Mariners' Cal Raleigh Visits Elementary School ... After Student HR Video Goes Viral

Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh was so moved after seeing a classroom full of elementary school students lose it after he smashed a playoff home run, the big leaguer went to the classroom and hung out with the kids!

25-year-old Raleigh visited Cascade View Elementary School in Snoqualmie, WA, where he spent time with a group of fifth-graders who recently went viral for their reaction to Raleigh's dinger.

Mr. Rooney, a teacher at Cascade, posted video of his students going nuts after Raleigh blasted a homer in the wild card round of the playoffs against the Blue Jays.

And, the kids had reason to cheer. Raleigh's two-run blast in the first inning off Jays' ace Alek Manoah propelled Seattle to a 4-0 victory that day.

Seattle ended up sending the Jays home, but then lost to the Houston Astros in the ALDS.

Twitter / @MisterRooney

Little did Rooney know ... Cal got wind of the video, and decided to show his appreciation for the youngsters by spending quality time with them.

Raleigh -- who hit 27 home runs in his second season with the Mariners -- posed for pics with the kids, who were all smiles throughout the day, and he even answered questions, too.

Way to go, Cal!!

Dr. Fauci My Throwin' Arm's Improved!!! Redeems First Pitch Debacle W/ Toss At Mariners Game

Dr. Anthony Fauci's no longer havin' trouble with the curve -- 'cause after he epically botched his first pitch effort in D.C. in 2020, he was able to redeem himself with a respectable toss at the Mariners game on Tuesday night.

Fauci took the bump just before the M's played against his childhood favorite Yankees in Seattle -- and while he didn't exactly look like Gerrit Cole out there, the pitch was MUCH better than his first go-around two years ago.

You'll recall, at that Yanks vs. Nationals game in Washington, Fauci threw a ball so poorly, it landed some 10-15 feet away from home plate. The COVID-19 expert was dragged for the throw, with social distancing jokes continuously flying following the terrible heave.

But, Fauci has clearly worked on his arm since -- and was nearly able to throw a lollipop strike to Mariners manager Scott Servais at T-Mobile Park.

Fauci gave a fist pump following the toss -- and Servais was stoked for him, congratulating him, and then getting him to sign his mask!

As for how the doc was received at the game ... there was a smattering of boos from the crowd, but overall, it seemed to be a pleasant evening for Fauci -- who got to see the home team win a 1-0, 13-inning thriller.

Congrats on the redemption throw, Doc!

MLB Suspends 12 Players, Coaches ... For Wild Brawl In Mariners Vs. Angels Game

A whopping 12 players and coaches have been suspended for their roles in the massive brawl at the Angels vs. Mariners game on Sunday ... with L.A.'s manager, Phil Nevin, getting a staggering 10-game ban.

The MLB announced the punishments late Monday evening ... just over 24 hours after the two teams fought each other on the diamond following what appeared to be an intentional hit by a pitch in L.A. on Sunday.

Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz was banned for three games for throwing at Jesse Winker. Winker, meanwhile, was hit with a 7-game suspension for his role in igniting the skirmish after wearing the fastball.

L.A. third baseman Anthony Rendon, who's out for the season after having wrist surgery, received a 5-game ban for leaving the team's bench while on the injured list and taking a swipe at Winker.

Mariners shortstop J.P. Crawford got five games for throwing punches, while Angels closer Raisel Iglesias was hit with a two-game ban for throwing sunflower seeds and more onto the field.

Others punished, according to the MLB, included Angels assistant pitching coach Dom Chiti, Mariners OF Julio Rodriguez, Angels pitcher Ryan Tepera, Angels bench coach Ray Montgomery, Angels' interpreter Manny Del Campo and Angels catching coach Bill Haselman.

The punishments were slated to begin Monday night, though most of the players have chosen to appeal.

In the Mariners game Monday, just a few minutes after the suspensions were announced, Winker actually received a standing ovation from Seattle fans.

Mariners' Julio Cruz Dead At 67

Longtime Seattle Mariners second baseman Julio Cruz -- who worked as a broadcaster for the team following his playing days -- died on Tuesday, his family announced.

He was 67 years old.

No cause of death was revealed ... but Cruz's family said in a statement he "passed away peacefully."

"At the time of his passing, he was at home, and was surrounded by his loving family," the Cruz family said in a statement.

"Our family is grateful for your well wishes and support, and we ask for privacy at this time."

Cruz played for the Mariners in their first-ever season in 1977 ... and went on to log time with the team until 1983. He later played for the Chicago White Sox, before he left the game following the 1986 season.

"Our thoughts and sympathies are with his loved ones," the Mariners said in a statement Wednesday, "including his wife, Mojgan, three sons, Austin, Alexander and Jourdan, and their families."

In 2003, he began his role as a part of the Mariners' Spanish-language broadcasts, and he worked there until his death.

Cruz finished his career with a .237 batting average and 343 stolen bases.


MLB Fan Hit By Violent Punches During Mariners Game ... Suffers Bloody Gash

A fan at a Seattle Mariners game left the ballpark this weekend with a gnarly gash on his forehead ... after he took two HUGE punches to the face during a fight in the stands.

The wild scene was all captured on video during the Mariners' game Friday night against the Oakland A's ... when two fans got into an argument that turned violent.

In the footage, you can see the two were quarreling ... when the man in a Mariners jersey suddenly unloaded a massive right to the other guy's face.

The force of the blow was so vicious, it knocked off the guy's hat and sunglasses.

The fighting, though, didn't stop there ... 'cause just a few seconds later, the same man unloaded a second right that connected flush with the other guy's face again.

Somehow, the dude was not knocked down nor knocked out ... though he posted on social media Saturday revealing the two punches left him with a bloody wound above his eye.

Fortunately, he didn't seem to have too serious of injuries ... saying on his Twitter page, "I’m fine btw! Ate them up."

We've reached out to law enforcement to see if any arrests were made, but so far, no word back yet.

As for the game that night, the Mariners went on to win the tilt, 4-3.

Felix Hernandez Cries On Mound ... Likely Last Game w/ Mariners


Incredible moment in Seattle on Thursday night ... after Felix Hernandez threw his likely last pitch ever for the Mariners -- he and his teammates cried their eyes out!!

The scene was surreal ... King Felix -- who's been a LEGEND for the Mariners for the last 15 years -- was pitching in what many believe is his final game in a Seattle uni.

He threw well ... but in the fifth inning after getting Robbie Grossman to line out -- the Mariners pulled him from the game.

What happened next was spine tingling -- 'cause Felix and his teammates began to cry on the mound ... and the crowd went CRAZY!!!

Felix had to wipe away tears ... and before he headed into the clubhouse, he took off his hat to salute all the fans in attendance.

"I was walking to the bullpen and my eyes started to [get] wet and I was like, 'Not right now.' It's hard to do it," Hernandez told reporters after the game.

"There were a lot of emotions out there. I've been here for 15 years, and there is a lot of stuff going on."

Felix compiled 169 career wins for the Mariners in his time in Seattle, and also won the 2010 AL Cy Young Award ... but most believe the team won't bring him back next season.

It's unclear if Felix will retire this offseason ... but he told reporters, "You see me pitch today. I think I can go out there and compete."

Tino Martinez Praises Yanks For Encarnacion Trade ... 'He's The Best!'


The Edwin Encarnacion trade was a STEAL for the Yankees ... so says NY legend Tino Martinez, who tells TMZ Sports, "It's a great move!"

"He's a home run hitter," Tino says ... "He's the best!"

Encarnacion was just traded from the Mariners to the Yankees in a move that only cost the Bronx Bombers a low-level prospect and some cash.

And, Tino -- who was also famously dealt from the Mariners to the Yankees before NY's 1996 World Series-winning season -- is fired up for the move.

As for Clint Frazier -- the stud outfielder who was demoted back to the minors in order to make room for Edwin -- Martinez says he's confident the 24-year-old will be just fine.

"Clint Frazier is an awesome player, man," Tino says ... "He'll be back!"

Tino also tells us he doesn't think the Yankees wheelin' and dealin' is done just yet this season ... saying he thinks the team could also be adding a starting pitcher soon!!

MLB's Edgar Martinez I'm Scared Of Hall Of Fame Speech


Here's an insanely human moment from a dude who's about to become a god ... MLB great Edgar Martinez says he's been thinking about his HOF speech, and he's freakin' nervous.

Martinez was a 7-time All-Star, a 2-time batting champ (he had 2,247 hits and 309 HR's), and never saw a pitch he feared during his career, but when we got him out in NYC he admitted he's shook when it comes to public speaking.

"For some reason, public speaking is not that easy. It's not something you do constantly every day."

Edgar says the dread hasn't quite set in yet but told our guy the fear gets a little more real the closer he gets to Hall of Fame induction day next month.

We gotta say ... EM talked with our guy for a while and did a fantastic job -- and seeing as our cameras reach millions of people, this was really kinda like a dry run that he nailed.

Induction day is July 21 ... which is right around the corner, Edgar. We know you got this.

Nelson Cruz I'm a U.S. Citizen!! ... Time to Vote!!

Nelson Cruz is officially a United States citizen ... and he's already itchin' to hit the voting booths!!

The Seattle Mariners superstar announced the big news by posing with his new American flag on Instagram Monday morning ... saying "Mission accomplished. Next stop: Registering to vote."

The 38-year-old grew up in the Dominican Republic, and has been playing in the MLB since 2005.

U.S. citizenship is becoming a trend with the Mariners -- Cruz's teammate Felix Hernandez (from Venezuela) just got his citizenship last month and was stoked about it!

"It means a lot,” Hernandez told the Seattle Times ... "Now, I am proud to be an American. Just happy, and so proud to be an American."

BONUS -- check out Cruz's stars and stripes kicks ... talk about swaggy AND patriotic.


51-Year-Old MLB Manager Loses Bet ... Haircut Ensues


51-year-old Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais made a bet with his star pitcher Edwin Diaz -- get 50 saves and I'll swap out my dad hair for your flashy designer fade.

Diaz got the job done on Saturday -- so, Scott got the chop ... and it's all on video.

Diaz and Servais made the bet way earlier this year -- and as Diaz caught fire, it became clear Servais was gonna have to walk the walk or be forever mocked as a chicken.

Well, guess what ... just 3 days after Diaz notched save #50 against the Diamondbacks -- Servais found himself a barber, got in the chair and held up his end of the bargain.

End result? IT LOOKS GOOOOOD!!!!!!

Props to Scott for keeping his promise. And, even bigger props to Seattle for having the swaggiest manager in the game now.

Robinson Cano Suspended 80 Games ... for Banned Substance

Seattle Mariners superstar Robinson Cano -- one of the best players in baseball --has accepted an 80 game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance.

However, Cano insists he did NOT take steroids or any other performance enhancing drug ... he insists he made a simple mistake when taking a prescribed medication.

"Recently, I learned that I tested positive for a substance called Furosemide, which is not a performance enhancing substance," Cano said in a statement.

"Furosemide is used to treat various medical conditions in the United States and the Dominican Republic."

"This substance was given to me by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment."

"While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned, I obviously now wish that I had been more careful."

The issue ... Furosemide can be used as a masking agent to hide PEDs -- and that's why it's banned.

The 35-year-old is currently nursing a broken hand which he suffered Sunday when he was hit by a pitch while playing against the Detroit Tigers.

MLB says he will be allowed to start serving his suspension immediately, despite the injury.

The 2nd baseman -- an 8-time All-Star -- is in the middle of a 10-year contract worth $240 MILLION. Many people believe he was headed to the Hall of Fame ... but this could derail that.

Cano adds, "I would never do anything to cheat the rules of the game that I love, and after undergoing dozens of drug tests over more than a decade, I have never tested positive for a performance enhancing substance for the simple reason that I have never taken one."

A-Rod Does This Cap Make Me Look Smarter?? ... Speaks at U. of Miami Graduation

24 years after turning down an offer to play for the Miami Hurricanes, Alex Rodriguez is finally suiting up for the Orange and Green ... as a graduation commencement speaker!!

A-Rod was invited to Coral Gables to talk to the U's Fall 2017 graduation class on Thursday ... and the ex-MLB star was so stoked for the job, he snapped a selfie with the 600 students in attendance.

FYI -- Rodriguez signed a letter of intent to play for the Canes in '93, but decided to go straight to the pros with the Seattle Mariners instead.

He went on to reportedly make $480 MILLION in MLB salary and now he's dating J Lo ... so he chose wisely!

A-Rod joked about the move, saying "This is the closest I’ve been to a college graduation. Does the cap and gown make me look any smarter?"

Seattle Mariners Rookie Gets Chris Farley Treatment ... Chippendales Lives!


The Mariners went waaaayyyy back to haze one their rookies Wednesday -- making 1st baseman Dan Vogelbach dress like Chris Farley from his legendary Chippendales sketch ... and it was awesome!!

Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny!

Don't worry, Vogelbach was joined by the rest of the rooks -- who dressed up like Gumby, Supergirl, Thor, the Kool-Aid Man and others.

But no one pulled off the look-alike thing like Vogelbach!!!



'The Big Unit' Randy Johnson R.I.P. Nintendo Prez You 'Changed the World'

Fun fact: Recently deceased Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi once owned the Seattle Mariners.

Randy Johnson -- one of the legendary players from the team -- tells TMZ ... Hiroshi's death has left a major void in the video game world.

The Big Unit -- who broke a slew of records on Yamauchi's watch -- tells us he was friends with HY back in the day ... but won't be attending the funeral in Japan since its for family and people super close to him.

Randy adds, “Mr Yamauchi was a great man who changed the world with his mind and spirit. He will be greatly missed."

Another fun fact: Yamauchi never attended one Mariners game ... go figure.

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