Alleged Butt-Slapping Runner Arrested for Sexual Battery

Catham County Sheriff's Dept

The guy who admitted to slapping a female reporter's backside while running a 5k race has been arrested.

Thomas Callaway of Georgia surrendered to authorities Friday and posed for this mug shot. He was booked for misdemeanor sexual battery and was released on $1,300 bond. If convicted, he faces a max sentence of up to 12 months behind bars and up to a $5,000 fine.

TMZ broke the story ... the WSAV-TV reporter -- 23-year-old Alex Bozarjian -- seemed intent of pursuing a criminal case against Callaway after his alleged "smack and grab" during the River Bridge Run last weekend ... when a shocked Bozarjian seemed to respond to contact.

She filed a police report soon thereafter, and went to blast Callaway on social media by saying she the moment was "violating" and "embarrassing." She later told "CBS This Morning" that he'd taken her power from her, and she was simply trying to take it back.

Callaway went on national TV to try and apologize, saying he had a lapse in judgment and got caught up in the moment. He said he hoped Bozarjian could forgive him. BTW, he's reportedly a teen church youth minister and a Boy Scout leader too.

His attorney said his client did not act with any criminal intentions, adding ... "Tommy is a loving husband and father who is very active in the community. We have been in touch with WSAV and representatives of Ms. Alex Bozarjian, as well as members of Savannah law enforcement."

Looks like the reporter isn't letting this one go.

Harry Styles Debuts 'Fine Line' at Forum ... Ticket Prices INSANE!!!


Harry Styles packed The Forum in Inglewood, CA Friday night ... and the resale prices were INSANE!!!

Harry debuted his new album, "Fine Line" but didn't stop there. He rejiggered the One Direction hit, "What Makes You Beautiful" into a rock version.

And then ... Stevie Nicks walks out onstage and she and Harry did a duet of "Landslide" ... which was awesome. Harry also got in the xmas spirit, singing, "Wonderful Christmastime."  As he sang, confetti fell from the rafters. Hey, it's as close to snow as Los Angeles is gonna get, right?


As for ticket prices ... get this. All seats went on sale originally for $25. The Forum sold out in seconds. And then, the resale. $400 for nose-bleed seats. $1600 for floor seats!!! And people were paying.

Harry seemed extremely grateful for it all, telling the crowd how lucky he felt to unveil his album this way.

Harry's new album dropped Thursday at midnight.

President Trump Shrink Says Twitter Rants Make it Clear He's ... Extreme Narcissist, No Impulse Control


President Trump's a child with extreme narcissistic tendencies ... so says "Couples Therapy" star Dr. Jenn Mann, who helped us psychoanalyze 45 ... in an attempt to figure out what's behind his brutalization of people on Twitter.

We got the good doc Thursday in L.A. and the TV/radio shrink has her own mental dossier on Trump's antics, and what's really behind them.

For starters Dr. Jenn says Trump is a walking dichotomy ... on the one hand he's like a young child lacking impulse control who gets triggered by just about anything critical of him or his job. On the other hand, he a master at manipulating and besting the media by creating diversions ... and that skill may be Trump's most powerful weapon in 2020.

The latest attack, as you know, is against 16-year-old Person of the Year Greta Thunberg, whom Trump tried to bully, but much to the delight of everyone, Greta clearly knows his game.

Dr. Jenn thinks Trump's playbook may have been set in stone while he was still a child. She says this could well be a case where the Trump family didn't set proper boundaries. Watch the video and see if you buy it.

She also says old dogs can learn new tricks ... but probably not Donald Trump.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Alleges Jen Ditched Kid with Friends ... In Heated IG Rant

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TMZ Composite

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is dropping some heinous, and unproven, accusations against his baby mama -- posting texts he claims demonstrate she can't handle being a mother.

The "Jersey Shore" star is ranting on Instagram ... alleging Jen Harley has abandoned their 20-month-old daughter, Ariana, by dumping her off with friends while she's off "getting drunk with a sugar daddy."

He's offering no evidence of that, and, let's be honest, even if his claim is true -- sounds like he's describing a standard babysitting situation.

Anyway, Ronnie's rant included texts he claims show Jen is ignoring their child while Jen's in another state and he alleges she refuses to return home to care for Ariana.

The texts appear to show friends are reaching out to Ronnie for help, but he replies he can't because legally, he's not allowed to see Ariana. Jen got full custody in the wake of their domestic incident back in October, and he's been ordered to stay away from Jen and their child.

DaBaby Hooks Up Giddy Fan with Tickets ... After Gas Station Meetup!!!

Hug Me, Baby

DaBaby taketh, and DaBaby giveth right back -- at least that's what one ecstatic fan learned when she ran into him at a gas station and freaked the hell out.

Alexandria Coleman tells TMZ ... the rapper hooked her and her friends up with free tickets to a makeup show -- one they kinda got the shaft on, originally.

Long story short, Alexandria says she was supposed to catch DaBaby in D.C. last weekend, but because of his 'SNL' appearance, it got bumped to Sunday night -- which sold out before she could score seats.

So, how's this for a stroke of luck? Alexandria ran into DB by total chance at a gas station as she was driving from D.C. back to Albany, NY. The run-in went kinda as you'd expect -- panicked, but also gleeful.

DaBaby and his team -- whom we're told were already recording some shenanigans -- noticed her pure excitement, and captured most of it on camera. You gotta see the moment they finally came face-to-face in an aisle ... and he ended up cradled in her arms.

They don't call him DaBaby for nothin'.

Alexandria tells us his team promised to get them into the sold-out D.C. show -- and come the day of the show, we're told he snuck them in through the back for the best seats in the house.

Just goes to show ya ... screaming a celeb's name, and making a big fuss MIGHT actually pay off. Or, you could be tackled by a bodyguard. So ... proceed at your own risk.

Ninja Cuts Avocado Like a Serial Killer ... Nearly Ruins Sandwich

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Bon Appétit

How does someone with such talented thumbs BUTCHER a sandwich so badly?!?

That's the question we've got for Ninja whose attempt to make a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was as pathetic as a 40-year-old trying to play "Fortnite" for the first time.

Ninja -- real name Tyler Blevins -- teamed up with Bon Appetit food director Carla Lalli Music for a YouTube segment about cooking without visual aids.

He tried hard ... but Tyler couldn't figure out how to properly slice the bread and then cut the avocado STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE THROUGH THE PIT LIKE A PSYCHOPATH!!!

Bon Appétit

The craziest part, Ninja actually has real restaurant experience ... he worked at Noodles & Company where he prepped noodles for 3 years!

In the end, Ninja managed to put together an edible sandwich ... and despite the avo mishap, it actually looked sorta delicious.

The good news for Ninja ... he's made so much damn money playing video games, he can hire a private chef to cook up his breakfasts from now until the end of time.

Lizzo 'Jingle Jam' Hampered by Mic Probs, But ... The Juice Still Flowed!!!

MIC CHECK, 1, 2, 1, 2...

Lizzo's mic cut out repeatedly at a big gig in Indianapolis, but she didn't just get named Entertainer of the Year for nothing ... and made sure the show went on.

The "Truth Hurts" singer was the headliner Tuesday night at the 99.5 ZPL Jingle Jam at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, but midway through her second song, "Cuz I Love You" ... technical glitches made things less than good as hell.

Lizzo's wireless microphone went silent and she didn't know it, and for some reason ... nobody alerted her until she'd powered through the rest of the track unaware nobody could hear her.

TV Reporter Pursuing 'Sexual Battery' Case ... Against Butt-Slapping Runner


The female reporter who had her butt slapped by a man live on-air while she was covering a River Bridge Run in Georgia on Saturday is pursuing sexual battery charges ... TMZ Sports has learned.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports, WSAV's Alex Bozarjian was reporting from the River Bridge Run in Savannah, Georgia when a runner named Tommy Callaway "approached from behind her and smacked her on the buttocks."

Bozarjian describes the incident as a "smack and grab" -- "advising that he also grabbed her buttocks in the same motion."

Bozarjian says she felt a "sharp sting" and it caused her to pause during the live broadcast -- which you can see in the video.

The 23-year-old -- who was later outraged by the actions, calling them on social media "violating" and "embarrassing" -- says Callaway reached out to her station a few hours later to try to apologize ... and offered to come to the station to do it in person.

Bozarjian says she has not spoken to Callaway -- but the phone calls and messages were relayed to her.

For his part, 43-year-old Callaway has lawyered up -- and his attorney issued this statement.

"While we regret the situation, Mr. Callaway did not act with any criminal intentions."

"Tommy is a loving husband and father who is very active in the community. We have been in touch with WSAV and representatives of Ms. Alex Bozarjian, as well as members of Savannah law enforcement."

Walmart Yanks Cocaine Santa ... Sorry We Let it Blow, Let it Blow

Santa Claus doing lines of coke on your holiday sweater is NOT what Walmart's all about -- according to the big-box store, which is blaming Canada ... for the fashion blunder.

A sweater depicting a crazed Claus gripping a straw, getting ready to dive into 3 lines of cocaine was being peddled on Walmart's website. Once pissed-off shoppers pointed out the clear drug references ... the company pulled it from its online shelves and issued a mea culpa.

The excuse ... Walmart says the sweater was being sold in Canada by a third-party, adding the garment's message doesn't reflect their values. In other words, this one slipped through the cracks, and let's just blame the Great White North!

What Walmart can't explain away is the product description was reportedly pretty explicit: "The best snow comes straight from South America." And, if that's not enough, how about this phrasing -- "Santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade-A, Colombian snow."

Inappropriate? Yes. Kinda freakin' hilarious? Also yes. But, available at Walmart? That's a negative, Blow Snow Rider.

Brother Nature Confronts Attackers Pre-Beatdown ... In New Surveillance Vid


Brother Nature sure seemed ready to fight -- at least that's how the moments leading up to his dual-threat beatdown appear to have unfolded on surveillance footage.

TMZ got a hold of surveillance video taken at the Miami-based sandwich shop where BN was later pummeled twice over ... once in the parking lot, and again inside the restaurant. In this new footage, you can see Brother Nature initially confronting his two attackers.

As we reported ... Brother Nature was allegedly upset that he couldn't be served at his table, and tried griping about it to the shop's staff. We're told he then got in the face of one of his attackers -- who was supposedly filming him -- and you can see that interaction here.

Brother Nature is asked to leave by someone who works there, but not before some words are exchanged between him and these 2 guys who were also more than willing to brawl.


Fast-forward to the parking lot stomp-out ... which then spilled back into the eatery, where we're told BN stormed back in and allegedly socked somebody. It appears you can see that here in the surveillance video as well ... Brother Nature comes in and rushes the slimmer dude, seemingly trying to hit him, before his buddy scurries over and they team up.

The rest is pretty much history -- Brother Nature got walloped by the two dudes ... and by the time cops showed up, everybody had gone their separate ways.

We've reached out to BN to get his side of the story ... so far, no word back.

Texas Teen Arrested for Carving Name Into His GF's Head


A teenager in Texas got busted for carving his name into his girlfriend's head -- this after he allegedly beat her to a pulp.

The alleged scumbag is 19-year-old Jackub Hildreth, who was arrested and booked in San Antonio this weekend for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon ... having allegedly attacked his 22-year-old girlfriend on Thursday at an apartment complex in the area.

The alleged victim spoke with KSAT about the incident ... telling the outlet she thought she was going to die in the moment. According to the arrest affidavit, she reportedly told cops Hildreth held her by the neck and punched her 10 times after an argument escalated.

After that, she claims he used a knife to etch his name across her forehead ... and then fled the scene. We won't ID the woman, but it appears Hildreth has her name tattooed across his own face ... plus other scribblings. Kinda David McCall-esque, if you've seen "Fear."

BTW, the guy has a lengthy rap sheet in Bexar County too -- with warrants for past domestic violence charges and at least one other weapons charge. He's in jail on $75,000 bond.

His next court date is in January.

Ryan Reynolds Nearly Crushed by a Barricade ... Front Row Fans Topple Over


Ryan Reynolds put his action hero skills to use this weekend in Brazil -- where he was almost flattened by a barricade that gave way to a massive swarm over overzealous fans.

The actor was in Sao Paulo Saturday for CCXP 2019, a comic con event which had some heavy hitters from the States on hand to plug their new movies. Ryan was promoting "Free Guy," while J.J. Abrams, Daisy Ridley and the rest of the 'Star Wars' crew were there to hype up 'The Rise of Skywalker.' MCU heads were there too ... a Disney love fest, basically.

Anyway, while Ryan was making his way down the stage platform, he hopped off to say hello to the front row fans ... seemingly wanting to shake hands and meet them face-to-face.

Well, that backfired pretty quickly ... because the barricade toppled over -- sending everyone who was reaching over straight to the ground ... and Ryan flying back himself. Gotta say, the dude's got great reflexes -- guess that's why they pay him the big bucks, huh?

All kidding aside ... it was a pretty freak moment that could've possibly injured Ryan. Good guy that he is though, he stuck around appeared to hop down and attempted to help. BTW, based on other videos, it looks like something similar happened on the other side as well.

No one seemed to be seriously injured in the ordeal, and the event reportedly carried on as scheduled. Still, a note to the tech crew ... get a stronger barriers, or move people back.

One or the other, please.

'Richard Jewell' Star Eastwood's a Real Sweetheart ... All Good, No Bad or Ugly!!!


Clint Eastwood is apparently a dear to work with ... so says the director's latest leading man, Paul Walter Hauser.

We got the actor Saturday in NYC, and he dished on what it was like working with Clint on his new movie "Richard Jewell" -- which documents the scandal surrounding the real-life security guard who found a bomb ... and then got accused of being the drop man.

PWH says he had a great time on set with with Clint, telling us the dude's a straight up sweetheart -- an ego-less one that. Plus, he's a freakin' icon ... that's a given.

We also ask Paul if it was intimidating to work with someone of that caliber, and surprisingly ... he says it wasn't, even if it should've been. That's interesting, considering what more seasoned actors have said about CE, which is pretty much the exact opposite.

Tom Hanks famously said in 2016 that Clint "treats his actors like horses" in the sense that he wrangles everyone up as needed, and was seemingly a bit of a hard ass on set.

Tom also said that, yes, Clint was intimidating as hell. Different strokes, we suppose!

$120k Duct Taped Banana Ripped Off, Eaten by Performance Artist ... Can He Do That???

Exclusive Details
top banana

2:14 PM PT -- We talked to Datuna, and it sounds like he seriously pissed off the art gallery team and might have to answer for this later.

He tells TMZ ... after eating the banana, he was escorted by security to a private room where he was met by police officers, who took down all his information. He was NOT arrested or cited for anything though, and as of now ... tells us he's a free man.

However, he admits that he might end up facing charges at a later date. Unclear what those could possibly be -- grand theft potassium? Who knows. He tells us the gallery staff and security on hand were all confused, because they'd never dealt with a situation like this.

That said, Datuna says he has profound respect for Maurizio Cattelan, and that this was simply meant to be an act of flattery.

A banana duct taped to a wall -- which sold for over $100k on behalf of a renowned artist -- is now in the belly of another man ... but apparently, it's no big deal. We think ...

Performance artist David Datuna took the bold step Saturday afternoon of EATING the super expensive Musa plant down at the Art Basel gallery in Miami -- which an art collector in France recently bought for a whopping $120,000 from artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Datuna literally walked up and stripped the brown, aging banana from the wall it was taped to and peeled it open in front of lots of shocked onlookers ... who couldn't believe it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On Instagram, he called his performance "Hungry Artist" and posted some aftermath footage of what appears to be gallery personnel sitting him down to take his info. Based on what we can tell, this is actually a no-no ... the banana is NOT supposed to be tampered with ... although the fruit itself is allowed to be replaced on a continuous basis as needed.

It's a little confusing, but basically ... the French art collector owns the "idea" of this art piece, so whether the banana itself sticks around or not doesn't affect its value. She still has the certificate of authenticity, so she's still got $120k worth of banana art to her name.

Still, it doesn't seem like the folks who work at the gallery were all too thrilled with Datuna's stunt. In footage of the incident -- obtained by TMZ -- you can hear Datuna joke about heading to jail ... but according to reports, the guy hasn't been arrested or charged with anything yet. We're told the gallery is considering pursuing a complaint though.

BTW, the banana has reportedly already been replaced. File this one under ... forbidden fruit.

Originally Published -- 1:55 PM PT

Peloton 'Wife' Ditches Bike Gifting Hubby for Gin ... Courtesy Ryan Reynolds!!!


All that controversy over the Peloton commercial critics are blasting for body-shaming just landed the star of it a hilarious new gig ... with Ryan Reynolds.

Monica Ruiz is the actress who plays the wife -- sorry, long-suffering wife to many -- in that Christmas gift themed fitness spot, but now she's also starring in an ad for Aviation Gin ... and it plays perfectly off all the Peloton buzz.

Based on the commercial ... the formerly spinning-crazed wife is now more interested in downing booze with her girls. The strong insinuation here is she's left the husband who "forced" her to get on the bike every day.

The ladies toast to "new beginnings" before the wife pounds her martini. One of her GFs even says, "You look great, by the way."

Of course, Aviation is Ryan's company ... and ya gotta hand it to his marketing team for capitalizing off the social media uproar over Peloton.


All the backlash against the Peloton has impacted the ad's actors -- Monica and her "hubby" Sean Hunter -- who've dodged interviews all week. Hunter did eventually speak out in "Psychology Today."

Leave it to Reynolds, though, to lighten the mood. He tweeted his company's commercial with the caption, "Exercise bike not included."

Bottoms up!!! Meaning the martini glass, not her ... ya know.

CP5 Exoneree Raymond Santana I'm Engaged Thanks to Instagram!!! And I Have ZERO Interest in a Bloomberg Apology


Raymond Santana -- one of the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five -- just got engaged to a reality star, and tells us it wouldn't have been possible without a little Instagram flirting.

Raymond was on "TMZ Live" Friday to give us the lowdown on his engagement to "Flavor of Love" star Deelishis, to whom he proposed on Thursday during a lunch date in ATL. Ray says he was pretty sly about it, dropping a faux attitude on his girl before he popped the question.


And, for all those thirsty folks on the 'Gram ... Raymond's here to tell you why shooting your shot can pay major dividends. The story of how he and Deelishis met is so 2019, ya gotta watch the clip. Dude's a romantic.

Of course, Ava DuvVernay's Netflix series "When They See Us" turned a spotlight on Raymond's story -- highlighting the injustice of his conviction for the brutal 1989 rape and beating of a female jogger in NYC.

We asked Raymond if he would accept an apology from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his administration's role in avoiding a settlement in the CP5's damage suit against the NYPD after their convictions were vacated.

You might recall ... Bloomberg avoided settling the case before leaving office, and Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration agreed in 2014 to pay the CP5 a settlement of more than $40 million.

Bloomberg just entered the 2020 presidential race ... and Raymond tells us why it would be hard to see an apology from the billionaire as genuine.