'IT' Star Bill Skarsgard Chicks Dig A Creepy Clown

9/15/2017 7:03 AM PDT

'IT' Star Bill Skarsgard Says Chicks Dig A Creepy Clown


"IT" star Bill Skarsgard says painting his face, putting in some fanged yellow teeth, a clown wig and donning a creepy-as-hell smile hasn't killed his luck with the ladies.

We got the "IT" clown himself at LAX Thursday and asked him how playing Pennywise has affected his life outside of Hollywood ... specifically his interactions with kids and chicks.

Surprisingly -- Bill says there's been no change at all -- in fact, he's even still got his girlfriend.

Skarsgard's convincing ... but you can't tell us everyone stays cool once he whips out a red balloon.