Prez Trump on George Floyd The Feds Are on It ... Justice Will Be Served!!!

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President Trump is speaking out about the killing of George Floyd, saying federal law enforcement is on the case ... and promising there will be justice.

POTUS tweeted Wednesday about George's death, saying ... "At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd."

He went on to say, "I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!"

It's interesting ... we already knew the FBI was involved, but the fact the DOJ is jumping in right away as well is pretty telling. Seems the President is aware of how angry and fed up millions of Americans are after seeing the video of George's killing.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

It's a more emphatic reaction than he had several days after the video surfaced of Ahmaud Arbery getting shot to death -- saying it was a horrible thing, and he was awaiting the results of several investigations.

In any case, it's good to see the case has caught the attention of the most powerful person in the country ... who can actually do something about this at the highest level.

Some more consistency would be nice, but we'll take it.

NBA's Stephen Jackson Rips Porter Over Floyd Comment ... 'Pick A Side'

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4:04 PM PT -- Jackson is NOT happy with Denver Nuggets player Michael Porter Jr.'s comments on George Floyd's death ... telling the young star to "go sit yo young Privileged ass down."

MPJ faced backlash when addressing the Floyd incident on Wednesday when he tweeted, "As much as you pray for George family, gotta also pray for the police officer(s) who were involved in this evil."

He continued ... "As hard as it is, pray for them instead of hate them...Pray that God changes their hearts."

Jackson got wind of MPJ's words and spoke his mind shortly after, saying "Either u with us or against us. @MPJr not now bruh f*k dat."

"Rest Easy Twin I don’t have a prob with u Youngin ain’t no time for that. Easy to say that nobody dying close to u. Pick a side."


"My boy was doing what he was supposed to be doing and ya'll go and kill my brother, man."

Stephen Jackson spent Tuesday emotionally reflecting on his time with George Floyd -- a man the former NBA star says he called "twin" -- and he's now demanding justice for the 46-year-old after officers appeared to have killed him Monday.

Jackson says he spent his childhood in the same Houston, Texas circles as Floyd ... and claims the two were so close, he had just sent the guy clothes days before his death this week.

"Floyd was my brother," Jackson said. "We called each other twins, bruh. Everybody knows me and Floyd called each other twins. My brother was only out there in Minnesota, he was trying to change his life."

42-year-old Jackson says he's now on his way to Minnesota ... and he's promising to help find justice for George after a cop pinned him down with a knee to the neck and wouldn't let go.

"I can't let this ride, dawg," Jackson said. "Ya'll not going to be mad until it hits ya'll front door. Bullsh*t."

As we previously reported, Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minn. after officers responded to a call about a forgery in progress on Monday.

During the stop, officers held down George for several minutes ... despite the man telling cops he could not breathe.

The FBI is now investigating the incident ... while all four officers involved have been fired.

Originally Published -- 6:13 AM PT

John Boyega 'F*** You, Racist White People' ... Rants About George Floyd

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John Boyega sees what's happening to black people here in the U.S. -- specifically, the killing of George Floyd -- and he has a message to racist white Americans who might also be his fans.

The 'Star Wars' actor went on an epic tirade Wednesday, going IN on "racist white people" who in any way, shape or form tolerate and/or downplay what's happening in our streets ... namely, the killing of unarmed, innocent African-Americans.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

You gotta see this for yourself, John's very heated as he calls George Floyd's death part of a continuous cycle that he sees here in the States -- black men being killed by either cops or vigilantes trying to play cops. He says that's enough for him to stay away -- presumably in England, his home country.

John goes on to lay into ANYONE who's a fan -- and who's also a racist -- telling 'em to get off his page, off his timeline and out of his circle ... 'cause he ain't having it.

Interestingly, he also makes it clear that he doesn't care what this rant of his might mean for his career. There's a good reason for that though ... JB says he's "not Hollywood."

We'll let John explain for himself, but it's certainly a refreshing approach to the watered-down, polished statements we typically see from public figures.

Elon Musk SpaceX Launch Postponed ... Blame The Weather!!!


3:10 PM PT -- The two NASA astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, have finally disembarked the Dragon capsule ... and they're already looking forward to Saturday's rescheduled launch.

1:23 PM PT -- Elon is going to have to wait a little longer for his company to make history ... SpaceX says Wednesday's launch is OFF due to "unfavorable weather in the flight path."

SpaceX pulled the plug minutes before the rocket carrying astronauts to the ISS was about to blastoff from Florida ... and the next launch is tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 3:22 PM ET.

10:59 AM PT -- The astronauts are already loaded into the capsule and are going through safety protocols. As of now, all systems are go!


Elon Musk is looking to make more space history ... SpaceX is attempting to launch 2 NASA astronauts to the International Space Station ... and TMZ will be live streaming the mission.

Dubbed Demo-2, the mission marks the first time ever a commercial aerospace company is sending humans into Earth's orbit. The milestone is a decade in the making, as human spaceflight finally returns to American soil.

The launch of SpaceX's Crew Dragon is set for 4:33 PM ET from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida ... and the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the capsule is taking off from the historic Pad 39A, which famously launched Apollo 11 way back in 1969, the first moon landing.

SpaceX and NASA are streaming the launch from takeoff all the way until Crew Dragon docks with the ISS, and it should take the capsule about 19 hours to travel from Florida to the space station.

The two veteran astronauts aboard the Dragon spacecraft are 49-year-old Robert Behnken and 53-year-old Douglas Hurley.

NASA says it wants to keep the astronauts on the ISS until another Crew Dragon capsule is ready to send more humans on SpaceX's next mission. Robert and Douglas say they're expecting to spend 1 to 3 months in space before returning home in Crew Dragon, which will land in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Crew Dragon into Earth's upper atmosphere, where the capsule will separate and use its own thrusters to make its way to the ISS. The capsule is fully autonomous, so the astronauts won't have much to do, unless something crazy happens. The rocket, meanwhile, should land on a drone ship after launch.

SpaceX has a $2.6 BILLION contract with NASA ... and the launch marks the first time the United States is sending its own astronauts into space since 2011, when the Space Shuttle Program ended.

Oh, and the capsule has a toilet, which could come in handy during the 19-hour ride.

Originally published -- 9:47 AM PT

George Floyd Family Demands Arrest of Officers ... Attorney Calls for State of Emergency


George Floyd's family wants the 4 officers involved in his death arrested, charged and tried for murder -- as their attorney says America needs a state of emergency ... to protect black people.

George's brother, Philonise Floyd, and cousin, Tera Brown, spoke with us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and reacted to the surveillance video showing the initial moment George was put in handcuffs.

They were, understandably, distraught over what we've all seen in the footage -- George peacefully responding as an officer arrested him ... never physically resisting arrest.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Philonise told us his brother was beloved by everyone who knew him, and said he wasn't shocked to see George was NOT resisting ... as the Minneapolis police first suggested in a statement about the incident.

Dragon Wok

His brother and cousin got emotional explaining what it was like watching the original video showing George slowly get killed on camera. When we asked what Philonise and Tera would like to see happen now, they didn't hesitate -- both want all the officers there on the scene, especially the one kneeling on George, to be arrested for murder.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey echoed the family's words during a news conference Wednesday afternoon, where he called for the Hennepin County District Attorney to charge the officer whose knee cut off George's airway.

Frey said the Floyd family "deserves justice."


We also spoke to the family's attorney, Ben Crump -- and he told us he is now demanding an executive order be issued announcing a state of emergency for protection of all African-Americans.

It might sound like a big ask, but watch -- Crump is deadly serious about his plea, and says in light of George's case, Ahmaud Arbery's and so many others ... it's very necessary.

Pole Dancing Bear Watch Me Twerk ... Megan Made Me Do It!!!

Tik Tok

Everyone wants to shake their booty when they hear Megan Thee Stallion ... especially in the animal kingdom!!!

Yes, even wild bears are classy, bougie and ratchet when they hear some MTS ... and this pole dancing bear is a straight up SAVAGE!!!

Check out this wild video straight outta the mean streets of Bear Country USA in South Dakota ... where the bears are sassy, moody, nasty, and acting stupid by grinding their bear-y big badunkadunks on any pole in sight.

This furry MTS fan got off all fours to grind all up and down this pole in the middle of the drive-thru wildlife park, deep in the heart of the Black Hills.

The bear is giving Megan a run for her money in the twerking department ... and the best part is the arms moving and grooving to MTS' "Savage" beat.

Oregon Zoo

Move over, Takoda, the Internet has a new favorite bear!!!

George Floyd New Surveillance Vid Shows Moments Before Killing ... No Signs of Him Resisting; Mayor Calls for Charges

Dragon Wok

2:43 PM PT -- The Hennepin County D.A. just responded to the Mayor's call for charges to be brought against the officer who kneeled on Floyd, saying ... "In order to bring charges and obtain a guilty verdict, there are very specific parts of the law which must be met in prosecuting any crime of violence."

The statement continues ... "The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is working as quickly as possible to gather the necessary evidence and we will expeditiously review the case when we receive the case file and make our decision."

12:02 PM PT -- Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is calling for charges to be brought against the still-unnamed officer who kneeled on George Floyd, eventually suffocating him.

Frey said, "if you had done it, or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now." He wants the Hennepin County D.A. to bring the officer to justice.


Before George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a cop's knee -- and ultimately killed -- he was cuffed by a different officer and seemed to be cooperating ... according to new surveillance footage.

A nearby restaurant, Dragon Wok, captured the initial moments of George's run-in with Minneapolis police on a camera set up outside. Based on the video, this started as a traffic stop of some sort, which ended with George being led away in cuffs.

The video shows 2 vehicles parked curbside, and eventually, 2 officers approach one of the cars and ask everyone to step out. A man and a woman emerge from the passenger side, while George is taken out by another officer on the driver's side ... seemingly struggling at first.

The cops get George to stand up and lead him over to the sidewalk where they sit him down. He isn't doing a whole lot of resisting the rest of the way.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Another police officer eventually arrived, and George was walked across the street and off camera. He was not being led by the officer who was eventually seen with his knee on George's neck.

Remember, police say they were responding to a call for a possible forgery. We're told an employee at a nearby business says George had attempted to pay with a $10 bill they suspected was counterfeit and, as is company policy, had reported it to police.

The surveillance video was released by Dragon Wok's owner Rashad West, who says he wanted to put it out for his community.


It's important to note the video does not show what happened immediately before the officer put the full force of his knee on George's neck ... despite pleas from George of not being able to breathe.

As you know, George's killing sparked violent protests Tuesday evening in Minneapolis. The 4 officers involved have been fired, and the Mayor has called George's death a failure on the part of the police.

Originally Published -- 9:36 AM PT

Elton John Heaps Praise on 'AGT' Contestant ... Who was Wrongfully Imprisoned for 37 Years!!!

Archie Williams has a second chance at life after spending nearly 4 decades locked up for a crime he didn't commit ... and Elton John's here for it.

Archie's already the fan favorite for the new season of "America's Got Talent," not only because of his smooth and soulful singing voice, but because of his incredible backstory that has everyone pulling for him ... including Sir Elton.

'AGT' released Archie's segment -- including his performance of John's 1974 hit, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" -- to hype up the return of the talent competition Tuesday night ... and Elton said he was "moved to tears" by it.

He added ... "The courage and forgiveness shown by him is truly inspiring. The same spirit that the world found so inspiring with Nelson Mandela."

Here's Williams's story -- when he was 22, he was accused of raping and stabbing a white woman in Baton Rouge. Despite being home asleep at the time of the assault -- and having no connection to the crime scene -- the woman repeatedly ID'd him as her rapist.

Archie was convicted in 1983 for attempted murder, aggravated rape and aggravated burglary and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Thankfully, the Innocence Project took up his case in the '90s, and after years of working on it ... Archie was finally exonerated by DNA evidence in early 2019. He spent nearly 37 years in a Louisiana prison before the charges were dropped and he was freed.

Archie's performance shows he has the attitude, and the voice, to start making up for the years taken away from him. Maybe the easiest 'YES' votes ever for the 'AGT' judges.

Pet Python Bites Hand That Feeds ... Wraps Around Owner in a Flash!!!

A huge snake clamped onto a woman's hand, and then tried to put a death grip on her arm and leg in a matter of seconds ... and the whole battle is on video.

Check out this gnarly clip showing a woman -- who seems familiar with the python -- get attacked as soon as she lets it out of its tank. The snake bites down on her hand and then starts to curl itself around her entire arm.

At first, she tries to keep her cool and almost acts as if she's gonna handle the sitch on her own -- but things quickly escalated as the python wrapped itself even tighter, which prompted her to ask for help. Too little, too late it would seem.

Just a few seconds later, the snake latched onto her leg and started to coil even more ... which sent the woman into panic mode -- not to mention the guy who's trying to get it the hell off of her. Amid the chaos, the video finally cuts out.

It's unclear where or when exactly this happened, or what happened after this whole mishap -- but on its face, the message seems clear ... do NOT play with pythons!!!

As Indiana Jones once said ... anything but snakes 😬

Jennifer Lopez Oh, That Guy Behind Me in the Gym??? ... That Was Just Zoom

Jennifer Lopez finally dished on a mystery people have been trying to ID for weeks now -- revealing the creepy floating face that popped up in one of her latest gym selfies.

She made the revelation on a recent appearance on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, eventually getting past the pleasantries and asking what America wanted to really know ... WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY WITH A HAND OVER HIS MOUTH?!?

The answer's not as salacious as some might've expected -- J Lo says it was just a dude her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was talking to on Zoom on the other side of their gym window.

We'll let Jen explain for herself here, but basically ... with the way they have their gym set up, and where they have one of their laptops perched for Zoom chats, the two just happened to overlap and captured this guy A-Rod was chatting up in a very scary pose.

She doesn't know for sure who exactly it was -- other than the fact that he's in real estate -- or why he had his hand over his face (might've been a sneeze or a cough) ... but the good news is that it wasn't some rando creepin' on Jennifer from behind. That's low-key what some folks thought it was at first, and thank God that didn't turn out to be the case.

Thanks for clearing that up, J Lo! We can finally rest easy now.

SC Golf Course Gators Lock Jaws In Insane Brawl ... On 18th Hole

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The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes

Two alligators violently fought it out on a South Carolina golf course ... and the footage of the two beasts locking jaws and tossing each other around is INSANE!!

Check out video posted by The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville, SC ... where two gators were caught in a crazy tussle right on one of the fairways.

According to course officials, the action all went down last week on the 18th hole ... when one golfer captured the wild scene.

You can see in the vid ... the two gators bit into each other's faces -- and wouldn't let go, even after they violently twisted!!!

And, if the action caught on video wasn't crazy enough for you -- a witness says the battle went on for roughly 2 HOURS!!

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the on-course action ... but it's unclear if golfers' scores survived the melee as well.


Jason Derulo I'm Making Fortune Off TikTok ... And You Can Too!!!


Jason Derulo is losing teeth and adding stacks of cash thanks to TikTok ... and he says you don't have to be a famous singer or mess up your grill to start raking in the dough.

The "Cats" star and "Swalla" singer tells TMZ ... anybody can make a killing off the video creation app, as long as you create your own space and find a niche.

Jason's certainly found his TikTok calling ... and we're not just talking viral music trends.

TikTok / @jasonderulo

If you haven't discovered his page, it's full of funny videos of Jason in quarantine, which usually end with some missing chompers.

While JD says TikTok is running the music industry -- the most popular songs on the app are also the most popular songs in the world -- he's not ready to ditch his singing career and focus only on TikTok.

Still, Jason says he's got another big move in the works ... and he gives us a preview of his upcoming TikTok alter ego. Think superhero, but with an anaconda!!!

Ahmaud Arbery Family Attorney Says FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation ... D.A.'s, Cops on the Hot Seat


The lawyer for Ahmaud Arbery's family says the federal authorities met with them last week and said they have launched a criminal investigation into the conduct of 2 district attorneys and members of the police department that allegedly covered up Ahmaud's killing.

Lee Merritt appeared Monday on "TMZ Live" and said the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia informed the family they were looking at both civil and criminal action against the officials.

Merritt also talked about the text message the police sent to a homeowner, telling him if there was "action" on his doorbell he should call Gregory McMichael, one of the accused murderers.

Merritt worries the police conduct may have effectively deputized the elder McMichael, such that the citizen's arrest laws don't apply and he would be treated as a law enforcement officer. As you know, McMichael's son, Travis, is the one who fired the shots, but Merritt says it could still be a problem given what the police did.


Nevertheless, the family is pleased William Bryan, the man who videotaped the shooting, has been charged with Ahmaud's death. Merritt says it was especially galling for the family to see Bryan's "media tour" proclaiming his innocence.

Inflatable Hippo Costume Dancing Off the Shelves ... Thanks to Pandemic-Friendly Hug Option


Hundreds of air-filled hippo suits are selling out, possibly because they provide extra protection for folks to hug their loved ones ... as demonstrated by one loving daughter on TV.

The hippopotamus ballerina costume is ballooning in popularity, and the latest display was featured on the news at the Fox Trails Senior Living Home in Stephens City, Virginia last week.

A daughter dressed up as a large gray hippo in a tutu in order to embrace her mother living at the residence ... while still protecting against COVID-19. The nursing home staff reportedly came up with the idea to use sterilized suits so family members can hug during visits.

Inflatable costumes like the ballerina hippo are in high demand right now, too. This particular suit has been getting scooped up by consumers since "social distancing" became a thing ... in fact, there are only a few left in stock at top online costume retailer

We're told the company sold around 75 of the same hippo ballerina costume in 2019, but this year ... 450 suits have pranced out of its warehouse, so far.

The item’s the third top seller on the site right now, even after doubling its original price tag to $120 thanks to popularity and white-hot demand.

Holding the top spot is the "Jurassic World" T-Rex inflatable suit, which is currently out of stock. Owner Tom Fallenstein tells us only 20 of the air-filled $89.99 dino costumes were purchased in 2019 ... but it came roaring back this year with 600 units sold.

A few of the customers decked out as dinosaurs paid a visit to another senior living home’s parking lot earlier this month ... to lift the spirits of the residents sheltering indoors.

Whatever it takes in 2020 for some happiness, right?

UCSB's College Town IV Businesses Could Dry Up ... If Students Skip Fall


College towns in the U.S. are biting their fingernails at the prospect of students being kept home for the upcoming fall semester, including one prominent California university ... UCSB.

We called up several small businesses operating in the bordering campus neighborhood of Isla Vista, and they all pretty much told us the same thing ... they need kids to come back to school this fall, or else they'll have little to no clientele and, more importantly, employees.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Take Woodstock's, a famous pizza joint around there. A manager tells TMZ that a vast majority of their workforce is made up of students, and if they're told to stay home when September rolls around ... there won't be enough staff to man the ship throughout the year.

That, obviously, could spell trouble for keeping the business afloat. Not only would there be a reduced staff, but there'd also be virtually no one to sell the food to if students vanish.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ditto for Rockfire Grill -- they tell us 80% of their employees are students, and they put it bluntly ... no students, means no business. They're now ramping up marketing efforts to reach folks outside of UCSB's immediate vicinity ... perhaps in Goleta or Ventura, perhaps.

Funny enough, one store that's doing well is Isla Vista Bicycle Boutique, which says tons of people are buying their bikes right now. They do acknowledge though ... if students aren't around in the fall -- they too will be hurting financially, as they rely on those customers.

It's a problem that probably applies to several colleges and neighboring towns. And, with UCSB still undecided on what to do, it could mean at least 3 months of a ghost town.

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