Scott Disick Keeps Showering GF Amelia with Gifts Drops $57k For Painting!!!

Scott Disick can't stop, won't stop spoiling his GF, Amelia Hamlin, for her 20th birthday ... 'cause it seems he saved the best gift for last.

Sources with direct knowledge of the deal tell TMZ ... Scott purchased a very pricy painting Wednesday at the ArtLife Gallery Pop-Up in Miami's Design District. The item's a Saddle II, Paris 1976 vintage silver gelatin print by Helmut Newton.

We're told Scott dropped a cool $57k for the painting and he completed the purchase using EthereumPay cryptocurrency. Fancy that! We're told the purchase had been in the works for a while ... 'cause Scott's the one who reached out to ArtLife about copping the painting.

As we reported ... the happy couple hit up the 305 to celebrate her bday last weekend. Dinner included a gold, shiny and MASSIVE 5-tier cake, and a diamond-encrusted cross necklace that nearly brought her to tears.

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No word yet on whether this gift generated that kind of emotion -- but it should!

Kanye West & Irina Shayk Whirlwind Romance Back on U.S. Soil

Kanye West and Irina Shayk's French rendezvous wasn't a one-day hookup -- 'cause they took to the skies together for a trip back to the States ... and we got pics of their return.

Check out the shots of Ye and Irina touching down Wednesday at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey ... where they exited the same private plane, seemingly trying to stagger their departures to make it seem like they weren't with each other. Sorry kids, that cat's out of the bag.

The shared return flight is more evidence of what TMZ broke earlier Wednesday ... that Kanye and Irina are definitely an item right now.

As we first reported, the new couple was spotted hanging out in France on Tuesday -- Kanye's 44th birthday, no less -- with friends and also alone at a boutique resort in Provence.

The big question now that they're back in the U.S. is ... are they gonna hit the streets in public now that everyone knows the deal??? So far, they seem a bit camera shy.

Anyway ... welcome home, love birds!

Canelo Alvarez Dances His Face Off On Boat Trip ... With New Wife!!!

@canelo / Instagram

We all know Canelo Alvarez can dance in the boxing ring ... but did you know he's also got the moves outside of it?!?

It's true ... the champ just posted a clip of him shakin' his tailfeather on a boat trip with his new wife -- and his moves ain't half bad!!

The newlyweds were enjoying the married life Thursday off the shores of Croatia -- when Canelo began breaking it down for his love, Fernanda Gomez.

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There was some kickin', some swayin', some hip movements -- and it was HILARIOUS!!

Of course, Alvarez has all the reasons to be livin' it up ... he whooped Billy Joe Saunders in May, and a few days after the KO win, he married Gomez.

And, even though he's still embroiled in a beef with his ex-promoter Oscar De La Hoya -- it's obvious there ain't much that can keep Alvarez down!

United Airlines Buying 15 Supersonic Jets ... NY to London in 3.5 Hours!!!

United Airlines is one giant step closer to getting passengers from NYC to London in less than 4 hours.

The airline announced it scooped up 15 supersonic jets dubbed "Overture" from the Denver-based firm Boom Supersonic. The jets can reach a top speed of 1,300 MPH, or Mach 1.7 speeds. Mach 1 is the speed of sound.

To put that into perspective ... United says it "can connect more than 500 destinations in nearly half the time." In addition to the incredibly fast trek from NYC to London ... other potential routes for the Overture include Newark to Frankfurt in 4 hours and San Francisco to Tokyo in 6 hours.

But, don't hold your breath ... United, which has an option to buy an additional 35 more jets, says the Overture won't be flying until 2026 and won't carry passengers until 2029.

And, for the environmentally friendly ... United says its Overture will be the first large commercial aircraft to be net-zero carbon from the get-go. It's also slated to be optimized to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

The Overture, of course, reminds old school flyers of the ol' Concorde -- the last supersonic passenger jet. The Concorde, with maximum speeds twice the speed of sound at 1,354 MPH, arrived in 1976, but was taken out of service for good in 2003.

Mark Zuckerberg Sharks Don't Bother Me ... 'Cause They Hate My Bracelet!!!

Mark Zuckerberg not taking any chances sharing the ocean with sharks ... because he's hooked himself up to a contraption that supposedly keeps them at bay.

Mark was out on his hydrofoil surfboard in Kauai, Hawaii Thursday, wearing an ankle bracelet called Sharkbanz. The promise is that sharks don't like what it emits, so they stay clear of surfers. The device sends out an electrical current that apparently drives sharks away.

But, there are other, more subtle deterrents. His board has a zebra pattern underneath ... the theory goes that sharks like seeing solid colors because it resembles food, so they're not into stripes. Good theory, but sounds a little sketchy.

Shark Week is coming up on Discovery ... they shoulda featured Mark on how not to get eaten!

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Zuck posted video of him on the board, and gotta say .... he's really good in the water. It's pretty choppy, but Mark stays up and bounces atop the swells. He's been surfing for years.

We won't make any "professional courtesy" jokes.

TMZ Sweepstakes Winner I'm Ready for World's Greatest Vacations!!!

TAKIN' SOME TIME OFF / Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Louie Tobias is about to swap his virtual beach background for the real deal -- several of them -- because he's ready for some serious globetrotting, courtesy of TMZ and Wyndham Rewards!!!

Nearly half a million people entered our "Win the Greatest Vacations in the History of the World" Sweepstakes ... a package that includes at least 4 trips to the most amazing destinations, and Louie's our lucky winner.

He's joining us for Wednesday's "TMZ Live" from his office in Rochester, NY and you can tell he's already in vacation mode. Louie couldn't stop smiling as he told us about some of the trips he's got in mind. Dude is thinking BIG adventures in Tanzania and Dubai ... to name just a few.

It sounds like he's ready to pack his bags for a relaxing tour of at least 2 continents -- after all, his grand prize is valued at $24,120. Turns out that might be the right price to get him on a surfboard down under.

Have a great trip, Louie!!!

Jennifer Lopez Miami Love Nest W/ Ben ... Fit For A Queen (And Her King)!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have more than enough room to spread out in Miami Beach -- 'cause J Lo's rented digs are tantamount to a 21st-century palace ... and then some.

We tracked down the waterfront property that J Lo's hunkered down in this week -- and let's just say there's A LOT of space.

The place is a 2-story fortress ... laid out over 10,000 square feet ... with 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 3 garages, a private gym, pool, jacuzzi and spa.

Oh, it's also got its own docking area. Also of note -- there's a guest house on the grounds -- so if JL gets sick of BA's cig sessions, there's always option B when it comes to bedtime. We doubt that's gonna be an issue.

No word on how much J Lo's paying for this or how long she plans to stick around -- but it was sold for a fortune last month to jewelry designer Paul Morelli, who snagged it for around $18 mil. Realtor Julian Johnston had the listing.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious this place is well equipped for more than just a party of two -- but for now, that'll do for Ben and Jen. Don't make too much of a mess in there!!!

Aaron Rodgers Shirtless Hawaiian Hiking Couple's Adventure ... with Miles Teller!!!

Aaron Rodgers couldn't care less about the drama back Green Bay ... he's too busy frolicking through the waterfalls of Hawaii with his girlfriend and Miles Teller!

Aaron and Shailene Woodley -- along with Miles and his wife, Keleigh Sperry, spent their Tuesday hiking around Maui ... exploring the lush green wilderness with massive smiles on their faces!

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Of course, back home on the mainland ... Aaron is in a cold war with the Packers, which are currently holding OTA workouts with the team.

The workouts are voluntary and clearly, Aaron isn't torn about his decision at all -- just look at how happy he is on the islands!!

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We know Aaron is a pro athlete who's been playing at the highest level for years -- but look at that physique, dude is jacked!

After the hike, the group decided to flex their pipes -- singing the Taylor Swift hit, "The 1."

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Earlier this week, Aaron was on the guitar as they jammed to hits like "Wagon Wheel" ... good times!

Bottom line, Vacation Aaron is LOVING LIFE right now -- really feeling that Aloha spirit.

When's Hawaii gonna get an NFL team?!

Aaron Rodgers Singing & Dancing His Face Off In HI ... Days Before Skipping Packers OTAs


What's better than prepping for voluntary NFL workouts??? If you're Aaron Rodgers ... clearly it's singing and dancing in Hawaii!!!

Here's video of the Packers star partying his face off in Kapalua just two days before he skipped out on Green Bay organized team activities ... and yeah, it doesn't seem like an end to his beef with his team is coming anytime soon.

We're told ... it all went down Saturday night when the quarterback and his fiancee, Shailene Woodley, showed up to a local restaurant and could not have had a better time.

We're told Rodgers -- along with Woodley, actor Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh -- were all enjoying food and music when they decided to turn things up a notch.

The group requested songs, sang and danced -- and video shows they all had a helluva lot of fun!

Check out the footage, Aaron and the rest of the crew were hanging loose, belting out classics and playing the guitar -- and we're told they all partied together for about 2 hours!

Of course, back in Wisconsin, Rodgers' coaches and teammates would certainly rather see him doing all of that in the Green Bay locker room.

You'll recall, Rodgers is currently feuding with the team over his contract situation and some of its recent personnel decisions ... and he's skipped out on Monday's OTAs presumably because of it all.

We're told Aaron did not seem disgruntled in any way ... not even bringing up his football drama and instead just enjoying the moment.

Maybe a fun vacation will have Aaron ready to come back to work? Green Bay fans can only hope ...

Tragedy in Italy Cable Car Plunges to Ground Killing 13

9:20 AM PT -- According to most recent reports, 13 people have been killed and 2 children are seriously injured from the accident.

There was a horrific cable car accident in Italy Sunday ... and at least 8 people died.

The car -- which connects Italy's Maggiore Lake with a nearby mountain, careened to the ground.

The car takes tourists from the town of Stresa up 1400 meters above sea level to Mottarone Mountain. The ride is supposed to take 20 minutes.

There was a frantic rescue attempt which included 2 helicopter ambulances to take the injured to a local hospital.

The car that plunged to the ground carried 11 people, 2 of which were children. The children survived and were taken to the hospital. So far, authorities have not said what caused the cable car to plunge to the ground. Authorities offered no additional details. We don't know if the entire lift operation was halted, but that's typically what happens after such an accident.

The tragedy has several layers. As the world escapes the grip of the pandemic, people are traveling at a fever pitch, and that's why the mountain was so crowded with tourists ... people who were held up for more than a year ... looking for some enjoyment that turned to tragedy in an instant.

Originally published -- 5:16 AM PT

Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli Nos Vamos a Cabo!!! ... Judge Signs Off on Trip

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli can officially break out the tequila ... 'cause a federal judge is approving their request to travel to Mexico for a family fiesta.

TMZ broke the story ... Lori and Mossimo had requested permission to travel to San Jose del Cabo to spend time with family from June 16 to June 21. Their argument, in a nutshell, is they've been playing by the rules since their release from prison.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Lori says she's paid her $150k fine as well as her community service requirement. Mossimo also told the judge he's remained in compliance with the terms of his term of supervised release.

Mossimo also said he satisfied his $250k fine and is actively working on completing his community service. It seems playing by the rules has its rewards ... 'cause the judge signed off on their requests. So, ADIOS!!!

As you know ... Lori finished her 2-month prison sentence in December and flew back home on a private jet. Her hubby got sprung a little early from prison last month and completed his sentence in home confinement. And now ... deuces✌🏽.

Aaron Rodgers Escapes To Hawaii With Shailene Woodley ... Amid Packers Drama

Forget Green Bay and all the drama there ... Aaron Rodgers has just temporarily pressed eject on his beef with the Packers -- escaping to Hawaii with his fiancee!!!

The star quarterback and Shailene Woodley were spotted touching down in Oahu on Monday ... all while Rodgers' problems with the Packers continue to rage on.

But, it doesn't seem like the couple took any of that emotional baggage with them ... 'cause the two looked happy as hell hoppin' off the private jet and receiving their fresh leis!

Rodgers was all smiles ... dappin' up people on the tarmac and handing out hugs.

Of course, back in Green Bay -- it's a whole lot more stressful ... 'cause the Packers are trying like hell to get Rodgers to come back and quarterback their team.

Rodgers, though, has remained upset over his contract situation and some of the team's personnel moves ... and has reportedly already decided he doesn't want to play for Pack anymore.

Green Bay officials have insisted they won't let that happen ... declining trade offers and promising to try to meet all of Rodgers' demands by the start of the season in Sept.

In fact, head coach Matt LaFleur just told reporters last week "we want [Rodgers] back in the worst way."

Green Bay Packers

Unclear if that'll happen ... but if it does go down -- we're sure Aaron's going to have the best tan in Wisconsin at this point!

By the way ... Rodgers and Woodley have been inseparable since the two announced their engagement earlier this year -- we've now seen them in Canada, Mexico, Disney World and Hawaii.

Talk about great distractions from work problems ... right, Aaron?!!

Frank Sinatra Palm Desert Home Hits Market ... $4.25 Mil to Get Away from It All!!!

Frank Sinatra's former hideaway in the California desert is for sale ... and it's the perfect spot for someone wanting to maintain social distancing even when the pandemic's over.

"Ol' Blue Eyes" built the isolated mountain retreat high above the Palm Desert back in 1970 as an ideal getaway, and the 7.5-acre secluded compound features an abundance of space and luxury.

Dubbed the "Villa Maggio" -- named for the character that earned him an Oscar in "From Here to Eternity" -- the property was a personal residence for Sinatra for many years ... and provided a spot to escape, relax and party with friends and family.

The main house has 5 beds and 5.5 baths, but there's also a 3-bedroom guest house ... and a 1-bed pool house to go with the resort-style pool.

Though it's been recently renovated, Frank's home still has the tiles and wallpaper he chose in many places -- and all restoration's aimed to keep the home as close as possible to the original.

Of course, it's got panoramic mountain and valley views and parking for a few dozen cars -- but the real baller feature is ... the helipad!!! Screw that commuter traffic.

It's almost as if Sinatra had this place in mind when he sang his 1958 hit, "Let's Get Away from It All."

The Villa Maggio's listed at $4.25 million. Markus Canter and Cristie St. James of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties hold the listing.

Ben and Jen Hangin' Out in Montana Together!!!

J Lo and Ben Affleck may have crossed the friendzone, because we found out they were hanging out together this past weekend.

Ben and Jen were at the Big Sky Resort in Montana, super close to Yellowstone National Park. They were staying at the same resort and were driving around together ... Ben was driving and J Lo was riding shotgun.

They also flew out of Montana together Sunday from Bozeman, Montana to L.A. When they arrived in L.A. at the Signature Terminal at LAX, they took an SUV together and drove to her house in Bel-Air. All this raises the question, of course ... are they back together?

There's certainly a lot of smoke. The 2 were hanging out together in Los Angeles early last week as well. If you were placing bets, bet on them being reunited as a couple.

Our sources connected to both J Lo and Ben have told us they're just friends ... they've actually been fairly close over the years since their breakup.

They certainly have a lot in common now ... they both recently broke off their relationships.

It was back in 2004 when the two split, and we haven't known either of them to be romantically linked since. Of course, both have gone on to have other serious relationships and raise children as well.

A source close to J Lo told us she keeps her exes close, just look at her relationship with Marc Anthony over the years. The source also told us she's seen Alex Rodriguez since they ended things as well and that the two remain friends. However, it's rare that only J Lo and one of her exes ever hung out without kids in tow, and from what we've learned, Ben and Jennifer were solo in Montana.

A source in Montana who spotted them tell TMZ they seemed very much like a couple.

Travis to Kylie My Jet's Bigger than Yours!!!

Travis Scott touched down in Miami in a brand-spanking-new private jet ... and it's ridiculously big!!!

Travis came back from Nassau, Bahamas where he was celebrating his 29th birthday on a yacht. He goes big by sea and by air!

He apparently got the jet last Xmas, but just looking at it now ... well it's so big it looks like he's flying commercial.

Travis got some goodies for his birthday ... including this humungous Hermes bag!! You can't say he doesn't travel in style.

Now, it's not like it's a competition ... BUT, it looks like Travis' jet might be bigger than Kylie Jenner's, and that's saying something. She reportedly plunked down $72.8 million for her flying machine.

Travis and Kylie are both killing it these days, so it's not like one has to outdo the other, but let's face it ... in the world of private jets there are bragging rights for one to say to the other ... mine's bigger than yours!!!

Juelz Santana Not Welcome to Miami ... Feds Say He Failed Drug Test

Juelz Santana is staying grounded in New Jersey, a judge just denied his big trip to sunny South Florida -- this after the feds claim the rapper failed a drug test -- but his team believes it's a mistake.

According to new legal docs, the Dipset MC was asking for permission to fly down to Miami this month for work, but when he asked the court for approval, the feds said he wasn't fully following the rules of his supervised release, and a judge put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Remember ... Juelz is on supervised release after serving 19 months in prison as part of a 27-month sentence in his airport drug case. So, he has to get permission to travel outside NJ, and take mandatory drug tests.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds claim Juelz was planning to travel to Miami with 2 convicted felons -- a no-no under supervised release -- and the Assistant U.S. Attorney also says his recent urine sample tested positive for opiates and methadone.

Add it all up, and the judge ended up denying the request.

Juelz's attorney, Jef Henninger, tells TMZ ... Juelz will follow the rules for travel requests going forward and will hang out with "the right people." We're told his camp believes the drug test was a false positive.

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