Demi Lovato This is Me, 'Unashamed' ... Shares Unedited 'Cellulit' Bikini Pic

Demi Lovato is so over feeling bad about her body, and even more so -- she's done editing her photos to please others and adhere to THEIR idea of beautiful.

And that, indeed, is "celluLIT."

Demi shared this unedited bikini photo of herself late Thursday -- cellulite and all -- because as she puts it ... "I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else’s standards."

Lovato adds ... "So here’s me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day."

The singer/actress goes on to explain how she's been feeling great getting back to projects while not stressing about strenuous workouts or miserable diets.

She says ... "here's me, RAW, REAL! And I love me. And you should love you too!"

The inspiring pic caught the eye of one interesting admirer. Mike Johnson, a contestant on the last season of "The Bachelorette," dropped a very flirty reply to Demi ... saying, "Look at me like that again." Demi saw it and replied with a kissy face emoji. Hmmm ...

Even better, Demi's post also revealed that she's back in the studio working on new music -- an anthem!


As we've reported ... Lovato also recently celebrated 1 year of sobriety with a group of friends following her near-fatal overdose last summer.

Aaron Paul Breaking The Bank ... My 40th Birthday Bash!!!

Aaron Paul went all out celebrating 40 years of life ... living it up for two weeks at a posh beachside resort in the Dominican Republic with his wife and Bryan Cranston!!!

The "Breaking Bad" star rang in the big 4-0 in the DR ... and he spared no expense, staying in a suite at The Ani Resort that goes for $25,000 a night. Aaron shacked up for 12 nights, dropping $300k just for his lodging!!!

Aaron was rolling deep ... he had his better half with him, plus his family and close friends, including Bryan. We're told the "Breaking Bad" costars spent their time sipping their new Mezcal that just launched, Dos Hombres.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Rum's usually what you think of when you picture a boozy drink on a Caribbean beach ... but when you've got your own liquor brand, you play by your own rules!!!

Aaron and co. had a rocking time ... soaking in all the resort and island have to offer ... infinity pools, perfect weather, soft sands, amazing food, crystal-clear seas ... the whole shebang.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Blowout birthday parties are kinda Aaron's thing ... when his wife turned 30 back in 2016, Aaron rented out a massive private villa in Thailand just for the 2 of them.

Gotta love that "Breaking Bad" bank!!!

Pete Davidson Back in Romance Mode ... Hand in Hand with New GF in Italy!!!


Pete Davidson's putting dating rumors to rest and making it crystal clear he IS definitely dating Margaret Qualley -- romantic strolls in Italy will do that.

Pete and Margaret were holding hands Monday while they walked through Venice, and they couldn't look happier. It's Pete in full-blown couple mode again, and they look pretty comfortable around each other. Margaret was chill in a cream tank dress, while Pete repped Biggie Smalls.

As we reported ... rumors had been flying that Pete and Margaret -- who's Andie MacDowell's daughter, btw -- were an item for a while now. They hadn't been seen this close before, but the Venice Film Fesitval has been their coming out. They were together at the screening of her new flick, "Seberg."


They didn't walk the arrival line together but he did sit behind her inside the screening.

Gotta hand it to Pete ... he bounces back just fine from big break-ups.

Jennifer Lopez ABS-olutely Belle!!! ... Spotted in St. Tropez


Three words to describe Jennifer Lopez on this Labor Day holiday ... DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.

The singer made one helluva an arrival on Nikki Beach in St. Tropez. She's there with her man Alex Rodriguez, who BTW should forever be known as the man who scored the biggest come-up in the history of mankind after locking down the Bronx goddess.


Anyway ... the couple's there to celebrate Magic Johnson's 60th birthday bash. The who's-who of crowds is there ... from Magic's family to Samuel L. Jackson and Cedric the Entertainer to Anthony Anderson and Chris Tucker.

Magic's birthday was actually on August 14. At that point, Magic had already been a couple of weeks into his million-bucks-per-week vacation. Unclear why he pushed his bday bash until now ... but when you're ballin' like Magic, no excuse is needed.


And, just like he did with Showtime ... Magic held court at his shindig, grabbing the mic and leading the way. The all-white themed party crowded around the pool and a great time was had by all.

No word yet if Cedric's calmed down after being in awe of Magic's super-yacht. One thing's for sure ... J Lo's million-dollar look's gonna have us all in awe for a good minute.

Cedric The Entertainer Dayyum, Magic Johnson ... Your Yacht's Like the Love Boat!!!


Cedric The Entertainer damn near lost his mind when he feasted his eyes on Magic Johnson's floating mansion.

The comedian was cruising on a small launch boat in St. Tropez ... and as he got closer and closer to the Hall of Famer's super-yacht you can hear Cedric get giddy. Now that's one helluva first impression. The yacht -- called the Aquila -- is a 281-foot ship that costs nearly a MILLION BUCKS per week to rent.


Magic and his wife, Cookie, kicked off their annual yacht vacay in early August. LL Cool J, Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete and others were some of the early invitees. Some of his past rotating group of super famous and wealthy friends have included Samuel L. Jackson and Steve Harvey.

As we've told you ... Magic's vacations usually last around 6 weeks. That makes for one baller $6 million vacation. The boat itself's practically a hotel ... featuring a dining room area, movie theater, hot tub and massive outdoor deck. The ship can host 12 guests with a crew of 28.

Healthy living.

Models Cat Kennedy & Sarah Curr Have Each Other's Backs ... Ass Really Good Friends Should!!!

Now, here's a beach oil spill Leo DiCaprio can get on board with ... courtesy of models Cat Kennedy and Sarah Curr.

The two hotties got super handsy while lathering each other up with baby oil for a beach sesh in Santa Monica. Unclear why they ditched the sunscreen (maybe they took care of that before getting on the hot sand) but ... do you really care???

Guessing your eyes will be laser-focused on their teensy-weensy bikinis barely hanging on to their assets. Check out the pics ... they also held hands and enjoyed a little splash in the ocean. Nothing new for Cat, whom we spotted on the same beach not long ago.

Summer, baby!!!

Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Love, Italian Style Don't Come Cheap!!! (Psst ... We Can Afford It)

Jeff Bezos isn't just about showing off his bod, he's also down to show off the fact he's the richest man in the world, and that means ... shopping spreeeeee!!!!!

The Amazon founder and his GF, Lauren Sanchez, are all over each other in Venice, and their romantic strolls, naturally, ended up at some primo shopping spots. Of course, what we call a spree is more like any Saturday at the mall ... when ya got $110 billion to blow.

The couple's looking stylish during a working vacay. They attended the Venice Film Festival a few days ago -- which might explain the more conservative attire. While Lauren wore a flowing white mini-sundress, Jeff's shirt was almost fully buttoned and tucked into belted shorts.

Nothing like his midriff baring look a few weeks ago in St. Tropez.


Lauren and Jeff have been chilling all week on the mega-yacht reportedly owned by Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Soooo ... we're saying there's still a chance Jeff busts out his abs and guns.

Kevin Durant Fights Through Injury ... For Awesome Yacht Trip!

Think Kevin Durant is gonna let a little thing like a devastating Achilles injury keep him from a Summer yacht trip to the Amalfi Coast with smoking hot bikini babes?!

Yeah, neither did we ...

The NBA superstar is floating around off the coast of Italy on a sick boat with some friends and a bevy of attractive ladies.

Don't worry Nets fans, KD was getting treatment for his injury on the yacht in his down time ... and from the pics, it seems he's keeping that leg elevated as much as possible!

Still, guy's gotta relax right!


The ladies seem to be keeping themselves busy too -- with some amazing yoga poses on the deck of the yacht.

It's good to be rich and famous ... ain't it?!


Conor McGregor & GF I'm a Lover & a Fighter!!! ... Couple's Trip to Italy

Conor McGregor's PR tour has touched down in Italy -- where the UFC superstar is still trying to prove he's just your average family man ... and not a violent maniac.

Just days after Conor went on ESPN to apologize for punching a man in the face at a pub, McGregor and his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, flew over to the Amalfi Coast for some R&R.


Conor also brought along his personal photographer to Italy to capture some lovey-dovey pics of the couple ... which we're sure they'll post on social media shortly.

Of course, Conor is desperately trying to push the narrative that he's not a bad guy ... telling Ariel Helwani last week his violent outbursts are a result of being "baited" by troublemakers.

The problem, obviously, is that video evidence doesn't seem to jive with Conor's explanation ... the guy at the Irish pub was just SITTING THERE when Conor punched him in the face.

And, the phone-smashing incident in Miami also seems to have been more about Conor being a jerk than the other guy antagonizing him.


And, don't forget about the 2018 bus attack ... when Conor chartered a plane from Ireland to New York to try and jump Khabib Nurmagomedov ... injuring several innocent people in the process.

The good news ... Conor is using his injured left hand to lift weights during his Italian vacation which is a good sign if he's REALLY hoping to fight again in 2019.

Stay tuned ...

Mark Zuckerberg Look at Me, Tahoe ... I'm the Captain Now!!!


Mark Zuckerberg's summer of Man vs. Wild 2019 is in full swing up in Lake Tahoe -- where he's now a boating captain ... with a little assistance from the crew, of course.

The Facebook founder and CEO was at one of his two new Tahoe waterfront estates Saturday -- properties he reportedly dropped around $60 mil for this past winter -- and Zuck was getting briefed on a new operating system ... it's called HowToSteerVessels 2.0™.

Eyewitnesses tell us Mark and some pals were being taught how to steer this boat, and that he even got behind the wheel at one point as it drifted away from the dock.


It must've been a successful outing, 'cause we're told Mark and co. had the boat out on the water for a few hours before returning to shore. Now, it's unclear if MZ owns this thing -- it's possible he's just learning how to drive on it and someone was doing him a favor.

Ya gotta imagine when he gets it down, he'll shell out for something a bit nicer -- dude's worth an estimated $66 billion, after all. He can afford to be among Tahoe's finest, no doubt


It's interesting too ... Mark's been getting in the water A LOT over the past year or so, including what look like some cool ventures there in Tahoe this summer as well. He posted a photo last month of him paddle boarding on the lake and taking in a gorgeous sunset.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Becoming a boat guy seems to be the next natural step to take for the great outdoorsman. And hey, it'll add some good content for the Timeline. That's what it's all about, right?!

David & Victoria Beckham Yacht Day w/ Elton ... It's Bennie & The (Hydro)Jets!!!


David and Victoria Beckham are flexing their British roots with some of the best company the UK has to offer -- Sir Elton John is onboard with the couple on the same yacht.

The Beckhams and their children are riding on a luxury yacht right now with the legendary singer, his husband David Furnish and their kids -- where they're all enjoying the steady waters in the South of France ... and diving in feet first when the mood strikes, it seems.


Well, Dave is anyway -- he was snapped holding hands with his daughter, Harper, and one of Elton's boys ... jumping off the side of the yacht into the ocean as a group.

Based on what we can see here, the wife had a little something for him when he came back up dripping wet. Yes, you can feel the love today with these two ... it's as strong as ever.


As for boat wear ... DB went with the classic shirtless look, Victoria rocked a sun dress and Elton was in a floral design getup ... rockin' his shades too, per usual. Looks like he kept Victoria company at one point while Dave was splashing around with the kiddos.

If this isn't living your best life, we don't know what is.

Sofia Richie New Cars for 21st Birthday ... Jets Off w/ Kylie Right After


Sofia Richie is following up celebrating Kylie Jenner's epic birthday with one of her own -- and so far, she's off to a good start.

Lionel Richie's daughter -- who turned 21 Saturday -- was greeted with some new wheels on her driveway ... an Aston Martin and a Range Rover. Her boyfriend, Scott Disick, appeared to be responsible for the former, and Sofia made sure to shout him out on IG.

She captioned a vid on her Story, "Wow wow wow Best bf award." When filming her other new car, she wrote ... "New Range. Ok I'm good #21."

Looks like Sofia's birthday celebration was just getting started too -- 'cause shortly after receiving the whips, she drove herself to an airport runway ... where Kylie herself was waiting with a private jet. Seems like them and some friends are off on another adventure.

As you know, Sofia was just with a bunch of the Kardashians on a $250 million megayacht celebrating Kylie's birthday about a week ago on the high seas of Italy, where she and Scott got some QT in on a jet ski. Apparently, KJ and SR are great pals now.

We haven't see the Lord in any of Sofia's videos so far, but ya gotta imagine that wherever she's going now ... he'll be joining the party at some point.

Bella Thorne, Benjamin Mascolo Drowning in Love

Bella Thorne went in the drink with her Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo.

Bella and Benjamin have been on a romantic vacay in Sardinia, Italy, and each spent a considerable amount of time trying to resuscitated the other. Gotta say ... Benjamin's got some pretty cool ink.

They've been together since April, just days after Bella's split with Mod Sun. They have made it clear to anyone on social media who cares to look ... they're a couple.

BM's half of the duo Benji & Fede.

Long distance relationships work sometimes, proving the point, absence makes the heart ...

Dennis Quaid This College Babe Floats My Boat!!!

Dennis Quaid is taking advantage of the last week before school is back in session ... bringing his smoking hot, grad student girlfriend on a romantic getaway in Lake Como!!!

As we all know ... age ain't nothin' but a number -- but you can tell 65-year-old Dennis is having a grand time with 26-year-old Laura Savoie. Easy to see why in these killer vacay pics.

Seems Dennis has a thing for millennials ... he split with 32-year-old model Santa Auzina earlier this year, and now his new GF is even younger!!!

Dennis and his sexy co-ed still have a lot in common despite the huge age gap. He's from Texas, she goes to the University of Texas, and they both love speedboats!!! Match made in heaven.

Laura doesn't have to go back to class until next week, so Dennis has plenty of time to end their summer with a bang.

Now that's amore!!!

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz The Never-Ending Honeymoon ... PDA-at-Sea, Topless Too!!

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz can't keep their hands, or mouths, off each other on what's turned into a marathon of a honeymoon in Italy. Hey, don't let us interrupt!!!

The ex-supermodel and her new rock star hubby are STILL laying out on the high seas off Capri, where they've been enjoying the yacht life ... but, more importantly, each other ... as you can tell in these pics of them smoochin' and getting a little nakey on board.

Tom's kissing Heidi's thigh, she's kissing Tommy's abs ... and even some boring old school kisses on the lips. Like we said, lots of PDA.


BTW, Heidi has NOT been shy about losing the upper half of her outfits these past couple weeks -- besides going topless here, she also posted a kinda, sorta NSFW shot 2 days ago.

As the kids are saying these days ... #FREETHENIPPLE!!! More power to ya, Heidi.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Heidi and Tom got secretly hitched about 6 months ago. They had a big Italian yacht wedding a couple weeks ago with friends and fam, and have been there ever since. They're coming up on 3 weeks of honeymoonin', to which we say ... great work if you can get it!

Aziz Ansari Hun, Let's Go Topless 'Right Now' ... Spanish Beach Loungin'

Aziz Ansari is in much calmer waters now when it comes to the dating scene -- and he and his GF are partaking in one of the finest parts of European culture ... topless beaches!

The comedian was on the Spanish island of Formentera Sunday with his girlfriend, Serena Campbell ... they've reportedly been dating for at least a year now. Serena started out in a two-piece, but quickly ditched the upper half as they headed for the ocean.

Worth noting, Serena's from Denmark -- so this topless thing is nothing new for her.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One of the first times Aziz and Serena were spotted out in public was in 2018 when they showed up together at the U.S. Open tennis championship in NYC.

He's also made reference to her in his latest stand-up special, "Right Now," which is currently airing on Netflix. He joked that people still have something to say about him being in an interracial relationship -- whether it's blatant racism, or fake woke-ness.

One thing's for sure -- Aziz being tied down should certainly help with keeping him out of the headlines over his 2017 #MeToo moment, which many people feel was unwarranted, anyway.

Showing off the new bae -- always a great way to turn the page.