Drake ¿El diss track es real o IA? Fans debaten en Twitter

El nuevo diss track de Drake está causando un tremendo revuelo en línea, con los fans intentando descifrar su contenido, y sobre todo, si este corresponde al rapero o no, ya que algunos fanáticos piensan que podría ser generado con IA.

La nueva pista se filtró el sábado en la mañana y es bastante explosiva, con dardos a un montón de artistas como Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Future y muchos más.

El diss parece referirse al propio tiro de Kendrick Lamar hacia Drake y J. Cole, donde alega que no había Big Three cuando canta en "First Person Shooter" cy, diciendo, que él se levantó como el mejor de todos los tiempos.

Drake Leaked Diss Track Real or AI??? Fans Debate on Twitter

Drake's new diss track's causing a firestorm online ... over the content and over whether or not it's really the rapper -- 'cause some fans think it's AI-generated.

The new track leaked online Saturday morning ... and, it's pretty dang explosive -- roasting a whole lotta artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Future and tons more.

Drake takes a shot at Kendrick Lamar early on ... "You better drop and give 'em 50/Pipsqueak pipe down, you ain’t in no Big 3/SZA got you wiped down/Travis [Scott] got you wiped down/Savage got you wiped down/Like your label boy, you Interscope right now."

The diss seems about Kendrick Lamar's own shot at Drake and J. Cole ... claiming there was no Big Three while name-dropping their "First Person Shooter" song -- and, he saying he truly stood as the greatest of all time.

LIVER KING GIVING AWAY $1K/Day for 100 DAYS!!! Spreading Love & Peace

Liver King has a new flex, and this one's got nothing to do with his famous physique ... it's all about spreading good vibes, and handing out lots of cold hard cash.

The fitness influencer tells TMZ he's giving away a grand a day on X (formerly Twitter) for 100 days as part of his game plan to swap out the internet's hate fest for some good ol' love and peace.

Heart Is A Muscle

LK tells us tossing cash into the mix will hopefully help angry and hurting folks flip their mindset to a positive, winning one -- and he's walking proof a mental makeover is totally possible.

City Girls JT, Miami Throw Shade During Eclipse ... End Of An Era???

City Girls haven't put out any music together in months and the current state of things isn't looking up ... 'cause Yung Miami and JT are currently going at each other's necks online!!!

The spat began on Monday during the solar eclipse when Miami reposted JT and accused her of throwing shade these past few weeks as her association with Diddy has come in the legal crosshairs.

YM even accused JT's recent songs "Sideways" and "No Bars" of containing sneaky lyrics aimed at her ... and she was done putting up with what she characterized as a fake friend.

Neither have pushed the City Girls name much since their October 2023 album "Raw Ass Whores" stalled out in just its first week with only 10k in sales.

Sources close to the group tell TMZ Hip Hop the rift is just "a family dispute" outside their professional careers -- fans are blaming it on the eclipse but things aren't looking good.

They're both calling each other by their government name and JT just labeled Miami "a sad f****** case" ... girl code broken.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Quakes, Eclipse Sign From God ... Urges Americans to Repent

Marjorie Taylor Greene's looking to the heavens for an omen ... and, it seems she's finding them in every natural phenomenon.

The Georgia congresswomen tweeted out a warning to her fellow Americans Friday after an earthquake rocked the Northeast -- specifically New Jersey and New York. And let's not forget what happened in Taiwan ... of course, a solar eclipse is happening Monday too.

In her tweet, MTG says God's sending signals to the United States demanding repentance ... and claiming both the earthquake and next week's solar eclipse are signs from above.

GloRilla Sidesteps Lillard Q On 'Club Shay Shay' ... Can't Say, Shannon!!!

Club Shay Shay

Shannon Sharpe asked GloRilla the question everyone wants to know the answer to -- did her flirtatious shot at NBA superstar Damian Lillard actually work -- but the rapper dodged the query expertly ... and the whole interaction was hilarious.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer peppered the Memphis rapper about the message she sent to Lillard while the two were on Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" show this week.

Initially, Shannon tried to get her to talk about her favorite NBA players ... before he pivoted the convo to her social media post where she said she "wanted" Lillard.

Damar Hamlin Rips Antonio Brown ... 'Biggest Weirdo We Know!!!'

Damar Hamlin went in on Antonio Brown on Friday morning -- firing away at the ex-NFL star in two separate social media posts ... calling AB not only a "weirdo," but a "burnt out old head" too.

The Buffalo Bills star unleashed his rant minutes after Brown responded to the prompt "A fictional character’s death that you have NOT gotten over" with a picture of Hamlin.

"I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you..," Hamlin said. "I used to look up to you damn near s*** sad frfr. Talk bout a clone bring the real AB back!"

Hamlin added that he believed Brown made the post because he didn't respond to the former Buccaneers receiver's direct message earlier this week.

"guess you playing lame games on twitter with my situation because I ain’t DM you back," he said.

But, Hamlin didn't stop there, in a follow-up, he called Brown "the biggest weirdo we know!"

"You was supposed to be an example setter," he said, including a screen shot of Brown's apparent DMs to him. "Get off twitter & go do some work with some kids or something. #PrayForAB."

Of course, Brown -- who appears to be spending most of his free time on social media these days -- clapped back with a multitude of tweets ... seeming to imply that he was just joking around.

Although, he did add, "I’ll leave your ass sleep in a field fr boy u don’t know me like that."

Damar's yet to respond ... but something tells us this beef's nowhere close to getting squashed yet.

Patrick Mahomes 'P Diddy' Tweets Deleted ... Amid Sex Trafficking Probe

Patrick Mahomes is distancing himself from Diddy as the rap mogul faces a mountain of troubling allegations ... with the Kansas City Chiefs superstar's social media accounts deleting posts that reference Sean Combs' stage name.

Back in the year 2014, Mahomes shared two posts that included the phrase "P Diddy" -- which is what the Bad Boy founder went by from 2001-2004.

At least one of the tweets appears to be completely unrelated to the artist ... as it mentioned a friend with the username "@Pat_Day_75," who seems to be a longtime friend from Texas.

Don Lemon Talks Possible CNN Return ... Never Say Never!!!

TMZ Podcast

Don Lemon is not saying never about returning to CNN -- which fired him last year -- and even has some requirements in mind, but he's also very realistic about why it ain't happening ... most likely.

The famed newsman joined us on the "TMZ Podcast" this week, and revealed he'd be open to going back to his former employer if they offered a particular company car -- one more associated with Elon Musk, ironically.


We're confident he was joking, but Don was serious about not holding his breath for a call from CNN. He says there's no bad blood between them, but also explained why it's probably not a great fit, for him at least.

Actress Gina Bellman No 'Courage' to Admit Cancer ... Until Princess Kate Did

Kate Middleton's shocking announcement ended with a message of support for all those affected by cancer ... and seemingly inspired one such person to speak out.

Actress Gina Bellman -- best known for her role as Sophie Devereaux on the series "Leverage" -- posted a message of support to X for the Princess of Wales a little over an hour after Kate's video shocked the world.

And, minutes after her first tweet applauding KM's bravery ... Bellman told her followers about her own cancer diagnosis.

Royal Family Biographer Deletes Kate Middleton 'Countdown' ... Wanted To Highlight Announcement

A controversial royal family biographer is in some hot water for a tweet he posted minutes before Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis.

Omid Scobie -- who wrote a controversial book on the royal family last year -- shared a tweet of him setting an alarm for 6 PM on Friday ... the time in England when Kate Middleton shocked the world by revealing she has cancer.

And, right after the Princess of Wales revealed the info, two things happened -- Scobie took the tweet down, and social media raked him over the coals.

Comments calling the tweet tasteless and attacking Omid's character ran rampant across X ... and the journalist ultimately had to address the online controversy after several media outlets picked up the news.

In another tweet posted Friday, Scobie explains he didn't know what the announcement was about, and only wanted to alert his followers to the news -- deleting his post shortly after watching Middleton's video.

Scobie expresses his frustration with the outlets who reported the story, saying they ran with the post as if it were a sick "countdown" to the news ... which he says was never his intention.


It's not totally shocking some people may think Omid was making light of the news ... 'cause he's quite the controversial figure in the royal realm. Remember, Scobie wrote the book "Endgame" which made some serious claims about the royal family.

Among them, two senior royals were alleged to have made racist comments about Meghan and Harry's children. Though they were supposed to go unnamed, a Dutch translation of the book listed them ... as King Charles and Princess Kate.

Scobie's said the two were erroneously identified ... but, the book left a sour taste in many people's mouths -- and it appears Scobie's no longer getting the benefit of the doubt, especially when it comes to the Princess of Wales.

Seems like this is a simple miscommunication ... but, tensions are obviously high -- with so many X users ready to jump to Kate's defense.


ajedrez mental
X / @neuralink

Elon Musk finalmente ha decidido mostrar lo que Neuralink ha estado haciendo. Resulta que han mostrado al primer sujeto utilizando su tecnología... y es increíble.

El jefe de Tesla -que también dirige Neuralink- publicó un video de cerca de 9 minutos mostrando por primera vez a alguien usando su tecnología. Hablamos del testimonio de un tipo llamado Noland Arbaugh, un tetrapléjico de 29 años de edad que pasó por el quirófano para poder usar Neuralink.

Dice que tuvo un extraño accidente de buceo hace unos 8 años que lo dejó paralizado de los hombros para abajo, y tras enterarse de lo que Neuralink podía hacer, se inscribió.

El video muestra cómo funciona exactamente esta tecnología, y efectivamente, se puede ver a Noland utilizando su mente para mover el cursor de un ordenador portátil que tiene delante en el que está jugando al ajedrez. Se ve bastante fluido, ¡y lo tiene dominado!

Noland es capaz de mover las piezas de ajedrez en la pantalla e incluso bajar el volumen de la música, todo con solo pensarlo. Se complica un poco al describir cómo lo hace exactamente, diciendo que está implementando algo llamado "movimiento imaginado", y utilizando el "poder de la mente".

Como hemos dicho, parece tenerlo todo bajo control, y es aún más sorprendente lo bien que se encuentra luego de la cirugía. Otro tema que toca en el video.

X / @neuralink

Noland respalda a Neuralink y reconoce que todavía hay mucho trabajo que hacer para perfeccionarlo, pero asegura que el progreso que han hecho hasta ahora es prometedor. Afirma que el número de personas a las que podría ayudar es asombroso, y se alegra de ser el paciente número 1.

Es bastante sorprendente, y puedes imaginar que habrá muchos que querrán prestarse como conejillos de indias, sobre todo viendo lo bien que ha resultado hasta ahora.

¡Bienvenido al futuro!

Elon Musk Shows Neuralink Subject on Vid ... Using Telekinetic Tech!!!

X / @neuralink

Elon Musk has finally pulled back the curtain on what Neuralink has been doing behind the scenes -- showing off their very first subject using their tech ... and it's incredible.

The Tesla chief -- who also heads Neuralink -- posted a link from his company that featured about 9 minutes of video from Neuralink ... and it's a full-blown testimonial from a guy named Noland Arbaugh -- a 29-year-old quadriplegic who went under the knife for this.

He says he was in a freak diving accident about 8 years ago, and it left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. After hearing about what Neuralink could do, however, he signed up.

The clip goes on to show how exactly the technology works -- and sure enough ... you can see Noland using his mind to move a mouse around on a laptop that's set up in front of him ... on which the guy's playing chess. It looks pretty seamless, and he's got it down pat!

Noland is able to move chess pieces on the screen and even turn down music -- all by simply thinking about where he wants the mouse to go. He gets into the weeds a bit in describing how exactly he does it ... saying he's implementing something called imagined movement, trying to pivot away from attempted movement with a whole lot of brain power.

Like we said ... he certainly seems to have a knack for it now -- and even more amazing is how well he appears to be doing post-surgery, something else he touches on in this video.

changed my life
X / @neuralink

Noland gives a ringing endorsement for Neuralink -- acknowledging there's still much work to do to perfect it ... but saying the progress they've made so far is promising. He says the number of people this could potentially help is staggering ... and he's happy to be patient #1.

It's pretty powerful visuals ... and you gotta imagine more folks are gonna put their names down to be guinea pigs for this effort -- especially seeing how well it's gone thus far.

Welcome to the future!

Richard Simmons Not Really Dying ... Despite Concerning Announcement

Richard Simmons is setting the record straight after sparking concern for his well-being earlier on Monday.

The fitness guru clarified on X that he was doing just fine ... mere hours after he told his followers that he was dying. The 75-year-old star apologized to his followers for upsetting them with his shocking declaration.

He explained the concerning update was not meant to be an announcement about his health ... but rather a message about appreciating every day. He apologized again for any confusion the upload may've caused.

ICYMI ... earlier in the day, Richard took to Facebook and shared that he had sad news to announce. He wrote ... "I am ….dying. Oh I can see your faces now. The truth is we all are dying.  Every day we live we are getting closer to our death. Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest every single day. Get up in the morning and look at the sky… count your blessings and enjoy."

Richard went on to encourage his fans to eat healthy, move every day and watch his workout videos on YouTube for inspiration. He signed off his note by encouraging his followers to listen to Tim McGraw's song "Live Like You Were Dying."

In the hours it took him to clarify his social media activity, countless fans took to his post to send him love and healing thoughts.

Richard -- who took a step back from the limelight the last few years -- has been somewhat vocal on social media in recent months. He notably sounded off on Pauly Shore's plan to play him in a biopic ... noting that he had not given his permission for the flick.


FWIW, we're just glad to hear Richard is doing alright.

Don Lemon Elon Doesn't Answer to People ... Especially Ones Who Look Different

Don Lemon's not letting up on Elon Musk one bit ... hitting his new nemesis repeatedly in an explosive interview -- and making some pretty big insinuations.

The talk show host sat down with People in an interview published Sunday to promote his upcoming talk with Musk -- scheduled for release Monday -- and said he thinks Elon was put in a very unfamiliar position.

Among his comments, Lemon said this, "He's not used to being held to account. He's not used to having to answer to anyone, especially someone like me who doesn't share his worldview, who doesn't look like him. You know what I'm saying?"

Reading between the lines a bit here ... it seems Don's saying Elon's not used to answering to Black people -- instead usually dealing with white people who think the same as him -- a pretty huge implication if we're being honest.

And, it sorta falls in line with one of the questions Don asked Elon during their talk. He shared a clip while promoting the upcoming interview on "The View" where he asked Musk if he thought minority pilots were less qualified than their white male counterparts.


Lemon went after Elon a couple more times in the new interview ... he also called Musk naive if he thought questions about diversity wouldn't come up, and Don claimed he really believes in free speech -- while saying EM doesn't.

DL says Elon and his team wanted to see the interview before it aired BTW ... a request Don says he straight-up denied.

The name-calling's gone on for a few days now ... late Friday night, Elon compared Don to spoiled child Veruca Salt from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" -- best known for repeatedly whining to her dad in the '71 flick.

In any case ... it seems the beef's getting more intense as the time to the interview's release ticks down -- just a few more hours left!

Elon Musk Compares Don Lemon To 'Wonka' Brat ... Amid X Show Drama

Elon Musk upped the ante in his ongoing beef with Don Lemon, comparing him to Veruca Salt — the bratty child in the 'Willy Wonka' films.

In a Friday night post on X, the billionaire mogul wrote, "Don 'Veruca Salt' [lemon emoji]" linking the former CNN moderator to the spoiled girl character, who whined about wanting things from her wealthy dad throughout the famous 1971 flick.

As you know, the bad blood between the two men stems from Elon canceling Don’s contract to host his own TV show on the X social media platform, which is owned by Musk.

Earlier this week, Elon got pissed at Don after they sat down for an interview that was scheduled to appear on X, but never did.


Don asked some questions that rubbed Elon the wrong way, prompting Musk to terminate the deal they had together before the show even aired.

Don then went on CNN – his former employer – to discuss what happened with host Erin Burnett. A few clips of the Elon interview were aired, giving a window into the line questioning that annoyed Musk. Hate speech on X and Elon's ketamine use were among the topics talked about.

The New York Post reported Friday that Don issued a list of demands to Elon during contract negotiations, including a free Tesla Cybertruck and $8 million with $5 million paid upfront.

Just Watch The Interview

We caught up with Don following the whole debacle and he told us X needs his voice on the platform.

Clearly, Elon doesn't think so.

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