*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick is stirring the pot ... telling TMZ, talks about getting the band back together are indeed heating up.

Chris says he's definitely had lengthy discussions with JT, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone about the band's future -- and it's just a matter of getting everyone on the same page about what they wanna do next.

He confirms to us they're working on it, and it's not a categorical no to a stage comeback -- much to the delight of tour promoters and music labels eager to cash in on the guys getting back together.

No Doubt Gwen And the Boys Reunite At Coachella ... Olivia Rodrigo Joins In On the Fun!

Gwen Stefani and the men of No Doubt set Coachella ablaze last night ... returning to the stage together for the first time in nearly a decade.


Gwen, bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young took the stage last night, playing a nostalgic and high-energy set ... performing their first gig together in -- as Stefani herself put it -- "nine f***ing years!"

The band performed an 80-minute set and fans ate it up ... calling the reunion "iconic" and "one of the best performances of the year" on social media.

Conan O'Brien Stoked Over 'Tonight Show' Return ... Late Night's Here to Stay!!!


Conan O'Brien is looking forward to his return to "The Tonight Show" 14 years after his messy exit ... telling TMZ there's no bad blood, and that he's excited to hit the stage again.

We caught up with the comedian outside the Whitby Hotel in NYC Tuesday -- just as he was on his way to film his 'TS' appearance at 30 Rock -- where he told us how he was feeling heading into his highly-anticipated late-night comeback.

As Conan puts it ... he's jazzed to be in front of the camera again in that environment -- as he has nothing but fond memories about his time there, which is interesting considering he was fired by NBC in 2010 ... and rather unceremoniously too.

Juvenile Bday Bashin' with Hot Boy Turk ... Reunion Lookin' Good!!!

Performing The Classics

Juvenile's birthday celebration turned into a mini Cash Money Hot Boy reunion in the Big Easy last night ... because his homie Turk turned up to turn the party out!!!

TMZ Hip Hop obtained vid from inside the "Back Dat Azz Up" rapper's 49th bash at Treme Hideaway, and it shows Juve and Turk blitzing through a spirited performance of "Welcome 2 Tha Nolia" from the "400 Degreez" album.


Those Dixieland vibes could hold up ... Juvenile recently told TMZ Hip Hop he was working behind the scenes to mend the various rifts within the Cash Money camp, and Turk joining him onstage is the kinda progress fans want to see!!!

400 Degree Hot Boys

It's been a whirlwind celebration for Juve ... we also got ahold of video from his party the night before where he performed alongside Birdman and Mannie Fresh.

We're told CM co-founder Ronald "Slim" Williams also made the night much more special with a rare public cameo.


Juve has all the reason to dust off his old hits for the new generation ... he broke the news to us he was planning on shooting music videos for his old "400 Degreez" records -- and recently made good on that promise by releasing a visual to the title track.

Might as well shoot the vid to "Ha (Remix)" next ...that one will bring Lil Wayne and B.G. back into the mix!!!

Joey Fatone *NSYNC no está esperando a Justin Timberlake... ¡¡Le hemos dicho que no!!

Somos más que un cameo

Algunos fans piensan que los chicos de *NSYNC están a entera disposición de Justin Timberlake por estos días. Esto, en medio de las pequeñas colaboraciones que han estado haciendo juntos, pero Joey Fatone dice que eso es mentira.

Nos encontramos con el cantante de la boy band en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles el lunes y le preguntamos sobre su reciente concierto con Justin en Los Ángeles por el lanzamiento de su último álbum, donde hay una canción en la que aparece *NSYNC y es solo otra de las cosas que han hecho juntos en el último tiempo.

Por supuesto, nuestro fotógrafo le preguntó sobre la posibilidad de que se reúnan propiamente tal como *NSYNC, a lo que Joey respondió lo que hemos venido escuchando desde hace meses, esto es, "que no ahora, pero tal vez un día".

Básicamente, Joey dice que todos están ocupados, así que no se ve una reunión oficial en el futuro próximo, pero reconoce que si se metieran en el estudio de nuevo para hacer algo en 2024, probablemente sonaría muy parecido a su nueva canción "Paradise".

El nuevo sonido de *NSYNC

También dice que a *NSYNC no le importa reunirse con Justin Timberlake cuando pueden. Aunque, cuando nuestro camarógrafo le preguntó si están a la espera de que Justin los llame por estos días, como algunos han sugerido por Internet, se apresuró en decir que esa no es la dinámica del grupo para nada.

Joey nos dice que entiende por qué algunos podrían sacar esa conclusión. Recuerden, *NSYNC no solo hizo un cameo en el nuevo álbum de Justin, sino que hizo lo mismo para su nueva película "Trolls", aunque Joey nos asegura que el grupo ha rechazado las peticiones de Justin en el pasado ... Muchas veces, de hecho.

En palabras de nuestro camarógrafo, los chicos de *NSYNC no son "la amante" que Justin puede llamar cuando le dé la gana (o booty call en inglés) como algunos podrían suponer. Joey lo deja muy claro: todos están reservados y ocupados en sus respectivas carreras, así que cuando colaboran es solo porque funciona para todos.

Los chicos están de vuelta en la ciudad

Es bueno saberlo, pero no hace falta decir que la gente se muere por una nueva era de *NSYNC. Por desgracia, eso probablemente no ocurra en el corto plazo, o eso parece.

Joey Fatone *NSYNC Not on Call for Timberlake ... We've Shot Him Down!!!


Some *NSYNC fans think all the other guys are at Justin Timberlake's beck and call these days amid these little mini collabs they've been doing... but Joey Fatone says that's BS.

We got the boy band singer at LAX on Monday and asked him all about their recent gig with JT in L.A. amid his latest album drop -- where there's a song that features *NSYNC, serving as just the latest team-up they've done in the studio ... with fans wanting the real thing.

Of course, our photog asked about the prospect of a proper reunion for *NSYNC ... and Joey gave us the standard line of not-now-but-maybe-one-day, which we've heard for months.

Basically ... Joey says everyone's busy, so there's no official coming-together happening in the near future -- but does acknowledge that if they were to get in the studio again for brand new music in 2024, it'd probably sound something very much like their new track "Paradise."


He also says that *NSYNC doesn't mind coming together for JT when they can. Although, when our camera guy asked if they're on call for Justin these days -- as some online have suggested -- he shot that notion down entirely ... saying that's not the dynamic here.

Joey tells us he understands why some might draw that conclusion -- remember, not only did *NSYNC cameo on JT's new album, but did the same for his new 'Trolls' movie too -- he assures us that the group has turned down Justin's requests before ... many times, in fact.

As our camera guy puts it ... the *NSYNC guys are NOT Justin's industry booty call -- despite what some might assume. Joey makes it very clear ... they're all booked and busy in their own respective careers, so when they collaborate ... it's only 'cause it works for everyone.

Boys Are Back In Town

Good to clear up, but it goes without saying ... people are dying for a new era of *NSYNC. Unfortunately, that probably ain't gonna happen anytime soon -- that's how it sounds anyway.

Juvenile Hot Boys Reunion Still Happening ... Guys Gotta Simmer Down!!!


B.G.'s long-awaited prison release has done NADA for Cash Money Hot Boys reunion talks -- it's actually moving things in the opposite direction!!!

During our convo with Juvenile, the OG of the bunch assured TMZ Hip Hop their reunion tour is still going down, as he plans to put his "big brother" peer mediation skills to work.

Juve believes the CMB crew just needs time to cool off -- but, as for how long that will take ... whoadie that's another story!!!


Turk was confident in telling TMZ Hip Hop a few months ago that the original Cash Money cartel would be taking over like they did in '99 and the 2000s ... but B.G. kicked off the year throwing shots at Lil Wayne and apparently, Turk needs a make-good himself.

Birdman's brother Terrence "Gangsta" Williams recently speculated to DJ Vlad that Turk would have to distance himself from Birdman if the tour happens, as the CM boss is still upset over Turk's bean-spilling "Drink Champs" interview from a couple years back.


Returning to the basics could potentially squash the posse infighting ... Juve's re-releasing his "400 Degreez" on March 29 with a pair of new tracks named "Party" and "We Be Blowing Money" and fondly recalled memories of making the classic album.

Juve didn't have an explanation for why there are several variations of his breakout single "Ha" on the project, but he's happy he took a gamble on rapping over a Latin track where he won big with his "Follow Me Now" hit.

Even the album's weakest link is a strong addition to his catalog!!!

Jon Bon Jovi Joined By Bruce Springsteen Onstage ... Jersey Boys Bring Down The House


Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen gave everyone a big treat Friday night, rockin' and rollin' on the same stage in front of a star-studded crowd!

The two New Jersey music icons performed together at the Los Angeles Convention Center to honor Jon's artistic career and charity work as he received an award for MusiCares Person of the Year.

Everyone Jammin' Out !!!

Many celebs were in attendance, namely Paul McCartney, Sammy Hagar, Jelly Roll, Shania Twain, Melissa Etheridge, Robert Kraft, and Jim Gaffigan.

All of them got to kick back and enjoy the Jersey boys playing one of Jon's most memorable tunes, "Who Says You Can't Go Home."

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ ... Jon first introduced the person he called his "mentor" and "hero" before Bruce walked out on stage with an electric guitar. After Bruce hugged Jon, the rockers went straight into the song, dazzling the audience.


Other footage shows comedian Jim Gaffigan dressed as a 1980s version of Jon with a huge head of hair. Jim gave Jon a light-hearted roast, making everyone crack up.

Then Jon, Sammy, Shania, and others hit the stage to sing a rendition of Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer."

TMZ Studios

Jelly Roll also honored Jon in a solo capacity, performing his 1988 hit, "Bad Medicine."

What a night for Jon and Bruce ... but it was bittersweet for Springsteen. As we reported, he shared a touching tribute to his mom, Adele, earlier this week who died at 98.

Jon Bon Jovi Junto a Bruce Springsteen en el escenario...

Mi mentor y mi héroe

Jon Bon Jovi y Bruce Springsteen le dieron un gran regalo a todos el viernes en la noche, ¡rockeando y actuando juntos en el mismo escenario frente a una multitud de estrellas!

Los dos iconos de la música oriundos de Nueva Jersey tocaron juntos en el Centro de Convenciones de Los Ángeles para honrar la carrera artística de Jon y su labor benéfica, luego de recibir el premio a la Persona del Año de MusiCares.

Todos improvisando!!!

Muchas celebridades estaban presentes como Paul McCartney, Sammy Hagar, Jelly Roll, Shania Twain, Melissa Etheridge, Robert Kraft y Jim Gaffigan.

Todos ellos pudieron relajarse y disfrutar de los chicos de Jersey tocando uno de los temas más memorables de Jon, "Who Says You Can't Go Home".

Echa un vistazo a este video obtenido por TMZ. Jon presenta a Bruce como su "mentor" y "héroe", y luego este sube al escenario con su guitarra eléctrica. Ambos se abrazan y luego entran directamente a la canción, deslumbrando al público.

Versión ochentera de Jon

Otras imágenes muestran al cómico Jim Gaffigan vestido como en una versión ochentera de Jon, con una gran melena, haciendo a todos reír.

Luego Jon, Sammy, Shania y otros subieron al escenario para cantar una interpretación de "Livin' On A Prayer" de Bon Jovi.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Jelly Roll también honró a Jon en solitario, interpretando su éxito de 1988, "Bad Medicine".

Fue una gran noche para los dos artistas, aunque algo agridulce para Springsteen. Como informamos, compartió un emotivo homenaje a su madre Adele, a principios de esta semana, quien murió a los 98 años.

Kyle Richards dispuesta a hablar de Morgan Wade y de la separación de Mauricio En el reencuentro de "RHOBH"


Kyle Richards no le hará el quite a las preguntas sobre su relación con su marido Mauricio Umansky y la cantante Morgan Wade, al menos no una vez que las cámaras empiecen a rodar en la reunión de "RHOBH".

Tuvimos a la estrella de "Real Housewives" cuando estaba haciendo mandados el lunes en Beverly Glen y le preguntamos si planea hablar de su separación de Mauricio, o sobre cómo están las cosas con Morgan.

Kyle dice que está más que dispuesta a responder a preguntas sobre Mauricio y Morgan, siempre y cuando el anfitrión Andy Cohen y sus compañeros de reparto 'RHOBH' preguntar, que sin duda lo hará.

Como Kyle dijo: "¿Has visto nuestro show?"

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

Los programas de reunión de Bravo son notoriamente puntiagudos y directos, por lo que Kyle sabe lo que viene, y ella dice que no ha habido ninguna petición especial de su parte acerca de los temas que se tocarán.

Como ustedes saben, Kyle y Mauricio se han separado por un tiempo y ella está pasando mucho tiempo con Morgan. Ella dice que ha sido abierta respecto a los grandes cambios en su vida, pero definitivamente hay mucho más que decir, y suena como que esas respuestas están llegando.

Kyle también está haciendo otra declaración... la parte posterior de su impermeable dice "Umansky". 🤔

Kyle Richards I'll Talk Mauricio, Morgan At Reunion ... They Ask, I Answer!!!


Kyle Richards will not shy away from questions about her relationships with estranged husband Mauricio Umansky and singer Morgan Wade ... at least not once cameras start rolling at the 'RHOBH' reunion.

We got the 'Real Housewives' star as she was running errands Monday in Beverly Glen, and asked if she's planning to discuss her separation from Mauricio -- or open up about where things stand with Morgan during Friday's reunion show taping.

Kyle says she's more than willing to answer questions about Mauricio and Morgan ... as long as host Andy Cohen and her 'RHOBH' castmates ask, which they most certainly will.

As Kyle put it, "Have you seen our show?!?"

TMZ Studios

Bravo reunion shows are notoriously pointed and direct, so Kyle knows what's coming ... and she says there's been no special request from her about making certain topics off-limits.

As you know, Kyle and Mauricio have been separated for a while now and she's spending a lot of time with Morgan. She says she's been open about the big changes in her life, but there's definitely a lot more to be said ... and it sounds like those answers are coming.

Kyle's also making another statement here ... peep the back of her raincoat, it says "Umansky." 🤔


'Martin' Cast WZUPPP!?! We’re Back ... Reunite at 2024 Emmys

Martin Lawrence and his "Martin" costars reunited for the Emmys and some laughs … with a sketch that allowed them to thumb their noses at the awards for years of snubs!!!

Martin, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold and Carl Anthony Payne II all gathered on the iconic show's recreated set to present Jeremy Allen White's Lead Actor award for "The Bear" -- and also paid homage to late cast member Thomas Mikal Ford with a photograph of him on the table.

Martin's sitcom has remained a pillar in hip hop and the Black community years after going off the air, and Carl immersed fully into his Cole character ... blindly assuming they were there to snag an Emmy, not give one away.

Tisha exposed the fact the show never won an Emmy, which got some props from the audience.

The series ran from 1992 to 1996 and boasted dozens of cameos including The Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, Tommy Hearns -- the hat Carl wore for the Emmys bit is even a nod to their episode featuring MC Hammer!!!

Real heads know it's yet another win for Detroit … having come off its first NFL playoff win in eons.

Lance Bass dice que se está discutiendo la reunión de *NSYNC

crucemos los dedos
Bilt Rewards

Lance Bass tiene buenas noticias para los fanáticos de *NSYNC, diciendo que hay discusiones acerca de una reunión.

Lance dice que Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez y Chris Kirkpatrick están hablando de hacer un regreso y Lance espera darle a los fans de *NSYNC buenas noticias en algún momento.

El miembro de la boy band insinuó la posible reunión durante una reciente aparición en el programa de juegos en línea mensual —"Rent Free" que se juega en la aplicación Bilt Rewards.

Pero cuando el fundador y CEO de Bilt Rewards —Ankur Jain— suplicó que su regreso fuera tan pronto como el 1 de enero, Lance  hizo una pausa diciendo: "Danos un poco más de tiempo".

Sin embargo, fuentes con conocimiento directo le dicen a TMZ que todavía no hay conversaciones oficiales o planes para que *NSYNC se reúna a pesar de las palabras de Lance.

Nuestras fuentes añaden que no hay posibilidad de una gira, álbum o residencia próximamente.

los chicos han vuelto

A pesar de la incertidumbre, una reunión de *NSYNC sería un gran éxito, sobre todo después de la enorme recepción a su regreso a los VMA en septiembre.

Parece que Lance está tratando de que la reunión sea una realidad... estaremos atentos.

Lance Bass *NSYNC REUNION BEING DISCUSSED ... But Give Us Some Time!!!

Bilt Rewards

Lance Bass is saying hi, hi, hi to an *NSYNC reunion ... he says there's discussions about getting the band back together.

Lance says Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick are talking about making a comeback ... and Lance is hoping to give *NSYNC fans good news at some point.

The boy band member hinted at the potential reunion during a recent appearance on the monthly online game show "Rent Free" which is played in the Bilt Rewards app.

But, when Bilt Rewards founder and CEO Ankur Jain pleaded for their return to be as early as January 1, Lance pumped the brakes ... saying, "Give us a little more time than that."

However, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ there are still no official talks or plans for *NSYNC to reunite ... despite what Lance is saying here.

Our sources add there's no possibility of a tour, album, or residency happening anytime soon either.


Despite the uncertainty, an *NYSNC reunion would be a huge hit ... especially after the enormous reception to their VMA comeback in September.

Sounds like Lance is trying to manifest this reunion. Stay tuned!!!

Sam Asghari About Britney & Her Dad ... Who and Who? Happy Holidays!!!


Britney and Jamie Spears possibly reconciling is something Sam Asghari certainly has an opinion about, but getting him to share it ... well, that's another story, especially when the guy's got Christmas on the mind.

We got Britney's ex-husband out Wednesday in L.A., on the heels of our report about Brit warming to the idea of burying the hatchet with her old man after his recent leg amputation.


Keep in mind, Sam's the guy who once called Jamie a "d***" ... so, of course, we wanted to get his opinion on the potential father and child reunion.

Check out the interaction, for yourself -- Sam was happy to send season's greetings to the Spears fam, but beyond that ... well, you'll have to read his face.

He refused to answer questions about his ex-wife and ex-father-in-law ... and trust us, we tried every angle, including bringing up Britney and Lynne reuniting last week.


His shutdown might be a sign he's done talking about BS and her family drama, but more likely ... he and his ex have agreed not to speak about each other in public.

Remember, Brit and Sam filed for divorce earlier this year -- and late last month, we learned they were close to a settlement. So, it makes sense he's not looking to sink any ships with loose lips.

He was happy to chat about the approaching holiday season ... and perhaps he's subliminally sending Brit and co. some good vibes here.

Sam Asghari evita responder a las preguntas sobre la reconciliación de Britney y Jamie Spears


La reconciliación entre Britney y Jamie Spears podría ser de interés para Sam Asghari, aunque él solo tiene una cosa en mente... Papá Noel y las multas de aparcamiento.

Tuvimos al ex marido de Britney —que una vez insultó a su padre en cámara— en Los Ángeles el miércoles, justo después de nuestro informe de que Brit estaba abierta a hacer las paces con su viejo en medio de la amputación de su pierna.

lo digo en serio

Por supuesto, le preguntamos a Sam todo al respecto con la esperanza de obtener su opinión sobre el asunto, pero por desgracia, el tipo solo nos enviaba saludos de temporada y evasivas.

Compruébelo usted mismo, Sam se negó a responder a cualquiera de nuestras preguntas acerca de su ex esposa y ex suegro y no mentimos cuando te decimos que lo intentamos todo para que hablara, incluso le mencionamos de que Britney y Lynne se reunieron la semana pasada.

Una vez más... pese a que se podría pensar que estaría dispuesto a hablar de todo y de todos, no fue así. De todas maneras se nota que mantiene un afecto especial por la cantante.

Recordemos que Brit y Sam pidieron el divorcio a principios de este año, y a finales del mes pasado, nos enteramos de que estaban sellando un acuerdo, y esta podría ser la razón por la que Sammy no quiere hablar.

Lo que estaba feliz de charlar, sin embargo, fue la perspectiva de su coche conseguir dinged (legalmente) para el estacionamiento indebido, pero nuestro fotog le vio a través de su viaje hasta el final y parecía estar bien.

Como dice Sam, ¡felices fiestas a todos!

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