Pete Davidson Timothee Chalamet's 'Annoying' ... He's Attractive and Talented!!!

Pete Davidson says Timothee Chalamet has the best of both worlds -- talent and good looks -- and he finds it pretty annoying ... because Pete's not sure he has either.

The "Saturday Night Live" star joked about his pal while chatting with Gold Derby, but he mostly heaped praise on the "Call Me By Your Name" star ... calling him a genuinely nice and charming fella.

Pete says the 2 sorta knew each other through a mutual friend, but grew closer when Timothee hosted an ep of 'SNL' this past season ... and they worked together on multiple sketches.

As for 'SNL' ... Davidson hinted it might be the end of the line for him. He says this past season's finale was emotional because he doesn't know what the plan is going forward -- he says it's all "up in the air" -- but it certainly sounds like he's not quite ready to leave.

That's good news for Pete fans, and Pete gushing about his buddy is good news for Timothee fans ... if you were wondering if he's really as great as he seems.

Lil Nas X I Really Ripped One on 'SNL'!!!

Lil Nas X brought 'SNL' to a grand finale Saturday night, but the performance was a little ... well, a little too tight.

Lil Nas was performing "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" during the show, and all the gyrating was too much for his pants, 'cause they split down the front.

It happens at around the 2:20 mark in the video, as he was dancing on a stripper pole. You see him drop low, and that's when his pants do the splits.

He's a pro, so he immediately grabbed his crotch -- Michael Jackson style -- so it wasn't super obvious ... but yeah, it happened.

He boldly glares right into the camera as it happens and then presses on to the end of the song.

Lil Nas X was the musical guest for the season 46 finale. Anya Taylor-Joy did the hosting honors.

He's a funny guy, tweeting after the show, “NOT MY PANTS RIPPED ON LIVE ON TV,” adding, “OMFG NO… I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what I get lmaoo.”

He followed up saying, "at first i was afraid to even perform. then we rehearsed for 2 weeks, then all of the dancers got removed because one had covid and new ones had to learn the routine in 24 hours, and then i ended up ripping my pants and couldn’t finish. everything happens for a reason tho lol"

Frankly, it was fun to watch a real pro follow the maxim, "The show must go on!"

'SNL' Hilariously Mocks Fauci Over Mask-Wearing

Confused about mask-wearing these days??? Well, this "Saturday Night Live" video won't help, but it's hilarious.

Kate McKinnon played a mean Dr. Anthony Fauci during the cold open of the show, which focused on confusion over mask-wearing in the wake of the CDC's new guidelines.

McKinnon, who has Fauci's voice down pat, walked us all through various scenarios which may or may not require masking up.

There's a scene on an airplane where a flight attendant and passenger talk masks, but they confess they're super horny and start to bang.

The skit then gets right up to the line as a dude goes to pick up a child from school as a school official discusses mask-wearing ... turns out the dude doesn't have kids.

It's funny, but the confusion is real, with states, local governments and businesses all over the board on mask-wearing.

BTW ... Olivia Rodrigo was the musical guest, and she did not disappoint.

Elon Musk Asperger's Revelation Inspiring Others

Elon Musk's big reveal on "Saturday Night Live" -- that he has Asperger's -- has other folks who live with the disorder seeking out support groups for the first time in their lives.


Elon's surprise announcement moved 68-year-old Joe Graca to become a member of the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), where he's connecting with other folks going through the same things.

Joe, who discovered he has Asperger's when he was in his 50s, tells us he joined AANE Monday after Elon appeared on 'SNL' ... saying he likes the fact Musk didn't use Asperger's as a crutch, but showed how it can be a strength.

The Elon effect runs deeper than Joe ... Dania Jekel, AANE's executive director, tells us the org's website traffic saw an astounding 105% increase the day after the Tesla chief revealed during his monologue he lives with Asperger's.


Dania says the traffic boost has a direct correlation to Elon's announcement, telling us the fact a celebrity like Elon openly discussing the struggles he faces in front of millions of TV viewers will inspire others to consider they too might have Asperger's.

And, get this ... the AANE is now expecting to receive over 100 calls more than they'd usually see in a month, from people looking for the 4-1-1 on Asperger's or other kind support ... like Joe.

It's interesting ... Joe says Elon's announcement reminded him of President Biden being open about his stutter, and he's thanking him for speaking out.

Spacex Doge-funded satellite going to the moon ... 'Hustle' Backtracking???

Elon Musk cast doubt on Dogecoin during 'SNL' -- but now, it seems his company is trying to take that back ... by sending a satellite to the moon ... funded exclusively by the cryptocurrency.

A company called Geometric Energy Corporation announced Sunday that they'll be launching an 88-lb cube to the moon sometime in early 2022 ... with the help of none other than SpaceX, Elon's pride and joy for space exploration. SpaceX confirmed the news, BTW.

They say this is gonna be the first-ever commercial lunar payload that's paid for entirely with Doge ... meaning, SpaceX is accepting the crypto from Geometric -- which will presumably fundraise/buy Dogecoin for this mission ... one they're calling DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon.

The cube -- which will be equipped with high-tech cameras/sensors to help obtain "lunar-spatial intelligence" upon touchdown -- is flying passengers aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Elon hasn't commented on the momentous moment just yet -- but one of his SpaceX execs did. Tom Ochinero, the Vice President of Commercial Sales, says ... "This mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce." He adds, "We're excited to launch DOGE-1 to the Moon!"

Two things about this -- one, it looks like Elon wasn't kidding in April when he said SpaceX would be sending an actual Dogecoin to the moon. Also, this appears to be major damage control after Elon agreed with Michael Che Saturday, saying Dogecoin was a "hustle."

That comment helped send the meme coin plummeting ... losing upwards of 37% of value in a matter of minutes. Now, it looks like they're trying to re-legitimize it once more.

If you're invested at this point, ya gotta hope this helps with a much-needed bounce back. 🚀

Elon Musk Reveals on 'SNL' ... I Have Asperger's


Elon Musk took a hard left turn from comedy as he hosted 'SNL' Saturday night ... announcing he has Asperger's.

He made the announcement at the beginning of his monologue, speaking in a monotone voice. Musk revealed he's the first "Saturday Night Live" host with Asperger Syndrome.

However, Dan Aykroyd, a former 'SNL' cast member, also has Asperger’s and hosted the show in 2003.

Asperger Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It manifests itself with major difficulties in engaging in social interactions and nonverbal communication. It is characterized as an autism spectrum disorder. It does not affect one's intelligence or language abilities. People with autism can experience physical and communication difficulties.

Elon was funny ... he seemed relaxed and was super self-deprecating. He joked about how he smoked a joint on Joe Rogan's podcast and now everyone thinks he's a pothead.

He also told an O.J. Simpson joke ... that O.J. too had hosted twice "and he killed it."

Elon, who's 49, brought his mom, Maye Musk, on stage for a sweet moment that was also kinda funny.

We got this post up quick, so we're still watching ... but so far, so good.

Elon Musk Dogecoin Tanks During 'SNL' Hosting Gig

Elon Musk did well for himself on 'SNL' Saturday night, but his appearance did NOT do well for Dogecoin ... because its value plunged during the show.

Fans of Dogecoin were banking on Musk's on-air explanation of the cryptocurrency to drive the price to $1. That would have been a huge jump because just before the show it was hovering around 70 cents.

The opposite happened ... its value plummeted to 47 cents at the beginning of the show, and then partially recovered by bouncing back to 55 cents at around 2 AM ET.

At the time of this post, Dogecoin is down more than 37%.

The trading platform Robinhood seemed to panic, saying, "We’re currently experiencing issues with crypto trading. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible."

Musk talked about Dogecoin on the "Weekend Update" segment, playing a dude named Lloyd Ostertag who tried to explain to Michael Che and Colin Jost what exactly Dogecoin is, finally coming to the conclusion that didn't do it any favors.


Elon's been a fan of Dogecoin for a while now. We got him out in February when he gave some words of wisdom about investing and caution.

Maybe less explanation is more.

Elon Musk 'SNL' Episode is Going Global ... YT Streaming Worldwide!!!

"Saturday Night Live" thinks Elon Musk hosting is an international affair -- they're doing something brand new to get as many eyeballs as possible watching ... around the whole dang world.

NBC made a massive announcement Saturday ... saying that tonight's episode -- starring Musk -- would be live streamed on YouTube, so different countries could tune in altogether. This appears to be the first time the network has done this, BTW ... so it's a big deal.

This stream will be available to over 100 countries, from down under to Africa ... and presumably, everything else in between. NBCU's chairman, Frances Berwick, says 'SNL' is a global phenomenon ... and this move highlights that.

She adds, "It’s incredibly exciting to create this worldwide event with host Elon Musk and musical guest Miley Cyrus." Unclear if this is the start of a regular thing, or just a one-off -- it appears to be the former, though. If that's the case ... talk about pressure, huh?!?

Elon's episode already promised to be one the most watched episodes in a long time ... as many think it'll either be a home run or a train wreck. Either way, people wanna watch.

Now ... it looks like that hype has been multiplied by 10, since there'll be potentially hundreds of millions (maybe even billions?!?) of people tuning in. And, of course, that means the skits better be damn good too ... maybe even a little better than Baby Shark Tank, a brainchild of Elon's.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There's no telling what's in store as far as content -- but a lot of folks are anticipating a major Dogecoin plug from the Tesla wiz ... who's kinda stepped in as a shepherd of sorts for the meme cryptocurrency, which many think is "going to the moon" with more exposure.

Looks like there's definitely gonna be some Doge-themed material ... at least based on Miley's not-so-subtle tease earlier Saturday. She posted a throwback clip of herself speaking gibberish ... which she said is what Elon sounds like trying to explain Dogecoin to her.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Welp, if they wanted publicity and fanfare ... they got it and then some. 'SNL' is set to begin at 8:30 PM PT, with a live broadcast on the East Coast as well. So if you're on the other side of the world and sleeping at that time ... ya better wake your ass up.

Live from New York ... it's high expectations!!!

Elon Musk I'm a Wild Card ... But I'll be Good(ish)!!!

Here it is ... your first chance to judge Elon Musk's "Saturday Night Live" hosting skills, and he's leaning into the idea it could be total chaos. Or, just another 'SNL.'

In the first promos for his gig, the Tesla and SpaceX founder is kinda acknowledging all the buzz about him being the show's first controversial host in quite some time. As the polarizing figure himself puts it ... he's a "wild card" who could do just about anything.

Musical guest Miley Cyrus was by his side, but cast star Cecily Strong delivered the punchlines with a reminder their moms will be in the audience because it's a Mother's Day show.

In a second spot, Elon brags about SpaceX's most recent successful rocket launch ... and again, Cecily gets the punchline about doing her laundry. Pretty standard 'SNL' stuff.

Of course, a lot of people -- 'SNL' fans and even some cast members -- have expressed disapproval of one of the richest people in the world, who's not an entertainer, hosting.


However, other SNL stars like Pete Davidson and Michael Che have publicly supported Musk hosting and claim there's no issue among the cast ... and SNL alum Conan O'Brien told us this week that it's pretty common for non-professional comedians like Elon to end up being the best hosts.

We'll find out in about 36 hours!

Conan O'Brien Give Elon Musk a Chance!!! Amateurs Crush on 'SNL'


Conan O'Brien says non-professional comedians like Elon Musk make perfect 'SNL' hosts ... and funny ones too, so he says viewers might be pleasantly surprised.

We got Conan Wednesday on his way out of the famous L.A. diner Swingers, and he gave us some insight on what Elon and the 'SNL' cast are going through right now. Remember, he was a writer on the show from 1988 to 1991. He revealed it's actually the non-comedians he considered "dream guests" back in the day when he was one of the show's writers.

Conan tells us the fact Elon isn't a comedian or an actor makes him a dream guest -- or at least it did back in his day. Not buying it? Well, watch the clip ... Conan explains his "fish outta water" theory for getting big laughs in sketches.

Our photog tried to get him to suggest some new material for Elon, but Conan's no fool ... and we can't afford his rate.

As for some 'SNL' cast members publicly grousing about Lorne Michaels' decision to have Elon host this weekend -- Conan says a lot sure has changed since his time there.


BTW, we also got Pete Davidson arriving at Rockefeller Center and the funny man sang Elon's praises. Seems he wasn't one of the cast members pissed about working with Elon.

Sure, he might be angling for a trip to Mars, or maybe just a Tesla ... but can ya blame him? Shoot your shot, Pete!!!

Elon Musk Got 'SNL' Ideas for Me, Paps??? In NYC, Still Brainstormin'


Elon Musk still doesn't seem to know what the heck's in store for his big debut on "Saturday Night Live" ... and he's even resorted to asking photogs about what skits he should do.

The Tesla CEO is in NYC Tuesday, days ahead of taking the stage at NBC Studios -- where he'll be hosting 'SNL' -- and the moment he showed his face in the streets he was swarmed ... mostly by autograph seekers who shoved dozens of Sharpies and photos in his face.

Of course, the one thing on everyone's mind is what he's got in store for Saturday's show. Check it out -- sounds like Elon still isn't entirely sure, but hey ... it's only Tuesday.

He regurgitated some ideas he was spitballing on Twitter over the weekend ... including Baby Shark Tank and a Dogecoin riff. Doesn't seem like he's touched base with 'SNL' staff quite yet.

BTW, Elon's appearance in the Big Apple is a family affair ... he touched down at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey Monday night with none other this his partner, Grimes, and their baby boy, X Æ A-12, in tow.

EM was handling cradling duties as they exited to a waiting vehicle, and he seemed to be doing a damn good job at it too. Meaning ... he didn't drop the kid!!!

The 'SNL' cast and writers are hoping he does the same as host.

Elon Musk Week Before Showtime ... Anyone Got Ideas for 'Snl' skits???

Well this is kinda awkward -- it's just 7 days until curtain call for Elon Musk and the 'SNL' team, and he's out here openly brainstorming skits on Twitter, which screams ... unprepared.

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter Saturday -- a full week before he's set to host in NYC --- and he was actually fielding ideas from randos about good sketches he and the cast could do. He might just be screwing around ... OR, maybe he has no idea what's actually in store.

Here are just a few possibilities he's kicking around between himself and his followers -- he suggested "Woke James Bond," "Irony Man" (who defeats villains using the power of irony), "Baby Shark Tank" (self-explanatory) ... and he even entertained a Dogecoin idea.

Someone suggested he do a riff on the 'The Godfather' ... and spin it like the Dogefather, which he's been nicknamed for helping catapult the cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Elon simply responded ... "Definitely."

Again, it's likely Elon's just joshing around and simply teasing his appearance altogether. However, another scenario exists ... that the 'SNL' team might not have filled him in entirely as to what skits are in play (yet), which isn't all that crazy considering the bad blood that's been brewing since the announcement.

If you haven't heard, a few cast members publicly decried Elon being tapped as host -- namely, Bowen Yang and Aidy Bryant ... who didn't seem to dig the idea of cozying up to Elon. Yang openly mocked a tweet Elon posted, which said, "Let's find out just how live Saturday Night Live is" ... to which Yang responded, "what the f*** does this even mean?"

Bryant was a little more subtle ... posting a quote from Bernie Sanders about the incredibly wealthy class in this country -- to which Elon belongs. He's a multi-billionaire these days.

Time will tell if any of Elon's ideas make it into the show -- but ya gotta imagine the forthcoming rehearsal's gonna be pretty tense based on the fact that ... they don't all seem to be on the same page.

Elon Musk Set to Host 'SNL' in 2 Weeks ... Miley Cyrus Tagging Along

Worlds will be colliding on "Saturday Night Live" in a couple weeks -- because the hottest tech wiz in the game is set to take up hosting duties ... and yes, we're talking Elon Musk.

The Tesla CEO was confirmed to be the 'SNL' host for the weekend of May 8 -- this after Miley Cyrus posted the famous sticky note bulletin board that showed Elon as host and her as the musical guest. At first, it wasn't clear if this was legit ... or just a stunt/joke.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Not too long after Miley posted, however, 'SNL' itself confirmed with the same announcement. They had a helluva way of teasing the appearance, too, writing ... "Musk See TV."

Elon hasn't responded to the news just yet -- but if 'SNL' is saying it's happening, we're pretty sure we can take that to the bank. It's probably one of the biggest host announcements they've had in a while ... since Eddie Murphy was said to be returning, tbh.

Of course, Elon is NOT a professional entertainer by traditional standards -- and that's usually who 'SNL' recruits to cameo on their show, especially when it comes to hosting. They usually stick with actors, musicians/artists, comics and/or athletes to take up the mantle ... although, they have deviated into other types of hosts over the years -- politicos, etc.

Folks will remember when 'SNL' had Donald Trump host in the run-up to the 2016 election. They also once had Steve Forbes on there as a host, as well as Rudy Giuliani and Al Sharpton. There've been other randos who've shown up and seemed out of place, but having Musk on would appear to be the first time 'SNL' has delved into the tech world for a host.

While Silicon Valley and its leaders are often skewered on 'SNL' -- it doesn't look like they've taken too many shots at Elon for him to turn 'em down. And, besides, the guy IS charismatic -- so he could make for a good host in the end. Let's see his comedy chops!

Melanie Hutsell on 'Saturday Night Live' 'Memba Her?!

Tennessee born comic Melanie Hutsell was in her early 20s when she landed one of the coveted roles as a regular cast member on "Saturday Night Live" -- which included her classic characters Di in the sorority sketches, Jan Brady on Weekend Update and other celeb spoofs like Tori Spelling and Tanya Harding -- in the early '90s seasons of 'SNL' from studio 8H.

Melanie was cast alongside some of the most well-known comedians in 'SNL' history including castmates Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Victoria Jackson, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler and David Spade.

Guess what Hutsell looks like now at 52 years old!

Kid Cudi Rocks Dress on 'SNL' ... For Kurt Cobain Tribute

Kid Cudi paid homage to the later rocker Kurt Cobain -- who died almost 27 years ago to the day -- by wearing a dress almost identical to one worn by the Nirvana frontman.

Cudi was the musical guest Saturday on "Saturday Night Live," and he first paid respects to fallen 'SNL' star Chris Farley by wearing a t-shirt with Farley's image emblazoned on it as he sang "Tequila Shots."

Cudi also performed "Sad People," and for that, he wore a white, spaghetti-strapped floral dress ... check it out -- it's a spitting image pattern of Cobain's. Folks on social media almost immediately picked up on the significance of the dress. It was an awesome moment and tribute and the messaging is multi-layered. Pretty awesome.

As you probably know ... Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound April 5, 1994. There were all sorts of theories about his death, but it was ultimately ruled a suicide. He was 27.

Lots of musical acts do their thing but there's not a lot beyond the music. There certainly was here.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw I'll Be Blind for a Month After Surgery ... But I'll Get Through it!!!

Congressman Dan Crenshaw has gone dark, the result of what he calls a "terrifying" medical issue in his eye that will leave him temporarily blind following emergency surgery.

If you aren't familiar, the GOP Representative from Texas is a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in an IED blast in Afghanistan ... but the injuries also caused serious damage to his other eye.

Dan says he began to experience "dark, blurry spots" in this eye last week and when he went to the doctor Thursday ... he was told his retina was detaching.

Rep. Crenshaw says, "Anyone who knows the history of my injuries knows that I don’t have a 'good eye,' but half a good eye" ... making his prognosis incredibly scary.

So, Dan underwent emergency surgery Friday at a VA clinic in Houston, and says the doctors put a gas bubble in his eye to act as a bandage for my retina ... which means he has to rest face-down for about a week, unable to see anything.

He says that he'll be effectively blind for about a month, so he won't be doing any interviews or social media posts except to update on his health.

Crenshaw's staying positive though, adding ... "I have gotten through worse before, and I will get through this."


As you may recall ... the Congressman gained wide attention and popularity back in 2018 when he was running for an open seat in Texas' second congressional district, and was the butt of a Pete Davidson joke on 'SNL.'

Old news is old news!
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