Jadakiss When it Comes to My Pizza ... Only Crust is a Must


Jadakiss says there's logic behind his pizza crust ordering practices ... when there's cheese on the pie, they have to give him plenty of dairy-air.

The "Why" rapper raised eyebrows this week when a Brooklyn pizza shop posted an image on social media showing his custom order ... a cheese pizza with the center cut out, leaving behind nothing but a ring of crust.

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Jadakiss tells us the crust has been his favorite part of pizza since he was a kid ... and now that he's 44, he cuts right to the chase and skips everything except the crust because he's on a health kick, and dairy is not part of his diet.

Jadakiss says that's been his drill for years -- cheese pizza, hold the cheese.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kiss says the viral image is actually from a year ago, and his good friend, the owner of Cuts and Slices pizza shop in Brooklyn, re-posted it after another pizza parlor announced it was now offering a pie made only of crust.

Jadakiss' odd order sent the Internet into a tizzy ... but he's not dishing back the hate he's received. He says pizza lovers should order their pies however they want, and he's got nothing against peeps who pile on cheese. It just ain't for him.

Anyone else hungry?

NFL's Josh Norman I'm a Hero In Spain ... For Jumping That Bull

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Josh Norman finally faced the question everyone wanted to ask when they saw the video of him  jumping that bull in Spain -- WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!

And, his answer is very "Braveheart"-esque.

"For me, though, itโ€™s literally like, would you rather live and die ... or would you rather die and never lived?โ€

In other words, HE NEEDED THE RUSH!!!

The Washington Redskins star defensive back sat down with Rich Eisen and said he was basically hailed as a HERO in Pamplona for his antics at the 2019 Running of the Bulls.

Norman says the locals even gave him a nickname, "El Saltador" -- which means, "The Jumper!"

The 31-year-old says he weighed the risks before making the leap -- but ultimately felt he was athletic enough to hang with the animals ... and knew he wouldn't get hurt.

"You go out there to run out there with the bulls, you're gonna get the horns if you're not athletic enough to move out the way."


Eisen asked if the Redskins had reached out to Josh to express their concerns after watching the jump -- and he scoffed.

Norman explained that the Redskins know his personality -- that he's a bit of a wild man -- but he'd never do anything to put the team in jeopardy.

Norman says he's got a YOLO mentality when it comes to life -- and he wants to push himself to the limits. In fact, he feels people who play it safe are missing out.

So, what was going through Josh's mind right before he jumped?!

"It came straight directly at me so I charged back at it ... I was like who's gonna win big fella!"

"I knew I was gonna clear it."

Thank goodness for Washington ... he was right.

Congressman Ted Lieu Sure, FaceApp's Fun, But ... Download at Your Own Russian Risk!!!


Congressman Ted Lieu's at risk of being labeled a buzzkill, but he says that's nothing compared to the security risks involved with using the popular new app that makes you an instant senior citizen.

The California Rep is very leery of FaceApp, the free app -- reportedly owned by a Russian company -- that transforms faces with various filters like "old age." The Russian connection is making some users nervous and, when we asked Lieu about it Wednesday on Capitol Hill, he said we ALL should be.

Ted points out he has a background in cybersecurity, and FaceApp raises major concerns because when you download it ... you agree to let it access all your photos and, potentially, a bunch of private info.

If you're cool with that, so be it ... but the Congressman is urging consumers to think twice since you could be added to a facial recognition database, or have your pics sold or altered.

Ted says the app's terms and conditions -- that fine print you scroll through quickly without reading and then click "I agree" -- are pretty invasive. His advice? Make sure it's worth it to get a few laughs and likes on social media.

6-Year-Old Baseball Coach YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! ... Ejected After Spat with Ump!

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Leo Durocher, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

A 6-year-old "coach" for a college summer league baseball team got his ass EJECTED on Saturday after kicking dirt on the umpire ... and the video is AMAZING!!

The kid is Coach Drake of the Kalamazoo Growlers -- which competes in the Northwoods League -- and when the umpire blew an obvious call, Drake WENT HAM ON THE BUM! 

He stomped around. He wagged his finger. He kicked dirt and he got all up in the ump's grill -- so he got tossed. 

But, that's just the beginning ... 

Coach Drake stormed back into his dugout and started throwing bats onto the field. 

The best part is when he grabs a 5 gallon bucket of balls and tries to spill 'em onto the diamond ... and the struggle with the bucket is epic. 

It's fine work from a passionate kid ... now someone get this dude a juice box and a granola bar!!

STL Blues' Robby Fabbri Spaghetti With Stanley ... Uses Cup As Serving Bowl!!!

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St. Louis Blues center Robby Fabbri's now serving spaghetti ... with a side of Stanley!!!

The NHL champion had his day with the cup Monday ... and he made sure to put it to use -- 'cause at a family cookout, he straight-up served his noodles inside the trophy!!!

It all went down in his hometown of Mississauga Ontario, where Robby took the Blues' newest award out for a spin.

The guy brought it to his old high school ... and then decided it needed a little parmesan and marinara at lunch time.


The meal looked great ... there were meatballs, spaghetti, salad and rolls. Even the family dogs loved it!!!

Of course, Robby also had some emotional moments with the cup ... he brought the (cleaned-out) trophy to his hospitalized grandpa during the day -- and the scene was pretty special.

Fabbri played in 32 games for the champs this season ... logging 2 goals and 4 assists -- and he also had the coolest celebration after the Blues won it all last month ...


Yeah, Robby clearly knows how to party!!!

Jeremy Roenick Smashes Golf Ball ... Outta Caddy's Mouth!!!



NHL great Jeremy Roenick -- known for his crazy-powerful slap shot -- decided to tee up a golf ball in his caddy's mouth Thursday ... and the video -- taken by a fan -- is INSANE!!!!

It all went down at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe -- a celeb packed golf tourney.

Roenick was getting some practice in on the 7th hole when someone came up with the idea to put a tee in his caddy's mouth to see if the former Flyers star could pull off John Daly's famous party trick! 


Here's where it gets crazy ... the caddy was so nervous, he kept moving the tee around in his mouth, causing the ball to fall off multiple times while Roenick was getting ready to swing!!

But, the 49-year-old NHL great kept his composure ... kept his concentration ... and when it came time to swing, he CRUSHED IT! 

It might look easy, but do NOT try this at home -- we've seen stunts like this go south ... just as Playboy model Liz Dickson whose butt was obliterated by a radio DJ with a terrible swing. 


Luckily for JR's caddy, Roenick had better aim. 

Jeremy's not the only huge star at the tourney -- Steph Curry is set to participate ... same with Charles Barkley, Justin Timberlake and Jerry Rice -- who ripped his shirt off and grinded with a chick in a g-string at a post tourney party in 2015. 

Angry Bagel Shop Guy I Don't Trust Women ... And I'm Not Racist, But I Do Use the N Word


The enraged man who went viral for ranting about women on dating sites before getting ragdolled in a bagel shop is defending his misogyny ... he says it's women's fault in the first place.  

We got Chris Morgan in New York City ... and he's proudly wearing his misogynistic ways on his sleeve ... saying he's prejudice toward almost all females because he's been burned by them. 

Ya gotta see Chris defend his crazy viral rants in this clip ... he says he's not a racist because he has black friends, but he'll use the n-word in certain situations. He says he's not a homophobe, but there's a catch. Just watch the video.

But, let's be real, the 5-footer is infamous because of his relationships -- or lack thereof -- with women ... and he says he's got a short fuse with females because he feels they're too materialistic.  


As you know ... he started going viral Wednesday after video surfaced on social media showing him losing his mind inside a NY bagel shop. He rips into women on dating sites who ridicule men for their height, and challenges some larger customers to a fight before getting his ass absolutely handed to him. 


As for his meltdown, Chris explains the chain of events that led up to his tantrum ... and says he wants to press charges against the man who tackled him to the ground after Chris told him to attack.

Angry Bagel Shop Guy History of Unruly Behavior ... Loud Public Rants and Confrontations


There's something a little off about the enraged man who went viral for ranting about women on dating sites before getting attacked -- he has a pattern of noisy and disturbing altercations.

In case you missed it, this NY bagel shop video went viral Wednesday due to the guy tearing into women who ridicule him for his height. The added bonus of him challenging 2 larger men to fight before getting his ass kicked had all the makings of social media gold.

TMZ's learned the vid's just the latest in a series featuring the guy getting into arguments and altercations all around Long Island, usually because he claims he's been harassed for his height or slighted in some way.

The videos come from the YouTube channel of Chris Morgan, who is presumably the 5' tall man from the bagel shop, but unlike the viral vid ... they are selfie vids he's angrily narrating. In several of them, the people he is accosting and filming call him Chris.


In a 2-parter from May, the man is pissed off in a 7-Eleven because he says one of the employees asked him how tall he was. He shouts at the guy for a couple minutes before calling the cops to file a harassment charge, but as you can see ... the officer's mostly confused and irritated. 

In another bizarre and disturbing vid from December, the man accuses a woman of cursing in front of her child and cutting in front of him to use the bathroom at a store. It looks like things get physical and she accuses him of putting his hands on her, and he yells that she slapped his phone.


The woman is referred to as a "ghetto hoodrat" in the video title, and he yelled at her ... "f**k you, bitch" and "you're a loser ghetto skank."

There are many more vids on the channel that include the guy using homophobic slurs (calling his neighbor the f-word after calling the cops on him), being racist (posting a vid of 2 Asian men talking and titling it "The Orient Express") and getting into fights with people who seem to know him ... including a Jets fan at a bar. There are also more examples of him being misogynistic.

It's all very strange -- and maybe he's just doing this for attention -- but we probably haven't seen the last of this tool.

'Mountain of Hell' Bike Race Massive Crash ... Insane Video!!!

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Terrifying crash during the annual "Mountain of Hell" bike race in France ... where chain reaction pileup sent bikes and bodies flying EVERYWHERE -- and it was all caught on video. 

Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt in the wreck ... but good lord, this is insane. 

It all went down at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort -- where roughly 1,000 cyclists with a death wish race down an 11,000-foot glacier in snow covered terrain ... first to the bottom wins. 

But, things went awry right out of the starting gate ... when one biker toward the front of the pack lost control, sending other cyclists crashing into each other. 

One guy actually started ROLLING DOWN THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!

Some of the riders dusted themselves off and got back on their bikes. Again, somehow no one was seriously injured, according to reports. 

Props to the winner Kilian Bron ... who got to the finish line so fast, there were barely any fans waiting for him!!!

Brooks Koepka Check Out My ... THONG MANKINI!!!

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G-strings ain't just for chicks ... just ask golf superstar Brooks Koepka

The #1 ranked PGA player in the world decided to thong out for a friend's birthday party in Florida on Friday -- and it's clear ... dude ain't shy about it!!!

The 29-year-old butt-flossed up and bared his bod while drinking beer on a PonTiki boat in South Florida ... and tested the thong durability when he jumped off into the water.

The theme of the party seemed to be some sort of redneck vibe -- at one point, Brooks was rockin' a shirt that read, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cousin."

BK's hot girlfriend, Jena Sims, got in on the costume fun -- sporting a bathing suit inspired by that neon green man-thong from "Borat."

The birthday boy is a friend named Dan -- so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!

Cricket World Cup BEES!!!!! ... Ahhhh!!!!!

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It's not a scene from a terrifying horror movie about bees taking over the planet ... it's the Cricket World Cup ... and it's scary as hell.

A massive swarm of bees invaded the South Africa vs. Sri Lanka match at Chester-le-Street in England on Friday ... forcing all the players to hit the deck to avoid getting stung.

The invasion took place in the middle of the game -- so the players had to wait out the swarm before getting back to action. 

No word on whether any players or umpires got stung .. but they clearly weren't taking any chances.

A group of groundsmen were able to eliminate the invaders with fire extinguishers ... and the match was able to resume.

Crazy part about all of this? The fans in the stands were completely unaffected while the invasion took place ... so they got an extra bit of entertainment while everyone frantically took cover.


2019 NBA Draft Class Can't ID OutKast in ESPN '90s Challenge ... All Good w/ Good Burger

Wanna feel old? Just watch these young NBA Draft picks struggle mightily to identify what rap group Andre 3000 and Big Boi were in together ... it'll get ya right in the wrinkles.

This is actually hilarious ... ESPN put together a BTS web segment called "Name the 90's," in which a handful of players from the 2019 NBA Draft class were asked to identify people, items and shows from that glorious decade. Safe to say, they all had a hard time.

Guys like Coby White (Bulls), Jarrett Culver (Timberwolves) and Rui Hachimura (Wizards) shuffled through a bunch of cards with photos of stuff like a Super Nintendo, an Easy-Bake Oven, a fanny pack, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Destiny's Child and, of course, OutKast.

That last one really tripped up the young bucks, as most couldn't even say A3 or BB's names. Darius Garland (Cavs) is the ONLY one who said OutKast outright, and Coby did say the MCs' names correctly -- assuming we heard him correctly (Andre 2000???).

Funny enough ... almost all the players were quick to ID Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell's classic 1997 flick, "Good Burger" -- without skipping a beat, really.

Just goes to show you what's got legs with these 2000s kids (most of these guys were born in the year 2000). Forget "Aquemini" ... queue up another Nickelodeon rerun!!!

NFL's Greg Olsen Records Random Couple's Proposal ... 'Did She Say Yes?!'

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Some random dude in Nashville got on one knee to propose to his girlfriend ... and none other than NFL Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen was there to capture the whole thing on his phone!!!

Now, the Carolina Panthers star didn't know the couple before the magical moment ... but that didn't keep him from absolutely losing it with excitement when he finds out the girlfriend said "YES."

"Did she say yes??" Olsen asks ... "I got it on video, dude. I'm gonna send it to you!!"

The whole thing is kinda funny -- you can tell the future groom is super excited about the engagement ... but seems a little confused about why this 6'6", 255-pound man is shooting the whole thing.

Don't worry, after some celebratory kissing with his wife-to-be ... the dude seems grateful Olsen got the whole thing on video ... saying "oh my God, you're my hero!"

"This is the best thing I've ever witnessed," Greg told the couple ... "Dude, I am so sending this to you!!!"

Olsen explained why he whipped out his phone and captured it ... saying "I wish I had my engagement on video, so I pull my phone out and capture it. Glad I did even though I didnโ€™t know who they were!"

"Congrats and wish you a lifetime of happiness!! #random"

Elon Musk My Finest Work Yet? The Fart App for Your Tesla!!!


Elon Musk -- the brilliant mind behind SpaceX who aims to revolutionize transportation with his Hyperloop -- is all about getting gassy in electric cars. Yes, he's giddily talking about Tesla's fart app.

Elon sat down for a roundtable conversation Thursday at E3 in DTLA and couldn't help but crack a huge grin while talking about the fart app. That's right, the innovative mind behind revolutionary rockets broke down the intricacies behind his flatulence simulator and joked (we hope) that it's his finest work.

The fart app was rolled out in December but this is the first time we've heard Elon talk about it with a glee, not unlike a middle school boy.

Tesla owners quickly put the app to use when their vehicle's software got hit with the update. It includes multiple levels of gas attacks ... including "Falcon heavy" and "Short Shorts Ripper."

Nick Van Exel Hilarious Iced Coffee Discovery ... 'It Tastes So Good'

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Ex-NBA player Nick Van Exel is just now finding out coffee doesn't have to be hot ... and we're so happy he did, 'cause it's the best thing on the internet today.

The Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach lost his iced coffee virginity on Saturday ... and the dude has been so obsessed ever since, he even tweets about it before he goes to bed at night.

Now, NVE is 47 years old ... so that means the dude went a LONG time without the delicious cold beverages ... and he's letting everyone know how pissed he is for not telling him sooner.

"Just wanted to let everybody know -- all my Twitter followers, everybody that's in my phone, my friends, my family -- real disappointed in y'all that y'all didn't let me know about iced coffee before," Van Exel says.

"Real disappointed, but since it tastes so good, i'll forgive y'all."

Wait 'til we tell him about iced cappuccinos.

Keanu Reeves Made into a Video Game Character ... For 'Cyberpunk 2077'

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Keanu Reeves' badassery has now seeped into the cyber world -- 'cause he's playing a character in the upcoming 'Cyberpunk' installment that looks EXACTLY like him.

The iconic action-hero actor made a surprise appearance Sunday in L.A. at Microsoft's E3 2019 presentation -- where he was featured in a trailer for "Cyberpunk 2077," which drops in April 2020. It's unclear what character he's playing exactly ... but what is clear is that KR is IN the game, right down to his long hair and dreamy, intense stare.

Keanu came out afterward to talk about the game, and in the middle of him saying the experience would breathtaking ... someone took the words right out of his mouth and flipped it on him. Check out how he handled the would-be heckler -- ya gotta love this guy.

It's been a big year for Keanu -- not only does he have his third 'John Wick' movie under his belt, but he also appeared in the new Netflix rom-com, "Always Be My Maybe" ... and he's gonna be in 'Bill & Ted' and 'Toy Story' sequels as well soon enough here. And, of course, now this.

More Keanu Reeves content ... please and thank you.