L.A. Real Estate Realtor Lets it All Hang Out ... To Promote 3-Bed, 2-Bath

If you wanna know how hard it is to stand out in the Los Angeles real estate market, just ask this guy ... who went all NSFW with his listing ... trying to score a sale!!!

The realtor, David Ferrugio, shamelessly bared all on his Instagram to promote a $1.29 million home on the market in the Monterey Hills neighborhood near L.A.

Ferrugio posed for not one, not 2, but 5 naked pics to showcase the 3-bed, 2-bath, 2,100 sq-ft. house that was just listed this week ... including a cheeky kitchen shot and a couple full frontals -- in the front and back of the property.

According to Ferrugio ... his clients were on board with his adult-themed marketing tactic, and to be fair -- he's strategically blurred.

Tough to say if that helps or hurts David with prospective buyers, but it should be noted ... actual realtor sites only include the shots of the home, and not the nude realtor.

That would really be a game-changer ... and it's kinda awesome!!!

Charli XCX Obsessed Fan Got Naked In My Hot Tub ... Help Me Out, Judge!!!

Charli XCX isn't taking any chances with an allegedly obsessed fan ... she just got court-ordered protection from the guy she says broke into her home and then got naked ... all over the place.

The "Boom Clap" singer claims the man tried to visit her at her L.A. area home twice last week -- and the second visit ended with him stripping down, jumping in her hot tub, and also strolling in and out of her bedroom.

Charli beelined it to court, filing for and getting a temporary restraining order against the suspect, who's from Wisconsin. She claims he's sent her hundreds of manic, obsessive and disturbing messages on social media -- but took it to the next level when he showed up at her pad on Aug. 24 and 25. The latter is when he bared all ... and Charli has that all on security footage.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, she wasn't at home when the man allegedly broke in, but she's not taking any chances going forward. The order requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from her, her car, her job and her home.

University of Kentucky Fires Cheerleading Coaches Wild Hazing, Nudity Allegations

The University of Kentucky just axed its entire cheerleading coaching staff over allegations of hazing, heavy boozing and public nudity.

"The advisor and the coaches failed to stop a culture of hazing, alcohol use and public nudity at off-campus activities where they were present," UK said Monday in a statement.

"Our students deserve more responsible leadership, and the University of Kentucky demands it."

So, what happened?

The school launched an investigation after allegations of debauchery at a cheerleader retreat back in February at Lake Cumberland.

Team members allegedly engaged in nude routines -- including topless and bottomless basket tosses into the water from a dock.

School officials say the activities were carried out while under the supervision of team coaches.

The school also says team members slammed alcohol during boat parties -- and several members required medical treatment.

Another incident went down in Tennessee, according to the school ... where members were ordered to perform dirty chants while wearing uniforms without underwear.

Head coach Jomo Thompson -- along with assistant coaches Ben Head, Spencer Clan and Kelsey LaCroix -- were all fired as a result of a 3-month investigation.

Program advisor T. Lynn Williamson was also sacked for exercising "lax oversight and poor judgment."

Josh Brolin Thanos' Bare Ass is All Me ... But That's it for 'Endgame' Spoilers!!!


Josh Brolin's dropping his evil villain persona and showing off his playful side to talk Thanos' ass cheeks, and a major no-no in his book -- "Avengers: Endgame" spoilers ... just don't do it!

Brolin, who plays Thanos was at LAX Monday when we asked him about pulling back the curtain on a nude shot of his incredibly ripped, incredibly villainous character.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's quite a sight to behold ...

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brolin insists the photo's all him -- from the busting veins to the muscular booty -- but based on who he says is training him these days ... we think he MIGHT be joking.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah, much like the film's directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, Josh is urging moviegoers to keep their mouths shut after they see it ... so as not to spoil the end of 'Endgame.'

Brolin warns those even thinking about ruining it for others -- especially east coasters who get to see the movie first -- they better snap out of it ... or face the wrath of Thanos.

Why test him? Those glutes and hammies mean business!

"Avengers: Endgame" comes out everywhere Friday, but the big red carpet premiere went down in L.A. at the Convention Center Monday night ... and the celebs brought their A game.

'Game of Thrones' Fans Freak Out Over Arya Sex Scene ... Immediately Check for Age!

It wasn't exactly The Red Wedding ... but "Game of Thrones" fans FREAKED OUT Sunday night when Arya Stark ditched her clothes for a sex scene -- going to Wikipedia in droves to check for her age!!

Here's the deal ... the actress who plays Arya is Maisie Williams -- who was 14 YEARS OLD when the series began back in 2011. She's basically grown up before our very eyes.

When the series began, Maisie's character, Arya, is 11 years old ... and since the passage of time is a bit confusing on the show, it's unclear how old she's supposed to be now. But, young.

So, when it was time for Arya to finally get her shwerve on Sunday night -- getting down with Gendry (played by Joe Dempsie) the scene called for some nudity -- nudity 'GoT' fans didn't see coming.

Don't worry ... Maisie is 22 years old in real life.

Williams also spoke about the nude scene -- admitting she thought it was a prank when she first saw the script ... and told the showrunners, "I was like, ‘Yo, good one.’ And [they were] like, ‘No, we haven’t done that this year.'"

Maisie says producers gave her the option to show as much or as little as she wanted -- and what you see in the scene is ultimately what she went with.

Now, the question ... will Arya and Gendry hook up again? Or is Arya a "hit it and quit it" kinda gal??

Kendall Jenner Great Day for a Run ... Nude Beach Pics Going Viral!!!

9:49 PM PT -- Sources connected to the shoot tell us the images of Kendall were stolen from James and released without permission.

Kendall Jenner's completely in the buff, sprinting on the beach in a newly released portrait ... and the Internet is already having a field day.

Kendall's no stranger to nudity, but this photo -- along with several more reportedly from a series from photographer Russell James for his upcoming book "Angels" -- is Kendall like you've never seen her before ... and folks on social media seem to be in shock.

James' "Angels" collection was celebrated last week in NYC at a bash co-hosted by Cindy Crawford and Candice Swanepoel.

The book's expected to feature a whole lot more of completely naked Kendall -- including her climbing a tree, lounging in a pool and riding a horse bareback -- but when it comes to generating buzz ... the beach pic is the frontrunner.

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Hacker Heading to Prison

A hacker who exposed nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs is the one getting nailed now ... by the judge who sentenced him to 8 months in federal prison.

George Garofano illegally hacked the private Apple iCloud accounts of Lawrence, paving the way for nude photos and private info to leak all over the Internet. In addition to his prison time, the judge also hit Garofano with 3 years supervised release once he gets out.

The 26-year-old pled guilty in April and admitted he'd posed as a member of Apple's online security to access usernames and passwords.

Garofano was one of four people charged in the massive celeb hacking scandal, which began in 2014 and saw photos published online claiming to show Jennifer, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst and others.

The other hackers have already been sentenced, with terms ranging from 9-18 months in prison.

Pro Golfer Drops Pants In Front Of Gallery ... Makes Par!!


They say there are no pictures on a golf scorecard ... which is a good thing -- 'cause one of Andrew Johnston's pars on Friday would have featured A GIANT BUTT if they did!!

The pro golfer was on the 12th tee at the Nordea Masters when he shanked his drive into some water ... and then got all kinds of muddy when he hit his ball out of the drink.

Soooo ... Beef (yeah, that's really his nickname) dropped trow in front of everybody to throw on his spare pants before his third shot -- and then he made par!!

Bad news for Johnston ... he's still nine back of the tournament leader with only two rounds left.

Good news for Johnston ... great thighs!!

Joakim Noah Strips Butt Naked In Santa Monica

Here's Joakim Noah proving he's got nothing to hide when it comes to getting naked -- stripping off his pants in the middle of the street in Santa Monica ... and yeah, dude's in great shape.

The New York Knicks player was leaving a vintage French boutique in Santa Monica on Monday -- when he decided it was time for a wardrobe change.

Off came the shorts ... out came his bare ass -- and Noah couldn't help but smile as people walked by him in the middle of the day.

Joakim Noah's 6'11", 230 pounds and was standing in front of his expensive Porsche ... so, we're sure no one even noticed -- right?

BTW, Joakim's been busy lately -- just last week he was leading a peace march in Chicago (fully clothed).

Jenna Dewan Naked & Not Afraid Of Her New Single Life

Jenna Dewan's got a bad (or REALLY good) case of post-breakup hotness -- and she's putting it ALL out there.

Jenna went au naturel for the September issue of Women's Health, and yes ... she addresses her split from Channing Tatum and other personal issues, but who are they kidding? The pics are selling these magazines.

Okay, a little about the breakup -- Jenna says, "It’s okay for a relationship to change into a new form that is actually better for both people involved, and I think maybe that’s what shocked everyone so much – that it can be a positive thing."

Now, back to the nudity! She thinks it's no big deal because, "I’ve been a dancer my entire life, so I’m used to little clothing.”

Thank God for dancing.

Roseanne Barr I'd Love to Talk to Valerie Jarrett But, ONLY in the Nude!!


Roseanne Barr wants to hash things out with Valerie Jarrett once and for all, but she doesn't want anything to come between them ... like clothing.

Roseanne was at LAX Wednesday morning when we asked her about the new content she's working on with her son, Jake Pentland, for her YouTube channel. We raised the possibility of a tete-a-tete with Barack Obama's former aide ... considering ABC canned Roseanne over her racist tweet about Valerie.

She says she's down for it, with one major caveat -- nudity. Sounds bizarre, but still ... much better way to reach out than what she said last week.

We're pretty sure she's joking about going au naturel for her new show, but Roseanne got serious the instant we compared her to James Gunn ... the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director who got fired over his own scandalous tweets.

She seemed almost offended by the comparison, despite the obvious similarity -- but Roseanne has always -- and clearly still does -- seen things her way.

Gary Payton 50th Birthday Booty Bash


Gary Payton spent his 50th birthday smackin' a whole lotta butt -- and TMZ Sports has the video.

The NBA Hall of Famer celebrated his half-centennial at a raging nightclub in Vegas -- surrounded by a bunch of hot chicks in thongs and pasties.

They grinded on Gary. He danced and threw money. At one point, he handed out some spankings. Good times had by all.

Oh, yeah ... there was cake too, along with the cakes. But, let's be honest, no one gave a crap about that.

Happy birthday, Glove!

Kanye West Nude Chicks Make My Shoes Famous

Do these new Kanye West shoes make me look naked?

That's not the actual tagline for Kanye's new Yeezys, but it coulda been. The Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellows dropped over the weekend and, just in case you didn't notice 'em, he decided to have models -- most buck naked in just their Supermoons -- strike various poses.

This time the Clermont twins, and some porn stars ... including Lela Star did the honors.

You'll recall Kanye used a similar tactic earlier this year for the Yeezy Season 6 campaign -- using famous friends and some of these same models to pose as Kim clones.

You can say a lot of things about Ye, but you can't say he doesn't know how to push a product.

Kim Kardashian Lets Nip Slip

Kim Kardashian's baring it all for her new fragrance line ... but it looks like she missed a spot this time while strategically covering her lady bits.

Kim posted another very risque pic Tuesday to promote her perfume -- KKW BODY -- and got creative with a new close-up angle from the front. Only issue is ... a little nip can be seen, which might not fly with Instagram's no-nudity policy.

So, enjoy it while you can.

As you may recall ... these nude shots have been part of the marketing campaign for her fragrance from the jump -- the last one featured even more vagina.

Anyway, Kim says the perfume is fully restocked ... so get it while it's hot.

Abigail Ratchford & Gemma Farrell You Can't Top Us!!!

Models Abigail Ratchford and Gemma Farrell brought their talents to Miami ... and definitely weren't shy about putting them on display for all to see.

You're welcome.

Abigail -- easily one of the hottest women on the planet -- and her New Zealand gal pal/model hit the beach for a photo shoot that left a teensy-weensy bit to the imagination. They tried on a couple bikinis and flaunted the goods.

In the mood for an Abigail #ThrowbackThursday? Start with her reenacting Kim K's bare naked ass photo shoot and finish with a little In-N-Out.

Paris Hilton 'Don't Trust the iCloud!!' ... Hacker Gets 5-Year Sentence


Paris Hilton's done stashing her nude photos on the iCloud -- she made that declaration on her way into the sentencing hearing of the woman who hacked her, and her private pics ... along with more than $100k.

One thing's for sure, Paris made one hell of an entrance ... you've gotta see her take on "courtroom attire." It's unclear if she will provide a victim statement during the hearing, but she made a couple big ones outside the courthouse.

In her most serious voice, she expressed concern about her privacy being violated, and then she dropped a bomb on Apple.

TMZ broke the story ... feds busted the hacker, Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan, back in November and she struck a deal, pleading guilty to bank fraud conspiracy. Prosecutors recommend a 57-month sentence.

Sounds like Paris wants at least that much.

10:05 AM -- A rep for the U.S. Attorney's Office says Bkhchadzhyan was sentenced to 57 months in prison. We also got Paris on her way out of the courthouse ... and she seemed satisfied justice had been served.


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