Juelz Santana Not Welcome to Miami ... Feds Say He Failed Drug Test

Juelz Santana is staying grounded in New Jersey, a judge just denied his big trip to sunny South Florida -- this after the feds claim the rapper failed a drug test -- but his team believes it's a mistake.

According to new legal docs, the Dipset MC was asking for permission to fly down to Miami this month for work, but when he asked the court for approval, the feds said he wasn't fully following the rules of his supervised release, and a judge put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Remember ... Juelz is on supervised release after serving 19 months in prison as part of a 27-month sentence in his airport drug case. So, he has to get permission to travel outside NJ, and take mandatory drug tests.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds claim Juelz was planning to travel to Miami with 2 convicted felons -- a no-no under supervised release -- and the Assistant U.S. Attorney also says his recent urine sample tested positive for opiates and methadone.

Add it all up, and the judge ended up denying the request.

Juelz's attorney, Jef Henninger, tells TMZ ... Juelz will follow the rules for travel requests going forward and will hang out with "the right people." We're told his camp believes the drug test was a false positive.

High School Basketball Coach Killed In Shootout with Mexican Cartel ... Officials Say

A high school basketball coach in North Carolina was shot to death while trying to steal drugs and money from a stash house used by a violent Mexican drug cartel, officials say.

Yeah, this is one of the craziest stories we've ever heard.

Officials have identified Barney Harris -- who worked as a coach and teacher at Union Academy in Monroe.

Investigators say Harris was also part of a "criminal organization" that was hell-bent on robbing some of the most dangerous people in town ... the Sinaloa New Generation Cartel.

According to the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, Harris -- along with "a team of people" -- snuck into a mobile home park on April 8 to clean out a "stash house" used by the Cartel.

Harris allegedly entered the stash house first and captured one of the Cartel members, Alonso Beltran Lara.

Officials say Lara was subsequently tied up and shot twice in the head, execution-style.

At some point during the incident, officials say another suspected Cartel member entered the home and a gun battle broke out.

"It was almost like an old western shootout," Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said.

"What was found was over 30-some shell casings in the trailer and outside the trailer, and three other mobile homes, in that particular park, with bullet holes in them."

When cops arrived at the scene, they found Harris shot to death in one of the bedrooms. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest and mask at the time. But, officials say his vest was no match for the high-powered weapons that were used against him.

Officials say they found Lara still alive and raced him to a hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Sheriff Johnson says investigators searched the crime scene and found 5 guns, roughly $7,000 in cash and more than a KILO of what they believe to be cocaine.

The concern now ... officials are VERY worried about violent retaliation from the Cartel.

"When we are dealing with the Mexican drug cartel ... somebody is probably gonna die as a result of this," Sheriff Johnson said.

"The Mexican cartels, they don't forget. They're gonna pay somebody back, somewhere and that concerns me."

Sheriff Johnson says he's puzzled as to how and why the Cartel decided to operate in North Carolina -- but says the goal now is trying to put an end to the drugs and violence.

Bobby Brown Nick Gordon to Blame for Deaths Of Bobbi Kristina & Whitney

Red Table Talk

Bobby Brown is steadfast in his belief that his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died in similar ways because the same person was responsible for both of their deaths.

Bobby put the blame squarely on the late Nick Gordon -- Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend at the time of her death -- during the new episode of "Red Table Talk." He tells Jada Pinkett Smith and co. that he believes Nick supplied Whitney and Bobbi with the drugs that ultimately killed them.

It's been known for many years that Bobbi Kristina's family suspected Gordon killed her -- and Nick was found legally liable for her death in civil court -- but when Bobby was asked if he thinks Gordon killed Whitney too, he replied ... "I believe so."

Bobby points out that Nick was the only person present for both Whitney and Bobbi's situations -- they both overdosed in bathtubs ... Whitney in 2012 and Bobbi in 2015.

He claims Nick was the kind of guy who provided party favors, and it's clear Bobby thinks that's why his ex-wife and daughter are gone.

It should be noted ... cops investigated Gordon in connection with Bobbi's death for years, but he was never charged. He was never a known suspect in Whitney's death.

Gordon died on January 1, 2020 of a heroin overdose.

Britt Reid Charged With Felony DWI ... Mug Shot Released

1:38 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained Reid's mug shot, which the 35-year-old took after surrendering to authorities Monday.

11:15 AM PT -- Tom Porto, the attorney representing Ariel and her family, said in a statement to TMZ Sports, "[The charge is] absolutely appropriate given the circumstances. Ariel will endure this every day for the rest of her life."

11:06 AM PT -- In court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, officials say Britt's blood alcohol content in the moments after the crash was .113, well above the .08 legal limit.

In the docs, officials also say Britt suffered trauma to his groin in the crash that required emergency surgery.

Officials added they retrieved data from Britt's pickup truck that showed he was going 82.6 MPH in a 65 MPH zone just seconds before the crash, and had reached 83.9 MPH at the time of impact.

The Chiefs released a statement shortly after the charge was filed, saying, "The Kansas City Chiefs organization remains steadfast in our concern for all who have been impacted by this tragic incident."

The team continued, "Our prayers are focused on Ariel's continued healing and recovery. The Chiefs are regularly in contact with the family's designated representative during this challenging time."

Britt Reid -- Andy Reid's son and a former assistant on the Chiefs' coaching staff -- has been hit with a felony DWI charge stemming from his role in a violent Feb. car crash ... law enforcement announced Monday.

In court docs, prosecutors said they've officially levied a "Dwi - Serious Physical Injury" charge on the 35-year-old. If convicted, Britt faces up to 7 years behind bars.

As we previously reported, Britt was involved in a bad 3-car crash near Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City back on Feb. 4 -- just 3 days before K.C.'s appearance in Super Bowl LV.

Britt was accused of slamming his pickup truck into two cars that had pulled over on the side of the I-435 highway at around 9 p.m.

The collision caused serious injuries to a 5-year-old girl, Ariel Young, who was in a coma following the crash.

According to the girl's family, Ariel remains in the hospital and has been showing signs of improvement ... but "she still has a long road to recovery."

Investigators say Britt had told them he had taken Adderall and drank before getting behind the wheel. They added in court docs Britt did not perform well during field sobriety tests.

Britt had been placed on leave by the Chiefs following the accident ... but he's now no longer employed by the NFL team.

Originally Published -- 11:00 AM PT

DMX Fan Credits Rapper ... You Helped Me Forgive My Dad Over Addiction

Tributes have been pouring in since DMX took his last breath Friday ... and one fan credits him with forging an understanding about her own dad who was gripped by addiction.

The woman wrote, "DMX is the reason I forgave my father after he passed for his years of addiction. We met in 2017 after I heard him from my room in the hallway of my hotel. It was all divine intervention. I ran to the hallway & met him. We spoke for 15 mins."

She goes on ... "We spoke about addiction & he encouraged me to forgive my father for what he couldn’t control. He said 'forgive him.' I needed to hear that. Of all people, it came from someone I grew up listening to bc of my dad ... Sometimes in the moment you don’t understand the significance of a moment until it’s passed. To this day, I credit X for helping me learn forgiveness. I am praying that he gives himself grace — in this lifetime and beyond. His words and impact have left a deep legacy."

DMX struggled with addiction over the years, but always tried to rebound to sobriety. It was a constant struggle and he slipped a number of times, but always tried ... and sometimes that's the best a person can do.

DMX Fans Not Slippin' ... Create Memorial at Hospital

After rallying for DMX all week, his fans are still pouring out their emotions, and showing him love in the hours after his death.

Almost immediately after the news of X's passing ... a makeshift memorial wall was started just outside White Plains Hospital in New York. The hip-hop icon's loyal followers are lighting candles, leaving flowers and stuffed animals ... and writing notes of love and support for X and his family.

Someone left 3 large mylar balloons to spell out DMX on the fencing.

Meanwhile, nearby fans are playing his music and break dancing to honor the 50-year-old rapper who died Friday after his organs started shutting down Thursday night.

TMZ broke the story ... DMX fell into a coma after an overdose last Friday. Doctors said his brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly 30 minutes, and the outlook was grim from the start.


While he lay in a coma this week, DMX's family -- including his 15 children -- were all able to see him before he passed, and fans took time to give him his flowers, literally and figuratively.

DMX Dead at 50

DMX has died -- a week after suffering an overdose ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... X had virtually no brain function after he was deprived of oxygen for nearly 30 minutes following his overdose. Brain function never returned, and by Thursday his organs began failing while he remained on life support in a New York hospital.

Many people in X's family were at the hospital over the last week, including his mom, fiancee and many of his kids.

A rep for his family tells TMZ, "We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons, passed away at 50 years old at White Plains Hospital with his family by his side after being placed on life support for the past few days. Earl was a warrior who fought till the very end."

The statement continues, "He loved his family with all of his heart and we cherish the times we spent with him. Earl’s music inspired countless fans across the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever. We appreciate all of the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. Please respect our privacy as we grieve the loss of our brother, father, uncle and the man the world knew as DMX. We will share information about his memorial service once details are finalized.”

DMX got his start in music back in the '80s, performing with Ready Ron -- while simultaneously serving time behind bars ... until he finally dedicated himself to music full-time in the '90s. He eventually got signed to Columbia Records' Ruffhouse imprint, and appeared on records with Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Mase and even the rock band Sum 41.

It wasn't until '98 that he truly broke out, when he released his Ruff Ryders debut studio album "It's Dark and Hell is Hot" to critical and mainstream acclaim ... not to mention he added his new canine persona.

'IDAHIH' produced 4 singles, including the well-known "Get At Me Dog," "How's It Goin' Down," "Stop Being Greedy" ... and the track that might perhaps his best known, the "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," which became to be the song everyone played to get hyped.

'Ruff Ryders'' has gone down in history as one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever, and it ended up making it on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

He followed up that success quickly with a 2nd album later the same year -- "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood" came out in December of '98, and ended up hitting #1. At the time, he was the second rapper to release back-to-back albums in the same year ... the first being Tupac.

At that point, DMX had cemented himself and his sound ... abrasive, rough around the edges, but also catchy and great for parties and getting amped. His third album hit that last point home with his single "Party Up (Up in Here)" ... another one of X's notorious songs that helped him get major play on radio, in clubs and in movies.

Speaking of movies, X himself made his feature film debut in 2000's "Romeo Must Die," which starred Jet Li playing a version of Romeo opposite Aaliyah.

He went on to star in a number of memorable flicks after that as the 2000s rolled on -- "Exit Wounds" and "Cradle 2 the Grave" come to mind ... so do "Never Die Alone" and "Last Hour." Safe to say, X was making a name for himself both in and out of music ... but of course, he was fighting legal battles in the background at the same time.

Over the years, he got rung up on many charges -- weapons, drugs, DUI and later tax evasion. He served time for some of those cases, but always continued his music career.

As he struggled with the law, X continued to crank out hits ... including the memorable "X Gon' Give It to Ya," "Where the Hood At?" and "Lord Give Me a Sign" as well as "We in Here."

He really seemed to turn his life around in 2019 after ending a 12-month sentence for tax evasion. DMX had long battled substance abuse and it was at this point that he did his last rehab stint.


Afterward, he was looking better than he had in years and made his return to the stage in December 2019 when he hit Hakkasan in Las Vegas, chatting it up and taking photos with fans before he hit the stage.


In another sign of just how beloved he was by fans and the industry ... DMX, of all people, created a new Christmas classic in 2012 when he freestyled his own version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." It had all the charm his audience had come to love about the man.

In July 2020, fans worldwide watched as legends DMX and Snoop Dogg faced off in a Verzuz battle with over 500,000 viewers on Instagram Live.

Verzuz/Apple Music

The rappers complemented each other as they spit some of their most iconic tracks, like when DMX hopped on and joined Snoop for 'Ain't No Fun.' Snoop also got down with "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Gin and Juice" while DMX spit "Where My Dogs At" and his megahit-song "X Gon' Give It To Ya," which brought Snoop out of his seat.


The last time our cameras caught him out was in July 2019 ... and DMX talked to us about the importance of being safe on movie sets when doing action scenes/stunts.

DMX is survived by his 15 children. The youngest was born in 2016 to his fiancee, Desiree Lindstrom.

X was 50.


DMX Organs Failing Family Says He's in Final Hours

8:48 AM PT -- We have more information, X's liver and kidneys have virtually shut down ... as has his lung function. Sources with direct knowledge tell us the family is now meeting with doctors, but the expectation is X might not make it through Friday.

DMX's health is rapidly deteriorating as he remains on life support, with not much more doctors can do ... and he's experiencing significant organ failure.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... as of Friday morning, X's "organs are failing by the minute" ... a sign, under the circumstances, indicating end of life. We're told friends and family have been told to fly in immediately to be with DMX and his loved ones.

As we told you, X's mom, fiancee, kids, ex-wife and mother's of his children have become a tight unit over the last week, staying and praying together ... holding out hope, although hope is clearly waning.

TMZ broke the story ... DMX, who remains in a coma, underwent a series of brain function tests Wednesday, and sources told us the results were "not good." He has not improved since he was rushed to the hospital with "little brain function." Our family sources say the final decision, if and when it happens, to take X off of life support will be made by his mother, Arnett.

Originally Published -- 8:32 AM PT

DMX Still on Life Support ... Mom Nears Difficult Choice

DMX's family is still holding out hope for a miracle, and while he remains on life support with no improvement in brain function -- the grim circumstances are bringing his fam closer together than ever.

As of late Thursday night, the rapper's manager and close friend Steve Rifkind told TMZ  ... his condition has not changed. However, sources close to his family tell us, X's mother, Arnett Simmons, his fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons and his baby mama, Yadira Borrego, along with his children, have become a tight-knit group over the last week while praying for improvement.

We're told his loved ones have been staying at his home and friends' homes in the area ... never too far from White Plains Hospital where DMX remains in a coma.

While the women in DMX's life have never had beef in the past -- we're told X made sure he kept everyone cordial -- the trauma of the last 7 days has strengthened their bond.

They'll all need each other's support in the days ahead, because they may soon be faced with an agonizing decision -- perhaps as soon as Friday -- about whether to withdraw life support. If and when that choice needs to be made, we're told X's mom will have the final word.

As we first told you ... the battery of tests performed on DMX Wednesday showed no signs of improved brain activity since he was first hospitalized late last Friday night. Multiple sources, including Rifkind, have told us the prognosis is not good.

Still, his family members -- like millions of fans -- remain prayerful, and in full support of his mother, Arnett.

DMX Brain Function Unchanged Family Faces Hard Decision

DMX has not regained any brain function nearly a week after his overdose, and the family may soon be faced with a tormenting decision ... whether to withdraw life support.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the battery of tests performed on X Wednesday showed no improvement in brain activity since he was rushed to the hospital after suffering the OD late Friday night. As we reported, he had little brain function after being deprived of oxygen for nearly half an hour.

DMX remains in a coma and, as it was put to us, the test results are "not good." We're told the family has asked X's longtime friend and manager, Steve Rifkind, to fly to New York Friday ... another sign that hope is dwindling.

As we reported, there's been a massive show of support for DMX. Hundreds of people -- including his kids, fiancee and mothers of some of his children -- crowded outside the hospital Monday night for a prayer vigil. We're told only a limited number of family members have been allowed inside the ICU because of COVID-19 restrictions.

It's currently unclear when X's family will make their decision on his medical future, although Rifkind told us earlier this week ... the tests were critical and once the results were in "the family would determine what's best from there."

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Knee to Neck Would Kill Healthy Person ... Prosecution's Star Witness Rips Defense

Fox 9

12:52 PM PT -- Dr. Tobin seemingly just delivered another blow to the defense, after Chauvin's lawyer asked him if fentanyl can cause death as a result of low oxygen.

Fox 9

Tobin replies yes, but adds "only in part," and goes on to explain to the prosecution that he's seen many deaths caused by fentanyl, and in cases of fentanyl overdoses he claims the patients go into a coma.

The doctor says George Floyd was never in a coma.

The prosecution in the Derek Chauvin murder trial is trying to poke major holes in his defense ... with a doctor's powerful testimony that any healthy person would have died if treated like George Floyd.

Dr. Martin Tobin, a physician specializing in pulmonology and critical care, took the stand Thursday and ripped into the heart of Chauvin's defense -- that Floyd allegedly died from a drug overdose and not by Chauvin's knee on his neck.

The doc goes into pretty deep detail on why, in his expert opinion, a healthy person would not have been able to survive a knee to the neck for 9 1/2 minutes.

Dr. Tobin testified that, by his calculations, Floyd lost all of the oxygen in his body about 3 minutes BEFORE Chauvin lifted his knee off George's neck. Tobin's being called the prosecution's star witness, as his testimony's been one of the most powerful moments in the courtroom, so far.

MAY 2020
Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

The doc went on to say George died from a low level of oxygen causing his heart to stop, essentially attributing his death to him being handcuffed face down on the pavement with Chauvin's knee pinned to his neck.

Fox 9

Remember ... Chauvin's defense attorney Eric Nelson told the jury last week Floyd "put drugs in his mouth" when confronted by cops and said the autopsy found meth and fentanyl in his system.

But, Dr. Tobin's testimony is clearly the prosecution's attempt to blunt that OD theory.

Originally Published -- 11:23 AM PT

Master P DMX OD Could've Been Prevented ... Rappers Need a Union!!!


Master P is keeping DMX in his prayers, and he can't help but think X's drug overdose could have been prevented -- and his idea is for rappers to do a better job looking after their own.

We got Master P in Los Angeles Thursday and our photog asked him about DMX's legacy ... as he remains on life support in a New York hospital.

Master P says he hates how the hip-hop industry waits until something bad happens to one of their peers before offering love and support. He thinks the industry needs to form some type of union to help artists going through tough times, especially when drugs are involved.

TMZ broke the story ... DMX suffered a drug overdose Friday night, leaving his brain deprived of oxygen for nearly 30 minutes, and now he's in a coma and we're told the prognosis does not look good.

While Master P wants hip-hop to unionize much like the NBA Players Association, he says the best thing the industry could do to prevent the next tragedy is educating the next generation.

Interesting conversation and concept ... and Master P tells us why, right now anyway, the prospects for artists after hip-hop are pretty bleak. It's something he wants to change.

O.J. Simpson Settles Defamation Suit W/ Vegas Hotel

O.J. Simpson can put his beef with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in the rearview ... because we've learned he's settled his defamation lawsuit with the hotel.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, The Juice and the Cosmo agreed to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, and the judge signed off. Usually, that points to some type of settlement, though neither side is talking details.

O.J.'s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, tells TMZ ... "The Simpson/Cosmopolitan matter has been resolved."


As we reported ... Simpson sued the Cosmopolitan over a Nov. 8, 2017 incident in which he was kicked off the property following an alleged drunken episode at a hotel bar.

Following the incident, hotel staff told TMZ ... O.J. was wasted and became disruptive, getting angry with hotel employees ... resulting in broken glasses at the bar.

O.J. denied the allegations, saying the story humiliated and embarrassed him ... and in 2019 he filed his defamation suit against the Cosmo.

Most recently, the Cosmo said O.J.'s reputation as a violent convicted criminal is already so tarnished, there's no way his rep could take a hit from allegations of drunken shenanigans.

But, now it appears the two sides worked something out to make the case go away.

We reached out to the Cosmo ... so far, no word back.

Demi Lovato DMX's OD Scared Her ... It Could Have Been Me


Demi Lovato was jolted when she learned of DMX's overdose ... a reminder of how lucky she is to still be alive.

Demi will be on "TMZ Live" Wednesday ... talking about her incredible documentary, 'Dancing With the Devil,' and her new album, "Dancing With The Devil...The Art of Starting Over."

She covered a lot of ground for the show, and one of the highlights was her very honest reaction to X's current state -- he's on life support and it does not look good. She sees the parallels in her own life and says she suffers from survivor's guilt. She knows she could have been in DMX's state or even worse.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Demi's "Dancing With the Devil" album is autobiographical and, dare we say, spectacular. One thing clearly was NOT affected by the OD -- Demi's voice is better than ever.

Demi also talks about the way she's handling recovery, and it's not with abstinence ... she smokes weed and drinks alcohol in moderation. It's something her pal Elton John thinks is a big mistake, but Demi explains abstinence doesn't work for everyone, and she goes on to explain why "California Sober" works for her.

You can catch episode 4 of Demi's doc here and watch the full interview Wednesday on "TMZ Live."

DMX Still on Life Support Critical Brain Function Tests Wednesday

DMX remains on life support in a New York hospital, and Wednesday will be an extremely critical day that could determine his outcome.

X remains in a coma and his condition has not materially changed ... his manager, Steve Rifkind, tells TMZ.

Members of DMX's family visited him Tuesday night ... leaving at around 10 PM.

Rifkind says doctors will perform a battery of tests Wednesday to determine the level of brain function. As we reported, when DMX OD'd Friday night, his brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly 30 minutes. Multiple sources told us ... he had "little brain activity."

Although we're told the prognosis does not look good, Wednesday's tests will determine decisions the family may have to make.

One thing's for sure, millions of fans are pulling for him. The vigil outside the hospital where DMX lays in ICU was extremely moving. DMX's fiancee, mom and some of his kids have been at the hospital visiting him.

There's been a lot of inaccurate information floating around about X's condition, and Rifkind wanted to make it clear ... "DMX is currently on life support and in a coma. There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive. Tomorrow he will undergo further tests on his brain function and his family will determine what's best from there. We appreciate your prayers and support."

Story developing ...

Tom Brady On Super Bowl Boat Party I Was Hammered!!!

Tom Brady admits he REGRETS drunkenly throwing the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat during that legendary floating Super Bowl parade

... but hey, things happen when you're completely sloshed!

"First of all, there was not a lot going through my mind at that point," Brady told Michael Strahan on 'GMA.'

Remember, Tom and the rest of the Tampa Bay Bucs hit the Hillsborough River back in February to celebrate their Super Bowl LV victory over the K.C. Chiefs.

The booze started flowing ... and the QB started throwin' (trophies).


"I mean, that was not smart for a couple of reasons," a sobered up Brady says.

"One is, if we drop it, that's a little bit of a problem. But, the worst thing that could happen is the edges on that trophy are so sharp -- and had those things clipped one of my boys in the other boat, it would have been an ugly, ugly parade."

He's right -- but fortunately, his sure-handed teammates caught the trophy with no problems.

Shutterstock Premier

Brady says of the event, "From what I remember, yes it was pretty cool."

During his interview with 'GMA,' Brady also opened up about why he wants to continue playing the NFL.

Remember, in the wake of winning his 7th title, Gisele had asked him, "What more do you have to prove?"

"I don't think proving it for me is the motivation," 43-year-old Tom told Strahan ... "I still want to play, I got like a little sickness in me that just wants to throw a frickin' spiral, you know what I mean?"

"Once you stop you can't go back and do it, I got some more football [left in me] I mean not a lot, and I know that, but what I got left, I'm gonna go I'm gonna give everything I got."

Tom went on to praise his wife of 12 years -- saying, "I give her a lot of credit ... she's the one that supports the family. She's the one that at the end of the day makes a lot of sacrifices. She brings out the best version of me."

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