WB's DC Extended Universe Future in Q Amid 'Flash' Rumors ... Affleck & Cavill Scrubbed???

While Marvel is having a ball in movie land, there are grave concerns among the DC fanbase ... especially amid rumors that their fave heroes are going to be nixed from the franchise.

Here's the deal ... there are a handful of movie insiders claiming to have seen a cut of the new 'Flash' film starring Ezra Miller, which just wrapped filming back in October. According to some of these folks ... Warner is going in a whole new direction with the DCEU.

One reporter, Grace Randolph, spilled the alleged beans ... saying that not only is this movie going to be the final Batfleck movie (meaning no more Ben Affleck as Batman) but it's apparently also going to feature Henry Cavill's Superman sparingly ... and then, never more.

Perhaps even more jarring ... the claim that an entirely new Justice League is formed by the end -- and that the new Batman, as it were, is actually going to be Batgirl (eventually), and Supergirl is the new Superman. She also says Michael Keaton comes back as his OG Batman -- because of reported universe jumping, a la 'Spider-Man' -- but he's old now (obvs).

She adds, "This is new DC, let’s be open minded & give it a fair shot." Another account that's deep in the DC weeds puts it even more succinctly, writing ... "the movie (The Flash) will erase every movie Snyder has done. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League never happened now. Erased from continuity. Affleck and Cavill are both gone."

Now, Ezra himself appears to have spoken out on these rumors -- somebody captured a DM that's been linked to his account, and in it ... he says Zack Snyder's work isn't undone.

The DM purported to be from Ezra reads, "No power or force in any known megaverse would or could ever erase Zack Snyder's might (work). You can take that quote."

Of course, that doesn't really address the theory of WB pivoting away from Cavill, Affleck and the rest of the OG DC heroes that have already been established in Snyder's world ... which, if true, is a huge bummer -- at least that's what fans online are saying.

You can hop onto the Twitter-verse yourself and read up on how folks are reacting to this would-be news ... and you'll quickly see, they think Warner is sticking its head in the sand on what the people really want.

And that would be ... more Superman, more Batman and more of what Snyder teased before stepping away from DC. All will be revealed soon -- 'The Flash' is due out in 2022.

Robert Pattinson The Bare-Chested Batman ... Gets Flirty With Zoe!!!

Robert Pattinson is oozing sex appeal as the new Batman ... going impressively shirtless and getting super close with co-star Zoe Kravitz.

The hunk is playing Bruce Wayne in the latest Batman movie, "The Batman," and the new trailer dropped Monday ... and it's heavy on sexuality and violence.

Robert's showing off his super-toned body ... there's a few shots of him without a shirt ... and the dude is jacked!!!

The new film, which hits theaters in March, plays up Batman and Catwoman joining forces to fight crime and face off with The Riddler ... and it looks like there's plenty of sparks between Robert and Zoe.

The sneak peek shows Zoe rocking a bunch of different looks and hairstyles as Catwoman ... and it appears she and Robert are super flirty with each other ... and for good reason, they're both smoking hot!!!

The Batman lineage is littered with handsome dudes like Ben Affleck, Christian Bale and George Clooney ... but Robert is giving them a serious run for their money.

Oh and Zoe's coming after Halle Berry for the Catwoman crown.

Robert Pattinson New Bruce Inspired by Cobain!!! ... Says 'Batman' Director

Matt Reeves really said "come as you are" to Robert Pattinson for his new Batman movie -- and he meant it in every sense of the word ... because Kurt Cobain is on his brain.

The 'Batman' director spilled the beans this week in a new Empire interview about the inspiration behind his version of Bruce Wayne -- with Pattinson playing the billionaire playboy by day, and the Caped Crusader by night.

Lo and behold ... it was the late Nirvana singer that actually inspired RP's look -- which makes a ton of sense. The guy looks pretty grungy, and now we know why.

Reeves says of the process behind figuring out a new take ... "When I write, I listen to music, and as I was writing the first act, I put on Nirvana's 'Something In The Way.'"

He adds, "That's when it came to me that, rather than make Bruce Wayne the playboy version we've seen before, there's another version who had gone through a great tragedy and become a recluse. So, I started making this connection to Gus Van Sant's Last Days, and the idea of this fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain being in this kind of decaying manor."

That's a pretty sweet tribute to Kurt, no doubt. But, fans are pointing out Pattinson's Wayne appearance is perhaps less punk rock ... and more emo. Or at least it was before this new shot of Bob surfaced, where his hair is a little more messy -- and he gives off Cobain vibes.

Anyway, Reeves apparently thought Pattinson was the whole package after watching 2017's "Good Time," from which he discerned this ... "In that movie you could really feel his vulnerability and desperation, but you could also feel his power ... He's also got that Kurt Cobain thing, where he looks like a rock star, but you also feel like he could be a recluse."

Robin Coming Out Encourages Inclusion, Normalization ... Says DC Comics Creator's Granddaughter

Batman's sidekick, Robin, coming out as bisexual isn't just big for comic book superheroes, but it's also a major step in the right direction for society ... Dana Wheeler-Nicholson tells TMZ.

Dana's an actress best known for her roles in "Fletch" and "Tombstone," but she's also the granddaughter of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson -- the man credited with the creation of DC Comics -- and she's thrilled about the latest plot twist in the DC universe.

She tells us she loves that Robin's bisexual, because having a classic, beloved, character come out bodes very well for tolerance and inclusion in the real world.

Dana says comic book figures are cultural icons, so when homosexuality is included in the storytelling ... it helps normalize that culture and hopefully encourages audiences to be loving toward those characters, if they weren't already.

She adds that Robin being bisexual is a shout-out of support for the LGBTQ+ community ... and she hopes gay and queer characters are featured more in art, literature and comics.

As for her grandfather, whose National Allied Publications company would evolve into what we know as DC Comics today ... Dana tells us she hopes he would be accepting of Robin's big news, and embrace this evolution as well.

Robin Comes Out as Bisexual!!!

Holy LGBTQ, Caped Crusader!!! Robin's dropping big personal news in the latest installment of "Batman: Urban Legends" ... he's bisexual.

Tim Drake is the DC character who fights crime as Robin, and when the sixth installment of the comic book dropped Tuesday the story ended with Tim saying yes to going on a date with a guy named Bernard Dowd.

The story goes ... Robin had a "lightbulb moment" while fighting side-by-side with Bernard. After coming to his rescue as Robin, Tim later hits up Bernard's pad, and you can see the anticipation's building 'cause he hypes himself up, saying ... "It's OK, Tim. You got this."

When Bernard opens the door he's on the verge of asking out Tim on a date, but Tim interrupts with ... "I’m really glad you got home okay. I was relieved. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, about that night. And I -- I don’t know what it meant to me. Not yet. But I’d like to figure it out."

Bernard responds, "I was hoping you would. Tim Drake … do you want to go on a date with me?” Robin says yes, and that's the cliffhanger ... until the next issue drops in December.

Fans have long buzzed about Robin -- who's previously dated women -- being gay, and many are ecstatic with this DC plot twist. One fan wrote, "Crazy thing, I saw Tim DRAKE coming out,  years ago.. congrats to DC for making it a reality."

NFL's Doug Flutie Na Na Na Na Na Na ... BATMOBILE!!!!

Did you know ... ex-football star Doug Flutie has his very own BATMOBILE!?!

It's true -- and the guy was cruisin' it out in Tampa Bay this morning, where he DEFINITELY got noticed by a bunch of people in town for the Super Bowl.

The whip is incredible ... a replica of the classic Batmobile from the 1960s TV show -- designed by legendary car guy George Barris.

Back in the day, Barris created the car from a modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura -- and when Adam West got behind the driver's seat, it instantly became one of the most famous rides in the world.

Seems 58-year-old Flutie is a big fan of the Caped Crusader -- he's had the car since 2019 ... and keeps it in a special "Batcave" at his Florida home where he also has a Batman arcade game and Batman pinball machine!!

The car also features a special red Batphone next to the driver's seat -- along with special racing seatbelts in the driver and passenger seats!

By the way, we're told Flutie was super nice when spotted at a gas station on Saturday morning -- taking pics with fans and chatting about the big game.

Notice he's wearing a Tampa Bay Bucs hat .... no surprise he's supporting his old pal Tom Brady considering they played together on the Patriots back in 2005.

Old guys gotta stick together!

New Senate Pro Temp Patrick Leahy 3rd in Line for POTUS ... First in Line for Batman Movies!!!

The guy who's third in line to be Commander-in-Chief of this country is also well-equipped to hit the Bat-signal every now and again ... because he's got quite the movie resume.

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont -- who was recently voted to become the new president pro tempore of the Senate, replacing Chuck Grassley -- has made cameos in a whopping FIVE Batman movies over the years, even in roles you might vaguely remember.

His appearances date back to 1995, when he first showed up in "Batman Forever," and the hits kept on coming from there ... he starred in 1997's "Batman & Robin," 2008's "The Dark Knight," 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises," and 2016's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Sen. Leahy also did some voice acting in the Batman animated series in the '90s, so the guy definitely has his spot reserved in Gotham's HOF. He often played politicians in his portrayals, which makes sense. That's kind of his day job.

As for how he got into it ... apparently, his son (an actor) told some Hollywood bigwigs back in the day that his dad was a HUGE Batman fan, so they hooked him up with a cameo ... and the rest is history. All his earnings from the films have been donated to charity.

Like we said earlier, Leahy now is the third person who would step in as POTUS if push came to shove ... behind, of course, VP Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He's used to the pressure, he had this gig from 2012 to 2015.

Batman 1939 Comic Sells for $850k!!! Caped Crusader's Debut

Batman was first revealed in a comic book way back in 1939, and though kids could have bought it then for 10 cents ... a collector just paid $849,999.90 more to get his hands on one.

Detective Comics No. 27 is the vintage comic in which the Caped Crusader makes his first appearance, and there are fewer than 70 copies still remaining in the world ... according to online auction house ComicConnect.

One of those copies just sold for a whopping $850k, making it the second-highest sale price ever for that particular issue ... and one of the top comic book sales of all time.

Vincent Zurzolo -- co-owner of ComicConnect, which managed the sale -- says the comic probably would have gone for even more if it was in better condition, but it's only a 6 out of 10 on the CGC grading scale.

By contrast, another copy of No. 27 that was graded an 8 sold for a staggering $1,075,500 in 2010 ... setting the record for the Batman comic.

Zurzolo says the recent $850k sale reflects how the collectibles market is booming right now. As we've reported ... that's been evidenced by a Mike Trout rookie card netting a stunning $3.9 MILLION in August, and a LeBron James rookie card fetching $1.8 mil in July.

As for comic books ... Superman still reigns supreme. A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 where the superhero debuted sold for $1.5 million, smashing all previous records.

'Batwoman' Javicia Suits Up ... 1st Look at New Costume!!!

Here's Javicia Leslie taking over as the new "Batwoman" ... and TMZ has the first look at the new getup.

Javicia's in her full 'Batwoman' gear after taking over for Ruby Rose on the CW series ... and this is the first time she's been spotted filming for season 2 in the new-look costume.

As you know ... Javicia is making history here as the first Black woman to take on the role of 'Batwoman.'

Javicia's been teasing the new suit for a while on her social media, and now fans are finally seeing what it's all about ... and we gotta say, she looks like a badass who is more than ready to fight some crime.

As you can see, the suit is black with red accents, and Javicia's got red hair to top it all off. Her boots look like they could kick some serious butt.

Bad guys beware, there's a new 'Batwoman' in town!!!

Batman '12 Years a Slave' Writer Penning New Comic, Hero Will be Black

The Oscar-winning writer behind "12 Years a Slave" is coming back with a new project that'll see Batman's cowl donned by a Black man ... and fans already think they know who it is.

John Ridley is heading up a 4-issue, limited series comic for DC, in which the Dark Knight will NOT be Bruce Wayne, but a different character entirely ... one who will likely be African-American. The news was announced this weekend during the online Fandome event.

Ridley teased the fact Batman wouldn't be white, saying, "I think it's a pretty safe bet that if I'm writing Batman, it's probably a little better than a 47 percent chance he's going to be a person of color." Batman being Black, though, was confirmed when John said the story would likely focus on the character Lucius Fox and his family ... whom folks know all too well.

Lucius is the head of Wayne Enterprises in the comics, and was played by Morgan Freeman in Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy. He's a bit too old to rock the cape himself -- but his son, Luke, is known in some iterations at Batwing ... one of Batsy's sidekicks.

Long story short ... fans believe if there's going to be Black Batman, Luke is an obvious choice. The new limited series is set to hit shelves sometime in January 2021, so soon.

The Joker Taking a Gotham Break ... With Jet Skiing Tour Around NYC!!!

@KrissyLionz / Twitter

Because Gotham hasn't been through enough in 2020 ... the Joker's popping up his colorful head for some summer hijinks. Naturally.

Somebody dressed as the Clown Prince of Crime himself was spotted this morning riding a jet ski on the East River, in broad daylight no less. He cruised up to a group of bystanders who were recording him this weekend and flaunted his ride, his costume and makeup -- which we're on point -- then sped off.

As for which iteration of the Joker this fella went with -- probably the most popular among today's Batman fans ... Heath Ledger's portrayal from "The Dark Knight." He did it on camera more than a decade ago, but the look still holds up today.

If 2020 hadn't already brought a real-life pandemic that's killed nearly 20,000 in NYC alone, the sight of the Joker arriving in town might have fazed more citizens.

BTW, fun fact -- it seems like this jet skiing Joker has an annual tradition of hitting the water, assuming it was the same guy riding out on the East River with the same exact outfit in 2019.

He was spotted by some other New Yorkers around this time last year, and actress Olivia Wilde even seemed to confirm that she, too, had seen the Joker zipping along out there.

Maybe next time we can get a little hero versus villain water show, stunts included. Any takers for Bruce Wayne?

'The Batman' Pattinson Gets Vintage Muscle ... New Batmobile Unveiled!!!

Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight is a fan of classic American muscle cars, it seems, 'cause his Batmobile looks like it rolled straight out of a 1960's Detroit factory ... with custom touches, of course.

Director Matt Reeves just posted a few photos from the set of his forthcoming "The Batman" -- with RP in the suit, but more importantly ... showing off his sweet new ride. From a bird's-eye view, it kinda looks like a souped-up Chevy Camaro or maybe a Dodge from the late 60s.

You can see the top of it, and there are also shots from the rear and side ... putting the full body on display. Don't get us wrong, it looks cool and all -- but at the same time feels not-so-Batman-y???

It's like Bruce Wayne became a gearhead all of a sudden.

Reeves' flick is supposed to chronicle Batsy in his early years -- so it's reasonable to assume he's a young dude who likes sweet rides like this now but will eventually get a little more sophisticated in B'mobile taste.

It's certainly a different take than any previous iterations of the iconic whip, and hey ... it might just work out on the big screen.

In the meantime though ... crank that HEMI, Bats!

Robert Pattinson Testing, Testing ... I'm The Batman!!!

Robert Pattinson is officially moving on from his "Twilight" vampire days and heading to the Batcave ... here he is for the first time as Batman!!!

The actor's new role as The Dark Knight was just revealed for the first time by "The Batman" director Matt Reeves in a 45-second camera test ... in which Pattinson slowly comes into focus in a dark room lit by red light.

As he steps forward to show off the Batsuit, an ominous score by composer Michael Giacchino builds to a crescendo before going black. Gotta say, it's pretty badass.

The latest reboot for the Caped Crusader series from Warner Bros. was actively pursued by Pattinson, who says he kept prodding Reeves once he learned he was attached as director ... and managed to land the iconic role.

Reeves is known for directing "Cloverfield" and 2 "Planet of the Apes" films.

“The Batman” is set to debut on June 25, 2021. Mark your calendars.

Zoe Kravitz Cast as Catwoman in 'The Batman' ... Still Too 'Urban'???

The cat's outta the bag -- Zoe Kravitz is playing Catwoman in the new 'Batman' movie ... which is interesting, considering she was allegedly too "urban" for Christopher Nolan's take.

The news broke Monday, with multiple outlets reporting that Zoe had landed the role after testing out some scenes last week opposite heartthrob Robert Pattinson -- who's donning the cowl next in Matt Reeves' "The Batman" ... which is hitting theaters in 2021.

The ironic thing about Zoe's casting here is that she told Nylon back in 2015 that she couldn't even get an audition for Nolan's last Batman flick, "The Dark Knight Rises," which she attributed to her race. That's not out of the clear blue sky either.

Zoe said she was basically blocked from even reading for a small role in the movie, allegedly being told that somebody had said they weren't "going urban" with the last installment.

Joaquin Phoenix Crashes 'Joker' Screening But Can't Muster His Creepy Laugh


"Joker" screenings were met with angst this weekend -- but what do you do when the actual Clown Prince of Gotham himself crashes your sesh??? Ask him to laugh, of course!!!

That's exactly what happened Saturday evening at a movie house in the San Fernando Valley -- with none other than Joaquin Phoenix himself coming out to greet ticketholders after the credits rolled for a 5:15 PM showing out at Pacific Theaters in Chatsworth.

The actor was making the rounds at different L.A. cineplexes, apparently -- posing with fans and shaking hands -- but at this one ... he got a little stage fright when asked to do his tormented Joker laugh from the film. If you haven't heard it yet ... ya gotta go see it.

Watch ... Joaquin seems to almost half-attempt it here but pulls back -- saying he just can't do it and then asking the audience member to do his own version. The guy couldn't either.

President Trump Twitter Yanks 'Dark Knight Rises' Music ... From His MAGA Post

President Trump tried turning D.C. into Gotham with a little help from the music featured in one of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies ... but the bat signal was cut off quick.

DT posted a well-produced dramatic video on his Twitter feed Tuesday afternoon that hyped up his MAGA slogan and was basically fodder for his base -- but it also used one of the orchestral tunes in "The Dark Knight Rises" ... ya know, one of the epic ones.

And, of course, Trump slugged his tweet, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

The problem ... Trump stole Hans Zimmer's music, "Why Do We Fall?" The tune belongs to the movie studio behind "The Dark Knight Rises" ... Warner Bros.

At some point early Wednesday morning, Twitter removed the video ... citing a complaint from the copyright holder, WB. A WB honcho publicly said shortly afterward the studio hadn't authorized the White House to use its Bat tune.

Trump just deleted the tweet, which makes ya wonder if he was even aware the video he plugged -- which he reportedly pulled from the depths of Reddit -- wasn't playing anymore.

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