Kim Kardashian Visits Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed ... There When Execution was Delayed


4:58 PM PT -- A source with direct knowledge of the visit tells us Kim was allowed to go in to visit Rodney as a legal visitation. It's extremely tough to get a visit with an inmate on death row, however, Kim is a legal apprentice so she was able to make it happen.

We're told Kanye wanted to visit Rodney too -- as he was in Houston performing at the jail -- but only legal visitation was permitted. Our sources say the warden knocked on the door to interrupt Kim's visit and let Rodney know the good news ... it was extremely emotional.

4:31 PM PT -- Kim just detailed the meeting, saying, "Today, I had the honor of meeting Rodney Reed in person and the privilege of sitting with him when he got the news that the highest court in Texas had issued a stay of execution and remanded the case back to the trial court for further consideration."

She continued, "Words cannot describe the relief and hope that swept over the room in that moment. That hope had been building over the last few weeks around Rodney's case. We have seen Democrats and Republicans come together. We have seen grassroots activists and lawmakers link arms."

4:31 PM PT -- "We have heard people all around the globe speak up. And all because of a deep belief that every man or woman accused of a crime - especially one punishable by death - deserves the chance to have all available evidence considered."

She finishes, "So grateful for the commitment and passion of everyone who voiced their support, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for their recommendation to issue a 120 day reprieve, and the courts for issuing a stay!"

Kim Kardashian West isn't just lobbying to set a death row inmate free ... she met with him face-to-face with the clock ticking to try to figure out a plan.

We broke the story ... Kim's desperately trying to stay the execution of Rodney Reed -- which was originally scheduled for November 20 -- because she and many others believe there is substantial evidence to exonerate him of the murder he was convicted of more than 20 years ago.

Lucky for both Kim and Rodney, on Friday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued the stay of execution -- recommending a 120-day reprieve.

Our sources say Kim -- who traveled to Texas with Kanye for his upcoming performance at Joel Osteen's church -- was granted special permission by authorities to meet with Reed Friday.

We're told she wanted the chance to speak with him in person, hear his story and hash out a last-ditch effort to save his life. As we told you, she's publicly pleaded for Governor Greg Abbott to stop the execution.

Rodney is on death row in Livingston, TX for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites -- where cops initially said he'd raped, assaulted and strangled her to death. Reed has claimed the 2 had a consensual affair, but he's maintained his innocence of killing her for over 20 years now.

Just recently, a former inmate claimed to know the real murderer -- the guy alleges Stites' own fiance confessed to him while behind bars that he killed her for sleeping around.

Along with Kim, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and countless celebrities have voiced support to stop Reed's upcoming death.

Jane Fonda Loudly Supports Busted Protesters ... But Stays Above the Fray


Jane Fonda's still walking the walk -- marching with and sitting in with environmental protesters in D.C. -- but now when the cops move in, Jane heads for higher ground.

The iconic actress and activist was there to stage the sixth consecutive Fire Drill Fridays protest on Capitol Hill. As you know, Jane's been arrested 4 times, but she did not end up in handcuffs this time. Police moved in when the group sat and chanted in the rotunda of the Capitol, and warned demonstrators they were about to be rounded up.

At that point, Jane was high above on a balcony ... still chanting along with her comrades in protest -- but steering clear of arrest. It's the second week she hasn't been arrested -- and as we reported last week ... that's exactly what the protest planners want.


The folks behind Fire Drill Fridays say Jane's best value to the group is remaining the weekly face of their activities on the Hill -- and they begged her to avoid a 5th arrest.

As we told you, due to a previous bust ... Jane already has an open court date, and if she's thrown in jail a fifth time she risks remaining behind bars for 30 to 90 days.


The last time cops took Jane into custody, on November 1, she had to spend a night in jail -- but for now, she's staying high.

Kinda like the 60s all over again.

Montae Nicholson Returns To Redskins Practice Amid Police Investigation

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NBC Sports Washington/@JPFinlayNBCS

10:52 AM PT -- Redskins head coach Bill Callahan says he is not sure if the ongoing investigation will prevent Nicholson from playing against the Jets this weekend.

"We're still gathering information," Callahan said. "And, we'll make that determination and decision as we move forward."

Washington Redskins

Callahan added he has not yet spoken with the safety on Friday over the incident.

Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson is back at practice ... this while an investigation into a 21-year-old woman's death continues.

Nicholson was one of two men who brought an unconscious and unresponsive woman to an E.R. in Ashburn, Virginia on Thursday at around 1:30 AM. Officials say the woman died at the hospital and all signs point to a drug overdose.

Nicholson has NOT been arrested or accused of any wrongdoing -- but officials are VERY curious about what happened before she arrived at the hospital. We're told Nicholson is cooperating with authorities as the investigation continues.

The 23-year-old defensive back had missed practice on Thursday to deal with the matter ... but on Friday, Nicholson was back with his team, wearing sweats and his #35 jersey.

Nicholson has yet to comment on the situation ... and it's unclear if he'll play this weekend against the New York Jets.

Redskins head coach Bill Callahan is expected to meet with the media and address the situation later on Friday. The team has said it is also cooperating with law enforcement.

Antonio Brown 8-Hour Meeting With NFL ... Over Rape Allegations

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Antonio Brown believes his 8-hour meeting with NFL officials Thursday over rape allegations went well -- and it's clear he expects to get back on the field soon.

The NFL had been trying to speak with the WR about the lawsuit filed in Sept. by his ex-trainer Britney Taylor, who claimed AB sexually assaulted her 3 times, including a violent rape in 2018.

"I'm told Antonio Brown's interview w/t NFL lasted approximately 8 hours, omitting breaks," ESPN's Josina Anderson says.

"Brown felt it went well, had a chance to share his reflections during the time he's been out of the game & was very responsive to all questions."

Brown was definitely in good spirits after the sit-down -- and went to social media to talk about his plans to work out later that night. Seems obvious he thinks he'll be back in the NFL.


Anderson says the NFL might conduct some follow-up interviews with Brown before making a decision about possible punishment.

AB has adamantly denied the allegations and vowed the fight the case in court.

Seems this probe went WAY better than the deposition Brown sat for in his Sept. -- when the WR allegedly went berserk while being questioned in his apartment-trashing case.

As we previously reported, Brown is being sued by his former apartment complex in Miami for allegedly trashing his place ... and in a deposition explaining his side, he was accused by the complex's attorneys of being "defiant" and "profane."

In fact, the meeting went so poorly ... AB has agreed to retake the depo later next month.

31-year-old Brown -- who was cut by the Patriots back in September -- is still an NFL free agent. The Seattle Seahawks reportedly looked into signing him earlier this month but inked Josh Gordon to a deal instead.

NFL's Montae Nicholson Cooperating with Authorities In Death of 21-Year-Old Woman


5:58 PM PT -- A rep for Nicholson tells TMZ Sports the Redskins safety adamantly denies leaving after taking the woman to the hospital, saying, "He stayed the whole time."

Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson is cooperating with authorities who are investigating the death of a 21-year-old woman, TMZ Sports has learned.

Here's what we know ...  law enforcement has confirmed a "death investigation" is underway after an unconscious and unresponsive woman was brought to an E.R. in Ashburn, Virginia on Thursday around 1:30 AM.

The victim was pronounced dead in the emergency room. We're told officials believe the woman died from a drug overdose.

Cops tell us ... "The two males who brought her to the emergency room immediately left the area but have since been identified and located."

Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us one of the men is Montae Nicholson.

Nicholson has NOT been arrested or charged with a crime. However, cops say the case is being actively investigated by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and it's likely they'll speak with Nicholson as part of the probe.

Nicholson was NOT at Redskins practice on Thursday and we're being told his absence is due to this situation and not his ankle injury.

We reached out to the Redskins and a rep told us, "We’ve been made aware of the tragic event and extend our deepest sympathies to the family who lost a loved one."

"Our team has alerted the league office and is cooperating with local authorities. We fully support law enforcement and respect their process as they investigate the matter."

Nicholson was arrested back in December 2018 after cameras caught the NFL player in a late-night street brawl with a civilian.


The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Nicholson (in a red hoodie) wrestling with a man in a jean jacket before he eventually lands a violent knockout blow.

Montae was arrested and charged with assault and battery and public drunkenness ... but prosecutors eventually dropped the case citing insufficient evidence.

Nicholson has started all 7 games for the Redskins this season ... piling up 35 tackles and 2 interceptions. In his 3-year career, he's played in 29 tilts for Washington.

Gym Members Banned For Life After Insane Brawl ... Police Investigating

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Gym members who beat the hell out of each other with exercise equipment are now in serious trouble ... they've been banned from the facility for life and cops say they're now investigating.

The wild fight all went down shortly after noon on Nov. 7 at Ab Salute Gym in England ... and video of the scene -- which just surfaced this week -- shows a violent affair.

Unclear what kicked off the skirmish ... but several members grabbed gym equipment and weaponized it, swinging it at each other wildly.

You can see in the footage ... one man hits another guy on the ground with a metal bar -- while later in the brawl, a man swings a long horizontal bar.

The person who posted the footage didn't offer very many details on the fight, writing only, "so man are fighting in the gym now wow."

But, cops in Essex say two guys were hurt in the fracas ... saying, "A 17-year-old boy suffered bruising and cuts and a 27-year-old man suffered a cut above his eye."

Cops add they are investigating the fight.

As for the gym members' futures at the facility, an Ab Salute Gym spokesperson told The Sun, "The individuals concerned have been banned from our gyms for life."

"We do our very best to safeguard all members of the public and our staff across all gyms. We are deeply sorry to anyone who witnessed this incident or has been affected by it."

NFL's Malik McDowell Gets Jail Time & Homework ... In Cop Fighting Case


NFL lineman Malik McDowell was just sentenced to JAIL for fighting a cop in Feb. -- but he's also been ordered to write multiple lengthy essays about the law ... for real.

For example, McDowell must submit a 1,000-word paper to the court on "Finding Meaning In Life Other Than Committing Crimes."

Also, another 750-word essay on "Principles of Declaration of Independence and How Your Behavior Undermines Them."

His other two assignments -- two more 750-word papers on "Importance of Respecting the Rule of Law" and "Importance of Respecting Property Rights."


It stems from the Feb. 18 incident in Lathrup Village, Michigan when McDowell -- a 2017 2nd round pick of the Seattle Seahawks -- was pulled over for a routine traffic violation and ended up brawling with the officer in a gas station.

Video of the incident, obtained by TMZ Sports, showed cops ultimately using a taser to subdue the 6'6", 300-pound defensive lineman. He was charged with multiple felonies including assault and resisting arrest.

Just a few months later in April, McDowell was arrested again ... this time after he was accused of stealing a $75,000 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor. He was hit with a felony charge of receiving and concealing stolen property for that incident as well.

McDowell eventually pled guilty to all the charges after cutting a deal with prosecutors last month ... and at a hearing Wednesday, a judge sentenced him to jail.

Per a court official, McDowell was ordered to spend 153 days behind bars (with credit for 66 days already served) for the cop fighting case ... and an additional 244 days for the truck theft case.

Plus, the judge -- famous for handing out unusual sentences -- ordered McDowell to complete at least 4 essays. McDowell played his college ball at Michigan State -- hopefully he attended a few English classes!

There's more ... McDowell was also ordered to pay fines and fees as well as complete some testing and a substance abuse treatment program.

Of course, it's a solid deal for McDowell, who was facing MULTIPLE years behind bars for the crimes.

Malik -- who's still an NFL free agent -- has yet to play a down in the league after he was cut by the Seahawks in 2018 because of injuries. It's unclear if his Wednesday sentencing will signal the end of his NFL career.

Ex-Tennessee FB Player Jeremy Banks Apologizes to Cops ... 'I'm Truly Sorry'

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Ex-Tennessee football player Jeremy Banks has finally broken his silence after getting kicked off the team last month ... posting a picture with local police officers and apologizing for his "mistake."

Of course, 20-year-old Banks went on an anti-police rant captured on video while being arrested back in September -- saying, "Where I'm from, we shoot at cops."

He also made comments like "Y'all police are some p*****s, bro. Real s**t, I don't f**k with y'all."


Tennesse stuck with Banks after the video came out -- but cut him from the team days later when TMZ Sports learned the linebacker had made violent threats at a female student in August.


Banks had been radio silent up until last week when he posted an apology on Twitter.

"That night I had forgot to pray moments before, it was counted for though. FOR THE PEOPLE #ThanksGod," Banks tweeted, alongside a pic with what appears to be members of the Knoxville Police Department.

"I’m truly sorry for my mistake & I really appreciate everyone that’s rocking with me..."

Banks is still currently enrolled at UT ... but has not been a part of the team since his dismissal last month.

Besides some tremendously stupid decisions off-the-field, the 20-year-old is immensely talented ... and played both offense and defense for the Vols.

In other words, we've probably not seen the last of him just yet.

Young Dolph Cited For Littering ... Cops Say He Tossed Leafy Substance From Lambo


Young Dolph was tossing handfuls of a green, leafy substance out the window of his Lamborghini before getting pulled over, according to cops ... in a scene straight out of "Super Troopers."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Young Dolph was cruising around Fairburn, GA Thursday morning when a patrol car noticed the paper license plate on the rapper's yellow Lambo SUV was expired.

We're told officers lit him up, but Dolph continued driving for several blocks and that's when police noticed him tossing something green and leafy out the driver's side window.

In video from the traffic stop ... you see Young Dolph on his knees and in handcuffs as he's being detained by cops.

Our sources say police searched the Lambo but did not find any drugs, guns or contraband ... so Dolph was ticketed for littering and driving with an expired tag. He was not arrested.

We're told cops couldn't determine if Young Dolph was dumping marijuana out of his whip because the green substance was too scattered about the busy road by the time police pulled him over.

We reached out to Young Dolph's team ... so far, radio silence.

Chris Brown Claims L.A. Officials Harassed Him Over Yard Sale


Chris Brown got the kind of attention from L.A. cops and city officials that someone gets when they commit a really serious crime ... thing is, all he was doing was holding a yard sale.

TMZ has learned, a swarm of authorities visited Chris' San Fernando Valley property Tuesday ... the day before he held his yard sale at his home.

We're told at 9:30 PM Tuesday, a Code Enforcement officer from the L.A. Dept. of Building and Safety went to Chris' home to inform him someone had filed a complaint. We spoke with a Building and Safety official and asked what kind of complaint would someone make when the yard sale was hours away from even getting started.


We're told the person who filed the complaint claimed Chris was bringing stuff onto the property he was going to sell, but that just wasn't true. It was all his stuff ... stuff that was inside his home.

Here's the thing ... the officer was there for a full hour and a half. WHY? Well, the Building and Safety official told us they had to go over rules with Chris on how to throw a garage sale, and what he was and wasn't allowed to do. The official said the Code Enforcement officer had to wait a while until one of Chris' reps showed up, but he couldn't say what specifically was discussed and why it took so long. But, he denies it was harassment.

But, there's more. Sources connected to Chris tell TMZ, an LAPD officer went out during the day on Tuesday and told Chris' people they couldn't have a yard sale because he didn't have the proper permit. But, that's just dead wrong, because in the City of L.A. you don't need a permit to throw a yard sale.

KTTV Fox 11

An LAPD official tells us his officers did NOT tell Chris' people they needed a permit. They say it was someone from Building and Safety who said that. But, the Building and Safety official scoffed at this, telling us they were NOT the ones who mentioned a permit.

Our Chris sources say there were multiple visits by authorities and they believe the authorities were trying to kill the yard sale, even though it was perfectly legal.

Packers' Za'Darius Smith Weed Bust Video ... 'We Had Smoked Earlier'

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Green Bay Packers superstar Za'Darius Smith admitted to cops he had smoked weed shortly before he was pulled over for speeding ... telling an officer, "We had smoked earlier."

It's all in police video obtained by TMZ Sports ... which shows Smith and Packers rookies Rashan Gary and Kingsley Keke getting stopped on Sept. 29 in Racine, Wisc.

Smith was busted for doing 81 mph in a 60 -- but when a cop asked him how much weed he had in his vehicle ... the superstar pass rusher straight-up admitted to smoking earlier in the day.

That's when the officer put Smith and his teammates in cuffs and searched the 2019 Yukon ... and found what appeared to be blunts and a vaping cartridge in the guys' pricey bags.

When the cops came back to ask who owned the blunts ... Smith seemed surprised to learn they were in there -- but took the fall for them anyway.

"I'll put it on me, yessir," Smith said.

As for the cartridge, Smith also took the fall for that, saying again, "I'll put that on me."

The cop cited Smith for speeding and possession of marijuana. Gary and Keke were NOT cited in the incident.

Unclear if the NFL will hand down punishment to Smith for admitting to smoking ... but it'd be a big deal if they did. Za'Darius has been a star for the Packers after signing a 4-year, $66 MILLION deal this offseason.

As for his citations ... Smith's facing nothing more than fines for those, but his attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf to both of the infractions earlier this week.

Smith -- who's on track to be a Pro Bowler this season -- is due in court for another hearing on the matter next month.

Chris Brown Yard Sale Attracts Crowds Cops Tried Shutting it Down

Exclusive Details

1:05 PM PT -- The line to CB's yard sale has grown exponentially ... and based on a couple of shoppers, it appears waiting in the massive line's worth it. One guy said he spent nearly $500 on vintage items. He said Chris is NOT at the yard sale. Another shopper said he also spent around $500, claiming his haul is probably worth around $3k after buying vintage shoes worth a ton.


BTW ... one of the shoppers tells us they're serving free ice cream too.

Chris Brown is having a massive yard sale in front of his house, to which he's invited the public, much to the chagrin of the LAPD ... and we've learned cops tried shutting it down using a law that doesn't exist.

KTTV Fox 11

The singer posted up his personal address in Tarzana, CA on Tuesday, announcing that he'd be selling off marked-down designer items -- some of which, presumably, belong to him personally. Well, cops caught wind of this and paid Chris a visit in an attempt to torpedo the event -- but they weren't successful in doing so ... 'cause Chris is still operating legally.

Sources close to Chris tell TMZ that an LAPD officer went to his home Tuesday telling his people they couldn't have a garage sale because they don't have a permit. Chris' lawyer got involved ... they called BS, and rightly so. Permits are not required in the City of L.A. where Chris lives.


Sources connected to Chris say they kept getting harassed. They say cops then tried to shut down the garage sale because of fear the crowds would be too large. But, so far there are only a few dozen people.

Thing is ... sources on the ground are telling us that things were chill Tuesday night, are still cool hours ahead of Chris opening the doors at 10 AM PT Wednesday. We're told that his team has announced they're letting folks in 10 at a time -- and there's already about 3 dozen heads lining the block, with about 6 or so police cruisers driving around patrolling.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they were concerned about "the impact [of the garage sale] on the community" and "the safety of the people who are there."

Originally Published -- 8:11 AM PT 

Mama June No Signs of Improvement Family Fears the Worst


Mama June continues to push her family away -- at times going totally off the radar -- and they feel things are getting to the point of no return.

Family sources tell TMZ June has been in and out of communication with her loved ones over the last few weeks ... bouncing from hotel to hotel. She most recently made an appearance -- though brief and angry -- at an Alabama courthouse.


We're told June will still text with her daughters here and there but mostly remains out of the picture. We're told the family is deeply concerned for her health and has offered to get her help many times.

June's family members have made it a routine to drive around and check up on where she's staying and use her SUV as a landmark for whatever hotel she might crash at.

Back in September, we're told June's family hadn't heard from her in over a week. They became so concerned for her safety, they called the cops to go and check on her.


Law enforcement sources tell us officers responded to the hotel June was holed up at in Georgia and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, answered the door. We're told June eventually came to the door as well and proved she was just fine.

WE tv

Our sources say June's family members fear she's reaching a point of no return ... and Geno's only making things worse.

June recently pled not guilty in her crack cocaine case and is awaiting a future court date.

Rapper Gorilla Zoe Busted for Domestic Violence ... Played the 'You Know Who I Am' Card


Rapper Gorilla Zoe flew into a violent rage and ended up getting arrested for domestic violence over the weekend ... this according to cops.

Gorilla Zoe was busted early Sunday morning in Monroe County, Florida after security at La Siesta Resort called cops to say they saw Zoe get physical with a woman on his hotel room balcony.

According to the police report ... hotel security claims Zoe was trying to shove his GF into the room. When she refused, he allegedly pushed her to the ground. Cops say she eventually managed to get away and lock him out on the balcony.

Zoe then started punching and kicking the glass door ... according to witnesses, and the woman let him back into the room. At that point, cops arrived looked into the hotel room window and saw Zoe pinning down his girlfriend.

Cops broke things up, and Zoe got off her, but she immediately started to defend him. She told the responding officers, "We always drink and argue, nothing more. He's never gotten physical with me. Isn't that what happens when everyone drinks?"

She also told them he "always become crazy aggressive like" when he's drinking, but added he would never harm her physically. Officers say she didn't have any noticeable injuries.

Zoe was arrested for domestic battery, and while he was being booked played the rapper card. Cops say he told them he was a nice guy and, "My name is Gorilla Zoe you know me I'm a rapper."

He was released an hour later after posting a $2,500 bond.

'Madam Secretary' Fight Erupts on Set ... Background Actor Left a Bloody Mess


The set of "Madam Secretary" damn near turned into a WWE Royal Rumble ... after a background actor's hangry side got the best of him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops on the show's set in Whippany, NJ broke up a fight Friday between a craft services employee and a background actor. We're told there were several hundred background actors filming a scene where Téa Leoni gives a speech.

When they went to break, a horde of extras swarmed the snacks/coffee table. It was at this point, law enforcement sources tell us, an actor cut the line and was told by a female craft services staffer to get to the back.

Sources say the actor pushed the female employee, and that's when her husband -- who also works craft services -- flew in like a bat outta hell and socked the background actor in the face.

We're told the actor landed on the snack-filled table, and then the husband got on top of him and punched him several more times in the face ... leaving him bloodied. Our sources say cops had to peel the employee off the actor, who was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Law enforcement sources say cops took down statements from all parties involved but nobody was arrested. We reached out to reps from the show. So far ... no word back.

'E.T.' Star Henry Thomas 'Fast Acting THC' Found in Car During DUI Arrest


Henry Thomas had cannabis in his vehicle when he was busted for a DUI, which could explain him being zonked at the wheel ... this according to law enforcement.

As we reported ... Elliott from 'E.T.' was arrested last month in Oregon after the Tualatin PD responded to a call of him being asleep in the driver's seat at an intersection in a residential area.

Washington County Jail

According to new court docs ... the responding officer arrived right after another driver had pounded on Thomas' window to wake him up, and noticed he had spit on his now-open window and it was running down the door. He allegedly also had spit on his jacket.

The cop claims she asked Thomas if he was having a medical issue and he said no, but he was slurring his speech and had droopy and bloodshot eyes. According to the docs, he said he didn't have anything to drink, but refused the field sobriety tests.

The officer claims Thomas was swaying as she talked to him so she placed him under arrest for DUI ... and located a bottle of "fast acting THC" in the driver's side door.

The Washington County Oregon Circuit Court clerk tells us ... Thomas' attorney pled not guilty on his behalf Friday to the misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. He has another court date scheduled for later this month.

We reached out to the attorney ... no word back, so far.