Britney Spears & Madonna 2003 VMAs Kiss Can be Yours!!! NFT Up for Auction

The famous shot of Madonna kissing Britney Spears on stage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards will soon have a new owner in the digital world ... it's being auctioned off as an NFT.

The actual photo of the iconic kiss was taken by Hollywood photographer, John Shearer, who's entering the NFT space with Cryptograph to sell his one-of-a-kind moment ... while raising money for a good cause.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction -- which begins the morning of October 7 and runs for 72 hours -- will benefit GLAAD.

As you recall ... the 2003 VMAs opened with Britney popping out of a wedding cake dressed as a sexy bride before being joined on stage by Christina Aguilera, also in a wedding dress, and finally ... the Material Girl.

At the end of their performance of "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood," Madonna locked lips with Spears AND Aguilera ... though the kiss with Britney got more pub.

Now, someone can own the piece of music history via NFT ... but it won't come cheap. The only question is -- how much is this kiss truly worth???

Madonna, Teyana, Normani Trigger Angry Complaints to FCC ... Some Viewers Outraged By VMA Antics

Madonna, Teyana Taylor and Normani have triggered complaints to the FCC ... over what some say were raunchy displays at the VMAs.

TMZ's obtained the complaints, and it seems like these folks primarily had two artists in their crosshairs ... Normani and Teyana for their performance of Normani's hit single, "Wild Side."

Someone from Kansas felt it was bad enough seeing a woman in a leotard spreading her legs, writhing on the floor, dancing like a stripper and putting "her fingers near her vagina." But, what really pissed off this viewer was seeing Teyana and Normani simulating a brief makeout sesh and Normani practically giving Teyana a lap dance.

The person said, "This programming was on at 9pm, our children were with us watching TV. We had to make them leave the room during this porno ceremony."

A viewer from Tennessee described seeing Normani "move upward until she was able to stick her crotch directly in [Teyana's] face and on the girls lips exhibiting oral sex."

The viewer said, "this was so extreme and should NEVER have been allowed to be on any TV show." Ditto for a viewer from Weatherford, Texas ... who said Normani glamorized and mimicked sex, bondage and assault rape.

A parent from Michigan said the performance was so awful they "had to keep changing the channels so my 12-year-old son wouldn't watch that s***!"

As for Madonna ... there's a complaint from someone in Illinois who said Madonna appeared drunk at the start of the show and wore sexually explicit clothing. The viewer was upset MTV didn't issue warnings that it might be inappropriate for small children.

And, get this ... someone from St. Louis wants "$1 million declaratory ruling on my behalf" 'cause he's pissed about, among other things, Lil Nas X "rooting for his 'gay agenda' after his act." BTW, complaints to the FCC about Lil Nas X are nothing new, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Justin Bieber Hypes Up Conor McGregor At VMAs 'Gonna Get 'Em Next Time'

Justin Bieber used his VMA acceptance speech to give a huge shoutout to his buddy, Conor McGregor ... saying the UFC superstar will be back better than ever after his devastating leg injury.

33-year-old Conor was at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards to present the "Artist of the Year" award Sunday night ... rocking a bright, pink suit, his walking cane and a massive smile.

While McGregor got into an intense scuffle with Machine Gun Kelly before his appearance, he was all calmed down once it was time for him to announce the category's big winner.

"New York is back and so is the Mac," Conor said. "2022 will be our greatest year yet."

And when it was time to reveal the winner ... McGregor couldn't be happier.

Of course, Conor and Bieber have gotten pretty close recently -- from catching rays poolside to being guests at each other's concerts and fights -- so it was only right The Notorious was able to share the awesome moment with the "Peaches" singer.

Bieber name-dropped his wife, Hailey, and rapper Travis Scott after grabbing the Moonperson ... and then guaranteed Conor will make a big comeback after snapping his leg against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

"Conor, we're gonna get 'em next time, my boy," Bieber said. "Let's go."

Bieber's been a huge McGregor fan for years -- even siding with Conor in his feud against Nate Diaz -- and this is more evidence his loyalty is unwavering, despite McGregor's recent struggles.

VMAs 2021 Celebs Keep the Party Going!!!

If an awards show isn't followed up by a slew of celebs hitting up afterparties all over town ... is it even an awards show at all???

Attendees at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards made the night official by celebrating around NYC afterward ... with events hosted by the likes of Travis Scott, Dave Chappelle and Doja Cat.

Other celebs spotted toasting to success included Justin and Hailey Bieber, Madonna, Pete Davidson and the night's big winner -- Lil Nas X, who won Video of the Year for "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)."


There was also a couple's dinner sighting, as MGK and Megan Fox shared a "future baby daddies" meal at Cipriani with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian ... before MGK and company made it over to Chappelle's party at Lure.

As you'd expect, Dave's event had major star appeal with Colin Jost, Dave Grohl and Jon Hamm joining the festivities.


Looks like a real fun time, and no, it doesn't appear Conor McGregor showed up to disturb the peace ... any further, that is.

Conor McGregor Gets Into a Squabble with MGK On VMAs Red Carpet

5:45 PM PT -- A source close to Conor tells us the fighter wanted to say hello to MGK, stuck his hand out and started walking up to the singer. We're told MGK said something -- that Conor couldn't hear -- and MGK's security pushed Conor away. Our source says Conor doesn't understand what the issue was, and was surprised by how he was treated.

5:31 PM PT -- Sources connected to the situation tell us Conor asked MGK for a photo, which Kelly denied ... and that apparently escalated into him pushing Conor, whom we're told stumbled back and spilled his drink.


When he collected himself and whatever was left of his drink, our sources say Conor allegedly chucked the drink at Kelly ... as well as Megan, whom we're told was nearby.

Their respective teams broke it up before things got really ugly -- and Conor was given his walking cane back -- something that had fallen to the ground during the scuffle. FYI ... Conor made it inside after this -- the camera just panned over him during the broadcast.

Conor McGregor is still nursing his broken leg, but dude is already back to squaring up -- only this time ... he's doing it well outside the Octagon, and against Machine Gun Kelly.

The UFC star appears to have gotten into a physical confrontation Sunday on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards leading into the Barclays Center -- right before showtime, no less -- in a would-be clash that was captured by several photogs on the scene.

As you can see, there's Conor in the pink suit mouthing off to MGK who's not very far ... and before you know it -- the next shot has Conor seemingly lunging at the rocker as people step in to separate them.

CMG can be seen reaching for Kelly -- but it doesn't look like he ever got a hold of him or even laid a finger on him for that matter. Conor was yanked back by security on hand ... with the Notorious looking furious and animated amid the scrum.

Unclear what might've set this whole thing off in the first place -- but it doesn't seem this escalated beyond a brief showdown ... because we've reached out to cops in the area, and no one's reported this (yet). It's weird ... MGK and Conor don't really have a hostile history.

We got calls in to both guys' camps to see what the fuss was about ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 5:07 PM PT

Madonna Struts Her Stuff in Times Square ... Overnight VMA Video Shoot


Madonna has gone back in time ... for a sexy video shoot in the middle of Times Square.

The Material Girl looked like a version of her former self on the set of what we're told is a spot for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards ... featuring a NYC taxi cab right out of the '80s.

Madonna arrived at Times Square at 3 AM for the shoot with her much-younger boyfriend, professional dancer Ahlamalik Williams, along with her entourage.

As you can see ... Madonna was rocking a platinum blonde wig, trench coat and high heels for the gig, in which she throws some cash in the cabbie's face and walks away with that classic swagger of hers.

We're told it was raining on and off so Madge had to take some breaks to stay dry, and the shoot wrapped up at 6 AM.

The VMAs air September 12, so we won't have to wait long to enjoy Madonna's finished product.

Jack Harlow Drops $$$ for Championship Rings W/ REAL Expensive Bling!!!

Jack Harlow takes care of his own -- and by that, we mean he's willing to spend an arm and leg to ice out his entourage, and make it look like they just walked off with the Lombardi Trophy.

The Louisville rapper -- who performed at the VMAs Sunday -- was flaunting a set of 8 rings he and his crew (AKA, Private Garden) were rocking around town ahead of and during the show. They're like championship rings -- NBA or NFL-esque -- and they look pretty sweet.

Turns out, they're more than just nice looking ... they're completely loaded with precious stones that ended up costing well over a hundred grand. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Celebrity jeweler Alex Moss -- who commissioned the custom pieces for Jack and co. -- tells TMZ the rings altogether are valued at about $110k, and that's because they're laced with VVS diamonds and 14k gold, with each ring weighing in at 55 grams.

We're told the rings have the Private Garden members' names etched in plus their 502 area code. Of course, Jack's ring is slightly more blinged-out -- he is the leader, after all.

Alex tells us he met Jack a couple years ago in the studio when he was first coming up, but just got hit up for this job a few months ago.

Sounds like Jack knew he'd be getting a primetime spot on MTV, so he went to the best in the biz for a lot of ice. Good call, JH.

The Weeknd Demands Justice for Breonna Taylor & Jacob Blake During MTV VMAs Speech

The Weeknd hit the stage multiple times at the MTV VMAs, but his message remained the same ... demanding justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

The singer took home awards for Video of The Year and Best R&B Video Sunday night during MTV's virtual show. Both trophies came courtesy of his song, "Blinding Lights." However, Abel was somber when accepting his awards, saying there wasn't much to celebrate given the climate of the country.

At the end of each acceptance speech, he demanded justice for Breonna Taylor, who was gunned down by cops while she slept, and Jacob Blake -- who was shot 7 times in the back by cops -- while getting into his vehicle.

The Weeknd also took the stage -- hundreds of feet in the air above Manhattan -- to perform the hit song.

The Weeknd has been extremely charitable over the last few months, donating more than $2 million to COVID, Beirut relief and social justice causes.

The show also opened with a tribute and dedication to Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman Honored at Virtual MTV VMAs 2020 ... Show Dedicated to Him

Chadwick Boseman just received a shout-out at the MTV Video Music Awards -- and the way they did it was by harkening back to a speech he once gave at the ceremony.

Sunday's show -- which was completely virtual this year because of the pandemic -- was a full-on tribute to the late actor ... with the VMAs official Twitter account saying they were putting it on in his honor.

The main host, Keke Palmer, also made sure to shout out Chadwick right from the top of the show, with her saying, "We dedicate tonight’s show to the man whose spirit touched so many. He is a true hero, not just on screen but in everything he did. His impact lives forever."

Not too long into the broadcast, MTV played a full-on tribute to Chadwick ... by replaying his acceptance speech at the 2018 VMAs when he won for Best Hero for his portrayal as the Black Panther. The opening title card to the clip read, "The World Needs More Superheroes" ... and then it launched into Chadwick's remarks.

At the time, he actually took a moment to honor a real-life superhero he wanted to acknowledge ... one James Shaw Jr., who stopped a gunman at a Waffle House in Tennessee. The fact that Chadwick shared the spotlight was incredible and clearly not forgotten by the folks at MTV.

They ended his segment with another title card reading "Rest in Power." Indeed.

Maluma, CNCO Calling All Super Fans for the VMAs ... But Prepare to Isolate!!!

Maluma and CNCO will attempt to pull off what few entertainers have been able to do this year -- perform for a live audience -- but to do so, they're setting some strict rules for the fans who want to risk it.

We've learned the pair is currently casting "super fans" to be a part of a special outdoor performance at next week's MTV VMA's ... with some very specific requirements.

According to the casting call, fans who want to attend must live near NYC, bring a guest (but only if they live together), get a COVID-19 test on August 23 and then self-isolate with the guest until the August 30 show.

It certainly sounds like a lot of work, but considering Maluma's got 52 million followers on Instagram and boy band CNCO has 3.5 million ... they should be able to wrangle up enough willing participants.

Maluma's nominated this year for Best Latin video with "Que Pena" and CNCO's up for a brand new category dubbed Best Quarantine Performance, as well as Best Choreography.

Alyson Stoner Missy Elliott's 'Work It' ... I Didn't Know What Her Song Meant!!!


Missy Elliott knows how to put her thing down flip it and reverse it ... but Alyson Stoner says she didn't know the sexual significance behind "Work It" until long after she starred in the music video.

We got Alyson out at LAX after she got back from her highly-regarded dance routine with Missy at the VMAs ... and the dancer and former Disney Channel actress told our guy she was kept in the dark about the song's true meaning for years.

Alyson, now 26, first danced to Missy's provocative hit 17 years ago ... and she says their reunion onstage at the VMAs is easily one of the best moments in the history of the award show.

But, it wasn't until she was older when Alyson says she figured out what Missy was talking about in the lyrics. Kudos to the person who finally filled her in.

It's pretty wild ... Alyson tells us she nearly skipped her audition back in the day because of her sister and parents. But, thanks to a last-minute change of plans, she tried out for a spot in the music video and got the part.

Sounds like divine intervention.

Tyler Cameron Shirts vs. Skins!!! Gigi and VMAs Can Wait

Tyler Cameron was too busy hooping and showing off his toned bod to hit up the VMAs with Gigi Hadid ... and it looks like he made the right call because he won some hardware!!!

The 'Bachelorette' heartthrob hit the court for some rec league basketball in New York City Monday afternoon ahead of the VMAs across the river in Jersey ... and naturally, Tyler C took his shirt off. It's kinda his thing.

Sure, taking in the VMAs backstage with Gigi sounds appealing, but Tyler's got his priorities ... this was the championship game after all!!! Check out the gallery to see his big shiny trophy -- TC's got game ... on and off the court, apparently.

In the end he enjoyed the best of both worlds -- after showing off his moves and his abs, and balling with his boys, the underwear model met up with Gigi for a VMA after-party!!!

Y'know you're confident when you can put someone as hot as Gigi on the back burner ... while you play a game. Point is ... those first few dates they went on in the Big Apple must've gone REALLY well.

Good for Tyler! That 'Bachelor' nonsense is fully in his rear view.

Taylor Swift Impersonator Travolta Was Confused at VMAs ... 'Cause I'm Stunning, Just Like Taylor!!!


John Travolta mistook a famous drag queen for Taylor Swift at the VMAs -- and if you wanna know how he got so confused ... go straight to the queen herself!

We got Jade Jolie -- a former contestant on "RuPaul's Drag Race" -- Monday night after the award show and asked her about the awkward moment onstage right after TS won Video of the Year. John, very awkwardly, tried handing the Moon Man to Jade.

Ooops!! Taylor ... the real one ... wasn't even onstage yet.

As you can see (and as Jade acknowledges) ... she's a dead ringer for Taylor, whom she calls her "goddess" and "queen." But, while talking to us, Jade got all wrapped up in her own Swiftie fandom ... and even started talking 'Game of Thrones.'

You can tell by her mood here that Jade wasn't that offended by the case of mistaken identity -- she's clearly overjoyed to have shared in the glory of a VMAs win. The look-alike -- and a bunch of other notable gay and trans people -- appeared in Taylor's video for "You Need to Calm Down."

Speaking of that, Jade and another drag queen have some thoughts on inclusiveness in the music biz -- especially for LGBTQ folks. They think other artists should follow Taylor's lead.

Lindsey Vonn Rocks Giant Engagement Ring ... to MTV VMAs

Lindsey Vonn hit the MTV VMAs with a brand new accessory ... her massive new emerald engagement ring!!

The legendary skier just got engaged to her hockey superstar boyfriend, P.K. Subban, last week but she kept the ring on the down low ... until Monday night.

As you can see, the stone itself is BIGGER THAN HER KNUCKLE ... and while the price of the ring is still unknown, safe to say it ain't cheap! Good thing Subban is in the middle of an 8-year, $72 million contract!

Subban previously told Vogue he picked the emerald because green is Lindsey's favorite color -- and it also happens to be his birthstone ... so it all worked out.


Plus, it matches an emerald green necklace he gave her for Christmas.

As for the wedding, Vonn has said the two are in no hurry ... this could be one of those super long engagement things, but both seem to be okay with that.

In the meantime, enjoy that rock!!!


Blac Chyna Like My Dress, Kylie? It's Just a Coincidence!!!

3:07 PM PT -- Chyna's stylist, Deno Just Deno, tells TMZ ... there was nothing malicious about her dress choice -- it was neither Kylie-inspired or directed at Kylie.

Deno says BC didn't decide to attend the VMAs until 3 days ago, so he picked up several dresses for her at the last minute and they both loved the pink, feathery getup. Deno tells us it was just a coincidence it was the same dress as Kylie's -- they didn't know she wore it because they don't follow her.

He adds he wasn't aware there was a hubbub about Chyna's wardrobe until he woke up today, and he doubts she's caught wind of it ... yet.

Blac Chyna might have ruffled a few feathers with her wardrobe choice at the MTV VMAs ... because Kylie Jenner just wore it a couple weeks ago.

Chyna opted for a hot pink feathered mini dress for the awards show Monday night, which would normally be no biggie ... except for the fact Kylie rocked the exact same dress during her 22nd birthday trip.

As you know ... Chyna and the Kardashian/Jenner crew don't get along too well. There's a lot of bad blood stemming from her soured relationship with Rob, sharing an ex with Kylie, and oh yeah ... Chyna's suing the entire family.

So, ya gotta think they won't be tickled pink with her attempt to one up Kylie in a duplicate strapless frock, which BTW ... goes for about $4,600 by Attico.

Still, we gotta ask ...

Better in Feathers

Originally published -- 8:04 AM PT

MTV VMAs After-Parties Missy & Cardi 'Work It' at NYC Bash ... T. Swift Gets Love from Hadids!!!

Missy Elliott is soaking up the well-deserved spotlight ... and what started during the MTV VMAs, continued afterward as Cardi B, Lil Mama, and Lizzo all toasted her amazing career.

Fresh off her Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs ... Missy was surrounded by huge celebs who came to kiss the ring, as it were. Cardi presented Missy with her special Moon Man statuette during the show and was still by her side later in the night.

Other legends in the house for Missy's bash included Queen Latifah, Treach and Ice-T. Check out the gallery to see who else came to get their freak on with Missy.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was turning up at NYC's Moxy Hotel ... and Monday night her squad was FULLY glam.

Gigi and Bella Hadid were practically draped on T-Swift whose VMA performance was one of the night's standout moments.

Taylor's label, Republic Records, threw the event with other hit makers like Bebe Rexha, Joe Jonas and Hailee Steinfeld.

As if her huge night at the VMAs wasn't enough to celebrate -- Taylor's new album, "Lover" is already the top-seller of the year.

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