Kobe Bryant Lakers Ring He Gifted Mom ... Sells for $206k!!!


The 14k gold-and-diamond ring Kobe Bryant gifted his mom 20 years ago has just sold ... and it brought in more than $206k!!!!

$206,080 to be exact.

As we previously reported, Kobe bought two identical, blinged-out rings for his parents to commemorate his first NBA championship with the Lakers following the 1999, 2000 season.

Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, famously tried to sell the rings, along with a bunch of other Kobe memorabilia back in the day ... and Kobe sued to try and stop the sale.

Kobe ultimately agreed to allow his parents to sell 6 items -- including the rings -- and, in 2013, they sold to a private collector (a big Lakers fan) for a total of $280,000.

Now, that private collector went to Goldin Auction to see what they could get for the rings ... and obviously, the value has skyrocketed.

The minimum bid was $15,000 -- and after 20 total bids, it sold for $206k.

AND ... the ring Kobe gave his father, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, is expected to hit the auction block soon and it could fetch even more than Pam's ring.

As for the identity of the new buyer, that has no been disclosed -- and may never be.

Roddy Ricch Bags 7 Grammy 'Ship Rings for Crew ... Worth a Cool $250k!!!


Roddy Ricch really is ballin' now ... along with his crew cause he hooked 'em up with some diamond-studded championship rings to celebrate his first-ever Grammy win.

The 21-year-old Compton MC will soon get his hands on these incredibly-baller rings produced by none other than Hollywood's favorite celebrity jeweler, Elliot Eliantte. We're told Roddy ordered 7 rings for him and his crew. Eliantte's been working on the bling for the past few months and he just finished them, so Roddy will soon have them delivered.

Elliot Eliantte

All in all ... we're told the rings are worth a whopping $250k. But, gotta give the kid some credit, celebrate big after a monumental win. As you probably know by now ... Roddy brought home a Grammy back in January after winning Best Rap Performance for "Racks in the Middle." The track featured Nipsey Hussle and Hit-Boy.

Roddy thanked the late Crenshaw-reppin' rapper on Instagram when he finally had his Grammy delivered to him on Tuesday. Roddy also earned 2 other Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song ("Racks in the Middle" and Best Rap/Sung Performance ("Ballin'").

Robert Kraft SB Ring Auction Hits $1 Million ... With 8 Days To Go

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1:14 PM PT -- 5/13 -- Bidding for Kraft's ring has just topped $1 MILLION ... and all signs are pointing toward the auction ultimately selling for FAR MORE than that!!

There are still 8 days and change left to go ... and the current price tag for Kraft's insane Patriots jewelry is a cool $1,025,000!

So far, 35 total bids have been entered since Monday ... when the opening bid kicked off at just $75,000.

Robert Kraft is offering up one his most prized possessions to help raise money for COVID-19 relief ... putting his 283-diamond, Super Bowl LI championship ring on the auction block!!

The New England Patriots owner made the announcement Sunday ... accepting Michael Rubin's All In Challenge with one of the most enticing packages we've seen yet.

The bling is one of the biggest championship rings ever created ... weighing 5.1 carats and featuring 10-karat white gold and nearly 300 diamonds.

Of course, the jewelry has a very special meaning as well ... the Patriots earned it by completing the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever, beating the Falcons in 2017 after going down 28-3.

"We were down 28-3 and had a .04 chance of winning, 99.6 percent chance to lose," Kraft said. "And we came back, and we won."

"And I thought about what's going on at this time and wanted to give something of extreme value in support of our health care workers. So I thought it would be good to give this ring, our fifth Super Bowl win because it showed how we came back."

Kraft says he'll hand-deliver the ring to the auction's highest bidder in his personal trophy room ... and says if the winner is out of state, he'll send the team jet to pick them up!

That's not all ... RK says the trip will come with a personal tour of the Pats facilities -- and maybe even a few meals with the 78-year-old!!

Opening bid started at $75,000 ... but it's already reached $330k -- and could break a million by the time it ends later this month!!

Props for yet another awesome charitable move from Kraft during the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally Published -- 5/11 6:56 AM PT

Rich the Kid Sued Your Unpaid Bling Tab is $234,000!!!


Rich the Kid can rap all he wants about how "Money Talks" but one celeb jeweler's wondering why the Kid's gone radio silent when it comes to unpaid jewelry bills ... according to a new lawsuit.

Peter Marco from Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills is suing the "Plug Walk" rapper claiming he owes a whopping $234,800 in unpaid jewelry that includes bracelets and incredibly fancy watches.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Marco says he's been doing business with Rich since at least October 2017. RTK ordered diamond necklaces, crosses and even a couple of Patek Philippe watches worth several hundred thousand dollars. And, for a while, Rich did make payments.

In docs, Marco says Rich wired over several payments but they eventually stopped. Even still, RTK continued ordering jewelry and Marco kept delivering ... but the bills kept piling on and Marco claims he wasn't getting paid. So, he's now suing for what he says he's still owed.

Rich the Kid's no stranger to flossing his bling. In the past, he's ordered pricey jewelry when he dropped new albums and even collaborations.

We've reached out to Rich the Kid for comment, so far ... no word back.

Conor McGregor Cops Ultra Rare Diamond Watch ... '#TheHulk'

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Conor McGregor ain't fighting on Saturday's historic UFC card ... but he's already won the weekend -- copping one of the most insane watches you'll EVER see!!

The Notorious snagged an ultra-rare Patek Philippe on Friday ... and claims its one of only 25 in the world!!!

"And yes you guessed it. I’m number 12, certified," the Proper #12 honcho said.

The watch's specs are ridiculous ... according to Conor, its made in platinum and honeycomb green with a diamond and crocodile strap -- and has a nickname of "#TheHulk."


"They will also never utilise this colour scheme again," the UFC superstar says. "Such was the difficulty in levelling it out all through the dial. Incredible!"

Unclear the price of the jewelry ... but it's safe to say it wasn't cheap -- Patek Philippe's are some of the fanciest watches in the world -- with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!

Of course, it ain't like Conor can't afford it ... dude's earned hundreds of millions of dollars in his career!!!


Earl Thomas Gets Diamond Chain for Bday From Wife ... After Wild Arrest

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Seems Earl Thomas is on decent terms with his wife -- despite allegations she held a gun to his head -- because he's flashing a new diamond chain she got him for his birthday.

The Baltimore Ravens star turned 31 on Thursday -- and showed off his flashy new gift on social media ... a diamond pendant featuring a picture of Earl with his late grandfather, Pastor Earl Thomas.

His grandfather passed away in 2018 -- but Earl has spoken publicly about how much Pastor Earl meant to him.

Earl praised Nina Thomas for the gift -- saying, "Thank You [Nina Thomas]."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Nina was arrested on April 13 after cops say she stormed an Airbnb home in Texas and held Earl at gunpoint after she caught him cheating.

Earl posted a video statement on May 6 saying, "Stuff like this happens" -- and noting that he has "been talking" with his wife.

So, does the chain represent a full reconciliation?

No word yet ... but it seems it's heading in that direction.

David Harbour & Lily Allen Spark Engagement Rumors ... Is That A Ring?!?

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Lily Allen seems like she's officially off the market ... because it looks like she's engaged to David Harbour, and she's got the rock to prove it.

Lily stoked engagement rumors once again Thursday, posting a sultry snap to her social media and bragging about her physique ... but a closer look reveals what appears to be an engagement ring, and yes it's on THAT finger.

One of Lily's 1.2 million eagle-eyed Instagram followers straight-up asked her in the comments if she's indeed wearing an engagement ring, and Lily's answer was telling ... she replied, "First rule of engagement club...."

So, there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.

The Grammy-nominated singer and "Stranger Things" star are notoriously private about their relationship ... the couple only officially announced they were an item earlier this year after months of dating.

We reached out to reps for both Lily and David to confirm their engagement ... so far, no word back.

But, Lily's picture and comment kinda speak for themselves.

NJ Wedding Safe and Socially Distant, But ... Dude, Where's My Ring?!?


File this under no good deed goes unpunished -- a bride and groom held a responsible, safe and socially distant wedding, only to end up losing one very important thing ... the ring!!!

Full disclosure ... the groom here is one of our NYC camera guys, Jeremy. He and his fiancee, Laura, tied the knot Saturday in Milburn, NJ. Small affair ... about 20 guests outside in Taylor Park, with everyone -- except the bride and groom -- standing 6-feet apart with face masks.


But, watch what happened next -- Jeremy read his vows, but wanted to wrap them up with a little pizzazz ... so he crumpled up the paper and tossed it over his head. Awesome! Except for the part where his wedding band also got tossed. By accident, he says.

The wedding party quickly turned into a search party ... with guests and a few passersby crawling around in the grass looking for Jeremy's wedding band.

Spoiler alert! They never found it. The rabbi told Jeremy this kinda marital disaster was a first for him after performing more than 800 weddings. Oy vey!

The show did go on though ... Laura said her vows and the rabbi pronounced them married -- so the deal was sealed in the end. Mind you, this whole affair was their plan B. Originally, they were going to have 250 guests at a wedding hall, indoors (where it's easier to find lost rings).

For the record, Laura's ring is intact and on her hand. Jeremy's got some shopping to do.

Mazel tov!!!

NFL Draft Top Picks Got Sick Custom Jewelry ... With Special Meaning

Joe Burrow did it. Same with CeeDee Lamb and Henry Ruggs.

In fact, 10 of the top NFL Draft picks got custom jewelry for their big day with VERY special meaning behind each piece ... and we got the story straight from the jeweler!

The man behind the bling is Leo Frost who runs his own shop out of Houston, outfitting some of the top athletes on the planet.


You may have seen Ceedee Lamb's #32 diamond piece -- a tribute to his late uncle.

Back before COVID-19 shut down the country, he had a face-to-face meeting with the top draft picks to brainstorm meaningful pieces of jewelry to wear on the biggest day of their lives.

Raiders WR Henry Ruggs -- who famously holds up 3 fingers every time he scores a TD -- got the same hand gesture immortalized on a chain. It's all to honor his best friend, Rod Scott, who died in a car crash in 2016.

Andrew Thomas -- the massive offensive lineman selected by the NY Giants -- got an incredible bear pendant because he embodies a giant grizzly bear!

The piece is sick ... which has rubies on the tongue and eyes and it has a "glowing effect" when you put light around it!

Joe Burrow got a #9 -- but Frost says he's working on a special secret piece for the Bengals QB. Stay tuned for that!

There's more ...

Derrick Brown, Patrick Queen, Javon Kinlaw and Jerry Jeudy also hit up Frost's shop and copped some amazing pieces.

Yeah, they're rich now -- but Frost ain't no dummy -- hooking up the rookies with serious discounts in hopes to win back their business.

Smart and talented!!

Congrats to everybody!

Tekashi 6ix9ine Making It Rain ... On Luxury Cars and Bling!!!


Tekashi 6ix9ine is wasting no time settling back into the life of a rap superstar following his early prison release ... he's spending tons of cash and getting offers for concerts.

Sources close to Tekashi69 tell TMZ ... the rapper is throwing tons of money around on whips and bling, purchasing a fleet of luxury vehicles that includes an Aventador, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and a Range Rover!!!

Tekashi's getting iced out too ... we're told he splurged on 4 timepieces, including a Richard Mille watch, and dropped another $300,000 on a chain shaped like a shark.

TMZ broke the story ... a judge released 6ix9ine from prison early after his plea to get out to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus. Tekashi's now under supervised release in-home incarceration.

Because 69's on house arrest, our sources say he's making the lavish purchases over the phone with the help of his trusted associates.

Tekashi's still fielding offers for shows despite being labeled a snitch ... we're told venues in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Europe and South America are offering him $500,000 for shows in 2020 and 2021 -- apparently, rats can make bank overseas.

Of course, 6ix9ine is still under house arrest for another 3 months, so he's gonna have to wait a while to take the stage again ... and the coronavirus pandemic is also throwing a wrench in his plans. Once Tekashi's off house arrest, he'll still need to get permission from his probation officer to travel for work, but the opportunities are out there.

Tekashi's got a daily routine at home ... when he's not burning through cash, we're told he's spending time with his family and working on an album, which is expected to drop in the coming months.

And, if you're wondering where all the money is coming from ... remember, Tekashi scored a massive record deal in October and got millions in an advance.

NBA's Zach LaVine Quarantine Proposal!!! ... Gets Engaged To GF

Breaking News

"In quarantine and in health..."

NBA star Zach LaVine decided there was no time like quarantine to pop the question to his longtime GF, Hunter Mar ... asking her to marry him in his backyard.... and she said YES!!!

The Chicago Bulls star pulled off the move by pretending to do an impromptu photo shoot with their adorable dog, Grizzly, on Wednesday ... when he whipped out a MASSIVE rock and got on one knee.

Seriously ... look at that thing. Zach definitely had to put that $78 million contract to good use.

Mar -- who has been dating LaVine since they were high school sweethearts -- was clearly shocked ... but obviously, said yes.

"My everything❤️ I love you with all of me," LaVine said on Instagram. "It’s been a long time coming, been together since I was 17 !!! My first love and my FOREVER love."

"U with me forever 🥰🥰"

Worth noting ... it's hilarious to see how unimpressed Grizzly is while mom and dad have a monumental moment. Gotta love dogs.

Congrats to the couple!! But, remember, no parties till we're all safe!!

Derrick Henry Cops $85K Chain & Pendant To Honor Kobe Bryant ... 35 CTs Of Diamonds


Derrick Henry didn't get the contract he wanted from the Titans this month ... but he sure as hell got a dope chain regardless -- coppin' an $85K piece to honor his hero, Kobe Bryant.

TMZ Sports has learned Henry grew up a huge fan of the Mamba ... and shortly after the Lakers legend's death in January, Derrick hit up ZoFrost to have tribute drip made.

As you can see, the jeweler -- who's worked with NFL stars like Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson and Earl Thomas this past year -- created a SICK piece for the Tennessee RB.


The chain and pendant features a mamba snake wrapped around Kobe's famous logo ... and we're told it holds approximately 35 CTs of diamonds.

We're also told the bling weighs a stunning 120 grams ... and all told, is worth $85,000.

We know what you're thinking ... but don't worry, even though Henry hasn't gotten a long-term deal from the Titans yet, the franchise tag they put on him this week is still set to pay him around $12 MILLION this season.

By the way, Henry ain't the only NFL star to get sick ice from ZoFrost this month ... remember the insane Bruce Lee piece Kyler Murray had made for him last week?


Yeah, dude's got talent!!!

Kyler Murray Cops Insane $95K Bruce Lee Pendant ... 40 Cts Of Diamonds!!!


How'd Kyler Murray cap off an amazing first season in the NFL??


TMZ Sports has learned the Arizona Cardinals star QB hit up ZoFrostAndCo shortly after winning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, to have a sick chain made.

Murray -- who's posted inspirational quotes from Lee throughout his football and baseball career -- asked for a diamond piece of the famous mixed martial artist ... and ZoFrost sure delivered.


We're told the ice features 40 carats of diamonds with approximately 7,800 stones ... and, all told, the drip weighs in at a whopping 330 grams.

As for the price, we've learned it was $95,000 ... but, don't worry, Murray can afford it -- he's in the middle of a 4-year, $35 MIL contract as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Yeah, it's still great to be rich AND talented.

Billie Eilish Dope New Bling '5X' To Celebrate Grammy Wins


Billie Eilish is celebrating her history-making night at the Grammys with some shiny new bling ... and the piece is an ode to her sweep of the show's top awards.

The custom pendant is 14-karat gold with black diamonds and was crafted by celebrity jeweler Boodaddy Diamonds of Koosh Jewelers. As for the shape, the "5X" signifies Billie's 5 wins at her first-ever Grammys, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year.

Jewelry pieces similar to Billie's new bling have cost around $30,000 in the past ... so we're guessing this one rings up right around there too.

Eilish was the talk of the Grammys earlier this year and her album "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" has gotten insane praise. She's back on the road and touring the world, so there's a good chance the necklace will hit tour stops too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Billie's only 18 ... so if the whole buying jewelry for big accomplishments thing catches on, she's gonna have a whole lotta gold.

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