Soulja Boy Life After Jail ... Smaller Circle, Less Social Media


Soulja Boy is making some huge changes to his lifestyle following a stint in county jail ... and that means shrinking his social circle and shying away from social media.

Sources close to Soulja tell TMZ ... his three months in L.A. County Jail served as an eye-opener, and now that he's back home, he's cutting people off and cutting off his time on Twitter and Instagram.

The biggest change ... we're told Soulja kicked a bunch of people out of his crib in the San Fernando Valley, the same home that was burglarized when he was locked up.


TMZ broke the story ... crooks hit Soulja's home and made off with $500,000 in cash, jewelry and his iPhone -- which the alleged thieves used to go live on Soulja's IG account -- and when SB caught wind of the burglary in jail, he was convinced it was an inside job.

Soulja's inactivity on social media is also related to the burglary ... we're told he's still upset about it, and he just wants to keep to himself and stay away from the masses.


As we first reported ... Soulja was sprung from jail last Sunday, getting out 146 days early due to a combo of good behavior, time served and overcrowding. Back in April, SB was sentenced to 240 days and 265 days of community service for violating his probation.

Bottom line ... we're told Soulja's a changed man ... and now we'll see how long it lasts.

Jadakiss When it Comes to My Pizza ... Only Crust is a Must


Jadakiss says there's logic behind his pizza crust ordering practices ... when there's cheese on the pie, they have to give him plenty of dairy-air.

The "Why" rapper raised eyebrows this week when a Brooklyn pizza shop posted an image on social media showing his custom order ... a cheese pizza with the center cut out, leaving behind nothing but a ring of crust.

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Jadakiss tells us the crust has been his favorite part of pizza since he was a kid ... and now that he's 44, he cuts right to the chase and skips everything except the crust because he's on a health kick, and dairy is not part of his diet.

Jadakiss says that's been his drill for years -- cheese pizza, hold the cheese.

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Kiss says the viral image is actually from a year ago, and his good friend, the owner of Cuts and Slices pizza shop in Brooklyn, re-posted it after another pizza parlor announced it was now offering a pie made only of crust.

Jadakiss' odd order sent the Internet into a tizzy ... but he's not dishing back the hate he's received. He says pizza lovers should order their pies however they want, and he's got nothing against peeps who pile on cheese. It just ain't for him.

Anyone else hungry?

Congressman Ted Lieu Sure, FaceApp's Fun, But ... Download at Your Own Russian Risk!!!


Congressman Ted Lieu's at risk of being labeled a buzzkill, but he says that's nothing compared to the security risks involved with using the popular new app that makes you an instant senior citizen.

The California Rep is very leery of FaceApp, the free app -- reportedly owned by a Russian company -- that transforms faces with various filters like "old age." The Russian connection is making some users nervous and, when we asked Lieu about it Wednesday on Capitol Hill, he said we ALL should be.

Ted points out he has a background in cybersecurity, and FaceApp raises major concerns because when you download it ... you agree to let it access all your photos and, potentially, a bunch of private info.

If you're cool with that, so be it ... but the Congressman is urging consumers to think twice since you could be added to a facial recognition database, or have your pics sold or altered.

Ted says the app's terms and conditions -- that fine print you scroll through quickly without reading and then click "I agree" -- are pretty invasive. His advice? Make sure it's worth it to get a few laughs and likes on social media.

Slim 400 Shooting Rapper Shares Recovery Photo ... Mocks His Attackers

Slim 400 owes his life to the hospital staff who are treating him after getting shot 9 times -- and while he's got a delicious way to pay them back ... he's also poking fun at whoever fired on him.

The rapper just posted the first shot of himself since he was gunned down in Compton a couple weeks ago. The hospital bed shot shows he's still in bad shape after the attack, but his sense of humor's clearly intact.

As Slim put it, "I wanna thank the staff at the hospital for helpin me shake back" and says he owes them grub from Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles or Taco Mell Catering for life.

Slim also has a message for his shooters ... "God I thank whoeva was poppin 4 buyn them shells at walmart I’m here 4 a reason Hol’Upppp." Translation -- your cheap ass bullets couldn't kill me.

We broke the story ... 400 got out of ICU earlier this week and he's now in stable condition, but he has a long road of recuperation ahead of him. Our sources say he's expected to remain in the hospital for quite some time.

Considering Slim's undergone 4 surgeries since being rushed to the hospital with 9 gunshot wounds to multiple areas of his body, it's amazing he's in as good of shape as he is ... and seemingly in good spirits.

So far, no suspects have been identified in the ambush shooting. As we first told you, the gunmen hopped out of their drive-by vehicle in an attempt to kill Slim ... but fortunately he survived.


His friend, YG, says despite the scary ordeal ... he vows to "stay dangerous."

Lil Nas X Coming Out Planned Weeks Before Big Announcement


Lil Nas X had clearly been thinking about coming out as gay for a long time, and the best evidence of that is the cover of his debut album ... a cover that was in the works for weeks.

Lorenzo Sozzi, who designed the cover with the rapper, tells TMZ ... Lil Nas X had a vision of the art for the album -- the rapper leaving a dystopian world for a futuristic world -- so X actually put out an open call to artists to come up with his vision, and Sozzi is the one who nailed it.

Lil Nas had some edits, though, and sometime during the creative process ... he instructed Sozzi to add a rainbow flourish to one of the buildings on the album cover. Nas never told Sozzi why he wanted to add the rainbow, but he was adamant about it.

Now, here's what's really interesting ... Nas released the album cover art on June 15 -- 2 weeks ago, but he didn't come out until June 30. Looking back, it's clear, at the very least, the cover of X's "7" was a big clue he was gay, but he never explained further until his Glastonbury concert this past Sunday.

TMZ broke the story ... Nas was so moved by the crowd -- 180,000 strong -- showing him so much love, he went back stage, picked up his phone, and told the world he is gay.

The funny thing is ... when Nas came out he joked, "deadass thought i made it obvious" because of the rainbow -- yet no one picked up on it.

A$AP Rocky New Video Shows He Played Peacemaker in Sweden Brawl

Breaking News

A$AP Rocky tried his best to calm things down moments before he and his crew got into a crazy brawl with a guy who ended up getting battered and bloodied.

New video shows the rapper wanted no trouble with a guy who kept following him over the weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. The video starts with A$AP's massive bodyguard telling the guy to take a hike, but the guy didn't listen. He kept harassing A$AP's group, and eventually used his headphones to swing on the bodyguard. You can hear them shatter on the bodyguard's head. 

Check out the vid ... you can see Rocky put his left hand over the guy's shoulder and tell him, "Listen, listen. We don't wanna fight y'all. We don't wanna go to jail." At one point, Rocky also looks into the camera and says "We don't want no problems with these boys. They keep following us. Look at them." 


As you know by now ... A$AP's patience ran out. TMZ posted the video of Rocky and co. pummeling the guy. When the dust settled, Rocky and his crew were long gone and the guy was knocked out on the ground.

Law enforcement sources told us they're looking into the incident and reviewing video. 

A$AP himself posted the latest video, as it seems to show his squad was not aggressive ... and actually tried multiple times to keep the peace.

Steve Wozniak Get Off Facebook!!! Privacy Concerns Scare Me


Steve Wozniak has a warning for anyone who uses social media ... the platforms are eavesdropping on your private conversations, and sending that precious data to advertisers.

We got Steve at Reagan National Airport in D.C. Friday and just had to ask him if he's worried about Facebook, Instagram and others infringing on his privacy ... the Woz says he's terrified, and you should be too!!!

Steve knows what he's talking about ... the dude co-founded Apple, and he's very much plugged into Silicon Valley and all aspects of tech. 

CBS This Morning

The paranoia surrounding social media spying is top of mind right now after Gayle King called BS on Instagram chief Adam Mosseri's assertion the platform does NOT listen in on your private convos. 

Woz says he ain't buying the company line, either ... and he explains why anything you say in the presence of your electronics is readily made available to all sorts of entities. 

Check out our clip ... Steve makes some pretty good suggestions for ways to fix the system, and he has a dire warning for anyone who is hooked on Facebook.

Bella Thorne Cries Over Ex Tana Mongeau ... Engagement to Jake Paul

More tough news for Bella Thorne -- her ex-girlfriend just announced she's engaged to Jake Paul ... and Bella's not hiding how she feels about it.

The actress/model -- who's got at least 2 Instagram accounts that we know of -- posted dual reactions Monday after Tana Mongeau and Jake shared the big news ... Jake proposed, and Tana said yes. The couple's now set to get hitched.

Bella dated Tana for a year before breaking up in February -- and publicly ... she seemed ecstatic for her ex. Bella posted a photo of her holding Tana on her official IG with a somewhat congratulatory message ... that was more about her birthday than her engagement.

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Bella's caption read, "Through thick and thin. I love you tana happy bday you beautiful beautiful special girl." No mention of her future with the Paul bro, though.

On Bella's finsta (her "fake" Instagram, which she's publicly confirmed that she runs) ... she was a bit more candid on how exactly she felt about Tana and Jake. Long story short, it sounds like she's pretty bummed about it, and Bella didn't hide it either in a new post.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bella threw up a couple photos that appear to show her crying -- with puffy, red eyes -- and her caption this time read, "When ur ex gets engaged" with crying emojis. Tana even commented on Bella's finsta post, writing ... "omg."

Hey, at least Bella keeps it real with her emotions. That much we know all too well from this past week.

Gayle King to Instagram Chief I Swear Instagram is Listening to Us!!!

CBS This Morning

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri told Gayle King the app does NOT eavesdrop on private conversations ... but she called BS to his face.

Mosseri told King Tuesday on "CBS This Morning" it's straight-up dumb luck when an ad for something a user had just discussed in a private conversation uncannily shows up on their Instagram feed. Mosseri said IG doesn't look at users' messages or listen to their microphone.

But, check out the clip ... Gayle blasts Mosseri. And, when she asked if the same thing happens to him, Mosseri ... well, check it out -- it's super awkward.

There's paranoia among users that Instagram -- which is owned by Facebook -- spies on users to gather ad-targeting information. The suspicions come just over a year after Facebook suffered a massive blow in consumer confidence following the Cambridge Analytica scandal ... when it was revealed Facebook allowed the third-party service to collect user data without consent.

That data was then used to target U.S. voters in the 2016 election.

Billie Eilish From the Window with Love ... Rocks to Adoring Crowd!!!


Billie Eilish gave an encore performance in NYC ... from her window, and her fans roared in approval.

The 17-year-old alt-pop singer rocked back and forth Wednesday night from her dressing room at Radio City Music Hall as a huge crowd gathered below ... blasting Billie's hit after hit. The "Ocean Eyes" singer had just performed there and the crowd clearly thirst for more. And, she gave it to them.


Watch ... Billie danced and recorded her fans down below. She posted her vantage point on Instagram and you can see why she's cemented her status as a bonafide star. BTW ... her gig at the iconic Radio City Music Hall followed Tuesday night's NYC debut at Rooftop at Pier 17 ... which sold out.

You can see why Universal scooped her up at 16 and advanced her millions.

Post Malone Spotted Going Wild ... at South Africa Safari Park!!!


Post Malone could NOT look more ecstatic living life in the wild.

The rapper and his crew are currently in South Africa getting in on all the touristy stuff. They all hit up the popular Lion & Safari Park in Broederstroom, South Africa and got a little taste of everything ... from petting cheetahs to feeding giraffes. Side note: who knew giraffes were huge Lays chips fans?

Check out the vid ... Post also got to pet a lion cub and even had a cheetah lick his hand. BTW ... Post was in South Africa because he performed earlier this week at the Castle Lite Unlocks hip hop experience in Johannesburg.

It's reportedly the first time Post Malone has visited the country and wowed the crowd. He performed "Better Now" among the several bangers. The crowd -- like the giraffes -- ate it up.

Kylie Jenner I'm Dragging My Friend to the DMV ... So He Can Get His License


Kylie Jenner just might be the friend of the year ... because she WILLINGLY went to the DMV with her buddy, and helped him get his drivers license.

Kylie spent part of her Tuesday afternoon at everyone's least favorite government agency ... riding shotgun with longtime makeup artist and pal, Ariel Tejada, on a quest to secure his DL.

It's not every day you see a BILLIONAIRE inside a DMV ... but here's Kylie, strolling though the office in Thousand Oaks.

Kylie shared the adventure on her Instagram Story, and it sounds like she was the driving force behind the big errand ... because she says she had to drag him out of the house to finally get it done.

Looks like their big day of studying paid off ... Kylie was happy to report Ariel passed his test and got his license!!!

No word on who drove home.

Brett Favre My IG Was Hacked!!! Not Coming Out of Retirement


Sorry to crush the dreams of everyone hoping to see 49-year-old Brett Favre unretire (again) and suit up for 2020 ... the Gunslinger tells TMZ Sports his Instagram was HACKED.

Football fans lost their minds after Favre's verified IG account posted a throwback pick from Super Bowl XXXI with the caption "A true champion sticks to his or her calling. I will be coming out of retirement and making my return to play in the NFL for the 2020 season."

The post was deleted minutes later ... leaving people to speculate whether Favre was really coming back again.

Look, we've seen Favre throw passes recently and the guy still has a cannon for an arm. In fact, in late 2017 Favre told TMZ Sports he was confident he could still make NFL throws but didn't want to take the hits anymore!!!

So, when we saw the new Instagram comeback post, we had to call him up to see if he was REALLY trying to get back in the league ... but alas, it was not meant to be.

Favre says the explanation is simple -- someone hacked his social media account -- he's not trying to pull a Rafael Palmeiro and play pro ball into his 50s.

Now, Favre says the phony post was deleted and his team is scrambling to find the culprit.

Too bad ... we can think of a few teams that could probably use the help.

Tory Lanez Colorism Claims are BS ... Say Music Vid Directors


The music video directors Tory Lanez accused of colorism are baffled, claiming if anything in the behind-the-scenes video suggests there's a culprit ... it's the people in Tory's camp.

Capone -- half of the directing duo, Capone x Guise, that shot Nafe Smallz's "Good Love" video featuring Lanez -- says their team has zero problems with featuring dark-skinned women on camera.


In case you missed it ... Lanez claimed the directors tried swapping out a dark-skinned woman for someone lighter-skinned, but he pushed back and insisted on shooting with the darker skinned woman. A behind-the-scenes video clip -- shared by Tory -- appears to show the attempted swap ... but it's unclear who ordered it.

Capone insists it wasn't anyone on his team, adding most of the people present on the set during that particular scene were from Tory's camp ... insinuating the attempted swap came from there.

Further proof, according to Capone, is that he and Guise are heavily involved in the Afrobeats scene, and the majority of their work features dark-skinned women. On top of that, "Good Love" is highlighted by all types of beautiful black women ... including the darker-skinned model in question, who is seen several times in the music vid.

As Capone puts it ... his team would "never allow something as disgusting as what Tory Lanez is portraying."

He says he and his team are very upset their fun vision for this video has been overshadowed by Tory's allegations.

As for Tory, he's now doubling down and pushing back after people on social media claimed he staged the attempted swap to get publicity for the song, which debuted 4 days ago. He says those allegations are BS.

Bill Cosby Father's Day Tweet Was All Me ... Dictated From Prison Phone


Bill Cosby's Father's Day tweet left most thinking it was a PR stunt from his team, but we've learned it came from the Cos himself ... who spoke it into existence from behind bars.

Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ ... Bill called from prison Sunday night, wanting to get a Father's Day message out to the public from his official social media accounts. Wyatt says Bill dictated through the phone exactly what he wished to say.

Wyatt says Bill does this often -- he's on with his team via phone calls or face-to-face about 3 to 4 times a month.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This time, Cosby's message -- which was published to both Twitter and Instagram -- read, "Hey, Hey, Hey...It's America's Dad...I know it's late, but to all the Dads... It's an honor to be called a Father, so let's make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose -- strengthening our families and communities."

An old video of Cosby during a CBS Black History Month special was attached to the posts. In the clip, he discusses how mass incarceration has affected black men and broken up tons of families in the process. He says, "America invented the cruelest slavery in the history of the world because it broke up black families. After slavery was over, America kept breaking up the black man’s family and that’s some awful history to teach."


As you might imagine, Coby's posts caught some backlash. Apparently, people don't wanna hear from a convicted predator -- that kinda seems to be the consensus all around. Remember, he was found guilty in 2018 of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand.

What also pissed people off was Cosby playing up his old unofficial title as America's TV dad, but Wyatt tells us everyone's got it twisted ... 'cause BC was just going off of what he's hearing from the yard. Wyatt says Cosby has relayed that lots of other inmates refer to him as "their dad" and that he was simply running with that for the tweet/IG.

Wyatt also says he just doesn't understand the criticism over Cosby's words -- as his message was nothing but positive for the holiday. Uhhh, we can take guess. Just sayin' ...

Lauren London Honors Nipsey on Father's Day ... One Reason I Loved You

Lauren London is remembering Nipsey Hussle on a holiday marked for dads ... and she's doing it with a touching tribute honoring his fatherhood.

On Sunday, Lauren posted a sweet photo of her, Nipsey and their son, whom Lauren is cradling. She captioned her pic, "One of the reasons I fell in Love with You.... Your Fatherhood." Lauren added, "Today we celebrate You Love you Ermias."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Nipsey and Lauren had one child together -- 2-year-old Kross. He also had another child -- his 10-year-old daughter, Emani -- from a previous relationship.

Clearly, Lauren is still mourning the loss of her partner -- who died in March after being shot. She added another message on her Instagram story that hit the point home ... "Sent a lot of prayers to Heaven last night," with prayer hand emojis attached.

As we've reported ... Nipsey's daughter is currently in the custody of his sister, Samantha, after she filed for guardianship over her -- Sam feels Nipsey's first baby mama is unfit to care for the child. They're in the middle of a custody battle right now over the issue.

Kross, meanwhile, is staying with his mom. No problems there.