Gayle King Reveals Secret to S.I. Swimsuit Body ... S/O WeightWatchers!!!


Gayle King is dishing on how she got cover ready for her photo shoot with Sports Illustrated ... giving cred to the very company her pal Oprah Winfrey just ditched, at least professionally.

We caught up with Gayle in NYC, where the CBS News anchor shared she never dreamed of being an S.I. Swimsuit cover model ... but hinted she really doesn't hate all the attention that comes with it.

She kinda said it all when she admitted, "I am still floating."

'Botched' Dr. Terry DUBROW Applauds Kelly Clarkson ... We Gotta Stop Ozempic-Shaming!!!


Dr. Terry Dubrow's giving Kelly Clarkson props for coming clean about using a weight loss drug -- but he's not cool with the half-truths that came before, and he's encouraging others to be more transparent.

We got the "Botched" star out in Bev Hills, where he's tipped his hat to Kelly's incredible transformation but lamented her denial of using Ozempic ... which indirectly put the spotlight on the other option: Mounjaro.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Dr. Dubrow says Kelly's attempt to distance herself from Ozempic is a real bummer 'cause the drug is a huge game-changer -- not only for obesity but tackling other health woes.

Joy Behar on 'The View' Let's Be Honest, NO One WANTS TO BE FAT ... Defends Kelly Clarkson


Joy Behar said the quiet part out loud while defending Kelly Clarkson hopping on weight loss drugs ... saying nobody wants to be heavier than they need to be, period.

The topic of Kelly copping to the fact she's on medication that helped drop major poundage got brought up on Wednesday's episode of "The View" ... and Whoopi Goldberg was pointing out that Kelly can't win here, getting criticized no matter what she does or says.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The group of hosts debated over whether Kelly should've been more forthcoming early on in her dramatic weight loss -- and eventually, Joy just came out and dropped a truth bomb.


MeSsy with Christina Applegate & Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is taking aim at all the "perfect" people who are using Ozempic without needing to ... saying they're abusing it, and calling it a setback in body positivity.

While talking on her 'MeSsy' podcast with cohost Christina Applegate, Jamie-Lynn got real about her body image struggles ... explaining how the current fad of relying on weight loss drugs to slim down has left her feeling a bit triggered lately.

JL shared her hot take ... saying the drug had totally been a game-changer for her friends who've battled weight issues for a long time -- but it's also been exploited by many others.

TMZ TV Hot Takes Robert De Niro's Trump Tirade ... Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Truth & Rory McIlroy's Divorce

So much has happened ... and it's only Tuesday! Strap in for some major TMZ TV hot takes.

TMZ Live


First up, on "TMZ Live," Derek and Charles discuss Robert De Niro getting bleeped out on "The View" ... for going on a NSFW rant about Donald Trump.

Christina Applegate I Once Had an Eating Disorder ... Starved Myself on 'MWC'

MeSsy with Christina Applegate & Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Christina Applegate is getting real for the first time about her eating disorder while filming "Married ... with Children" -- saying everyone on set knew and was worried about her.

The actress opened up to Jamie-Lynn Sigler on their 'MeSsy' podcast ... saying at the height of her ED, she'd deprive herself of food regularly -- eating just 5 almonds a day. If she had 6, she says she'd break down in tears because she wanted her bones to stick out.

Christina said her struggle started at 15 when she took on the role of crop-top-loving Kelly for the 'MWC' pilot ... which left her freaking out, thinking she looked the heaviest she'd ever been.

Kelly Clarkson Cops to Using Weight Loss Drug After Major Transformation

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson is getting honest about her physical transformation ... admitting she used a weight loss drug to help shed pounds -- something she'd kinda tip-toed around until now.

The singer got candid about her health journey during Monday's episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," where Whoopi Goldberg shared her experience with weight loss medication ... and for which Kelly chimed in with her own experience.

Kelly told Whoopi and her audience that she hadn't planned on sharing this side of her life ... but admitted she too was prescribed a weight loss med after troubling bloodwork.

Oprah Apologizes for Perpetuating Diet Culture ... Set Unrealistic Standards!!!

WeightWatchers + Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is acknowledging the role she played in toxic diet culture -- and she's now trying to rectify that ... by embracing weight loss drugs.

The talk show legend opened up about her influence in the weight loss industry during a 3-hour live special for WeightWatchers this week -- and she owned the fact that she'd been feeding into this unhealthy trend for quite literally years.

Oprah says ... "I want to acknowledge that I have been a steadfast participant in this diet culture. Through my platforms, through the magazine, through the talk show for 25 years and online. I’ve been a major contributor to it."

Jelly Roll Ready to do Another 5K ... I've Lost 70 LBS!!!


Jelly Roll is feeling better than ever after finishing his first 5K, and he's already considering his next race ... TMZ has learned.

We caught up with Jelly Roll after his race Tuesday at Pasadena's Rose Bowl, where the singer declared he felt emotional over the achievement.

He added ... "I truly have lost like 70 pounds getting ready for this. I've been training a few days a week pretty hard. It was still rough. It was cool though."

Met Gala 2024 Kim K presume su diminuta cintura

Kim Kardashian sabe cómo hacer una entrada, pero su aparición en la Gala Met del lunes fue más bien un shock y no por algo que haya dicho, ¡sino por su diminuta cintura!

Kim K paseó por la alfombra roja del evento más grande de la moda en el Museo Metropolitano de Nueva York, y tenía todas las cabezas volteadas mientras hacía alarde de su brillante vestido sin tirantes de Maison Margiela envuelto en un corsé hacia arriba.

Lo que sorprendió a todo el mundo fue cómo el corsé acentuaba su diminuta cintura, algo que la mayoría no está acostumbrado a ver. Kim es conocida por su voluptuosa figura.

2024 MET Gala Kim K Shows Off Shrinking Waist

Kim Kardashian knows how to make an entrance ... but her appearance at Monday's Met Gala was a shocker ... not over something she said, but because of her teensy-weensy waist!

KK strolled into the fashion world's biggest night at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC -- and had all heads turning as she flaunted her shimmering strapless Maison Margiela gown with her midsection wrapped in a corset.

What stunned everyone was how the corset accentuated her itty-bitty waist, which most people are not used to seeing. KK is well known for her full, voluptuous frame.

Richard Simmons Posts Audio Message ... 1st Time Voice Been Heard in Years!!!


Richard Simmons seems to be poking his head out from where he's been hiding for about a decade now -- 'cause he just let the world hear his voice anew ... and he hasn't changed.

The legendary fitness instructor threw up an audio clip Monday to his personal YouTube page -- and while he normally posts dance remixes and other throwback clips of himself ... on this particular occasion, he decided he wanted the world to hear from him directly.

Check it out ... the snippet is fairly brief, with RS noting the date (5/6/2024) and then offering up a thank-you to his fans who read his inspirational notes/messages on Facebook

Richard Simmons Slams Barbra Streisand For Ozempic Question To Melissa McCarthy

The drama between Melissa McCarthy and Barbra Streisand over an Ozempic question ain't over yet ... 'cause Richard Simmons is now weighing on the matter.

In a Facebook post Tuesday night, the legendary exercise guru threw his full support behind Melissa while calling out Barbra for asking the slimmed-down McCarthy if she was taking the weight loss drug.

Richard started by writing, "I love Melissa McCarthy…. I have seen every one of her movies."

Melissa McCarthy Not Sweatin' Streisand's Ozempic Q ... Babs Says My Bad, Guys!!!

The Image Direct

Melissa McCarthy is making it clear there is no beef between herself and Barbra Streisand after the latter's Ozempic ask -- and Barb herself is also issuing an apology over it.

After Babs caught some heat for asking if Melissa had shed some pounds thanks to the weight loss drug ... a photog caught up with the actress on the street in L.A. Tuesday -- where she said she still has love for the superstar.

MMC made it clear it was NBD at all saying ... "I think Barbra is a treasure and I love her." She even waved off the photog's question on whether she thought Barbra was out of line.

Melissa McCarthy No le preocupa el comentario de Streisand... Babs dice que es su culpa!!!

Ella es un tesoro
The Image Direct

Melissa McCarthy está dejando claro que no hay ningún problema entre ella y Barbra Streisand luego de que la cantante le preguntara si ha estado tomando Ozempic, y la propia Barb está compartiendo una disculpa por su comentario.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Después de que Babs recibiera algunas críticas por consultar si Melissa había perdido algunos kilos gracias al medicamento, un fotógrafo se encontró con la actriz en la calle en Los Ángeles el martes, donde le dijo que aún adora a la superestrella.

Melissa dejó claro que no era un gran tema diciendo: "Creo que Barbra es un tesoro y la amo". Incluso se desentendió de la pregunta que le hizo el fotógrafo sobre si pensaba que Barbra se había pasado de la raya.

Barbra Streisand Melissa McCarthy Fans Pissed ... After Ozempic Comment

Barbra Streisand is catching a lot of heat on social media after questioning whether Melissa McCarthy used Ozempic to achieve her recent look.

It all started Sunday ... Melissa – who has long struggled with weight issues – posted a photo of her slimmer self with friend and film director, Adam Shankman, as they attended the Centre Theatre Group Gala in L.A.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As you can see, Melissa looked terrific in her light green dress with a matching blazer alongside the stylish Shankman. She captioned the image with a combined message of going to the event with Shankman and getting closer to her dream of dancing onstage.

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