Toni Braxton Testifies As Victim in Jewelry Theft Case ... He Stole $2.5 Mil in Bling!!!


Toni Braxton took an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth Thursday, and told a jury she's heartbroken that the guy on trial stole her engagement ring and other precious jewelry.

A guy who works for an airplane cleaning service is on trial for allegedly rifling through a piece of carry-on luggage she forgot after landing in L.A. We're told three other employees from the cleaning service say they were on the Delta jet and saw the defendant pilfer Toni's $1 million engagement ring, 4 super expensive watches -- including 2 Rolex's and a Cartier -- and 2 pairs of vintage earrings. The grand total of the theft -- $2.5 MILLION.


The bad news -- the jewelry is still missing. Birdman gave Toni the ring when he proposed to her in February 2018. As for why the ring wasn't on her finger during the JFK to LAX flight ... because her fingers tend to swell when she flies as a result of a medical condition -- lupus.

On her way out of court Toni told us she hopes the thief has some remorse and gives her the jewelry back ... especially the engagement ring.

Soccer Superstar Jerome Boateng $350k Jewelry Shopping Spree!!!

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German soccer superstar Jerome Boateng is on a mission to be the most iced out player in the game ... going on a $350k watch and chain jewelry spree!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 30-year-old Bayern Munich defender wanted to treat himself with some shiny new gifts ... hitting up Gabriel the Jeweler for the job.

We're told Boateng copped an Audemars Piguet watch with a custom VVS diamond bezel decked out with 30 carat stones ... and a 1 kilo Cuban link choker with 120 carat VVS diamonds.

FYI -- Gabriel is the go-to guy for guys who play the other football as well -- like Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and Amari Cooper.

Boateng -- a World Cup Champ with Germany in 2014 -- is one of the highest paid players in the game ... so don't worry, he'll be fine.

Antonio Brown Channels Muhammad Ali With $250k Chain ... Sting Like AB!!!

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He got the G.O.A.T. rings ... now Antonio Brown is paying homage to the Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali, with an iced-out butterfly and bee chain worth $250k!!

TMZ Sports has learned -- the NFL superstar wanted to honor the legend and his AB nickname at the same time ... getting an insane bee with butterfly wings -- and his #84 jersey number on it.

We're told Brown went to his go-to guy, Gabriel the Jeweler, for the job ... hooking him up with the piece made with a combo of pear and baguette-shaped VVS and brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 65 carats on the cuban chain and 50 carats on the pendent.


Of course ... Gabriel is the guy behind AB's G.O.A.T rings he copped earlier this year (along with pretty much all of Brown's bling) ... and has also worked with other superstars like Amari Cooper, Odell Beckham and Jalen Ramsey.

We're told this newest piece is valued at a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS ... but don't worry, AB's in the middle of a 3-year, $50 million contract.

Business is most definitely boomin'.

Kevin Love Cops Diamond Stone Cold Pendant ... It's A Stunner!!!

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Kevin Love just copped a custom diamond Stone Cold Steve Austin pendant for his neck ... and the piece is AWESOME!!!

The Cavs superstar has been a huge fan of Austin 3:16 for years ... so he hit up Greg Yuna & Jason “J-FROST” Adams in NYC to get his love for the wrestler memorialized in a new chain.

We're told the drip -- which was made in the guys' shop in the Diamond District -- features 7ct VS D color stones and 14kt white gold.


All total -- we're told the ice cost around $15,000.

Of course, it's a small price to pay for Love -- who's a big wrestling buff -- 'cause the guy just inked a 4-year, $120 MILLION deal with Cleveland!!!

As for Stone Cold, he approves of the bling ... writing on his social media page, "Glass shattering across the universe."


Cardi B and Offset Drop $100,000 ... On Birthday Bling For Kulture!!!


Cardi B and Offset are making sure Kulture is one blinged-out baby ... spending a huge chunk of change on a super lavish present for their daughter's upcoming first birthday party.

Our sources tell us, Kulture is getting some serious bday bling when she turns 1 next month ... and we've got an early look at the extravagant piece of custom jewelry.


Check it out ... when Kulture celebrates her first birthday on July 10, she's gonna get this super sick piece from her parents, featuring characters from her favorite TV show, "Word Party."

We've learned Cardi commissioned celeb jeweler Eliantte for the project ... and the pendant and chain are made of diamonds, white gold and vibrantly colored enamel. Altogether, we're told Cardi dropped about $100,000 to keep Kulture ice cold.

Kulture's first birthday bash is gonna be one for the ages ... Cardi recently revealed she's pulling out all the stops, and spending a whopping $400k on the festivities!!!

Ah, the perks of being born to a hip-hop power couple.

Rams Coach Sean McVay Engaged to Model Girlfriend ... Check Out That Ring!!!

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The Super Bowl ring didn't happen ... but the engagement ring did!!

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay just proposed to his smokin' hot Ukrainian model girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn ... and (shocker!) she said YES!

The two have been on vacation in the French Riviera -- where the 33-year-old busted out a diamond ring the size of Veronika's knuckle and popped the question.

"Can't wait to call him my husband," Khomyn said.

Sean and 29-year-old Veronika started dating somewhere around 2011 ... when she was a student at George Mason University in Virginia and he was an assistant coach on the Washington Redskins.

Since then, the two have been super tight ... she moved out to L.A. with him when he took the job to coach the Rams. They live together in a home in the San Fernando Valley.

... and now they're gonna get married! Congrats!

NBA Draft Day Drip Zion Goes '03 LeBron, Bol Bol Gets Webby

It's the most swaggy time of the year ... when the top NBA prospects in the game show off their style on the biggest days of their lives ... and these guys went all out in the name of FASHION!!!

Zion Williamson is rockin' an all-white suit -- just like LeBron James did at the 2003 Draft -- for when his name is called as the first pick ... with an open collar shirt ('cause ties are overrated).

To top off the look, Zion went with a blinged-out Rolex ... which is retails in the $45,000 range, but with all the bells and whistles, it's worth a LOT more.

RJ Barrett went the pink route ... donning a custom suit with Canadian flag lining and his "Maple Mamba" nickname stitched in it as well.

And just like his Duke teammate, Barrett iced out his wrist as well .. going with a fancy Cartier watch for good measure.


Bol Bol's Spidey senses are tingling ... 'cause the 7'2" center went with a black suit and bedazzled spider web print.

Other notable suits include Darius Garland (who was styled by Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo) ... Jaxson Hayes with the red suit and Sideshow Bob chain ... and Nickeil Alexander's snakeskin-print suit.

The draft kicks off at 4 PM PT from the Barclays Center in NYC.

NBA Prospect Jaxson Hayes Cops 'Sideshow Bob' Chain ... with 1,000 Stones!!!

Exclusive Details

Ex-Texas hoops star center Jaxson Hayes got himself a sick pre-draft gift that would make Homer Simpson proud ... immortalizing his "Sideshow Jax" nickname in diamonds with a Sideshow Bob chain!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the projected lottery pick wanted to treat himself before the biggest day of his life ... hitting up Al the Jeweler of LaBelle Jewelry in NJ to hook him up with a chain of his Simpsons character Doppelgänger.

Al -- the go-to jeweler for huge stars like Jarvis Landry and Stefon Diggs -- tells us the one-of-a-kind piece is made of VS diamonds and rubies ... and it took 1,000 total stones to make.

No word on how much Hayes dropped for the piece ... but we're told this kinda work would run around $25k.

We're told Hayes LOVES the piece ... and there's a great chance he might even wear it when his name is called at the draft on Thursday.

Welcome to the league, kid!!

Wendy Williams Divorce Be Damned ... I'm Still Rocking Huge Diamonds!!!


12:44 PM PT -- Turns out the thing Wendy ISN'T giving up during her divorce is her taste for glam. We've learned that ring on that notorious finger is not her original wedding ring, but some very serious flower bling nonetheless.

Wendy Williams isn't letting an ugly breakup and divorce get in the way of a beautiful, massive diamond ring ... and she's making sure everyone knows it.

Wendy's out on the left coast and Thursday night we got her outside Craig's, where she was having a business dinner. Photogs quickly noticed her gajillion-carat wedding ring -- hard not to, it's blinding -- and asked her about it, point-blank.

Watch the vid ... she doesn't speak much, but she says a lot by blatantly flaunting the ring to cameras.

As you know Wendy filed to divorce Kevin Hunter back in April, shortly after he and his alleged mistress had a baby. It's been a nasty split ... with Kevin getting booted from his job as executive producer on her talk show -- and more recently getting into a fight with their son, Kevin Jr.

Despite all of that, Wendy's continued rocking the rock, on and off TV. Don't read anything into it, though -- our Wendy sources say there's absolutely no reconciliation going down.

Husbands come and go, but y'know what they say about a girl's BFF.

Tom Brady Chugs Beer, Flaunts 6 Rings ... at Pats Super Bowl Party

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Tom Brady RAGED Thursday night -- pounding beers, dancing with his teammates and SHOWING OFF HIS 6TH SUPER BOWL RING!!!

The G.O.A.T. -- along with most of his 2018 Patriots teammates -- rolled over to Robert Kraft's mansion on Thursday night for the ring presentation ceremony for winning Super Bowl LIII ... and the party was LIIIT!!!

Even head coach Bill Belichick cracked a smile and flexed a little bit ... showing off his hardware too.

Rob Gronkowski ... you know he turned up -- and the future Hall of Famer was giddy like a kid when he saw the Super Bowl LIII Lombardi Trophy still has that DENT in it from that time he used it for batting practice at Fenway Park!

Josh Gordon was also on hand to get a Super Bowl ring -- despite being suspended for the back end of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Before the suspension, Gordon had racked up 40 catches for 720 yards and 3 TDs.

The rings are sick -- each piece contains 422 diamonds, totaling 9.85 carats ... and 20 sapphires representing 20 AFC East Division Championships.

There are also a few sayings engraved into the rings -- including the playoff rally cry," Still Here," and the Patriots team motto, "We Are All Patriots."

Tom and the Patriots famously beat the L.A. Rams 13 to 3 in Super Bowl LIII -- with Julian Edelman winning the Super Bowl MVP award.

As for Robert Kraft, he seemed super happy and unfazed by the other drama in his life ... the ongoing Asian massage parlor prostitution case in Jupiter, Florida.

State prosecutors have appealed the judge's decision to throw out the video evidence in the case ... so it's an uphill battle for officials -- but a great situation for Kraft.

... might as well throw a party at his mansion for that too.

Team France Star Lucas Hernandez World Cup Drip ... Worth $85k!!


The French national team may be the iciest in all of sports ... 'cause fresh off getting championship rings from Paul Pogba, star defender Lucas Hernandez got a World Cup trophy chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Lucas is following his teammates' lead in commemorating their 2018 World Cup with diamonds -- copping 2 tennis chains and a pendant of the World Cup trophy.

We're told Hernandez hit up Antonio Brown's go-to guy, Gabriel the Jeweler, for the job ... and whipped up the chains with 30 carats each, and the white gold trophy with 6 carat diamonds.

The piece even has a message engraved on the back, saying, "Champion Du Monde."

We're told the whole order is worth around $85,000.

Of course, Pogba gifted championship rings to all his teammates back in March ... so Hernandez has all kinds of WC swag now.

DJ Mustard Ketchup & Get On My Level With $650k Chain!!!


DJ Mustard treated himself on his birthday ... with some expensive condiments.

The famed producer behind some of hip-hop's sickest beats turned 29 on Wednesday and celebrated with new bling. DJ Mustard commissioned celebrity jeweler Eliantte, who came up with a clever pendant. Over 400 carats of VS diamonds and more than 2 kilos of gold make up a tiny ketchup figurine bottle chasing, naturally, a mustard one.

A bunch of diamonds also make out "10 Summers" on the center of the pendant ... in homage to Mustard's first studio album. Two brand new links designed by Eliantte complete the shiny birthday gift he received last night. The gift wasn't cheap either ... a cool $650k!!!


DJ Mustard -- who earned the stage name because his first name is Dijon (as in Dijon mustard, get it?) -- said the new pendant gives his stage name a whole new meaning. He wrote on Instagram, "Always be mustard, never have to Ketchup."

The hitmaker listed some proud accomplishments ... from winning a Grammy this year to moving "my sister and mom out of the hood" and putting countless of his friends in better positions to take care of their families.

Bottoms up!!!

Le'Veon Bell Black Panther Chain Stolen ... $500k Jewelry Heist

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Le'Veon Bell lost more than HALF A MILLION dollars in jewelry-- including his beloved Black Panther chain -- after 2 of his female friends allegedly swiped his belongings from his Florida home last month.

According to Hollywood PD ... the NY Jets running back came home from a gym workout on May 25 and noticed some things were missing -- his 2 gold and diamond chains, a Rolex watch, the Black Panther pendent ... as well as the 2 girls who were chilling at his house.

The valuables are worth $520,000 in total.

Sources tell us Le'Veon -- who just signed a 4-year, $52.5 million deal with the Jets back in March -- made his new team aware of the theft after the incident occurred.

Story developing ...

Lil Pump Makes It Rain $500k ... Inside Jewelry Store!!!

Lil Pump loves throwing his money around ... so much so, he had racks of cash falling from the sky while getting iced out at one of his fave jewelers!!! Strip clubs are so passe.

We're told Pump went on an insane shopping spree at Icebox in Atlanta ... racking up a huge tab and making it rain, before literally swimming in the money.

Lil Pump's tour stopped in ATL last week, on his way down to his Rolling Loud gig, and went to see the famous jeweler. We're told he had the store all to himself and took full advantage -- going WILD!!!


Ya gotta see the video ... LP entertained the hell out of himself as he kept throwing money in the air. Seems he and his dough got a little lonely, though, 'cause he called out for some strippers.

Let's just say things didn't go as planned, but he still made the most of it.

Here's what the "Iced Out" rapper got for his $500k:

-- custom "Lil Pump" pendant with VVS diamonds
-- diamond Cartier glasses with purple tinted shades
-- two-tone rose/white gold Miami Cuban bracelet with VVS diamonds
-- 2 rose gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds
-- 2 white gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds
-- baguette diamond ring with VVS diamonds

But, wait, there's more ... we're told he also commissioned a one-of-a-kind diamond grill.

Lil Pump ... a jeweler's best friend.

Quavo Gives Diamond Chain to NBA's Trae Young ... 'Welcome to ATL'

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Here's the best Rookie of the Year trophy ever ... Quavo hooked up NBA star Trae Young with a custom diamond chain for his huge 1st season in the league -- and the bling is awesome!!!

"Welcome to the A," the rap star told Young as he presented the jewelry.

Trae killed it for the Atlanta Hawks this year ... averaging 19.1 points and 8.1 assists per game in 81 starts -- and to show his thanks, Migos' Atlanta superfan got him some ice.

The chain -- made by famous ATL jeweler Wafi -- is pretty epic ... it features a huge basketball pendant surrounded by dripping diamonds with the nickname "Ice Trae" on it.

The Hawks PG clearly loved the gift ... writing on Quavo's social media page, "YESSSSSSSSIR Much Love My Brotha!!!"

Of course, Trae ain't officially the NBA's Rookie of the Year ... the award won't be announced until the league has its end-of-season ceremony next month.

In fact, Trae ain't even the favorite to land the honor ... Dallas Mavericks PG Luka Doncic is expected to take home the hardware.

But not like Quavo cares ... saying, "Young Rookie of the Year in MY books!"

Tyrann Mathieu Proposes To Longtime GF ... With Epic Diamond Ring!!!

Exclusive Details

Honey Badger don't give a crap ... about ring prices -- 'cause Tyrann Mathieu just got a massive engagement ring for his GF that we're to is valued around $250,000!

TMZ Sports has learned the new Kansas City Chiefs safety decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Sydni Paige Russell ... so he hit up ZoFrost in Houston to get some ice for the big occasion.

The ring Mathieu decided on is epic ... it features a 6-carat emerald cut center stone with 3.35 carats on the band.

ZOFrost and Co.

All totaled up, we're told it's worth a quarter of a million dollars!!

Of course, Mathieu can afford the bling ... the guy just inked one of the richest safety deals in the history of the NFL, signing for $42 MILLION!!!

As for Sydni -- who's the step daughter of former Jets head coach Todd Bowles -- she certainly seemed happy with the rock ... their proposal video is awesome!!!