Stars With Wet Hair ... Soak In That Drip!

The wet hair look has flooded your IG feed all summer long, but taking in all the slickness and so-called instant shots ... and while the source of the soggy stars may be the ocean, a pool or even a shower ... the soaked results never leave you high and dry!

Making her posed exit from the water, Kim Kardashian's hair just so happened to be flawlessly doused with beachy body, while a misted Heidi Klum looked back at it with her imperfectly perfect hair. And, Maluma kept the waterworks flowing and captured every last drizzle.

We've combed through the best dripping do's, so run your fingers through our gallery of stars nailing the wet hair look.

TLC's Chilli Spotted Beachin' It in Hawaii with Matthew Lawrence

"Boy Meets World" star Matthew Lawrence and TLC singer Chilli certainly had a good time together at the beach in Hawaii ... but sources say they're not romantic.

Matthew and Chilli were spotted Monday on the beach in Waikiki. Some beachgoers tell us the two got in the water together and shared some intense convos while chilling on beach chairs.

A rep for Chilli tells us the two aren't dating or romantic, TLC had a show on the island, and Matthew and some pals came to watch ... the two are friends and linked up later.

We haven't seen Matthew out much since his ex-wife and "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Cheryl Burke filed for divorce about 6 months ago.

As we reported, Cheryl and Matthew were married nearly 3 years, before she pulled the plug back in February, citing irreconcilable differences. She noted they'd been separated since Jan 7.

Nothing like a trip and dip with friends to lift your spirits.

Shawn Mendes Takes a Dip in Miami ... The Beach Ain't Canceled!!!

Shawn Mendes may have made the decision to pull the plug on his world tour, but he's not canceling some serious beach time ... soaking up the sun and taking a plunge.

The Canadian singer was spotted at the beach Friday in Miami, wearing red trunks and with his chiseled figure on display. Shawn got in the water for a bit to cool off, fully submerging before heading back to shore.

As we reported, Shawn recently announced he was pulling the plug on his Wonder World Tour in order to focus on his mental health. The singer told fans that while he thought he was ready to hit the road again, the pressures and stresses of performing city to city and being away from friends and family were too much.

Shawn's family is based in the Toronto, Canada area ... but his ex-girlfriend, Camila Cabello, who Mendes has remained close with since their split lives in Miami -- so it's possible he's spending time with her.

Shawn said he'd be taking some time for himself and to work with mental health experts ... and no better way to calm the mind than some ocean, sun and surf.

Stars Vacaying In Italy ... Arrivederci!

Stars are in the thick of summer and according to social media, they've been fleeing their everyday lives and drifting off to Italy. Whether sailing the Amalfi Coast or sipping Florence's finest wines, celebs are living quite lavishly, and they are giving you a little taste.

In typical Kardashian-Jenner fashion, Kris Jenner and her boo Corey Gamble are having yachts of fun under the Italian sun, while daughter Kourtney Kardashian and new hubby Travis Barker kept the Italian romance alive and waltzed through the streets of Milan.

Check out our gallery of all the jet-setting-stars vacaying in beautiful Italy ... When in Rome!

Plane Crash Pilot Goes Down in the Surf Right Off the Beach!!!

It's not just the waves crashing in SoCal's famed Surf City -- a plane slammed into the Pacific, just a few dozen yards from the beach ... and the miracle here is the pilot's condition.

The small plane went down Friday in Huntington Beach around 1:30 PM, and was so dangerously close to shore, a guy chilling in the sand captured crystal clear video of the crash.

The guy's reaction as the plane crashed into the surf might be the most SoCal reaction ever -- he yelled out, "Oh, dude!!! I have it on video!"

The fact the pilot went down so close to shore might have played a factor in his survival -- you can see lifeguards immediately sprung into action. Huntington Beach city officials tell TMZ ... those lifeguards were able to pull the pilot from the plane and quickly get him on land. He was not seriously injured, but went to a hospital to get checked out.

Interestingly, there was a junior lifeguard competition on that section of the beach, but they were not involved in the rescue. Can't beat that kinda on-the-job training, though.

The FAA is investigating the cause of the crash.

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Cops Give Warning No Pups on the Pier!!!

Cesar Millan found himself in the doghouse for having his pooches on a beach pier ... and now cops are using the celeb animal trainer as an example of what NOT to do when visiting the area.


The Redondo Beach PD took to Instagram to let followers know Cesar was recently given a warning for having his dogs on the pier. Lucky for all involved, cops say Cesar was quick to comply ... even snapping a smiley pic with officers, which they included in the post.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The caption continues with a warning for anyone else who might wanna take their pets for a stroll in the area, "We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that dogs are not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier! Not even the dog whisperer."

Redondo Beach PD thanked Cesar for his understanding, and you gotta imagine, the post will likely lead to fewer people bringing their animals on the pier.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

So the lesson ... no dogs on the pier, celeb animal trainer or not!!!

Elon Musk Sunning at His Own Risk on Yacht Vacay!!!

Elon Musk has bigger fish to fry than the Twitter lawsuit right now ... like getting his hands on some SPF during his trip to Mykonos, where he's doing the yacht thing with famous friends.

The richest man in the world also looked to be one of its most fair-skinned as he took a dip in the Aegean Sea. His pal Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavor, was waiting to hose him down with some fresh water when he got back on the deck of their yacht.

Elon looks to be third-wheeling it -- Ari's new wife, Sarah Staudinger, was also lounging on the boat with the guys.

BTW, Musk is kinda hanging himself by his own petard here. You might recall, back in April, he jabbed at Bill Gates by tweeting a photo of BG side-by-side with the emoji of a guy with a big belly.

What's that saying about multi-billionaires in glass houses? Just sayin' ...

One thing's for sure ... if Elon's worried about Twitter suing him for backing out of the $44 billion deal to purchase the platform, he's not showing it.

Hawaii Waves Huge Swell Takes Out Wedding Party!!!

Instagram/ @k.e.n_n.y.b

Seaside parties might not be the wave ... at least not in Hawaii right now, where crazy high tides completely destroyed a wedding reception.

It all went down over the weekend, on the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island at the Hulihe'e Palace in Kailua-Kona ... when a couple set out to have a beautiful beachside reception.  And, some guests caught the whole thing on camera.

As you can see, the waves were so fierce, they wrecked the entire wedding party in a matter of seconds ... toppling the nice set-up of tables and chairs.

According to local news reports, the waves were so big they were going over 2 story buildings!


At first, it appears the guests were unaware of just how big the waves were as they watched on. Eventually, they scramble ... unable to stop the waves from destroying everything.

Luckily though, no one got hurt and they were able to turn things around for the better. The wedding cake even weathered the storm!

The bride told KHON2 news, “We didn’t have our dance floor, but nobody seemed to mind, at the end of the night we were all like dancing in the mud and it was amazing”.

'JERSEY SHORE 2.0' Go Inside the Shore House ... Oh What Coulda Been!!!

Here's a look inside the mansion that was supposed to be the setting for MTV's "Jersey Shore 2.0," and judging from the pics .. the cast is missing out on one helluva summer.

Before production on the reality show was put on ice, producers picked this historic 8-bedroom home in Atlantic City -- a 4,000 sq. foot pad primed for some classic 'JS' moments.

The four-story home, nestled just a few steps from AC's famous boardwalk and its casinos and nightlife, features beautiful ocean views and huge decks to keep the party going. Well, it would have kept the party going.

There's a huge living area for the gang to hang out by the fireplace, plus a dining table with room for 10 ... perfect for those Sunday family dinners we used to watch the OG cast have.

There were plenty of bedrooms for the cast to choose from -- 4 on the second floor, each with their own bathrooms, and then 4 smaller bedrooms on the third floor. One of 'em seems ready-made to be the new "smush room." 😉

The place looks cool on its own, but it's likely producers added some additional touches to the interior ... a la the duck phone from the OG series.

We broke the stories ... the show came to a halt less than a week after production started, and all the filming equipment's already been cleaned out of the joint.

The mansion is a rental that goes for $1,300 a night on Airbnb. It was booked all through July to film the show, but not for nothin' ... come August the home appears to be wide open for rent.

Someone's gonna have a "Jersey Shore" summer there, just not the next wave of MTV reality stars.

Jude Guaitamacchi Shredded On The Shore Of Brighton Beach in U.K.

This week's Summer Hot Shots is coming from the warm sands of Brighton where European model Jude Guaitamacchi brought some serious heat while hanging shirtless on the shores of the United Kingdom.

When the non-binary hottie isn't baking the beaches of the U.K. with their good looks ... they can be spotted being featured in Vogue, doing TEDx talks, public speaking and raising awareness around equality and inclusion of trans and non-binary people.

Send Judes!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2022 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back every Sunday this summer to see who's overheating your computer modem.

Influencer Katie Martin Gives FL Coast A Paddling With Her Hot Shots

Southern hottie Katie Martin spanked the shores of Florida when she pumped up a paddle board and popped into some steamy swimwear that created a new level of heatwave ... even for the Florida humidity!

When Katie Martin isn't creating wild looks for her Instagram and TikTok audiences ... she can be spotted sharing makeup tutorials, traveling, taking care of her French bulldog and is a self-described Oreo addict.

Talk about a treat!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2022 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back every Sunday this summer to see who's overheating your computer modem.

Armie Hammer Need a Deal on a Timeshare? I'm Your Guy!!!

Armie Hammer is indeed working as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands ... the actor was heard pitching the benefits of owning property in the beautiful vacation spot.

Armie is very much in salesman mode ... you see him sitting with a couple and going over pricing for a unit.

A prospective buyer in the office says Armie was outlining a plan that would cost $2,020 per week ... or, as the "Social Network" star put it, only about $21,000 for 10 years of vacations!

Armie delivered that sales pitch last month. Vacationing couples were enticed to go to the timeshare office through a flyer that promised discounts for excursions on the island.

As we reported, Armie was spotted outside the office in late June after reports he was working there ... Armie's rep told us he had a friend who worked at the resort, but didn't know whether or not Armie was showing or selling timeshares.

Armie has been down in the Caymans since the pandemic started ... and if he enjoys his new gig, there's a good chance he'll stay put.

Hot Celebs Coasting Into Summer ... Shore Thing!

Celebrities are taking a break from the sweltering Hollywood grind and are hitting the beaches and shorelines around the world ... And, by the looks of it, they shore are feeling fine and sandy!

Stars like Britney Spears, Gabrielle Union and Hailey Bieber are owning the shorelines with selfies on social media ... lookin' like boss beaches! Not to be outdone by Kim Kardashian, Pete Davison, Kate Hudson, and Emily Ratajkowski, who are also sticking close to the shore and shell-ebrating all things Summer '22!

Coast into our gallery of hot stars seas-ing the day while oceanfront across the globe!

Magic Johnson Annual Vacay W/ LL Cool J In Greece Aboard 270 Ft Super Yacht!

Summer officially started in June ... but it's not really here until Magic Johnson and his famous pals hop aboard a $150K a day luxury super yacht and cruise to some of the most beautiful places in the world!

The 62-year-old Lakers legend and wife Cookie, along with LL Cool J (a staple on the summer vacation), toured an ancient citadel called Acropolis of Athens ... and it looks like they had a great time.

LL and Magic -- complete with a spear and shield -- even posed with a man dressed as an ancient Greek warrior, in addition to taking in all the sights.

The boat trip has been a tradition for years ... going back to at least 2017 when the Hall of Famer dropped $680K weekly on a yacht that he lived on for several weeks. Johnson hasn't missed a year since ... not even a global pandemic could stop him.

In addition to LL ... other celebs like Samuel L. Jackson (who may be on this trip, too), Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete, and others were on the trip in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

As for the actual yacht -- named the Solandge -- it's pretty darn incredible. The 85-meter ship has 8 staterooms for 12 guests. It holds a crew of up to 34. The yacht was initially built in 2013 ... and it got a facelift in 2019.

Solandge has just about every amenity you could dream of ... including a jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, gym, helipad, and movie theatre.

To rent the yacht, it'll cost you about $1 million a week.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Unclear where the group, who also made a stop in Santorini, intends to go next in the Mediterranean.

But, then again, why even get off the boat??

Armie Hammer A Regular in Cayman Resort Offices

Armie Hammer seems to have himself a little side gig in the Cayman Islands -- or at least he's spending a bunch of time at a resort and even giving tours ... according to a witness.

This photo shows the actor in a light blue polo and blue pants, looking very much like a staffer as he walks into one of the resort offices.

Now, according to a timeshare resident ... Armie's been in the office several hours a day, and is often seen going outside for smoking breaks.

You might have heard about the flyer that popped up on Twitter Wednesday -- it has Armie's face and says he's a "personal concierge" to incoming tourists.

AH has laughed off the flyer and says it's not legit.

While that might be, the witness claims he did show at least one family around a timeshare on the resort property. TMZ's also confirmed Armie has a friend who works at the resort -- so, it's possible he's just helping out a buddy, or simply doing something to fill his time.

Either way, the guy seems to be fully settled into island life.

He moved to Cayman during the pandemic and had been quarantining there with his 2 children and now-ex-wife Elizabeth. The couple filed for divorce in July 2020, and while Elizabeth left with their kids, Armie's remained on the Caribbean island.

Armie's rep tells TMZ ... Yes, he does hang out at the resort and has a friend there. As for showing potential buyers timeshares ... the rep reached out to Armie but did not hear back.

Stars Hanging In The Hamptons ... Life's A Beach!

If you're one of the East Coast elite, there is no better place to be during the dog days of summer than on the soft sands and at the private parties along the eastern Long Island coastline ... aka The Hamptons.

The uber-rich stretch of the seascape is where actors, musicians, socialites and politicians all congregate to rub elbows and in a decadent display of wealth ... mixed with a downright drive to party on the pristine shores.

Take a sneak peek into a life well out of reach by checking out all the selfies the stars have shared while hanging in The Hamptons.

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