'My 600-lb. Life' Star Coliesa's Family Got to Say Final Goodbyes Despite Hospital COVID Restrictions


The family of Coliesa McMillian -- who appeared on Season 8 of "My 600-lb. Life" -- was thankfully allowed to see her in the hospital before she died ... something they feared would not be possible due to COVID restrictions.

Coliesa passed away Tuesday at a hospital in Louisiana, but her mother, Sadie Courville, tells TMZ she'd been at the Baton Rouge facility for quite a while ... and they hadn't been able to visit her due to pandemic rules.

She says the hospital made an exception when it was clear Coliesa was on her deathbed, allowing her and Coliesa's 2 teenage daughters in to say their final goodbyes.

Sadie says she patted Coliesa's arm while her girls cried and held her hand.

According to Coliesa's mom ... the family doesn't know the exact cause of death, but she says her health went downhill after she underwent weight loss surgery and sadly, she never recovered.

A rep for the East Baton Rouge Coroner's Office tells us ... a review of Coliesa's medical records shows she died of natural causes due to complications from that surgery months ago.

Coliesa was 41.

Ex-NFL Star Marshal Yanda Check Out My New, Slim Frame!!! 5 Months After Retirement

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Marshal Yanda has gone from All-Pro offensive lineman to absolute SNACK in just a few months ... dude's shaved off a ton of weight since his retirement -- and looks amazing!

Yanda -- one of the best linemen in the NFL for the past decade-plus -- just retired in March ... but it's clear he's got no chance of playing in the gridiron trenches any time soon.

Check out a photo the 6'3" potential future Hall of Famer posted Monday ... he looks NOTHING like the guy who used to crush D-lineman for the Ravens at over 300 pounds!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Family RV Trip Out West," Yanda captioned the pic. "August is looking a lot different this year!!!"

No kidding!!!

Of course, we shouldn't be TOO surprised about the weight loss ... many NFL linemen have found it easy to trim down after retirement -- remember how quickly Joe Thomas got shredded last year?!?!

Adele Rocks Beyonce's 'Black is King' Bodysuit ... 'Thank You Queen'

Adele is heaping on the ultimate praise to Beyonce, wearing the same outfit featured in her new smash hit project, 'Black is King' ... and the internet can't deal.

The singer shouted out Bey's new visual album Saturday on Instagram, posting a photo of herself posing in front of her TV with the flick on in the background ... but, more revealing, wearing a very similar-looking bodysuit (if not an exact replica) that Beyonce rocks in 'BIK.'

Adele captioned the post, "Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art." Of course, Adele looks great in the photo too -- further showing off her new look.

As for Beyonce's new film ... it's the talk of the town right now. They say it's a companion piece to the rebooted 'Lion King' -- and it features tons of striking images, performances, costumes and songs. It's like the new 'Lemonade' -- but carries way more weight in light of what's been going on lately around the country.

It's streaming on Disney+ right now -- and it seems Adele's definitely a subscriber.

'MY 600-LB LIFE' James King's Death ... Not Related to COVID-19


The death of James King, who starred on "My 600-lb Life" was NOT related to the coronavirus -- instead, the big guy's family says his heart gave out.

James got very sick back in early February, and his liver and kidneys were shutting down due to his weight ... one of his family members tells TMZ.

Remember, James actually gained weight following his debut on the reality show. He was 791 pounds starting out on the show, but by the end of 2018 his weight got up to a whopping 840 pounds.

We're told James, who lived in Paducah, KY, was initially transported to a local hospital on Feb. 10. Shortly after that, he had to be transferred to a Nashville hospital that was better equipped to treat a patient his size.

The family member says after the liver and kidney issues, though, James' heart gave out under the stress. He died April 3 in the Nashville hospital.

James also battled other health problems in the past, including cirrhosis of the liver and sepsis.

He leaves behind a large family. James is survived by his wife, Lisa Raisor King, 4 daughters, 2 sons and 19 grandkids.

He was 49.

Mama June Scores Gig with Weight Loss Co. ... Odd Time for New Ad


Mama June's decided a pandemic is the perfect time to get back in front of the camera and become a public figure again, but not on her TV show -- she's getting paid to push a weight loss challenge.

The troubled reality star is promoting something called Boom Bod, a weight loss product that urges customers to use it for 7 days to get energized, motivated and rejuvenated. It's the kinda thing ya see IG models do all the time.

The ad was shot in a small kitchen and shows Mama explaining how ya simply add the product to water 3 times a day -- apparently to curb hunger and shed pounds, but she doesn't quite make it clear.

The oddly timed new video is the first June's posted in a long time and seems to be her first paid gig in months. It's unclear when she recorded it -- we know she's been living on the road since selling her home last year.

The new spokeswoman was just spotted Tuesday with her boyfriend, Geno Doak, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

We're told she was wandering around aimlessly and seemed undeterred by new coronavirus safety guidelines.

Then again, it looks like the couple has been living at the casino hotel for several weeks ... so perhaps that qualifies as "sheltering at home" for them.

Rebel Wilson So Long, Fat Amy!!! ... Flaunts Fit New Look

Rebel Wilson's gonna make it hard for "Pitch Perfect 4" (y'know it's gonna happen) producers to cast her as Fat Amy again, because she's shedding some serious weight.

The "Cats" star -- sorry, we had to mention that -- has been focused on her health and weight-loss for awhile now, and these new images of her putting in work at the gym ... show the progress is real in 2020.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Rebel's been sharing her progress for the last 10 months, and even credits the filming of "Cats" for aiding her weight loss. So, there IS a silver lining to that disaster.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On January 2 she put herself all the way out there, saying ... "Okay so for me 2020 is going to be called “The Year of Health.” Rebel vowed to get exercise and avoid sugar and junk food and added, "Who’s with me in making some positive changes this year?"

Looks like Wilson's sticking to her plan so far, and her “transformation trainer,” Jono Castano, says she's been doing it 7 days a week.

We know it's barely 3 weeks, but kudos to Rebel -- that's forever in New Year's resolutions time.

Diamond Dallas Page Helps Man Lose 200 Pounds ... 100 to Go!!

Exclusive Details

Diamond Dallas Page took a 475-pound man -- and nearly cut him in half -- helping the guy shed 200 POUNDS ... with some help from comic Bert Kreischer.

It's an unbelievable story ... Bert -- who famously performs without a shirt -- has been on a health kick and posted a story on his social media about Vance Hinds, an obese man who wanted help losing weight.

The pro wrestling legend stepped up and reached out to the 475-pound man ... offering to coach him through his patented DDP Yoga program -- the same program that Jake "The Snake" Roberts credits with saving his life.

The results ... AMAZING.

After 365 days, Hinds dropped 198 pounds ... and he documented the entire journey on video.

DDP tells TMZ Sports he couldn't be more proud of the guy -- but the work ain't done yet. Hinds says he's gunning to drop another 100 POUNDS with Page's help.

Of course, Page is super confident he can hit the goal weight -- and if you know anything about DDP, dude doesn't ever fail.

Luke Rockhold Wants Yoel Romero Rematch ... But There's a Catch


Luke Rockhold says he'd beat the snot out of Yoel Romero at light heavyweight ... telling TMZ Sports he'd be down for a rematch after UFC 230, but Romero's gotta make weight this time.

We spoke with Rockhold about his plans after his huge rematch with Chris Weidman in November ... and he's got his eye on the middleweight belt -- but he's not opposed to getting revenge on Romero.

Rockhold says he killed himself trying to make weight last time, when Yoel was 3 pounds overweight ... and he's not playing that game again with Romero.

"Yoel's a piece that can't make weight," Luke says. "I don't even know how he exists in the rankings. He missed weight for 2 back-to-back title fights. The guy's a cheap f*ck and I'll find him at light heavyweight if he wants to do it again."


Romero ain't the only one in Rockhold's crosshairs --- the dude UNLEASHES on the entire heavyweight division ... aside from a select few.

"There's a small percentage of heavyweights that are good. The rest suck. Plain and simple."

As for his fight with Weidman ... Rockhold says he feels great leading up to the November 3 fight at Madison Square Garden ... and gives us a prediction on what'll go down.

'My 600-lb Life' Star L.B. Bonner Found Dead in a Ditch w/ Gunshot Wound

Exclusive Details

L.B. Bonner -- who appeared on "My 600-lb Life" and ultimately dropped over 300 pounds -- was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound ... TMZ has learned.

Police were making a welfare check Thursday night when they found him in a park in Lexington, South Carolina ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The circumstances surrounding his death are now under investigation.

L.B. appeared in last season's "My 600-lb Life" that documented his incredible weight-loss journey. He started at 642 pounds and trimmed off a whopping 316 pounds, but kept shedding the weight even after filming the show.

L.B. had posted a cryptic message Thursday night on Facebook saying, "I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support throughout my journey...I've realized a few things over the last few days and its time that, I face my demons head on."

He went on to say, "No matter what you change or the efforts you put forth in life, sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and deal with things your own way...Again, thank y'all so much... Please don't ever let people you care about not know how you feel."

Cops have not yet officially ruled Bonner's death a suicide, but tell us they're not looking for any other persons of interest in the case.

L.B. was 30.

Christian Bale Human Yo-Yo's Super Slim Again

Christian Bale's ditched any vestige of Dick Cheney from his life, and by that we mean roughly 100 lbs ... in just a matter of months.

CB and his fam -- like most of the world, it seems -- are on vacay in Italy and, during a Friday morning stroll, he looked incredibly thin. Incredible because 7 months ago he was way more bulked up for his role as the ex-veep.

This is kinda his thing -- Christian typically yo-yos like nobody's business for his roles. He got up to about 228 pounds for "American Hustle" ... and everyone remembers how scarily thin he was for "The Machinist." He shed almost 70 lbs for that one!

Looks like he's back to fighting weight now and, just as importantly, all his hair's back!

Abby Lee Miller I'm Feeling Lighter For My Early Prison Release

What a load off Abby Lee Miller -- she's reportedly getting out of federal prison next month, and she'll be way lighter when she does it.

Abby posted a pic of herself and some friends -- looks like they were visiting her at the federal pen in Victorville, CA -- and her weight loss is obvious in the shot. There are reports she's lost about 100 pounds since entering prison in July.

You'll recall, she'd had gastric bypass surgery in April.

Abby's reportedly getting out on Feb. 20, and will immediately report to halfway house in Los Angeles. She says the dates aren't set yet, but says she's been a model citizen in prison, and she's looking forward to her new life on the outside. Prison officials tell us ... as of now, Abby is still scheduled to be released on June 21.

MMA Star Gabi Garcia 'I Almost Died' Cutting Weight ... Had to Stop


Gabi Garcia says she's got a damn good reason for missing weight in Japan ... she literally could've killed herself if she kept droppin' sweat.

"I decide not cut weight because I feeling like I almost died," said Gabi -- who insists she did NOT miss weight by 27 pounds, but rather 17.

The Brazilian MMA star told TMZ Sports about the scary events leading up to her weigh-in debacle ... saying her vision went dark once she started shedding pounds, which told her it was time to call it quits.

In a social media post, Garcia also said she suffered from gnarly headaches and bloody noses anytime she trained.

Still, Gabi feels terrible for having to scrap her fight with Shinobu Kandori ... and told us she's gonna learn from this and come back stronger.

"I accept this fight. It's my fault."

Christian Bale I've Gone Full Dick Cheney That's How the Neck Rolls


Christian Bale was barely recognizable wheeling his luggage at LAX after putting on more than several pounds for his role as Dick Cheney.

Bale is a master at transformations. He went to the other extreme for his role in the 2004 flick, "The Machinist," dropping 60 lbs. He's definitely put the same effort into his lead role as the former VP, although tipping the other side of the scale.

Our photog was hilarious ... clearly confusing art for life as he barked tax reform questions at the actor.

BTW ... the flick's called "Backseat" and comes out next year.

Joe Giudice G.E.D. & 45 lbs. Slimmer In Prison!!!


Joe Giudice is following his wife Teresa's lead when it comes to keeping busy in prison ... he's dropping lbs and changing his life ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Joe's lost 45 pounds since he began serving his sentence 18 months ago for bankruptcy fraud. He's been working out nonstop and his diet has changed dramatically.

He's also flexing his brain muscles by getting his GED. His syllabus includes the basics ... English, math, science and social studies.

You'll recall, Teresa also slimmed down during her 11-month stint behind bars. Joe got more time ... 41 months, so he's barely at the halfway mark. If things keep going the way they are he'll be barely recognizable when he's finally out.

Prison ... it does a body good.

Beyonce Back In Formation 4 Months After Twins' Birth

Beyonce gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir only four months ago but you can't tell ... from any angle.

Bey's been sharing pics of her post-twins bod on Instagram, ever since the kiddos were born, but this latest batch of her in a corset is the first time she's shown off her midriff ... a good midriff we might add.

She's definitely lost her pregnancy lbs, but got to hand it to Bey ... she's still keepin' that booty poppin' ... almost too poppin'.

Hail to the queen.

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