Teresa Giudice Looking Good on Greek Honeymoon ... Pink Bikini Beach Day!!!


Teresa Giudice is doing her honeymoon the right way -- and in her case, that's with her banging bod on full display for all of Greece to see ... with her hubby in tow.

The 'Real Housewives' star is out in Mykonos right now enjoying a little R&R with her new groom, Luis Ruelas -- to whom she got hitched earlier this month in her native New Jersey. They're one hot couple ... and let all of the beach goers know it with a romantic stroll.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, which was taken Sunday morning ... you see TG and Luis hand in hand as they cruise along the sandy shore, showing a lot of skin.

As you can see, Teresa's in a hot pink two-piece bikini ... and Luis is bare-chested in red trunks. They're both in great shape, and it shows. It also seems they're just having a blast in general -- as one should on a honeymoon. Eventually, the couple took a dip in the water.

Eyewitnesses tell us that not too many people were bothering them -- it's unclear if anyone even recognized them, but all the better -- and that Teresa and Luis were showing some PDA in each other's company. These shots were taken at Principote Beach, BTW ... super nice.

It's great to see Teresa has found love again and was willing to marry. Her time with Joe Giudice, while eventful, was at times tumultuous and stressful. Now, she looks super happy.


Ben Affleck Jetting Off w/ J Lo & Kids for 50th ... Looking Kinda Sad-ffleck😅

Ben Affleck has a tendency to turn himself into hilarious memes -- and as he jets off with Jennifer Lopez and their kids to celebrate his birthday ... he seems to be reprising a classic.

The newlyweds boarded a private plane Saturday at the Van Nuys Airport in L.A. with some of their kids in tow, it seems. We recognize two of BA's children here, but it's unclear if Jen's young ones are already inside or even there at all. In any case, this trip is a family affair.

No word on where they'll ring in the big 5-0 for Ben -- his actual born day is on Monday -- but we're sure we'll find out soon enough. In the meantime ... what's with the long face???

Take a gander at Ben here ... who, in a majority of these shots, appears quite stern in his demeanor -- if not just outright bummed. Of course, him looking sorta sad here doesn't necessarily mean he's not excited for the festivities -- he probably is -- but it's funny to see this is how he looked just as he was getting ready to take in a huge milestone of life.

J Lo herself wasn't looking all that peppy either ... just matter-of-factly getting their crap from the car and making sure everyone/everything made its way up the steps on time.

Granted, these moments are the not-so-fun part of travel ... all the lugging and boarding and checking to see that all is in order before a major vacay, so that could be what's going on here. Still, though ... with Ben's history of appearing downtrodden, it's noteworthy.

There's the famous 'Batman v Superman' interview where he's stares off into space with a depressed gaze. Plus, his infamous bare-back beach stare-out ... and, of course, his eyes-closed cig moment from back then. The dude seems to channel gloom and doom a bit.

Cheer up, bud! You're married to Jennifer Lopez, and you're turning 50 -- life's good!

Karl-Anthony Towns, Jordyn Woods Jewelry Shopping In Italy ... Are Those Diamond Rings?!?

Karl-Anthony Towns and his beau Jordyn Woods were spotted jewelry shoppin' in Italy this week -- and it's got us all wondering ... are those engagement rings they're looking at?!?

The couple has been out in Bellagio, Italy the past few days, soakin' in a vacation during KAT's NBA offseason ... and TMZ Sports has learned they popped into a jewelry store on Wednesday evening to browse through some bling.

Witnesses say they looked at necklaces and other items -- but at one point, they both appeared to lock in on the rings.

Of course, the two -- who have been dating since 2020 and have professed their love for each other continuously over the last two years -- are not yet engaged (at least not publicly), so their perusal of the store's finger band selection is intriguing!

Unclear if they bought anything they liked ... but we're told they looked super happy together nonetheless, calling each other pet names and holding hands.

If an engagement ring just so happened to be bought -- congrats! And if not, well, congrats on the romantic getaway anyway!

Drake Gets ‘Sticky’ Stuntin' With Lil Baby, Future & Virgil's Maybach!!!

Drake just dropped the video for “Sticky” from his new album “Honestly, Nevermind” and it’s clear he used his recent Euro vacation to double the video’s scenic locations!!!

Directed by Theo Skudra, the lush visual navigates through parts of Drake at sea in St. Tropez, Michael Rubin’s 4th of July bash and other expensive frolics throughout the galaxy.

Lil Baby and Future can also be spotted living it up … and Drake found a rainy rooftop to test out his new coat from his Nocta Nike line.

Drizzy also proved there was no cap in his rap when it came to namedropping the late Virgil Abloh … stunting inside the off-road Maybach designed by the Off-White creator in collaboration with Mercedes.

Young Thug and YSL also get a shoutout as they fight their ongoing case.

Speaking of fighting, Drake is currently battling COVID-19, so the wave of memories in this video should induce a swift recovery!

J Lo Enough Honeymoon Already!!! Performs at Ukrainian Relief Concert


Jennifer Lopez has bounced from honeymoon to freedom fighter, headlining a UNICEF concert to help in the Ukrainian relief effort.

J Lo took the stage at a 14th-century monastery in Capri, and she looked pretty incredible in a zebra-print getup with feathers and glitz. And this is a shocker ... she showed off her abs, which is always a gift!

Jen wasn't done ... the next outfit was a nude thong bodysuit ... again, pretty incredible.

JLo was the headliner, following Diplo, Sofia Carson and DJ Cruz.

There were tons of celebs on hand ... Leo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Jamie Foxx, Jared Leto, Vanessa Hudgens and Maye Musk. Jennifer's bro-in-law, Casey Affleck, was also there with his gf Caylee Cowan.

No sign of Ben ... as far as we know, he's back in L.A. -- recovering from his honeymoon!

Aniston, Kimmel & Bateman A-List Vacay Pals Return to L.A.!!! Back from the Bahamas

Well this sucks ... the world's funniest vacation is over, but good pals Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sean Hayes are all looking like they had a blast on their island getaway.

The A-list group returned to L.A. Wednesday from the Bahamas ... everyone got in their goodbye hugs after getting off their private jet, but Jason's wide brim straw hat screams someone who's still in vacay mode.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The close-knit crew -- they've taken trips together before -- mostly went radio silent during their trip, outside of a beach-themed post or 2, and simply enjoyed some time to relax and chill.

Now it's back to the grind ... Hollywood ain't gonna wait around forever, ya know!!!

Jamie Foxx Wild Sing-along on Italian Vacay ... 'I'm Jamie Motherf***ing Foxx!!!'


Jamie Foxx really knows how to bring down the house, even when he's on a break from show biz ... because he got an Italian restaurant to join him in a rowdy singalong.

The Oscar and Grammy (that's key here) winner was enjoying a night out with friends in Capri when it quickly turned into a full-blown show ... and, he definitely had the crowd going!

Jamie was in great spirits, and he was sipping some too when he got on a microphone to remind the joint who he is ... in song, of course.

In his best R&B/operatic voice he sang, "I'm Jamie Motherf***ing Foxx!!!" -- and the band quickly joined in and pretty soon the whole place was belting out the simple, and hilarious, tune.

Of course, Jamie mixed in one of his radio hits too -- singing a little bit of his "Gold Digger" chorus -- but trust us, everyone left that restaurant singing one name. You will too after watching this.

This outing, combined with his South of France yachting with a mystery lady, makes it clear ... NO ONE is enjoying summer more than Jamie!!!

Alright, sing us outta here ... "I'm Jaaaaaaaamie Motherf***ing Foxx ..."

Ben Affleck Breaks Down Crying on Honeymoon ... J Lo Consoles Him at Dinner

Ben Affleck seems to be getting super emotional during his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez -- but it's still all love between them.

The couple enjoyed a romantic sit-down Sunday in Paris ... they'd stopped off for dinner at a place called La Girafe in front of the Eiffel --  on Jen's 53rd birthday, no less. Perfect setting.

Based on these pics, it looks like BA might’ve had a tender moment that led to tears during the private meal — which went down without any of their kids around, a couple of whom have joined them in Europe.

Unclear why Ben might’ve been crying, but he had a shoulder to lean on ... J Lo embraced him in a hug -- which you can kinda see in the photos here. She's got a hand on his face.

Ben turned off the waterworks soon enough -- later, they had themselves a nice little stroll around town, just the 2 of them, and he was back to smiling.

Ben and Jen have been enjoying the city for the past several days now -- this after getting hitched last weekend on a whim in Vegas.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions for Ben on this trip -- sometimes snoozing, sometimes weeping. Married life ... all part of the package, we suppose. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Ben Affleck Drifting Away ... On a Boat, In His Dreams

Ben Affleck is ready to hit the deck -- which is exactly what he did on his honeymoon ... just so he could hit the hay.

The actor was seen catching a nap on his family-style excursion with Jennifer Lopez and their respective children Saturday -- this while they cruised down the Seine River in Paris on a boat ... where they've been for the past several days enjoying their post-nuptials chapter.

As you can see, BA has no problem falling into what looks like a pretty deep sleep -- dude's literally got his feet kicked up and his head back. We can almost hear the snoring!

BTW, this comfy position wasn't the only he tried to get into dream mode -- at one point he was seen curled up in his own knees, kinda like one would do on a bus or plane. Fortunately for him, he was able to find the sweet spot toward the front of the vessel.

No sign of Jen and the kiddos here -- but that's probably for the best. Papa Bear mustn't be disturbed in situations like these ... a man's gotta get his rest, after all.

Sleep well, young prince.

Ben & Jen Packin' On The PDA In Paris ... She Takes His Last Name


5:31 PM PT -- J Lo is officially taking her new husbands' last name, and she is now legally known as Jennifer Affleck.


TMZ obtained Ben and Jen's marriage license, and the doc shows her name change.


Remember ... Jennifer telegraphed the name change after we broke the story of her wedding, posting a series of photos from the ceremony along with a note she signed, "Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez certainly aren't slowing down on their PDA, especially after tying the knot ... and their kids got a front-row seat to the love fest.

Ben and Jen grubbed at Le Matignon Thursday with 13-year-old Seraphina, 16-year-old Violet, and 14-year-old Emme as the combined families spent some time in Paris. The newlyweds couldn't stop themselves from locking lips, and the kiddos seemingly looked away.

Ben and Jen hit the Gardens Elysée early Friday, where that PDA sure didn't slow down ... Ben even snapped some pics of his new wife as they walked around.

As we reported, the pair might be using this trip as a mini-honeymoon in the city of love after their recent Vegas wedding.

The two soaked in the sights from their luxury hotel room before venturing out into the city.


TMZ broke the story ... Ben and Jen tied the knot in Las Vegas early Saturday morning in a tiny chapel ceremony that included their children, and they're planning to throw a massive wedding party with close friends and family at the actor's Georgia estate in the coming weeks.

Originally Published -- 6:55 AM PT

Ben & Jen Bonjour From The City of Love ... Paris After Vegas Wedding

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may be on their mini honeymoon after getting hitched in Sin City ... hitting the town in Paris while dressed to the nines.

The newlyweds popped up Thursday in the French capital, dressed up for a dinner date. It was all eyes on J Lo in her bright red dress, while Ben looked slick in a suit and tie.

You can see Bennifer 2.0 also soaked in the Paris sights from their luxury hotel room before venturing out into the City of Love.

dressed to the nines!!!

TMZ broke the story ... Ben and Jen tied the knot in Las Vegas early Saturday morning in a tiny chapel ceremony that included their children, and they're planning to throw a massive wedding party with close friends and family at the actor's Georgia estate in the coming weeks.

Nothing like a trip to the city of love to celebrate your own.

Drake Not Feeling the Buzz in St. Tropez!!! Dodges Bee Sting, Team Goes into Swat Mode


Welp, now we know Drake's biggest fear ... 'cause he was floating like a butterfly to avoid getting stung by a bee -- and it happened when all eyes were on him at a St. Tropez party.

A brief, but pretty hilarious clip shows Drizzy dodging like mad while his crew swats at the buzzing guest at their table. Seriously, he looked like Creed ducking jabs in a boxing ring!

But, it's good to be the Champagne Papi ... because his entourage was working OT to keep him safe

He's got no shame in his game, though, when it comes to his melissophobia!

When fans saw all the buzz -- and the comical video clip -- around Drake, he openly admitted ... "I hate bees on god."

Perhaps looking to change the conversation ... Drake posted what we gotta call a thirst trap pic of himself shirtless and lounging in the south of France.


BTW ... that sting operation went down at the same party where Drake had posted videos trolling Joe Budden after his 2003 hit "Pump It Up" was played at the party.

As they say -- Karma's a bitch? Stings too.

Drake 'Big Energy' for Latto in St. Tropez ... NOT for Joe Budden

Instagram / @champagnepapi

Drake's offering some hilarious observations -- some of them subtle -- about his fellow hip hop artists while he's kicking back in St. Tropez.

Drizzy was hanging at a pretty lively spot in the south of France when he playfully clowned a daytime rager for Crip walking to Latto’s “Big Energy” -- which seems like a win for female rap fans everywhere.

He quickly got distracted, though, when the DJ played Joe Budden’s biggest hit, “Pump It Up."

Drake didn't hesitate to clown the retired rapper-turned-podcaster for the played-out party jam ... and OVO Chubbs said a lot more with his facial expression.

With his dance album still in the Billboard 200's top 10 after its release several weeks ago, Drake has been tearing down Europe ... partying in Sweden, Ibiza, St. Tropez, or wherever the good vibes take him.

Unfortunately, someone crashed his property back in L.A. during his European vacation. TMZ broke the story ... earlier this week, cops busted a guy who's only 12 years younger than Drake, but claimed to be his son.

Elon Musk Sunning at His Own Risk on Yacht Vacay!!!

Elon Musk has bigger fish to fry than the Twitter lawsuit right now ... like getting his hands on some SPF during his trip to Mykonos, where he's doing the yacht thing with famous friends.

The richest man in the world also looked to be one of its most fair-skinned as he took a dip in the Aegean Sea. His pal Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavor, was waiting to hose him down with some fresh water when he got back on the deck of their yacht.

Elon looks to be third-wheeling it -- Ari's new wife, Sarah Staudinger, was also lounging on the boat with the guys.

BTW, Musk is kinda hanging himself by his own petard here. You might recall, back in April, he jabbed at Bill Gates by tweeting a photo of BG side-by-side with the emoji of a guy with a big belly.

What's that saying about multi-billionaires in glass houses? Just sayin' ...

One thing's for sure ... if Elon's worried about Twitter suing him for backing out of the $44 billion deal to purchase the platform, he's not showing it.

Hawaii Waves Huge Swell Takes Out Wedding Party!!!

Instagram/ @k.e.n_n.y.b

Seaside parties might not be the wave ... at least not in Hawaii right now, where crazy high tides completely destroyed a wedding reception.

It all went down over the weekend, on the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island at the Hulihe'e Palace in Kailua-Kona ... when a couple set out to have a beautiful beachside reception.  And, some guests caught the whole thing on camera.

As you can see, the waves were so fierce, they wrecked the entire wedding party in a matter of seconds ... toppling the nice set-up of tables and chairs.

According to local news reports, the waves were so big they were going over 2 story buildings!


At first, it appears the guests were unaware of just how big the waves were as they watched on. Eventually, they scramble ... unable to stop the waves from destroying everything.

Luckily though, no one got hurt and they were able to turn things around for the better. The wedding cake even weathered the storm!

The bride told KHON2 news, “We didn’t have our dance floor, but nobody seemed to mind, at the end of the night we were all like dancing in the mud and it was amazing”.

Kim Kardashian I'll Fly Thousands of Miles ... To Boo Up with Pete!!!

Kim Kardashian has reunited with her boyfriend Pete Davidson ... flying thousands of miles to Australia to reunite after 4 weeks apart.

Kim took her insane private jet to Queensland ... where' Pete's been working on a flick called "Wizards!" with Orlando Bloom.

BTW ... this is what you get when you own a $100 million private jet -- you have all sorts of room to gussy yourself up before deplaning, 'cause she looked pretty spectacular walking down those stairs.

And, of course, the cadre of helpers, including an umbrella holder to shield her from the elements.

She's supposed to be there for just a few days, but it underscores the seriousness of the relationship. Who knows what will happen, but Pete's already unofficially part of the Kardashian brood ... even filming for their Hulu reality show.

Pete's film is a comedy, described by Deadline as "two hapless pothead beach-bar operators who run into trouble when they stumble across stolen loot that they really should have just left alone."

'[I'm] definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That's, like, my dream. Yeah and so it's, like, super corny," he told Kevin Hart in a teaser for his show "Hart to Heart" posted on Tuesday.

"It would be so fun dress up a little dude, like, or you know, like, you saw it's just, like, I'm so excited for, like, that chapter. So, like, that's kind of what I'm just preparing for now, is trying to be, like, as good of a dude and develop and get better so when that happens, it's just easier."

They've now been dating for at least 10 months, and maybe longer. He just dropped some news on Kevin Hart's show ... that he really wants kids. As you know, Kim has 4 ... unclear if she has designs to have more, but her mom had 6, so ....

It seems Kanye's off their case, so it's clear sailing -- and flying -- for Kim and Pete.

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