Prince Harry UNDERWEAR FROM NAKED VEGAS ROMP GETS $250K BID ... Do I Hear $1 Million???

Prince Harry's royal jewels must be priceless ... because the auction for the underwear from his strip billiards game in Sin City is already at a quarter million bucks.

The bidding opened Thursday, on the heels of the 10-year anniversary of Harry's wild night in Vegas, with ex-stripper Carrie Royale producing the goods ... the Prince's black undies from his memorable night in a high roller's suite.

Ira Kuzma

It only took a few minutes for the bidding to skyrocket ... a $10,000 opening bid rose to $16k before a strip club owner from San Diego placed a call-in bid of $250k. That's not a typo ... it went from $16k to $250k!

Video from the live auction shows Carrie, dressed in a black cocktail dress, and some other exotic dancers going crazy when the big bid came through.

The $250k bidder, Dino, says he plans to create a shrine to Harry's undies if he ends up winning the auction. Carrie believes the winning bid could reach as high as $1 million, and online bidding remains open until Sept. 30 or when the auction reaches $1 mil, whichever comes first.

The live portion of the auction went down at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, where Carrie claims Prince Harry dropped by during his wild time in Vegas.

Remember ... Harry stripped down to his birthday suit playing billiards in a Vegas suite back in August 2012, and Carrie claims she snatched the discarded undies.

No word how Harry feels about the auction ... but as we first told you, part of the proceeds are going to Harry and Meghan Markle's charity, Archewell.

Norwegian Government Euthanizes Walrus Which Got Close to Humans

A famous walrus in Norway has been killed after the government there thought it was getting a little too close for comfort when it came to human contact.

The Director General at the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries announced Sunday that Freya -- the 1,300 pound walrus in question -- was euthanized after officials deemed its habits of approaching humans and their boats were becoming too dangerous and a risk to the public.

Frank Bakke-Jensen, the honcho, says, "The decision to euthanize the walrus was made based on an overall assessment of the continued threat to human safety."

Freya made a splash this summer after flopping itself into boats near the Oslo Fjord -- where they'd often be docked. In some cases, she partially sank the vessels ... and in others, she was able to catch a little tan in the sun, minding her own business as people looked on.

It might be those same people who are to blame for this, so say Norwegian officials. Their rationale to putting the animal down has been chalked up to the massive crowds that would form around Freya whenever she'd come near -- which is rare for walruses.

Spectators would approach and take selfies, something the government says was towing the line of potential harm -- and which caused officials to warn everyone to stay away.

Some are angry that the walrus was euthanized, arguing it wasn't necessary and that it would eventually swim away on its own. But the fisheries director is holding his ground on the call -- telling CNN, "We have sympathies for the fact that the decision can cause reactions with the public, but I am firm that this was the right call," Bakke-Jensen continued. "We have great regard for animal welfare, but human life and safety must take precedence."

Big Time Rush Compared to Lizzo, Bey ... Over Supposedly Ableist Song Title

Big Time Rush is in big time trouble -- at least on Twitter -- because users are outraged over the title of an old song, which some label as ableist ... now invoking Beyoncé and Lizzo.

Here's the deal ... the one-time boy band of the 2010s has recently reunited to put out new music -- and one of their fan fave vault songs that they're itching to release is called "PARALYZED," which has been leaked before, but never officially included on an album.

Now, they're saying they're gonna do it for real ... and have been teasing their fans with when and under what circumstances they'll do it.

On Saturday, they tweeted ... "We’re so happy to see that everyone across the globe are now able to enjoy all our music. But the real question. How badly do you want us to release PARALYZED?" They encouraged their followers to get "PARALYZED" trending before they put it out ... but so far, haven't. The track's only on Sound Cloud (in an unofficial capacity).

If you listen to it and read the lyrics ... it's a fairly straightforward, seemingly innocuous song about a girl who's got the boys stunned and frozen, AKA paralyzed, because of how attractive she is. Essentially, they're smitten ... but they're playing up the paralyzed angle.

They even stutter some of the words they're singing, and that's where things turn problematic.

Some argue the song in general is an issue and offensive to paralyzed people -- and it's here where Bey and Liz are getting roped in ... with accusations of racism flying.

Hop into the "Lizzo and Beyonce" trend right now, and you'll see all the discourse going on. Basically, some say that those who were up in arms over the female artists using the word "s***" in their songs and demanded they remove it should be doing the same for BTR.

The argument boils down to ... some in the ableist community and/or their allies are actually just racist -- because they made a big stink when 2 Black women innocently used the term -- which was popular and in regular use pre-2010s, frankly -- but when a bunch of white/white-passing dudes are more on the nose ... there seems to be crickets in terms of indignation.

Not everyone is buying that though -- because, yes, it's very accusatory and makes a lot of conclusions based on ... nothing but perceived reactions on Twitter, which is kind of silly.

The point ... some see a double standard between Lizzo/Beyonce and Big Time Rush -- and are apparently mad that there isn't more of a push to get BTR to change or nix their song entirely. Whether that double standard is actually real or not is in the eye of the beholder.

Just another day on the bird app. 🙄

Chicago Hit & Run Car Plows Crowd of People Bodies Fly in the Air, Left for Dead

the horrible crime
Twitter / @ChicagoCritter

A deeply disturbing hit-and-run was captured on dashcam in Chicago -- a crime that sent several bodies flying in the air ... and left the victims laid out helplessly on the pavement.

Check out this video that surfaced online Sunday ... depicting what appears to be a relatively small crowd of people arguing/fighting in the street in the very early morning -- when, all of a sudden, a silver sedan comes zooming through the road and literally mows them down.


When the vehicle makes contact with the group ... you can see a few of the people get flung up into the air and land on the ground. One male, wearing blue, was also struck -- but was spared the full impact of the car, and seemed to be moving on his own afterward.

Chicago PD tells TMZ ... this happened on the 7000 block of S. Jeffery Blvd near Jackson Park on the city's South Side. Four men were actually struck -- including the guy in blue -- and three of them were pronounced DOA when transported to the University of Chicago.

The other surviving member was taken to Stroger Hospital, but his condition is unknown. No one is in custody, and cops are looking for the vehicle/driver. There doesn't seem to be much of a description beyond the possible color. No further info is available at this time.

We tried zooming in to make out its plates, but it's going much too fast to decipher anything meaningful. Police are currently investigating.

Ringo Starr Tommy's Got a 🍆 Pic But My Corn Dogs Are Just as Hot!!!

It seems Tommy Lee has inspired rockers of old to get risqué with their personal pics -- and Ringo Starr's stepping up to the plate next ... barefoot, mind you.

The former Beatles member took to Twitter Saturday with a shot for the ages ... one that got a bit of a mixed reaction online. Frankly, some were grossed about by it -- but RS didn't seem to mind. It was a photo of his naked ass feet, toes exposed and all in some sandals.

He writes, "YES peace and love," accompanied by a bunch of emojis. It wasn't just a footsie photo he was going for here -- Ringo was trying to plug the release of 'Get Back' on Blu-ray.

Ringo's always been sort of a hippy at heart, so you could argue this free-spirited post is right up his alley. But for the conspiracy theorists out there -- this might also be in response to what the Motley Crue drummer threw up this week ... aka, a full-frontal nude on IG.

TL showed off his legendary penis, reminding the new generation that he's still that dude -- even if they've never heard of him. At least that seems to have been the motive ... maybe.


You could surmise ... perhaps Ringo wanted to get on that train too, but might've been more shy -- so he opted for bare extremities instead. It's definitely spurring conversation ... but in a different way. 😅 Regardless, it's good to know ... these fellas are still rockin'!

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Rollin' in the Big Apple!!!


Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and Meek Mill were high rollers Friday night in NYC's Rockefeller Center ... and it looked like a blast!

The "Girl on Fire" singer threw an awesome party for close friends and family, celebrating the release of "KEYS II" ... a deluxe edition of her double album "KEYS."

Alicia and Swizz showed off their rink skills, dancing and holding each other, taking smiling selfies and even smooching as they rolled along.

Alicia also got jiggy by herself ... busting moves just like back in the 70s!

And, then there was Meek ... he was having fun with a young woman, circling the rink as they held hands.

The Philly rapper was also cutting it up with Busta Rhymes off to the side. Guess Busta wasn't in the skating mood.

It was fire in the hot, hot summer!

Shaq Breaks His Chair during Podcast ... 'I Broke The Damn Chair'

File under: Big man problems.

Shaquille O'Neal proved his size is no match for furniture ... 'cause the Big Aristotle broke his chair while giving relationship advice to women, and the viral moment was caught on video!!

The hilarious mishap happened on an episode of Shaq's "The Big Podcast" -- when O'Neal and his co-host, Nischelle Turner, were talking about what leads people to ghost each other ... when disaster struck!

Shaq offered his response ... leaning back and stretching then suddenly, you hear a crack and a look of concern on the face of the gentle giant.

"I broke the chair, I broke the damn chair," O'Neal said to Turner, who was in awe at what she just witnessed.

50-year-old Shaq -- who stands over 7 feet tall and weighs over 300 pounds -- laughed about the blunder. However, O'Neal knew the jokes would fly once the Internet saw the footage.

O'Neal admittedly struggled with his weight during the pandemic ... but the big fella has been making strides to get back on the right track, including exploring options like going vegan.

Despite the gaffe ... Shaq was a good sport about it, but, man, what a scare!! 😅

Steven Seagal Ripped by Pro-Ukraine Orgs ... Over Russia Jail Photo-Op

Steven Seagal's pro-Russia publicity stunt isn't sitting well with orgs dedicated to helping Ukraine ... not in the slightest.

A rep for NOVA Ukraine, a nonprofit that spreads awareness of the war while providing aid to Ukrainians, tells TMZ ... the fact Seagal showed up at a Russian prison site -- where upwards of 50 innocent lives were taken at Putin's behest -- is despicable, especially since it served as nothing more than a photo-op.

They call it a "reprehensible example of how when your career is already tarnished some of us scrape to the lowest levels of Earth to claw back any relevancy, even being paraded around by dictators who oppose the U.S."

The rep adds that those who are flirting with Russia during this dire time -- like Seagal -- deserve to have sponsorships and opportunities stripped from them ... much like how businesses are exiting en masse there in general. SS hasn't had a mainstream Hollywood career in ages, so that wish is already coming true for NOVA.

Michael Capponi -- President of the Global Empowerment Mission, another org that’s working to help Ukraine -- tells TMZ ... Seagal, per usual, is acting as a pawn for Putin and that the guy was clearly given special access to the jail in question.

He continues by saying they've been on the ground there for 5 months, and adds this about the narrative Seagal and Russia are trying to spin ... "The notion or suggestion that Ukraine is doing this to themselves is not only patently false, it's dangerous misinformation and comes solely from Russian propaganda."

Capponi concludes ... "This is nothing but someone drinking too much Kool-aid. It has 0 merit. Ukraine is doing everything it can to defend its sovereignty. Ukraine is not attacking its own people."

Like we said, Seagal isn't earning many new friends by inserting himself in the situation — and may have burned even more bridges that weren't already torched.

Steven Seagal Poses at Russian-Controlled Prison Where 50 Ukrainians Were Killed

Actor Steven Seagal, a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin, showed up at a Russian-controlled prison camp ... the site of an explosion on July 29 that slaughtered at least 50 Ukrainian prisoners.

Seagal seems to be surveying the wreckage ... eyeballing some of the shrapnel that killed the Ukrainians. There were hundreds of Ukrainian prisoners in the camp at the time of the blast.

Putin bestowed Russian citizenship on Seagal back in 2016 ... this after Seagal spoke out in favor of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Seagal is been vocal in his support of Putin, calling him "one of the greatest world leaders, if not the greatest world leader alive today."

Ukrainian military officials have accused Russia of intentionally moving prisoners to the facility, knowing it would be the site of an attack.

As for Seagal, he was banned back in 2017 from entering Ukraine territory.

Seagal was appointed in 2018 as a "special representative" in Russia's foreign ministry.

Plane Crash Catches Fire On CA Freeway ... Passengers Escape Flames


A plane crash on a busy California freeway certainly caused for some serious traffic delays, but video from the incredible scene shows just how lucky the pilot and passenger were to escape.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows billows of black smoke towering above the crash on the 91 freeway in Corona, CA Tuesday. Surrounding drivers were forced to slow down and pull over, after a witness says the plane "blew up" on impact.

You can see the plane's pilot and passenger escape the flaming wreckage, sprinting away as the whole vessel becomes engulfed. ... luckily, authorities say both people riding in the plane escaped uninjured.

The flames have also since been put out, but there's some serious cleanup still to do to clear everything out.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what caused the crash.

Ja Rule Fires Back At Fat Joe ... I Wasn’t Cosigning Irv Gotti’s Ashanti Disses!!!

Ja Rule is defending his name against Fat Joe’s scorn … after Joe Crack accused him of being a passive participant in Irv Gotti’s explosive “Drink Champs” interview about sleeping with Ashanti.

Fat Joe recently took to Instagram ... calling out both Irv and Ja — referencing Gotti as a straight “sucka” for kissing and telling about his previously unknown relationship with Ashanti.

But the Terror Squad leader didn’t let Ja off the hook either … slamming him for not silencing Irv before the interview got outta control.

The Murder Inc. rapper hopped in the comments of Hollywood Unlocked on Tuesday to defend his own rep writing, “STOP saying I didn’t defend sis and all women when I clearly told Gotti stop calling Ashanti/women the B word same way I told Joe at Verzuz watch the interview before you talk sh*t… NOW LEAVE ME TF OUT THESE GROWN FOLK BUSINESSES… ❤️”

Irv has been taking all sorts of heat since the interview aired, a moment that Joe says tarnishes Irv’s credibility regardless of his legendary work with Jay-Z, DMX and Murder Inc.

We recently spoke to Judge Mathis, who even went a step further and says Ashanti wouldn’t be foolish to pursue legal action if the fallout from the interview was causing her any stress.


When it rains it pours and it's currently hurricane season in Gotti's world, unfortunately.

Duke OL Chance Lytle Fires Up Team With Opera Performance ... 'The Voice Of An Angel'

TikTok / @dukefb

Prepare to be blown away.

Duke OL Chance Lytle has some pipes on him ... the 6-foot-7, 300-plus pounder showed off serious vocal skills, putting on a full-blown opera performance in front of his teammates, and the entire thing was awesome!

In a video posted on the Duke football team's TikTok, the big man was front and center as he stood on a chair ... serenading his fellow Blue Devils.

"The voice of an angel," Duke's official football team Twitter account wrote in a tweet. "Always a pleasure singing for ya'll," Lytle replied.

The team stood silent as Lytle performed ... but once the big guy finished, they went crazy, jumping up and down as they crowded around him, yelling, "Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!"

Lytle joined the Blue Devils football program after graduating from the University of Colorado ... with a dual degree in music and voice performance and psychology, according to The Fayetteville Observer.

Of course, Chance hitting high notes should come as no surprise. In a video posted to the ACC Network's official Facebook page, Lytle introduced himself in vintage fashion -- performing a sweet-sounding opera.

"Meet Duke Football's renaissance man Chance Lytle," the account wrote.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

Lytle announced in March he would suit up for the Blue Devils in his final college football season.

They say first impressions are everything ... and it's clear Lytle is winning over his new teammates with the help of his musical skills.

Prince Harry Underwear From Naked Vegas Romp Going Up For Sale ... Ex-Stripper Running Auction

Prince Harry's underwear from his infamous strip billiards game in Sin City is hitting the open market ... a former stripper says she kept the undies for a decade and is now ready to sell.

The 10-year anniversary of Harry's wild night in Vegas is coming up this month, and ex-stripper Carrie Royale feels the timing is right to sell the Prince's royal undies from that fateful night in a high roller's suite.

The exotic dancer claims she was in the hotel room with Harry when he stripped down to his birthday suit playing pool ... and she's also auctioning off the dress and swimsuit she says she wore that same night.

What's a royal family keepsake like this worth? The stripper believes the winning bid could reach as high as $1 million.

The photo was snapped in Vegas back in August 2012, with Harry cupping his genitals with a seemingly topless woman and bear-hugging another woman who appeared to be nude as well.

Carrie Royale says word on the street is Prince Harry dropped by Larry Flynt's Hustler Club during his wild trip to Vegas, so the strip club is hosting the auction.

The stripper believes the underwear sale is a full circle moment for Prince Harry, saying ... "I am holding the auction to help remind him of his fun side, the side that his marriage to his wife Meghan has tried to control." Wow.

The live and online bidding starts Thursday at 10:30 PM PT, with a starting bid of $10,000. If the bidding reaches $800k, the winner gets a vintage 3-liter bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rose wrapped in 24 karat gold, valued at over $200k.

And, get this ... part of the auction proceeds are going to Harry and Meghan's charity, Archewell.

Bernie Sanders Sparks New Meme w/ Capitol Steps Pic ... Amid Vote-A-Rama in D.C.!!!

Bernie Sanders is firing up the meme machine again -- this time by posing in the thick of summer and looking dog-tired while hard at work ... a shot that's worth a thousand words.

The Vermont senator was photographed Sunday laying out on the Capitol Hill steps, where he appeared to be kind of exhausted after a marathon day of work known as Vote-a-Rama ... where congressmen and women are going through hours of debate/votes on legislation.

According to the photog, reporter Kent Nishimura, the Senate was entering its 13th hour of the overnight marathon when this pic was taken ... and as you can imagine, it's catching fire.

For starters, some say this makes a great album cover ... if BS was into music. Others say he very much resembles the 'School of Rock' cartoon, Bill, from the famed sketch, "I'm Just a Bill," where the rolled-up paper character is also lying down on the Capitol steps.

In other words ... it's just a great (and hilarious) photo, perhaps equally meme-able as his other famous photo from 2021 when he was captured nestled up in a sweater and mittens during Biden's inauguration ... which also set the internet ablaze with jokes up the wazoo.

This seems to be the summer version ... and funny enough, it's kind of the exact opposite vibe as his mitten meme. Bernie out here trying to beat the heat and letting it all hang out.

BTW, there's actually some serious business going on indoors ... including votes on amendments to Biden's Inflation Reduction Act -- a major spending package addressing climate change/taxes -- which Bernie was actually against without some major tweaks.

His proposed amendments, however, were rejected in roll call votes, and the bill ultimately passed. It now heads to the House, where it's also expected to pass.

Kevin Federline Me & Britney's Boys Are Purposely Avoiding Her

Kevin Federline is spilling the alleged tea about his kids' relationship with their mom, Britney Spears -- saying their boys don't want to see her right now ... for myriad reasons.

The singer's ex-husband -- with whom she shares two boys, Jayden and Sean -- did a wide-ranging interview with DailyMail ... portions of which are apparently going to be aired on ITV this coming week. Still, some juicy quotes surfaced in the print version of their story.

For starters, Kevin says their sons are deliberately choosing to avoid Britney right now. He doesn't give a clear-cut reason or explanation in DM's post -- but there are hints that they might wanna keep their distance over a number of things, including Brit's behavior of late.

He says, "The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now. It's been a few months since they've seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding," going on to add that they were happy for her and that they still wish their mother the best.

One possibility for why they're keeping her at arm's length ... it's actually Britney's constant social media posting -- her nudes, specifically -- that have caused her teenagers embarrassment. KF says he's tried to explain it away, but it's hard on them regardless.

Kevin goes on to say the very public nature of the conservatorship battle has been difficult, generally speaking, and he's tried to shield them from it/the spotlight as best he can ... despite their constant questions about it over the years, some of which he couldn't answer.

He also says Jamie Spears "saved her life" -- and that he'd welcome their grandfather back into his and their life at large, despite the drama that's gone down between them recently.

Anyway, back to Britney. Kevin also had this to say ... while the boys would visit Britney amid her conservatorship, they saw things that made him (and presumably them as well) fairly uncomfortable, but he declines to go into detail with DM.

In light of that, though, as well as her recent lashing out on social media ... he says Sean and Jayden have reached their decision -- and that choice, for now, is to stay away.

Kevin adds, "They tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but at the same time, I can tell that sometimes, it hurts to be in that position. So, I made sure all my kids can come to me at any moment and discuss anything. The boys -- all my kids -- know that they come to me and to my wife and discuss anything."

The implication, it seems ... this level of trust can't be reached with Britney. Britney and Kevin, of course, share custody of the teens, but KF has them a majority of the time.

Disney World 'Toy Story' Hug Characters Need to Embrace Kids of All Races ... Says Fam in Viral Video

The family behind the viral video of Woody and Jessie from 'Toy Story' making sure to hug their kids at Disney World say their experience needs to be the norm for all children ... regardless of race.


The parents, Candice and Harold, say they didn't know about the controversy swirling right now about costumed characters at other venues allegedly snubbing Black kids. They merely posted video because they were glad their daughter, Hayyn, got a hug from her favorite Disney character.


The parents say Hayyn would have been happy to get a wave from Jessie -- and it was a huge bonus when Woody flagged down Jessie to give the little girl a hug.

Hayyn was waiting on Jessie for the whole parade ... even wearing a Jessie dress, while holding Jessie and Woody dolls.

Of course, after posting their video they became aware of the allegations at Sesame Place and Chuck E. Cheese, and Harold and Candice say everyone's child deserves at least some kind of acknowledgment -- even if it's just a wave or blown kiss from their favorite character.

JULY 2022
Instagram / @__jodiii__

As we've reported, there's now a class action lawsuit filed against Sesame Place in Philadelphia.

There's no doubt that case helped fuel online interest in Hayyn's Disney World hug -- a prime example of how these interactions should ideally play out ... for all kids.

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