Dwayne Haskins Medical Examiner Report ... QB Had Ketamine In System, .24 BAC

Investigators are revealing more details surrounding Dwayne Haskins' death ... saying in reports released on Monday the QB "drank heavily" and ingested ketamine in the hours leading up to his passing, and also had a blood alcohol level of .24 at the time of the April 9 accident.

According to a Broward County Medical Examiner's Office investigation report ... a rep for the Steelers told investigators Haskins had trained with teammates in the Miami area all day on April 8, before eventually heading to a club in the evening with a "friend/cousin."

In the documents, investigators say the rep told them Haskins "drank heavily" ... and then got into a fight.

Hours later, Haskins was found dead on a Florida highway after being struck by a dump truck.

Investigators say at the scene, they found Haskins' vehicle and a "female companion" inside of it. The investigators said the woman told them Haskins had left the car on foot to try to find a gas station. The woman's relationship with Haskins was not disclosed in the documents.

According to an autopsy report that was also released on Monday, two of Haskins' blood samples tested positive for alcohol -- with one revealing a .20 BAC, and the other a .24.

The report also showed Haskins' urine samples tested positive for ketamine and norketamine.

Investigators ruled Haskins died due to multiple blunt force injuries. They said the manner of death was an accident.

Since the tragedy, several memorials have been held in his honor. And, his wife, Kalabrya, also got a sleeve of tattoos to remember her late husband.

Haskins was just 24 years old.

Bam Margera Breaks Bones Skateboarding ... Sorry, No Pain Meds

Bam Margera broke his wrist and dislocated his elbow in a skateboarding accident, but his recovery will not include the use of any pain medication.

The 'Jackass' star tells TMZ … he suffered the injury when he fell trying a skateboarding trick he hadn't done in over a year, but, unfortunately, it ended with his arm bending backward and bones nearly breaking his skin.

Right before the gruesome accident, Bam says he was in an AA meeting across the street from the skatepark. He hopped on his board to try some tricks during a 30-minute break ... and the rest, as they say, is disastrous history.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While Bam says this is the 10th time he's broken the same wrist, this recovery will be different from the others -- he says he's not going to take any pain meds because he's also in addiction recovery, which is going well.

As we first told you ... Bam recently completed a year of drug and alcohol treatment in Florida, and he's looking to stay on the wagon and is still continuing with classes.

He doesn't want to derail that progress, so Bam plans to grin and bear the pain, naturally.

Nipsey Hussle The Marathon Continues ... Growing!!! Estate Drops Cannabis Doc

Nipsey Hussle's family is making sure the cannabis empire he'd started to build still comes to fruition, despite his tragic death.

On Friday, the estate dropped a new documentary titled "The Marathon Cultivation" which chronicles the grind Nip and his brother Samiel Asghedom endured in creating their favored Marathon OG marijuana strain.

The doc also serves as the official announcement of the upcoming opening of their dispensary The Marathon (Collective), which opens on June 18 in Los Angeles.

TMZ Hip Hop attended the screening last week … Sam greeted the crowd, detailing some upcoming plans -- including getting Nip a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this summer.


All Money In artists J. Stone, Pacman da Gunman and BH -- along with some other family members -- were also at the event.

The 40-minute film features a well-placed cameo from Snoop Dogg, who sang the product's praises when Nipsey hand-delivered him a special package.

Nip was shot and killed on March 31, 2019, and his alleged killer's murder trial is set to begin on June 2.

Drug War Woman Caught Smuggling Fentanyl Pills in Vagina

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Texas are showing just how desperate some people are to hide drugs, catching a woman who allegedly smuggled fentanyl pills in her vagina.

According to CBP officers working at the Bridge of the Americas border crossing in El Paso, the woman, a 40-year-old American citizen, was intercepted earlier this month trying to smuggle fentanyl pills into the U.S. stuffed inside a condom, which she then hid inside her vaginal cavity.

The agents say a CBP canine alerted officers, who then conducted a pat-down search at the pedestrian crossing ... and officers say the woman then voluntarily removed a condom filled with fentanyl pills from her vaginal cavity.

It appears the actual pills were inside a custom container shaped to fit inside a vagina ... and that container was then wrapped in a condom.

You might be wondering, just how much fentanyl could one woman shove up there ... well, in this case at least, CBP says they recovered 0.006 pounds of the powerful drug.

The bust was one of 25 arrests over the past week at ports of entry in El Paso, which borders Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

The woman gets an A+ for creativity but an F for execution.

Master P No One Should Be In Jail For Marijuana ... Weed Like Them Freed!!!


Master P says no one should be behind bars for low-level marijuana offenses, and he's not just blowing smoke ... he's actively trying to get people freed from prisons across the U.S.

The music icon joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday and told us about his upcoming benefit concert for Friday's "Cannabis Freedom Day" ... and why more states need to change their drug laws.

Master P says there are way too many people locked up for possession of as little as $5 to $100 worth of pot -- in his home state of Louisiana and elsewhere -- and he says it's unfair and is wreaking havoc on entire communities.

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To bring awareness to "Cannabis Freedom Day," Master P's No Limit Reunion Tour is performing in Norfolk, VA ... where he's taking the stage along with Mystikal, Silkk, Mia X, Fiend, Mr. Serv-on, Choppa Style, Mercedes and Juvenile.

Master P says he wants to put more pressure on states, like Louisiana, to follow California's lead and release people incarcerated for cannabis convictions while changing laws in the process. There have been over 60,000 people released in Cali, and with weed becoming decriminalized in 34 states, Master P wants to see more offenders get a second chance.

But, Master P says folks who are getting out from behind bars are still having a tough time finding jobs ... and he tells us why he wants to see more Black faces in the legal marijuana industry.

Tyson Fury Attempts To Kick Cabbie's Car ... After Apparent Tiff With Driver In France


Newly retired Tyson Fury might be done throwing his hands ... but he's clearly not opposed to still using his feet -- 'cause the star boxer attempted to kick a cabbie's car after an apparent altercation with the driver in France.

The incident went down sometime Wednesday ... when Fury seemed to be roaming the streets of Cannes after having just a little too much to drink.

In video shot by a bystander, Fury -- wearing a white shirt and dark-colored shorts -- can be seen needing some assistance as he stumbled to a cab in the middle of the road.

But, even though Tyson and his entourage were attempting to get a lift from the cabbie, it seemed the driver wanted no part of it -- because the guy was continuously waving them off.

Eventually, the driver pulled away from the pugilist and his buddies -- and that's when the 33-year-old fight attempted to stick his boot into the car's bumper.

You can see in the video, Fury appeared to just barely miss. Fury's friend, meanwhile, also seemed to throw a kick at the ride too.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem the altercation escalated any further -- and Fury appeared to joke about his level of intoxication in an IG post on Thursday morning.


"Strong beer!" Fury said while on a run with his father.

Fury -- who retired after beating Dillian Whyte last month -- has been in France for the last several days enjoying his newfound time off ... being spotted on a yacht as well as at different restaurants and watering holes in the country.

It's a well-earned vacay -- and hopefully, it features no more incidents from here!

Korn's James Shaffer The Temptation to Relapse On Drugs, Alcohol is Real ... Especially on the Road


Korn co-founder James Shaffer got real with us Wednesday about addiction, the difficulty of staying sober on the road, and the tragedy that befell Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

We got James at LAX and asked about temptations when a band is touring, and he says it's a constant problem. James, who has been sober for a dozen years, says he still feels the pull of addiction when others around him want to party with drugs and booze.

He says rock stars always have folks offering stuff, and that makes sobriety difficult.

Our photog asks about Taylor Hawkins' recent death, and James says he's still heartbroken over it, and feels enormous sympathy for Taylor's family and Dave Grohl.

James has an interesting take on how his fellow musicians can manage the pull of addiction as well as mental health struggles ... by creating a community within his profession. James says musicians are sensitive people, so getting support from like-minded people is essential for the well-being of his community.

It's a really interesting, moving conversation.

Luka Doncic Mavericks Say Beer Photo Is Old ... Star Not Boozin' Before Playoff Game

No, Luka Doncic is not poundin' cold ones before Dallas' huge playoff game against the Warriors ... the Mavericks tell TMZ Sports the photo of the star with a beer making its rounds on social media on Wednesday is an old pic.

Luka, according to a Mavs spokesperson, has been in the training room all morning gearing up for the first game of the Western Conference Finals -- not getting a buzz on at a restaurant.

"I can tell you this wasn't taken today," the spokesperson said.

Unclear when the photo of Luka holding a beer was actually snapped ... but seems Dallas fans can now go back to presuming the point guard will be completely sober for Game 1 against the Warriors.

Tip-off at the Chase Center in San Francisco is slated for 6 PM ... getcha your popcorn ready!

Adam Silver NBA Working To Bring Griner Home ... In Touch W/ Hostage Negotiators, White House

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is assisting the WNBA in its efforts to get Brittney Griner home -- revealing on Tuesday he's working with the White House and even hostage negotiators to get her out of custody in Russia.

Silver said before the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago that he's "working side-by-side" with WNBA commish Cathy Engelbert, who's made bringing Griner back to the U.S. a top priority.

"The league -- and by that, both the WNBA and its brother league, the NBA -- we have a huge responsibility to Brittney Griner as one of our players," Silver said.

"Cathy Engelbert, the commissioner of the WNBA, is on this issue every single day. I'm working side-by-side with her."

Silver says both leagues have gone above and beyond for the Phoenix Mercury star ... getting "in touch with the White House, the State Department, hostage negotiators -- at every level of government and also through the private sector as well."

"Our No. 1 priority is her health and safety and making sure that she gets out of Russia," Silver added.

Griner has been in custody in Russia since February after she was allegedly found with hash oil in her luggage at a Moscow airport.

The 31-year-old was denied house arrest by a judge last week and will be forced to stay in jail for at least another 30 days.

The U.S government said earlier this month that the WNBA champ is being "wrongfully detained" and it "will continue to undertake efforts to provide appropriate support to Ms. Griner."

NFL's Rey Maualuga Pleads Guilty To 2 Felonies In DUI Case ... Gets No Additional Jail Time

Former Cincinnati Bengals star Rey Maualuga has pleaded guilty to two felony charges in his DUI crash case ... but TMZ Sports has learned he was not sentenced to any more time behind bars.

Instead, according to court documents, Maualuga entered into a pre-trial diversion program ... meaning if he keeps his nose clean for the next five years, and completes several other conditions, the charges will be dismissed.

It's a pretty sweet deal for the 35-year-old -- considering he was facing up to 10 years behind bars after he had been accused of drunkenly crashing his Mercedes through mailboxes and front yards in a wild accident in Villa Hills, Kentucky on Aug. 11, 2021.

You'll recall, Maualuga -- who was an All-American at USC before playing nine years in the NFL -- was charged with felony first-degree wanton endangerment, felony first-degree criminal mischief, and misdemeanor DUI -- third offense, after cops say he admitted to drinking "a few" alcoholic beverages before the crash.

Prosecutors tell us Maualuga spent 120 days in jail after his arrest and completed an in-patient substance abuse program ... which they said factored into their decision to agree to give Maualuga a pre-trial diversion program after he pleaded guilty to all three charges at a hearing in late March.

In addition to keeping his nose clean, Maualuga must also complete 100 hours of community service, pay some fines and restitution, and submit to random drug testing as part of the program.

Maualuga was one of the better linebackers in the NFL from 2009 to 2017 -- compiling more than 600 tackles in his career.

MLB's Matt Harvey Suspended 60 Games ... After Tyler Skaggs Testimony Admissions

Former MLB star Matt Harvey -- who just recently signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles -- has been suspended by the league following his bombshell admissions while on the stand in the Tyler Skaggs trial.

Harvey has been banned 60 games, dating back to April 29 -- the MLB just announced.

The league says the 33-year-old right-hander participated "in the distribution of a prohibited Drug of Abuse" -- which violated the league's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

The suspension comes three months after Harvey admitted in a courtroom that he did give Skaggs Percocets while the two were teammates together with the Los Angeles Angels.

During his testimony -- which was part of the trial related to the 2019 death of Skaggs -- Harvey also admitted to taking painkillers while in the clubhouse. He also said he had previously been a user of cocaine.

Harvey, a former New York Mets superstar, has not pitched in an MLB game since last year, when he posted a 6-14 record for the Orioles.

Bam Margera Completes 1 Year Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Bam Margera just reached a major milestone ... completing a 12-month treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse.

The 'Jackass' star tells TMZ ... he just finished the year-long program in Florida, and for the next couple months he's going to continue attending outpatient treatment classes.

Bam says he's living near his rehab center in Boca Raton, and his wife Nikki and son Phoenix recently moved in with him because he's now able to live in an apartment outside of the treatment center while he attends classes.

It's a significant step for Bam, who didn't let a slip-up derail him from completing his program. As we first reported, Bam popped up at a Florida casino back in September and got a ride back to his rehab facility in the back of a cop car.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bam's also working out again as part of his rehab ... and last month his "Viva La Bam" costar Brandon Novak told us it's the closest Bam's been to the person he was when they were growing up together on the skateboard scene.

April 2021

Sounds like things are on the up and up for Bam after he got booted from the latest 'Jackass' movie due to a failed drug test. Bam sued and recently reached a settlement, and now he says he's happy with the outcome and feels vindicated.

Moving forward, Bam says his plan is to eventually move back to Southern California and buy a home where he could work with sober skaters on future projects.

Amber Heard Testifies About Poop in Bed ... Depp's Dog Ate Some Weed


1:46 PM PT -- Johnny's lawyers are grilling Amber about what they claim is a lack of evidence from her abuse allegations against Depp, including what they say is a lack of injury photos.


Amber faced questions about her testimony regarding an alleged incident with Johnny in Tokyo before a movie premiere, where she claimed Depp kneeled on her back and told the jury she was checking for bruises in the car because she wore a backless dress.


Depp's lawyers showed pictures of Amber and Johnny at the movie premiere in Tokyo and she agreed there were no bruises or visible marks in the photos.


Johnny's legal team also asked Amber why she didn't take any photos of her alleged injuries in Australia and why she didn't seek medical treatment after Depp allegedly broke her nose and put a liquor bottle in her vagina, as she told the jury in her prior testimony.


11:54 AM PT -- Amber was just questioned about her promised payments to the ACLU and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles as part of her $7 million divorce settlement ... saying she had to stop donating after Johnny filed the $50 million lawsuit against her.


8:23 AM PT -- Amber just testified about a fight she and Depp had around her 30th bday. Saying Depp grabbed her by her pubic bone, and asked, "You wanna be tough like a man?" She says things got so bad, she had to use the couple's safe word, "Couch" to get him to stop."


Amber Heard says she isn't to blame for the poop found in Johnny Depp's bed ... instead blaming the actor's dog, who Heard claims was experiencing some serious bowel issues after eating weed.

Amber's back on the stand Monday, after a week-long break, and her defense team just brought up the infamous incident. Heard says the dog, Boo, who was a puppy at the time had gotten into Johnny's marijuana stash.

Heard says before she and her girlfriends left for Coachella, the dogs were up on the bed, and that's when Boo crapped in the bed.

Of course, Johnny had a much different explanation of what he believed had happened -- saying the doo-doo was too big for his tiny dog to produce. He says it looked like it was from a human, and it was, "so outside, so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh."


Starling Jenkins, who worked as a driver for Depp around the time of Coachella, claimed Heard had told him she was involved in a prank gone wrong ... but Amber just testified saying that's just not possible, because she wasn't in a pranking mood, she was in the process of leaving her husband.

Originally Published -- 7:55 AM PT

Mac Miller Drug Dealer Who Sold Deadly Pills Handed 17-Year Sentence

Another man responsible for selling Mac Miller the fentanyl that contributed to his fatal overdose will be behind bars for a long time.

Stephen Walter, 49, was handed a 17.5-year sentence after pleading guilty to distributing the fentanyl that ultimately resulted in Mac's death back in September 2018.

Another man ⁠— 39-year-old Ryan Reavis ⁠— also pleaded guilty to a drug distribution charge and was sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars. The case against a third man by the name of Cameron Pettit remains pending.

As we reported, Miller died of a fatal concoction of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol and Walter told the courts and Mac's family he was "truly remorseful" for his actions.

An April 2022 tweet from independent stats collector chart data claims Mac is the best-selling rapper of the decade so far, perhaps indicative that his popularity hasn't wavered with the fans.

Following his death, a couple of biographies were released and there have even been talks of a movie chronicling his 26 years on Earth.

Larry Fitzgerald DeAndre Hopkins Will Still Be HOFer ... Despite PED Suspension


A six-game suspension for taking performance-enhancing drugs will not cost DeAndre Hopkins his bust in Canton ... so says Larry Fitzgerald, who tells TMZ Sports the wideout will still be in the Hall of Fame one day.

Larry made the proclamation out at LAX less than two weeks after the NFL announced Hopkins' ban ... telling us he truly believes HOF voters won't hold the positive test over the Cardinals star's head.

Fitz added he doesn't believe the suspension will taint Hopkins' legacy, either.

"He'll still be a Hall of Famer," Fitzgerald said. "He'll work through it. It's just some adversity and, you know, he's a tough guy, resourceful, and he'll work his way through it."

As for the immediate future ... Fitzgerald admitted losing D-Hop for nearly half of the '22 season is a "big blow" for his former Arizona team -- but he's hopeful Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, Zach Ertz and some of the other young wideouts on the Cards' roster will make up for it.

Xzibit Napalm Weed for Days ... But Mum On Dre's New Project!!!

TMZ Hip Hop

Legendary West Coast spitter Xzibit -- aka Mr. X to tha Z -- chopped it up with "TMZ Hip Hop," dropping a plethora of updates ... including a few methods behind Dr. Dre's music-releasing madness.

Dr. Dre has been teasing new music on Instagram these past few months, posting up with several icons -- like Flavor Flav, Grandmaster Flash and Diamond D -- but hasn't announced an album ... which may or may not be called "Detox."

According to Xzibit, Dr. Dre's superpower lies in timing, and he has the intuition to know when to push the release button ... no matter how much fans clamor for new tracks.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As far as his business affairs go, X has been one of Hip Hop's leading cannabis entrepreneurs for years -- getting his feet wet with the Brass Knuckles brand, and booming again with his Napalm strains.

That's come with some controversy ... his Napalm brand got looped into the Stop Asian Hate movement (due to the infamous Vietnam War weapon), but X to the Z says that's all water under the bridge, and explained how he made good with the community.

He could make lots of new friends at the next Comic-Con, based on a few priceless Marvel collectibles he showed us. Trust us, Xzibit is all about "Wakanda forever" ... for real!!!


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