Sofia Richie Sexy Thanksgiving With Scott Disick ... Miami Is The Place To Be!!!

Sofia Richie is giving Scott Disick plenty to be thankful for ... hitting the beach on Thanksgiving and wearing the hell out of a skimpy bikini.

Sofia is flaunting her smoking-hot body, rocking this sexy lavender bikini during a romantic Turkey Day getaway to South Beach with Lord Disick.

As you can see, there's plenty of sun in Miami ... Sofia's blocking the rays with some Chanel sunglasses, and Scott's got his shades on too.

He clearly made the right choice with his Thanksgiving plans ... Scott's got a front-row seat to watch his chick work on her tan. Sexy holiday trips are kinda their thing -- they were in Mexico earlier this year for Easter.

Miami seems like the place to be for celebs this Thanksgiving ... Justin and Hailey are also living it up in the 305, with the Biebs teasing some new tunes.

While you're here, check out the gallery ... and thank us later.

David Guetta & GF Mad Love in Miami ... Beach Bods on Display!!!

David Guetta and his girlfriend -- but definitely not his fiancee -- are still going strong, and reminding everyone they're one of the hottest and fittest couples out there.

The EDM superstar and Jessica Ledon hit up the beach Tuesday in Miami and went through the full course of PDA -- hugging, kissing, and lovingly holding hands.

The shirtless DJ and the curvaceous actress are a sight to behold, as is the rock on her ring finger.

Don't get too excited, though ... as we told you last year, David and Jessica are NOT engaged because Guetta doesn't believe in marriage anymore. That giant diamond she's flaunting is a promise ring she got from him, vowing "love and commitment" ... but no wedding.

Guetta was married for 24 years before getting divorced in 2014, and he and Ledon have now been dating since 2015.

Seems like the promise ring's doing the trick.

Genie Bouchard Cuddles Hannah Davis' Big Bro, Conn ... Hot & Heavy in Miami

Genie Bouchard might've left the U.S. Open in defeat -- but she's definitely winning back home at the beach with none other than Hannah Davis' hunky big brother.

The Canadian tennis star -- who got knocked out of the U.S. Open in the first round a couple weeks ago -- was seen cuddling up with Connor Davis Jr. Sunday in Miami. He's directly related to the model who's now married to Derek Jeter. Worlds are colliding!!!

Not only did Genie and Conn get close on shore, but they were also pretty affectionate as they made their way into the water ... not before showing their hot bods though, of course.

Seems like Conn's a good match for Genie, who's in professional athlete shape. He definitely held his own here on the beach ... dude's pretty ripped as far as we can tell.

Once they were in the ocean, Conn and Genie didn't hide the fact that they're together -- Genie was wrapped around him in at least a couple different positions that can really only scream one thing ... we're dating.

Conn ain't all that famous himself -- he's an investment banker, but the guy definitely knows how to snag the best of the best. He was recently dating SI model Hannah Ferguson ... looks like he's moved on to Genie.

Tiffany Keller Dog Day Afternoon!!!

Model Tiffany Keller is serving up the ultimate combo ... smoking hot bikini pics with a puppy!!!

Tiffany took her pups -- and her pooch -- to the beach, setting up shop in some sexy swimwear, just steps away from the world famous Santa Monica Pier ... and these images are sure to make your tongue wag!!!

Bonus points for the dog name, Tiffany ... she's dubbed her furry friend here Johnny Drama ... and doggone it, this just keeps getting better and better!!!

Tiffany's a force in the modeling world ... she's walked the runway at Miami Swim Week for Beach Bunny Swim and Prey Swim, and she's been featured in Galore Magazine and modeled for Windsor Store ... solid resume, for sure.

Easy to see why Fat Joe and Chris Brown wanted her in their hit music video, "Another Round" ... Tiffany's a straight-up dime!!!

Check out the gallery ... and cross your fingers she lets the dogs out!!!

Nina Dobrev The GF Diaries ... Entry 1: Backflips Off Grant

Nina Dobrev had two things on her mind while splashing around with her new(ish) boyfriend in the Pacific -- shoulder rides, and launch angles.

The former 'Vampire Diaries' star hit the beach Saturday with her man, Grant Mellon, where they got in lots of PDA, both in and out of the ocean. Nina mounted Grant's shoulders at one point, almost like they were ramping up for a game of chicken.

Turns out, Nina was actually getting ready to have her beau launch her into the air ... where she would attempt a backflip, and then land safely in the waves. Classic beach trick.

When they were back on shore, Grant and Nina showed some more traditional affection ... sharing a kiss and embracing each other for love and tenderness.

The couple has reportedly been together since at least March of this year, possibly even earlier than that. They've been spotted out together a lot over summer, including a trip to Cannes.

BTW, Nina's in this new flick called "Lucky Day" -- which drops later this month. Fitting, 'cause that's gotta be what Grant's thinkin' all the time when he's with her. That's a safe bet.

Models Cat Kennedy & Sarah Curr Have Each Other's Backs ... Ass Really Good Friends Should!!!

Now, here's a beach oil spill Leo DiCaprio can get on board with ... courtesy of models Cat Kennedy and Sarah Curr.

The two hotties got super handsy while lathering each other up with baby oil for a beach sesh in Santa Monica. Unclear why they ditched the sunscreen (maybe they took care of that before getting on the hot sand) but ... do you really care???

Guessing your eyes will be laser-focused on their teensy-weensy bikinis barely hanging on to their assets. Check out the pics ... they also held hands and enjoyed a little splash in the ocean. Nothing new for Cat, whom we spotted on the same beach not long ago.

Summer, baby!!!

Dua Lipa Day-After Birthday Makeout w/ Anwar ... 24 Never Felt Better

Dua Lipa is doing her post-birthday festivities right -- chillin' out in Malibu with her beau, Anwar Hadid, who's got a firm grip on things by land ... or by sea.

The pop star was getting active Friday -- a day after her 24th birthday -- with Anwar in the Pacific, where it looks like they might've been boogie boarding ... wearing wet suits and everything. Whether in or out of the water, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Especially Anwar -- he was holding on tight to Dua's head, hair, ass ... whatever he could grab hold of, really. He even gave her a little love tap after a steamy make-out sesh.


As we reported ... Dua and Anwar have been tight since at least last month, when they were spotted cozying up at the British Summer Time Hyde Park festival in the UK.

Before they went public with their relationship, we're told they'd been bonding over music ... which is what brought about a first date, then another ... and so on. It was looking like a long-distance relationship -- and so far, it seems like they've made it work across the pond.

Nothing makes a relationship blossom like birthday cake -- and Dua's got plenty to go around.

Chris & Liam Hemsworth Shirtless Bros ... Have a Beachin' Day, Mate!!!

Big bro is doing his damndest to lift lil bro Liam Hemsworth's post-breakup spirits with a little surf and sand Down Under -- problem is, doesn't look like it's working.

Liam and Chris Hemsworth hit up Byron Bay for a beach sesh ... it's their natural habitat, really. They went shirtless, as usual, while hanging with a group of friends and doing some boogie boarding on what looks like a perfectly great day -- despite Liam's glum face.

Chris looked like the life of the party while Liam seemed more brooding. Ya can't blame him, really, coming on the heels of his surprising split from Miley Cyrus ... which, as we first reported, has turned into a nasty, mud-slinging breakup.

Liam's been down in Oz hanging with Chris and his family ever since they dropped the breakup news about 10 days ago.

Liam hit up a bar with some mates over the weekend and looked a helluva lot more chipper during that outing. Maybe the beach just ain't calling him right now.

WWE Superstar Lana Pure Bundle of Joy at the Beach ... Just Like Her Pooch!!!

WWE superstar Lana knows her best foot forward is a Bundle of Joy -- and that's not a reference to her bikini ... it's her dog's name. Although, her bikini is pretty damn joyful too.

Lana was strolling on Venice Beach this week in true hot girl summer fashion. Her bedazzled pink 2-piece would be enough to draw attention up and down the beach -- but she had a bonus accessory.

Lana's famous Pomsky -- a Pomeranian-Siberian Husky mix -- soaked up some rays with a leash to match Lana's swimwear.

BTW, don't get it twisted ... BoJ is a legit famous bitch!!! She has more than 18k followers on Instagram. Point being, this is the duo you not only deserve, but NEED, as summer sadly winds down.


Chris Pratt & Kat Schwarzenegger Pawnee Paddling ... With Rob Lowe in Tow

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are two peas on a board -- with Rob Lowe acting as the third wheel ... or paddle, in this case.

The newlyweds had a fun day in the sun and on the water with Rob -- Chris' former 'Parks and Rec' costar -- off the coast of Santa Barbara. All 3 got in some paddling -- Kat and Chris on a tandem kayak, and Rob was solo on a stand-up paddleboard.

The guys bared their torsos on the beach, and the Pawnee public employees were looking great. Kat looked hot too in a red bikini showing off her toned abs.

As for the actual paddling, it appears Chris might've been doing most of the heavy lifting. He's definitely built for the work, looking pretty yoked these days. Those L.A. gym sessions are seriously paying off. 'Guardians' season must be around the corner, huh?


If you didn't know ... Chris and Rob are super tight. They golfed together just hours before Chris met his bride at the altar, and they definitely bro'd out on the green.

Parks or not ... these two are bound to get some recreation in when they're together.

Model Sarah Curr Currves For Days!!!

Sarah Curr is turning up the HEAT as we get into the dog days of August ... looking absolutely stunning on a steamy day at the beach.

The perfectly flawless model hit the hot sands near Santa Monica Pier, rocking the hell out of a sexy pink bikini under the burning sun.

Sarah -- whose amazing figure has graced the pages of HUF Magazine -- is giving us all the vacay vibes ... glistening in the sand, and splashing around in the ocean to wash off those sandy cheeks.

Check out the pics ... and get a load of this brunette bikini babe and all her wondrous curves.

Irina Shayk Took a Dip in Ibiza ... Lime Doin' Just Fine!!!

Single mom life seems to be treating Irina Shayk well so far -- VERY well based on how incredible she looks on a family vacay in Spain ... with Bradley Cooper nowhere in sight.

The supermodel's enjoying some yacht and beach time in Ibiza with her daughter, Lea De Seine, Tuesday and it looks like Irina's mom, Olga, was part of the girl squad too.


Irina stood out like she normally does, but even more so thanks to a sexy lime green swimsuit accentuating her figure ... as she hopped off the boat and took a dip in the sea. Wonder if she was inspired by Rita Ora?

We're told Irina and her family had yachts of fun for a few hours before heading back to land and calling it a day.

As we've reported ... Shayk and Cooper agreed last month to share custody of their daughter and live in the same city. Looks like Bradley's might have to step up his vacay game when it's his time with Lea.

The ex-couple started dating in 2015 and had their baby girl in March 2017.

Rita Ora Busting Out in Ibiza

Rita Ora's hot girl summer leaves very little to the imagination ... not that we think anyone's complaining.

The pop singer and actor's been enjoying the luxury lifestyle in Ibiza with friends this week, while her string bikini selections defy the laws of physics.

This one in particular -- a black 2-piece with a singular red star on the bottoms to match her nearby tattoo -- appears to be at least a couple sizes too small. Just the way Rita likes it.

Despite the barely-there swimwear, Ora doesn't seem to have any pause about taking a plunge into the sea ... wardrobe malfunctions be damned.

Inhibitions tend to be thrown to the wind when one's balling out on a yacht ... but Rita's next level.

BTW -- we're told the boat Rita and company are partying on is called Great News. Very fitting, just like her swimsuit.

Model Andrew Biernat Sculpting My Bod on Muscle Beach!!!

Andrew Biernat is getting shredded at Venice Beach, but he's not surfing the waves or busting tricks at the skate park ... he's sculpting his piping hot bod!!!

The insanely hot male model hit up Muscle Beach for a summer workout that will make your tongue wag ... we're talking pull ups, dips and some rings.

Andrew -- who has modeled for Macy's, Huf Magazine and Nitro Air cologne -- worked up quite a sweat ... so naturally, he hopped in the ocean to cool off. Gotta love Cali.

Dude's pretty rad too ... peep his bicep tattoos. Andrew was made for Venice.

Josie Canseco SAVE MY THONG! ... Bottoms Out In Hawaii

Josie Canseco came thiiiiis close to losing a fight with the Pacific Ocean on Thursday ... holding on to her thong for dear life during a beach day in Waikiki.

The Victoria's Secret model is out in Oahu for the opening of a KITH x Coca-Cola pop-up shop (she's modeled for them in the past) ... but decided to take a break to frolic in the sand. The pics are straight fire.

But, during her dip, the tide got a little aggressive ... and nearly took her down her bottoms. A struggle for the ages ensued.

The good news for Josie, she was able to save herself from a public pantsing -- and went back to enjoying paradise.

The 22-year-old model -- who's the daughter of MLB legend Jose Canseco -- famously dated rapper Mike Stud ... but they broke up earlier this year.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. U Sure That's Martin??? ... Look-alike Hits Beach


George R.R. Martin ain't in Westeros anymore -- and with Winter officially having come and gone, it looks like the famed author hopped a dragon to SoCal ... emphasis on LOOKS like.

The "Game of Thrones" scribe was spotted at a beach in sunny Oceanside -- at least that's what we first thought when we saw this photo. Turns out -- this is George's freakin' doppelganger IN THE FLESH!!! Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.


We reached out to George's rep to make sure it was in fact him, and we were told no dice!!! The rep says George was actually in a completely different state. The dude's got a crib in Santa Fe, NM -- so he very likely might've been there with his wife, Parris.

When we pressed the rep for George's location he rep told us ... "I know exactly where he is. Not California. Holed up writing."

As for his impostor here, the guy was only slightly less dressed down than the real McCoy -- rockin' a short-sleeve button-down shirt, matching pants and brighter version of GRRM's signature charcoal cap.

Something else to keep in mind ... Comic-Con just wrapped the weekend before in nearby San Diego. So, maybe this guy's still cosplayin'.

Doesn't appear the fake George was flocked by fans -- especially those disgruntled ones who've been bitching about a botched final 'GoT' season.

The good news for real George is if he ever does need someone to help him dodge angry mobs ... he can find him on King's Beach Landing!!!