Michael K. Williams Family Says Oscar, Emmy Coming Soon ... Despite Emmy Loss

Michael K. Williams' family is convinced a posthumous Oscar and Emmy is in the cards ... based on not-yet-released projects he starred in before his tragic passing.

Dominic Dupont, Michael's nephew, tells TMZ ... while the family's bummed Michael didn't win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for "Lovecraft Country," they're hopeful a few upcoming projects could clinch him the coveted gold statues.

For starters, Dominic points to two upcoming films Michael starred in ... the Indi thriller "892" and Civil War-era drama "Surrounded." Dominic hasn't screened either film but believes the flicks give Michael a chance for an Oscar. As for why Dominic feels this way ... he says it's because Michael had the unparalleled ability to bring characters to life.

As for a future Emmy ... Dominic says his role in season 2 of the Vice TV docuseries "Black Market" could sway voters. Dominic, who traveled with Michael during the filming of "Black Market," says after 5 Emmy nominations ... everything teed up for an Emmy win next year.

Dominic says everyone at the Emmys was gracious to him and his wife ... and that they felt Michael's energy in the room. Dominic tells us Billy Porter and Jurnee Smollett greeted him and his family and expressed their sympathy ... while also making it clear they wanted Michael's legacy to live on.


We caught up with Dominic after the Emmys and he told us he was bummed his uncle didn't get an Emmy (it went to Tobias Menzies for his portrayal of Prince Phillip in "The Crown"), but he told us he very much appreciated Kerry Washington's gesture in honoring him onstage.

Maybe soon ... Dominic will accept a statue on Michael's behalf.

2021 Emmys COVID-Safe, No Masks Required ... L.A. County Responds to Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen's rant suggesting the Emmys broke COVID safety rules is misguided ... at least according to the L.A. County Department of Health, which is refuting some of his comments.

The Health Dept. tells TMZ ... yes, the current mandate in L.A. requires everyone to wear a mask indoors -- whether vaccinated or unvaccinated -- but it also says exceptions are made for film, TV and music productions.

The county says the Emmy Awards qualify as a TV production, and all the people appearing on the show are considered performers ... so masks were not a must for attendees.

Additionally, the Dept. of Health says there were extra safety modifications in place for the event. Yes, everyone had to be fully vaxxed ... but they also had to have a verified negative COVID test within 48 hours of the show. Crew members were either fully vaccinated or recently tested as well.

Overall, the Public Health office says the Emmys reached out to share its safety protocols and they "exceeded the baseline requirements for television and film productions."


Still, Rogen's speech during the ceremony was about more than just the optics of all the maskless celebs sitting close to one another. He also claimed Emmy officials promised them the show would be outdoors, and it wasn't.


However, several other stars in attendance didn't seem to mind nearly as much as Rogen.

Seth Rogen Calls Out Emmys ... This Ain't COVID Safe!!!


Seth Rogen said out loud what lots of people were thinking ... how did all the celebs at the Emmys Sunday night get a pass when it came to wearing masks indoors?

Seth kinda joked he would have rethought even going to the Emmys had he known it would be held in a hermetically-sealed tent and there was not a mask in sight. He flat out called the Emmy honchos liars, saying, "They said this was outdoors. It's not. They lied to us."

The L.A. County Health Dept. says everyone at indoor events must wear masks ... what with the Delta variant still out of control in these parts. It seems undeniable -- that precaution was ignored as the gussied-up stars were like super-upscale masses huddled together as they cheered each other on. In fact, Seth groused, "There are way too many of us in this little room."

The only possible out for the Emmys is to argue the event was a "television production," but that's a stretch for everyone in the audience. Even if that were the case, it's sure bad messaging to viewers.


"West Wing" star Bradley Whitford begged to differ, saying he thought everything was COVID hunky-dory.

Cedric the Entertainer actually challenged Seth, saying, "It actually feels amazing in here, unlike what Seth was talking about." He noted everyone inside was vaxxed, joking that he didn't have an adverse reaction like the dude Nicki Minaj was talking about.

True enough ... they were all vaxxed, but it sure seems hypocritical to ignore the rules of the COVID road because it spoils a good look.

The Emmy organizers say tables in the room were 6 feet apart and the audience was smaller than normal. Nevertheless, what about masks?

Anthony Anderson told our photog there might be a loophole regarding COVID protocols if there's ventilation ... but that's not what the Health Dept. says.

Conan O'Brien I'd Like to Thank the Academy!!! ... For An Award I Had Nothing to do With


Conan O'Brien stole the show Sunday night, barreling down the aisle to celebrate Stephen Colbert's Emmy win for Outstanding Variety Special ... thing is, Conan had nothing to do with it!

The famous stage crasher was beside himself with joy -- bear hugging Colbert. As Colbert gave his acceptance speech, Conan was effusive, prompting Colbert to quip, "And all of these people behind me, most of these people behind me ... most of the people behind me really deserve this Emmy right now."

Well, maybe this was all an act, because Colbert said backstage, "I said 'why don't you come on stage with us if we win?' We love Conan. We're honored to be superfans of Conan O'Brien."

And, that wasn't the end ... as the Academy Prez, Frank Scherma, said a few words to the crowd, Conan was back in fine form, saluting him with audible approval.

Well, if it was really staged, it was executed pretty brilliantly. It had shades of Kanye West hijacking Taylor Swift's VMA win back in 2009.

Emmy After-Parties Sudeikis, Winslet Celebrate Big Wins!!!

Jason Sudeikis and Kate Winslet know the only one way to celebrate bringing home a shiny, wing-woman trophy is to hit up the after-parties ... with that Emmy in hand, of course.

Jason and Kate were among the throng of celebs who kept the night going after the Emmys were awarded. Jason ended up at the famed Sunset Tower in L.A. ... and looked pretty damn sharp rocking his Tom Ford tux.

He snapped selfies with fans before going inside. Jason won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on the hilarious Apple TV+ series, "Ted Lasso." The series also won for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Anya Taylor-Joy didn't let getting snubbed at the Emmys for her role in "The Queen's Gambit" bring her down ... she was also at Sunset Tower partying it up.

About a mile or so down the road ... Kate hit up the San Vicente Bungalows in WeHo with her hubby, Abel Smith. She looked pretty stoked carrying around her statue after winning the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie category for HBO's "Mare of Easttown." The Weeknd also joined the Bungalows celebration.

Speaking of HBO ... Kaley Cuoco and Conan O'Brien were among the many who hit up HBO Max's after-party.

Jamie Foxx Emotional Over Death of Michael K. Williams


Jamie Foxx gave a street eulogy for Michael K. Williams, and it was emotional, stirring and clearly heartfelt.

Jamie was leaving Caffe Roma Friday in Bev Hills, and our photog asked if Williams, who died earlier this month of an apparent drug overdose, should finally win an Emmy. That opened the door to a flood of emotions.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jamie says MKW was better than the rest ... that he was in the league of Joe Morton and Samuel L. Jackson.

It was clearly hard for Jamie to process Williams' death ... he says they broke bread and talked about life just a few weeks back.

Jamie waxed poetic, saying Michael lived an artistic life and should be honored with the elusive award.

Michael is nominated for best supporting actor for his work on "Lovecraft Country." Fact is ... he was considered the shoo-in even before he died.

If he wins, his nephew, Dominic Dupont, will accept the award in Michael's honor. Jamie has some simple advice for Dominic on what to say and how to say it.

As we reported ... Michael was found dead on Labor Day in his Brooklyn apartment.

Andrew Cuomo Stripped of Emmy ... Fallout Continues

Andrew Cuomo is no longer the Governor of New York, and now ... he's no longer an Emmy Award winner either.

The disgraced ex-governor has been stripped of his special 2020 international Emmy in wake of the sexual harassment scandal that led to his recent resignation.

The decision to rescind the award was handed down Tuesday by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in wake of him leaving office following the New York AG's report that substantiated allegations of Cuomo's misconduct.

The International Academy adds ... "His name and any reference to his receiving the award will be eliminated from International Academy material going forward."

Cuomo -- who officially resigned as Gov. Monday -- was bestowed the Founders Award at the 48th International Emmys in November for his daily, almost ubiquitous COVID-19 press briefings beginning in March 2020 ... in recognition of his "effective use of television during the pandemic."

He's not the first person to lose such an award for similar reasons -- the same thing happened to Kevin Spacey following allegations of sexual misconduct in 2017.

However, on the movie side of things, Roman Polanski won an Oscar for Best Director in 2003 for "The Pianist" after he pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Polanski received a standing ovation for winning the award, yet wasn't even allowed in the country to accept it. It was never taken away.

As we reported ... Cuomo resigned following NY State's harassment probe but denied any criminal activity.

One person who seems especially happy about Cuomo losing his Emmy -- Cynthia Nixon, who opposed him in the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial primary and lost ... but like she points out -- she still has her award.

Wayne Brady Rooting for Trebek to Win Emmy for Game Show Host ... He Set the Bar!!!


Wayne Brady is incredibly honored to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy alongside Alex Trebek ... but losing to him? Well, that'd be one helluva honor too.

We got the "Let's Make a Deal" host in Times Square, and wanted to get his 2 cents on being nominated alongside the late legendary "Jeopardy!" host for outstanding game show host.

Wayne, always the total gentleman, couldn't help singing Alex's praises.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Wayne said the fact Alex got nominated posthumously speaks volumes ... calling him the consummate professional and the kind of host who was smooth and always in control.

There are some other notable nominees ... like Steve Harvey for "Family Feud," Alfonso Ribeiro for "Catch 21" and Pat Sajak for "Wheel of Fortune." Wayne says there'd be no shame losing to any of 'em, but losing to Alex? Well, he did set the bar after all.

Alex was nominated almost 7 months after he passed away following his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Despite announcing the diagnosis in March 2019 ... Alex continued hosting into his 37th season.

He's won 6 Emmys for outstanding game show host. If Alex gets his 7th, you can bet Wayne will applaud along with fans.

Regina King Ben Crump Praises Her Emmys Shirt ... Keep Fighting for Breonna!!!


Regina King pulled a real-life hero move by wearing a Breonna Taylor shirt while accepting her Emmy for playing a superhero ... so says Breonna's family attorney, Ben Crump.

The civil rights lawyer was at LAX Monday, sporting a Breonna mask himself, when he lauded the "Watchmen" star and all the other celebs who used their very public platforms at the 2020 Emmys to remind everyone ... justice still hasn't been served.

Crump tells us what Regina and others did keeps Black victims' stories from being swept under the rug. He also said the gesture -- also made by Uzo Aduba during her acceptance -- reminds him of something the iconic Harry Belafonte once said about how and when to use your influence.

Ben added, the continued public support for justice for Breonna keeps him hopeful the cops who killed her will soon be charged.

As we've reported ... no criminal charges have been brought in the case of Breonna's death, but the City of Louisville did reach a settlement last week with her estate. Louisville will pay out a historic amount of money, and also pledged major police reforms.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has yet to announce if any of the officers involved will face criminal, but they're bracing for it to come soon. The Louisville Metro Chief of Police declared a state of emergency Monday afternoon in anticipation of Cameron's announcement.

Jennifer Aniston & Jimmy Kimmel Emmys Fire Gag Fail ... It's Soooo 2020!!! 😫


Turns out Jennifer Aniston is a boss with a fire extinguisher, lucky for Jimmy Kimmel ... as their dumpster fire bit at the Emmys, inadvertently, turned into a recreation of 2020.

The fire gag went down early in Sunday's live broadcast of the Emmys from Staples Center ... Jennifer was the night's first awards presenter. The fiery joke showed them first cleaning any potential coronavirus off the envelope ... by spraying it with Lysol and lighting it on fire, naturally.

Thing is ... the envelope wouldn't stop burning!!! Jimmy and Jen looked shocked, and she had to blast the extinguisher 5 times before the fire finally went out.

It all played like a metaphor for the massive wildfires currently burning in California and Oregon. Hell, you could even extend that metaphor to all of 2020 -- COVID-19, racism, social injustice, politics, hurricanes, etc ...

Ya get the point ... someone please extinguish this year.

BTW, the cast of "Little Fires Everywhere" mighta thought it was a good early omen for them. It wasn't, though ... they lost the Outstanding Limited Series category. 🔥

Emmys 2020 Winners Protest for Breonna Taylor ... Call Out Trump & Nationalism

Even though it was the Emmys, television wasn't the most important thing on the minds of some of the winners Sunday night ... and they made that very clear.

Regina King -- who won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Television Movie for her starring role as Angela Abar in HBO’s "Watchmen" -- used her victory speech time to remind everyone to say the name, Breonna Taylor.

Regina reminded everyone after her win ... the police officers who killed Breonna have still not been held accountable, and she felt the call to honor her. She says Taylor represents centuries of violence against Black people.

Uzo Aduba -- who won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for playing Shirley Chisholm on "Mrs. America" -- also honored Breonna by wearing a shirt bearing her name.

Finally, there was "Succession," which beat out some serious competition to win Best Drama Series.


The HBO show's British creator, Jesse Armstrong, decided to deliver a series of un-thank-yous since he couldn't be with the rest of the cast and crew to celebrate ... and sounded off on President Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Armstong said ... "Un-thank you to the virus for keeping us all apart this year. Un-thank you to Trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response, un-thank you to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country."

He went on ... "Un-thank you to all the nationalist and quasi-nationalist governments in the world who are exactly the opposite of what we need right now and un-thank you to the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power. So un-thank you."

Eddie Murphy Wins First Emmy for 'SNL' Hosting Gig

Eddie Murphy made it clear Saturday night ... some things are just worth waiting for.

Eddie scored his first Emmy ever -- yep, hard to believe, but true. This time around he was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

t's pretty remarkable ... his 'SNL' appearance was the first time in 35 years since he hosted. You'll recall, he reprieved some of his classic characters, including Buckwheat, Mister Robinson and Gumby.

Eddie was super grateful, thanking the Academy for the honor and giving a special shout-out to Lorne Michaels. He was gracious, thanking the cast, writers and crew.

Here's the good news ... Eddie said he's going to get back on stage to do more comedy. He says he planned to do it before the pandemic, and once he gets the all-clear he's going before live audiences.

Turns out it was a special occasion ... Saturday marked 36 years to the day Eddie appeared on 'SNL.'


'When They See Us' Star See Us with This Emmy, Baby!!! CP5 Exoneree says Jharrell Did TOO GOOD of a Job

5:34 PM PT -- Another CP5 exoneree, Yusef Salaam, tells us he’s feeling like a winner after Jharrel’s big night at the Emmys, which included a standing O.


Yusef, who spent nearly 7 years behind bars before he was exonerated, says he understands why some people are upset “When They See Us” won only one Emmy out of 16 nominations, but he says JJ’s win is still very powerful.

1:32 PM PT -- We got Antron McCray -- one of the Central Park 5 exonerees -- and he tells us he couldn't be prouder of Jharrel. In fact ... Antron says the cast and series did too good of a job, their performances conjured up pain. BTW ... Antron was forced to sign a false confession by his father. Antron served 7 1/2 years behind bars before he was freed.


"When They See Us" star Jharrel Jerome was the man of the hour when he hauled in a huge Emmy win, but he left zero doubt the night's spotlight belonged to the man he portrayed.

Jharrel proudly brought CP5 exoneree Korey Wise with him Sunday night to Netflix's after-party at L.A.'s Milk Studios. It was a helluva win for Jharrel, who brought home Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series.

Jharrel, of course, played Korey ... one of the 5 teens wrongfully convicted for the 1989 rape and beating of a female jogger. Korey was the oldest of the accused at 16. He served 12 years behind bars before he and the others were exonerated in 2002.

During his acceptance speech, 21-year-old Jharrel paid tribute to the "exonerated five" ... but that was only the beginning.


Farrah Abraham Nabs Jeff Bezos at the Emmys ... Here's How I Got Him!!!

1:12 PM PT -- Farrah came on “TMZ Live” Monday and broke down her Emmys encounter with Jeff, telling us how she grabbed his attention and explaining what went into her biopic pitch.

Farrah tells us Lauren Sanchez was nowhere to be found, so she went ahead and took her shot with Jeff.


BTW … Farrah says she got an Emmys ticket because she’s a member of the Television Academy, and that’s how she got seated next to Hugh Grant.

Jeff Bezos has the fortune and Farrah Abraham has ... a plan for how to spend that fortune -- and she shot her shot face-to-face with him in the middle of the Emmy Awards.

The Amazon honcho -- whose shows "Fleabag" and 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' had big nights -- topped off his award-winning by stopping and posing with the ex-'Teen Mom' star. This was definitely the highlight of the Emmys ... for one of these two.

Farrah captioned the pic with a plea to land a role in an Amazon project of Jeff's choice. She also said, "Let's do a deal for my bio pic." Stranger things have happened. Right?

Hours earlier, Jeff was hanging with the other woman in his life -- GF Lauren Sanchez -- at her beachfront home in Santa Monica.

They were totally twinning in white tops and blue jeans as they enjoyed the view and their morning coffee.

Unclear if she was with Jeff at the Emmys. We're guessing Farrah's moment with the world's richest man wouldn't have happened on Lauren's watch!

BTW, Jeff had another fun moment with 'Mrs. Maisel' star Alex Borstein -- who won the Best Supporting Actress in a comedy series. Alex posted her pre-Emmys text exchange with Bezos.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bezos was down to clown around with Alex about exchanging some dog food she purchased through Amazon.

Prime humor.

Originally Published -- 8:54 AM PT 

Emmys 2019 Take a Shot at Felicity Huffman ... '2 Weeks Will Fly By'

Hang in there, Kid

6:22 PM PT -- "When They See Us" just won a major category of the night, with Jharrel Jerome taking home an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series.

Felicity Huffman got caught in the Emmys' crosshairs with a not-so-subtle shot at the former winner and TV darling that invoked her prison sentence.

Emmys commentator Thomas Lennon made the jab after RuPaul took home the prize for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. He noted the show producers had asked him to make a special shout-out to any ex-Emmy-winning actresses who might be watching from prison.

He didn't say Felicity's name, but it was obvious he was talking about her ... as he followed up with, "Hopefully those two weeks are going to fly right by."

Lennon added, "Keep your chin up" as he carried a big smirk on his face. Of course, Felicity won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for her role in "Desperate Housewives" back in 2005. She's been nominated for Emmys several other times as well.

As we reported ... Felicity was sentenced to 14 days behind bars -- among other penalties -- for her role in the college bribery scandal, to which she pled guilty.

She seems to have gotten a jump on her community service, which might be an attempt to show good faith to the judge ... who has the power to send her to the facility she wants -- a cozy-ish place up in the Bay Area that allows tanning and whatnot.

Felicity starred in a show that's up for quite a few Emmys Sunday -- Netflix's "When They See Us" -- but she wasn't nominated for her role as Linda Fairstein.

Originally Published -- 6:15 PM PT

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