Rich the Kid Takeoff's Name Will Live On ... With My New Tattoo!!!

Rich the Kid has a permanent stamp to rep his friendship with Takeoff -- a new tattoo of the late Migos rapper's signature.

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The "New Freezer" rapper was down in Tampa and got inked up by Tattoo MF Red ... splashing an assortment of purple and black hues to complete the piece on the back of his right hand.

Red, a go-to for celebs and athletes in the area, tells TMZ Hip Hop he got Rich's hand tat drawn up in a flashy 30 minutes ... in between his recording session at STB Entertainment studio and a radio interview he conducted.

Unlike some rappers paying tribute on social media, Rich's ink and love for Takeoff can't be misconstrued for clout chasing, as they got pretty tight over the years.

Takeoff was the one who actually taught Rich how to make it rain in the club, and they had numerous collaborations together ... never hesitating to go outta their way to celebrate each other's birthdays.

The last time we spoke to Rich, he fondly remembered those moments with Takeoff ... and he was also looking forward to the music he'd be making courtesy of his new multi million dollar deal with RCA.


Rich was recently in the studio with Takeoff's brother YRN Lingo ... who approved of the finished product and promises to drop a banger this Friday.

Long live the Rocketman!!!

Brazil Soccer Star Richarlison New Tat After World Cup ... Ronaldo, Neymar And Myself!!!

Brazil soccer star Richarlison didn't bring home the World Cup this year -- but he did get some new ink ... getting his whole back tatted after the tournament with pics of Ronaldo, Neymar and himself!!!

The prolific goal-scorer got the new tattoo done this week -- just days after the Brazilians were booted from the World Cup tournament by Croatia ... and the work is insane.

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In photos shared by the tattoo artists, PK and Dom Tattoo, you can see the ink features portraits of retired footballer Ronaldo and Richarlison's teammate, Neymar, sandwiched between a picture of himself.

The artwork also has a message that was from Brazilian soccer legend Pele -- who left the comment under one of his recent Instagram posts.

"Voce fez o Brasil sorrir," Pele's comment read, which translates to, "You made Brazil smile."

There's also an image of the Brazilian flag and a young Richarlison wearing the No. 9 jersey overlooking the city in the piece.

Of course, Richarlison would rather be in the World Cup finals this Sunday than sitting under the tattoo needle ... as he was the top scorer for Brazil, netting three of the team's eight goals in Qatar.

But, hey, there's always 2026!

Martha Stewart Pete Davidson, Let's Go On A Date!!!


Martha Stewart may have her eyes on a younger fella -- recently single Pete Davidson, that is ... at least, she's all the way here for going on a date with him if she had the chance.

The 81-year-old famed home/life guru got candid on Tuesday's episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” ... during a game called "red flag, yellow flag, green flag", where she had to indicate whether she approves or disapproves of certain qualities in a partner.

Barrymore asked about dating a guy who had tattoos like Pete. Martha held up a green flag showing she was down for it ... before being asked if she would flat out go on a date with PD. MS also gave that idea a thumbs up, before calling him "sorta cute" and doubling down.

The conversation turned out to be playful, but the ladies ran with the idea. Martha continued, “I mean he has dated so many women" ... explaining to Drew Barrymore that it was a good thing he's got so much experience.

As you know, Pete Davidson dated Kim Kardashian for 9 months, before breaking things off back in August.

Martha told Drew, she and Pete actually have quite a bit of history and worked together before... she says, he's a very good guy and he knows how to get in and get out.”


MS wound up making it clear ... saying Pete's more like a son ... but who knows, we know age is nothing but a number for PD.

Sly and Jennifer Doggonit, We're Keepin' the Rottweiler!!! Dog Stays After Divorce Flap

The dog that opened a can of worms with Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin is now a full-fledged member of the brood!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Dwight is not only living with the fam in Hidden Hills, but Jennifer now really digs the pooch ... a lot!!!

As we reported, Jennifer didn't want another dog, especially a large one like a Rottie, but Sly prevailed and brought Dwight home. It became a source of conflict between the 2.

Sly then covered up a tattoo of Jennifer on his arm and replaced it with Dwight, and our sources say that was super upsetting for her.

Whatever the case, all is forgiven. The divorce petition has been dropped and the family is fully back together and they're happy as clams.

Sly, Jennifer and 2 of their daughters hit up a Ralph Lauren fashion show Thursday night, and they were clearly back on track.


Dwight, we're happy for ya!!!

Post Malone Inked Up With My Daughter's Initials ... Right On My Face!!!

Post Malone is showin' some love to his new baby girl in a totally fitting way -- it appears he's inked his daughter's initials on some prime real estate.

Sources close to Post tell TMZ ... he got the new piece backstage after his Indianapolis show Sunday night by tattoo artist Chad Rowe.

Chad Rowe Tattoos

Now, Post has yet to reveal his daughter's full name ... but we're told this new tat was definitely in her honor, so we're assuming the bold "DDP" on his forehead are her initials. Let the guessing begin!

FYI, Chad's no stranger to PM ... he's the same artist who did his "Always Tired" face tattoos back in 2018.

We broke the story that Posty was expecting his first child with his girlfriend in May. He then announced the birth of his daughter by subtly dropping the news while on Howard Stern in June.

The singer took a nasty fall 2 weeks ago, but he's been doing way better recently. After postponing one show, due to a rib fracture, he's back on tour and last weekend in Detroit he even rocked out with a bra on his head.

Pete Davidson Removes 'My Girl Is A Lawyer' Tat??! 2 Months After Split From Kim

Pete Davidson is seemingly erasing his past with Kim Kardashian -- sporting a bandage where he used to have a "My Girl is a Lawyer" tattoo.

Pete was spotted Wednesday on the set of his upcoming comedy series "Bupkis" in NYC, and he had a bandage peaking through his shirt. Remember, PD got that infamous tat for his ex-boo while they were dating.

At the time, Kim was gushing over the fact that Pete got some new ink to cement their love along with many other tattoos like the initials of Kim's kids and a branding on his chest to honor her.


Kim called his tats really cute but also chalked up all the ink to him being a tattoo guy, saying most people usually get new ink based on what's going on in their life, so it made sense for Pete.

Jason Momoa I'm Playin' Head Games!!! Reveals Awesome New Tat


Jason Momoa is a head case -- at least for tattoo artists -- 'cause he inked his noggin in a big, big way.

The "Aquaman" star showed off his new tat on Instagram Wednesday ... doing a big reveal. He's wearing a hat in the vid, and then removes it to unveil his new artwork.

He teased his fans ... "I got something pretty special for ya! Chief of War coming for ya baby!”

Jason's rep said the head and neck tats honor Jason's Hawaiian roots and culture.

Jason was on his way to New Zealand when he recorded the video.

As you know, Jason and Lisa Bonet announced they were ending their marriage in January, and you know what they say ... when you're freshly single you need a new look. Mission accomplished!

2KBABY I Hope My 15 Face Tats Piss Off Haters ... Zero F***s to Give!!!


"Old Streets" rapper 2KBABY isn't letting his face tat critics stop his grind ... if anything they're motivating him ahead of the release of his "Scared 2 Luv" album.

We caught up with 2KBABY this week ... fresh out the tattoo parlor, of course, where he added even more ink to his face -- including a pair of hearts and the album title on opposite sides of his face.

Despite the hearts, 2K didn't get much love from the fans, just a lot of noise from the haters ... and he tells TMZ Hip Hop the reactions tested his patience a bit.

Call it a colorful act of defiance, but 2K says he'll keep pushing the limits of his body art -- he does NOT care about pain, and actually had some words for rappers who use numbing creams while getting tatted.

As for fan reactions -- he says he'll be watching to see how many of his 600K followers are down for the long haul. Everyone else is invited to dine on his genitalia ... although, he used slightly more colorful words.

Less aggressively, the Louisville-born rapper told us 'S2L' will be a collection of cinematic songs ... reflecting his life experiences and delivered in audio format.

2K says he's only one song away from completing the new album and "Old Streets" also went platinum this week ... just a few more bones for his haters to gnaw on!!!

Armie Hammer New Doc Removing Bite Mark Pic ... Viewers Believe It's A Tattoo

Discovery+ is scrapping an image from their latest Armie Hammer documentary that allegedly showed a gnarly bite mark ... and they're doing away with it because viewers are convinced it looks all too similar to a tattoo found online.

"House of Hammer" dives deep into the actor's sexual abuse allegations ... and features interviews with some of his former partners, including Courtney Vucekovich, who claimed he was a really hard biter.

As she goes into details, a picture of the alleged bite mark is shown ... she claims Hammer took the picture himself, although people online were quick to call out the familiar photo.

Viewers believe the mark looks identical to a tattoo that's on Pinterest -- not only do people see matching teeth marks, but they also think the fading lines going away from the center are the same, too.

Talos Films, who produced the series, is in the process of scrubbing the image from the show ... telling Variety, "When new information came forward about this series we immediately began investigating it and will make any appropriate changes as quickly as possible."

Fighter Pearl Gonzalez I Regret Getting Tatted At Age 11 ... Paying More Than $10k For Removal


Ex-UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez says she wishes she could go back and stop herself from getting tattoos at such a young age ... telling TMZ Sports it ended up being more than a $10,000 mistake!!

As we previously reported, the Chi-Town Princess is getting her signature boob ink -- along with three other pieces -- removed over the next few weeks ... a process she says she wishes she didn't ever have to go through in the first place.

Gonzalez tells us getting the tats lasered off is something she had been planning on doing for a while ... but knew it was time to clean up her image once and for all.

Twitter / @PearlGonzalez

"I'm currently having four tattoos removed," Pearl tells us. "If I could have them all removed, I would. Maybe two I would keep."

Gonzalez says she first started getting body art before she even became a teenager ... and the majority of her collection came from going to tattoo parties before she was 18 years old.

As for her most recognizable piece -- the fighter says she can't stand the clouds and moon she got above her nipple when she was around 15 ... even if others still appreciate it.

"It is the stupidest t***y tattoo I've ever gotten in my life," she said. "But yes, everybody loves the t***y tat."

"I just don't like it. It doesn't look good. It looks ghetto to me. I want cleaner skin, a cleaner body."

Gonzalez is one of the toughest ladies on the planet ... but admits the removal process is pretty excruciating.


Gonzalez also has some advice for any youngins looking to get tatted -- so be sure to take note.

Parkland Shooting Man Arrested for Leaving Dead Animals on Monument Disturbing Mug Shot

A Florida man has been arrested for what cops are describing as a sick obsession with school shootings and killing animals after he allegedly placed several on a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Parkland school shooting.

Detectives from the Broward County Sheriff's Office say Robert Mondragon is responsible for leaving a dead duck (with its chest cut open), raccoon and opossum at the MSD Memorial Garden over the span of 11 days last month.

Cops say once they discovered Mondragon was allegedly behind the disgusting display, they were able to locate his vehicle July 31 and pulled him over for tinted windows.

Officers say inside Mondragon's car was bird feathers and blood, and he allegedly told the deputy he had a dead bird in his car because he likes "the metal and blood smells that emit from the dead animal."

Detectives say their investigation into Mondragon further revealed photos of dead animals on his phone and text messages as well as Internet searches about school shootings.

What's more ... cops say his shocking face tattoos resemble those of Tate Langdon from "American Horror Story" -- a character based on Columbine.

Not only that, detectives claim two weeks before the end of this past school year, "Mondragon walked the path the MSD school shooter (Nikolas Cruz) took from the high school to Walmart on Feb. 14, 2018."

Cruz is currently in a sentencing trial for killing 17 people when he opened fire at MSD High School.

Mondragon is being held without bond on charges of removing or disfiguring a tomb or monument (3 counts), violation of probation for battery and indecent exposure (5 counts) and violation of a risk protection order.

Steve Lacy Kanye, Uzi & I Will Live Forever, On A Technicality … We’re Artists!


R&B visionary Steve Lacy has a permanent reminder from the last time he hung with Kanye West -- a matching arm tattoo they got with Lil Uzi Vert.

The trio of Geminis inked arms with the phrase “We here forever technically” last week -- a slogan Steve told TMZ Hip Hop at LAX Tuesday, speaks to the longevity of their music -- even after they pass away.

Steve says he's excited reminiscing on last week’s ink-spilling moment … but tells us he’s not locked in the studio with Kanye whatsoever at the moment, he just enjoys being in his presence as their friendship continues to build.

Even without a scheduled collaboration, Steve has already earned Ye’s respect -- via a public praising of his latest album “Gemini Rights.”

Ye recently also tapped Steve to model for the new line of his Yeezy Gap sunglasses.

LeBron And Savannah James Matching Hand Tattoos!!! ... Honor Their Kids W/ Ink


LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, just added more ink to their body art collection ... getting matching hand tattoos to honor their three kids -- Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri.

The Lakers superstar got his new ink done by famous tat artist Ganga Tattoo -- who just recently gave Bronny his first tat -- and showed off the finished product on his social media page Thursday night.

On LBJ's shooting hand, he got the initials "B.B.Z." placed underneath a crown. Savannah revealed she got the "B.B.Z." on her right hand as well.

They both were in love with the new ink ... Savannah -- who married Bron in 2013 -- shared the clip with the caption, "♥♥♥ BBZ over everything!"

It's been a great summer for LeBron and his kids -- the fam has spent a lot of time together, and the King and his two boys even got to hoop together at the Lakers' practice facility earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Bronny and Bryce played organized basketball together for the first time in Europe earlier this week -- and LeBron was pumped for it!

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"Man I'm literally watching Bronny and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!!" James said on Twitter watching his kids on TV.



Kanye West Geminis Rule ... Matching Tats With Lil Uzi & Steve Lacy!!!

Kanye West and his fellow Geminis Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy clearly believed they had a night worth remembering forever -- getting matching tattoos to commemorate the event.

Both Steve and L.A.-based tattoo artist Mez Afram shared a pic taken in the wee hours of Tuesday night, showcasing their freshly inked arms in the mirror.

The message is kind of hard to read out but Steve and Mez both added clarity by captioning the Instagram moment, “We here forever technically.”

Ye's face says he's really into the moment ... following the latest Pete Davidson outburst, the new needle stick could've been therapeutic for him.

Kanye recently praised Steve for his hit “Gemini Rights” ... calling the album "beautiful" when it was released a few weeks ago, and Uzi and Ye’s relationship goes back several years.

Now they'll forever be brothers in ink, technically.

Bronny James I'm Tatted Now ... Just Like Dad!!!

First, he learned to dunk like Dad -- then he got inked up like Pops, too!!!

Bronny James -- the oldest son of LeBron James -- just got his first-ever tattoo this week ... and he looked super happy with how the body art turned out.

No word on what the 17-year-old got permanently inscribed on his skin -- but it seems he got a few tats during the session, including some on his neck and his wrists.

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The tattoo artist who did the work, Ganga, said on Instagram he got LeBron's blessing to do the tats -- adding that he was grateful for the opportunity.

"I made the first tattoo for @bronny," the artist said. "thank you very much for the trust, @kingjames 👑 much love fam ❤️"

Of course, the Lakers superstar is familiar with the tattoo needle -- he's got ink all over his body ... and he even recently allowed Ganga to draw on his upper thigh area as well.

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Begs the question ... when will LeBron allow his second oldest son, Bryce, to get in the artist's chair next?!

Mike Evans Unveils New Harry Potter Tattoo 'But I Am The Chosen One'

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers certainly don't appear to need any more magic on the field -- but just in case they do, Mike Evans clearly has them covered!!

The star wideout unveiled at Tampa Bay training camp practice on Thursday that he got yet another Harry Potter tattoo recently on his body ... showing off new wizard ink on his calf.

The piece features Daniel Radcliffe -- lightning scar and all -- staring with a fierce expression on his face.

The Bucs posted a pic of it -- and Evans laughed about it, captioning it with a funny quote from Harry and Hermione.

"Hermione -- 'she's only interested in you because she thinks you're the chosen one,'" Evans wrote. "HP -- 'but I am the chosen one.'"

Evans has made it clear over the years he's a MASSIVE HP fan ... this is at least his second Potter tat -- he previously got the Deathly Hallows symbol inked on his elbow.

The 28-year-old also had a Harry-themed cake at his wedding back in 2016 -- and has called the films ... the greatest of all time.

All that's left here? Accio Super Bowl!!!

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