Jamie Foxx Sings 'Gold Digger' in Vegas ... Alongside Diplo


Jamie Foxx is ready to perform on the drop of a dime -- proven in his impromptu singing of one of his most famous songs ... which had an assist from Diplo.

The comedian hit XS Nightclub in Vegas Friday, rolling in around 3 AM with a large crew and joining Diplo -- who was DJ'ing -- onstage. Seems he was in the mood for a classic ... diving into his and Kanye's smash hit, "Gold Digger," as if it was 2005 all over again.

It's pretty cool to see Jamie belting out his old ditty ... dude hasn't lost a step, and people definitely haven't forgotten it either. They were singing along word for word. We're told Jamie stuck around a bit longer to help sing "Rack City."


JF wasn't the only celeb to pop in either ... Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds also made a cameo at XS. He showed up almost at 4 AM, and he too waved to the crowd from Diplo's elevated position. Dan also got on the mic a bit, but didn't sing or anything.

Speaking of Diplo ... he's on a bit of a high right now. The guy recently won a lawsuit against a woman who was allegedly harassing him, scoring a massive judgment in arbitration.

Back to business.

Bam Margera Parties in Atlanta Club ... Amid Rehab Problems

Bam Margera's outpatient rehab program clearly isn't working -- because the guy was partying his face off this weekend in a whole different state.

TMZ has obtained photos of the 'Jackass' star hanging out early Saturday morning at the Koo Koo Room in Atlanta, where we're told he was raging with a group of strangers into the wee hours of the night.

Eyewitnesses tell us Bam was seen drinking ... and not just that, but he was also, apparently, name-dropping himself around the joint and drumming up interest.

Looks like Bam made friends fast, because he posed for at least a couple of pics ... including with some ladies. The guy in the white hat, we're told, is Parker Lipman -- who hosts MTV's "Buckhead Shore." Keeping it in the network family, it seems.

Anyway, this obviously flies in the face of the restructured program we were told Bam was going to attempt a couple weeks ago ... this after he'd escaped his rehab facility in Florida several times, only to surface in bars and with friends time and again.


No telling what this might mean for him ... we know his team was begging him to not leave Florida and to stay on track, but that's all out the window now. Dude's crossed state lines.

Lil Baby Vegas Turn Up with Canelo & Travis ... Before Bailing on Concert


Lil Baby says his body "shut down" from tour exhaustion -- and forced him to skip out on a Vancouver gig -- but new video shows he felt good enough for the Vegas nightclub scene.

TMZ Hip Hop got these images from inside Zouk Nightclub, where Canelo Alvarez was celebrating his victory over Gennady Golovkin. It's a fully lit scene, and Lil Baby was right in the middle of the action ... along with Travis Scott, DJ Drama and other celebs.

This particular scene was around 3 AM Sunday, and as you can see, Baby was still singing and feeling good. NBD, except for the fact he was scheduled to headline Vancouver's Breakout Festival less than 24 hours later ... a show that did NOT go on, as they say.

Baby explained his no-show on IG, saying "I have been going so hard these past few months without any breaks that it finally caught up with me." Now, it is true he recently wrapped up a big tour with Chris Brown ... but this vid makes it seem like there might have been other contributing factors.

Interestingly, you can see Baby was rapping along to 42 Dugg's verse from their "We Paid" collab. The Vancouver fans who paid for tickets Sunday night were beyond pissed he never made it to the stage.


As we reported, the crowd got ugly when they got the news and some went into full riot mode ... destroying tents, TV monitors and all sorts of property.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Seven people were reportedly arrested amid the thousands of dollars of damage and destruction.

We're told Baby's security attempted to prevent people from recording him as he left Zouk with a towel over his head. He might need some cover for his next trip to Vancouver.


We reached out to his team ... so far, no word back.

IG Model Danii Banks Claims She Was Drugged at Party ... Cartier Watch, Cash Missing

Model Danii Banks didn't have a good time at a party ... she told cops she was intoxicated and some really bad people stole her luxury watch and cash.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Danii told Vegas cops she had a Cartier watch stolen from her home and had $5,000 taken from her bank account after going to a party.

Cops say Danii told them she thinks she was drugged at the party ... because she was not in her right mind. She told police a man drove her home in her car ... and she says two other men followed in another car to pick up the man who dropped her off.

According to the report, Danii says when she came to, she discovered her Cartier watch was missing. She also told cops she found her bank accounts were overdrawn, and believes someone got into her phone and was able to transfer two Zelle payments from her Chase Bank accounts, totaling $5,000. Danii also claims her American Express credit card is missing.

She says security footage from her condo complex shows three men with her at the front gate ... but she says she would not be able to identify them. The surveillance footage shows the men driving away in a blue Chevy Impala.


TMZ broke the story ... Danii confronted an intruder in her Georgia home back in 2019, literally coming face-to-face with him while she was naked.

As for the Vegas incident, cops are investigating.

Beyoncé Not My Bey-Day Anymore But Let's Party Anyway!!!

Beyoncé's birthday was last week, falling on Labor Day weekend, and since most people were busy -- she seemed ready to party this weekend ... as was the rest of Hollywood.

The stars were out and on the prowl Saturday night ... hitting up a mansion in Bel Air, where Bey and Jay-Z were hosting to celebrate her the big 4-1. It would appear just about anyone who's anyone got an invite -- and they didn't hesitate to take Bey up on her offer to rage.

Huge celebs showed up dressed to the nines for this thing -- folks like Drake, Lizzo, Adele, Rich Paul, Jaden Smith, Bella Hadid, Kris Jenner, Kim K, Tristan Thompson, Khloe, MGK/Megan Fox, Lily-Rose Depp, Offset and even Vanessa Bryant.

Jigga himself also popped up on camera at one point ... but the birthday girl herself never surfaced for a pap photo. We're told people started arriving at 10:30, and stayed 'til about 3.


Take a look through the gallery, and you'll see ... it's a conveyer belt of stardom. If anyone can get famous people together all in one place, it's still Beyoncé. Impressive, no doubt.

Also ... happy birthday!

Leo DiCaprio I'm Hangin' Alone These Days ... Parties with Jared Leto After Breakup


Leo DiCaprio is back in action ... hitting up a lit party Saturday night in NYC, and he wasn't the only big celeb there.

Leo was at the Revolve Party at Casa Cipriani in lower Manhattan, with his signature cap pulled down as he hung at the bar.

Jared Leto was also there, dressed down, yakking it up with a bunch of folks. Jared seemed more social ... Leo was pretty much hanging by himself.

Lots of parties in The Big Apple as Fashion Week kicks off.

As we reported, Leo recently split with Camila Morrone. Leo split with Camila after 4 years of dating, which makes it substantially a quarantine romance.

As for Camila ...she was hanging out a week ago with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. She also partied with Kaia Gerber for Kaia's 21st birthday.


Camila just got a place in Malibu, where Leo also spends lots of time. FYI, the Bu is a small town, so running into each other is probably inevitable.

Josh Duhamel Appears to Have Married ... Parties in Local Fargo Bar!!!


12:05 PM PT -- 9/12 -- A clerk for Cass County tells us Josh and Audra got the paperwork for a marriage license on August 26 ... but it hasn't yet been returned. They have 60 days to do so, so ya, they almost certainly got hitched.


7:30 AM PT -- Josh Duhamel and what appeared to be his wedding party hung out in Duffy's Tavern in Fargo, ND, for about 30 mins. They had a few drinks and were celebrating. His bride Audra Mari was in the corner and out of view of the camera.


Everyone seemed very happy and were engaging with other people in the bar -- they were very respectful. Josh and Audra left in a red convertible and were chauffeured around town while sitting up in the backseat waving.

Josh Duhamel seems to have gone back to his roots to apparently say "I do" with Audra Mari, only to then hit up a local watering hole near his stomping grounds.

Eyewitnesses are telling us the actor got hitched Saturday in Fargo, North Dakota -- a ways from his hometown in Minot, where he was born and raised -- and looks to have done the deed atop a rooftop at a place called the Jasper Hotel ... this according to someone who claims they saw the set up and ceremony from across the way.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

Afterward, we're told Josh and Audra popped into a tavern in town known as Duffy's ... where they were knocking a few back and enjoying their time with the patrons on hand. The owner of the place, Chris Litton, tells us it was super casual -- just Josh, Audra and about half a dozen people who came in for drinks and hung around for 30 minutes before splitting.

As you can see from a photo posted on Duffy's FB page ... there's Josh in his tux and Audra in her wedding dress, and it looks like they're having a good damn time. Our sources say it's possible JD and the missus were bar hopping -- apparently, it's something a lot of people do out there after tying the knot. But it's also possible they were on their way to the reception.

We know they were in town ... 'cause Josh posted a photo from a local brewery in Fargo on Friday.

Assuming they did, in fact, get married -- which certainly seems to be the case -- it's not that surprising that Josh did something this down to earth ... the dude is known for being super humble and not nearly as into the Hollywood lifestyle other celebs are. And with this, he's further proving that he's a salt-of-the-earth kinda guy -- ditto for Audra too!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He'd previously said he didn't want or need much flash when it came to his nuptials -- other than close family and friends, some good tunes ... and, apparently, a shot or two.

Josh and Audra announced their engagement in January, this after being together for since at least late 2019. He was previously married to Fergie, but they divorced the year he met AM. We've reached out to Josh's team for confirmation -- but at any rate ... congrats!!!

Originally Published -- 9/10 6:00 PM PT

A$AP Rocky So Over Rihanna ... In This Case, Literally!!!

bridging the gap

A$AP Rocky won't pass on the opportunity to dap someone up -- even if that means he's gotta do it right above the mother of his child, Rihanna, from down below.

That's exactly what happened early Saturday morning in NYC, where the couple (and new parents) were hanging out at a joint called the Canary Club in downtown Manhattan -- where we're told they hung out for about an hour and enjoyed themselves with friends.

Speaking of pals, AR seems to have ran into an old one on the spot -- we got video of him greeting a good buddy of his, whom he appeared genuinely surprised and happy to see.

The next part is a little awkward, just 'cause he goes for a handshake/hug -- but does it right over RiRi ... and the other guy damn near almost takes a tumble onto her, seated directly underneath them both. The scene is funny to watch, because at one point ... Rihanna actually grabs A$AP's waist, as if to tell him -- "YO, WHAT THE HECK?!"

Rocky eventually pulls away and introduces the friend ... and that was that. He and Rihanna left together as if nothing had happened, so it was all gravy in the end.

Cool to see them hitting the town -- as you know, they just had a son a few months ago -- and while dealing with a newborn must be tough, it's great they're finding time for themselves. Maybe just walk around next time, though, for an overdue reunion. 😅

Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber Dinner Date with Camila Morrone After Leo DiCaprio Split

Camila Morrone is livin' it up following her breakup from Leonardo DiCaprio ... by hitting the town with BFFs Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber for a much-needed girls' night out.

The sisterhood circle was spotted leaving Sushi Park in West Hollywood Tuesday night ... all smiles as they took to the parking lot with security in tow.


Kendall and Hailey seemed to be embracing the newly-single 25-year-old after her recent split ... and Camila looks to be havin' fun with the girls instead of worrying about the single life.

What's interesting is HB and KJ used to be good friends with Gigi Hadid, who's at least rumored to be dating Leo now! However, the model trio hasn't hung out publicly in a long time.

As you may know, Leo and Camila called it quits after 4 years of dating -- she was recently seen moving into a new place in Malibu after their breakup.


The model/actress has been out and about since going solo ... Camila partied it up at Kaia Gerber's 21st birthday bash Sunday night.

Cardi B and Offset Check Out Wave's 1st Birthday Bash ... Car-Themed Party!!!

Cardi B and Offset went all out celebrating their son Wave Set's first birthday with an extravagant sportscar-themed party ... and the videos and pics from the bash are crazy.

Cardi is showing off all the images on her social media accounts, and Wave Set is going to make a lot of kids jealous ... because the bar for his birthday parties has been set super high.

The parents put Wave Set in a custom remote-controlled car and Offset drove him into the party, which featured blue, green and red Lamborghinis parked out front.

Inside, there were tons of balloons, a DJ spinning tunes and areas for all the kids to play, including a couple slides and some model car racing.


The parents had fun too, there was a full bar and a seafood bar ... and they could even get customized denim jackets.

Cardi B's sister, Hennessy Carolina, started crying as she filmed the festivities because the kids are growing up so fast.

Cardi and Offset have thrown a ton of lavish parties for their daughter, Kulture ... and now baby boy Wave Set is getting his turn.


Happy birthday!!!

Australian Rules Football Teammates Engage In Sex Act At Bar ... Team Promises Punishment

Two pro Australian rules football teammates are now in hot water ... after they were captured on video engaging in a wild, public sex act at a bar earlier this month.

According to multiple reports, the footy competitors -- who play for Glen Waverley Football Club in Melbourne -- made a bet during a day of heavy drinking on Aug. 14, requiring the loser to perform oral sex on the winner.

Shockingly, the man who lost the wager completed the sexual task in the middle of a bar -- all while patrons stunningly looked on.

The footage soon went viral ... and this week, reps for the Glen Waverly Football Club -- which competes in the Eastern Football Netball League -- were outraged, and said the guys would be disciplined.

"The Club is taking immediate action to address the serious breach of our culture and values that has occurred within this incident," team officials said.

"The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined & educated and if need be, counselled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, along with the physical & emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players and the wider community."

The men have yet to be publicly ID'd.

"There is no further comment at this time," the team added in its statement, "and we request that the well-being of those involved be respected as they deal with the impact, from the incident."

Nikola Jokić, Boban Marjanović Monday Night Rager W/ Team Serbia ... For Bogdanović's Birthday

Instagram / @jokic.natalija

NBA stars Nikola Jokić and Boban Marjanović went all out for Bogdan Bogdanović's 30th birthday party ... raging their faces off with their national hoops teammates -- and the vid is nuts!!

The Serbian trio hit up the Lafayette Cuisine Cabaret Club in Beograd for the festivities .. which included live music, dancing, singing and chugging out of massive champagne bottles.

The party scene was captured by Jokić's wife ... showing the back-to-back Most Valuable Player drinking his face off throughout the night -- having an absolute blast to celebrate Bogdan's 30th.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

7'4" Boban was also getting into it ... hopping around as music blared in the background.

Hotsport says the hoopers' Serbian teammates Miloš Teodosić and Pero Antić were also in attendance ... as well as a number of celebrities to keep the party going.

On top of Bogdan's cake day, Jokić has a lot to celebrate ... he just inked a five-year, $264 supermax extension this offseason, which is the richest contract in NBA history.

It looked like a helluva time ... and now we know which NBA players are at the top of our party bucket list.

Finnish Prime Minister I'm Clean as a Whistle!!! Passes Drug Test After Clubbin' Backlash

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin has proved she can have the time of her life AND stay clean -- because her drug test has come back negative.


The 36-year-old PM's office revealed the results of her test Monday ... confirming there were no traces of narcotics found in her system.


As we reported, Marin found herself in hot water after a video leaked last week ... showing her going hard at a party with musicians, TV stars, and fellow politicians.

The clip caused quite the stir -- Finnish Member of Parliament Mikko Kärnä called her out on her party animal behavior ... being one of the first to insist she take a drug test.

She had no problem with taking the test, though ... confidently announcing Friday she was awaiting the results to come back.

Ben Affleck Wipeout ... Pooped Post-Wedding

Ben Affleck needs a nap -- at least that much is obvious from these photos of him on the road in Georgia ... where the dude looks absolutely drained post-wedding weekend.

The actor was photographed Sunday night being driven to a private airport, with a police escort in town that had the entryway to the facility blocked off to try and keep fans and photogs away.

Ben looks exhausted, leaning over to his right side with his eyes partially closed.

We're told his bride, Jennifer Lopez, was also in the SUV, but you can't see her in the pics.

It appears Ben and the gang were on their way to a private jet to get 'em outta Savannah -- where they've been for the past several days celebrating his and J Lo's second nuptials ... this time in the presence of friends and family.

Some famous faces flew in for the shindig at BA's estate -- including his bestie, Matt Damon -- but there were some notable absences as well ... including his brother, Casey, and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. For what it's worth, Marc Anthony also skipped the get-together.

Bennifer enjoyed themselves nonetheless ... decked out in all-white and smooching at every opportunity. It definitely looked like the wedding of a lifetime, from the pics we've seen.

And, of course, it was a marathon weekend ... so yeah, Ben's due for some rest now.

Tank R&B’s Dead, Diddy? Jamie Foxx, Pleasure P, OT Genasis ...Sing All Night For The Culture!!!


Tank and Jamie Foxx co-hosted a live performance of "R&B Money Show" last night, which capped Tank's album release career and brought out some energetic moments along the way.

The R&Blowout went down inside The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood with impromptu appearances from Pleasure P, J Valentine, Jon B and even OT Genasis ... who happily blessed the audience with his hilariously bad singing.

Jamie addressed the crowd several times throughout the night, dismissing Tank's retirement … while also sharing heartfelt stories as well as a bubbly rendition of his No. 1 hit “Blame It (On The Alcohol).”

Artists rarely follow through with their retirements but Tank may be the exception ... he's close to going deaf in one of his ears and would rather contribute to music behind the scenes.

He thinks the state of R&B and other music will be fine ... as long as artists spend a decent amount of time with their craft.


Unlike Tank, Diddy has been on a crusade these past few days lamenting that the state of R&B is as good as dead.

It certainly looked alive with Tank and Jamie!!!

Ben and Jen Wedding Setup Starts ... Ben's Estate Gets Luxury Makeover for Event

It appears Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are setting up more than just a fancy party at his estate in Georgia, 'cause based on pics, it looks like a full-blown wedding is going to happen.

Ben's place in Riceboro, Georgia is crawling with activity Friday, with construction crews hard at work putting up a huge marquee on the grounds, which is connected to the main house by a very long aisle for J Lo to walk down in what we can only imagine will be a beautiful wedding dress.

The temporary structures going up at Ben's place aren't the only giveaway this star-studded weekend is more wedding than party, caterers and event crews keep showing up to the house in droves.

No sign of Ben and Jen at the house yet, but we already saw them Thursday in Savannah ... where they did some low-key shopping in town.

As we told you, Bennifer 2.0 is welcoming their closest friends and family to a weekend celebration at Ben's estate, which was supposed to serve as the location for their wedding 20 years ago when they first got engaged.


So, this second wedding is truly a full-circle moment ... and it looks like Ben and Jen are pulling out all the stops here after a more modest wedding in Las Vegas.

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