Jon Jones Pleads Not Guilty To Charges ... In Drug Test Incident Case

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn't tapping out in his ongoing legal battle ... entering a not-guilty plea for the two misdemeanor charges he's facing in relation to a drug test gone wrong earlier this year.

Jones -- who appeared in New Mexico court virtually -- was charged with assault and interference with communications earlier this week ... after a testing agent claimed he made threats and took their cell phone when they popped up at his Albuquerque home unannounced back in March.

As we previously reported, two drug testing agents for the UFC's anti-doping partners -- Drug Free Sport International -- went to Jones' pad to collect a pee sample ... but in a police report, one of the agents told authorities Jon grew agitated with her after he was unable to provide a urine sample.

Matthew Perry Death DEA Zeroes in On Suspects For Fatal Drug Distribution

The feds probing Matthew Perry's death are "confident" they have the goods to take down the people who helped him obtain the ketamine that contributed to his death ... TMZ has learned.

DEA agents launched their Perry death investigation after the L.A. County Medical Examiner determined the "Friends" star died from drowning in his hot tub after taking ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic that has some hallucinogenic effects.

Our sources tell us ... the feds are aiming to charge the suspects with drug distribution resulting in death or great bodily injury, which carries a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison.

Riley Strain Death Really An Accident?!?

TMZ Studios

Riley Strain's mysterious death in Nashville is anything but cut and dry ... and the autopsy and video surveillance only add to the puzzle.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore unexplained and straight-up weird stories, and now we're looking into the circumstances surrounding Riley's death.

A college student visiting Nashville with his frat brothers, Riley left his friends behind at the bar and drunkenly stumbled through the streets before vanishing ... until his body was found floating in a river, without his shoes, pants or wallet.

Ex-MLB Player SEAN BURROUGHS Medical Examiner Rules on Cause of Death

Sean Burroughs -- the ninth-overall pick in the 1998 MLB Draft -- died from a fentanyl overdose.

The late MLB player's official cause of death is listed as fentanyl intoxication and his death has been ruled an accident ... according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

As we reported ... 43-year-old Sean died back in May, when he was found unresponsive next to his car in a Long Beach parking lot outside his son's Little League baseball game. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bam Margera In Talks W/ BKFC ... To Join Broadcasting Team

Get used to seeing Bam Margera ringside at BKFC ... we've learned the former 'Jackass' star is negotiating with the promotion, and the aim is to bring him on as a broadcaster!

44-year-old Margera has been in talks with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship executives ... and all signs point to Bam joining the commentary team as a color analyst for select events.

It's unclear how often Margera would work with BKFC (they typically have multiple events each month) ... but it wouldn't be a one-off. It'd be a lasting partnership.

SHIFTY SHELLSHOCK Talked Sobriety Months Before Fatal OD

August 2023
Music Kept Me Alive

Late Crazy Town frontman Shifty Shellshock was sober and happy a few months before his accidental drug overdose ... and seemed committed to staying on the wagon.

TMZ obtained footage from one of Shifty's final interviews before his sudden death, and he was talking sobriety with Mayra Dias Gomes.

The singer -- real name Seth Binzer -- was an invited guest at a Rock to Recovery benefit concert last August at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, but he made a rare public appearance.

Chet Hanks Even Cokeheads Told Me to 'Chill!!!' Talks Deep Addiction


Chet Hanks is opening up about his past drug abuse ... admitting he went overboard with his cocaine consumption, going as far as calling himself a full-on "cokehead."

Tom Hanks' son addressed his issues with cocaine during an appearance on Bradley Martyn's "Raw Talk" podcast. As he put it, cocaine was the drug he had the biggest problem with and compared himself to Al Pacino's "Scarface" character, Tony Montana.

Chet recalled his addiction getting so bad that "known cokeheads" would tell him he needed to "chill out." He says he even knew who the veteran druggies were when he ran into them at clubs, so he'd hit 'em up for coke.

Kevin Costner Getting High As Outer Space ... Needed Morphine on 'Hidden Figures!!!'

Kevin Costner blasted off on the set of "Hidden Figures" ... but instead of a rocket taking him to space he says need morphine to relieve pain.

The superstar actor sat down for an interview with People released Saturday ... and, he talked about the hit 2016 film about several Black women and their contribution to the space race at around the 17-minute mark.

KC -- who plays director of the Space Task Group in the movie -- says most of the shoot went just as planned ... until a bout of kidney stones wrecked him.


Seth Binzer -- the lead singer of Crazy Town -- was homeless in the months preceding his death -- according to his friend and sober coach Tim Ryan ... who tells us he was helping Binzer on his sobriety journey over the last few years.

As we reported ... the L.A. County Medical Examiner said Binzer - aka Shifty Shellshock -- died Monday at an L.A. home. According to Tim, Binzer was living in a tent in downtown L.A.'s McArthur Park, after bouncing from house to house following a recent relapse.


He tells us his wife, Jennifer Gimenez from "Celebrity Rehab" ... received a call last week informing her of Seth's whereabouts and Tim was planning to fly to L.A. to help locate Seth in the park and get him back into treatment ... but sadly, it was too late.

Starbucks Sues Starbuds Flowers ... Weed Biz Copied Our Logo!!!

Here's a buzzkill for Starbuds Flowers ... Starbucks is taking the mobile marijuana biz to court and claiming it's ripping off the coffee brand's famous logo.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Starbucks is suing Starbuds for trademark infringement. Starbucks says Starbuds, which sells weed out of a converted food truck in New York City, is deliberately copying the iconic siren design logo.

It doesn't take a legal expert to see the similarities here ... but Starbucks goes ahead and lays it all out in their suit, claiming Starbuds' logo straight up jacked the double-ringed green circle and crown-wearing mermaid from their coffee brand, even using the same proportions.


Crazy Town's frontman Shifty Shellshock died from an accidental drug overdose after mixing prescription drugs with street-purchased drugs ... his manager has confirmed.

Howie Hubberman explained the singer -- real name was Seth Binzer -- really wanted to turn things around ... but unfortunately, no one had the tools to help him with his addiction battle -- including himself.

Howie added to PEOPLE, "Seth Binzer, after struggling with addiction and Crazy Town's rapid success with 'Butterfly,' never was able to reach out on a more successful level to deal with his addictions. We all tried, but ultimately we all failed, or Shifty would still be here."

Joy Behar Don't Drug Screen Biden ... Trump Needs Lie Detector Test!!!


Joy Behar says it's Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, who needs to be tested before this week's debate ... and she wants Trump hooked up to the polygraph.

We got "The View" host out Tuesday in NYC outside ABC Studios -- and our photog asked her about Trump challenging Biden to take a drug test ahead of Thursday's debate ... something DT floated in an attempt to suggest Joe is on PEDs, which is unfounded.

Trump's been attempting to fan the flames on this speculation about Joe before big public events -- but Joy's seriously downplaying those concerns ... and flipping the tables on DT.


Crazy Town frontman Shifty Shellshock's sudden death is under investigation ... and law enforcement sources tell us cops are looking into the possibility of a fatal drug overdose.

We're told police and fire responded to Shifty's L.A. area home Monday afternoon, after someone stopped by the house and found his body on the floor.

Our sources say drug paraphernalia and a lighter were found near the body ... which is why police are treating his death as a possible OD.

Aaron Carter Estate Valued at 6 Figures (For Now) ... Likely Worth Much More

Aaron Carter was worth a fair bit of money when he died -- and we're now getting a sense of just how much dough there was in his pot ... a 6-figure amount, at least.

The late singer's estate filed new court docs, obtained by TMZ, laying out a partial inventory and appraisal that puts a dollar amount on what they say Aaron's estate was worth ... based on what they've been able to appraise thus far.

The estate says Aaron's valuables/assets are worth an estimated $757,400 ... as of April 2023.

Ryan Garcia 1-Year Ban For PEDs ... Haney Fight Result Ruled 'No Contest'

Ryan Garcia has learned his fate -- the boxing superstar has agreed to a one-year ban from the sport as part of a settlement with the New York State Athletic Commission ... and his huge win over Devin Haney is now officially a "no contest."

The org. confirmed the agreement to TMZ Sports on Thursday ... saying Garcia's legal team worked with the NYSAC to reach the solution to his performance-enhancing drug investigation.

Along with the ban, 25-1 Garcia will cough up his $1.1 million purse from the fight ... as well as a $10k fine.

Howie Mandel My Wife Wasn't Drunk In Vegas Accident ... She Was High on Edibles!!!


Howie Mandel is setting the record straight on his wife's "tipsy" fall in Las Vegas, which left her in a pool of blood ... he says she wasn't drunk, she was just feeling the effects of some marijuana gummies!!!

The "America's Got Talent" judge joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and told us the real story behind his wife Terry's nasty spill in their hotel room at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Howie's clearing the air here because he and his wife are upset some media outlets claimed she was drunk when she fell ... an inference after Howie told "Live With Kelly and Mark" his wife was "tipsy" after a night of too much partying.

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