Police Confrontation Cop Who Pinned Black Teen ... Allegedly Covid-Positive During Incident


The Texas cop who mounted a Black teen didn't just get too close for comfort for the family, but perhaps too close for the CDC as well ... because the guy allegedly had COVID that day.

Nekia Trigg's family attorney, Kim T. Cole, tells TMZ ... the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office just got ahold of them to let both Nekia and her mother, Antanique Ray, know that Deputy Conner Martin had tested positive for the virus at the time of the altercation.

Cole says Antanique tested negative Monday, but they're still waiting on results for Nekia ... who just went in for a test herself on Tuesday.


Still, despite testing negative ... we're told Antanique lost 5 days of work because she quarantined until she got her test results back ... she's out a week's worth of income.

The KCSO declined to comment on Martin's condition.

It's just the latest setback for Nekia and co. -- remember, they had to essentially flee their home because of mounting death threats they say they'd been receiving in the wake of the dustup. Not just that, but Antanique still has criminal charges to deal with over the incident.

We're told Deputy Martin has been placed on paid leave while his department investigates if there was any wrongdoing on his part.

frontier airlines Suspends Flight Attendants For duct taping unruly passenger


1:02 PM PT -- Frontier Airlines tells TMZ ... the passenger made inappropriate physical contact with 2 flight attendants and physically assaulted another flight attendant.

The airline says the passenger "needed to be restrained" until the flight landed and police arrived. Frontier says it's working with law enforcement to prosecute the passenger, and the airline says the crew members' paid leave is line with their policies and an investigation is pending.

A few flight attendants are temporarily relieved of duty after their bosses at Frontier Airlines deemed that duct taping an unruly passenger to his seat might have crossed a line.

Check out this insane video that was captured Saturday on a Frontier flight from Philly to Miami ... in which a young guy is seen losing it on passengers, yelling at them that his parents are worth $2 mil and other bizarre ramblings. He's cussing out the flight attendants as well, who were trying to calm him down.


Eventually, he gets into a scuffle with a male flight attendant ... and he's finally restrained to a seat with a ton of duct tape. The rest of the passengers were cheering his detainment.

As for what exactly led up to all this ... the guy's name is Max Berry, and he reportedly emerged from the lavatory shirtless after he'd spilled a drink on himself. As some attendants helped him get a new shirt from his bag, he allegedly went around groping some female attendants' breasts, and things escalated to where the clip starts.

He was arrested and booked on several charges upon landing, but Frontier says it also suspended some of the flight crew in question as an investigation gets underway.

This isn't the first time we've seen passengers held down in this way -- it happened earlier this year on an American Airlines flight where a woman appeared to be having a breakdown.

Originally Published -- 11:16 AM PT

Venice Beach Cops Point Assault Rifles at Homeless ... Called for Man with Gun

@bussinordisgustinn / TikTok

Venice Beach is looking like a war zone -- this footage shows police officers armed with assault rifles detaining a group of homeless people, but cops say the tense incident was misrepresented on social media.

The video does seem rather menacing -- the heavily-armed LAPD officers were questioning 5 homeless people sitting on their knees in front of a makeshift encampment, with their hands in the air.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... this happened in the afternoon of July 25, when police got a call reporting a man brandishing a gun and threatening someone.

We're told police found a BB gun in the area, but no one was arrested because cops could not find a victim. Our sources say it's routine for cops to respond with heavy firepower when they get a call about a person armed with a gun.

Someone had tweeted the video and said the cops were evicting the homeless at gunpoint ... which sparked, understandable, outrage. However, we're told none of the people in the video were removed.

As we've reported, the homeless situation is at crisis level in L.A. County, in general, and especially in Venice ... and lots of folks are still on edge.

Black Teen in TX Family Flees Due to Death Threats Over Cop Mounting Incident


The Black teen who was mounted by a white cop in Texas has evacuated her home -- along with the rest of her family -- following death threats over the viral video.

18-year-old Nekia Trigg is the woman in the troubling video, and her mother, Antanique Ray, and a few other family members have left their Forney, TX home ... fearing retaliation from local citizens and even law enforcement ... according to Nekia's attorney, Kim T. Cole.

Cole says a slew of the death threats were made via social media, including direct messages telling the family they got what they deserved during the incident with police. Cole advised the family to lay off social media while everything unfolds -- she's expecting the threats to increase.


We're told Antanique got arrested for an alleged altercation with cops as they escorted Nekia away in cuffs, but the day after she and the family packed their bags and went to an undisclosed location.

As for why the family fears law enforcement will retaliate ... we're told they have a general fear of the Kaufman County Sheriff's deputies after prior experiences close family friends have had with them.

We're told Nekia, who just graduated from HS, is worried about her mother facing jail time and fears she may have no place to live if Antanique has to serve time behind bars.

Cole says she plans to file a civil rights lawsuit on Nekia's behalf against Kaufman County and Deputy Conner Martin ... who literally straddled her and held her arms down above her head as she screamed saying she couldn't breathe.

Cops say they'd gotten reports Nekia was walking in front of cars, attempting to harm herself ... but the family refutes that.

Rover Dog Sitter Loses Pet on the Job ... Pooch Mysteriously Killed, Owners Devastated

A dog sitter screwed up in a big way ... the dog she was caring for was killed, and the owners are crushed and don't believe the woman's story on what really happened.

Ashley Dingess and Nick Roa shared a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix named Gizmo ... they were going to Disneyland over the weekend and booked a dog sitter through Rover ... an app that pairs dog owners with dog sitters.


It went south fast ... Ashley and Nick say the sitter told them the dog ran away, which they say is B.S. because Gizmo is up there in years and had surgery recently on a bum leg, so she couldn't run fast.

The sitter finally fessed up and said she was running errands and the dog somehow escaped ... she may have jumped out the car window, but that's a hard one for Ashley and Nick to swallow. They just don't know and they say the dog sitter has been sketchy from the jump.

Gizmo ended up getting hit by a car and killed at the onramp of a nearby freeway -- and Ashley and Nick were notified of this by a Good Samaritan. Of course, they're devastated and furious ... and contacted Rover to complain.

We're told the company was apologetic and told them to submit their grievances in writing. In the meantime, they say Rover offered them $500 to cover cremations costs ... but to them, that's simply not enough to right this wrong. This is bigger than just money.

Ashley and Nick tell us they want this to serve as a cautionary tale for other pet owners looking to use Rover's services. Unclear if they're planning to take legal action.

A Rover rep tells us. "Our Trust and Safety team is investigating the incident and we are prepared to take appropriate actions, including removing the pet care provider from our community. Pending the outcome of the investigation, we've paused their account on our platform."

They continue, "Our hearts go out to all who loved Gizmo and we will continue to offer our support to his family. This experience is highly unusual on our platform: Over 40 million stays have been booked through Rover, with 97% of reviews receiving 5 stars."

Britney Spears Piggin' out ... Makes Potbellied Pal

Britney Spears desperately wanted to say "Aloha" to a curly-tailed cutie she spotted on her tropical vacay -- and she excitedly did just that when the opportunity presented itself.

The singer was spotted practically jumping for joy Sunday when she came across a potbellied pig in Hawaii ... where she and her BF, Sam Asghari, have returned for vacation again.

With all her recent conservatorship drama playing out in court, it's been a while since we've seen Brit looking so genuinely giddy as she does here. She completely freaked when she saw someone's pet pig out for a walk on Maui.

Britney bent down to pet and stroke the little guy. Apparently, she's gotten the word ... domesticated pigs are super smart, and make a nice alternative to cats and dogs.

Anyway, here's hoping this guy doesn't end up on a spit over a luau fire pit. Looks like Britney would be heartbroken.

Wendy's Fires Manager Who Yelled 'Bitch' ... As Employee Recorded Him

@mon3adatmac / TikTok

The assistant manager caught on camera calling a Wendy's staffer a "bitch" is now out of a job ... TMZ's learned he got the ax.

So, here's the deal ... Sophia Cargill, who says she's a general manager in training, recorded an assistant manager named Michael going on a tirade -- calling her a bitch and "f***ing lazy" -- after the fast-food joint in Kalamazoo, Michigan had closed for the day.

She shared the video on TikTok, which was then re-posted by D.L. Hughley ... generating nearly 1 million views. In the video, you can see Michael shout the word before Sophia tells him she got him on video, and that it would be the end of the road for him. He defiantly fired back, "No it's not."

@mon3adatmac / TikTok

Michael also told Sophia he had the right to disrespect her, and yelled she doesn't have permission to record him. Sophia claims Michael had been screaming at her for 5 minutes straight after going on a "power trip."

The incident unfolded nearly 2 weeks ago. Sophia says in a separate TikTok she got suspended without pay, but Michael did not get suspended. A spokesperson for the burger joint tells TMZ ... Michael has now been fired and Sophia was reinstated with back pay.

The spokesperson added, "We have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace. Upon learning of this situation, we acted immediately following our protocols and suspended those involved to run a thorough investigation."

Back pay or no back pay ... seems Sophia's on the verge of calling it quits. She launched a GoFundMe because she says she might not return to Wendy's, and will use the money to support her while she looks for another job.

lollapalooza guy thrown through hotel window ... Across Street from Venue

Lollapalooza wasn't just a breeding ground for COVID this weekend -- it also led to some serious violence ... as seen in this brutal video of a festival ticket sale gone wrong.

The scuffle broke out Sunday just outside the Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago ... literally across the street from Grant Park, where the multi-day music festival was being held outdoors.

In the clip, you can see 3 men tussling in front of a glass window ... which ended up getting shattered when at least one dude got shoved through it.

You see him cry out in pain and then try and drag himself away from the chaos. According to Chicago PD, this was all over one guy selling "bad wristbands" for Lolla to a group of 2 men and 2 women. The dispute between the 3 men ended with the shattered glass and all 3 getting hospitalized for various cuts on their heads, legs and arms.

Cops are investigating, but no one's been arrested yet.

This incident aside, the bigger danger for festival-goers this weekend appears to have been COVID-19 ... in particular, the Delta variant, which is starting to run rampant across the U.S.

CDC officials say it is infecting a helluva lot of people at alarming rates once again. The fact that Lollapalooza was packed to the gills, with a sea of people who were mostly unmasked, probably won't help.

Even those who are vaccinated aren't safe against Delta -- not entirely, anyway. Those people are getting infected just as much as unvaccinated people, but the shot does help mitigate symptoms ... and usually prevents the patient from needing hospitalization.

A notable case in point for this new surge and who's catching it lies in Provincetown, MA -- which is experiencing a major outbreak of Delta. The town was key in the CDC issuing new indoor mask guidance recently ... as positive cases among the vaccinated there were found to be in step with those who hadn't gotten inoculated yet.

So, everyone's at risk again, it seems ... granted, to varying levels.

Still, it's pretty crazy ... Provincetown is a left-leaning city that usually plays by the rules for this type of thing -- and despite that, they're still catching COVID like crazy.

Just goes to show, we're not out of this thing yet.

Paul Rudd Forever Young ... Or So It Seems, Anyway

Here's another installment of Paul Rudd Is Benjamin Button -- because the older he gets, the younger he looks ... at least that's what a new viral photo of him suggests on its face.

The veteran comedy actor posed for a new snap this weekend that was posted by the owner of an Indian restaurant in London called Darjeeling Express ... a place he's apparently stopped into before, and brought a pal with him this time around -- Mr. Dan Levy.

Paul's filming the new 'Ant-Man' installment there -- Dan appears to just be in town.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Anyway, the restaurant (and its owner, Asma Khan) posted a sweet photo of Paul and Dan breaking bread in their establishment Saturday, and even though they seem to have hosted PR before ... they were still starstruck, writing in their caption ... "When Paul Rudd returns for dinner to the restaurant and this time brings the lovely @instadanjlevy with him! ♥️❤️."

The photo has since gotten Paul and Dan trending -- with the former being compared to an ageless angel ... because he seriously looks young in this specific pic (Paul's 52, BTW).

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

They threw up a second shot of Dan on his own, and said they were glad he dug the grub. Still, it's the duo photo of the two of them at the table that's got people chirping.

As you might imagine, the jokes were flying online ... with folks saying they've aged more in the pandemic than Paul has in the last 5 years -- and that may well be true, 'cause he doesn't seem to have a wrinkle or a crack on his face ... well, at least in lighting like this.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Another photo Darjeeling posted mere weeks ago -- from Paul's initial visit, apparently -- paints a somewhat different picture. It's way more well-lit ... and, yes, Paul certainly looks older here. Still great for his age and all -- but it's almost like he went back in time for this weekend's photo-op ... it feels like 2 different people showed up over the course of 2 weeks.

We kid, of course ... but it's pretty amazing anytime a new Paul Rudd sighting emerges. He truly seems to have found the fountain of youth somewhere. Never change, man ... assuming that's even possible.

Matt damon I recently retired homophobic f-slur Daughter Forced My Hand

Matt Damon says he just recently stopped using the homophobic f-word slur -- this after his own daughter had to put him in check ... with a detailed thesis of sorts on why it's bad.

The actor did a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times that was published Sunday, and among the many topics discussed on how the Hollywood landscape is changing (for the worse, Matt seems to think) ... this one was brought up in the same breath.

He says he put the f-word away for good in recent months, explaining he didn't think of it much as a slur when he was growing up, adding ... "The word that my daughter calls the 'f-slur for a homosexual' was commonly used when I was a kid, with a different application."

He goes on to say that he made a joke using the word in front of one of his 3 daughters, -- who range in age between 10 and 15 -- and they actually protested his usage of it.

Matt says, "She left the table. I said, 'Come on, that's a joke! I say it in the movie Stuck on You!' She went to her room and wrote a very long, beautiful treatise on how that word is dangerous. I said, 'I retire the f-slur!' I understood."

The scene Damon is referring to happens toward the end of the raunchy 2003 comedy -- in which he and Greg Kinnear play bros who are joined at the hip, literally. The word comes up in its shortened form as a musical montage starts to play after they've been separated.

There's a lot more in Damon's ST interview -- including a hot take that anyone, really, with wit could've played Iron Man ... not just RDJ. That's a whole other can of worms, though.

Anyway, Matt says the modern world has taught him to do one thing so much better ... "shut the f*** up more."

Dolly Parton Used Whitney Royalties ... To Invest In Black T.N. Community

Dolly Parton threw down major dough she collected off the success of one of Whitney Houston's biggest hits -- a rendition of Dolly's, no doubt -- into a Black Tennessee community ... something that doesn't appear to have been known, until now.

The singer made the revelation this week during an appearance on 'WWHL' with Andy Cohen, where he asked her ... what was the best thing she'd invested in with the royalties she's collected from Whitney's version of 'I Will Always Love You' ... originally sung by DP.

Dolly gave a pretty incredible answer ... as it appears it's something no one's ever bothered to ask, but she was happy to share. Check out her response for yourself in the clip.

She tells Andy that of the money she'd gotten from the royalties -- a reported $10 million or so, in the '90s -- she ended up investing a decent amount into an office complex/strip mall "off the beaten path" of 16th Avenue in Nashville (a famous street near downtown).

More importantly, Dolly notes it was a part of town where mostly Black folks lived -- and she felt there was no better place to be, as it was among Whitney's people ... and Dolly's people, too, as she points out. It's unclear if Dolly developed more down there over the years ... but in any case, she almost certainly left some sort of economical impact big picture with her outlay.

It's unclear where exactly Dolly's property resides ... but it sounds like she still might be using it all these years later. And, crazier yet -- she never really piped up about this until Andy asked her about it, it seems. As many are pointing out -- that's just Dolly for ya.

One more thing worth mentioning re Whitney and Dolly -- during a Q&A segment from fans, one person asked if there were ever plans for Dolly to perform 'I Will Always' alongside Whitney, like in a duet version or something ... and it just never happened. Very good question, as Andy notes.

Her answer is both stunning, and kinda annoying ... if you're a fan of either artist.

Long story short, Dolly simply says ... no, because NO ONE EVER ASKED HER TO DO IT, even though she adds she would've happily agreed to belt out the tune next to Whitney, assuming anyone approached her about it. Talk about a missed opportunity, huh???

As for how she thinks she would've held up against WH's legendary pipes ... that's telling too. Dolly is as graceful as ever here.

Jonah Hill got myself a new 'body love' tat ... And a Surfer Boy 'Do Too!!!

Jonah Hill has slowly been turning into a surfer bro right before our eyes -- and now, the transformation is complete ... behold!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The actor just posted a new photo of himself on the 'Gram -- a shirtless one, at that -- and he's showing off some new artwork on his back. Specifically, it's a tattoo that screams surfer vibes ... but it's really nothing compared to what's atop his noggin in the pic.

Check it out ... Jonah's tat reads "Body Love" and it's got a "rock on" hand sign attached (in color, too, BTW). JH seems proud of the new ink -- but he's kinda ignoring the headline ... namely, that his hair is now platinum blonde, beard too for that matter. Looks like he's been baring his blonde locks for a quick minute ... since at least early July, apparently.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jonah's got a few different photos of him in blonde on his IG page -- and, boy, is it something.

He looks like a wild man of the water, frankly, which is appropriate ... because the dude HAS been shredding the gnar in recent years -- hitting up Malibu and other remote surf spots in and around SoCal to get his wave-riding on. He seems to be getting pretty good too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Oh, and we know what you're thinking ... is this new look for a movie or something??? That doesn't appear to be the case ... Jonah doesn't have any roles coming up (that we can see) which would require him to rock this sort of 'do/vibe. So, it seems to be all him ... and au naturel.

Surf's up, y'all.

DaBaby Cut Outta Lollapalooza!!! We're About Love, Inclusivity and He's Not

DaBaby just got the hook -- Lollapalooza organizers are yanking him out of their Sunday night lineup, which he was supposed to headline ... due to his ignorant and homophobic comments.

The legendary festival, going down in Chicago this weekend, announced Sunday morning ... "Lollapalooza was founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and love. With that in mind, DaBaby will no longer be performing at Grant Park tonight."

DaBaby was supposed to perform at 9 PM Sunday for more than 150,000 fans, as the final act of the 4-day festival -- instead, he'll be sidelined, and Young Thug has been moved up into that slot.

The 11th-hour change is in response to the rapper's onstage rant last weekend at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami. ICYMI ... DaBaby told the audience to put their phones up, "If you didn't show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs that'll make you die in 2-3 weeks" and "Fellas, if you didn't suck a n***a d**k in the parking lot."

Rolling Loud

He attempted to explain away the vile comments on social media when he posted a video claiming his words weren't directed at his gay fans because they're not "nasty gay n****s" or "junkies" and they take care of themselves.

In other words ... he just made it worse.

As we've reported ... the clothing company, Boohoo, stopped working with DaBaby soon after the heinous comments. Also, Dua Lipa -- who has a huge hit with DaBaby, "Levitating" -- denounced his remarks ... and their song has reportedly been removed from multiple Apple Music playlists.

In addition to Young Thug getting the spotlight Sunday night, Lollapalooza added G Herbo's on an earlier stage to fill the void.

42 dugg Apologizes for homophobic rant ... To Defend Kissing Son's Neck

9:17 AM PT -- 8/1 42 Dugg took to Instagram to issue an apology for his homophobic rant. The rapper said, "it never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I'm offended so for that I am sorry." He went on to say that he no longer will be sharing his son or family on Instagram.

42 Dugg has responded to a now-viral video of him kissing and licking his son's neck -- and he's firing back with nothing but homophobia.

The rapper addressed a clip he posted late this week in which he's seen being affectionate with his young son -- who just turned 3 -- aboard a plane, which entailed hugging him from behind ... and slobbering all over his neck -- including licking, kissing and sucking.

too far???

You can see the kid kinda squirm a bit, but he eventually giggles as if to escape his dad's canoodling. One could argue this was innocent father-son fun, but others took it differently.

Some folks said it was inappropriate, and in some cases ... many just called it gross and speculated it might be child abuse, invoking Child Protective Services and considerations to call them over this. The interaction itself was up for debate ... but Dugg's fiery retort isn't.

Instead of tackle the crux of the issue -- whether this video is fatherly love gone too far -- Dugg went on a rant that was riddled with homophobic language and sentiments ... not entirely different from what DaBaby spewed. Now, he's catching backlash for this too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We won't get into all the nitty-gritty from his post -- you can read the since-deleted IG Story above -- but essentially ... Dugg seems to want to distance himself from any talk of homosexuality as it pertains to his relationship with his kid ... further saying he feels he's having same-sex vibes shoved down his throat by famous people and society at large.

Whatever point Dugg was trying to make gets lost in the clear bigotry and apparent hatred he seems to have when it comes to the LGBT crowd. Not a good look ... all the way around.

Originally Published -- 7/31 1:00 PM PT

Machine Gun Kelly Performs Upside Down Set ... At Packed Lollapalooza

Machine Gun Kelly made a surprise appearance at Lollapalooza Saturday ... mostly upside down.

Fans got an alert on day 3 of the festival ... MGK was there for a special show. Within an hour, he appeared at the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions side stage and performed to ... well, let's just say a more-than-packed audience -- it had 20 times the number of people permitted in the space.

He performed "Kiss Kiss," more hit songs from "Tickets to My Downfall," and a cover of "Misery Business." But there was more ... "My Ex's Best Friend," "Bloody Valentine" and "Drunk Face."

And then, the stunt ... MGK dangled from the rafters -- upside down no less -- as fans repeatedly screamed, "MGK!!!"

The festival has drawn around 100,000 people, and health officials are super worried it will become a super-spreader event with the surge of the Delta variant.

Fingers crossed.

Coi Leray Rolling Loud Crowd Wasn't Ready For Me ... I'm Too Different!!!


Coi Leray says it's going to take music fans time to come around to her, like the zombie crowd she encountered at Rolling Loud ... because she's something fresh and new.

We got the rapper outside The Ivy in Los Angeles and our photog asked about her infamous set at Rolling Loud, when the crowd was mostly just standing around and looking on while she performed with gusto.

Coi says the crowd had the deer-in-the-headlights reaction because she's unlike anything they've ever seen ... and she's blaming the music industry for churning out too much of the same thing.

The way Coi sees it ... artists aren't doing anything new to make fans gravitate to them, and when something new comes along -- like her -- it takes time for people to get used to it, and that's what happened down in Miami.

Coi's patiently waiting for folks to get with the program, telling us she's glad people are talking about her whether it's good or bad ... and she's got a message for her haters.

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