Machine Gun Kelly Engaged to Megan Fox ... 'and then we drank each other’s blood'

10:19 AM PT -- 1/13 -- We spoke with Stephen Webster who tells us MGK came to them about 3 months ago to start work on the ring ... a surprising timeline considering the two have only been together a year and a half.

Webster says the ring was "created in 18ct white gold with a D color antique-cut Diamond, and an untreaded Columbian Emerald, perfectly matched pear-shaped gems, surrounded by colourless natural Diamond pavé”

We were approached by Colson to create a very special ring that had true connections to both Megan and himself. Over the three months of working together on the ring Colson mentioned that Megan’s birth stone is Emerald which he wanted to incorporate in some way along with a Diamond, his birth stone.

The resulting ring actually consists of two rings which, by the use of magnets buried within the Gold, are attracted to each other and sit together perfectly on the finger, a detail that is both modern and quite extraordinary. Created in 18ct white gold with a D colour antique-cut Diamond, and an untreaded Columbian Emerald, perfectly matched pear-shaped gems, surrounded by colourless natural Diamond pavé” - Stephen Webster, MBE

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are soon to be Mr. and Mrs. ... getting engaged with a pretty baller ring and allegedly celebrating by drinking each other's blood???

MGK made the announcement Wednesday, with the caption, "yes, in this life and every life” beneath the same branches we fell in love under, i brought her back to ask her to marry me."

The whole thing went down at Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico ... a spot the two have visited before.

Megan too posted a video of the engagement, saying, "Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him."

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But, it's how she ended her post that has people confused "…and then we drank each other’s blood."

It's certainly not the first time these two have swapped some bodily fluids, MGK has worn a necklace in the past with a drop of his now-fiancees blood in it.

He says he designed the ring with Stephen Webster, with Megan's birthstone, the emerald, and his birthstone, the diamond. Continuing, "set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love."

@machinegunkelly / Instagram

Megan and MGK met in 2020 while filming the movie "Midnight in The Switchgrass" and have seemingly been inseparable ever since.

Megan was previously married to Brian Austin Green, the two have three kids together. MGK has never been married, but has a daughter.

Originally Published -- 1/12 3:23 PM PT

Josh Duhamel 'My Neck, My Back' Kills It on Karaoke Before Proposing to Fiancée!!!


Josh Duhamel is lined up to be a married man once again -- but he didn't pop the question without first doing some serious work on the microphone -- as evidenced in these videos.

Josh and his now-fiancée Audra Mari were staying at the Bungalows Key Largo Resort in Florida last week, and decided to join in on some good karaoke fun. We're told there's a weekly event at a lounge overlooking the water, and at one point Josh got up on stage.

He's certainly got a mix of hits ... including "Tennessee Whiskey," "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" by The Backstreet Boys and a crowd-pleaser "My Neck, My Back" by Khia.

Audra didn't perform alongside Josh, but the audience seemed to eat it up regardless.

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Saturday marked a big day for Josh and Audra -- who served as Miss World America 2016 --  the actor announced they had gotten engaged after two years of dating. Safe to say the proposal went down during the trip to Key Largo.

Josh was famously married to Fergie for 8 years before they announced they were getting a divorce in 2017. They have one son together.

Don Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Engaged ... Kept it Quiet for 1 Year

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are set to walk down the aisle -- and have been now for over a year ... a secret that's just now coming to light.

President Trump's eldest son apparently popped the question to his ex-Fox News anchor GF on New Year's Eve 2020, but kept the engagement hidden from public view -- at least until this past weekend, when KG was seen flashing her engagement rock on social media.

According to the Daily Mail ... their future nuptials have been known to folks in their inner circle because Kimberly wasn't hiding the ring during private gatherings -- she only kept it under wraps while on camera.

Of course, Don Jr. and Kim have been dating for a few years now ... ever since 2018, when she left Fox and started working/campaigning full-time for then President Trump. Who can forget her, umm ... passionate speech during the RNC??!!

They each have children from previous relationships -- as you know, Don was married to Vanessa Trump until their divorce finalized the same year he got with Kimberly. And she was previously married to California Governor Gavin Newsom as well as furniture heir Eric Villency.


Halle Berry Fakes Wedding!!! ... And Fakes Out Famous Friends

Halle Berry clowned everyone Saturday by making it seem she tied the knot again ... and she got over on lots of her famous friends.

Halle posted pics that made it look like she and boyfriend, Van Hunt, are now hubby and wife. The photos were taken in a chapel on what appears to be a resort. We believe they're at a super fancy hotel in Bora Bora.

Well, it looked real enough for Dwayne Johnson and Octavia Spencer to fall for it hook, line and sinker.

It's actually easy to miss the joke. Halle captioned the pic, "well, IT'S OFFICIAL!" When you read the caption next to the pic of the 55-year-old actress wearing a flower crown as she gets up on her toes to kiss Van, well, it's easy to get clowned.

The joke is unmasked with the next caption ... "It's 2022!" So, it's official -- it's 2022. We get it.

Halle actually hashtagged '#Gotcha,' but apparently, that was too obvious so she edited it out.

"The Rock" reacted by posting a bunch of clapping emojis with the caption, "congrats you two!!! Beautiful!!"

Octavia Spencer chimed in ... "Congratulations!!!!!"

There's a little backstory here. Halle's been married 3 times -- and some of the splits have been super difficult -- so a 4th plunge is, well, a little surprising.

Halle and Van have been together for a while, but she never really acknowledged it until September 2020.

Good joke, and enjoy (we think) Bora Bora!!!

Kourtney K & Travis Barker Boo'd & Bundled Up For Walk on The Beach

If you're wondering how residents in SoCal are handling the cold and rainy weather of this holiday season, look no further than Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker, who hit the beach for a stroll bundled up in a ton of layers.

The pair hit the sand at the Rosewood Hotel in Montecito Wednesday, and while it certainly didn't look like they were prepared to take a dip ... the couple looked cozy nonetheless. Both were decked out in all-black and sunglasses, Travis kept his hood up to trap in as much heat as possible.

The Rosewood is special to Travis and Kourtney, considering it's the same spot he proposed to her back in October in a proposal fit with what seemed to be thousands of roses.

As for their sandy stroll, unclear if the two had just finished eating and wanted to take in the sights ... each was carrying a cup of something (hopefully warm).


No details yet on when and where the two will officially say "I Do" -- but there's definitely a strong connection to Montecito -- so maybe they were location scouting.

Then again, there's nothing like a walk down memory lane oceanfront.

JoJo XMAS/Birthday Surprise ... Dexter and I Are Gettin' Hitched!!!

JoJo got some bling with real meaning behind it for XMAS ... an engagement ring!!!

Actor Dexter Darden popped the question on Christmas Day, which also happens to be her birthday. JoJo just dropped the news ... "Forever with YOU? Sign me UP. Celebrating Christmas a whole fiancé!!! The most thoughtful, creative, positive, handsome, strong, loving, uplifting human being asked me to marry him. So obviously I said YESSS!!!"

It didn't stop there ... "Thank you for the most epic birthday surprise ever. And for flying out my mom, your mom, and both of our best friends to share in that incredible moment with us. You are one of one. LFG @dexterdarden."

The "Saved by the Bell" reboot star responded this way ... "Yupppppp🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thank you for being my forever 💍❤️."

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Darden has called JoJo "The Bravest Artist I know on the planet," just after her album "Trying Not to Think About It," dropped back in October. She told MTV the album is a "time capsule for [my] deep depression."

JoJo just competed on Season 5 of "The Masked Singer," where she appeared as the Black Swan. She finished second.


Wedding Fiascos Bridesmaid Disinvited to Wedding ... True, I Looked Better than the Bride, But ...

A woman committed the cardinal sin in the wedding world -- she apparently looked better than the bride, and says that's why she became persona non grata at the ceremony.

Alena Yildiz from Germany shared her story ... "My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me," immodestly adding, "Still took some fire pics in it though."

Now here's the thing ... it ain't the usual ugly bridesmaid's dress, so what gives? Yildiz opened up to Insider, saying she's being treated differently from the other bridesmaids ... "all of our other friends wore extravagant dresses as well, but she only had a problem with me."

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We'd call it a humble brag, but the fact is ... she pulls off the look in spectacular fashion!

Yildiz claims the bride was honest and insecure, saying the dress was "too attention-grabbing." She thinks it's all the bride's screw-up ... if she thought the dress would be too sexy on any of the 6 bridesmaids, she should have chosen an uglier garment ... certainly not one with a thigh-high slit.

BTW ... the friendship between Lildiz and the bride is kaput ... "It made me feel like I had no value to her as a friend."

Our opinion ... the bride should clearly have seen this coming.

Utah Jazz Dancer Gets Epic Marriage Proposal ... During On-Court Routine


Danielle Bush -- a dancer for the Utah Jazz -- got the surprise of a lifetime during Monday night's game ... when she got an epic marriage proposal during her on-court routine!

The amazing and romantic moment went down at the Hornets vs. Jazz game, when the Utah dancers were performing during a break.

In the video, you can see Danielle and the rest of the team were hitting synchronized moves, when suddenly, the routine changed and Danielle had no idea what was happening.

A few seconds later, though, her boyfriend popped out with a ring ... and asked her to marry him!

Danielle said "yes" as Bruno Mars' "Marry You" played over the speakers ... and it was all super sweet.

The dancers provided background moves while the whole thing went down ... making the whole thing all the more magical.

Amazing moment -- congrats!!

Follow up with the wedding during halftime of a game next year??

Lil Durk & India Royale Fiancée Flashing Rock in Aspen!!! Post-Engagement Vacay

Lil Durk and his soon-to-be Mrs. are living large on the heels of their mid-concert engagement, flying to Aspen for a little last-minute Christmas shopping ... at Louis Vuitton.

The couple was draped in designer clothing for their holiday shopping spree -- Lil Durk wore a blue Chanel jumpsuit, and his new fiancée, India Royale, had on Chanel earmuffs.

But, all that stuff was overshadowed, almost literally, by the new huge diamond on India's left hand!!!

The Colorado getaway comes right after the rapper got down on bended knee during his Saturday night performance in their hometown of Chicago.

@XXL / Twitter

He'd brought India, his longtime girlfriend, out on stage to pop the question -- saying, "You've been the realest to me ... Do you wanna be my wife?"

Of course, the crowd ate it up, and later India posted about the engagement -- "I said 'Yes.' #issafiancé".

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She was also sure to show off her new sparkling oval-shaped rock, and so did her jeweler. Can't blame 'em ... the thing is freakin' impressive!!!

India and Durk have been together since 2017, and they have a daughter, Willow, together.

We're not sure how ya follow up a gift like that ring, but based on their Aspen outing ... looks like Durk's gonna try like hell for Christmas!!!

Lil Durk Mid-Concert Engagement!!! India Says Yes in Chi-Town

Lil Durk's finally locking it down with his longtime GF, and he definitely put the pressure on when he popped the question ... in front of a packed arena in their hometown of Chicago.

Durk performed Saturday night at a local radio station's Big Jam concert at the United Center, and at one point he brought India Royale out on stage with him ... and then did it all traditional, getting down on one knee.

@XXL / Twitter

LD first buttered her up ... thanking India for holding him down and being "the realest," and then said, "Do you wanna be my wife?"

Before India -- an IG model and influencer -- could even answer, the crowd erupted with cheers -- makes sense, they're both from Chicago ... so, you know they had tons of support onstage and off of it. India did eventually say yes.

The couple got together back in 2017, and had a baby girl, Willow Banks, back in November 2018. India has a cosmetics line called India Royale Beauty, which Durk often promotes ... sometimes in his songs.

They've been through a lot together -- besides parenthood, Durk and India were the victims, back in July, of a home invasion and aggravated assault in Georgia.

Good times ahead, though -- now, they've got a wedding to plan. Gotta wonder if Durk's new collab partner, Morgan Wallen, will make the cut for the guest list ... or maybe even perform. Although, "Broadway Girls" is hardly first dance material.

Either way, congrats to happy couple!!!

Trae Young Proposes To GF With Massive Ring ... 'Forever Young'

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is crushing it on AND off the court -- the baller proposed to his college sweetheart, Shelby Miller ... and she said "YES!!"

The couple announced the engagement on social media in a romantic post on Thursday ... with Trae saying, "What a night💫#FutureMrsYoung💍."

In the pics, you can see Trae got down on one knee to pop the big question ... and let's just say the dude lived up to his nickname, "Ice Trae" ... 'cause that ring is HUGE!!!

Miller was visibly happy about it all, as the two hugged and embraced. She also commented on Trae's post ... saying, "Forever Young."

Young and Miller have been together since 2017 ... so news of the engagement isn't too much of a surprise.

The lovebirds met in college at the University of Oklahoma -- as it turns out, Miller was a member of the Sooners cheerleading squad, while Young was lighting it up on the court.

23-year-old Young has been ballin' this season as well, putting up MVP-like numbers ... so yeah, he's winning all around.


Diamond Dallas Page I Surprised My GF With A Wedding!!!

Forget surprise birthday parties -- former wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page just one-upped that with a surprise WEDDING with his girlfriend, Payge McMahon, in Tennessee ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!!

We're told the ceremony took place at the Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga ... with the newlyweds wearing a lovely red and white ensemble that complemented one another.

But get this -- Diamond originally told McMahon they were going to a "red and white" Christmas party ... but to her surprise, she was actually getting all dressed up to attend her own wedding!!

As for why he chose Chattanooga, DDP says that he and Payge reunited there after 6 years on December 9th, 2019 ... and that his time spent with her is the most amazing relationship he's ever had.

But don't worry, it wasn't a complete shock -- Payge knew DDP was hoping to marry her before the end of the year ... and she began to put two and two together once she saw her family at the hotel.

There's more -- after they got hitched, DDP revealed a room full of a hundred of their friends so they could all celebrate together.

Listen to this list of guests -- former wrestler Rob Van Dam and his wife Katie Van Dam, Big Cass, and Enzo Amore came through for the special occasion ... and you know they couldn't let the night pass without throwing up DDP's signature hand sign.

The WWE Hall of Famer looked genuinely happy in the pics taken by Rachael Crowe ... and he said that his daughter, Brittany Page, helped him pull off the surprise.

Congrats to the married couple ... and does this mean Payge's name is Payge Page??

Candace Parker My Wife's Pregnant!!! ... 'It's Surreal'

Candace Parker says she and her wife have a baby on the way ... revealing Tuesday her partner, Anya Petrakova, is pregnant!!!

The WNBA superstar shared the awesome news on her social media page ... gushing over Anya on their wedding anniversary while calling the pregnancy "surreal."

"I LOVE YOU🐞," Parker said in a message to Petrakova. "I appreciate you, I value you and what we have."

"We've always dreamed of growing our family...," Parker continued. "It's surreal that we now have a baby on the way!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, Parker has been a mother for 12 years -- she and Shelden Williams had their daughter, Lailaa, together back in May 2009.

And, Parker says Lailaa is fired up to welcome the new addition to the family, saying, "Lailaa is pumped to be a big sister!"

Parker added that she's grateful Petrakova has loved "Lailaa as your own" since the two got together.

"You couldn't be more beautiful!" Parker continued in her message to Petrakova. "Glowing, while understanding that I have to constantly love, kiss, and talk to your belly AND yes… play Jay-Z for the baby (Goose knows "Song Cry" already by heart😜!)"

"I can't wait to embark on this next chapter in life with you!"


Kylie Jenner Cops Called After Fan Hops Neighbor's Fence ... Wanted to Propose with Flowers!!!

Kylie Jenner almost got a surprise marriage proposal, but cops intervened before an obsessed fan could pop the question.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they were called to Kylie's neighborhood Thursday for a report of a man who had hopped a fence and knocked on a door looking for Jenner. Only problem? The guy had the wrong house and was at Kylie's neighbor's place.

Cops spoke to the 23-year-old man -- armed with flowers -- who told them he was there to profess his love for Kylie, and ask for her hand in marriage.

Obviously, the whole thing didn't fly with police -- who arrested the guy for misdemeanor trespassing -- and took him in for booking.

TMZ broke the story, it was a few months back when Kim Kardashian's security team intercepted a package from a fan that had a diamond engagement ring and a Plan B pill .... yes, you heard that right.

Matt Barnes Stak's Wedding Day Was a Weed Fest ... We Smoked Before And After!!!


You've heard of the Red Wedding, but Stephen Jackson had a green one ... 'cause ex-NBAer Matt Barnes says everyone was tokin' up before and after his big ceremony!!

43-year-old Stak married his new wife, Tamara, at a star-studded event this weekend ... with guests like rapper 2 Chainz and fellow former hooper Al Harrington.

But, the most VIP guest of the day?? WEED!!

"We smoked before and after," Barnes tells us ... which means Stak had to be feeling reeeaaaalllly good as he exchanged vows.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"He had his close friends and family there. We had a good time."

Although folks were sparking it up, Barnes says the smoke sesh did not happen throughout the wedding -- "We didn't really smoke during the wedding because we were at the Four Seasons."

Makes sense, don't wanna lose that security deposit!!

Stak was able to smoke after exchanging vows, though ... wearing a fancy tux and rapping along to UGK and Outkast's "Int'l Players Anthem."

"It was good. We always smoke good," Barnes added.

That they do ... remember, Jackson even revealed to us in 2018 that he smoked marijuana during his whole 14-year NBA career.

Congrats on the weeding wedding, Stak!!

PGA Star Collin Morikawa Engaged To GF Katherine Zhu ... 'My Forever And Ever'

Cuffing season is officially upon us -- golf star Collin Morikawa just popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend, Katherine Zhu, this week ... and she said YES!!!

The 2-time major champ and the former Pepperdine golfer -- who have been together for years -- shared the news on Wednesday ... revealing they got engaged on November 30.

24-year-old Morikawa dropped to one knee right before the Hero World Challenge in The Bahamas, which kicks off Thursday.

"A lifetime together forever 🤍," Zhu posted on Instagram ... while Morikawa said, "My forever and ever, I love you."

The guy did a great job picking out the ring ... as Zhu was clearly excited to show it off in their first pic together as an engaged couple.

Of course, Morikawa has had a pretty remarkable start to his career ... racking up 5 PGA Tour wins since turning pro in 2019.

In fact, he made 22-straight cuts to kick off his career, which is only second to some guy named Tiger Woods.

A huge finish in this week's tournament could propel Morikawa to the top of the world golf rankings, as he currently sits at #2.

Talk about a hot streak. Congrats to the beautiful couple!!!

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