Amber Rose Disavows 'Kartrashians' Tweet ... Amid Kanye Drama

Kanye West's Kardashian drama has folks eyeing something Amber Rose said years ago ... but she's here to speak for herself on the issue, instead of letting the past do the talking.

Ye's ex took to Instagram Sunday after a 2015 tweet of hers resurfaced this weekend and went viral ... one in which she wrote at the time, "@kanyewest I'll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they're done with u."

The harsh message was in response to a back and forth Kanye and her were having back then -- this after he dissed her on 'The Breakfast Club' by saying he had to take 30 showers to rid himself of her, well aura ... just to be able to move on and get with Kim.

In light of the nasty accusations flying amid Kanye and Kim's divorce today, the Internet gleefully pulled this old thing out of the grave ... and let the jokes fly, at the expense of Ye and Kardashians.

But Amber doesn't want anything to do with that ... so says the woman herself. She says while never got an apology for Kanye's mean showers remark, AR says she's not sulking in 2015 anymore ... and even acknowledges what she said about Kim and co. was wrong.

She says a lot of good came out of those bitter times, including the creation of the Slut Walk -- something she started to help women feel unashamed of their sexuality. Amber also writes, "Kim nor her sisters deserved that tweet and y'all shouldn't co-sign that either."

Amber goes on to say she was younger and more immature back then, while emphasizing they're the KarDASHians, not -trashians, as she previously suggested. She finishes by saying she wants to do nothing but spread love and positivity in her life from now on ... that's all.

Betty White Gift That Keeps Giving ... New Mural Supports Dog Rescues

There's a new tribute to Betty White in town, but this one isn't just about honoring Betty ... it's about promoting the cause closest to her heart.

Corie Mattie is responsible for the new mural that's been installed on L.A.'s famed Melrose Ave. She says the piece took her roughly 15 hours to complete and includes the mission statement ... "Be More Like Betty."

Even cooler is the fact it's got a way for you to do just that.

Corie added a QR code on the mural which fans can scan to donate directly to wagmorpets ... an org supporting dog rescues. She tells us, Betty "loved animals so I thought it would be a good idea if people wanted to pose in front of it, this will go directly to [the] nonprofit."

The artist just figured the tribute was the perfect gift back to Betty ... who famously donated to and supported animal rescues for years. Corie's mural is right in line with a movement Betty's fans have started online with the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

The hashtag encourages people to donate to their local rescues and animal shelters.


As far as the mural itself... Mattie told us she felt Betty was the epitome of a "perfect human" who was way ahead of her time in promoting a more inclusive world. She says that's why she included the line, "Be More Like Betty."

Good advice for us all.

Carli Lloyd Quits Twitter ... After Delivery Driver Criticism Backfires

Soccer legend Carli Lloyd says she's done with Twitter ... and it all appears to be because she got dragged for criticizing a delivery driver.

The former footballer tweeted about her poor experience with a FedEx worker over the weekend ... slamming the person for not taking the extra steps to make sure her packages were safe from rainy weather.

"#noonecaresabouttheirjobanymore," said Lloyd, who attached a picture of the uncovered packages on her front porch steps.

Lloyd likely expected her followers on the social media app to back her and join in on the slamming of the driver ... but it appears the opposite happened.

The 39-year-old, who retired from the USWNT last year, was so heavily criticized -- particularly by those who felt the worker must've been underpaid and overworked during the holiday season -- that she not only deleted the initial tweet, but then she threw up the peace sign to the website.

"Bye Twitter," Lloyd wrote. "I usually know better than to come on here amongst the warriors!"

Lloyd, so far, has yet to delete her account.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Talking 'National Divorce' Days Before Twitter Ban

Twitter says it booted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for misinformation -- which may well be true -- but there's another scary topic she polished days before Jan. 6 ... civil war.

The Georgia congresswoman got permanently suspended from the bird app Sunday, with Twitter honchos saying she'd racked up 5 separate strikes regarding their COVID-19 misinformation policy ... the latest violation of which went down on Saturday, per the NYT.

The tweet that apparently pushed her over the edge was about reported deaths from vaccines -- and how, from her POV, they were taken way more seriously pre-COVID compared to now ... which she suggested was part of some big-government plot.

That was enough for Twitter to turn her account dark ... even though she still has her official Congress account. Still, some can't help but notice the timing and the other recent rhetoric she's been espousing of late -- especially with a terrible national anniversary drawing near.

Of course, we mean the day of the Capitol riots ... which happened almost a full 365 days ago starting Thursday -- and something MTG appears to have been inviting anew with tweets like the ones she posted a few days ago -- where she was talking about a national split.

In response to another tweet about Californians and New Yorkers fleeing their respective states during the pandemic and heading to places like Texas -- which the OG tweeter advocated for discriminating against those transplants -- Rep. Greene replied dubiously.

She wrote, "All possible in a National Divorce scenario," going on to bash the people leaving blue states ... while also supporting a moratorium on their voting rights once they move. There's a lot more tweets she's posted over the past year which seem to have stoked the flames of secession and a repeat of Jan. 6 -- but Twitter put its foot down just in time.

In response, MTG called Twitter "an enemy to America" ... while once again pushing separatism by saying writing ... "[I]t's time to defeat our enemies ... We will overcome!"

Ice Cube B.S. I Shortchanged Actors on 'Friday' ... They Coulda Just Said No

Ice Cube is angry at critics who are grousing he shortchanged actors who appeared in his iconic movie, "Friday."

Cube lashed out on Twitter, responding to an interview Faizon Love did, claiming he was only paid $2,500 to play Big Worm in "Friday." That led others to accuse Cube of "robbing his own people."

Well, Ice Cube blasted back, saying, "I didn't rob no space f***in body." He pointed out it was a super, low-budget flick -- it cost $2.3 mil to make -- and pointed out Faizon only worked 1 to 2 days on the movie during the 20-day shoot.

He went on to say, all of the actors were paid scale and they could have simply declined the offer to appear if they didn't like the salary.

Truth be told ... it's not unusual at all for actors to be paid scale for movies ... even movies with much fatter budgets than "Friday."

One more thing ... one of the Twitter critics brought up a rumor that Chris Tucker quit over money. Cube shot back ... he was ready to pay Tucker $10 mil to $12 mil for the sequel, but Chris turned him down for religious reasons -- he didn't want to cuss or smoke weed on camera anymore.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Kills Spirit of Christmas ... With Overbearing Science/Facts!!!

There's a new Grinch among us this holiday season -- it's Neil deGrasse Tyson, whose party-pooping amounts to debunking the existence of Santa Claus ... with cold, hard physics.

The famed astrophysicist went on a tear in the days leading up to Christmas this year, tweeting out fact after fact after fact ... all of which were intended to clear up the reality -- namely, that there's no way in hell Old Saint Nick could deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

First, NDT tackled the North Pole and what every little kid imagines his workshop/village might look like based on storybooks. According to Neil, that's all rubbish ... due to basic geography.

He writes, "Since the Northern Arctic is just ocean, Santa’s North Pole workshop has only ever existed on a floating sheet of ice. Images that portray Santa’s workshop with pine trees and snow-capped hills on the horizon are geographically underinformed."

Here's another not-so-fun fact for all the boy and girls who were waiting on Papa Noel this year -- the guy apparently wouldn't be able to deliver gifts to all of them in one night, because he'd be going so damn fast ... he'd literally burn up and die. Reindeer, too.

As Neil delicately puts it, "For Santa to deliver gifts to all world's Christians in one night requires hypersonic speeds through Earth’s lower atmosphere, vaporizing his reindeer & sleigh. Just sayin’.

And, one more for the all-inclusive crowd ... which has to do with gender, and the assumed sexes of Santa's flying motors. It would seem that whoever came up with the Christmas mythology way back when didn't take into account the differences between male and female reindeer.

Neil explains, "Santa doesn’t know Zoology:  Both male & female Reindeer grow antlers. But all male Reindeer lose their antlers in the late fall, well-before Christmas." He adds, "So Santa’s reindeer, which all sport antlers, are therefore all female, which means Rudolf has been misgendered."

As you might imagine, his harsh read on the holiday got a ton of pushback online ... with folks telling him to kick rocks and that he deserved a lump of coal for keeping it too real.

A little Journey seems appropriate here ... don't stop believing, kids. Unless, of course, you want to -- in which case, join the club. 💔

Yung Joc Says 'Wheel of Fortune' Meant Young Jock ... Despite Fans' Concerns


Young Jock or Yung Joc? Well, it depends on who's asking -- some "Wheel of Fortune" fans are calling out the show out for misspelling the rapper's name during an episode ... but Joc says that's probably not the case.

Folks believe contestant Kennise Miller might have been cheated out of $39k during Monday night's bonus round when she failed to solve the puzzle under the "person" category.


Turns out the answer was "young jock", but some fans say otherwise.

Instead, they believe it was a misspelling of rapper Yung Joc's name. Well, we caught up with the "It's Goin' Down" rapper who didn't really think the answer was a mistake but was simply intended to be the description of a young athlete.

Joc tells us he is a longtime fan of 'Wheel' -- he says he grew up watching with his mom and grandma .... "So, I'm one of the best people to play "Wheel of Fortune," he says.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Though he's never been on the show, he says at home there was no doubt he was a winner ... and he was much more certain about that than whatever producers intended on Monday's episode.

Kurt Warner Shiny Jacket Gets Roasted ... Is That The Tin Man?!?

Kurt Warner was looking like he was ready to go into orbit during the Cleveland Browns vs. Las Vegas Raiders game on Monday ... and naturally, Twitter couldn't get enough of it.

The Hall of Fame QB was looking extra warm in the booth for NFL Network -- rocking a metallic silver puffer coat while calling the game ... and as soon as he showed up on TV, viewers flocked to social media to get their jokes off.

"Kurt Warner looks like he’s about to land on the moon," one user wrote ... while another compared him to "a baked potato wrapped in tinfoil."

"Kurt Warner paying homage to Missy Elliott," another Twitter user said Monday. "I respect it."

There's more -- "Kurt Warner dressed like Puff Daddy lol"

NFLN even got in on the fun ... comparing their guy to a Hershey's Kiss.

Warner addressed the roasting on social media ... saying, "We have to get you all a better game in 2nd half. WAY TOO MUCH TALK ABOUT MY JACKET!!! Haha… #ThanksForWatching."

As for the game ... it's a low-scoring battle. But everyone saw that one coming, especially with Baker Mayfield and a ton of Browns players out with COVID-19.

Nice to see Kurt can take a joke ... but maybe keep this one in the closet next time.

Elon Musk I'll Be Paying Over $11B in Taxes This Year!!!

Elon Musk says he's ponying up to Uncle Sam and then some -- paying more than $11 billion in taxes ... which he likely hopes will get some political bigwigs off his back for a while.

Tesla's CEO put his cards on the table this weekend, tweeting ... "For those wondering, I will pay over $11 billion in taxes this year." He doesn't specify where the tax money will be pulled from -- whether it's his personal cash or Tesla -- but it's a large chunk of change, nonetheless.

Of course, EM's been getting dogged by Senator Elizabeth Warren -- among other elected officials -- for not paying his fair share in taxes, and coasting on profits from the huge pile of stock and other assets he holds onto without really ever cashing out.

While Elon's honesty might seem pretty forthright and righteous ... the truth is, he was expected to pay about this much regardless -- especially since he's got A LOT of stock options that are set to expire in August, which was projected to produce a tax bill of at least $15 bil.

Of course, Congress could still come down heavy on billionaires under Biden's agenda ... so it's also possible Elon wants it known he's paying what he considers his fair share already.

Whether he did it to get ahead of the curve or not, Elon's lump sum of $11 billion-plus will go down as one of the highest tax payments in U.S. history, if not the largest. That's counts for something, we suppose.


In any case, you gotta imagine Elon's tweet was mostly for the eyes of Sen. Warren, in hopes she gets off his back about not paying taxes -- 'cause he's definitely doing that this year.

However, if you ask Warren, she likely would say she wants big taxes paid by billionaires to become a regular thing ... and come under the rules of the law.

Musk's considered the richest person in the world right now ... with a reported net worth of about $244 billion. So, big picture, $11 billion is a small ding in the armor.

Future Yo, I'm Bigger Than Jay-Z, Man!!! ... In the Streets, Anyway

Jay-Z may be a rap icon, but he doesn't carry as much weight with today's average hip-hop head like he used to, especially compared to someone like Future -- so says ... well, Future.

Mr. Hendrix himself made the bold statement this weekend -- going on a little tweet spree to declare he's not only bigger than Jigga in the streets but that he'll run up a B (billion) perhaps even faster and easier than Jay did. The latter hit the mark (per Forbes) in 2019.

In addition to his Jay-Z tweet, Future had other things to say, including ... "Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh," as well as ... "I’m the only one can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh." And let's not forget ... "100M’s not the goal anymore."

Sounds like Future was on one for whatever reason, and wanted to puff his chest a bit. Still, that original claim of his -- that he's "bigger" than Jay -- is getting A LOT of pushback ... and at the same time, some agreement as well.

Of course, lots of users responded ... giving Future the virtual side-eye and even laughing him off. Even at Jay's billionaire status -- many say Future will never have the pull (not to mention the music bona fides) that Shawn Carter has ... and to compare is ludicrous.

One person pointed out Jay's accolades (there are many) ... while openly wondering why it's become fashionable for modern-day rappers to size themselves up against living legends.

And yet ... there's a small handful of folks who actually seem to agree with Future, saying ... yeah, the guy IS actually bigger than Jay (in the streets), suggesting HOV simply doesn't have the street cred/influence on the culture from the ground floor ... like he once did.

Interesting take ... and is obviously up for debate. Sounds like that argument boils down to relevance, and to whom it applies. We can acknowledge Future's music does tend to be popular (among the youth) today and generally performs better on the charts than recent Jay-Z releases.

Is Future Actually "Bigger" Than Jay-Z???

So, perhaps, this all boils down to perspective ... and interpretation of the premise. But we gotta ask anyway ... does Future and his supporters have a point here?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Elon Musk's Just Gotta Pay Taxes ... All There Is To It!!!


Sen. Elizabeth Warren's response to Elon Musk is pretty simple -- amounting to the same thing she's been saying all along ... that the guy's gotta pony up.

We got SEW on Capitol Hill and asked if she thought the Tesla chief would start paying his fair share in taxes after the scolding she gave him online over what she perceives as him taking advantage of loopholes ... and avoiding the IRS as a result.

Liz has a list of people she's speaking on behalf of here in response to their little back-and-forth -- mentioning everyday Americans from waitresses to school teachers and everyone else in between.

In the name of those folks -- whom the senator says pay more in taxes than Musk -- she tells us there's a simple solution to get her to stop ragging on him ... and it involves the guy opening up his wallet.

There's also a call to action on Congress, it seems, because it doesn't seem like EM's gonna do all this out of the goodness of his heart -- the tax code's gotta change, and she totally advocates for that (again) here.

Ball's in your court, Elon!

Salma Hayek Hotter Than Jennifer Lopez??? Twitter Says ... Absolutely

Jennifer Lopez might be hot stuff -- but she ain't finer than the great Salma Hayek ... at least that's what Twitter seems to have decided.

Another poll on the bird app has gone viral ... this time with the question being -- who's the baddest out of these 2 ladies??? Those gals being ... J Lo and SH, of course. In fairness, they didn't choose the most flattering shot of Jen here, but still ... the people have spoken.

It appears Salma is the clear victor in the looks department -- with one user responding, "Salma past, present, in her prime, now & twice on Sundays." Another wrote, "Don't ever disrespect Salma and her elite horchata buckets again." Uhhh ... okay.

No doubt, both women are beautiful -- but based on how people are responding to the very unofficial poll ... the feeling is -- Salma may, perhaps, be underrated. Crazy, we know, but if you consider the fanfare and hype one gets over the other ... that sorta makes sense.

Frankly, J Lo is talked about and idolized waaaaay more than Salma is -- but it could be because she's a lot more public with her life ... which obviously includes her SOs, who are a thousand times more famous than Salma's husband, Francois-Henri Pinault.

He's a billionaire and all, but nobody really knows who the guy is. Point being, Salma is very low-key and private compared to J Lo -- which possibly plays into how folks perceive them.

But, on a basic hotness level, it would seem people hold Salma in higher regard ... and there's even visual proof some are offering up to make their point. Salma has shown a lot of skin on camera, and that well of content is helping fans firm up their argument.

Jen, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily flaunt her stuff on the big screen all that much -- but she isn't shy about showing off her body either.

Who's More Attractive -- J Lo OR Salma???

With all that said ... we gotta ask ourselves, is Twitter actually right here??? Not to make this a contest or anything, but in the spirit of competition ... who would you rather???

Jack Dorsey Steps Down as Twitter CEO ... Stock Jumps 11%

8:40 AM PT -- Jack just released a statement about his resignation, saying, "There's a lot of talk about the importance of a company being 'founder-led.' Ultimately, I believe that's severely limiting and a single point of failure."

He goes on to say there are 3 reasons he believes now is the right time to step down, including the fact he says Parag -- who started in the company as an engineer -- is the right guy for the job. Dorsey says he's also confident in Bret Taylor becoming Twitter's board chair ... and finally, speaking to users of the social media giant, 'All of you have the potential to change the course of this company for the better. I believe this with all my heart!'"

8:01 AM PT -- It's official, Twitter just announced Dorsey has stepped down and CTO Parag Agrawal will take his point, as well as join the company's board.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO and one of the founders of Twitter, is expected to step down from his role ... causing the company's stock to make a massive jump.

A report from CNBC says Dorsey -- who is both the CEO of Twitter and Square -- is expected to step down from his executive role with Twitter as early as Monday. After the news, the stock jumped 11%.

It was just last year when Elliott Management -- the Twitter stakeholder -- had wanted Dorsey to step down, under the belief it was hard for him to effectively run both Twitter and Square at the same time. Both had come to an agreement back then to keep Jack on, but clearly, they've now decided differently.

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Ev Williams. Dorsey first served as CEO until 2008 and then took back over in 2015. He founded Square -- a digital payment company -- in 2009 and will almost certainly keep his role there.

Of course, over the years, Dorsey made his fair share of celeb friends ... including Jay-Z. The two were spotted together in the Hamptons back in August.

Jack has also been vocal in the career of Ye as well, even suggesting how he should roll out his "DONDA" album.

Originally Published -- 6:58 AM PT

Seth Rogen Slammed Over YouTuber's Car Burglary

The Twitter posse is at it again ... this time trying to cancel Seth Rogen for daring to call out a YouTuber who called Seth's stomping ground a "crime riddled 3rd world s***hole of a city."

Seth saw a post from Casey Neistat, who groused that his car had been burglarized and then added some choice comments about the City of Angels. He said his 7-year-old daughter's birthday party decorations were taken and the burglar left bloody handprints on the car.

Rogan responded, "Dude, I've lived here for over 20 years. You're nuts haha. It's lovely here. Don't leave anything valuable in it. It's called living in a big city."

Neistat fired back, saying he felt violated and wanted to know if he's allowed to be mad. Seth's response -- "You can be mad but I guess I don't personally view my car as an extension of myself and I've never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken into," adding, "Once a guy accidentally left a cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening you might get a little treat."

That sent some cancelers into orbit, slamming Seth for acting "privileged." True, not everyone can blow off a car burglary, but Seth was responding to someone who is also a multimillionaire.

Truth be told ... L.A. is getting hammered by crime, including a massive number of burglaries -- 10,000+ in 2021, with car burglaries up 10%.

And, the new phenomenon -- looting luxury stories in broad daylight -- has also become a big problem in L.A. as well as other cities. The day before Thanksgiving, a "looting gang" hit a Nordstrom in L.A.

Serena & Venus Williams Movie About Dad Criticized as Sexist Despite Them Being EPs

A movie about Serena and Venus Williams -- focusing on their dad teaching 'em tennis -- is, apparently, getting blasted as sexist ... even though they're literally the ones behind it.

Count this as the biggest bad hot take of the week ... and Twitter mostly agrees -- this person seems to be woefully misinformed on the making of "King Richard" -- not to mention the real-life history of Serena and Venus in general -- which stars Will Smith as their father in the titular role, and sees a young Serena and Venus turning into sports prodigies.

A woman named Dr. Jessica Taylor laid into the fact that this flick was more about their pops than them, per se, which she found insulting for some reason ... and to which she expressed outrage, almost on their behalf.

She writes, "Did they seriously make a film called ‘King Richard’ about the success of Serena and Venus Williams - but it’s about their dad, Richard?" What Dr. Taylor fails to realize, it seems, is that Venus and Serena are executive producers of the film.

So the "they" she's referring to here is actually VW and SW ... and the internet let her know about it, with one person responding -- "Venus and Serena wanted it that way. They are literally the executive producers of the movie. Please sit down somewhere"

Unclear if this message got through to the good doctor, because she followed up with yet another equally tone-deaf remark ... saying, "I get this has annoyed people but I genuinely didn’t expect a film about two of the most powerful, successful and amazing black female athletes to be named after a man, or centre a man."

She adds, "I would have loved this film to be all about them, and not a man. That’s it really." The implication, in our eyes, is that there's sexism afoot with the way it's presented.

Of course, what Dr. Taylor, again, does not seem to understand ... Serena and Venus are obviously onboard with this approach to the film, as it's one they wanted to tell and even signed on to shepherd. They've spoken about this in interviews, too, saying they wanted to highlight the role their father played in their lives -- and the gratitude they feel for his hard work.

Funny enough, there are other film critics who are coming to the table with the same POV as this Twitter user -- finding fault in the fact that Will gets most of the shine, and not the girls.

Like we said ... bizarre reactions all the way around, but at least it's getting the movie some pub. The film is out in theaters and HBO Max right now -- and word is, it's pretty darn good.

Elon Musk to Bernie Sanders I Legit Thought You Were Dead ... After Latter's Tax Demand

Bernie Sanders reiterated his demand for the top 1% to pay more taxes -- and Elon Musk slammed him ... saying the Senator may as well be 6 feet under as far as he's concerned.

The saucy exchange went down between Saturday and Sunday -- with Senator Sanders tweeting something he usually does ... saying, "We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period." Nothing crazy there -- typical Bernie rhetoric.

What's wild is what EM tweeted in response, writing ... "I keep forgetting that you’re still alive." Oof -- definitely a harsh dig ... both at BS's age, it seems, and perhaps his gradual retreat from the spotlight since running for President in 2020.

There's more, though ... Elon added, "Want me to sell more stock, Bernie? Just say the word …" That's interesting ... he appears to be touching on what he alluded to (and executed on) last week.

You'll recall -- the Tesla chief held a Twitter poll, asking followers of his if he should sell 10% of his company holdings so he could be taxed appropriately ... and in the end, the internet said yes. While it was unclear if Elon would follow through, he eventually did ... well, sorta.

Elon siphoned off about $5 billion worth of Tesla stock -- and because of that, he'll be taxed on the capital gains from that dough ... so a fair amount, no doubt. It doesn't seem to be anywhere near the full 10% he promised though ... so more stock sales may be forthcoming.

It's a weird tactic he's undertaking -- embracing calls/dares from the public (including politicians, apparently) to subject himself to being taxed more than he normally would.

Something tells us there's more to Elon's game here than just pure philanthropy and humanitarianism. The guy seems all too eager to unload a crap ton of stock right now.

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