Indians' Mike Clevinger Partied W/ Zach Plesac In Chicago ... Flew On Team Plane

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4:47 PM PT -- Et tu, Clevinger??

Zach Plesac wasn't alone when he violated team rules partying in Chicago on Saturday night -- Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger was there, too ... according to ESPN.


While Plesac was blocked from joining the rest of the team on the flight home, Clevinger WAS allowed on the team jet to fly back to Cleveland -- raising new concerns about a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

Remember, players are not allowed to leave the team hotel without permission from the team -- rules both Plesac and Clevinger ignored in order to have a fun night out with friends during a road trip in the Windy City.

Plesac was quarantined after the team found out about his wild night. Clevinger was not.

Clevinger has been scratched from his start against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday and is now in quarantine, according to Jeff Passan.

The Cleveland Indians were so upset with Zach Plesac for leaving the team hotel in Chicago to hang with friends during a road series with the White Sox, THEY WOULDN'T LET HIM BACK ON THE TEAM JET!

The 25-year-old right-hander KNEW he wasn't supposed to leave the team hotel without specific permission (per team and MLB protocol) due to the COVID pandemic, but he went out Saturday night anyway.

The team found out and took immediate action.

FYI, Plesac grew up in Crown Point, Indiana -- roughly 45 miles from Chicago.

Plesac was ordered to be tested immediately -- and then the team sent him back to CLE by car service Sunday instead of joining the rest of the team on the team jet.

The flight is usually 90 mins The drive is a little over 5 hours.

Plesac was also placed on a mandatory 72-hour quarantine -- and will have to undergo more testing before he'll be allowed to rejoin the team.

"I realize I made a poor choice to leave the hotel, which broke protocols and could have endangered other people," Plesac said in a statement,

"I understand that in these times of uncertainty, I need to be more vigilant and responsible, and I am determined to earn my teammates' forgiveness and get back to work."

Plesac's Indians teammate, Shane Bieber, also weighed in ...

"We love Zach, we support him, but he screwed up. We're going to handle this in-house, and we'll see where it goes from here."

Major League Baseball is trying to crack down on protocol violators in the wake of multiple outbreaks affecting the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals.

Be smart, people.

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Smash Mouth Packed Concert at Sturgis ... 'F*** That COVID S***!!!'


Smash Mouth's proving they might still be All-Stars -- 2 decades after their biggest hit -- but based on their appearance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ... they're not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of rowdy and excited bikers threw coronavirus caution to the wind Sunday night in South Dakota, and packed an outdoor venue to watch Smash Mouth perform.

The band's frontman, Steve Harwell, told the crowd at one point ... "We’re all here together tonight! F**k that COVID s**t!"

Though the venue, The Buffalo Chip, was reportedly at half capacity -- and Smash Mouth's manager says the promoter did a "fantastic job" with COVID-19 protocol -- video of the event seems to tell a different story.

As you can see ... attendees didn't seem to give a damn about wearing masks or practicing physical distancing as they prepared to take in Smash Mouth's hit tracks such as "Walkin' on the Sun" and "Can't Get Enough of You Baby."

Of course, the same carefree and reckless behavior went down Saturday night as Sturgis folks packed the Full Throttle Saloon as well.

City officials are expecting around 250,000 people to attend this year's convention and though it's been jam-packed. from the jump, preventative measures are suggested but not required. The event lasts through next weekend.

Coronavirus Pandemic Party in Bev Hills


We told you Saturday there would be a big bash in Bev Hills, and it went down as advertised.

The house was packed with partygoers, including former UFC champ Chuck Liddell, Tyga, Logan Paul and Nyjah Huston.

The person who shot the videos says alcohol was flowing and weed was plentiful as people partied until 4 AM.

The party was indoors and out by the pool. There were even VIP rooms set up.

And, yes ... the masks were few and far between, and forget social distancing.

FOX 11

As we reported, there are efforts underway to skirt L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to shut off water and power in homes that host these parties. This party was blocks from the L.A. border, but since it was in Bev Hills it was outside the Mayor's domain.

Cops never came ... not that there was much they could do.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ZZ Top Tribute Plays to Packed Saloon ... Hundreds Watch Maskless

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ZZ Top didn't perform at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ... but a group that looks just like them played Saturday to a packed, maskless crowd.

A ZZ Top tribute band, called ZZ3, took the stage at the Full Throttle Saloon and filled the room with Texas blues-rock. The rally, which will draw an estimated 250,000 people, always draws big-named performers, so it's no surprise hundreds of folks showed up.

Willie Nelson and Lynyrd Skynard were also scheduled to perform at the 9-day event but canceled because of the pandemic. Other artists who performed Saturday include Molly Hatchet and the Guess Who ... Night Ranger, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, .38 Special, Quiet Riot, Smash Mouth and others are expected to perform in the coming days.

The bar was packed and there was almost no social distancing, and lots of medical folks are worried this will become a super-spreading event. That clearly was not on the minds of the saloon audience.

The people who live in this tiny town are in a pickle because a rally like this is clearly dangerous during a pandemic. That said, the annual rally rakes in $800 mil for residents in the area, and economic survival is top of mind. Nevertheless, masks and some social distancing would be nice ... especially for unsuspecting people who later encounter riders who contracted COVID.

LAPD Not Down with Mayor's Plan To Cut Utilities at House Parties


The LAPD is pushing back against Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to kill power at homes defying COVID-19 orders ... because cops don't want any more beef with citizens.

Here's the deal ... Garcetti authorized the city to turn off water and electricity to residents who have big parties in violation of health orders, and he put LAPD in charge of making those requests with the Mayor and other City officials.

FOX 11

So, if cops respond to a home and find a large party going down -- like the one last week in Los Angeles that ended with a fatal shooting -- officers can make the call to kill utilities there within 48 hours.

LAPD sources tell TMZ ... no officer wants to shut the power off at a residence, in part because many folks are already pissed at cops. We're told they'd rather focus on reducing real crime, and not turning off home necessities.

Our sources say if the decision is left to officers' discretion ... very few will follow through with Garcetti's threat.

RMG News

We're told, cops are worried about homeowners who rely on electricity to power a breathing device or food spoiling in fridges. Any of those situations would create way more tension in communities they police.

Bottom line ... we're told cops will absolutely cite a homeowner for throwing an out-of-control party, but cutting someone's power is not a burden they want to bear.

Kanye and North West Let's Do a Dance-Off!!! ... Kim Shoots Video and Laughs Hard


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have had a rough few months, but there's still room for joy ... and that's exactly what they got when North busted a move, to the delight of her parents.

The family is in the Caribbean as Kim and Kanye try and work on their marriage, but on Friday night Ye was singing "Push The Feeling On" and then jumped out of his golf cart and started dancing. North then followed suit, jumping off the golf cart and joining in.

Kim's shooting the vid and she's laughing hard as Kanye and North do their dance-off. North jumps back in the golf cart as Ye runs alongside it.

Kanye posted the video Friday night, declaring, "IT’S FRI-YE-YE!!!"

We broke the story, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are staying in a fortress-like estate with their kids to work on their marriage. Kanye has been active in his political campaign this week, posting campaign messages as his team tries to gather signatures to qualify for the ballot in a number of states.

Katy Perry I'm Pregnant, but I Can Still Bust 'Friday' Dance Moves!!!


Katy Perry is a week or 2 from giving birth, which makes this video all the more impressive as she accepts Orlando Bloom's challenge to show everyone her moves.

It was Friday, after all, so Orlando challenged Katy to dance to the beat of "Push The Feeling On" by Nightcrawlers.

Katy, who's in the car with her fiance, jumps out, raises her shirt and reveals an impressive baby bump ... then shows off some moves that others who are 8 1/2 months pregnant might not do so effortlessly.

Good to see Orlando laughing. As we reported, his beloved dog died a few weeks back, and it really tore him up.

'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss Celebrates Hubby's Bday ... With Strippers in Glass Boxes!!!


Kandi Burruss knows how to have a good, old-fashioned, booty-shakin' time ... even during a pandemic.

The 'Real Housewives' star threw a birthday bash for her husband, Todd Tucker, at the Bowlmor in Atlanta ... but no one was looking at bowling pins. Instead, Kandi brought in strippers, and did so COVID-safely, we might add.

Check it out ... dancers were brought in to strip down for Todd -- but they were encased in glass boxes, ya know ... for distancing and whatnot. It's creative, we'll give 'em that.

Not only that, but it looks like just about everyone who attended was wearing some type of face covering -- so they were mindful during their partying, more so than a lot of bozos we've seen raging this year.

Unclear if 'RHOA' cameras were rolling for the shindig -- but our guess is ... they probably were. Remember, production for the show recently picked up again, and safety guidelines are in place to keep everyone healthy. Looks like the cast is taking those directives to heart, but still having fun.

Gotta love the creativity!

Migos Rapper Takeoff Denies Rape Allegation


2:55 PM PT -- Takeoff is adamantly denying the allegations made by the woman. His attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ, "We have reviewed the allegations and have similarly done our own due diligence. What has become abundantly clear is that the allegations made against Takeoff are patently and provably false. The claims and statements made regarding this lawsuit indicate that the plaintiffs’ representatives have not spoken with relevant witnesses or reviewed available evidence."

He continues, "Takeoff is renowned for his artistic talent as well as his quiet, reserved and peaceful personality. In this instance, those known personality traits have made him a target of an obvious exploitative money grab. As his counsel, we are well aware and well versed on the importance of civil and criminal prosecution of true sexual assaults. This is not one of those situations."

1:38 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources confirm the LAPD is investigating Takeoff for the incident.

Takeoff's just been sued by a woman claiming he raped her at a party in L.A.

The woman, who's filed the lawsuit as a Jane Doe, claims the Migos rapper made her extremely uncomfortable at an L.A. party back in June before he raped her in the bedroom of the person she says invited her to the party.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Takeoff stared at her while at the party and that made her extremely uncomfortable. She also claims he offered her weed later in the evening, but she snubbed him.

In the suit, she says things went south after that -- she claims she was going upstairs with the man who invited her to the party when Takeoff, who was coming down the steps, got pissed. She says Takeoff and the man got into an argument, prompting her to go into the man's bedroom to wait it out.

She alleges that's when Takeoff entered the bedroom and started touching her buttocks. She claims she very clearly refused his advances, but Takeoff then flipped her over face-down, pulled down her clothing and raped her. She claims after he finished he immediately left the room.

After getting over the initial shock, the woman claims she went to a nearby hospital the same day where she claims hospital staff observed physical evidence of forceful rape. She claims hospital staff notified LAPD.

She's suing for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress and more and wants damages.

We've reached out to Takeoff for comment, so far no word back.

Originally Published -- 9:32 AM PT

L.A. House Party Shooting Cops Don't Believe NFL Player Involved ... Alleged Gang Cover-Up

@gabrieldaactor323 / Instagram

There were no NFL players involved in the fatal shooting at a raging house party in a swanky Los Angeles mansion, contrary to reports ... at least according to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the Mulholland Drive mansion party that ended when shots rang out was a gang-related bash for the 8-Tray Gangster Crips, and they say they don't have any evidence to support an NFL player being there.

FOX 11

The fatal shootout went down early Tuesday morning, ending the wild party and sending three people to the hospital, one of whom is now dead. The other two gunshot victims are in critical condition.

RMG News

While a man who claimed to be the head of security told CBS L.A. the party was in celebration of a player recently getting drafted by an NFL team, our law enforcement sources say cops believe the NFL player scenario was a cover story if any trouble happened. It's maybe not the brightest excuse -- the NFL Draft was held in April and rookies are already in training camps.

Video shows the moment gunshots ring out on the property, which was crawling with hundreds of people, many of whom were dropped off in buses. The driveway was also packed with luxury cars.

Our sources say the party had cake, balloons, decorations and loads of Crips ... but to their knowledge, no NFL players.

ANG News

Parties of any size are banned in Los Angeles county due to the pandemic, and so far cops say no arrests have been made.

Tony Bennett Happy 94th!!! ... Tributes from Stevie Wonder and Sting

Legendary singer Tony Bennett's made it another year around the sun, and a couple other famous voices are honoring him ... with some of Tony's own words.

The "I Left My Heart in San Fransisco" crooner turned 94 Monday, and got beautiful birthday shout-outs from Stevie Wonder and Sting ... who took 2 of Tony's other famous tunes and made them their own to pay tribute.


Wonder reminisced about his history with Bennett and how they sang together, but also praised him for his track record of standing up for equality for all and civil rights ... even saying John Lewis is talking Tony up in heaven.

Stevie then put his own special touch on Tony's "The Best is Yet to Come" with the help of a player piano ... it's awesome.


Sting also paid tribute by covering a Bennett classic -- "The Way You Look Tonight" -- and says Tony's an inspiration who gives hope to everyone ... that we can fix the world and make it a better place.

Can't argue with that.

Happy birthday, Tony!!!

Lake of the Ozarks Massive EDM Bash ... Corona Anyone???

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Rollin' The Dice
@hybridtrapmusic / Instagram

So, you're confused on how 'rona spreads ... well, we're here to help, take a look at his video from -- you guessed it -- Lake of the Ozarks.

The EDM concert was packed to the gills with partiers stacked like sardines, and like sardines, almost no one was wearing masks.

It's not like Missouri isn't having problems with coronavirus. Oh, wait ... 51,632 people have COVID, and 1,276 have died.

Again, this is not about them risking their own lives. It's about risking the lives of others they come in contact with ... especially since testing is virtually useless in some states because the lag in getting results is sometimes upwards of a week.

This isn't the first time crowds have packed into Lake of the Ozarks. The same thing happened on the 4th of July.

You gotta think at this point most of the people know what they're doing exposes them to the virus. For whatever reason, they clearly just don't care.

Chainsmokers Huge Crowd at Drive-in Concert Prompts Investigation

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@eyeoftheo / Instagram

3:22 PM PT -- 7/27 -- The massive crowd at the drive-in concert is prompting an investigation by the New York State Department of Health ... TMZ has learned.

In a letter from health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to Southampton Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, obtained by TMZ, the good doc says he's "at a loss as to how the Town of Southampton could have issued a permit for such an event, how they believed it was legal and not an obvious public health threat."

Dr. Zucker also says he's "greatly disturbed" by the drive-in concert and wants to get to the bottom of what unfolded.

The Chainsmokers held a charity fundraiser in the Hamptons at a drive-in Saturday night ... and even with all the precautions, it still looked a little dicey.

The plan was to have the crowd socially distance on the 100-acre venue, and it seems there was an effort to keep people apart, but there's a heck of a lot of people in that area.

There were temperature checks before gaining admission, and face masks were even provided gratis. There was also plenty of hand sanitizer, so precautions were in place.

This was a super swanky event ... ticket packages went for as much as $25,000 -- that's the "JAJA Like a Rockstar" package ... which comes with your own RV.

Profits from the event went to No Kid Hungry, Southampton Fresh Air Home, and the Children's Medical Fund of New York.

Originally published -- 7/26 7:07 AM PT

Post Malone World Beer Pong League's My Dream ... Closer to Reality!!!


Post Malone is taking steps to turn his favorite drinking game into big biz ... we've learned the wheels are in motion for a world beer pong league!!!

The "Beerbongs & Bentleys" rapper is looking to lock up the rights to "World Pong League" ... and Post and his legal team have gone so far as to file for a trademark on that name.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Post wants his "World Pong League" to operate official beer pong tournaments, competitions, events and exhibitions.

And, just like the NFL, MLB or NBA ... ya gotta have merch! Post plans to put the league moniker on beverage glassware, drinking glasses, plastic cups, game tables, cup racks, balls and every piece of casual sportswear -- including boxer shorts -- under the sun.

Basically, everything you could possibly associate with sport of (drinking) kings and queens.

As you know ... Post is a huge beer pong fanatic, and he loves to raise the stakes. PM won $50,000 playing pong with Tyla Yaweh.

We're told the "World Pong League" is the brainchild of Post and his manager, Dre London, but the idea is only in its infant stages -- meaning, all you amateurs still have time to practice.

Aim well and drink wisely, friends.

Disney Princess Ariel's Socially Distant Shtick ... COVID Birthday Party!!!


Disney princesses are returning to work in the middle of the pandemic ... but they're not going back to Disneyland ... they're hitting the road to do social distancing gigs for kids.

Here's how the folks who dress up as children's favorite Disney characters are earning a living these days ... performing from 6-feet away, and traveling with a social distancing enforcer!!!

Check out this video of a mermaid-themed birthday party in Tustin, CA for 6-year-old Summer ... the family hired Ariel, and she's singing from behind a velvet rope and hitting the notes from under a mask.

The 'Little Mermaid' was booked through a party company that we're told is charging an additional $50 for a "distance friendly" staff member to tag along. Ariel, by the way, charges $135.

Ariel's coronavirus bodyguard makes sure everyone at the party socially distances from the mermaid, enforcing distancing during everything from song and dance to photo ops.

As we reported ... Disney princesses and characters were hit hard at the start of the outbreak, but now it looks like they've figured it out and adjusted to the new normal. Oh, and the "distance friendly" staffer is a textbook definition of job creation!!!

This tale has a happy ending ... we're told the kids loved Ariel even though it wasn't a typical party folks are used to.

Take that, Rush Limbaugh, young folks really can adapt to the coronavirus!!!

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