Drew Barrymore Loves Going Commando ... Beware Pranking Daughter!


Drew Barrymore's all for leaving the underwear in the dresser drawer ... but she says she's gotta keep her head on a swivel -- 'cause her daughter's got a penchant for pantsing.

The actress/talk show host revealed one of her daughters loves to pull her pants down around the house as a prank ... on account of DB walking around without undies on all the time.

Drew was sitting with her cohost Ross Mathews, 'SNL' star Chloe Fineman and singer Boy George when the question of going commando came up ... and Drew was first to admit she's all for feeling free down there.

And, DB's saying she doesn't just do it if she hasn't gotten to the laundry in a bit ... saying she actually enjoys dressing sans underwear -- a choice so well-known in her household it leads to the pantsing pranks.

Barrymore was quick to add her daughter is only doing it as a joke, and she said she's made it clear to her kid it's only an around-the-house kinda gag -- nothing for mixed company or the outside world.

Drew's got 2 kids with her ex-husband Will Kopelman BTW ... 11-year-old Olive and 9-year-old Frankie -- but, she didn't reveal which one's the little prankster.

Totally Comfortable
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

She's not even the first celeb this week to cop to domestic nudity -- Bradley Cooper revealed he's always fully exposed at home, and even chats with his daughter while he's on the toilet and she's in the tub.

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Anyhoo, watch your back, Drew -- or your backside might end up hanging out for all to see!

Adam22 I Think Drake's 🍆 Vid Is Dope ... But He's Not Happy It's Out

I Saw It Before Everyone Else

Adam22 is declaring himself and Wack100 as hip hop's de facto d*** pic raters ... and according to his expertise, Drake and his schlong are a gift to the rap game!!!

The "No Jumper" boss recently linked with TMZ Hip Hop and he has the utmost confidence the viral video purported to be Drake is 100% real.

Everyone's seen "the video" and Adam claims he was privy to a peek at Drake's scepter months ago after a mutual friend of theirs showed him pics.

Many speculated it was a sleazy leak to build buzz for Drake's tour ... but Adam says Drake told him personally he wasn't responsible for unleashing the clip, because that's not on brand for OVO!!!

Adam speculates Drake was getting blackmailed for money, and the vid was posted as payback for a failed shakedown ... but Adam says there's no reason for Drizzy to be ashamed.

TMZ Studios

He's slapping a fat 8/10 on Drake's meat, just south of the perfect score many pornstars get ... and keep in mind they swing theirs for a living!!!

#1 Penis Expert

We also discussed his blushing bride Lena The Plug, and despite their very open sex lives, he clarified she's not just a hot prize to be passed around to the next horndog ... something he says NLE Choppa, clearly, doesn't understand.

Adam recently gave the thumbs up to NLE's package deal, but says the Memphis rapper pushed his luck by pushing up on Lena.

That being said, Adam says a threesome still isn't out of the question -- but cautions, it would be a pro shoot, so NLE better bring his A-game!


Drea de Matteo dice que cuando su familia atravesó tiempos difíciles, fueron salvados por el más improbable de los héroes... Los suscriptores de OnlyFans.

La actriz de "Los Soprano" le concedió una entrevista a DailyMail donde reveló que puso en marcha la cuenta en línea de nuevo en agosto, porque su casa iba en ejecución hipotecaria, y ella dijo que solo tenía alrededor de $10 en el banco.

Mientras que esto genera opiniones divididas, Drea le da crédito al sitio, y dijo que no se siente mal, ya que hizo lo que cualquier buena madre haría, sacrificar el orgullo personal por sus hijos.

Drea admitió que no tenía dinero en aquella época, diciendo que tan solo apareció en 48 episodios de "Los Soprano" y eso fue hace bastante -a participado en otros proyectos desde luego-, pero los cheques de pago se terminan.


Sin embargo, dijo que consiguió suficiente dinero para salvar su casa de la ejecución hipotecaria a los cinco minutos de comenzar su OnlyFans, por el que cobra $15 al mes. Sinceramente, es increíble.

Drea dijo que le pidió a sus hijas su bendición antes de crear la cuenta y le dijeron que estaban totalmente de acuerdo.

imponiendo tendencia

En cuanto a su trabajo como actriz, Drea ha mantenido que hablar en contra de la vacuna COVID-19 y negarse a recibir la vacuna ha limitado sus oportunidades en Hollywood, lo que hizo que OnlyFans fue algo aún más urgente.

Además, pudo obtener el dinero que necesitaba para iniciar su nueva marca de ropa (Ultrafree), una nueva empresa de la que habló con nosotros a principios de este mes en "TMZ Live".

tmz investiga
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Parece que Drea llegó a OnlyFans para quedarse.


muy cómodo
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Bradley Cooper siempre se ve muy cómodo, pero en su casa la cosa es aún más extrema. Resulta que a Bradley le gusta pasearse por su casa, ¡completamente desnudo!

El actor nominado al Oscar habló durante un episodio del pódcast "Armchair Expert" de Dax Shepard, y parece que tienen más en común que solo su profesión.

Dax dijo que a menudo usa el baño por la mañana mientras sus hijas Lincoln y Delta entran a la habitación y charlan con él mientras está en el inodoro.

A Bradley le pareció gracioso y comentó que su casa de Nueva York es completamente abierta, lo que significa que el dormitorio y el baño están básicamente en la misma habitación, por lo que su hija -Lea- siempre habla con él cuando está desnudo.

Por supuesto, Bradley comparte a Lea con su ex, Irina Shayk, con quien ha tenido una relación intermitente durante casi una década, aunque ahora mismo está saliendo con la modelo Gigi Hadid.

Él dice que es muy común que haya conversaciones en las que él está en el inodoro y ella en la bañera.

tmz investiga
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Cooper dice que es un poco diferente a la forma en que fue criado, explicando que nunca vio a su padre en el inodoro, pero admitió que siempre estaba desnudo cerca de sus padres mientras crecía. El clan Cooper no tiene ningún problema con la desnudez. Muy europeo.

Un consejo para Bradley... ahora que lo ha sacado todo a la luz, puede que quiera invertir en unos cristales tintados para mantener a raya a los mirones 👀. O tal vez no.

'Sopranos' Drea De Matteo OnlyFans Saved My Family ... Stopped Foreclosure!!!

Drea de Matteo says when her family hit hard times, they were saved by the most unlikely of heroes ... OnlyFans subscribers who helped pay their bills.

The 'Sopranos' actress sat down for an interview with DailyMail where she revealed she launched the online account back in August because her house was going into foreclosure, and she said she only had about $10 in the bank.

While it might be seen as polarizing for some, DDM credited the subscribers-based site with saving her family ... and she said she's comfortable with anyone judging her because she did what any good mother would do -- sacrifice personal pride for her children.

Drea admitted she wasn't exactly flush with cash at the time ... saying most of her acting career was spent working from paycheck to paycheck despite appearing in 48 episodes of "The Sopranos" ... plus other projects, of course.

Gangster Goddess

But, she says she had enough money to save her home from foreclosure within five minutes of starting her OnlyFans -- for which she charges $15 a month. Honestly, that's incredible.

She's all good on the family front though ... 'cause Drea said she asked her daughters for their blessing before firing up the OF account -- and they said it was totally OK.


As for acting work ... Drea's maintained that speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccine and refusing to get the jab has limited career opportunities in Hollywood, which made starting OnlyFans that much more essential.

But, OF seems to be funding more of Drea's dream ... 'cause she said it gave her the money she needed to start her new clothing brand, Ultrafree -- a new venture she talked about with us earlier this month on "TMZ Live."

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Seems like Drea's on OnlyFans for good ... hard not to be on there when it's a proven saving grace!

Bradley Cooper Home Is No Place For Clothes!!! ALWAYS Naked in the House

Totally Comfortable
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Bradley Cooper always looks so comfortable in his own skin ... and it turns out that's quite literally true -- 'cause it turns out, he's always walking around his place completely nude!

The Oscar-nominated actor talked about lettin' it all hang out during an episode of Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, and it seems they've got more in common than just their profession.

Dax said he's often using the bathroom in the morning, and his daughters Lincoln and Delta are constantly traipsing into the room and chatting with him while he's on the toilet.

BC laughed at this and said his place in New York has a completely open floor plan ... meaning the bedroom and bathroom are basically in the same room without much in the way of doors -- so, his daughter Lea's always talking to him when he's naked, too.

Of course, Bradley shares Lea with his ex, Irina Shayk, with whom he's had an on-again, off-again relationship with for nearly a decade ... though right now he's dating model Gigi Hadid.

He says their standard at-home convo scenario features him on the toilet and her in the bathtub just shootin' the s*** (pun very much intended).

TMZ Studios

Cooper says it's a little different from how he was raised -- explaining he never saw his dad on the toilet, but did admit he was always naked around his pops growin' up. Safe to say, the Cooper clan's got no hang-ups with nudity. Very European!


One tip for Bradley ... now that he's put it all out there -- that he lets it all hang out -- he might wanna invest in some tinted windows to keep peeping Toms at bay 👀. Or not.

Babe the Barbarian Naked Lady Brawls at Venice Beach ... Duels with Spiked Clubs!!!


A naked woman went on a mini rampage in L.A. this week -- attacking folks at Venice Beach ... but another lady was equally ready to throw down, with medieval weapons no less.

This wild incident was captured Monday by witnesses in broad daylight, with this woman who was butt-naked going berserk on the boardwalk near the beach. Check out this video obtained by TMZ ... the nudist squared up with another gal, who had a spiked club.

The woman in the black tank top swung the bat at her rival, who retreated as she defended herself. They went back and forth for a bit ... and this birthday suit-babe kinda did a catwalk at one point.


The other lady then struck the naked woman with the baton before throwing it at her. The nude woman then picked it up and started running at the woman as well as other people, threatening them with the club, it seems.

The fully-clothed woman then retrieved a second baton ... and they battled on the pavement. Witnesses told us the insane altercation carried on for around 6 minutes without any police response, and some others were accosted and threatened in the mix as well.

TMZ Studios

We're not sure how all this ended, but we've reached out to the cops for comment ... so far, no word back.

Riña en la playa Una mujer desnuda causa revuelo en Venice Beach... Duelo con garrote de púas

Riña en la playa

Una mujer desnuda causó un mini alboroto en Los Ángeles esta semana, atacando a la gente en la playa de Venice Beach ... Pero otra señora estaba igualmente dispuesta a derribarla y con nada menos que armas medievales.

El salvaje encuentro fue capturado el lunes por los testigos que presenciaron a esta mujer desnuda enloquecida en el paseo cerca de la playa. Echa un vistazo a este video obtenido por TMZ, la nudista se enfrentó con otra chica que se defendió con un club de púas.

La mujer de camiseta negra blandió el bate contra su rival, que retrocedió mientras se defendía. Ambas fueron de un lado para otro durante un rato, mientras la mujer desnuda se exhibía sin problemas durante su pleito.

En un momento dado, la señora de negro le lanzó el bastón a su contrincante. La mujer desnuda luego lo recogió y comenzó a correr detrás de ella, así como otras personas.

Luego, la mujer completamente vestida recuperó su segundo bastón y lucharon en el pavimento. Los testigos nos dijeron que el altercado se prolongó por unos 6 minutos sin ninguna respuesta de la policía, y otros fueron abordados y amenazados también.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

No estamos seguros de cómo terminó todo esto, pero nos pusimos en contacto con la policía para que hicieran comentarios, aunque hasta ahora no hay respuesta.

Ye's Wife Bianca in Milan The Naked Truth ... Wild Outfit for Fashion Show!!!

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are doing the fashion thing in Milan right now -- and if you're wondering what Bianca was wearing ... well, it basically amounted to a skimpy tarp.

The couple posed for cameras Friday for Fashion Week, where they put on their best attire and stood shoulder-to-shoulder as Italy's "it" couple -- and by that ... we mean fabric and clothing material, 'cause these aren't the most stylish getups, at least in our eyes anyway.

Take a look for yourself, specifically as it pertains to Bianca -- who's in a VERY revealing ensemble, which looks more like a bag made of leather than an actual outfit.

Indeed, she appears to be butt-ass naked under there ... and when you see her from the side, you'll see a lot of skin, even more than usual you might say. Ye is just ... well, Ye.

The only thing to really note about this look here is that he's still going strong on his permanent tooth grill thing -- a titanium plate that's cemented at the top of his mouth.

Truth be told, the real star here is Bianca ... who continues to turn heads with her eye-popping costumes -- frankly, that's sorta the best way to describe them at this point.


Ye's definitely into her bod ... and he seems insistent on showing it off to the world, too.

What she's wearing here isn't too different from what she was rocking on Thursday at Kanye's 'Vultures' listening event -- where he seemed to have a packed stadium full of Italians ready to jam out. That 'fit made us blush, this one's making us melt!

Anyway, they did their thing at the show ... and went out to dinner afterward, where you could really see what BC looked like from the front and back. Solid angles here, for sure.

She's also still rocking her new bangs ... but that's the last thing anyone's noticing about her.

It's funny ... so much of Bianca has been revealed at this point -- figuratively and literally -- and just when we think we've seen it all, she somehow tops herself and shows even more.

Then again ... she can be pretty shy at times -- completely covering up, and ducking away from cameras. On Friday, however, she was more than ready for the spotlight with Ye.

TMZ Studios

Ye and Bianca ... the gift that keeps on giving.

Bianca en Milán ¡¡¡Osado atuendo en el desfile de moda!!!

Kanye West y Bianca Censori están luciendo sus extravagantes atuendos en Milán y si se preguntan qué está usando Bianca, ahora, bueno, se redujo a una especie de body.

La pareja posó frente a las cámaras el viernes para la Semana de la Moda, exhibiendo sus mejores atuendo como la pareja "deseada" de Italia, y con eso nos referimos, a la tela y su material, que es lo más elegante del look, al menos desde nuestra perspectiva.

Echa un vistazo tú mismo, específicamente en lo que respecta a Bianca, que está usando un conjunto muy revelador, que parece más una bolsa de cuero que un traje real.

De hecho, parece que lleva el trasero desnudo debajo y de perfil, se ve mucha, mucha piel, incluso más de lo habitual, podría decirse. Ye, en tanto, es solo... Ye.

Lo único que hay que destacar de este look es que sigue con sus dientes permanentes, una placa de titanio que está cementada en la parte superior de la boca.

A decir verdad, la verdadera estrella aquí es Bianca, que sigue girando cabezas con sus llamativos trajes, francamente, esa es la mejor manera de describirlos en este momento.

Luciendo un nuevo Look

Ye se ve seguro con su estilo e insiste en compartirlo con el mundo, también.

Lo que lleva aquí no es muy diferente de lo que llevaba el jueves en el evento de escucha de Kanye "Vultures", donde parecía tener un estadio lleno de italianos listos para improvisar. Aquel conjunto nos hizo sonrojar, ¡este nos hace derretir!

De todos modos, hicieron lo suyo en el show y salieron a cenar después, donde realmente se podía ver a Bianca de frente y de espalda. Ángulos sólidos, sin duda.

También sigue llevando su nuevo flequillo, pero eso es lo último que se nota en ella.

Es curioso, a pesar de que Bianca ya ha revelado mucho, en sentido figurado y literal, justo cuando pensamos que hemos visto todo, de alguna manera se supera a sí misma y muestra aún más.

Por otra parte... a veces puede ser bastante tímida, tapándose por completo y esquivando las cámaras. El viernes, sin embargo, estaba más que lista para ser el centro de atención con Ye.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Ye y Bianca ... el regalo que sigue dando.

BBC Defiende la entrevista de Andrew Scott Se malinterpretó la pregunta a Barry Keoghan

La BBC está defendiendo la entrevista a Andrew Scott en los BAFTA y que ha sido tachada de homofóbica por una pregunta sobre una escena de Barry Keoghan desnudo.

En un comunicado emitido el viernes, la BBC dijo que ha recibido quejas de personas a las que no les gustó la forma en que el corresponsal de entretenimiento Colin Paterson le preguntó a Andrew sobre la escena en que Barry se desnuda hacia el final de "Saltburn".

No voy a estropearlo

Colin ha sido criticado en línea por preguntarle a Andrew, que es gay y estaba en los BAFTA promocionando otra película, sobre el pene de Barry. Pero la BBC dice que las preguntas de Colin buscaban reflejar "la discusión en torno a la escena y no causar ofensa".

La BBC dice que Colin comenzó la entrevista preguntándole a Andrew sobre su película, "All of Us Strangers", antes de consultarle sobre la popularidad de sus compañeros actores irlandeses, como Barry.

Andrew estaba claramente incómodo con las preguntas sobre la escena de Barry desnudo, pero Colin siguió presionando y le dijo: "Se habló mucho de las prótesis, ¿hasta qué punto lo conoces?". La BBC dice que esta pregunta específica fue "malinterpretada".

Aun así, la BBC dice que había una razón detrás de preguntarle a Andrew sobre Barry. La cadena dice que la película tuvo un impacto cultural y la escena del desnudo llamó mucho la atención, cosa que el propio Barry abordó.

La BBC también dice que Colin hizo preguntas similares al escritor y director de "Saltburn" Emerald Fennell, además de la cantante Sophie Ellis-Bextor, cuya canción "Murder On The Dancefloor" suena durante la escena del desnudo

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Colin, dice la BBC, abordó el tema más tarde en la emisión de los BAFTA y admitió que su "interrogatorio puede haber ido demasiado lejos y que lo sentía si ese era el caso".

BBC Defends Andrew Scott Interview ... But Barry Keoghan Nude Question Was Misjudged

The BBC is largely defending an interview with Andrew Scott at the BAFTAs that's been slammed as homophobic ... over a question about a Barry Keoghan nude scene.

In a statement Friday, the BBC says it's received complaints from folks who didn't like the way entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson asked Andrew about Barry stripping down at the end of "Saltburn."

I Won't Spoil It

Colin's been dragged online for asking Andrew, who is gay and was at the BAFTAs promoting another movie, about Barry's penis ... but the BBC says Colin's questions were "meant to be a light hearted reflection of the discussion around the scene and was not intended to cause offense."

The BBC says Colin began the interview by asking Andrew about his movie, "All of Us Strangers," before moving on to ask him about the popularity of his fellow Irish actors, like Barry.

Andrew was clearly uncomfortable with questions about Barry's nude scene, but Colin kept pressing and asked, "There was a lot of talk about prosthetics ... how well do you know him?" The BBC says this specific question was "misjudged."

Still, the BBC says there was reason behind asking Andrew about Barry getting naked in "Saltburn" ... the network says the film had a cultural impact and the nude scene grabbed a lot of attention, which Barry himself addressed.

The BBC also says Colin asked similar questions to "Saltburn" writer and director Emerald Fennell, plus singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, whose song "Murder On The Dancefloor" plays during the nude scene.

TMZ Studios

Colin, the BBC says, addressed the issue later in the BAFTA broadcast, admitting his "questioning may have gone too far and that he was sorry if this was the case."

BBC Host at BAFTAs Slammed as Homophobic For Andrew Scott Q About 'Saltburn'

I Won't Spoil It

A BBC reporter is getting blasted as homophobic for grilling Andrew Scott over Barry Keoghan's nude scene in "Saltburn" -- questioning him at the BAFTA's, of all places.

BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson thought it was cool to ask Andrew -- who's gay -- his reaction to Barry's naked dance sequence in "Saltburn" -- and you can see AS's uncomfortable response in the clip, which is cringe-worthy, to say the least.

Scott laughs and shakes his head at first ... trying to navigate around the awkward question by saying he doesn't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. He does play along a little though, saying the scene was great.

But, Colin kept pushing it ... continuing to say, "There was a lot of talk about prosthetics ... how well do you know him?"

The insinuation behind the question proved too much for Andrew, who quickly stepped out from the camera shot ... with CP finally registering it was "too much." It took him that long to realize??!

CP's interview with AS had people fuming online, with one person writing on X: "This is frankly disgusting. Andrew Scott is there to support his multiple nominated film and THIS is what you ask? Then when he looks visibly uncomfortable the guy carried on. Truly horrid. #BAFTAs."

Another wrote ... "This is appalling: presenter Colin Paterson "interviewing" brilliant Andrew Scott, & asking about a fellow actor's genitals (in a film Andrew is not even in). Because Andrew is also Irish, like Barry Keoghan? Because he's gay? Baffling & insulting to both of these talented actors."

The BBC has yet to respond to the criticism ... and Colin also hasn't addressed his misstep.

As for Andrew, he clearly handled the off-guard moment with grace ... especially considering he was there to promote his movie "All Of Us Strangers" ... which sadly didn't win any of the 6 noms it was up for.

Pretty crazy that this sorta thing can fly in 2024, and yet ... here we are.

El presentador de la BBC es tachado de homofóbico Por preguntarle a Andrew Scott sobre "Saltburn"

"no lo arruines"

Un periodista de la BBC ha sido tachado de homofóbico por interrogar a Andrew Scott sobre la escena del desnudo de Barry Keoghan en "Saltburn", precisamente en los BAFTA.

El corresponsal de entretenimiento de la BBC Colin Paterson pensó que sería genial preguntarle a Andrew -que es gay- por la secuencia del baile desnudo de Barry en "Saltburn", y se puede ver la respuesta incómoda de Andrew en el clip, que es bastante cringe por decir lo menos.

Scott se ríe y sacude la cabeza al principio, tratando de asimilar la pregunta, diciendo que no quiere estropear la película para cualquier persona que no lo haya visto todavía. Sin embargo, dice que la escena fue genial.

Colin siguió insistiendo y continuó diciendo: "Se habló mucho de las prótesis: ¿Lo conoces bien?".

La insinuación detrás de la pregunta resultó ser demasiado para Andrew, que rápidamente salió de cuadro, y Colin finalmente registrando que era "demasiado". ¿Tanto tardó en darse cuenta?

La entrevista de Colin con Andrew hizo que mucha gente eche humo en línea, con una persona escribiendo en X: "Esto es francamente repugnante. Andrew Scott está allí para apoyar su película nominada en varias ocasiones ¿y ESTO es lo que dices? Luego, cuando parece visiblemente incómodo, el tipo continúa. Verdaderamente horrible. #BAFTAs".

Otro escribió: "Esto es atroz: el presentador Colin Paterson "entrevistando" al brillante Andrew Scott, & preguntando por los genitales de un compañero actor (en una película en la que Andrew ni siquiera sale). ¿Porque Andrew también es irlandés, como Barry Keoghan? ¿Porque es gay? Desconcertante e insultante para estos dos talentosos actores".

La BBC aún no ha respondido a las críticas y Colin tampoco ha abordado su paso en falso.

En cuanto a Andrew, claramente manejó el momento con gracia, especialmente teniendo en cuenta que estaba allí para promocionar su película "All Of Us Strangers", que lamentablemente no ganó ninguna de las 6 nominaciones a las que optaba.

Bastante loco que este tipo de cosas pasen en 2024, y sin embargo... aquí estamos.

McDonald's es demandado Por no tener espacios para amamantar en el trabajo

McDonald's está siendo arrastrado a los tribunales por dos empleadas que dicen que la cadena de comida rápida está haciendo que sea difícil para ellas extraerse la leche materna en el trabajo, pues aseguran que no hay tiempo ni lugar para hacerlo.

De acuerdo con una nueva demanda colectiva obtenida por TMZ, dos mujeres llamadas Kathleen Faber y Lexis Mays dicen que volvieron a trabajar a McDonald's después de haber dado a luz y aparentemente están encontrando obstáculos para amamantar.

Las mujeres dicen que le dijeron a sus gerentes que necesitarían sacarse leche en el trabajo. Aunque ellos comentaron que eso no sería un problema, no ha resultado ser el caso.

Faber afirma que su McDonald's en Kansas no tiene un espacio seguro ni privado para ella para extraerse la leche materna y ha tenido que hacerlo en la esquina de una sala de existencias para evitar la visión de las cámaras de seguridad y los empleados.

Mays dice lo mismo de su McDonald's en Nueva York y afirma que ha tenido que hacerlo en la oficina trasera, que no tiene puerta y está abierta a otros miembros del personal, que vienen a la habitación cuando ella está bombeando.

En la demanda, ambas mujeres también dicen que no tienen suficiente tiempo de descanso para extraerse la leche materna durante sus turnos en el Golden Arches.

Faber y Mays dicen que la falta de adaptaciones para la lactancia materna en McDonald's les está causando ansiedad, incomodidad, humillación, vergüenza y angustia emocional.

Las mujeres dicen que la cadena no está cumpliendo con las leyes federales que requieren lugares seguros y privados para las madres lactantes en el lugar de trabajo y quieren que un tribunal intervenga por ellas y ayude a otras empleadas en una situación similar.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Nos pusimos en contacto con McDonald's pero hasta ahora no hemos tenido respuesta.

McDonald's Sued No Space For Us To Breastfeed at Work ... We Need Time To Pump!!!

McDonald's is being dragged to court by two employees who say the fast food chain is making it tough on them to pump breastmilk on the job ... they say there's no time or place.

According to a new class action lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, two women named Kathleen Faber and Lexis Mays say they returned to work at McDonald's after giving birth and are apparently running into obstacles when it comes to pumping breastmilk for their babies.

The women say they told their managers they would need to pump at work and claim they were told it wouldn't be an issue ... but they say that's turned out not to be the case.

Faber claims her McDonald's in Kansas has no secure, private space for her to pump breast milk, leaving her to pump milk from the corner of a stock room so she can avoid the sight lines of security cameras and male employees.

Mays says her McDonald's in New York doesn't have a secure, private space to pump either ... she claims she's been left to pump from a back office that doesn't have a door and is wide open to other crew members, who she says come in the room when she's pumping.

In the suit, both women also say they don't have enough break time to pump breast milk during their shifts at the Golden Arches.

Faber and Mays say the lack of breastfeeding accommodation at McDonald's is causing them anxiety, discomfort, humiliation, embarrassment and emotional distress.

The women say McDonald's is not complying with federal laws requiring secure and private places for breastfeeding mothers to pump in the workplace ... and they want a court to step in and help them and all similarly situated employees.

TMZ Studios

We reached out to McDonald's ... so far no word back.

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