'Catfish' Triple-Murder Cops Don't Believe 15-Year-Old Was Complicit in Family's Killing

Cops investigating the murder of a 15-year-old girl's grandparents and mother don't believe the teen was complicit in their killings in a stunning catfishing case ... and are urging other possible victims of the man responsible to come forward.

Riverside PD Officer Ryan Railsback tells TMZ his department has no reason to believe the publicly unidentified teen who came into contact with Austin Lee Edwards last week is anything other than a victim at this time given her age and the evidence they've gathered.

RPD won't yet say whether the teen was abducted or went voluntarily with Edwards, as they don't have enough information.

As for Edwards -- a cop from Virginia who's said to have driven cross-country to meet the girl -- Railsback doesn't believe it was his first time committing a catfishing-type crime.

We're told the cops think there could be some pattern of behavior from his past that could help explain things ... so they're investigating any digital fingerprints that he may have left on his phone, computer, or any social media sites he used.

At the moment, we're told cops don't know how Edwards first connected with the teen, or what may have caused him to kill her family and set their home on fire.

Edwards was involved in a shootout with cops Friday after a 911 call came in about a distressed teen in his car ... he was killed in the gunfire, and the teen was uninjured.

Autopsy results have not yet been released regarding the girl's mother's and grandparents' cause of death.

Railsback says they're not aware of any evidence of troubling behavior by Edwards from his previous police station employers.

Club Q Murders Mother of Alleged Shooter Arrested ... Out of Control Hours After Shootings

The mother of the alleged Club Q mass murderer was arrested just after the shooting ... for going ballistic in her apartment and then going off the rails with cops.

Laura Voepel was allegedly screaming at the top of her lungs at 3:30 AM ... 3 1/2 hours after authorities say her son took a rifle and killed 5 people at the LGBTQ nightclub and wounding 17 others.

According to official documents, cops were on scene at her apartment when she was "warned multiple times to stop yelling or she would be arrested for disorderly conduct."

Cops say she continued her rant, and when officers tried to arrest her she became combative and physically resisted them.

Voepel was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Her son, Anderson Lee Aldrich, is facing 5 counts of first-degree murder and 5 counts of bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury.

Jay Leno Back Onstage 2 Weeks Post-Burn ... Grazes Cop Car Outside!!!


Jay Leno's miraculous return to comedy -- just 2 weeks after getting severely burned -- is officially a smash hit ... just ask the cops whose car he clipped!


It's the kinda Murphy's Law moment ya just have to laugh off, and Jay did, but Sunday night, as he pulled up to the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA ... he really did graze a cop car's tire with his Tesla.

Jay arrived with his wife, Mavis, and everyone -- HBPD included -- got past the near-fender bender quickly, and the comedian immediately made it clear he's ready and willing to joke about the garage fire.

Check out the video ... Jay dropped 2 or 3 one-liners at his own expense on his way into the club.

TMZ broke the story ... Leno was working on one of his vintage cars in his garage when the fuel line burst on him, and about half of Jay's upper body -- including his face -- caught on fire.

After suffering 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on his face, neck, arm and hands ... he went to the Grossman Burn Center, where he underwent skin grafts and got treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.

Just a few days after the accident, Jay told us he'd be back doing standup within a couple of weeks.


Very few people thought was realistic, but Sunday night he proved all the doubters wrong.

BTW, Jay's been doing Sunday nights at this club for decades, and it quickly sold out when he announced he'd be returning. Appropriately, there was a ton of media outlets outside, waiting to see his astounding comeback.

Welcome back, Jay! We'd say, "Break a leg" ... but, let's not take any chances. 😜

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Miami Plane Says He Simply Fell Asleep, Was Awoken


4:21 PM PT -- OBJ's attorney, Daniel Davilier, is saying this a huge misunderstanding ... on the part of the airline. In a statement, Davilier insists his client wasn't going in and out of consciousness -- like cops said they were told he was -- but rather ... the dude just fell asleep.


Davilier says Odell had dozed off after boarding the flight. Soon enough, DD says Odell was awoken from his slumber by the crew ... telling him he had to get off the plane 'cause he hadn't put his seatbelt on, something that was apparently communicated to him while he was out. Davilier says Odell had no problem complying with the order once he was aware of it, but at that point ... he says an overzealous flight attendant told him it was too late.


Davilier says the attendant wanted to flex his authority and completely blew this out of proportion. Plus, he claims the airline, American, sent his luggage to L.A. without him.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s free agency is off to a rocky start -- the guy was yanked from an airplane this weekend in Florida ... this after cops say he was passing out before takeoff.

The famed wide receiver was escorted off a flight Sunday that was leaving the Miami airport for L.A. ... but it never got off the runway, because law enforcement's saying they had to step in when OBJ was allegedly freaking out the flight crew with his loopy state of mind.

Miami-Dade PD says they were called to respond to an American Airlines flight, where attendants were apparently trying to get Odell to buckle up before they hit the skies. However, according to cops, the crew claims he was in and out of consciousness.

American called first responders, as they were worried for his health ... but when the cavalry arrived, Odell is alleged to have refused to get off the plane -- which forced everyone else to deplane, before OBJ finally walked off on his own with uniformed officers in tow.

Odell was quiet as he made his way through the airport ... with onlookers recognizing him immediately. Cops say he did all this without further incident and was able to make other arrangements in the end. Nothing else came of it ... including arrests/citations and the like.

The dude's supposed to start making visits all over the country in the coming days to see which teams might wanna try swooping him for their roster.

Originally Published -- 12:30 PM PT

John Legend Porsche Intruder Arrested for Grand Theft Auto

John Legend almost had his Porsche stolen, according to cops, who say a man hopped in the luxury sportscar while the singer was inside a recording studio ... and then got arrested.

The LAPD tells TMZ ... John's Porsche was parked outside a Los Angeles recording studio Monday afternoon when a man walked up to the vehicle, opened the door and hopped in. We're told the guy sat in the car for awhile, looking for the keys or another way of starting the car.

We're told security at the recording studio saw it all go down on surveillance cams, so they called the cops and then went out to confront him. They asked what he was doing, and the guy allegedly claimed it was his Porsche. He then got out and started walking.

When the cops found the guy, he took off running. After a brief foot chase, cops took him into custody.

The suspect was taken to jail and booked for a felony -- attempted grand theft auto. He's being held on $85,000 bail.

We reached out to John's camp ... so far no word back.

NYC Subway Horror Man, Cop Nearly Crushed By Train... Saved Moments Before Impact!!!!


A man suffered a medical emergency Friday and fell onto train tracks in NYC -- but he and a police officer were miraculously saved moments before they were crushed under the wheels of an oncoming subway.

Dramatic NYPD bodycam footage captured the moment 2 officers and a Good Samaritan jumped onto the tracks to help the injured man to safety inside the East Harlem station. The cops were originally on the southbound platform and ran over to the northbound side after seeing the man take a tumble.

Video shows the trio lifting the man and rolling him onto the platform. The good sam and one of the officers then climbed back onto the platform. But, the other cop got stuck on the tracks as his belt was briefly caught under the platform's ledge.

Moments later, the train rolled into the station, but, thankfully, the good sam grabbed the officer's arms and hoisted him onto the platform before he was struck.

The 2 cops and the good sam were not injured. The man who fell onto the tracks was taken to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. No word on the extent of his injuries.

University Of Idaho Murders Videos Pouring In ... What They DON'T Show Could be Key


Idaho detectives say they are piecing together a story of what happened inside the house where 4 students were slaughtered, and they say video could be key, and not just what the videos show ... but what they DON'T show.

Aaron Snell from the Idaho State Police tells TMZ, his department is combing through videos which he suggests could provide clues, but then goes on to say, "What we need people to recognize is that often times what's not in the video might help us just as much as what is."

He goes on to say, "We can really create that whole picture based on what is there, what isn't there and be able to follow that through."

Snell would not get specific, but it raises the question ... is there an absence of third parties coming in and out of the murder house? As you know, police say the 2 surviving roommates are not suspects.

Police are looking at video the night before the murders, the night of the killings and what followed.

Snell says their hunt for evidence has been "very successful" ... video tips have been pouring in.

As we reported ... the 4 University of Idaho students were stabbed to death as they "likely" slept inside an off-campus residence. The assailant or assailants were armed with a combat knife similar to the one used by Sylvester Stallone's "Rambo" character in the '80's film, "First Blood."

Police have not located the murder weapon or released a motive for the attack.

'Below Deck' Kyle Dickard Busted Storming Soccer Field ... Allegedly Tried to Bribe Cops!!!

"Below Deck Adventure" star Kyle Dickard gets way too fired up for soccer -- he ended up behind bars for charging onto the field at a packed stadium, allegedly hitting a security guard and attempting to buy his way outta trouble.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Kyle darted out of the stands in front of 17k spectators last weekend at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Colombia and Paraguay fans cheered as he bolted past security and cops, who chased him across the field.

As you can see, he didn't go easily or quietly and cops say he struck a security guard in the face as they tried to tackle him.


Law enforcement wasn't amused, but the crowd clearly was, and some of them threw beer at the cops and security as they took him into custody. According to the docs, some fans even followed Kyle's lead and jumped onto the field too.

According to the report, Kyle made matters worse by making multiple offers of up to $300 to officers if they'd "break off" and let him go. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting without violation and bribery of a public servant.

We've reached out to Kyle for comment ... so far, no word back.

All of this won't be shocking to fans of the show, who saw Kyle get fired by the captain after just 3 episodes. He was accused of creating a "hostile work environment" by harassing another crew member.

Michigan State Football 7 Players Hit With Criminal Charges ... Over Tunnel Brawl

A whopping SEVEN Michigan State players have been hit with criminal charges for their alleged roles in a stadium tunnel fight with Michigan players following a loss last month.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office just announced the charges ... saying they're now looking to prosecute Spartans cornerback Khary Crump, linebacker Tank Brown, defensive end Zion Young, safety Angelo Grose, defensive back Justin White, defensive end Brandon Wright, and pass rusher Jacoby Windmon over the Ann Arbor altercation.

Five of the players -- Brown, Young, Grose, White and Wright -- are facing one count of misdemeanor aggravated battery. Windmon is facing one count of assault and battery.

Crump, meanwhile, was charged with one count of felony assault.

The charges were handed down after a lengthy investigation into the Oct. 29 incident ... where multiple MSU players were seen on video roughing up a couple Wolverines after a disappointing 29-7 loss at Michigan Stadium.

One of the videos showed Spartan players punching and kicking a UM player. Another clip appeared to show Crump swinging a helmet at Wolverines defensive back Gemon Green.

According to Green's attorney, Green suffered a concussion and other injuries in the incident.

All MSU players were suspended from the team indefinitely following the altercations.

For his part, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was disgusted by it all afterward ... and had hoped the scuffles would result in criminal charges.

Cleveland Browns Stadium Field Wrecked ... After Alleged Joyrider Break-In

As if Cleveland's season couldn't get any worse -- some rando allegedly broke into FirstEnergy Stadium and took a joyride on the field just days before the Browns' next home game ... resulting in a bunch of damage.

The incident reportedly went down early Tuesday morning ... forcing the Browns' grounds crew to rush to repair the grass before Sunday's matchup against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Pictures captured by News Channel 5 show tire marks throughout the field ... with a road roller working to improve the home turf.

Luckily, the team told the outlet the damage is superficial ... which means there's a good chance Sunday's game will go down without any hiccups.

Police believe the joyride occurred after someone broke into the stadium and got ahold of a golf cart. The whole thing is currently under investigation.

“We are aware of the incident that occurred early Tuesday morning at FirstEnergy Stadium and have provided the Cleveland Division of Police with all relevant information," the team said in a statement.

"Based on our internal evaluation, there was some superficial damage to the playing field that our grounds maintenance team is currently working to repair."

"We take great pride in the strong reviews and reputation of our stadium’s playing surface, have been in touch with the NFL on the matter and are confident after repair our field will be ready for Sunday’s game vs. the Tampa Buccaneers."

Colorado Shooter Video Urged Cops to Breach Home ... So He Could Blow It Up

The Daily Beast

The Colorado gunman who shot and killed 5 people at a nightclub egged on cops to enter his mother's home back in 2021, but vowed to blow the place sky high -- further begging the question: why wasn't he disarmed under the state's red flag law???

In the video, Anderson Lee Aldrich can be seen pacing in the house wearing tactical gear -- claiming he'll set off the alleged explosives if officers breach the building.

He then shouts out, urging cops to enter -- adding, "Let's f***ing see it!" -- as we reported, Aldrich later exited the house and turned himself over to cops. No bomb was found in the home.

JUNE 2021

Aldrich was initially charged with 2 felonies, which were later dropped ... though it's unclear why.

Incredibly, Colorado's red flag law was never enforced ... which gives authorities the power to obtain "extreme risk protection orders" and take any weapons from a potentially dangerous person.

Many are now saying the law being enforced last year could've prevented the deadly massacre at Club Q over the weekend.

Kobe Bryant's Daughter Natalia Gun-Obsessed Stalker is Terrifying Me Seeks Court-Ordered Protection

Kobe Bryant's 19-year-old daughter is scared, and so is the LAPD ... they say a stalker with a criminal history involving guns has been doing everything he can to find her.

Natalia Bryant beelined it to court Monday to get a restraining order against 32-year-old Dwayne Kemp, whom she accuses of stalking her.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Natalia says Kemp attempted to contact her 2 years ago -- when he was 30 and she was 17. She says he's under a delusion they have a romantic relationship. Natalia says she has never met or otherwise had contact with him.

She says he has done everything he can to find her ever since, and she is living in constant fear. He showed up at her sorority house at USC. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ he also allegedly showed up at one of her classes and was roaming the building (Photo above).

It gets much scarier. According to the docs, Kemp is in the process of buying at least one gun -- the docs say the sale is imminent. The docs go on to say he has threatened to buy both an AK-47 and a fully automatic Glock.

The docs say Kemp is a gun enthusiast who has been arrested and/or convicted of at least 4 crimes, including one involving firearms.

Natalia claims the man once sent her a DM with an image of her late father Kobe and wrote, "Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him… 'Kobe'", adding a red heart to the message. The docs say he had the hopes of having "a Kobe-like child together."

The LAPD is involved in the case and clearly wants a restraining order in place.

Natalia's asking the court to order the man to stay at least 200 yards away from her, her home, her job, her school, her sorority house and her car.


The judge has yet to rule.

U. of Idaho Murders Nearby Dog Skinned ... Weeks Before Student Killings

A couple living in the area where the University of Idaho student slaughter says their dog was brutally killed -- skinned from head to tail -- just weeks before the 4 students were massacred.

Buddy, a 12-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, was killed in October ... according to owners Pam and Jim Colbert, who told DailyMail they let the pup outside before heading to bed -- and he was soon found dead.

They say the only fur left on the dog was on its paws and head ... they believe someone might've been waiting for them to let Buddy outside.

Police reportedly haven't made the connection between the death of Buddy and the college students' murders ... but it's clear the Moscow community has all the more reason to stay on high alert.

As we reported, investigators believe the attack was targeted, but have not pinpointed an exact motive. They've been searching high and low for the murder weapon -- a combat knife similar to the one used by Sylvester Stallone's character, Rambo.

University of Idaho

Moscow PD recently acknowledged the 911 call came from one of the surviving roommates' phones ... but wouldn't say exactly who called the police.

Moscow PD Chief James Fry said in a press conference there were 'other friends' in the residence when the 911 call was made.

Fry also confirmed that the killer did not make the 911 call.

It's unclear if the killer is still in Moscow, or has fled.

Tyson Foods CFO Body Cam Vid Shows Goldilocks Arrest ... Cops Huff and Puff and then Cuff


Cops have released body cam video of the most entertaining arrest in months ... when an heir to the Tyson Foods fortune got so wasted he pulled a Goldilocks that got him busted.

It's far from heinous ... in fact, it's kinda relatable for anyone who's been blackout drunk.  Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson got so drunk, he entered a house -- not his own -- meandered to the bedroom, got in bed and passed out.

The 32-year-old Harvard/Stanford grad ended up in the bed of a female college student -- she wasn't there -- and began to snooze.

It went down in Fayetteville, Arkansas earlier this month. The woman called the cops and they realized it was John after pulling his ID out of his pocket. They tried to rouse him, with little success.

In the footage, obtained by Vice News, John finally sits up, but decides it's way too much of an effort and lays back down. You hear a cop say, "John, I need you to wake up and talk to me before I drag you out of her buck naked." He doesn't/can't really cooperate, so 3 cops yank him out of bed in his boxers.

John was charged with criminal trespass and public intoxication. He's profusely apologized to the folks at Tyson Foods and promised it wouldn't happen again.


Thing is, there was no malice here so John will be ok. Besides, he's probably gonna get way more Instagram followers now. Dude's good-looking!

Blueface Allegedly Shoots At Man in Truck ... New Video Shows


Blueface's attempted murder arrest Monday is based on an incident on October 8, where he's accused of pulling a gun and shooting at the driver of a truck ... and TMZ has obtained video of the incident.

The clip shows the rapper outside a Las Vegas club last month ... when a truck suddenly pulls up at Blueface and his crew before flooring it away. Blueface allegedly pulls out a weapon in the vid, and fires it multiple times at the driver as they sped off.

According to sources at the venue, we're told the unknown driver walked into the club earlier and the rapper's crew, who had allegedly been drinking, attacked him. It’s not clear what started the alleged altercation, but we're told Blueface wasn't directly involved in the fight.

After the beatdown, we're told the man retreated to his truck and pulled up on Blueface and his crew as they were leaving. Our sources say the man asked "Who hit me?!" and that's when the shots rang out. From there, you see the truck speed off.


TMZ broke the story ... Blueface was arrested for attempted murder Tuesday in LV ... cops on scene said they were executing an open warrant for his arrest.


Blueface's girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, was also there ... she later went off on social media, flippin' the bird to anyone who says she should dump him after his arrest.


FYI -- TMZ obtained legal docs connected to the warrant, and the charges are serious --  felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm, and discharging a gun into a house, building, vehicle or craft.

Patrick Beverley OKC Thunder Ball Boy Threatened To Kill Me ... After 2013 Westbrook Injury

Patrick Beverley says an OKC ball boy was so furious he injured Russell Westbrook during the 2013 NBA playoffs the guy actually threatened to kill him over the controversial play!

Beverley told the story during a recent episode of The Pat Bev Podcast ... sharing the wild story with his co-host, Rone, and guest Dave Portnoy.

PB says it all went down during the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs ... when the Rockets played the Thunder.

During the 2nd quarter of game 2, Westbrook, who was taking the ball up the court, was about to signal for a timeout when Bev, guarding Russ, lunged in an attempt to steal the ball, inadvertently contacting Russ' knee.

Westbrook suffered a torn meniscus, ending his season, and turning Beverley into public enemy #1 in the eyes of many OKC fans, including the ball boy, who presumably blamed Pat for the injury.

"I had a ball boy threaten to kill me over the Russell Westbrook injury," Pat said. "I get to OKC the next game, the police officers in front."

"They put a police car in front of my house in Houston. I get to the hotel, I'm on the floor by myself. They passing out papers of a young guy's face ... he threatened to kill me."

Pat says his head coach at the time, Kevin McHale, warned him Westbrook's injury had become a hot topic ... and the attempted steal was at the center of the controversy.

But, despite at least one threat to his life, Beverley says he was never phased and was actually upset he didn't come face-to-face with the ball boy.

"I wish I would have ran into his ass. I would have beat the s**t."

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