Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffrey Ab-Dorable Kisses During Boat Dinner Date

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NFL superstar Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo are officially at war -- don't worry, their relationship is doing just fine -- but they're now competing against each other for the best abs on the planet!!!

The Carolina Panthers RB and former Miss Universe hit the waters for a romantic meal on Monday ... eating up all the Chick-fil-A sandwiches they could fit in their shredded bodies.

OC posted a snap from the getaway on Instagram ... with the couple sharing a kiss in between bites.

"You had me at fried chicken sandwich," Culpo posted.

OC's fellow S.I. Swimsuit model friend Brooks Nader took notice of the biggest takeaway from the picture ... adding the simple caption, "Abs!"

Of course, OC and CMC have been pretty much inseparable ever since they started dating in 2019 ... and we're sure quarantining together has been a hell of a time.

Remember, if you're gonna join Olivia and Christian in eating a bunch of fried chicken, you're not gonna look like them unless you work out nonstop like they do.

Yeah ... we may settle for a salad.

Beyonce and Jay-Z We're Off to the Hamptons ... But Not Before Dropping "BLACK PARADE"


Jay-Z, Beyonce and the kids hopped aboard a private jet Friday for the Hamptons, but not before Bey released a new song -- "Black Parade" -- on Juneteenth.

Bey and Jay were decked out in face masks and super comfy sweatsuits. She's carrying Rumi Carter, and Jay's with Sir Carter. Blue Ivy was also front and center.

Beyonce's new song is an anthem to support black-owned businesses, and proceeds will benefit these small shops and companies. It was inspired by the brutal murder of George Floyd and is all about resilience and empowerment.

Bey said, "Happy Juneteenth Weekend! I hope we continue to share joy and celebrate each other, even in the midst of struggle. Please continue to remember our beauty, strentgh and power," adding, "BLACK PARADE celebrates you, your voice and your joy and will benefit Black-owned small businesses."

Bey co-wrote the song with Jay ... it was released the way a number of songs have been dropped over the last few years ... without any prior notice.

Ben Affleck Jet-Setting Family Vacation With Ana and His Kids!!!

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are getting the hell outta Los Angeles -- but they ain't flyin' solo -- Ben's kids are comin' along too!

Ben, Ana and at least two of his kiddos were spotted boarding a private jet Wednesday on their way to what we're guessing will be some rest and relaxation. Ana's pooch even made the trip to make it a true bonding experience.

The private jet seems pretty practical during the age of COVID-19, plenty of legroom, personalized service and not to mention some serious social distancing from strangers.

It's unclear where the group is headed ... but the trip isn't the first time we've seen Ben's kids hang with his new gf. Violet, Seraphina and Samuel were seen on a neighborhood stroll with Ben and Ana just last month ... they also brought their dog for some exercise.

It certainly appears that quarantine hasn't made the new duo sick of each other ... and Summer 2020 is just getting started.

Dennis Rodman Bizarre Toilet Paper Caper at Florida Bar ... Weird Video!


Is that Dennis Rodman? Why is he putting a 9-pack of toilet paper in the middle of a busy street during a rainstorm?

Is he signing that guy's cast? Smoking a cigar? Aggressively hitting on women?

Is that a cop? He's definitely wearing a mask. Why isn't anyone else?


Welcome to another edition of, "The Bizarre Adventures of Dennis Rodman!!"

Here's the deal ... this video was shot on Sunday at the American Social gastropub in Ft. Lauderdale.

Witnesses tell us Rodman showed up with some friends around 3:45 PM and seemed to be on a mission to entertain.

No one seems to know where Rodman found the toilet paper -- but he was flaunting it like it was still Week 1 of quarantine!

At one point, he ran the TP into the street -- but we're told a police officer who was in the area instructed him to pick it up. Dennis complied.

Eventually, Dennis left without further incident ... but yeah, another weird day in the life of Dennis Rodman.

Brazil Sex Hotel MMA Themed Room with Octagon Bed ... Ground & Pound, Baby!

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IT'S TIIIIIME ... to bang?!

An adult motel in Brazil has created an MMA-themed room for role-playing couples ... with a full octagon bed and a training dummy -- if you're looking for an extra sparring partner!

It's called the Pousada Gurupi -- located in Teresina, a city in the northeastern part of the country.

No, it's not affiliated with UFC or Bellator in any way -- but it's clearly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the sport in Brazil ... where apparently, couples fantasize about getting freaky while fighting.

Here's the Google translation from the hotel's IG:

"The MMA Suite at Pousada Gurupi brings up the whole concept of wrestling, with an environment geared to this practice, opening the imagination of the couple who chooses it."

The hotel even offers 3 reasons to rent the suite ...


"Realizing a different fantasy in sex makes the couple much more confident and complicit in each other, after all, this is a right time to indulge in a new experience."⠀


"The MMA Suite is a true copy of the octagon, with a sensational bed inside the ring. The couple can really imagine themselves in that environment and let their imagination blossom. "⠀


"Having new and different experiences like these ends up creating memories and moments to be remembered by both, increasing the couple's partnership. After all, it's not every day that you indulge in an octagon, is it?"

No, it's not.

h/t Bloody Elbow.

The Hamptons Beaches Filling Up ... Social Distancing Struggle is Real!!!

The coronavirus pandemic continues to force Americans indoors, but some simply can't take it and are venturing to new places for some fresh air and human interaction ... like The Hamptons.

It seems New Yorkers are beginning to flee the city and head to the beaches and bike paths of the popular summer destination ... maybe just a little earlier than usual, to escape the self-quarantine blues of NYC.

Though The Hamptons scene is nothing compared to the crowding of Florida's beaches -- or even a Farmer's Market in L.A. just Sunday -- it still looks like folks are willing to risk getting closer than the recommended 6-feet.

We're told rental properties in the seaside communities are also filling up, meaning "stay home" orders are being challenged ... with people leaving home to chill elsewhere.

It all begs the question ... how soon until beaches and gathering spots at The Hamptons are ordered closed, like the beaches of L.A. or pretty much everything in NYC?

It likely all depends on how well people can follow social distancing guidelines, which so far ... have proven to be very difficult.

Tom Brady & Gisele Besame Mucho!!! Make Out Sesh in Costa Rica

Tom Brady's back in the game!!! Take it easy, Pats fans ... we're talking about his hot and heavy beach make out session with his hot supermodel wife, Gisele.

TB12 and Gisele are on their annual off-season getaway to Costa Rica ... and things are heating up, because they couldn't keep their hands or lips off each other during a romantic stroll down la playa.

The Bradys even packed on the PDA as they got soaked by the waves. This is some serious G.O.A.T on G.O.A.T action.

Gisele's flaunting her legendary Brazilian bombshell body in a pretty skimpy bikini. Tom doesn't look too bad either, especially for a 42-year-old quarterback in the middle of his off-season.

Tom's future is up in the air ... no one knows which NFL team he's gonna land with as he nears free agency after 20 years with the New England Patriots -- but for now, he's just digging everyday life with Gisele.

We already saw Tom's wife doing a solo, impromptu photo shoot on the beach this week. Easy to see why the champ got off the bench for some QT with his better half.

Patrick Mahomes Hits Cabo With Thonged-Out GF ... No Coronavirus Fears Here!!!

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Patrick Mahomes STAYS winning!!!

The Super Bowl MVP avoided the coronavirus pandemic this week by soaking in some Mexico rays -- and he did it all with his bikini-clad GF and a grip of her friends!!

The Chiefs superstar hit up a boat with his boo, Brittany Matthews, and her crew down in Cabo ... and as you can see, there wasn't a COVID-19 concern insight.

Mahomes sucked face with Brittany often, chilled on the boat's bed ... and it sure as hell looked like he and everyone else had a blast.

"Great times with Great people!!" Mahomes said of the trip.

Of course, it's just the latest in a long line of Ws for the 24-year-old ... who just can't seem to lose these last few weeks.

Remember, the QB put on a clinic in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl against the 49ers last month ... and he partied his face off just about every day after!!


FYI, Mahomes is also in the middle of a 4-year, $16 MILLION deal that could get ripped up by the Chiefs for the richest contract in NFL history this offseason.

Yeah, some guys just have it all.

Gisele Bundchen Perfectly Timed Beach Getaway ... Feelin' Fine in Costa Rica!!!

Gisele Bundchen's having a helluva time on her annual vacay ... splashing around on a beach, and proving she's still got bikini model game!!!

Tom Brady's supermodel wife is down in Costa Rica for their family's off-season getaway ... and she decided to splash around and strike a few fun poses for a photog.

Gisele's looking every bit like the Brazilian bombshell who became the world's highest-paid model -- rocking her chocolate bikini top and animal print bottoms, and showing off her legs and perfectly toned abs. Yes, she's officially retired from modeling, but ... c'mon.

There's plenty of uncertainty about Tom these days -- no one knows where he's gonna play for the upcoming NFL season, after 20 years with the New England Patriots.

These pics make one thing very clear ... he doesn't have to play. Giselle can still bring home the bacon!!!

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