Amanda Bynes Family Won't Allow Marriage ... Even Though She's Engaged


Amanda Bynes' engagement ring is an Amazon bargain ... and her family is going to block her from tying the knot.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Amanda will never legally marry her fiancee, Paul Michael, because her mother holds the keys to marriage and she doesn't approve of her daughter's engagement.

Amanda's mother is her conservator, and we're told Amanda cannot get married without her conservator's consent. Our sources say the family feels it's not in her best interest to be married -- they haven't met Paul -- so a wedding ain't happening.

As for the engagement ring ... our sources say Paul bought it off Amazon for $49, and Amanda is telling those around her the ring is NOT a real diamond and she's fine with a fake.


As you know ... Amanda met Paul in AA and they've only been dating for a few months. She introduced him to her fans on social media by calling him "drop-dead gorgeous" and the "best person on the face of the Earth." She also says they've both been sober for over a year.

Our sources say her family believes Paul doesn't have a job. Amanda had a boyfriend right before him, and we're told her family thinks he might be a rebound.

Lindsey Vonn February Is Bikini Season!

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It's 42 degrees in New York. 18 degrees in Chicago. And, PERFECT BIKINI WEATHER wherever the hell Lindsey Vonn is!

The world-class ski legend is on a secret trip for a secret project with her adorable pup Lucy Vonn ... and it doesn't take a whole lotta investigative reporting to know it's a bikini thing.

Vonn recently hooked up with L Space -- a bikini company -- and by the looks of things, they made a good choice in a spokesperson!

The 35-year-old Olympic superstar has had a pretty massive year -- she got engaged to her NHL star boyfriend P.K. Subban (remember they proposed to each other?!) and officially retired from competitive downhill skiing.

The good news ... she's got options!

J.J. Watt and Fiancee Kealia Ohai We're Hitched!!!


5:48 PM PT -- Looks like J.J. Watt has officially tied the knot. Again ... congrats!

J.J. Watt is preparing to be a married man today!!!

J.J. and fiancee Kealia Ohai are getting hitched Saturday at a fancy hotel in the Bahamas, and lots of family and friends are on hand for the nuptials.

The couple was hanging at the hotel all week with their broods, hanging by the pool and celebrating during meals.

A big tent was erected Friday for the ceremony ... it's pretty extravagant -- a tent with chandeliers.

As TMZ Sports reported, J.J. and Kealia took out a marriage license this week in Harris County, Texas. They have exactly 90 days to seal the deal, but we're told that all goes down this evening.

J.J. and Kealia got engaged 9 months ago. They started dating 2 years ago.  BTW, Kealia is a soccer star who plays for the Chicago Red Stars.


Originally Published -- 7:31 AM PT

J.J. Watt & Kealia Ohai Wedding Bells Ringing Soon??? ... Applied for Marriage License


J.J. Watt and his fiancee, Kealia Ohai, are planning to say their "I Dos" soon ... like, possibly this weekend soon.

The Houston Texans star and the Chicago Red Stars soccer star applied for their marriage license this week in Harris County, Texas ... which means they have 90 days from the date they filed for the license to tie the knot.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

What's interesting ... Watt's been posting on his social media the past few days from an undisclosed tropical-looking location. You know, the type of spot perfect for a wedding ... especially right around Valentine's Day.

If they do end up getting hitched this weekend, it will be almost 9 months after they got engaged -- J.J. popped the question back in May 2019.

Of course, this came more than 2 years after the couple became Instagram official in early 2017.

Like we said, they still have 90 days before they have to do the whole wedding ceremony thing to make their marriage official, so whether it happens in the next couple days or not ... congrats!!!

Mya I Married Myself


11:34 AM PT -- 2/14 -- Mya told us she'd reveal her wedding partner on Valentine's Day ... turns out it was herself! She just dropped a music video for "The Truth" where she plays the bride x2.

Mya's been holding a big secret for months ... we've learned she said "I Do" in a super-secret wedding down in Seychelles.

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... Mya walked down the aisle back in December in a very intimate ceremony on the island nation off the African coast. We obtained these pics of her on the beach in her gown ... looking absolutely stunning.

If the wedding seems like a shock to you, it is to us too. It's unclear who Mya's spouse is -- and she hasn't publicly dated anyone in years.

In the past, she's been linked to NFL stars DeSean Jackson and Larry Johnson, plus rappers Jay-Z and The Game. So, her partner's got big shoes to fill.

This was Mya's first walk down the aisle. As for the 40-year-old singer's mystery ball and chain? We've got a call in to her people.

We know this ... they had killer weather! Always a toss-up with beach weddings.


Originally Published -- 2/12 9:52 AM PT

Justin Bieber Fave Part About Marriage? Netflix & Chill ... Especially the Chill!!!

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Justin Bieber's getting real about being married to Hailey Bieber ... he loves it but admits there are challenges.

The Biebs opened up about life as a married man Tuesday night at London's O2 Arena where he held a Q&A sesh. It's kind of funny ... as he's riffing about the challenges that come with marriage, you hear someone in the audience say, "I don't see no ring."

Either way ... Justin says life with Hailey's awesome since tying the knot in 2018. They love 'em some Netflix, but he confessed they also get easily, ahem ... distracted. Marriage itself, he says, is no easy task and gives the young crowd some marriage advice.

Justin also says his new album, "Changes" -- set to drop Friday -- reflects some of the hardships and changes in his life. Marriage, being a huge change, and at least one of the hardships has to be health issues.

As we first reported ... Justin contracted Lyme disease, which went undiagnosed for most of 2019. He recently opened up about it on the latest episode of his YouTube docuseries.

Pamela Anderson Splits w/ 'Husband' of 12 Days ... Time to Re-Evaluate, Yeah???

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Pamela Anderson giveth her hand in marriage, and Pamela Anderson taketh away -- she and her new movie producer husband are already calling it quits ... less than 2 weeks later.

The actress told THR Sunday that she and Jon Peters were uncoupling 12 days after a secret wedding ceremony in Malibu, where they said "I do" in front of their kids and loved ones. Apparently, however, Pammy and Jon never filed legal docs to become mister and missus.

She says, "I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union." Pam continues, "We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another. Life is a journey and love is a process."

She finishes by saying, "With that universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process. Thank you for respecting our privacy."

At the time of their marriage announcement, Jon said he'd only wanted Pamela after all these years ... saying she made him "wild" in a good way. As for Pam, she said Jon was one of the OG "bad boys" of Hollywood, and that no one compared. She also said she loved him.


The couple has history  BTW ... they dated over 30 years ago.

The so-called marriage would've marked the fifth for both of them. Looks like they're back to 4 apiece 😢.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Proposes to Beth's Friend on 'Dr. Oz' ... But NO Engagement

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Dog the Bounty Hunter -- who's been reeling after the death of his wife -- has a new woman he wants to marry, or at least he did for a moment while he was on 'Dr. Oz.'

The other shock is the alleged bride-to-be is one of Beth Chapman's friends ... Moon Angell. Dog's been rumored to be dating her for a few weeks, pissing off his daughters, who have claimed he's lying about the relationship. It's caused a rift in the Chapman family.

Regardless, Dog and Moon -- who was once Beth's assistant along with her BFF -- appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" together ... and Dog shocked everyone by proposing to her.

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... he also told Moon he loved her and revealed he was talking to God in the bathroom during a break, and God told him he should propose.

However, sources close to the family tell us ... the TV proposal, recorded last week, was NOT legit -- he was overly emotional and got caught up in the moment. We're told he did not give her a ring during the taping, and they are not engaged.

It certainly didn't play out that way on the 'Dr. Oz' set though. People involved in the production tell us everyone in the studio thought Dog meant it. You can see the full interview and judge for yourself Monday on Dr. Oz's show.


Our sources say he's grown close to Moon -- who was maid of honor at his and Beth's wedding -- because she's helped him through the grieving process, which she's going through too.

However, there is no wedding or even engagement plans for them as of now.

Lamar Odom & Fiancee Deleted Engagement Pic ... There's a 'Healthy' Explanation!!!


Lamar Odom and his fiancee say people are reading too much into her deleting some IG pics -- including one of her engagement rock -- 'cause there's a simple reason for the vanishing act.

We got Lamar and Sabrina Parr outside the Whiskey Mistress bar in ATL, and the fact they showed up together shoulda been our first clue on their relationship status -- as they both pointed out to our photog. We did press Sabrina -- who's a personal trainer -- about deleting the pics, and she chalked it up to a "health and fitness" related cleansing.

Mostly, anyway. She also copped to a bit of vanity. The best sign here for LO fans ... Sabrina was wearing her ring.


Bottom line ... they're still going just as strong as they were when we spoke to the couple in November and LO praised the hell outta his "star."

BTW ... we also asked Sabrina how the wedding dress search is going. The short answer ... not even close. Especially because she's shopping for several of them!!!

Yeah, we'll let her explain -- even Lamar had to LOL.

Pamela Anderson & New Hubby First Pic Together & She's Loving It!!!

Pamela Anderson's new husband's got style ... which probably explains her huge Colgate grin.

Pamela formally introduced her Hollywood mogul hubby, Jon Peters, to her fans around the world with this shot she posted Friday -- black and white, so it's classy. It's unclear when and where the picture was taken. It might be in Wetzlar, Germany (perhaps a honeymoon?) because that's the location on the pic, but of course, that can be manipulated.

Wherever they are they look happy and comfy. She's in a white knitted sweater and he's in a puffy black vest looking hella stylish with his aviators.


As we reported ... Pamela and the "A Star Is Born" producer tied the knot Monday in Malibu. It was a surprise wedding, for sure ... but something Jon's been dreaming about forever.

He said, "There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but -- for 35 years -- I've only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild -- in a good way."

As we told you ... they dated more than three decades ago, but reconnected after she broke things off last year with French soccer star Adil Rami.

Onwards and upwards!!!

Pamela Anderson Surprise! I'm Married Again ... To Movie Mogul Jon Peters

Pamela Anderson is a married woman -- for the fifth time -- with another recently rekindled old flame ... Hollywood hotshot Jon Peters.

The actress and the producer of "A Star is Born" -- the 1976 and 2018 versions -- and "Flashdance" ... got married Monday in a private ceremony in Malibu.

As for why the surprise, quickie wedding? Jon says, "There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but -- for 35 years -- I’ve only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild -- in a good way."


The couple dated more than 30 years ago, but their relationship came full circle in recent months. We're told they've remained flirty forever, and reconnected after she broke things off last year with French soccer star Adil Rami.

Jon told Hollywood Reporter, "Pamela has never seen her full potential as an artist. She has yet to shine in a real way. There is much more to her than meets the eye, or I wouldn’t love her so much."

The marriage marks the fifth for both Anderson and Peters. Pam's ex-husbands include Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon ... twice.

Peters' exes include Lesley Ann Warren and Christine Forsyth-Peters, and he also dated Streisand for years.

Pamela also has some words about her surprise marriage, in the form of a poem. She writes ... "Jon is the original ‘bad boy’ of Hollywood - no one compares. I love him deeply like family. His life used to scare me."

She adds ... "We understand and respect each other - We love each other without conditions. I’m a lucky woman. Proof God has a plan”

Tim Tebow Marries Miss South Africa ... Rehearsal Gives Sneak Peek


9:57 AM PT -- Tim Tebow has reportedly tied the knot with former Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters -- and of course ... congratulations are in order, for more reason than one.

People reports Tebow and Demi are, in fact, man and wife now -- and the ceremony apparently included about 260 guests, a sunset backdrop, a mix of American and S. African cuisine ... and even a Keto-friendly cheesecake so TT could stick with his diet.

It also means Timmy finally gets to lose his V-card. He's famously religious and has previously said he wanted to save himself for marriage. Welp, the time has come ... do the deed, bud.

Tim Tebow is days away from saying "I do" to his South African bride, and it looks like he's getting familiar with her homeland through a super fancy warm-up to the big day.

The ex-NFL quarterback-turned-baseball player posted some awesome behind-the-scenes footage of his wedding rehearsal dinner this weekend with his fiancee, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters -- who was crowned Miss South Africa in 2017. No doubt about it ... it was an elegant affair.

Tim was in a burgundy suit, Demi-Leigh in a complimentary red dress. The evening included a proper run-through, complete with the seating arrangements for the reception ... as well as speeches from family and friends. His former college coach, Urban Meyer, was there too.

P.K. Subban A Lot OF Dudes Want Mangagement Rings ... Glad Lindsey Proposed


PK Subban says more women should follow Lindsey Vonn's lead and take a knee for their mans ... telling TMZ Sports a lot of dudes wanna get proposed to!!!

Remember, PK originally proposed to his Olympic ski star lady back in August ... and then LV returned the favor by popping the question over Christmas.

We spoke with the NJ Devils star out in NYC about the gesture ... and he says he wasn't surprised at all when Lindsey proposed ... and says any dude would want an expensive ass ring!!!

Nick Young Inviting D'Angelo to Wedding?!? ... 'HAHAHAHA!!!'


With Nick Young getting ready to tie the knot to fiancee Keonna Green -- our guy asked an interesting question ... does D'Angelo Russell get an invite to the wedding?!

Nick's response??? "HAHAHAHA!!!"

Look, in a way ... D'Lo is responsible for Nick's upcoming marriage -- because had he not posted that infamous video back in the day, Iggy Azalea and Nick might still be together!

It was messy at the time, but things seemed to have worked out for everybody since.

Nick's happily engaged (that went down over the Christmas break).


Iggy's moved on with Playboi Carti.

And, D'Angelo -- who was teammates with Nick on the Lakers during the video scandal -- was traded away and eventually blossomed into an All-Star.

And, speaking of hoops, Nick -- who's only 34 -- says he's still gunning to get back in the NBA, hopefully in time for the playoffs. Hey, the guy does an NBA ring in his collection.

Swaggy was a 1st round draft pick in 2007 -- and played with the Washington Wizards, Clippers, Lakers, 76ers, Warriors and most recently had a stint with the Denver Nuggets in 2018.

'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Poses in Wedding Dress w/ Fiance ... Before Oct. Ceremony

Cynthia Bailey and her FOX Sports fiance are getting a taste of a dress and tux to come months before they officially say "I do" ... and the photo-op appears to be an official celebration of their engagement.

The 'RHOA' star was seen doing a photo shoot Sunday with Mike Hill outside the J.W. Marriott Essex House Hotel in NYC, where they were rocking pretty standard wedding attire ... especially, Cynthia who seemed to be wearing a bride's dress or something like it.

Some folks might think they've already tied the knot -- despite announcing their wedding ceremony for later this year in October -- but it's possible this is simply for a formal engagement photo spread ... assuming they didn't get ahead of their own plans.

Chester Bennington Widow Remarries Days After NYE ... Wedding Venue Was Lovely

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11:01 AM PT -- Chester Bennington's widow tied the knot again in what seemed to be quite the elegant affair -- and it looks like she and her new hubby went with the Midas touch theme.

TMZ obtained photos of Talinda Bennington and Michael Fredman's wedding reception venue at the Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, HI ... and it's clear they didn't spare any expense at decking the place out. They even had a welcome sign with their names embroidered in.

Even the cutlery and chargers appeared to be matching in white and gold, and the tables on which they sat were draped in white cloths. Standard stuff, of course, but still ... pretty fancy-schmnacy if you ask us. But, wait 'til you get a load of their wedding cake.

It was a three-tier pastry and beautifully decorated. Definitely well-thought-out and planned, all in all. Again ... congrats to the happy couple!

Talinda Bennington has tied the knot again ... and her wedding ceremony went down close to a date that's already significant to her.

Chester's widow got remarried around New Year's Eve -- to L.A. County firefighter Michael Fredman -- at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, Hawaii ... according to sources close to the family. They've been hanging and celebrating there in the days since.

We're told Talinda and Chester's 3 children -- son Tyler and twins Lilly and Lila -- were there along with other friends and family members.

Interestingly, Talinda married Chester on New Year's Eve ... back in 2005.


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