UFC's Henry Cejudo Making Out with Hot Bikini Babe ... Win Streak Continues!!!

Henry Cejudo wins again!!!

The UFC superstar is down in Mexico on vacation with a smokin' hot lady on his arm ... and by the looks of things, he's having a GREAT time!!!

Triple C (two UFC championship belts and an Olympic gold medal) was spotted out in Tulum with a new lady friend.

We're told the mystery lady is a soap opera actress from Brazil named Sandra -- and by the looks of it, we're guessing she also does some modeling (if not, she should).

Our Cejudo sources tell us the two are vacation together (it's not like he met her down there) but they're not an official boyfriend, girlfriend thing just yet.

As one source put, "He's still single man. He's having fun."

Cejudo is having one hell of a year in 2019 -- he defended his UFC flyweight belt in January against a juiced up T.J. Dillashaw and then in June he starched Marlon Moraes for the bantamweight title.

Yeah, Cejudo's only listed at 5'4", 135 ... but he's doing big things!!!

Audrina Patridge Soaks Beachin' View After 4th of July Nightmare

Audrina Patridge was all smiles showing off her bikini bod during a trip to paradise ... a welcomed scenery change a week after experiencing hell.

Audrina threw on a black bikini and some shades Wednesday in Laguna Beach ... enjoying the crashing waves and picturesque view of the sun beginning to set behind the Pacific blue. She sported a grin ear to ear and made good use of it ... taking tons of selfies.

It's a far cry from her stress-filled 4th of July when, for a moment, she couldn't get in touch with her daughter, Kirra. TMZ broke the story ... Audrina and her ex, Corey Bohan, were supposed to exchange custody that morning at the Costa Mesa Police Department ... but Corey was a no-show.

Making matters worse ... a strong earthquake struck SoCal that morning, causing more panic. They eventually met up hours later for the custody exchange. Kirra was fine, but a hectic day for sure.

Nothing like a little beachfront me-time to erase that memory.

Kendall Jenner Models Delight ... Mykonos Style!!!

Kendall Jenner had herself quite the girls trip this weekend that brought Greek beach goers a glorious sight ... a flock of tall, beautiful women taking the waters TOGETHER. 

It was a helluva scene Sunday on the sandy shores of Mykonos ... where Kendall, Shanina Shaik, Cindy Bruna, Riley Montana and a few other models got off a tug boat and stormed the beach in their bikinis, ready to play.

The girls were all over each other too -- hugging and posing for tons of group shots as they splashed around in the sea ... only to emerge dripping wet for a little R&R.

There were some dudes in their party -- unclear if they were just locals, or if they'd traveled from the States ... but either way, they were the luckiest guys on the beach by far.

BTW, this is one of the first times we're seeing Shanina out and about since she filed to divorce her husband of one year, DJ Ruckus.

Looks like Kendall is reintroducing her to single life one vacay at a time. 


Speaking of the vacation, Kendall and co. kept the wet vibes going Monday by swapping out her silver bikini for a yellow one as they went diving off their tug boat. 

Just another day in paradise.

Chris Pratt Honeymoonin' Farmer's Tan ... Alo-Hot Ass Sunburn!!!

Chris Pratt got burnt to a crisp on his honeymoon ... and he wants you to see it from top to bottom. 

The 'Avengers' actor posted a photo Saturday of his entire backside -- ass crack included -- which was sunburned to the max ... minus his pale white cheeks, of course. He and his new bride, Katherine Schwarzenegger, just got back from their Hawaiian honeymoon, BTW.

Chris captioned the pic, "Suns out guns out I might have got(ten) a toouuuch crispy on the honeymoon" ... adding "#Aloe." You can say that again ... this looks mighty painful. 

Luckily for him, one of his Hollywood pals already has a solution to his hot mess of a problem -- Gwyneth Paltrow commented on his post, writing ... "I've got some goop for that." Kat also responded to it, throwing up a bunch of flame emojis. 

Chris and Kat have been in Lanai -- a separate island right off the coast of Maui -- since at least Wednesday, celebrating their marriage two weeks after tying the knot

They held off embarking on their honeymoon for a bit ... opting for some gym sessions in L.A. instead. Looks like they've done the deed though, and now they're back in the homeland.

As for that burn ... ya might wanna sleep on your front side for a while, CP.

Famous Flamingo Floaters Flock It!

It's definitely not summertime until some float photos start flooding your feed!

Stars such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Bella Hadid, Lindsey Vonn, Kendall Jenner, and Shay Mitchell are getting into the spirit of the season by soaking up the sun on their buoyant birds.

These famous floaters are taking full advantage of the weather and making sure they have some fun while they are at it!

Get a glimpse at the faces lounging in style by diving right into our gallery of celebrities on flamingo floats ... See up close and personal who is flocking towards some sunshine!

Way better than a lousy lounge chair!

Leonardo DiCaprio Now Serving ... Volleyballs to My Face!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio's game face looks pretty damn painful ... especially when there's a volleyball smashing into it.

The Oscar winner was down in Malibu getting into his latest favorite pastime -- aside from dating models, of course ... good, old-fashioned beach volleyball!

Leo was diving left and right over the weekend, going low for saves and rising high for spikes as he played alongside Robin Thicke and the rest of his 'Bu crew, which included at least one woman on his side. At one point, Leo missed the ball and it hit him right in the kisser.

He's certainly a trooper -- Leo got right back into the game after the face splat, shook it off like a champ. Still though ... ouch.

We already know Leo's a fiend for the sport -- he got a lot of sets in last summer, and it looks like 2019 ain't gonna be much different. He's also consistent with his game gear -- T-shirt, shades and a ball cap ... front or backward, your preference.

The dude's got a big movie coming out soon -- Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" -- with his costars, Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

Leo's done his press run for the flick already, so it seems like it might be volleyball season for the foreseeable future. Just remember, Leo ... hands up!!!

Kat McPhee & David Foster Making Out in Mykonos ... Before Our Big Day

Katharine McPhee and David Foster are looking madly in love -- kissing and hugging on each other like school kids -- and it's great timing, considering they'll be tying the knot any day now.

Katharine and David are living it up on the picturesque Greek island of Mykonos ahead of their nuptials ... and they already look like they're in honeymoon-mode, because they couldn't stop making out while splashing around in the ocean.

Kat showed off her smoke show bod in a sexy beige bikini ... that clearly got David's attention. Maybe they haven't said "I do" officially yet, but David's face in these pics is kinda screaming it.

We broke the story ... Katharine and David got their marriage license in Bev Hills just last month, meaning it's only a matter of time until the actress/singer and music mogul walk down the aisle. The license is good for 90 days, so ... tick tock.

Still no word on a wedding date, but check out the gallery ... they're totally ready to do the deed.

Marriage, that is.

Bella Thorne Yacht Party In Miami ... The Sea Is Drama Free

Bella Thorne is leaving her troubles behind on the mainland ... hopping on a yacht to party her face off in Miami!!!

Bella's rolling deep with her friends for a little fun in the sun on the first day of summer ... living it up with Chantel Jeffries aboard a luxury yacht full of party people.

It's been a rough week for Bella, who got blasted by Whoopi Goldberg on TV for taking nude photos ... so in the wake of her super emotional clap back at "The View" host, Bella jetted down to South Florida for a much-needed vacation.

Bella knows how to cut loose ... puffing on a blunt and taking some selfies for the Gram as she floats above the picture-perfect water.

Check out the pink Polaroid. Takin' no chances ...

D-Wade & Gabby All Over Each Other On Beach Vacation

Dwyane Wade is LOVING retired life ... at least judging by these pics of the ex-NBA star gettin' hot and heavy with his wife, Gabrielle Union, on the beach in Cannes!!!

Even though he's no longer playin' ball, Wade is still working -- he and Gabby are in France for the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where they're both promoting various entertainment projects.

Dwyane and Gabby each spoke on various panels during the festival -- with Union pushing her new show with Jessica Alba called "L.A.'s Finest."

But, in the downtime, the couple took their kids to the beach for a family fun day ... where they splashed around in the super expensive sands of Cannes (and even threw in some P.D.A.).

They brought two of their kids on the trip -- their baby daughter, Kaavia, and 12-year-old son, Zion.

Wade recently gave an interview about his kids -- talking about why he feels weird accepting accolades for supporting the individuality of children because he feels that's his job as a dad.

Looks like he's having a lot of fun on the job!

Melissa Rycroft Mysterious Illness in The Dominican ... Nickelodeon Resort Investigating!!!


Melissa Rycroft's mysterious illness in the Dominican Republic is triggering an investigation from the Nickelodeon Hotel & Resort in Punta Cana ... where the 'Bachelor' alum was vacationing with her family.

The Nickelodeon Resort tells us they've been in touch with Melissa ... and our sources say the hotel hired an outside firm to review the resort's cleaning and sanitary practices, to see if there's any link to Melissa's strange illness.

Sources close to Melissa tell TMZ ... the former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant NEVER left the resort the ENTIRE time she was on the island. It's uncertain what's caused her sickness.

Several Americans have been falling ill and dying in the D.R. recently, but Melissa is the first to get sick at the Nickelodeon Resort.

We're told Melissa was taking extra precautions by staying clear of the mini bar in her hotel room and staying away from tap water ... though she DID have a few drinks from the bar cart and imbibed at various bars on the property.

It's interesting ... Melissa is the ONLY one in her family feeling ill, and her husband was only drinking beer, so her camp thinks it's plausible tainted alcohol could be the culprit.

Melissa got slimed at the hotel but has since deleted a picture she shared on her social media. She got sick on her second day of vacay, started feeling better, but then experienced other symptoms, including cramps.

Other sources tell us ... the Nickelodeon Resort is FREAKING OUT and lots of people are canceling their reservations, though it's unclear if news of Melissa's mysterious illness is the reason for the cancellations, or simply the general hysteria involving tourist deaths on the island.

The Nickelodeon Resort says they're still treating this as an isolated incident. The hotel adds it's taking "all possible measures to ensure a safe and healthy vacation environment, exceeding preventative measures and enforcing strict sanitation protocols."

Lindsay Lohan Closing Up Shop ... Beach Club is No More

Lindsay Lohan's beach club is no longer the heart of the party scene in Mykonos ... it's completely deserted and looks like an eerie ghost town.

Check out these pics of what was once the fabulous Lohan Beach House on the picturesque Greek island -- but the only people partying there now are construction workers. Or more like deconstruction workers.

This glamorous scene was once where LiLo shot her MTV reality show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" ... but a rep for Lindsay, Anna Rothchild, tells us she's canceling the show after its inaugural season.

As you can see ... the rows and rows of cabanas, beach chairs and umbrellas that once covered the landscape have disappeared, leaving behind nothing but sand. The images are from May, according to the person who snapped the pics.

All traces of Lindsay are pretty much gone as well ... the iconic sign with the Lohan Beach House logo has been removed, and the backdrop full of succulents just looks desert dead.

It definitely ain't Insta-worthy these days.

While Lindsay's closing up shop in Mykonos after less than a year of operation ... the actress says she's planning on opening a new location in Athens.

Janelle Monae Star in Stripes ... Lookin' Hot in Cabo

Janelle Monae showed off her curves on the beach in Mexico this week, but she wasn't the only one ... many moons were on display.

The multi-talented entertainer was spotted partying Tuesday with a big group of friends on the sand in Cabo. Janelle stood out from the pack because of her colorful striped 2-piece bikini -- showing lotsa cake -- and also because ... she's Janelle.

But, to be fair ... her friends are pretty bootyful too, and it looks like the summer drinks and good vibes were flowing.

The "Dirty Computer" singer isn't typically so revealing with her outfits -- on the beach or elsewhere -- but when she goes for it ... it definitely makes you feel something.

Bill Belichick Stuntin' In Greece ... Hot Bikini GF and Super Bowl Swag

Breaking News

Look at Bill Belichick's face ... that's the MOST we've ever seen him smile -- and it's all because he's on a sick vacation with his beautiful girlfriend ... and still reppin' Boston, HARD!

Bill and Linda Holliday are vacationing off the coast of Greece -- where they're riding on yachts, playing on the beach and visiting some of the historic sites ... including Stadium at Olympia!

FYI, the stadium is said to be the oldest in the world -- and Linda commented, "Someone feels right at home!"

By the way, check out Bill's hat ... it says VII Rings ... the name of his boat back in the United States, which was named after all of the Super Bowl titles he's won.

The hat is clearly an older one because he changed it to "VIII Rings" after the latest Super Bowl win back in February.

Bill and Linda have been dating for years -- and some think it's just a matter of time before she gets a ring of her own!

Have fun!

Courteney Cox Lookin' Fab at 55 ... Back in Mexico with Jen for Bday Fun

Courteney Cox is back in Mexico with Jennifer Aniston and her gal pals, and judging by her relaxed appearance ... getting there was a lot easier this time than the last girls getaway.

The "Cougar Town" star splashed in the waves on the beach in Cabo San Lucas Wednesday as she celebrated her 55th birthday with some of her best friends ... including her "Friends" costar.

The other ladies enjoying fun in the sun include actress Mary McCormack, Kristin Hahn, and Jason Bateman's wife, Amanda Anka.

It's unclear if Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Molly, made this trip, but you'll recall back in February ... she was with Jen, Courteney and Amanda when they had to make an emergency landing on the way to Cabo to celebrate Aniston's big 5-0.

Thankfully, there was no such scare that we know of for Cox's bday gathering ... just nothin' but a good time.

Ashanti Highlighting Bikini Bod in Florida Keys

Ashanti's clearly not waiting for summer to officially start before she shows off her bikini bod -- but unless you're a hardcore stickler for the seasons ... you ain't complaining.

The R&B singer showed off her stunning curves during an incredibly sexy photo shoot in the Florida Keys for a women's fashion line. There were several wardrobe changes as she posed in a series of revealing bikinis on an idyllic beach.

Check out the pics ... if Ashanti doesn't get you in the mood for some fun in the sun -- and hump day, for that matter -- nothing will.

Ashanti wasn't alone. Another model, Leslie Sidora, was working it on the beach, too.

And for you seasons geeks -- 9 days 'til the summer solstice!!

Britney Spears Jet Skiing Off into the Sunset ... Or So It Seems

Britney Spears seems to be getting back to her normal life one couple's activity at a time -- this time she's jet skiing in Florida ... but not without some advanced planning on the part of her father/conservator.

The singer was down in Miami this weekend alongside her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, as the two of them mounted some WaveRunners and hit the water with a splash. She was riding solo, and seemed to be enjoying herself as she caught some speed.

Britney's been going out a lot more lately with Sam -- whether it's hitting the town on a date near Thousand Oaks or going for a bike ride with the dude ... she's very visible.

What's even more intriguing about her cross-country trip here is that her father and primary conservator, Jamie Spears, filed court docs last month seeking to extend the conservatorship to include 3 other states outside of Cali ... and Florida's one of them.

At the time, we were told Jamie knew the Sunshine State is one of the places Brit likes visiting, so he preemptively sought to get a handle on things amid all the #FreeBritney drama from last month ... which appears to have simmered down since her court appearance.

We don't know if Jamie's request to make the conservatorship valid in those 3 states was ultimately granted or not, but if it was ... you can bet he's maintaining a watchful eye.