New Superman Clark Kent's Son, Jon, Comes Out as Bi ... DC Comics Confirmed!!!

The Man of Steel is coming out of the phone booth like no other iteration before -- Superman's son will be bisexual going forward ... ushering in a new era under DC.

The announcement came down Monday by the comic book giant ... namely, that Jon Kent -- Clark Kent and Lois Lane's son, who's the new Superman -- is indeed both into guys and girls. Not just that ... but a male relationship will be explored within a forthcoming issue.

This new series, titled "Superman: Son of Kal-El," got underway back in July ... and it follows young Jon as he navigates taking on the red cape and the responsibilities as Earth's superest of heroes -- while his pops steps back. Starting in November, DC says Jon will officially come out ... with promotional photos of him kissing his pal, Jay, surfacing to tease the release.

The adventures of Jon are way more relevant and timely than anything Kal-El ever dealt with -- thus far, he's battled climate change crises, stopped a school shooting and even addressed immigration head-on ... not with fists, but with protest!

As for this new move to make him bi ... the series' lead writer, Tom Taylor, says they didn't want to pass up the opportunity to make Superman as modern (and inclusive) as possible -- saying the idea of making a new Superman another straight white savior seemed lame.

Of course, this comes on the heels of DC announcing that their latest version of Robin/Tim Drake would also be bisexual ... which was hinted at and way less explicit as this is.

Here, Superman is straight-up making out with a guy -- so DC's going all-in on LGBT representation.

Robin Coming Out Encourages Inclusion, Normalization ... Says DC Comics Creator's Granddaughter

Batman's sidekick, Robin, coming out as bisexual isn't just big for comic book superheroes, but it's also a major step in the right direction for society ... Dana Wheeler-Nicholson tells TMZ.

Dana's an actress best known for her roles in "Fletch" and "Tombstone," but she's also the granddaughter of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson -- the man credited with the creation of DC Comics -- and she's thrilled about the latest plot twist in the DC universe.

She tells us she loves that Robin's bisexual, because having a classic, beloved, character come out bodes very well for tolerance and inclusion in the real world.

Dana says comic book figures are cultural icons, so when homosexuality is included in the storytelling ... it helps normalize that culture and hopefully encourages audiences to be loving toward those characters, if they weren't already.

She adds that Robin being bisexual is a shout-out of support for the LGBTQ+ community ... and she hopes gay and queer characters are featured more in art, literature and comics.

As for her grandfather, whose National Allied Publications company would evolve into what we know as DC Comics today ... Dana tells us she hopes he would be accepting of Robin's big news, and embrace this evolution as well.

Robin Comes Out as Bisexual!!!

Holy LGBTQ, Caped Crusader!!! Robin's dropping big personal news in the latest installment of "Batman: Urban Legends" ... he's bisexual.

Tim Drake is the DC character who fights crime as Robin, and when the sixth installment of the comic book dropped Tuesday the story ended with Tim saying yes to going on a date with a guy named Bernard Dowd.

The story goes ... Robin had a "lightbulb moment" while fighting side-by-side with Bernard. After coming to his rescue as Robin, Tim later hits up Bernard's pad, and you can see the anticipation's building 'cause he hypes himself up, saying ... "It's OK, Tim. You got this."

When Bernard opens the door he's on the verge of asking out Tim on a date, but Tim interrupts with ... "I’m really glad you got home okay. I was relieved. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, about that night. And I -- I don’t know what it meant to me. Not yet. But I’d like to figure it out."

Bernard responds, "I was hoping you would. Tim Drake … do you want to go on a date with me?” Robin says yes, and that's the cliffhanger ... until the next issue drops in December.

Fans have long buzzed about Robin -- who's previously dated women -- being gay, and many are ecstatic with this DC plot twist. One fan wrote, "Crazy thing, I saw Tim DRAKE coming out,  years ago.. congrats to DC for making it a reality."

'Harley Quinn' Animated Series DC Cuts Batman Oral Sex Scene ... 'Heroes Don't Do That'

Not-so-fun fact about Batman -- he doesn't go down ... or so we've learned after DC Comics dropped the hammer on an oral sex scene in the "Harley Quinn" animated series.

Producers of the HBO Max adult animated series really tried to push the envelope, but co-creator Justin Halpern says he was told by DC he "absolutely cannot do that" because a) heroes don't do that, and b) how are they supposed to sell Batman toys if the hero's performing oral sex?

Halpern told Variety they get a lot more creative freedom when it comes to writing and developing villains -- they can do pretty much anything -- but there are all kinds of rules for the superheroes.

He says the cunnilingus confrontation went down during production of the upcoming third season of 'Harley.' BTW, you gotta love their retort to the DC suits. According to Justin, "So, we said, ‘Are you saying heroes are just selfish lovers?’"

You might notice DJ Khaled is now trending, with many fans joking that he's actually the Caped Crusader. If you're wondering why, look it up -- there's only so much we can say here.

The third season of "Harley Quinn" -- who BTW is voiced by "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco -- streams later this year.

Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Leaks Week Early on HBO Max ... Mixup With 'Tom and Jerry'

HBO Max subscribers looking for some family fun were instead treated to an early look at Zack Snyder's "Justice League" ... with the streaming service leaking the film 10 days early.

Here's the deal ... folks who wanted to watch the PG-rated "Tom and Jerry" movie Monday on HBO Max were, instead, greeted with the R-rated "Justice League" thanks to a glitch on the streaming service.

HBO Max confirmed the accidental leak, saying the movie was "temporarily available" and "the error was addressed within minutes."

It appears a decent number of folks were able to catch a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated film ... including several Twitter users, who were quick to rub it in and crack jokes about staffers getting fired.

While HBO Max says the error was fixed "within minutes," some people say they were able to watch about an hour of the film before the feed was cut.

Snyder's version of the 2017 flick isn't set for an official release until March 18 ... so this is a pretty big oops.

But, this may end up driving more eyeballs to HBO Max, even if some got there way too early. As they say, all publicity is good publicity ... even the major oops kind.

Batman 1939 Comic Sells for $850k!!! Caped Crusader's Debut

Batman was first revealed in a comic book way back in 1939, and though kids could have bought it then for 10 cents ... a collector just paid $849,999.90 more to get his hands on one.

Detective Comics No. 27 is the vintage comic in which the Caped Crusader makes his first appearance, and there are fewer than 70 copies still remaining in the world ... according to online auction house ComicConnect.

One of those copies just sold for a whopping $850k, making it the second-highest sale price ever for that particular issue ... and one of the top comic book sales of all time.

Vincent Zurzolo -- co-owner of ComicConnect, which managed the sale -- says the comic probably would have gone for even more if it was in better condition, but it's only a 6 out of 10 on the CGC grading scale.

By contrast, another copy of No. 27 that was graded an 8 sold for a staggering $1,075,500 in 2010 ... setting the record for the Batman comic.

Zurzolo says the recent $850k sale reflects how the collectibles market is booming right now. As we've reported ... that's been evidenced by a Mike Trout rookie card netting a stunning $3.9 MILLION in August, and a LeBron James rookie card fetching $1.8 mil in July.

As for comic books ... Superman still reigns supreme. A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 where the superhero debuted sold for $1.5 million, smashing all previous records.

'Batwoman' Javicia Suits Up ... 1st Look at New Costume!!!

Here's Javicia Leslie taking over as the new "Batwoman" ... and TMZ has the first look at the new getup.

Javicia's in her full 'Batwoman' gear after taking over for Ruby Rose on the CW series ... and this is the first time she's been spotted filming for season 2 in the new-look costume.

As you know ... Javicia is making history here as the first Black woman to take on the role of 'Batwoman.'

Javicia's been teasing the new suit for a while on her social media, and now fans are finally seeing what it's all about ... and we gotta say, she looks like a badass who is more than ready to fight some crime.

As you can see, the suit is black with red accents, and Javicia's got red hair to top it all off. Her boots look like they could kick some serious butt.

Bad guys beware, there's a new 'Batwoman' in town!!!

The Rock Goes 'Black Adam' On Gate During Power Outage ... Rock Smash!!!

Whaddaya do when the power is out, you have to get to work and your electric-powered gate won't open??

If you're Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you channel your inner 'Black Adam,' rip that MFer right off the brick wall and slam it to the ground!!!


Johnson -- who was recently cast to play the super-strong DC Comic villain -- gave the play-by-play of what he's dubbing "not my finest hour" after a storm knocked his power out on Friday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out - but this time it wouldn’t," Rock said.

Oh no!!

"Made some calls to see how fast I can get the gate tech on site, but I didn’t have 45min to wait."

Double oh no!!

"By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day."

So ... in true 'Black Adam' fashion, Johnson used the strength of Amon to rip the damn thing down!!

"I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself," Johnson said.

"Ripped it completely out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass."


"My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, 'in disbelief and equally scared' as to how I ripped it off"

Sure as hell seems like DC got the right guy to play 'Black Adam!!'

"Not my finest hour, but a man’s gotta go to work."

The Rock - 1  Gate - 0

Linda Lee AKA 'Supergirl' 'Memba Her?!

New York-native Helen Slater's fame took flight in the early '80s when she landed the role of Linda Lee -- who uses the guise as Clark Kent's cousin to blend in with the people of Earth while also defeating Selena as Supergirl -- in the 1984 DC cinema spin-off, "Supergirl."

Slater shared the big screen with big names including Peter O'Toole as the spacey Zaltar, Mia Farrow as the Kryptonian Alura ... and of course, Faye Dunaway as the evil Selena.

Helen Slater can still be spotted on the CW version of the "Supergirl" TV show as the character Eliza Danvers.

Guess what she looks like now!

Comic-Con Huge Celebs Show Including 'GOT'

Comic-Con may be 100 miles from Hollywood, but it seems Hollywood made the trek to San Diego 'cause everyone showed up.

Partial list ...  Angelina Jolie, Chris Hemsworth, Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise, Conan O'Brien, Natalie Portman, Cory Booker, Orlando Bloom, Olivia Munn, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston,  Taron Egerton, Jessica Chastain, Cara Delevingne, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeremy Renner, Jerry O'Connell, John Bradley, Maisie Williams, Kristen Bell, Patrick Stewart, Norman Reedus, and Aisha Tyler.

Some of the panels ... "Game of Thrones," "The Eternals," "The Walking Dead," "Star Trek" Universe, "Riverdale," "Veronica Mars," "Black Widow," "Terminator: Dark Fate," and Marvel Studios.

Comic-Con continues Sunday.

'Titans' Crew Member Killed After Stunt Gone Wrong

A crew member on the show "Titans" was killed during a stunt after he was struck by a heavy object.

Production sources tell TMZ ... the crew member -- a special effects coordinator -- died Thursday in Toronto where the DC Comics show is filmed.

The tragedy occurred at a test facility where production crew work out the kinks for stunts.  Once perfected, the scene is played out on location.

The stunt in question at the test facility was a car that was supposed to flip on its side. The car did indeed flip, but a piece of metal from some sort of welded contraption that was attached to the car flew off.

That object struck the special effects coordinator -- who was standing nearby -- in the head. EMT's put the man on a stretcher and took him to the hospital, but cops tell us he died en route.

Production will be shut down for 2 days. The Ministry of Labour is now investigating.

Executive Producers from "Titans" tell TMZ, "We are heartbroken and devastated by the passing of our treasured colleague, special effects coordinator Warren Appleby, after an accident which occurred at a special effects facility during the preparation and testing for an upcoming shoot.  Warren is beloved by all who worked with him during an impressive 25-year career in television and motion pictures. The executive producers, along with everyone, in the TITANS family, Warner Bros. Television Group and DC UNIVERSE, wish to express our deepest condolences, and heartfelt love and support, to Warren's family and friends at this most difficult time."

"Titans" premiered in 2018 and stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson and Anna Diop as Starfire.

Zachary Levi 'Shazam!' Star Says Scram ... To Pushy Autograph Hound


Zachary Levi felt a grown man seeking his autograph got a little too up close and personal ... so he told him to beat it.

The "Shazam!" star arrived at LAX Thursday night to a swarm of fans and graphers wanting him to sign their merch. Levi was happy to oblige ... except for the guy in sunglasses shoving a photo in his face.

Check out the clip -- the DC Comics superhero argues with the bearded man about his intentions ... then scolds him for pushing people around. The autograph hound disagrees on both accounts.

Zachary also appears to deny a fan a selfie before hopping in his getaway ride, but it's a lot more friendly.

Unclear how many of these fans said the magic word ... "please."

BTW ... "Shazam!" stars Levi as the adult superhero version of a 14-year-old foster kid who transforms into him when he shouts the film's title. It comes out April 5.

Ben Affleck Quits Batman Role ... With Epic Shout-Out To Tom Brady!!!

Did you know Ben Affleck made Warner Bros. stitch the No. 12 into his Batman costume during his entire run as the superhero as an ode to Tom Brady?!?

Neither did we ... 'cause it ain't true -- but Affleck joked it was Thursday on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' ... and the TB12 shout-out was hilarious!!!

Ben spoke with Kimmel on the late-night talk show and officially retired forever from playing The Dark Knight ... and to commemorate the moment -- Jimmy said they'd hang his costume in the rafters.

Guillermo -- Jimmy's ultra funny companion on the show -- brought out the bat costume (in his own Robin outfit) ... when suddenly, it was revealed the cape had "Batfleck 12" inscribed on it!!!

Ben said the number was a shout-out to none other than football's G.O.A.T., saying, "That’s Brady’s number. You can’t be a hero unless you wear number 12.”

Affleck added -- jokingly -- Warner Bros. "actually paid $80 million to digitally remove it from every movie.”

It was a funny moment ... but, it was hardly the best part of the skit -- that involved a Matt Damon thong and Affleck's nose.

Yeah, watch the clip.

'Joker' Movie Extras Piss on Train Tracks When You Gotta Go ...

Things got nasty on the set of the upcoming "Joker" movie over the weekend ... we're told extras were locked on a subway car for more than 3 hours, and it got so bad some people started peeing on the tracks.

Sources on set tell TMZ ... extras for the movie were filming a scene in a Brooklyn subway station and they were locked in a train car and denied their break after 2 hours of work ... leading to a sticky situation.

The extras started banging on the subway doors asking to be let out because people needed to use the bathroom, but they were kept inside and eventually resorted to pissing on the tracks through the small spaces between cars.

We've learned SAG received a complaint about a break time violation and they sent a rep to the set to resolve the situation ... and SAG will continue to follow up and monitor the set.

Warner Bros. tells TMZ they're looking into what went down on the tracks.

Joaquin Phoenix The Joker's on the Move


Joaquin Phoenix keeps giving us a little more as The Joker -- this time he's in full costume as The Jester of Genocide ... and he's all smiles about it.

Check it out -- it's the first look at Phoenix in makeup on set as the notorious villain of Gotham City. The filming was going down inside an NYC subway station in Uptown, Manhattan. You see The Joker get off the train in a mask ... which he really didn't need.

As we reported ... Joaquin's "Joker" look was revealed Friday by Warner Bros. in a short promo, showing the transformation from Arthur Fleck to the Clown Prince.

But, even when he's just Arthur ... he's still pretty creepy.

This flick is an origin film about Batman's archenemy. Announced costars include Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron and Bryan Callen. Martin Scorsese is producing and Todd Phillips is directing.

It's scheduled to come out next October ... just in time for Halloween 2019.

Joaquin Phoenix Why So Serious? There's a New Joker in Town!!!

Joaquin Phoenix is gonna make you remember -- if you'd even forgot -- why clowns are so damn creepy ... by revealing the new big screen Joker.

Filming for "Joker" just got started this month and Warner Bros. just pulled back the curtain on Joaquin in full makeup. The studio dropped this time-lapse video of him getting into character.

This flick is an origin film about Batman's archenemy ... so we'll get a new, closer look at how Arthur Fleck became Gotham's clown prince of crime.

So far, Joaquin's announced costars include Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron and Bryan Callen. Martin Scorsese is producing and Todd Phillips, of "The Hangover" fame, is directing.

It's scheduled to come out next October. Bring on the creepiness.

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