed for divorce from Miley, and she gets to keep their pets.

Originally Published -- 8/26 7:14 PM PT

2019 VMAS Shawn Mendes and Senoritas ... Behind The Scenes

The 2019 VMAs were all about Shawn Mendes and some sexy senoritas ... and they dazzled behind the scenes.

The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ was the center of the music world Monday night, with tons of A-listers in the house for MTV's signature award show. Shawn performed his hit duet, "Senorita," with Camila Cabello ... but she wasn't the only mamacita turning heads.

Bella and Gigi Hadid looked absolutely stunning ... and the supermodel sisters stole the show in matching outfits.

Not to be outdone, Halsey showed some serious skin in a colorful dress, punctuated by rainbow streaks in her hair. Check out the pics ... and let your jaw drop.

Kylie Jenner Swerves Out of Nicki's Lane at VMAs ... NOOOOPPPE


Kylie Jenner did NOT want to come face-to-face with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs, 'cause she completely changed course on the red carpet to avoid her.

Nicki was making her entrance at Radio City Music Hall Monday night, and Kylie was walking in her direction from the other end ... when she stopped in her tracks upon seeing Nicki. It's pretty clear she didn't want a confrontation -- 'cause she doubled back fast.

Can't blame her. Nicki put Kylie and her baby, Stormi, on blast this weekend ... blaming them for unscrupulously boosting Travis Scott's album sales by promoting his merch. She later went on to call Travis a "hoe n**** of the week" on her Apple Music radio show.

Queen Radio

VMA producers had already accommodated Travis and Kylie by seating them far away from Nicki after placing them right behind her at first in a seating arrangement.

Looks like you can't avoid running into your problems sometimes -- but you can always run away from them. Kylie definitely didn't want that smoke.

Nicki Minaj Radio Gold!!! Bashes Travis AND Kylie

Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj can't top Travis Scott on the charts ... but she's got him beat when it comes to hosting a radio show.

Nicki WENT OFF on Travis during her Tuesday "Queen Radio" show ... giving the rapper the "Hoe N**** Of The Week" award and continuing to bash Travis and baby mama Kylie Jenner for what she says are unethical practices in promoting his new album.

Tell us how you really feel, Nicki!!!

Nicki is still SALTY about losing the no. 1 spot in album sales to Travis -- she's been griping about it all week -- and it doesn't sound like she'll get over 2nd place any time soon.

It's not all hate -- Nicki says she loves Kylie, Stormi, Kim and the rest of their fam -- but the Queen doesn't want to let Travis off the hook.

Nicki isn't afraid to air out dirty laundry ... even if other rappers are scared.

She's also been more than willing to stir up controversy this week ... 'cause she's now calling herself the new and improved Harriet Tubman.


In light of Tuesday's radio rants ... it's a good thing Travis wasn't sitting behind Nicki at Monday night's VMAs.

Cardi B at VMAs Drops New Music ... Disses Nicki Minaj


Cardi B didn't perform at the VMAs, but she DID drop some bars at an afterparty ... and it was all new music. Cardi was feeling herself as she rapped on stage at Tao NYC ... throwing some major shade at Nicki Minaj in the process.

With baby daddy Offset hugging on her, Cardi B busted out some new lyrics ... 'I know how to do it / Get a bag, don't I / I know how to get a b**** mad' ... pretty clear she's referencing Nicki.

The shots didn't stop there.

In another new track, Cardi B raps ... 'I'm the queen of talking sh*t / yeah I'm backing it up / yeah, back, back, backing it up' ... that's another clear swipe at Nicki and her new album, 'Queen.'


Cardi then celebrated winning 3 awards by making a pit stop at McDonalds for a delicious treat.

Cardi pretty clearly shaded Nicki Minaj when she called herself "empress" during her speech. Nicki not only thinks of herself as the queen ... as we showed you, she actually thinks she's Harriet Tubman, something that has outraged non-fans and, frankly, even some of her diehard fans. Between Travis Scott, Kylie and now Cardi, Nicki had no place to safely turn in the venue.

Cardi B just showed up to the VMAs -- her first public event since giving birth last month -- and the rapper looks incredible.

CB arrived to Radio City Music Hall Monday evening in NYC rockin' a beautiful purple gown and a sweet new pixie cut. Oh, and her post-baby body is absolutely on point.

Believe it or not, Cardi just popped out baby Kulture a little over a month ago ... and it's clear she's snapped right back.

We broke the story ... Cardi will be opening the televised show in just a few minutes -- not with a musical performance, but with either a monologue or skit of some sort.

She confirmed the news earlier Monday that she wouldn't be rockin' the mic.

Jennifer Lopez Puts J-Bod on A-Rod ... at VMAs After-Party


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continued their PDA-fest after the MTV VMAs ... dancing on each other at a NY hot spot and TMZ Sports has the video!

J Lo was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the show -- one of the biggest moments of the night.

Lopez performed a medley of hits including "Ain't It Funny" and "I'm Real" with Ja Rule -- while A-Rod watched gleefully from the crowd.

In fact, there was a hilarious gif of Alex's face lighting up as he watched J Lo twerk her ass off during the performance.

After the show, the couple hit up Beauty and Essex in New York City -- where they continued to dance the night away together while the DJ played some of Jen's hits ... along with other hip-hop classics.

Lopez even rapped along to a Cardi B song while the crowd cheered her on.

Winning the MJ Video Vanguard Award is a big deal -- J Lo now joins an elite group with the likes of David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and more.

Jenny arrived to the show with her two kids -- but put them to bed before she hit the after-party.

Hey, mama's gotta let loose!

Safaree at VMAs Takes Shots at Nicki Karma's a Bitch


Safaree says he isn't worried about potentially running into his ex, Nicki Minaj, on the red carpet at the VMAs ... but he does have some advice for her.

We got the 'Love & Hip Hop' star Monday as he was heading to Radio City Music Hall in NYC to attend the MTV awards show when he took some clear shots at Nicki on the heels of their online beef ... not to mention all her other Twitter squabbles this week.

As we reported ... Safaree claimed Nicki once tried to stab him with a knife in 2014 -- she called him a liar. Nicki also called out Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner over the weekend for working together to push his album sales past hers on the charts.

Safaree's got some thoughts on that too ... pick your battles, Nick. And grow with the times.

Our guy also asks if he beefed up security to avoid any nasty run-ins with Nicki on the red carpet -- like MTV brass is already doing to accommodate the feuding exes -- but he insists he's only rolling deep as a result of his robbery earlier this year.

As far as who should get top-tier seating between Nicki, Travis and Kylie ... Safaree's got a pretty hilarious answer ... and kind of an obvious one if you think about it.

Aerosmith Closing Out 2018 MTV VMAs ... Sneak Peak of Vegas?


Aerosmith will be the closing act for the 2018 VMAs this week -- and it might very well give us a glimpse of what's to come in Vegas.

Sources close to the band tell us Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and co. are taking the stage Monday night at Radio City Music Hall in NYC to close out MTV's award show. We're told they're going to be performing their smash hit "Walk This Way."

We got the band out in NYC Monday ... and each member seemed to drop hints at a possible collab for their performance.


Considering the size of the venue, it'll be the perfect warm-up for Aerosmith ... the band's got a Vegas residency coming up. As we reported ... the band announced they'll be hitting the strip next Spring and putting on 18 shows at the MGM Grand Park Theater ... which seats 5,200 people.

RCMH seats more people -- a skosh over 6,000 -- but is significantly smaller in square footage. All in all ... we're guessing it'll be good practice for the Boys from Boston on a smaller stage than what they're normally used to. Might as well get it in early and often.

Also noteworthy ... Aerosmith had a pretty epic opening performance at the VMAs in 1999, where they also played "Walk This Way" ... but had some help from Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C.

Funny how history repeats itself sometimes ... in reverse.

Nicki Minaj, Safaree Bitter Beef ... Means Beefed-Up Security at VMAs


The ugly war of words between Nicki Minaj and Safaree could come to a head if the exes run into each other at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, but there's a plan in place to avoid that ... TMZ has learned.

Nicki and Safaree will be at the VMAs Monday night in NYC -- she's performing and he's repping VH1 -- so both will be doing press on the carpet outside Radio City Music Hall beforehand.

It will be the first time the 2 will be in the same vicinity since Safaree claimed Nicki stabbed him and tried to kill him. She fired back, calling him a thief and a liar.

We're told people in charge of security at the event are well aware of the bad blood, and extra measures -- including more guards -- are being taken to ensure the 2 don't have any interaction ... and no nasty confrontation.

Too bad ... sounds like it would be ratings gold.

Rev. Robert Lee My Church Booted Me for MTV Speech Against White Supremacy

Breaking News 8/27/17

The Robert E. Lee descendant, who denounced white supremacy during the VMAs, says that speech cost him his job as pastor of a North Carolina church.

Rev. Robert Wright Lee says factions of his United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem "were concerned about my speech and that I lifted up Black Lives Matter movement, the Women’s March, and Heather Heyer as examples of racial justice work."

Rev. Lee says there were also church members who supported his right to speak out, but were "uncomfortable with the attention" his MTV appearance was bringing the church. He says, "The church’s reaction was deeply hurtful to me."

His speech was seen as one of the standout moments of the award show -- yet Lee says the church planned to vote on whether to keep him or fire him ... so he resigned before they could do so.

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