Saweetie Now A Teleprompter Pro After VMAs Mishap

Gassing Up The Girls

Saweetie was all the way tapped in at Billboard's Women in Music last night with zero signs of stage fright ... a triumph after she went viral for struggling on the podium at another event.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained video of Saweetie inside the YouTube Theater booming with confidence in a sultry black split dress as she presented an artist with an Impact Award.

From Songs To Thongs
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Saweetie wasn't the only one dazzling in a slinky wardrobe -- just ask Katy Perry, who tantalized the Billboard blue carpet in a g-string thong ... but the night was all about female empowerment.

Saweetie showed love to all the women in the room ... Ice Spice, Victoria Monet and Coco Jones, were definitely doing it for her.

She also put her USC degree to use and wooed the audience with a little Spanish speaking ... her shout-outs for Miko, Karol G and Bad Bunny even earned her brownie points with the crowd!!!

Remember, we're only a few months removed from Saweetie crashing and burning in front of the teleprompter at the 2023 MTV VMAs -- the quick 180 in poise will prove useful when she rolls out her debut album this year!!!

Britney Spears Suffered JT-Induced Panic Attack ... Before Awful 'Gimme More' Performance at VMAs

Britney Spears says a brief run-in with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake triggered a panic attack before her infamously bad 2007 MTV VMA performance.

Britney was set for a big return to the stage that night with her song "Gimme More" ... but was caught off guard when she saw JT at the show.

In her new memoir, "The Woman In Me," Britney recalls the interaction, writing ... "It had been a while since I'd seen him. Everything was going great in his world. He was at the top of his game in every way, and he had a lot of swagger. I was having a panic attack."

Britney says she "hated the way I looked" ... because "It was less than a year since I'd had my second baby in two years but everyone was acting like my not having six-pack abs was offensive."

What's more, Britney admits she hadn't rehearsed enough and knew the performance "was going to be bad." She says "nothing was going right" backstage ... claiming there were problems with her costume and hair extensions. She says she didn't sleep the night before, and was feeling dizzy.

Britney continued ... "I couldn’t believe I was going to have to go out onstage feeling the way I felt." She says she went out and tried her best, admitting it wasn't up to par for her.


She added ... "I could see myself on video throughout the auditorium while I performed; it was like looking at myself in a fun-house mirror."

JT, on the other hand, was on the other end of the spectrum in Britney's eyes.

She says, "Justin glided down the runway. He was flirting with girls in the audience, including one who turned around and arched her back, shaking her breasts as he sang to her."

Britney's performance was one for the ages, but not in a good way ... and looking back on it with her new insights is pretty revealing.

Britney Spears Fans Think Knife Dance Inspired By Shakira ... After VMA Performance

Britney Spears alarmed a lot of people with her knife dance on Instagram, with many looking for answers as to what inspired the dangerous act, and some believe Shakira holds the key.

As we reported, Britney shared a clip of herself Monday with the caption, "I started playing in the kitchen with knives today," dancing and clanking the knives together -- even jabbing them in the air.

Instagram / @britneyspears

The singer claimed the blades weren't legit, but they sure didn't sound like props based on the way they hit together.

However, Shakira recently did something pretty similar -- on national television, no less -- and folks think that's where Britney got the inspo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In case ya missed it, the Colombian pop star gave a show-stopping performance of some of her greatest hits at the MTV VMAs earlier this month ... and at one point, she danced while both of her hands were occupied by 2 thick daggers.

It appears Shakira was paying homage to an Arabic dance, known to some as the dance of the daggers ... and people online think Britney loved what she saw, so that's why she may have tried it out for herself.

Britney's been catching some heat for her video ... and as we've reported, Britney has a fascination with knives that makes her clip a bit more concerning.

Remember, those responsible for Britney's care made a list of recommendations as her conservatorship ended -- with 1 major point being to keep knives away from her.


Sources have told us Britney sees knives as a type of protection, afraid she'd be re-institutionalized ... and we were told she keeps them all around her house, including her bedroom.

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Backstreet Boys Howie Down to Tour with *NSYNC ... Let 'Em Go First, Though


Howie Dorough says he'd love to have the Backstreet Boys tour with *NSYNC -- but says Justin, JC and co. deserve their own spotlight first ... assuming they actually want that.

We got the BB member Monday at LAX, and asked about all the speculation over a possible prolonged reunion for the *NSYNC fellas ... possibly including a throwback tour, which fans really seem to want at this point.

Howie hits us with a pretty optimistic take, saying he'd be more than open to co-headlining with *NSYNC ... he'd actually welcome it, and he's sure the other Backstreet Boys would too.

While many might've assumed there's a rivalry between the 2 groups ... there isn't, according to HD. He says a lot of them are actually pretty good friends -- and it sounds like they might have even talked about this once or twice over the years.

Now that *NSYNC is putting out a new song -- for Justin Timberlake's latest 'Trolls' movie -- that would-be rekindling is at a fever pitch ... and Howie says that has to be respected.

In other words, if any *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys tour is in the stars -- and there's no guarantee it is -- he says the "Bye Bye Bye" guys should get a bite at the apple first, because there's major interest in them right now. Relevancy rules!

As we've reported .... JC and Lance Bass left the door open for a potential reunion tour, but nobody's saying it's definitely going to happen -- and until they do, everyone's probably better off cooling their jets instead of getting their hopes up.

Enjoy the new *NSYNC song ... and let's just take it one day at a time. BB stans, included.

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cualquier cosa puede pasar

JC Chasez y Lance Bass de *NSYNC están bromeando con la posibilidad de que los fans vean más del grupo ¡y parece que no debemos descartar nada todavía!

Nos encontramos con JC en LAX, donde nos dijo lo divertido que fue volver al estudio para grabar "Better Place", la canción que aparece en la próxima película, "Trolls Band Together" especialmente después de 2 décadas desde su último trabajo de estudio.

Las fuentes nos dicen que la canción sería la única con todos los compañeros de banda, pero no podíamos dejar pasar la oportunidad de preguntar a JC sus sentimientos acerca de *NSYNC, sobre todo porque su reunión ha atraído tanta atención.

Se hizo el tímido, diciéndonos que sólo está centrado en el single por ahora, pero no aplastó completamente las esperanzas de los fans, e incluso dijo, "todo es posible".

la huelga es lo primero

Lance también estaba en LAX, separado de JC, y cuando le preguntamos lo mismo tuvo una respuesta interesante, poniendo el foco en la huelga de guionistas y actores en curso.

Dijo que si la gente quiere ver al grupo reunido de nuevo para una gira o un álbum completo, será mejor que empiecen a apoyar la huelga.

Ahora bien, esto podría ser una de dos cosas: podría estar utilizando su plataforma para llamar la atención sobre los miles de trabajadores sindicalizados que se han quedado sin trabajo, o es posible que la banda ya esté en conversaciones para otra reunión. Las huelgas podrían ser una clave de lo que quieren hacer a continuación.

Sólo son ideas para reflexionar. 🤔

los chicos han vuelto

Como sabes, la icónica reunión de la banda en los MTV VMAs tuvo a la gente en shock, incluyendo a Taylor Swift, que aceptó un premio de ellos al principio de la noche.

Verlos en el estudio es una gran señal, y al menos JC y Lance están diciendo que hay una oportunidad para que hagan más.

*NSYNC JC Chasez, Lance Bass Hint At Group's Future ... 'Anything Is Possible'


*NSYNC's JC Chasez and Lance Bass are teasing the potential for fans to see more of the group ... and it sounds like we shouldn't rule out anything just yet!

We got JC at LAX, where he told us how fun it was to get back in the studio to record "Better Place," the song featured in the upcoming film, "Trolls Band Together" ... especially coming 2 decades after their last studio effort.

Now, sources have told us the track would be a one-off for the fellas -- but we couldn't pass up the chance to ask JC his feelings about *NSYNC doing more ... especially because their reunion's drawn so much attention.

He played it coy ... telling us he's just focused on the single for now, but he didn't completely crush the hopes of fans, and even said, "anything is possible."


Lance was also at LAX, separate from JC, and when we asked him the same thing, he had an interesting response -- putting the focus on the ongoing writers' and actors' strike.

He said if people wanna see the group reunite again -- for a tour or a full album -- they better start supporting the strike.

Now, this could be one of 2 things -- he could just be using his platform to shine a light on the thousands of union workers out of jobs. Or ... it's possible the gang is already in talks for another fun reunion, but the strikes might be throwing a wrench in whatever they want to do next.

Just some food for thought. 🤔


As you know, the band's iconic reunion at the MTV VMAs had people in shock, including Taylor Swift, who accepted an award from them early in the night.

Seeing them in the studio is a great sign, too ... and, at the very least, JC and Lance are saying there's a chance for them to do more.

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Karol G en los VMAs ¡¡¡2.5M$ en diamantes fue su amuleto de la suerte!!!

Karol G estaba destilando diamantes en los VMAs, todo el brillo de su atuendo costaba más de $2 millones, de acuerdo con el joyero que le dio las prendas para la gran noche.

El joyero Eric Mavani le dijo a TMZ que fue contratado para darle todo el bling que necesitaba a la estrella colombiana, que resultó ser MUCHO.

Eric cuenta que la cadena era de unos 90 de quilates, 30 diamantes en forma de pera de color rosa, y 60 diamantes blancos en forma de óvalo. Ese accesorio costaría alrededor de un millón.

Pero eso no es todo... también llevaba un anillo de corazón rosa de 10 quilates valorado en 900.000 dólares y pulseras de 40 quilates que costaban 250.000 dólares cada una. También llevaba unos pendientes de flores azules, blancas y rosas de 10 quilates y 75.000 dólares.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Se dice que el total ascendió a unos 2,5 millones de dólares... y todos esos quilates debieron de ser un amuleto de la suerte, porque se llevó a casa el premio a la mejor colaboración con Shakira.

Por cierto, algunos pensaron que Karol había sido desairada al no ganar el premio a la Artista del Año y al Mejor Latino.

Karol G at VMA's $2.5M in Diamonds was Lucky Charm!!!

Karol G was drippin' in diamonds at the VMAs ... all the bling combined was worth north of $2 mil ... according to the jeweler who gave her the goods for her big night.

Celebrity jeweler Eric Mavani tells TMZ ... he was hired to provide Karol with all the bling she needed for Tuesday night's event, which turned out to be A LOT.

Eric The Jeweler says her chain was 90 carats strong -- 30 pink pear-shaped diamonds, and 60 white oval-shaped diamonds. That accessory would set ya back a mil.

But, that's not all ... she also wore a 10-carat pink heart ring worth $900k and 40-carat bracelets costing $250k each. She had on some blue, white, and pink flower drop earrings that are 10 carats and worth $75k.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Were told the grand total was around $2.5M  ... and all those carats must've been a good-luck charm, because she took home the award for Best Collab with Shakira.

BTW, some folks thought Karol was snubbed by not winning Artist of the Year and Best Latin.

*NSYNC No Album Or Tour Plans After VMAs ... But Had A Blast Reuniting!!!

*NSYNC fans are already itching for a worldwide tour or new album from the group after their reunion at the VMAs ... but it just ain't gonna happen, TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... despite the group's iconic reunion Tuesday night, they have no plans to tour, do a residency, album, or any other pop-up reunions.


After the VMAs, we're told bandmates Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick -- along with their management team and close friends -- all went to dinner at Ambra in NYC ... which was a group close to 50 people.

Our sources say they all had some amazing conversations and laughs during the dinner, which had a menu with the band's name on it. We're told everyone was glad to be back under the same roof all these years later.

BTW, we've confirmed the rumors the group is featured on a song for the upcoming movie, "Trolls Band Together" ... which focuses on Justin Timberlake's character reuniting with his 4 brothers who were all part of a boy band in the past -- pretty meta.

So there might not be an album, but at least a new song is coming soon!

Tuesday night's appearance was the first time they've all been at the VMAs together since 2013. As we reported, a source connected to the group told us they wouldn't be performing but would only be presenting an award ... which ended up going to Taylor Swift.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Cardi B & Offset Nos toman el pelo con sensual video en baño de los VMA

Cachondos en el baño

Cardi B y Offset no pudieron quitarse las manos de encima en los MTV VMAs, y decidieron grabar un video sexual, (al menos, falso), durante un descanso en el baño del recinto.

La pareja se besuqueó en un baño del evento el martes por la noche. Estaban completamente vestidos, pero fingiendo tener relaciones sexuales con Cardi inclinada y haciendo algunos sonidos salvajes, mientras grababa el momento para la posteridad.

Entre medio de sus quejidos, se escucha como si un amigo fuera del baño estuviera buscando un cargador de teléfono. ¡Cardi le dice a la mujer que entre a buscar el suyo! Offset era todo sonrisas mientras todo ocurría. Muy diferente de su amiga, quien entró de mala gana a la habitación y provocó risas en Cardi.

Si te estás preguntando qué los puso así.. No es que necesiten un motivo exactamente, pero vale la pena señalar que Cardi estaba usando el mismo atuendo que utilizó para su actuación de "Bongos" con Megan Thee Stallion. Podemos decir con seguridad, que Offset estaba hechizado con su atuendo también.

Perreo sobre él

Por supuesto, hemos visto a la pareja ponerse cachonda antes. A finales de julio, vimos a Cardi perreando sobre él en Las Vegas, mientras disfrutaban de la piscina. Ella publicó el video el mismo día en que fue nombrada sospechosa en el caso del lanzamiento de un micrófono en uno de sus conciertos.

Por cierto, Cardi B era candidata a Mejor Hip Hop en los VMA por "Tomorrow 2", la colaboración que realizaron junto a GloRilla. Pero no ganaron.

Sin embargo, estamos seguros de que se sentía como una ganadora en el baño.

Cardi B & Offset Pretend Smash in VMA Bathroom!!!


Cardi B and Offset couldn't keep their hands off of each other at the MTV VMAs, and decided to make a sex tape -- a fake one, anyway -- during a bathroom break at the venue.

The couple got their bump n' grind on in a restroom at Tuesday night's event -- they were fully clothed, but pretending to have sex with Cardi bent over and making some pretty wild sounds ... as she recorded the moment for posterity.

Sounds like a friend outside the bathroom was looking for a phone charger, and through her moans ... Cardi tells the woman to come in and get hers! Offset was all smiles during the funny moment, while their pal reluctantly walked into the room, making Cardi laugh.

If you're wondering what got them in the mood -- they don't exactly need one, but it's worth noting Cardi was in the outfit she wore for her performance of "Bongos" with Megan Thee Stallion. Safe to assume ... Offset was feeling her 'fit!


Of course, we've seen the couple get nasty before -- she was twerking on him in Vegas at the end of July while enjoying their pool, and she posted that clip the same day she was named a suspect in the now-dropped microphone-throwing case.

BTW, Cardi was up for Best Hip Hop at the VMAs for "Tomorrow 2," her collab with GloRilla, but they didn't win.

We're sure she was feelin' like a winner in the bathroom, though!

With all of the big stars -- Taylor, Nicki, Selena and more -- do you think the MTV VMAs have gained credibility again? Vote below.

Taylor Swift MTV VMAs Moments Go Viral ... From Dancing To Breaking Rings!


Taylor Swift didn't just take home some VMAs hardware, she also won the internet thanks to several viral moments during the night -- from feelin' the groove to destroying expensive bling.

The "Anti-Hero" singer's face was all over social media Tuesday as the ceremony went down in New Jersey ... with her dance moves as one of the leading highlights.

Taylor was on her feet during Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "Bongos" performance -- at one point blocking Ice Spice's view of the show, but Taylor was feelin' it. She was also moving her body to Lil Wayne's "A Milli" ... even rapping along!


TS had a funny moment pick up steam, too -- showing her appear to struggle to get a drink out of her seat's cupholder. Unclear if the problem was her, the booze, or the holder itself.

swift struggles

Taylor Swift made sure to provide a little heartbreak too though, apparently breaking a $12k ring she wore to the show.

As you know, Taylor took home 9 awards at the VMAs, including Show of the Summer, Video of the Year, and Artist of the Year.

If there was a Viral Artist of the Night category, she totally would've dominated that one, too.

With all of the big stars -- Taylor, Nicki, Selena and more -- do you think the MTV VMAs have gained credibility again? Vote below.

MTV VMAs Celebs Pack After-Parties ... Ice Spice, Taylor, Cardi & More

The real fun at the MTV VMAs started when the show was over ... as celebs like Cardi B, Taylor Swift, and many more hit up after-parties to keep the big night going.

It was poppin' at several post-VMA bashes Tuesday night -- a couple big ones in NYC, while the main ceremony went down in New Jersey.

Looks like the stars were divided in the Big Apple -- folks like Taylor, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Diddy and Ice Spice hit up the MTV party at The Ned NoMad Hotel, while other big names like Lil Nas X, Tiffany Haddish, and French Montana went to Cardi B's party at Somewhere Nowhere.

Of course, Cardi and Offset showed up together to their shindig -- the couple walked inside hand in hand looking like the king and queen of the prom.


Both spots were swarming with celebs ... other artists like Sabrina Carpenter, Saweetie, GloRilla, and Swae Lee were spotted having a blast, too.

The artists had plenty to celebrate after some big VMA wins -- Ice Spice took home the award for Best New Artist, the show's emcee, Nicki Minaj, won Best Hip-Hop for "Super Freaky Girl," Stray Kids secured a W for Best K-Pop, and SZA got a Moonperson statuette for Best R&B.

Taylor Swift certainly came out of the event victorious ... collecting 9 wins overall, including Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Show of the Summer.

In other words, a great year for Swifties.

With all of the big stars -- Taylor, Nicki, Selena and more -- do you think the MTV VMAs have gained credibility again? Vote below.

Selena Gomez I'll 'Never Be a Meme Again' ... Speaks Out After Making Face Over Chris Brown

Selena Gomez is getting the internet meme treatment after her disapproving reaction to Chris Brown at the VMAs, but she quickly clapped back once the award show was over.

In case ya missed it, Selena was on camera Tuesday night while the nominees for Best R&B were read out, and the now-viral moment went down as Chris' name was announced.


Check it out ... she scrunches her face and stops clapping as his collab with Chloe Bailey, "How Does It Feel," was announced. Her smile returned and her clapping continued after they moved on to the next nom, however.

The singer jumped on Instagram after the festivities -- and more importantly, after the clip made the rounds ... vowing to "never be a meme again," adding she'd rather have no reaction at all than show off her genuine feelings.

As you know, Chris infamously assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, back in 2009, and has been accused repeatedly of assaulting women over the years ... so that's more than likely why she made that face in the audience.

What's interesting is ... Selena's not denying her reaction, but it's more about her being pissed about the whole meme thing -- which btw, also included shots of her just looking bored during the award show.

Selena also made the rounds last night for covering her ears during Olivia Rodrigo's performance at the VMAs, but that seemed to be a reaction to the staged act gone wrong ... as onstage explosions drowned out Olivia's vocals.

Don't forget, Selena and Rema took home the Best Afrobeats award at the ceremony for "Calm Down" ... and she thanked her collaborator for believing in her and letting her be a part of the track.

Fittingly, that song title is basically Selena's reaction to all the memes.

Do you think Selena Gomez's viral reaction was actually shade? Vote below.

Selena Gomez "No voy a volver a ser un meme" Dice luego de hacerle caras a Chris Brown en VMAS

Selena Gomez está convirtiéndose en un meme por todo Internet, luego de su reacción de desaprobación hacia Chris Brown en los VMAs. Sin embargo, decidió responder rápidamente una vez que el show de premios se acabara.

En caso de que te lo hayas perdido, Selena estaba en cámara el martes por la noche mientras se presentaban los nominados a Mejor R&B... y el momento que se convirtió en viral fue cuando se anunció el nombre de Chris.

Esto no me gusta

Echa un vistazo. Se la puede ver frunciendo el ceño y dejando de aplaudir cuando su colaboración con Chloe Bailey, "How Does It Feel", fue anunciada. Sin embargo, volvió a sonreír y a aplaudir cuando pasaron al siguiente nominado.

La cantante corrió a Instagram después de la celebración, y lo más importante, después de que el clip se hiciera viral, prometiendo que "no volverá a ser un meme", añadiendo que prefiere no tener ninguna reacción en absoluto que mostrar sus sentimientos genuinos.

Como ustedes saben, Chris infamemente atacó a su ex novia, Rihanna, en 2009, y ha sido acusado en repetidas ocasiones de agredir a las mujeres en los últimos años. Así que, probablemente, eso fue lo que la hizo poner esa cara durante el show.

Lo que es interesante es que Selena no está negando su reacción, sino que más bien está enojado por todo este asunto del meme, que, por cierto, también incluyó fotos de ella luciendo aburrida durante la entrega de los premios.

Selena también estuvo en boca de todos anoche por taparse los oídos durante la actuación de Olivia Rodrigo en los VMAs. Pero esta parece haber sido una reacción normal a la puesta en escena, que tuvo explosiones en el escenario que ahogaron la voz de Olivia.

No hay que olvidar que Selena y Rema se llevaron a casa el premio al Mejor Afrobeats en la ceremonia por "Calm Down", y que también dio las gracias a su colaborador por creer en ella y dejarla participar en este tema.

El título de la canción es básicamente la reacción de Selena a todos los memes.

*NSYNC Totally Awesome VMAs Reunion ... Taylor Swift Fangirls Out


In a moment sure to thrill 90's kids everywhere, Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and JC Chasez reunited on the VMAs stage for the first time in a decade ... much to Taylor Swift's delight.

Fans went nuts as the 5 members of *NSYNC all got together Tuesday to present the award for best pop video. Nicki Minaj introduced them as they walked out to "Bye Bye Bye," the song behind their first VMA win back in the day.

Taylor was going full fangirl as the fellas took the stage, and then she ended up winning for her hit song, "Anti-Hero."

Lance even gave Taylor a friendship bracelet as she hugged every band member on stage ... and she used part of her acceptance speech to gush over *NSYNC.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's the first time the guys have been together at the MTV VMAs since way back in 2013 ... and the first time they've all been together for a public appearance since a stop on Ellen a few years back.

Of course, the timing makes a lot of sense, as the guys are rolling out a single for the upcoming 'Trolls' movie ... talk about some good promotion.

Unfortunately, no performance from the guys ... but you gotta imagine the warm reception makes the thought of a reunion tour that much more enticing.

Yes, even for JT.

With all of the big stars -- Taylor, Nicki, Selena and more -- do you think the MTV VMAs have gained credibility again? Vote below.

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