Kevin Conroy Knew Video Game Batman Would Die ... Still Gave It His All!!!

Kevin Conroy fans are fuming over Batman's death in a new video game, but the voice behind the Caped Crusader knew the hero's fate ... and gave the role everything he had.

The late actor's publicist, Gary Miereanu, tells TMZ ... Kevin performed his Batman lines in "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" with "the same verve with which he approached every Batman role, always being faithful to the words on the page and the direction from the other side of the glass."

Kevin recorded his lines for the dying Batman before his own passing in 2022 ... and some fans feel the video game death is a disrespectful way to leave Conroy's legacy as the Dark Knight.

But Kevin's rep doesn't see it that way ... telling us, "I'm also certain that, while recording, Kevin’s own death never entered his mind."

Another Batman voice actor, Jason O'Mara, tells TMZ ... Bruce Wayne's going to come back in some way, shape, or form in a different story, just like Superman and many other beloved characters.

TMZ Studios

Jason is sure Kevin knew the script called for Batman to die, and says ... "No matter the scenario, he never let any Batman fan down."

Since the initial fan outrage, it's been revealed there's at least one more performance of Kevin as Batman the vault.

Jason says Kevin probably knew this wouldn't be his last ride as Batman, and fans will have reason to enjoy and celebrate his next performance.

Kevin Conroy Fans Outraged Batman Gets Killed ... In New Video Game

There's a new video game where Batman gets a final sayonara from his worst foes -- and fans of the late Kevin Conroy are absolutely fuming over it ... calling it a terrible send-off.

The game's called 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League' -- due out in a few days -- and some of the footage from a particular scene involving the Dark Knight (voiced by Conroy) is already making the rounds online ... which depicts this version of Batman's brutal death.

Indeed, in this universe ... Harley Quinn fires a bullet into Batman at close range, officially killing him off -- and people who grew up watching Conroy's Batman are kinda losing it.

There's a number of reasons why folks are mad -- but the biggest one, it seems, is that some feel this is a disrespectful way to leave Conroy's legacy as the Caped Crusader. It is, in fact, the last time he played Batman before tragically passing in 2022 from cancer.

While this game's developer/distributor (Rocksteady/WB) likely didn't foresee Conroy dying so suddenly -- diehards of his character and the superhero at large are still dragging these companies through the coals for the decision to off Batman like this ... very wham bam.

However, others are actually pushing back against the outrage ... for two good reasons. One ... it's a freaking video game/fictional character -- and all this is pretty damn silly, TBH.

TMZ Studios

More importantly, though, many are rightly pointing out that Conroy himself signed up for this story when taking the job -- and considering how closely he cherished the role/character of Batman for as long as he did it ... some think the angry mob should respect his decision.

Some believe 'SSKTJL' tarnishes Batman/Kevin's footprint ... but his contribution goes well beyond just this moment. Try telling that to the nostalgic right now -- they don't seem to wanna hear it.


Las recientes publicaciones de Matthew Perry en "Matman" antes de su muerte no eran una señal de que estuviera pidiendo ayuda, esto según la mujer con la que cenó el día antes de su fallecimiento.

Athenna Crosby, la morena misteriosa vista cenando con Matthew antes de morir, le dice a TMZ que la estrella de "Friends" estaba realmente en Batman - incluso llamándose a sí mismo "Matman" y su paseo en el Batmobile.

Era muy feliz

Ella dice que era un tipo juguetón durante los meses que lo conoció y los que piensan que sus comentarios de superhéroes en línea eran mensajes subliminales acerca de su seguridad están muy equivocados.

Athenna califica sus mensajes como los de un nerd y un fan apasionado de los superéroes.

de buen ánimo

Como informamos, la modelo de 25 años de edad y reportera de entretenimiento se juntó a cenar con Matthew el pasado viernes en el Hotel Bel-Air y dijo que estaba devastada al enterarse de su muerte solo un día después de verlo.

Athenna reafirma en lo que ya nos han dicho. Básicamente que el actor estaba muy optimista y de buen humor antes de su muerte e incluso tenía proyectos.

De hecho, Athenna nos dice que ha habido un montón de especulaciones en torno a la muerte de Matthew los días que falleció. Ella solo puede hablar de su experiencia y está segura de su muerte prematura fue un trágico accidente.

Para más información, consulta el último episodio de The TMZ Podcast, disponible en todas las plataformas de podcast.

Matthew Perry 'Mattman' Posts Weren't Sign Of Struggle Despite Conspiracy Theory

There's a wild conspiracy theory floating around that Matthew Perry's recent "Mattman" posts before his death were a cry for help ... but the woman he dined with the day before he passed says that theory couldn't be further from the truth.

Athenna Crosby, the mystery brunette spotted grabbing a meal with Matthew before he died, tells TMZ ... the "Friends" star was really into Batman -- even calling himself "Mattman" and his ride the Batmobile.


She says he was a playful guy in the months that she knew him ... and the conspiracy theory he was pushing subliminal messages about his safety by using the superhero reference is way off.

Athenna playfully chalks the "Mattman" posts up to Perry being a nerd and says fans jumping on the conspiracy train are definitely getting carried away.


As we reported, the 25-year-old model and entertainment reporter grabbed a bite to eat with Matthew last Friday at the Hotel Bel-Air ... and said she was devastated to learn of his death just a day after seeing him.

Athenna doubles down on what we've been told already -- the actor was extremely optimistic and in great spirits leading up to his death ... and he even had projects lined up.

In fact, Athenna tells us there's been a lot of speculation surrounding Matthew's death in the days since he passed away ... and while she can only speak from her experience, she's certain his untimely death was a tragic accident.

For more check out the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Diddy Insane Batman Costume!!! Thumbs Nose at WB & SAG


Diddy gives zero f****, and proved it with a Batman costume -- complete with a real Batmobile -- that's so dead-on to the 'Dark Knight' movies, it's sure to piss off Warner Bros. ... and maybe even SAG-AFTRA.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the artist's killer look from Tuesday night's festivities -- the dude's a spitting image of the big screen Batman, and on top of his picture-perfect costume, he was riding around Hollywood in Batman's Tumbler ... the Batmobile of choice in the Christopher Nolan movies.

Diddy rented the iconic ride from TV Show Cars out of New Jersey and had it transported across the United States.


As we reported, Diddy told Jimmy Kimmel he was going to step up his Halloween game this year -- after saying last year's insanely good Joker costume resulted in WB claiming it was a copyright violation.

Kimmel told him to just dress up as Heath Ledger's character again, despite the heat, but Diddy warned his costume this year would also have WB lawyers working overtime ... and he was true to his word.

And then there's the actor's union -- SAG said it didn't want its members dressing up as movie characters for Halloween, but Diddy, and several others, are clearly ignoring that demand.

Batman was tripped up by one Halloween goblin ... fuel mileage. His Batmobile ran outta gas on Sunset Blvd!!! Of course, he's got people for that, and one of 'em fetched a gas canister for a refill -- not the hero Diddy deserved, but the one he needed!

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Diddy ¡¡¡Se atreve con demente disfraz de Batman!!!

Soy Batman

A Diddy le importa todo un carajo, y lo demostró con un traje de Batman realmente completo, que incluyó un Batmobile tan fiel a las películas de "Dark Knight", que seguramente hará enojar a Warner Bros y tal vez incluso a SAG-AFTRA.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Echa un vistazo a la punzante mirada del artista la noche del martes. El tipo es una viva imagen de Batman en la gran pantalla y además de su perfecto disfraz, se anduvo paseando por Hollywood en el Batmobile de elección en las películas de Christopher Nolan.

No tenemos ni idea cómo llegó a sus manos una réplica exacta del icónico vehículo, pero parece que lo sacó directamente de la Batcueva.

Es todo amor

Como ya informamos, Diddy le dijo a Jimmy Kimmel que iba a intensificar su juego de Halloween este año. Esto, después de decir que su excelente disfraz del Joker del año pasado resultó ser una violación de los derechos de autor.

Kimmel le dijo que simplemente se vistiera como el personaje de Heath Ledger nuevamente, a pesar del odio que suscitó, pero Diddy advirtió que su traje de este año también tendría a los abogados de Warner Bros trabajando horas extras y fue fiel a su palabra.

Y luego está el sindicato de actores. SAG dijo que no quería que sus miembros se vistieran como personajes de películas para Halloween, pero Diddy, y varios otros, claramente hicieron caso omiso de esa demanda.

Batman se tropezó con un duende de Halloween ... su kilometraje de combustible. ¡¡¡Su Batmobile se quedó sin gasolina en Sunset Blvd!!! Por supuesto, tiene gente para eso, y uno de ellos le trajo un bidón de gasolina para rellenarlo, ¡no el héroe que Diddy se merecía, pero sí el que necesitaba!

Lo cubrimos todo en el último episodio de The TMZ Podcast, disponible en todas las plataformas de podcast.

Diddy WB C&D'ed My Joker Costume ... Gonna Push The Limit Again!!!

Diddy says his version of Heath Ledger's Joker was so good last year Warner Bros. sent him a cease and desist from doing the look in the future.

If you recall, Diddy masqueraded around L.A. dressed as Batman's arch nemesis during Halloween 2022 and fooled a lot of people in the process who didn't even realize it was Diddy ... just ask Tyler, The Creator and "Power" actor Michael J. Ferguson.


Diddy told Jimmy Kimmel WB's legal team determined his full-blown makeup infringed on The Joker's copyright ... but for Halloween 2023, he's still planning on making them earn their retainer with another take on one of their properties.

Heath posthumously won an Oscar for his take on Mr J. and Diddy did him justice ... staying in character the whole night.

Halloween, movie auditions -- it's all the same thing for Diddy!!!

Young Batman In 'Batman Begins' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Gus Lewis was just 12 years old when he played the kid version of Batman -- who had a fear of bats after falling into a cave and encountering the animal -- in "Batman Begins" back in 2005.

Lewis shared the big screen with Hollywood legends like Christian Bale -- playing the adult version of Batman, Cillian Murphy as the vicious psychopath who is afraid of Batman, Scarecrow and Katie Holmes as the town of Gotham's district attorney and Batman's love interest, Rachel Dawes.

From a young age, Lewis found interest behind the camera and in more recent years, he has stepped into writing and directing roles.

Guess what he looks like now!

El joven Batman en 'Batman Begins' ¿Se acuerdan de él?

El actor estadounidense Gus Lewis tenía solo 12 años cuando interpretó la versión infantil de Batman -ese que tenía miedo a los murciélagos luego de haber caído en una cueva y tropezarse con ellos- en "Batman Begins", allá por 2005.

Lewis compartió la gran pantalla con leyendas de Hollywood como Christian Bale -en el papel de la versión adulta de Batman-, Cillian Murphy como el Espantapájaros, el despiadado psicópata que teme a Batman, Katie Holmes como la fiscal del distrito de la ciudad de Gotham y Rachel Dawes, a quien pretende Batman.

Desde muy joven, Lewis se interesó por la cámara y en los últimos años se ha dedicado a escribir y dirigir.

Adivina qué aspecto tiene ahora.

Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Off to Slow Box Office Start ... Despite All the Hype

Ezra Miller's "The Flash" has been getting hailed as the greatest comic book movie of all time -- but it seems audiences don't really care ... 'cause, so far, they're hardly going to see it.

The 1st-day box office numbers are in ... and they're not very hot. Between Thursday's previews and Friday's haul, "The Flash" has only grossed $24.5 million domestically -- which means this flick isn't even close to hitting the original estimates of $70 mil+.

At this point, 'Flash' is pegged to hit between $55-$59 million through the 3-day weekend -- which is a huge disappointment considering how much good word of mouth it'd generated. BTW, The Rock's "Black Adam" performed slightly better last year on opening day ... and that film was largely considered a flop big picture. With that in mind, this is truly a disaster.

You might've heard about the buzz over the past several months -- tons of screenings were held by Warner Bros., and some were walking away calling it one of the best DC installments to date. There was even an anecdote about Tom Cruise recently seeing it ... and calling the director to praise him and the film. Like we said, it's been the talk of the town for a while.

Despite all this favorable publicity -- outside of Ezra's personal scandals -- it would appear your average moviegoer doesn't give a rip ... but it's hard to say why at this point.

Some might attribute it to Ezra themself ... who's been mired in controversies for about 2 years now. It might also be the lack of a traditional press run the studio opted for -- there were hardly any interviews in the lead-up -- but others are pointing to James Gunn.

Of course, Gunn is at the helm of DC now ... and he's strongly suggested he's going to be rebooting the entire DCU, and sorta doing away with whatever Zack Snyder established.

"The Flash" is one of the last few leftovers pre-Gunn ... so, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem like anything that happens in this movie really matters -- seeing how JG is going to start from scratch anyway. In other words, little to no stakes seem to be at play.

It's gotta be a bummer for the studio heads who were hoping cameos and reprisals would drum up excitement for "The Flash." Remember, Michael Keaton came to play Batman again ... and there's been word of lots of other Batman actors making an appearance as well.

In the end, though ... it doesn't seem like people were all that into it. Plus, if you watch the movie itself (which we have) then you'll come to realize -- there's a lot of time-jumping and universe rebooting ... and it's somewhat hard to follow what the hell is really going on.

For instance, the final question of who's Batman gets teased (and left as a cliffhanger). If you thought it'd be Keaton, Ben Affleck, or even Christian Bale ... you're dead wrong.


Anyone 'memba this guy??? Yeah, he's back too ... but again, to what end is anyone's guess.

Time will tell what the lackluster numbers mean for DC's future. For now, WB's just gotta eat it and move on.

Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Dress Hits Auction ... May Force and $1 Million Be with You!!!

Carrie Fisher fans now have a shot at an iconic piece of "Star Wars" history ... Princess Leia's dress is up for grabs, but it's gonna take way more than Obi-Wan's help to snag it!

The one-of-a-kind costume has hit the auction block at Propstore Auction. It was worn by the late actress in the OG 1977 film, "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope" ... and the auction house estimates it will fetch between $1 mil to $2 mil.

The 3-day auction also features several other non 'Star Wars'-related pieces of Hollywood memorabilia. For instance, Batman's Batpod -- used by Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises" -- is also up for grabs, and will likely draw a similar price as Leia's gown.

Other items on the block include the evil clown doll from Steven Spielberg's classic 1982 film "Poltergeist", which is expected to go for $200K to $400K.

And film fans can also bid on props from modern hits, like Chris Pratt's light-up "Star-Lord" helmet from the 2014 flick, "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Harry Potter's distressed costume, worn by Daniel Radcliffe in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is up for grabs, and figures to go for at least $75K. Steep price, for sure, but it does come with the glasses.

The auction starts June 28 and ends June 30 ... good luck!!

Lady Gaga Up-Close Look At Her Harley Quinn ... As 'Joker 2' Wraps

Here's a close-up look at Lady Gaga's take on Harley Quinn for the upcoming 'Joker 2' movie ... and this version looks dark and sinister.

Director Todd Phillips shared the in-your-face photo Wednesday on social media, announcing filming has wrapped and it's time for him to hunker down and transform hours of footage into a movie.


Lady Gaga's hair and makeup seem to match up with a scene she filmed earlier this week ... when she was singing and dancing on the very same outdoor Bronx staircase Joaquin Phoenix danced on in the first "Joker" film.

Remember ... we previously saw Lady Gaga in full costume as Harley Quinn last month, but she was sporting a different look than this grimy version.

Before, LG was looking pretty clownish as HQ ... and both versions seem darker than Margot Robbie's take on Harley Quinn, which has been well-received in several different flicks.

Todd's got some time to work his movie magic ... the new 'Joker' is due out in Oct. 2024, and it will be interesting to see fan reactions to Lady Gaga's Harley.

Lady Gaga Sings, Dances on Famed Bronx Stairs ... For 'Joker 2'

Lady Gaga is busting out her pipes for her role as Harley Quinn in the new 'Joker' sequel -- and since they're shooting out in the open ... the whole world's getting a sneak peak.

The singer was on location in NYC this weekend shooting 'Joker 2,' and yes ... she and the team revisited the famous outdoor Bronx staircase that Joaquin Phoenix danced upon in the first flick. Based on these photos and videos -- it would appears Gaga does the same.

She and director Todd Phillips were seen one day going through the scene, and eventually the cameras were rolling ... with LG in full costume and makeup, and showtunes to boot.

You can hear Gaga singing her heart out as bystanders recorded nearby. The film crew tried their best to cover her up and block folks out, but the cat was way out of the bag on this one ... you could probably hear her from a mile away based on how loud she was crooning.

Seems like the whole musical element for 'Joker 2' is in full swing ... and Gaga is bringing it with her natural talent. As for her costar, he made it on set eventually -- and they were shot together in their comic book signature clown gear. Pretty cool to see 'em fully realized.

Based on Gaga's shorter hair ... it would appear her character goes through quite the transformation. Remember, we saw her with a slightly different look a couple weeks ago.

And, of course, based on all the set photos and clips that have leaked so far (a lot) -- we kinda get the plot too at this point ... Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, and Gaga's Harley falls in love with the dude ... presumably joining him in his criminal mischief once out.

It's a bummer that everything's getting spoiled well before the film will come out, which won't be for at least another year and change. But it's pretty fun to see it all in action.

Can't wait to see the final product!

Lady Gaga Revving Up the Harley (Quinn) ... First Look on 'J2' Set!!!

Lady Gaga is ready for her closeup in the DCU -- she was on set this weekend for the new 'Joker 2' movie ... and she's looking pretty clownish as Mr. J's right-hand girl.

The singer and a ton of extras were on hand Saturday morning in NYC, where director Todd Phillips and co. were shooting a scene for the forthcoming sequel to 2019's 'Joker.' As you may have heard by now, Gaga signed on to portray Harley Quinn ... and here she is.

Indeed ... LG could be seen in her full costume and makeup as the Clown Prince of Gotham's famed love interest, and in these shots -- she's coming down some courthouse steps amid what appears to be a massive (staged) protest ... with "Gotham City" cops everywhere.

From the looks of it ... Gaga's Harley is very much like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker -- namely, quite realistic and not so cartoon-y ... unlike other depictions of the characters in DC films.

Of course, with Gaga's version of HQ now out ... the comparisons between her take and Margot Robbie's iteration are going to start flying in film circles. MR has been playing Harley Quinn for a while now (3 films, actually) ... and her portrayal has been well-received.

Based on what we can glean from these photos (and this vibe), however, something tells us Gaga's Harley might, perhaps, be a little darker ... and maybe even a little less giggly.

Time will tell ... we'll just have to wait and see when the flick comes out in Oct. 2024.

BTW, one last observation ... the very many background actors working today appear to have had their grievances heard when it comes to bathroom breaks. As we reported ... a lot of the extras were pissed they were having to work long hours without getting a chance to whizz.

MARCH 2023

Peep all the porta potties lining the streets ... as the actors walk by. There's more than enough stalls for everyone to empty their bladders ... and one guy even exercised his right!

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

'Shazam 2' Bad Box Office Start ... Amid 2-Year Snyder Cut Anniversary

James Gunn's new DCU has yet to see the light of day -- and shedding the old guard is proving brutal ... both at the box office and on Twitter, where it's all Zack Snyder all day.

First, there's 'Shazam 2' -- which just hit theaters this weekend, and is already off to a tough start with a projected $30M domestic opening ... one of the worst for any DC movie. Remember, Zachary Levi's future in Gunn's world going forward hangs in the balance ... and you gotta imagine that his film here (part of the former DCEU) bombing doesn't bode well.

There might be more growing pains for Gunn and co. before they can get to their actual new slate -- which will start with "Superman: Legacy" in like two years. DC has yet to release 'Aquaman 2' and "The Flash" ... both of which were completed before Gunn came on.

Time will tell how those do, but for now ... 'Shazam 2' ain't paying off. In the meantime, Snyder fans are celebrating the two-year anniversary of his "Justice League" flick -- the "Snyder Cut" as it's known. And yes ... they're once again clamoring for more ZS superhero content.


There are a few "Snyder" trends going off on the bird app, including folks calling on Warner Bros. to release the rights to Zack's creations to Netflix ... where he's now making other movies. The reason ... they want their guy to continue the "Snyderverse," with all those former actors/heroes -- like Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, etc.

Of course, that probably isn't gonna happen ... but the fervent fan base demands it anyway.

Making matters even more complicated is Zack himself ... who, just this week, teased an announcement -- courtesy of one of his big DCEU villains, Darkseid. Unclear what it is ... but he had the internet on fire with speculation -- so ZS is not really going away either, it seems.

And, one last Zack mention -- where someone was, again, reveling in the glory days -- came from BA himself ... who was singing the director's praises in a new THR profile this week.

Bottom line ... the DCEU has left some mighty big shoes to fill, and those shoes keep on getting brought up as everyone waits for Gunn and Peter Safran's vision to come to life.

Starting over from scratch, as it turns out, is a long and tedious process. Lots to clear out from the garage, and not everyone wants the leftovers on sale ... as WBD is now finding out.

A super-sized headache, indeed.

Colin Farrell Puttin' On Penguin Suit Again ... We Ain't Talkin' Tuxes!!!

Colin Farrell is back in chameleon mode ... looking like his typical debonair self one day, then a villainous Batman foe the next -- BTW, at the moment, he's focused on the latter.

The Irish actor was on set Monday in Manhattan, where production was getting underway for his new HBO spinoff show, "The Penguin" ... which is all about his titular role from 2022's "The Batman" ... the first time Colin rocked this truly unrecognizable look.

Welp, he's back in character and in costume ... and once again, you would never know this was CF at first glance. The hair, makeup and prosthetics are still on point.

His appearance is essentially the same as it was in the flick, only now ... he's getting an 8-episode series that's solely focused on him and his mob boss journey in Gotham (sans Robert Pattinson's Batman, per reports). It remains to be seen if other Bat baddies will make cameos in the show ... including Barry Keoghan's Joker, who also popped up in 'TB.'

Speaking of Barry, he's in another movie with Colin that's up for a lot of Oscars right now -- "The Banshees of Inisherin" -- and the 2 of them have been hitting the town as they gear up for Sunday's big ceremony, which they're both expected to attend.

Take a look at what Colin looked like just over a week ago ... completely different from his current state on set.

No, he didn't gain a ton of weight in a matter of days -- dude's wearing a fat suit, just as he did in 'Batman.'

The magic of Hollywood, indeed.

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