Oscar De La Hoya GF Holly Sonders Tattoo Tribute ... Best Gift I've Ever Received


Oscar De La Hoya, one of the greatest boxers ever, has received endless lavish and expensive gifts ... but the best present ever?? The tattoo his GF Holly Sonders just got inked on her shoulder.

TMZ Sports talked to the boxing great and his famous girlfriend ... and asked the couple about the tat.

"It actually tops everything that I've ever been given. Who can top this?" Oscar says, "I've been given everything you could possibly imagine. And a tattoo, a beautiful portrait of me looking up at the sky to my mother. The '94 Olympic Games were just incredible."

What prompted Holly to get the ink ... which she says took 2.5 hours to complete?

"There was no reason for it," Holly says, adding, "I have 3 tattoos. I've wanted a 4th for a while."

So, Sonders just wanted to show her man some love.

FYI, the tattoo was done by Oscar's brother-in-law, Esteban Camacho ... and commemorates the moment De La Hoya became The Golden Boy, winning Olympic gold at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain.

De La Hoya and Sonders started dating a few months back after they met at a boxing event where Holly was working ... and sparks flew.

They've basically been inseparable since ... hence the tattoo.

There's more ... we also talked to Holly and Oscar about Sonders' NFT drop, featuring 1,000 of her favorite hottest/sexiest photos.

The pics are fire on their own ... but Holly also told us she's raffling off a round of golf. As for Oscar ... he decided to throw in an awesome prize, too (boxing fans will like this).


Holly's NFT's go live tomorrow morning at 8 AM ... good luck!!

NBA's Gerald Green Tattoos Kobe Bryant Play ... On Inner Bicep

Dozens of athletes and celebs have gotten Kobe Bryant tattoos in the wake of the NBA legend's passing, but Gerald Green's new Mamba ink might just top them all ...

The former NBA player -- who just announced his retirement last week -- revealed he had a pic of him defending Bryant tatted on his right arm recently.

The artwork is very cool -- it's a tat based on a photo of him trying to block Bryant's shot at the rim during a game when Green played for the Suns.

The piece is a big one ... it stretches from the top of Green's bicep almost all the way down to his inner elbow -- and it's all in black and white coloring.

Of course, Green made the move to honor Bryant -- someone he's never shied away from publicly praising.

You'll recall, Green wore a #8 Bryant jersey to a game in the days following the ex-hooper's tragic death ... saying at the time that Kobe had inspired him since he was a child.

"I don't think anybody could ever achieve the things that he did," the 35-year-old said, adding, "There will never be another number 8 or 24. Never."

The tat is just the latest in a long of famous permanent Bryant tribute pieces ... with people like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and even Snoop Dogg all getting ink to honor the Mamba.

Conor McGregor Bros Down With Fan ... Sick Tattoo, My Man!!!

@thenotoriousmma / Instagram

Conor McGregor found a fan in Italy this week who had tatted the UFC star's face on his arm -- and he absolutely bro'd down with the guy to celebrate!!!

The clip -- which McGregor filmed himself -- is awesome ... the fighter looked the ink over up-and-down and praised it relentlessly.

"This is probably the best version, the best version of me," McGregor said, adding, "My man! Thank you, brother!"

The artwork featured a bearded McGregor surrounded by money signs ... and Conor loved it so much, he then threw his arm around the dude and took a selfie video.

The guys cheered and smiled ... and it seems like it was a blast for all involved.

Of course, Conor is a huge fan of body ink ... he's got some of the most recognizable tats in the world -- but as far as we know, there are no portraits of himself on the bod yet.

Maybe the trip to Rome will inspire it?? Stay tuned ...

Andy Ruiz Boxer Gets Massive Backside Tattoo ... Butt Cheeks Included!!!


When Andy Ruiz gets a full backside tattoo, the boxing star goes all in -- neck, back ... and even butt cheeks!

The former heavyweight champ showed off new back ink Monday ... and it's HUGE -- stemming from the top of his neck to the bottom of his bum.

Ruiz got the piece done by Ish Tattoos ... and it's some seriously impressive work -- especially considering Andy's 6 feet 2 and nearly 300 pounds.

The tat artist documented some of the work on his social media page ... saying it took two full sessions to complete.

Ruiz got a big warrior with wings inked under his previous "Victorious" tat ... and he also added a neckpiece with the bible verse, "Corinthians 15-57."

Andy was clearly happy with the results ... captioning a photo of the artwork, "Back and cheeks done hahaha. Thanks to my boy Ish Tattoos."

Unclear when we'll see Ruiz show off the new ink next in the ring ... he's coming off a big May victory over Chris Arreola -- and is reportedly gunnin' for Luis Ortiz or Charles Martin next.

Here's to hoping the ink on the buns is all healed up by then!

NBA's Brandon Boston Tribute Tat For Terrence Clarke ... 'TC World!!!'

L.A. Clippers rookie Brandon Boston Jr. is paying tribute to his friend Terrence Clarke in an amazing way ... by getting a tattoo in honor of his teammate.

Boston and Clarke were inseparable as freshmen at the University of Kentucky this past season ... before both hoopers took their talents to the pro level and entered the 2021 NBA Draft.

However, Clarke was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles on April 22 -- three months before the draft -- and Boston had been training with him prior to the tragedy.

Boston decided to carry Clarke's legacy with him for the rest of his life ... and this week, he got a special ink job to honor his beloved friend.

The rookie guard shared the tribute on Wednesday --with tat artist Wix Tatts immortalizing Clarke's UK basketball photo on the lower left part of his leg ... featuring "TC World" under the image.


The finished product got Clarke's mother's stamp of approval ... with Osmine saying, "This is what you call real love."

"This tattoo is really amazing BJ!"

Many have paid tribute to the 19-year-old since the tragedy -- including NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who selected Clarke as an honorary pick in the 2021 draft.


The Game Anderson .Paak's No Posthumous Albums Tat? ... I'm With It, But Hear Me Out


Hate it or love it, The Game says people gotta respect Anderson .Paak's strong conviction to put the kibosh on any posthumous albums ... so much so he got his dying wish tattooed on his arm. And, Game's game as far as the sentiment goes ... sort of.

We got the "Wouldn't Get Far" rapper leaving Maxfield L.A. on Thursday and wondered if he'd seen .Paak's tat. Not only has Game seen it ... he LOVED it, adding he 100% agrees with .Paak's stance. More on that in a bit.

But, ICYMI ... .Paak posted on his Instagram Story a new tattoo on his forearm that read, "When I'm gone please don't release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public."

Anderson's rep confirmed the tat's real ... though it's unclear if the text is included in .Paak's will. Either way ... .Paak's crystal clear about how he wants his music treated after he's gone.

The Game says you gotta respect the decision because you have to respect the artistry. Game says he gets it because he too doesn't want his stuff out there when he's gone because, as he put it, "people always f*** the vision up."

It seems Game's wishes are crystal clear ... that is until the rapper caves and spits a list of producers he says he'd be okay with if they wanted to work on one of his posthumous albums.

Get ready, Puffy.

Kyle Kuzma Gets Huge Mountain Range Back Tattoo ... Homage To Ute Roots

Kyle Kuzma will now certainly never forget his Univ. of Utah roots ... 'cause he just got a mountain range back tat to pay homage to his alma mater -- and it is MASSIVE!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Washington Wizards new star wanted to get ink to represent his 2014 to 2017 days as a Ute, so he hit up celeb tat artist Herchell L. Carrasco.

We're told the 26-year-old headed out to Carrasco's Pachuco Tattoo shop in Orange, Calif. ... and sat like a rock for the huge scenery piece.

Carrasco said it all took about six hours ... with the mountain range scene ultimately ending up covering 1/3 of Kuzma's upper back.

Carrasco says the artwork isn't of one specific part of Utah ... but rather a mixture of mountains in the state -- and also represents "power, obstacles and overcoming them."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Carrasco added the NBA player might add more to it down the road.

The mountain scene wasn't the only work Kuz got done this week ... he also got a hand tat of the NBA championship trophy he won with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020.

Carrasco -- who's also done work on LaMelo Ball -- says Kuz wanted to make sure he left some room on the hand "to add more trophies" later on.

Sean O'Malley Gets Himself Tatted On His Neck ... 'Victory Tattoo!!!'

UFC star Sean O'Malley just brought the meaning of self-love to a whole 'notha level ... by getting a tattoo of himself on his neck!!!

The heavily tatted bantamweight fighter decided to add to his ink collection this week ... hitting up tattoo shop The California Dream in North Hollywood.

Romeo Lacoste -- owner of the shop -- posted photos of himself workin' on the 26-year-old on Instagram ... immortalizing his jump shot celebration after knocking out Thomas Almeida in March at UFC 260.

The piece is as detailed as it gets -- it even includes O'Malley's body art ... which means it's tats on tats!!!

"VICTORY Tattoo!! for @sugaseanmma 💪🏻💪🏻 ", Lacoste said on IG, "Had the pleasure of knocking this piece out (no pun intended) 😂."

"Thanks for coming in and the good time. More to come soon!"

We believe it -- just 2 weeks ago, O'Malley let rapper 6ix9ine tat his '69' logo on his right shoulder -- with the help from Tatu Panda.

Wonder what's next!!

Roman Reigns Roman Around The Beach W/ Wife ... Not Sweatin' Cena!!!

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns knows exactly how to prep for a huge match against John Cena at SummerSlam -- hitting the beach with his smokin' hot wife in Miami!!!

Of course, the wrestling legend called out RR just last week ... saying he's coming for the Universal championship belt next month.

But, Roman doesn't seem too fazed -- ditching his shirt and soaking up the sun with his wife of 7 years, Galina Becker on Monday.

Just take a look at the pics -- the couple looks absolutely stunning ... with Roman showing off his tatted bod and Galina rocking a fun patterned one-piece.

SummerSlam is set to go down Saturday, August 21 at Allegiant Stadium ... and it's gonna be HUGE.

Cena -- a 16-time champ -- last competed at WrestleMania 36 in March 2020 ... where he lost to WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt.

Reigns ain't impressed by Cena's return, though ... saying, "He came out here, the same music, the same entrance, the same run to the ring, the same outfit, the same promo, the same insults."

"If I wanted that, all I had to do was search online for 2005 John Cena. It's the same thing, over and over and over. It's like missionary position every single night."

SummerSlam can't come soon enough!!

Gervonta Davis Boxer Gets Massive 'Baltimore' Back Tat ... Reppin' My City!!!

Gervonta "Tank" Davis is a proud Baltimore native -- and the star boxer loves his city so much, he just got it tatted all across his upper back!!!

Of course, the Maryland city is where Davis started down his road to stardom ... learning to box there at just 7 years old.

And now, the 26-year-old champ is deciding to give a major salute back to his hometown ... hitting up his go-to guy, celeb tat artist Josh Levario, for some awesome B-more ink.

The tat came out HUGE ... with the word "BALTIMORE" spanning from Davis' left shoulder all the way to his right.

The piece also came out impressive as hell -- considering Levario (who also did Tank's movie icon tattoo) tells us it only took 3 hours to get done.

Gervonta has already been honored in the past by the city of Baltimore, with Mayor Jack Young once presenting him a key to the city.

Perhaps the new tat persuades Young to give him even more?!?

Stay tuned!

Tyron Woodley Tattoo Bet W/ Jake Paul Is 'Childish' ... But I'm Gettin' A KO!!!

he's gettin' ko'ed

Tyron Woodley says his tattoo bet with Jake Paul is straight-up "childish" -- but he tells TMZ Sports he took it 'cause he says he knows he's going to KO the YouTuber!

Paul and Woodley made the deal earlier this month ... agreeing that whoever loses on Aug. 29 will have to tattoo the winner's name somewhere on their body.

The bet is wild ... if Jake wins, Tyron has to get "I Love Jake Paul." If Tyron wins, Jake has to get "I Love Tyron Woodley."

The former UFC champ tells us the agreement was stupid ... explaining Paul only did it 'cause it's "his way of downplaying and bringing me into his world".

"It’s kind of childish," Woodley says. "But, last time he tried [to bet me] to make it seem like I wasn’t confident."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

So, Woodley says he shook hands with Paul on it this time ... telling us he just knows he's not going to lose.

"I’m just not finna just let you act like you run the show," Woodley tells us ... adding, "Yeah, I bet because I’m confident I’m going to win. I have no plan on getting an 'I Love Jake Paul' tattoo."

As for a prediction for fight night ... Woodley wouldn't give a round, but says the outcome is inevitable.

"I’m knocking him out."

UFC's Sean O'Malley Gets '69' Tattoo From 6ix9ine ... 'You Da Man!!!'

UFC star Sean O'Malley and 6ix9ine made their bromance permanent this week ... 'cause Suga let the controversial rapper tattoo his '69' logo on him!!

The duo had a helluva weekend together in Miami ... clubbing, playing softball and eating expensive ass meals out in South Beach.

But, while the good times may fade away, there's one part of their bro-down that won't -- the wild new ink O'Malley got ... with Tekashi taking the matters into his own hands and doing the job himself!!

You can see shirtless O'Malley sitting while Tekashi, needle in hand ... is going to work on his right shoulder.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Granted, celebrity tattoo artist Tatu Panda was there to make sure Tekashi69 didn't screw up ... and eventually took over after the first few minutes.

O'Malley was pleased with his big and bold 69 tat ... saying "you da man!" in the comment section on the Instagram post.

But, Suga wasn't the only one to get tatted by Tekashi ... it looks like YouTuber SteveWillDoIt let him start a tat on his left hand, too!!

No word on if 6ix9ine got a tat as well ... but the dude's clearly running out of room on his body, so who knows?!

Suga recapped the whole weekend on his podcast ... saying Steve even gifted him a sick new Rolex in the process!!

Hey, the guy has every right to have a good time -- he's fresh off a win at UFC 264 -- so it's well deserved!!

Gervonta Davis Massive Leg Tattoo of Movie Icons ... Scarface & The Joker!!!

Gervonta Davis has a leg full of stars now ... 'cause he just got some of the most iconic movie characters ever tatted on his leg --- Scarface and the Joker!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the boxing champ decided it was time to get a sleeve on his left leg ... hitting up celebrity tattoo artist Josh Levario for the job.

We're told Davis wanted it done before his June 26 fight against Mario Barrios -- so he flew JL out to his Las Vegas hotel several times ... and it came out amazing!!!

Tank's whole leg is FULLY detailed -- featuring Tony Montana from "Scarface" and the famous quote, "The World Is Yours" covering the bottom right of his leg.

When it comes to the Joker tat ... Davis paid homage to both Joaquin Phoenix and the late Heath Ledger -- featuring Phoenix as the Joker with Ledger's iconic line, "Why So Serious?"

And, on the left side, you see a realistic portrait of music legend Tupac Shakur and Davis's close friend who passed away. He also added a fierce image of a wolf on his thigh.

We're told that Davis' new sleeve means a lot and it "symbolized his rugged upbringing and to fight his demons".

It took JL 30 hours to complete the leg piece, telling us Tank "sat like a rock" through all the sessions.

Took it like a champ!!

Tekashi69 Trolls Blueface's Head Tattoo ... Just Pay Your Debts, Bro!!!

Tekashi69 is back on his grind to be the Internet's #1 celeb troll, and this time he's targeting Blueface over a fresh tattoo.

So, get this ... Blueface recently got a tattoo on the side of his head and it raised a lot of eyebrows because the precious real estate the "Bleed It" rapper carved on his dome was reserved for his celebrity jeweler ... NYC Luxury.

@nycluxury / Instagram

The clowning was swift ... and Tekashi got right in the mix by chiming in on DJ Akademiks' IG post with not-so-veiled comments implying Blueface is broke and can't pay for his bling.

Tekashi wrote, "He definitely owed them money for unpaid jewelry" ... followed by "NYC Luxury" and a bunch of laughing and skull emojis, as in ... dead ass laughing.

Not helping matters is the fact Blueface -- who already sports Yves Saint Laurent and Corvette logos on his head -- doesn't exactly look thrilled with the finished product.

In any event ... the trolling is a far departure from when Tekashi vowed a little over a year ago to be on his best social media behavior after being sprung from prison early.

TMZ broke the story ... Tekashi's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, said the rapper wouldn't start beef or troll other artists because the feds would be watching. Sure, 69 has no restrictions regarding his social media use ... but he still vowed not to post anything inflammatory.

That all seems to be out the window. Remember, Tekashi nearly came to blows with Meek Mill in Miami earlier this year ... and now this. It's also pretty ironic for 6ix9ine, of all people, to be commenting about anyone getting ink on their face or head. Pot and kettle much?

Something tells us Tekashi won't be invited to Blueface's restaurant anytime soon.

NFL's P.J. Locke Gets Kobe Bryant Tribute Tattoo ... Mamba Mentality!!!

Denver Broncos safety P.J. Locke loved Kobe Bryant SO MUCH ... he got a tattoo of the Lakers legend on his calf -- and it's AWESOME!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Locke idolized the Black Mamba growing up, and when the former NBA superstar died in 2020, he felt it was only right to honor him with a new tat.

So, we're told Locke hit up Joshua Butierres at Filthy Family Tattoo in Denver last month to get the Mamba ink ... and after 9 hours in the shop, the masterpiece came out great!

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

The piece -- centered on Locke's left calf -- features Kobe in his #24 Lakers jersey waving. Locke also added an image of a gorilla and a pic of himself to the artwork as well.

Locke tells us the pic of himself in his Texas Longhorns gear means a lot ... as it's from one of his best college games.

And, when it comes to the gorilla, Locke explained that represents his work ethic and "competitive edge."

Locke says the reason behind combining all three images is to symbolize and remind himself that, "Bro, you a beast!!!"

Sure sounds like the Mamba Mentality to us!

LaMelo Ball Gets Tattoo of 'Rare' Angel ... Rockin' His Hairdo!!!

Have you ever seen an angel tattoo with LaMelo Ball's hairdo???

Well, the NBA's Rookie of the Year just got it done on his right forearm -- and it's pretty awesome!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Charlotte Hornets star wanted to get a tat of himself as a cherub, so he hit up his ink master, Herchell L. Carrasco.

We're told the two met up at Carrasco's shop, Pachuco Tattoo, in Orange, Calif. over a week ago ... and after 6 hours of work, the final results were in!

The piece came out dope ... there's a dramatic red and black "RARE" wording above a Melo-like angel -- plus his logo at the base with a red halo!

@rockrollg / Instagram

We're told the hairdo idea was done at the last minute -- and Carrasco did it free-handed!!!

The new ink complements Melo's existing piece, also done by Carrasco, on his other forearm.

That artwork features a lion looking into water -- which Carrasco calls an "evolution tattoo" -- since Melo got it done right before the 2020 NBA Draft.

Nice tats and nice season, Melo!

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