Michael Jordan Ultra Rare Logoman Card Hits Auction ... Bids Starting At $250K

An incredibly rare Michael Jordan Logoman card is about to be up for grabs ... and trust us, this is one collectors NEED to own!

The 2003-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Logos Signature Michael Jordan Signed Game-Used Logoman Patch Card will go live on the Goldin website in just a couple of days ... and bids START at a quarter of a million dollars.

Yes, that's how rare this card is.

While Jordan, arguably the greatest hooper of all time, has been featured on a Logoman card in the past as a Washington Wizard, this is the first Chicago Bulls MJ Logoman.

That means the card, in addition to Michael's autograph, signed in blue ink, also contains a patch from an actual game-worn, Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey.

The autograph was rated a Gem Mint 10 by PSA, one of the top card authenticators in the country, meaning the signature is virtually perfect.

The Logoman card is also hand-numbered "1/1" -- this one card is all that exists.

In fact, the whereabouts of the very valuable cardboard were unknown for years ... until the card was submitted to PSA in 2022.

Now, for the first time ever it's about to be available to the public ... happy bidding!

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan We're Dunzo ... For Real!!!

Big win for Michael Jordan -- Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have officially called it quits after more than a year together ... and we're told all signs are pointing to it being a permanent split this time around.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Scottie Pippen's ex-wife and MJ's son have been broken up for a couple of weeks now ... and unlike the brief "pause" in their relationship back in February, there's no hope of patching things up in the future.

The two had a pretty rocky romance ... and ultimately, they decided it was time to call it a day. With that being said, it's impossible to say for sure we'll never see these two together again ... especially considering their track record of being on and off.

We're told 49-year-old Larsa and Marcus, 33, haven't been on speaking terms since the split ... and they're both focused on doing their own thing.

The signs were there -- Larsa and Marcus unfollowed each other recently ... and the oft-paparazzi'd duo haven't been shot in public together in weeks.

Of course, many considered the coupling to be a bit odd -- Michael and Scottie have had a longstanding feud after winning six NBA championships together with the Chicago Bulls ... and Larsa is a decade and a half older than Marcus.

MJ even voiced his displeasure over the relationship back in July 2023 ... and Marcus insisted his pops was just joking, but a lot of folks didn't believe it.


Larcus (RIP to that nickname) were first spotted together back in September 2022 -- they initially swore up and down they were just friends ... before ultimately caving in and admitting they were, in fact, a couple.

Things eventually got serious between the two ... and Marcus even teased a wedding date was "in the works."

At least Larsa and Marcus' friends and fam don't have to worry about keeping their calendars cleared now.


Michael Jordan puede estar tranquilo, porque Larsa Pippen y Marcus Jordan han terminado oficialmente luego de más de un año juntos, y nos dicen que todas las señales apuntan a que se trata de una ruptura permanente.

TMZ Sports ha indagado. La ex esposa de Scottie Pippen y el hijo de Michael han roto desde hace un par de semanas, y a diferencia de la breve "pausa" en su relación en febrero, no hay esperanza de arreglar las cosas en el futuro.

Los dos tuvieron un romance bastante polémico, y finalmente decidieron que era hora de ponerle fin. Es imposible asegurar que nunca más volveremos a ver a estos dos juntos de nuevo, especialmente teniendo en cuenta su historial.

Nos dicen que Larsa -de 49 años de edad- y Marcus -de 33- no han hablado sobre la ruptura, y en lugar de eso, han seguido cada uno por su camino.

Las señales estaban ahí... Larsa y Marcus dejaron de seguirse recientemente, y el dúo no ha sido fotografiado en público estas semanas.

Por supuesto, muchos consideraron que la pareja era un tanto extraña. Michael y Scottie han tenido una larga disputa después de ganar seis campeonatos de la NBA juntos con los Chicago Bulls, y Larsa es una década y media mayor que Marcus.

Michael incluso expresó su descontento sobre la relación en julio de 2023 y Marcus insistió en que su padre estaba bromeando, pero muchos no le creyeron.


La pareja fue vista por primera vez en septiembre de 2022, cuando juraron que solo eran amigos, antes admitir que eran, de hecho, una pareja.

Las cosas finalmente se pusieron serias entre los dos, y Marcus incluso bromeó con que había una boda en camino.

Al menos, los amigos y familiares de Larsa y Marcus ya no tienen que preocuparse por mantener sus calendarios despejados.

Lamar Odom Trust The Triangle!!! ... It Can Save Lakers


Lamar Odom says LeBron James and the Lakers can make it out of their current slump, they just gotta get into shape -- well, one in particular to be exact -- telling TMZ Sports L.A. needs to bring back the triangle offense!!

The Purple and Gold have struggled to keep it together after being crowned the In-Season Tournament champions last month -- they're currently sitting in the bottom half of the Western Conference with a record below .500.

We spoke with the two-time Lakers champ about his former team's woes ... and he said head coach Darvin Ham should take a page out of Phil Jackson's book and implement the offense that helped his squad rack up championships back in the day, as well as the legendary Chicago Bulls teams led by Michael Jordan.

In fact, he even suggests his own lineup that could flourish under that strategy -- Jarred Vanderbilt, Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves, Anthony Davis and, of course, LeBron.

LO says he's "100%" confident the triangle will help get the Lakers back to winning ... but they better get it together quickly, as the All-Star break is around the corner.

Marcus Jordan I Want Michael To Be My Best Man ... When I Marry Larsa Pippen

Pablo Torre Finds Out

Marcus Jordan is hoping his basketball G.O.A.T. father comes around to accept his relationship with Larsa Pippen ... revealing he wants Michael to be his best man when he gets married.

The Hall of Famer's son opened up about his future plans to get hitched to Scottie Pippen's ex-wife on the "Pablo Torre Finds Out" podcast this week ... saying while it's still early on in the process, he knows who he wants by his side at the alter.

"Look, I was the best man at [Michael's] wedding and the best man at my brother's wedding, and so obviously we'll keep that tradition going," Marcus said. "It's my thoughts on it."

It's an interesting choice ... considering MJ famously said earlier this year he was not a fan of the coupling, but Marcus later insisted the Chicago Bulls legend was only joking -- claiming his father does, in fact, approve.


Regardless, Larsa said she was "traumatized" and "embarrassed" by MJ's comments ... saying she didn't find it funny at all.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the fact Marcus' pops and Larsa's ex don't see eye-to-eye anymore ... as Scottie has been public about feeling slighted and glossed over in Jordan's "Last Dance" documentary.

He hasn't shied away from dissing his former teammate ever since ... even stating LeBron James is the greatest NBA player of all time -- not MJ.

Worth noting -- it's unclear if Larcus are even engaged yet ... as the 32-year-old reiterated that their marriage plans are "in the works," but admitted they've had discussions about whether the nuptials will be televised.

Marcus did emphatically state the marriage will happen ... even saying there might be multiple weddings to satisfy the privacy and public interest in their relationship.

Dennis Rodman Jordan, Pippen Will Settle Beef ... 'They're Gonna Work It Out'


Scottie Pippen hates Michael Jordan's guts right now, but not all hope is lost for the legendary Bulls duo's friendship ... so says their former teammate, Dennis Rodman, who believes the two will eventually bury the hatchet.

It's no secret -- Pippen was pissed over the 'Last Dance' documentary that dropped back in 2020 ... claiming the Jordan-produced project glossed over his teammates' contributions to the Bulls dynasty and focused too much on #23.

Pippen has gone out of his way to throw verbal jabs at Jordan ever since ... calling him a "horrible player" before Scottie joined the team in 1987 and declaring LeBron James the G.O.A.T. in his eyes.

Rodman says the beef between the two is nothing like their dynamic during their playing days ... as he never saw them feuding during his time on the Bulls in the '90s.

"No, I never saw that before," Rodman claims. "I never saw them fight. Even after the season, I never saw that. They were always hanging out together, playing golf together, traveling together."

Things are totally different now, but the Worm seems to think the friendship is still salvageable.

"It's just a lot of things that's happened over the last couple of years. So, I think Scottie's a little bitter and Michael's more laid back and say, 'Okay, like whatever,' but they're gonna work it out."

Scottie and MJ's feud has taken an interesting turn recently as well ... with Pippen's ex-wife dating Jordan's son, Marcus.

As we previously reported, Michael said he didn't approve of the relationship back in July ... but Marcus later claimed his pops was joking.

Here's hoping the two guys can sit down and squash the beef for good.

Michael Jordan VIP Treatment At Usher Show ... Complete With Sexy Dance From Tiffany Haddish!!!


Michael Jordan got the red carpet rolled out for him at Usher's show over the weekend ... getting prime seats, a shoutout during the concert -- and even a sexy dance from Tiffany Haddish!!!

His Airness pulled up to the "Let It Burn" crooner's performance at Park MGM in Las Vegas on Saturday ... and almost immediately, king treatment commenced.

Jordan, his wife and a couple other friends were walked to some chairs in a VIP area that seemed to feature bottle service.

Then, as Usher was singing, Haddish cruised over to Jordan's group to give the NBA legend a show of her own ... gyrating in front of the former Chicago Bulls star -- while he clapped and laughed.

Usher himself then made sure Jordan felt special in the audience ... pausing his whole act to acknowledge that the hooper was in attendance.

"We love you, Mike," he screamed as everyone went crazy.

Of course, the conduct toward MJ shouldn't surprise anyone ... after all, he's the NBA's G.O.A.T. -- and he and Usher are longtime pals.

In fact, they famously collaborated to make an ultra-rare version of one of Jordan's signature shoes back in 2014 -- kicks that Usher actually broke out during Saturday's show.

"I'm putting them on because I want to be like Mike!" Usher said.

The fun evening comes just a few days after it was revealed Jordan is now one of the 400 richest people in America ... proving yet again, MJ just doesn't lose.

Michael Jordan Signed Book From Harper Lee For Sale ... 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

Michael Jordan's personalized book from famous author Harper Lee is on the market ... and his custom copy of "To Kill A Mockingbird" is going for five figures.

Harper sent Michael an autographed copy of her classic work back in 1995, when 'TKAM' was celebrating its 35th anniversary and MJ was playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael's signed copy reads ... "To Michael Jordan - best wishes, Harper Lee."

Harper mailed a small number of autographed special edition copies to celebs she was connected with ... and the NBA superstar was among that special group.

MJ kept his signed copy in his library when he was married to Juanita Vanoy, and when they divorced in 2006 she got the book as part of their divorce settlement.

The book was ultimately purchased by a private collector ... and now it's going up for sale over at Moments In Time.

So just how much is MJ's signed copy worth?!? How about a cool $24,000.

Dennis Rodman My GF's On My Ass ... Literally!!!


Dennis Rodman just added more ink to his body to honor his girlfriend ... this time, he got a huge photo of her face tattooed right on his butt cheek.

The NBA legend hit up an artist in Florida this week to get the piece done -- the second time this summer he's gotten a tribute tat for Yella Yella placed on his body.

You'll recall, the first time was back in July -- when he got her portrait put on his face. This time around, he opted for his backside ... while adding a photo of his face to the imagery as well.

Rodman shared a video of the whole process on his social media pages on Thursday ... revealing Yella Yella had no idea of his plans when the two went on a late-night venture to the tattoo parlor.

In the footage, you can see the tats came out great ... taking up one-half of the 6-foot-7, former basketball player's butt.


We've yet to hear Yella Yella's reaction to it all -- but the last time around, she told TMZ Sports that while she thought he was wild for getting the work done, she was appreciative of the gesture.

Lonzo Ball Talks Knee Injury, Return To NBA In Sitdown W/ Trae Young

From the Point by Trae Young

Lonzo Ball hasn't played an NBA game since January 2022 -- and with no return in sight -- the #2 overall draft pick sat down with Trae Young and opened up about the serious knee injury that's threatened his career, and the guilt he feels over not being on the court for the Bulls.

"I feel bad just for the GM's, because I feel like they made the perfect team around me," Zo told Trae on his "From the Point," podcast on Monday.

"I finally got the perfect team that I felt could fit my game and play my way, and really just do what I wanted to do. That injury, I'm still going through it right now, but that one messed me up early just because I felt like we really had a chance, and we never got to see what it really was," Ball told the All-Star shooting guard.

Of course, 25-year-old Ball has undergone three surgeries on his left knee since the beginning of 2022 (cartilage transplant, torn meniscus repair, arthroscopic debridement) ... and it's totally derailed his career.

Lonzo only played 35 games during the 21-22 season and missed all of the 22-23 season. Despite the procedures, the Bulls, who initially acquired Lonzo in 2021, said they don't believe he'll be on the court for the 23-24 season.

"Going into the offseason, our expectation is that he’s not coming back next season,” Chicago exec Arturas Karnišovas recently told reporters.

When he has played, Ball's averaged 13 points, over 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

As for when he does return to the court, Ball's clearly in good spirits and believes he will once again play on the United Center's hardwood ... whenever that may be.

"I've always loved playing basketball, it's just basically something that got taken away from me. It's gonna be a whole new joy again. I'm gonna be hella happy to be back out there. I never took the game for granted, so for me, it's just getting your love back."

The entire interview is interesting ... injury talk aside, Ball also discusses his brothers LaMelo and LiAngelo, and their dad LaVar. The guys also chop it up over the Big Baller Brand, and where BBB went wrong.

Get healthy soon, Lonzo!

NBA's Patrick Williams 'Whole Basketball Community' Hurting ... After Bronny's Scare


Chicago Bulls forward Patrick Williams says news of Bronny James' cardiac arrest rocked the hoops world ... telling TMZ Sports "the whole basketball community" is now reeling.

LeBron James' son was raced to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday morning after he collapsed on the court at USC's Galen Center ... and when Williams heard the news Tuesday -- he said everyone who's ever hooped was rattled.

"In the basketball community, it's all a family," Williams said out in Beverly Hills. "You know what I mean? No matter where you are, basketball brings you in as a family. So, it definitely hurt the whole basketball community when we heard that."

Williams said he'd continue to send prayers Bronny's way ... with the hopes that the teenager will make a speedy recovery.

Of course, the 21-year-old NBA player -- the 4th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft -- was far from only pro baller to send his thoughts to the James family ... everyone from Trae Young to Jalen Brunson to Jayson Tatum also expressed their well wishes.

Even Magic Johnson and Metta World Peace took to their Twitter pages to write notes of encouragement to LeBron's eldest child ... and LBJ's former teammate, Ronny Turiaf, said he'd be there once Bronny's released from the hospital to help guide him in his journey back to full strength.


As for how Bronny's currently doing, sources tell TMZ there's been enough positivity surrounding his recovery already that his parents are "relieved."

Get well soon.

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson Serenaded At Fancy Restaurant In Italy ... MJ Plays Tambourine!!!


Entering the game for Magic Johnson's lavish European vacation ... number 23 -- Michael Jordan!!

The Jumpman joined the Lakers legend and his famous friends for dinner at Da Paolino Ristorante in Capri, Italy this week ... and the crew appeared to be in incredible spirits as the hot spot's staffers surrounded their table and broke out in song.

MJ was even handed a tambourine during the jam session ... and while he didn't sing along, the others appeared to know the words to Domenico Modugno's "Volare" as they showed off their pipes.

"Tonight we enjoyed an incredible dinner at the world-famous Da Paolino Ristorante AKA the lemon tree restaurant in Capri, Italy!" Magic said on Instagram.

"AND I got to hang out with my great friend and the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan, and his wife Yvette, Sam and LaTanya Jackson, Judge Greg and Linda Mathis, and John and Vicki Palmer."

It looked like so much fun, even Jimmy Kimmel had a bad case of FOMO ... so he photo-shopped himself into one of the pics and joked about being present for the dinner.

It's been one helluva vibe for Magic's annual boat vacation with his buddies ... as they've made their way through paradise on the Phoenix2, a 296-foot ship that rents out for $1.2 MILLION a week!!

Here's the big question -- who paid for dinner?!?!?

Michael Jordan Puffs Cigar On Boat In Italy Carefree After 'Traumatizing' Larsa Pippen

Michael Jordan clearly ain't sweating the damage he caused by commenting on his son's relationship with Larsa Pippen ... 'cause he was seen looking as carefree as ever on Tuesday, puffing a cigar while on a boat in Italy.

His Airness was out in Capri just hours after Larsa said he "traumatized" her by stating publicly that he didn't approve of her relationship with Marcus Jordan ... and check out his demeanor, he certainly didn't seem too remorseful about it all.

MJ lit up a stogie while cruising through Italian waters with his wife, Yvette Prieto, before he took to land to get some shopping in.

The NBA legend not once seemed down while in the sun ... in fact, the guy appeared to be nothing but chill.

Of course, back on July 2, Michael seriously rocked the boat when it came to his son's romance with Larsa ... saying emphatically that he didn't approve of it all -- presumably due to Larsa's former relationship with Scottie Pippen, Michael's former Bulls teammate-turned-enemy.


On her and Marcus' "Separation Anxiety" podcast Tuesday, Larsa said the statement really hurt her ... telling Marcus, "I didn't think it was funny."

"There's nothing funny about it," she continued ... before adding, "I was kind of embarrassed."

Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan

Marcus, though, said Michael reached out to the two after making the remarks -- and told them he said it all in jest ... and he actually had no problem with the relationship.

Larsa told Marcus she's now putting it behind her ... saying, "I feel good right now. I feel like we talked it through."

Bulls Star Zach Lavine Hits Monster Home Run ... Robs One, Too!


Zach LaVine's been at the center of near-constant trade speculation -- the Bulls star took out some of that frustration during a star-studded celebrity softball game, smashing a monster home run!

He flashed some leather, too ... robbing an HR in left field!

It all happened at MLB's 2023 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game in Seattle -- the site of the All-Star Game this weekend -- featuring stars like Joel McHale, Chloe Kim, Donovan Mitchell, Jennie Finch, Felix Hernandez, and Ryan Howard, amongst many more.

In the third inning, with Mariners legend Brett Boone on the mound, LaVine, a lefty, stepped to the plate and absolutely put a charge into one, hitting a bomb over the right-field softball fence.

Zach immediately knew the ball was gone ... he stood at the plate admiring his work, before tossing the bat, and beginning his home run trot.

Of course, softball fences are pushed in because the bigger ball's difficult to hit far. But, Zach hit the ball so hard, he nearly cleared the right field wall at T-Mobile Park.

Later in the game, LaVine showed he's more than just a bat.

Former Mariners star Mike Cameron was at the plate, and he drove a ball to deep left-center. Zach tracked the ball, and using every bit of his 6'5" frame, arm extended, caught it (sending center fielder Howie Mandel to the ground), robbing the home run.

LaVine wasn't the only NBA player showing out ... Cavs star Donovan Mitchell also hit a HR.

Despite giving up the long ball to LaVine, Boone, whose team won the game, 21-19, was named MVP!

Scottie Pippen Makes Splash With Mystery Flame ... She Exposes Her Chest

Scottie Pippen is seemingly trying to outdo his ex-wife Larsa when it comes to who can act racier with their dates.

Check out these photos, obtained by TMZ, which show Scottie driving an SUV with a woman in back as she posed for what could easily pass for a Playboy spread.

With the window wide open, the woman pushed up her shirt, exposing her breasts, covered by a white bra, for everyone to see. We're sure there were more than a few guys lovin' the view.

As for Scottie, he flashed a peace sign out his window while the two cruised out of a parking lot in Malibu Friday.

Instagram / @heirmj523

The basketball legend's R-rated ride comes on the heels of Larsa's naughty make-out session with her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, inside a club. Video shows Marcus puffing on a hookah mouthpiece, placing his lips on Larsa's chest and blowing smoke in between her boobs.


But the drama didn't stop there ... Marcus' dad, former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, was recently filmed by paparazzi in Paris saying he doesn't approve of his son's relationship with Larsa.

So what's going on with the Jordans and Pippens? Whatever it is, things are gettin' a bit nutty.

Marcus Jordan Smokes Hookah Thru Larsa's Boobs ... My Bday Tribute To You!!!

Instagram / @heirmj523

Marcus Jordan, you motorboatin' son of a bitch! 😅

MJ's son celebrated his girlfriend Larsa Pippen's 49th trip around the sun with a photo dump of the lovebirds enjoying each other's company -- and we stress enjoying!

Jordan posted a clip where the 32-year-old is seen threading a Hookah mouthpiece through Larsa's top -- a low-cut black dress -- before taking a big ol' puff, all while the couple hangs out at an unknown club.

MJ exhaled ... and then did his best "Wedding Crashers" impression.

It wasn't all steamy videos ... Marcus also came with the prerequisite lovey-dovey-ness.

"Happy birthday to my best friend & partner in crime," Jordan wrote on one of the photos.

Larsa was clearly appreciative of the birthday love ... sharing posts from not just her bae, but from her friends, as well.

Unfortunately, it's not all cupcakes and rainbows for the couple. Earlier in the week, Michael Jordan publicly stated he doesn't support his son dating the ex-wife of his former teammate/frenemy, Scottie Pippen ... flat-out answering "No" when asked if he approved of the relationship.


With or without MJ, it's clear Larsa and Marcus -- who began dating last year -- are very much in love!

Happy birthday, Larsa!

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