Post Malone I Just Tested Positive ... For Real Diamonds


Post Malone can rest easy knowing his diamond chains and pendants are the real deal ... he just got his bling tested for authenticity, and passed with flying colors!!!

We ran into Post Malone outside The Nice Guy Wednesday night as he was getting his diamonds certified on the street by a guy with a high-tech device.

Post says he's always wanted to get his ice tested, and seems pretty confident he ain't rocking fakes. The tester makes his way up Post's neck from piece to piece, and ya gotta see the rapper's reaction when he gets the results!

It's kinda funny ... the guy asks Post how much his Dallas Cowboys bling costs, and PM has no clue!

For those scoring at home ... the Boys' bling is worth a cool $250,000. When ya got Post Malone money, you don't worry about how much you're spending.


We also asked Post about French Montana dropping an album Friday, one week removed from getting out of the ICU ... and Post says the dude's a "f***ing legend."

They've got a new single together, and it sounds like Posty's mom is gonna be first in line to cop the new EP.

Justin Hartley I'm Moving On From My Wedding Ring ... After Filing For Divorce


Justin Hartley is getting back to work after filing divorce docs, and he's doing it with a little less weight ... on his left hand.

Check out these pics of Justin Thursday on the set of a photoshoot -- you can clearly see his wedding ring is now MIA, which, honestly ... is to be expected at this point. As we first told you ... the "This Is Us" star filed to divorce actress Chrishell Stause 2 weeks ago ... after 2 years of marriage.

Justin's filing appears to have blindsided Chrishell ... because there's a huge 5-month difference in their accounts of when they separated. He says they separated on July 8, but in her response, she lists it as Nov. 22 ... the day Justin filed the divorce petition.

The Image Direct

The breakup is proceeding quickly now. Chrishell packed up her things Wednesday and moved out of the former couple's L.A. home and into a place of her own.

Justin ditching his wedding ring, publicly, the very next day is a sure sign he's moving on too.

Odell Beckham Gifts Jarvis Landry $110k Watch Happy 27th Birthday, Bro!!!

Getty Composite

Everybody needs a friend like Odell Beckham Jr. ... 'cause the Cleveland Browns superstar just gave his teammate and best bro, Jarvis Landry, an incredible $110k watch for his birthday!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... OBJ wanted to do something extra special for Landry's 27th birthday on Nov. 28, so he hooked him up with a Patek Phlippe 5980 Nautilus ... and it's beautiful.


We're told Odell hit up his go-to guy Gabriel The Jeweler to make it happen ... and the dude came through in the clutch just in time for Landry's big day.

Of course, Gabriel has an NFL roster's worth of clients -- from Stefon Diggs to Landry to Antonio Brown -- and we know how much Odell loves watches, so it was the perfect gift!!!

Landry and Beckham go WAYYYYY back -- they're both from New Orleans and have been best friends since they were freshmen in high school. They went on to dominate at LSU and have reunited together on the Browns.

Happy birthday, Jarvis!!!

Hailey Bieber One-Ups Justin's Bday Gift for Her ... Here's a $90k Necklace!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

Hailey Bieber is very quick to return a favor, because just days after she turned 23 ... the missus got her hubby something arguably nicer than the birthday gift he gave her.

Justin's showing off this new iced-out necklace he just got from L.A. jeweler Jadelle Beverly Hills. Even in the dimly lit pic, you can see just how damn blingy the chain is -- and we've learned Hailey actually picked it up for her groom.


The timing is interesting because Hailey's birthday was just 5 days ago, and the Biebs got his wife a glimmering diamond watch ... which we're told set him back $70k.

Jadelle Beverly Hills

Our sources say Hailey turned around and one-upped her man on Tuesday with the chain -- which is similar to a traditional Cuban link, but Justin's is thinner and lighter.

As for the specs ... white gold covered in VVS super white diamonds, and valued at $90k. For the record, it's nowhere near Justin's bday.


Our sources say Hailey reached out to Jadelle -- a favorite shopping spot for the couple -- and surprised Justin with it in Miami, where they're currently on a working vacay. As you can see, Hailey's the one working..

Happy husband, happy wife ... and REALLY happy jeweler!!!

Dalvin Cook Insane Pendant For Breakout Season ... 'The Chef!'


How is Dalvin Cook celebrating his crazy breakout season???


The Minnesota Vikings superstar -- who's in the middle of a crazy year with nearly 1,500 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs -- hit up Luxe Jewelers in Atlanta to have a piece done to commemorate his awesome 2019.

TMZ Sports has learned Dalvin specifically wanted a pendant of him in a chef hat -- his nickname, after all, is "The Chef" -- and the jeweler, Ali G, delivered.

We're told the drip has a stunning 1600 diamonds that weigh 14 carats.

As for the iced out Cuban link chain that holds the pendant, we're told it has 2400 diamonds that weigh 25 carats!!!

Cook also did some more jewelry shoppin' while he was getting the chain done ... we're told he bought a Rolex and a baguette bracelet to go along with the insane piece.

No word on the cost of it all ... but don't worry, 24-year-old Cook is in the middle of a 4-year, $6 MILLION deal -- so the dude can afford it!!!

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti Rental Home Burglarized in ATL ... $366K in Jewelry Stolen

Exclusive Details

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti's rental home was burglarized in Atlanta ... and the couple told cops a massive amount of jewelry was stolen!!!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers responded to a residential burglary Sunday, and Iggy told cops a thief found a way into the couple's Buckhead mansion a few days before and made off with tons of bling.

Our sources say the missing items include custom rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings and even a diamond engagement ring. The missing jewelry is a mix of gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, pink sapphire and rose gold.

We're told the amount of missing jewelry is worth a whopping $366,000!!!

Our sources say Iggy told cops she was alone inside the home when the burglary went down, and she heard footsteps in the house but didn't think much of it at the time. Iggy told police it was raining, and she left a back door unlocked so Playboi Carti could get in the house ... and she also told cops she thought the thief had a gun.

We're told cops have security cam footage from the night of the burglary, and video shows the suspect leaving the house with a bag in hand.

Boxing Champ Deontay Wilder Massive Gold Chain Train's My Neck ... 'It's So Heavy!'


Boxing superstar Deontay Wilder says there's a damn good reason he rocks that HUMONGOUS gold chain before a fight ... it's so heavy, it beefs up his neck muscles!

... And, yeah, he's DEAD SERIOUS!

"It's so heavy on my neck, it's like training," Wilder tells TMZ Sports ... "It's almost like wearing a weighted vest."

Wilder says the chain is worth more than $100,000 -- and since he's gearing up to fight Luis Ortiz on Saturday night, he decided to break out the big boy jewelry to get his neck right.

"Even when I'm laying down, it's training! It's so heavy!"

There's more ... the undefeated heavyweight champ also says he's dropped tens of thousands of dollars on his fight costume for the ring walk.

In the past, Wilder has busted out expensive, ornate masks ... and says he's spending the money to it BIGGER THAN EVER for Saturday's fight on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View.

"If you're gonna pay your money, I want it to be a whole event!"

Of course, the fight's gonna be pretty good too if it's anything like the first time Wilder and Ortiz fought back in 2018 ... when they beat the living hell out of each other for 10 straight rounds before Wilder finished Luis.

And, get this ... Wilder says he already has a plan for his fight check -- and it's all about making sure his kids have a solid financial future.

Safaree Drops $42K on Necklace For Erica ... Birthday Motivation


Safaree knows how to motivate his wife ... spending a fat stack of cash on a necklace for Erica Mena's birthday, a present that also serves as inspiration to restart her business.

Safaree's new wife celebrated her 32nd bday earlier this month, and we've learned he showered her with gifts, including a custom pendant and necklace worth $42,750.


The piece bears the name of Erica's clothing and jewelry line, Her. Safaree commissioned Eden Diamonds to make the pendant, which features rose and white gold alongside 28.5 carats of VS 1/2 clarity diamonds.

Sources close to Erica tell TMZ ... she's relaunching her jewelry line in the first quarter of 2020, this after she completely shut down the business in the wake of finding out one of her employees was allegedly embezzling.

We're told after Erica discovered the employee's double-cross she just needed a break from it all. Now she's ready for a comeback, and Safaree's hoping the birthday bling will inspire her to get her brand back up off the ground.

Lil Jon I Got Detained in 'Nam Over Jewelry ... WHAT?!?

Exclusive Details

10:42 AM PT -- Lil Jon cleared up what exactly happened to him in Vietnam, and it sounds like a case of customs gone wrong.

The rapper tells TMZ ... he was detained at the airport for about 6 hours due to his jewelry, which he says was also temporarily seized. As to why, he says that he wasn't aware that he had to declare any jewelry he was bringing along that exceeded $12,000 U.S. dollars.

Welp, we're told Jon's jewelry on hand was worth well over $400,000 ... so he got held up by government officials as they tried to figure out what the heck he had on him. Jon says as soon as he realized what was going on, he had his team call the U.S. Embassy for help.

Jon tells us U.S. Embassy reps came to the airport and straightened the whole thing out for him after a sit-down with said government agents. He adds that the Vietnam government was willing to cut him loose with a warning, based on a good faith relationship with USA.

Jon says he was able to catch the next flight to Macau where he performed shortly thereafter. He tells us he wants to thank the U.S. Embassy and Vietnam itself for cutting him some slack. He finishes, "It’s amazin’ to know that no matter where I travel in the world, if something happens...the US Embassy’s got their citizens’ back! I’m super grateful to them."

Lil Jon says he got held up by Vietnamese officials at an airport while trying to get outta there ... something he claims happened because of his massive stash of jewelry.

The rapper posted footage and photos of himself allegedly being detained Friday while he and his crew were attempting to fly out of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City after performing in Saigon. Apparently, their version of TSA wasn't feelin' his ice.

On Intagram, LJ wrote ... "Vietnam got me hemmed up over my iceeeee smh." He then posted a photo of what appears to be airport officials going through his many chains and other jewelry he had with him, with most of it laid out on a table being inspected.

It's unclear why they gave Jon such a hard time, but luckily for him ... this story's got a happy ending. Lil Jon says he was able to call the U.S. Embassy in 'Nam and get some personnel down there to vouch for him and get him sprung from detention.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One of his buddies posted an aftermath pic showing Lil Jon posing with a bunch of folks, some of which appear to be uniformed airport honchos ... while also shedding a bit more light on what exactly happened. The guy, SKAM Artist, wrote ... "Jon was detained earlier today in Vietnam...but w the assistance of 2 staffers from the US Embassy, and a few locals...he's free!!" Another one of his friends credited the "Royal Family" too.

We got a call in to LJ's rep to get to the bottom of this one, but the good news is that he's back to work and keeping the show going in what looks to be China. Can we get a YEAH???

Originally Published -- 11/16 2:33 PM PT

Post Malone Giddy About $250k Cowboys Bling!!!

Angel City Jewelers

Screw jerseys, hats and jackets ... Post Malone's repping the Dallas Cowboys in the most baller way possible -- with a $250,000 diamond chain!!!

The "White Iverson" rapper is showing off some new bling to profess his fanatical admiration for his favorite NFL team. Isaac from Angel City Jewelers is the master behind the chain and massive pendant ... and delivered it to him at AT&T Stadium last weekend for Post Malone’s second annual hometown festival, Posty Fest.

We're told the new bling includes 3,000 stones, 9.7 carats of baguettes, 13.5 carats of sapphires and 8.7 carats of diamonds. There's also a "77" inscription on the back ... PM's favorite number.


Post Malone's fandom for the Cowboys is unrivaled. He's gotten a NY Giants fan to wear his Cowboys jacket after winning a bet. PM's also put his money where his mouth is ... and it once cost him. Like when he handed over 20k to YG after the 'Boys fell short to the Rams.

Betting he'll never wager his new diamond chain.

Kaia Gerber Holds 'P' Close to Her Heart ... 'P' As In 'P'ete Davidson?!


Kaia Gerber is now rocking a gold necklace with her new bae Pete Davidson's first initial ... or so it seems.

The 18-year-old model flashed her million-dollar smile Wednesday at the Women's Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She was also flossing some new jewelry around her neck.

You'd be hard-pressed to say the "P" necklace has nothing to do with Pete ... unless you wanted to ignore the fact they've been on 2 dates -- that we've seen -- on 2 coasts in recent weeks.

As we first reported ... Kaia and Pete were spotted having dinner a couple of weeks ago at Sadelle's in NYC. If you look closely, she's wearing one necklace during that date. It's the same one she was wearing -- next to the "P" necklace -- at the Bev Hills event.

So, let's cover all bases here -- Kaia's brother is Presley, but wearing a "P" to honor her bro would be kinda weird. Kaia's middle name is Jordan, so that ain't it. Her mom Cindy Crawford's middle name is Ann, so no dice there. And, pops Rande doesn't have a middle name.

Simple deduction ... the "P" is for Pete.

Anna Faris Looking Very Engaged!!! Shows Off MASSIVE Ring

The Image Direct

Anna Faris is all geared up for another walk down the aisle -- based on the rock weighing down her left hand.

The actress was out and about Sunday in L.A. with a gigantic diamond ring. She's not really the ring-wearing type of gal -- we've checked a bunch of older pics -- so the fact she rocking a ring on her left ring finger seems to be a strong sign she's now engaged ring to her BF, cinematographer Michael Barrett.

The Image Direct

And, it's not like Anna's hand was iced up for some kind of special event -- she had stepped out in a baseball cap, grey t-shirt, jeans and UGGs. So, super casual in every way ... except for that diamond.

Divorce Sucks Podcast

The timing's interesting. Less than 8 months ago, Anna jumped on Laura Wasser's podcast, "Divorce Sucks!" and seemed non-committal about getting married again.

At the time, Anna said her reasoning for not getting married a third time had a lot to do with her strong feelings against the institution of marriage itself. She didn't definitively say no to tying the knot again, but she was leaning towards no dice.


As we reported ... Anna and Michael started dating a little over 2 years ago. Things quickly progressed ... and before long, Anna and Michael were going on double-dates with Anna's ex, Chris Pratt and his now-wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

If it is, in fact, an engagement ring ... this would be Anna's third marriage. She was married to Ben Indra from 2004 to 2008 and to Chris from 2009 until their 2018 divorce.


Cowboys' Amari Cooper Reps Hometown with $250k Chain ... 3,500 Diamonds!!!

Exclusive Details

If you didn't know where Amari Cooper was born and raised, you'll sure as hell know now ... 'cause the Dallas Cowboys superstar is reppin' his hometown with a $250k chain!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 25-year-old receiver wanted to do something extra special to show pride for his old Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami, so he hit up his go-to guy, Gabriel the Jeweler, to come up with something crazy.

We're told Gabe worked 2 weeks to come up with the perfect piece for Amari ... and it's complete with 35 carats of emerald cut VVS diamonds and 30 carats of round diamonds.

And, that's just for the pendant!!!

To top it all off, the Cuban link it comes on also has 80 carats of special cut diamonds with an emerald lock.

Gabe says there are 3,500 total diamonds to make up the piece, which he calls "one of the best pendants" he's ever made. (This is coming from the guy behind Antonio Brown's INSANE butterfly/bee chain, as well as Cooper's Cowboy jersey chain.)


Gabriel personally delivered the piece to Amari ... and you can tell the dude is stoked!!!

BTW -- Cooper's in his 5th-year option of his rookie deal ... but it's just a matter of time 'til the Brinks trucks start backing into his driveway.

Drake Heart-Line Bling ... New Jewelry For My Bday


Drake is showering himself with expensive gifts for his 33rd birthday ... dropping more than half a million dollars for a custom diamond ring in the shape of a heart.

Sources with knowledge tell TMZ ... the "Hotline Bling" rapper purchased a 22-carat, heart-shaped diamond ring from Gemma Fine Jewelry as a bday present to himself, and the piece is valued between $600,000 and $800,000.


As you can see, the diamonds are mounted in a platinum setting ... and we're told it's extremely difficult to make a heart-shaped ring of this size -- making this a very rare find.


As we reported ... Drake hosted a star-studded birthday bash at Goya Studios in Hollywood, partying with big celebs like Adele, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner and French Montana.

Drake debuted his shiny new bling at the party -- what better occasion, right -- and on another finger he was rocking his customized $150K Toronto Raptors NBA championship ring.

Our sources say Drake was heavily involved in designing his newest ring, working alongside Gemma Fine founder Ori Vechler … and he's adding it to a growing collection of heart-shaped jewelry.

Yes, Drake loves him some Drake.

Nicki Minaj Husband Buys Wedding Ring ... $1.1 Million Value

Exclusive Details

Nicki Minaj's husband went to great lengths to put a ring on her finger ... overseeing the making of her wedding band every step of the way and throwing down a massive wad of cash to secure it.

Nicki is finally showing everyone the diamond goods ... and the jeweler who made it tells us Kenneth Petty handled the design, delivery and paid for it on his own. We're told the band is valued at $1.1 million.


Rafaello and Co tells us Kenneth commissioned them to make their wedding rings, working together on a design for several months. Nicki's custom bling features a 17-carat center with VVS2-clarity diamonds.

The jeweler tells us Kenneth wanted a traditional wedding ring for Nicki -- nice diamonds and nothing too gaudy -- because he knows that's her style.

As for Kenneth's band ... we're told it's customized with the words "Ken & Barbie" on the inside of the ring. Nicki's doesn't have an inscription, but we're told there was simply no room for one.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told the jeweler flew from New York City to Los Angeles a few days before Nicki's wedding to deliver the rings ... they came in a customized jewelry box that plays a photo slideshow of the couple to the tune of Nicki's song, "Come See About Me."


TMZ broke the story ... Nicki and Kenneth got hitched last week in L.A. in a super low-key ceremony, rushing to the altar with her pastor because their marriage license was about to expire.

Sounds like things are going great for the newlyweds ... their jeweler tells us Nicki and Kenneth are "definitely in love and happy."

Christie Brinkley's Ex I'm 60 and Engaged ... To A 21-Year-Old!!!

Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook, popped the question to another blonde bombshell ... but this one's just old enough to legally pop a cork.

Peter is now engaged to tie the knot with 21-year-old Alba Jancou. He dropped down to one knee and proposed to the college hottie last month outside a church in Santorini ... according to the NY Post.

Peter's been hanging out with Alba since at least this summer, showing her off at some fancy parties in the Hamptons. We know -- age is just a number, but this is kinda wild.

Peter and Christie's daughter, model Sailor Brinkley-Cook, is the same age as Alba ... her new stepmom-to-be.

Alba is currently a student at Tulane University in New Orleans, and according to her social media, she'll be graduating in 2021. As for the other important date in her life -- no word on when the happy couple's planning to walk down the aisle.

BTW ... the age gap is the same as Dennis Quaid and his fiancee, Laura Savoie, who got engaged earlier this month in Hawaii.

We'd say something's in the air, but, who we kidding? It's always been there.