Prince William Celebrates 40th Bday!!! Dad Leads Online Tributes

It's a special day for Prince William, and his father -- first in line to the throne -- is leading the charge to honor his oldest son, and future King of England, on hitting the ol' 4-0.

Prince Charles did that typical parent thing ... busting out old pics of himself with Will, from his birth, his adolescence and right up to current day -- and he wrote, "Wishing The Duke of Cambridge a very happy 40th birthday!"

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Of course, the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth, also had some words and pics for her grandson ... but it might be the most royally royal birthday message ever.

The pics posted to Her Majesty's Family account are accompanied by said caption ... "Prince William Arthur Philip Louis is the elder son of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He was born at 9.03pm on 21 June 1982, at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London."

Ya gotta read it with a British accent.

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The IG post included more infant pics and moments the Queen and William have shared together.

Worth noting ... William's bro, Prince Harry, hasn't posted any birthday wishes yet. It's still early on the West Coast, but it'll be interesting to see if he does mention the milestone amid their rift.

Apparently, Prince William and Kate Middleton will reportedly celebrate "in style" with a joint 40th Bday party at Windsor Castle.

Her birthday was back in January but the celebrations were reportedly nixed due to COVID-19.

Interestingly, the Duke's birthday will not be marked this year by the flying of the Union Jack over government buildings. That honor is now reserved for the Queen and Prince Charles' birthdays.

"Succession." What are ya gonna do? Happy birthday anyway, William.

Meghan Markle Bullying Probe to be 'Buried' ... HR Changes Made: Report

Claims that Meghan Markle bullied her staff as a Royal have been investigated and did, indeed, spur HR changes -- but we'll never know exactly why ... so say Palace insiders.

The Sunday Times of London published a major story this weekend ... claiming they'd been told by sources with direct knowledge that the investigation launched last March into allegations that MM was a terror with her Kensington Palace workers has wrapped.

Not only is done -- with Queen Elizabeth II privately funding it herself via an outside law firm, per the Times -- but it seems something came out of it ... namely, institutional improvements to the monarchy's policies and procedures over this stuff going forward.

So, what's the tea??? Apparently, nobody is ever going to know ... because the findings are said to be getting "buried" by Buckingham Palace, which doesn't plan to release 'em.


According to the Times, citing sources, the reason for keeping this in-house is to avoid further tensions between Meghan and Harry and the rest of the Royal family ... which has left some who participated in the probe frustrated, as they seem to have wanted this out.

Now, some Meghan fans believe something more sinister is afoot here. They say the Royals were so quick to leak news of the investigation at the time (right before the Oprah interview, no less), but now that they supposedly have the goods ... they get camera shy?

Meghan is trending right now, as is the hashtag #RoyalFamilyLied. Fact is, some just don't buy what's being peddled -- because if there was a smoking gun against Meghan ... they believe the Royals/BP would leak it with haste to cover their asses/vindicate themselves.

Of course, another way to look at this -- perhaps there is damning evidence against Meghan, but Nana is stepping in and putting it all to bed ... for everyone's sake. FWIW, Meghan denied she ever bullied anyone -- insisting it was she who was put through the wringer.

Camilla Parker Bowles Duchess Gets Real About Charles ... In New Vogue Interview

Camilla Parker Bowles is on her way to becoming Queen Consort -- and now, a new milestone ... landing the cover of Vogue, where she's opening up about, well, everything.

The Duchess of Cornwall sat down for a profile piece with British Vogue for its July issue -- the first time she's ever been featured on the magazine as the centerpiece ... and the interview didn't disappoint, especially on the subject of her husband, Prince Charles.

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The story touches on Camilla's engagements and the constant work she does/orgs she's involved with -- and she says she won't stop even after PC becomes King. Other cool takeaways ... CPB plays Wordle with her grandkids, and is apparently quite good!

Now, when it comes to her hubby -- and the years of scandal/gossip surrounding her romance with him in the '90s, when Princess Diana was still alive -- the Duchess says ... "It’s not easy. I was scrutinized for such a long time that you just have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be looked at all the time and, you know, criticized." She adds, "But I think in the end, I sort of rise above it and get on with it. You’ve got to get on with life."

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Camilla also addressed how she and the Prince of Wales maintain their relationship nowadays, especially since they seem to be busier than ever ... she says they make do.

HRH explains, "[W]e do always try to have a point in the day when we meet,” she says of her routine with The Prince of Wales. “Sometimes it’s like ships passing in the night, but we always sit down together and have a cup of tea and discuss the day. We have a moment."

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She goes on to describe how, at times, she and Charles will just sit quietly and read their own respective books in different corners of the same room -- and takes pleasure in that.

Not much else was discussed about their affair in the '90s, but as the author notes ... Camilla has garnered a great deal of goodwill among the general public over the years, and is now seen as a legitimate would-be Queen ... that is, only when QE2 eventually passes.

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One could argue that Meghan Markle has claimed the throne as the least-liked Royal -- at least in the U.K., it seems -- but the reasons for that are ... controversial to say the least. In any case, Camilla is turning 75 this year -- and she sounds ready for the next chapter.

Prince William Sends letter to GF of Fallen Jan 6th Cop ... She Slams Trump as Uncaring

Prince William may be thousands of miles away from the United States, but his empathy for one of the victims of January 6th knows no borders.

Turns out the 2nd in line for the throne sent a heartfelt letter to the girlfriend of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, who died from injuries he suffered trying to protect the U.S. Capitol.


Sandra Garza received the letter recently, which read in part, "Please forgive me if I am intruding but I wanted to write and let you know how sorry I am about the death of your partner, Brian" adding ... "Having recently watched documentary footage of the harrowing events that took place at the Capitol building I wanted to acknowledge the patriotism and selflessness of Brian."

The letter went on to praise Brian for his patriotism in protecting the Capitol, saying he hopes Sandra can "take some comfort from knowing that it is thanks to law enforcement officers like Brian that the situation did not escalate further and democracy was upheld."

Sandra told CNN she received zip former President Donald Trump, blasting him ... "Trump does not give two craps about law enforcement or Brian."


Brian was one of the 5 Capitol officers to die as a result of the insurrection. Brian died the following day after suffering multiple strokes.

President Biden and First lady Jill Biden were among the dignitaries who paid respect to Brian last year ... arriving unannounced at the Capitol Rotunda where they prayed by his casket.

Prince Harry Horsing Around in SB Ends Up on The Ground!!!

It didn't take long for Prince Harry to get back on the polo field after his trip to the U.K., but things didn't go so smoothly ... cuz he ended up on the ground.

The Duke of Sussex competed in a match at Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club over the weekend while friends Katharine McPhee and David Foster looked on. PH took a tumble at one point, but apparently, it wasn't so bad, as he chatted up David and Katharine on the sideline just minutes later.

As you know, Harry's trip to the polo field comes shortly after he, Meghan Markle and their children flew to Britain for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Meghan and Harry ended up leaving before the final Jubilee events, but the family divide was pretty evident the whole time.

It's reported Prince William and Kate didn't attend a first birthday party for Harry and Meghan's daughter, Lilibet. Queen Elizabeth got some facetime with her great-granddaughter for the first time, but didn't allow photos of the meeting.

Prince Harry reportedly joined the polo team "Los Padres" this year, after playing the sport for years back in the U.K. ... nothing like getting back on the horse.

Queen Elizabeth No Pics Allowed When Meeting Lilibet ... U.K. Report Claims

Queen Elizabeth met her great-granddaughter for the first time over the weekend, but don't expect to see QE on any pages of Lilibet's baby book ... because she reportedly banned photos from being taken of the introduction.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Lilibet, celebrated her first birthday -- which so happened to fall on the same weekend as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee -- but The Sun reports the Queen denied Harry and Meghan a photographer to capture the moment.

The report states Harry and Meghan were informed the intro would only be a private family meeting -- and there was a worry if photos were taken, they'd be passed around in America.

There was certainly a lot of tension between Harry and his family through the weekend as evidenced early on -- the photo above shows Prince William and Harry on opposite sides of the church during the National Service of Thanksgiving.

Harry and Meghan didn't stick around for the celebration's closing, either ... the Sussexes and their 2 children flew private from London to Cali. Of course, if they stayed, it's unlikely they'd have been allowed to stand beside the Queen when she appeared Sunday on her Buckingham Palace balcony.

We've reached out to Harry and Meghan's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Baby Lilibet's 1st Bday Bash ... Seen in New Photos

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter is ringing in her first year with a very eventful week ... and now we're getting a look at exactly how Lilibet got her party on in the UK!

Harry and Meghan invited close family and friends to a casual, but intimate, backyard picnic in Windsor to celebrate Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor's very first birthday ... which was Saturday, June 4, smack in the middle of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

This is our first close-up look at the baby, and these shots -- captured by photographer Misan Harriman -- show she was all smiles for the festivities.

Prince Harry and Meghan were amazed to learn people around the world made donations amounting to more than $100K to the World Central Kitchen in Lilibet's honor.

As we've reported, Lilibet met her great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth, for the first time ever during the Jubilee celebrations. Of course, the intro came amid high tensions between Prince Harry, Meghan and their estranged royal family.

They weren't seen publicly after Friday's church service, and flew back early Sunday before the end of the Jubilee celebrations. Luckily, Lilibet's too little to get into all that mess and seems pretty damn chipper about turning 1.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Going Back to Cali ... Board Private Jet, Skip Jubilee Closing

Now we know why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were so conspicuously missing from the end of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations -- they were at 30,000 feet several hours beforehand.

Harry looked pensive and exhausted in Santa Barbara Sunday morning after the Sussexes and their 2 children flew private from London -- passing on the final Jubilee events, including the People's Pageant, and a surprise appearance by Queen Elizabeth herself.


QE2 kept it brief, but she did come out on her Buckingham Palace balcony to do some royal waving to her subjects gathered for the pageant. It was her first public appearance since the Jubilee began on Thursday, because she'd been feeling under the weather. Once again, she was joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate and their 3 kids.

Even if Meghan and Harry had stayed for the finale, it's doubtful they'd have been on the balcony. They'd been banished to a separate room for the Jubilee kickoff, and they sat as far as possible from Kate and William during a church service.

Their early retreat back to their home in Montecito is just one more confirmation of what's painfully obvious -- the U.K. trip was for the Queen's sake, and NOT because things are any better between Harry and his brother and his father. The 3 of them were never photographed together all weekend.

Silver lining ... their daughter, Lilibet, got to meet her namesake and great-grandmother, the Queen.

Prince Louis at Platinum Jubilee You Little Scallywag, You ... Goofy 4-Y-O Faces Galore!!!

Prince Louis might be fifth in line to the throne, but he's already a king of one thing -- expressive faces in public that the world loves to see ... just like these.

Louis had a front-row seat at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Sunday, where he was seated next to his mom, Kate Middleton, and his siblings. It seems the 4-year-old got a little bored and/or distracted during the parade though ... evident in his many looks.

Take a gander for yourself ... the kid appeared to be a bit of a handful for his mum, teasing her with a classic thumb-to-nose taunt -- this as she appeared to try and get him to behave.

It was all in good fun -- and made for great shots. At one point, he was standing up, at another he was turned around and talking to another child behind him, Mia Tindall ... even getting handsy at times (playfully, of course). Her dad told him ... I'm watching you, kiddo!

He even told his mom to zip it when she was trying to get him to settle down ... putting his hand over her mouth. Yeah, this is the definition of a little rascal -- on the biggest of stages.

While all of these faces might've been hilarious to see, none perhaps stack up to his now-viral screaming pic with his ears covered ... all while standing next to his grandma, the Queen. Apparently, he wasn't digging the loud noise from the fly-over at Buckingham Palace.

Tell us how you really feel, Lou!

Queen's Jubilee Elton, Diana, Alicia Perform at Splashy Concert ... What's the deal with "Empire State of Mind?"

Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee celebration was epic Saturday night ... with the likes of Elton John, Diana Ross, Alicia Keys, Duran Duran and other awesome acts.

Queen E wasn't there for the festivities ... seems like she's been struggling since the first day, missing most events.

Nevertheless, Buckingham Palace was rocking during the Platinum Party, which celebrates the UK's offerings to fashion, sports, music and the environment.

There was also a skit with Paddington the Bear!!!

BTW ... Harry and Meghan were nowhere to be seen. They say they're spending the day celebrating Lilibet's first birthday, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to miss an event like this if they flew to England for all the festivities. Besides, it was at night so you'd think the kid would be asleep.

Queen -- with Adam Lambert fronting -- performed "We Are the Champions." It was inspiring enough for William, Kate and the kids to waive the Union Jack flags.

Elton performed a pre-recorded, "Your Song," and the crowd loved it. He wasn't able to be there in person because he's touring, but people loved it nonetheless.

The only weird thing ... Alicia Keys sang "Empire State of Mind" ... maybe a little too American for the Queen's Jubilee. The crowd was less confused when she sang "Superwoman" and "Girl on Fire."

And then there's Diana Ross, who said, "I have had the honor of meeting The Queen many times throughout my life, including when I was with my family." She went on ... "Her Majesty has and continues to be such an incredible inspiration to so many across the world. I was absolutely delighted to receive an invitation to perform on such a momentous and historic occasion." And then she performed a few songs, ending with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

The staging was also spectacular. Great evening!

Prince Charles Her Majesty, My Mommy, Rules!!!

Prince Charles tipped his hat to the Queen Saturday at a splashy Buckingham Palace concert celebrating her 70 years on the throne.

It was pretty sweet ... he was speaking at the BBC's Platinum Party at the Palace when he began with this ... "Your Majesty, Mummy."

The Royal Family Channel

The Queen was noticeably absent from the televised event, citing "discomfort" following Thursday's trooping the colour. Charles told the crowd, "I know what really gets my mother up in the morning is all of you -- watching at home." He thanked his mom, referring to her reign as a "lifetime of selfless service," adding, "You continue to make history."

He went on ... “You have met us and talked with us. You laugh and cry with us and, most importantly, you have been there for us, for these 70 years. You pledged to serve your whole life – you continue to deliver. That is why we are here.”

Prince William had some words earlier in the evening, pleading for action to save planet earth. He called our specific people who have been environmental activists, praising them as "an amazing and united generation of young people across the world."

He said, "Congratulations to all of them – they won’t accept the status quo, they won’t accept that change is too difficult to deliver. Never before have we had so much power to change the big things."

He had more words about climate change ... "Tonight has been full of such optimism and joy – and there is hope. Together, if we harness the very best of humankind, and restore our planet, we will protect it for our children, for our grandchildren and for future generations to come."

Queen Elizabeth Meets Great-Granddaughter Lilibet For First Time!!! But, Royal Rift Still Evident

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations seem to be a real family affair, with a bonus ... Her Majesty was finally introduced to her great-granddaughter, Lilibet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented the Queen her namesake during a private lunch. Other royals were present. We don't know if Harry's brother, William was at the lunch, nor do we know if his dad, Charles, was present.

There are reports William and Kate will NOT be present Saturday for Lilibet's first birthday party. As you know, there's bad blood between Harry, his dad and his brother for various reasons, not the least of which Harry and Meghan have insinuated one of them made racist comments about Archie.

There are clear, visual signs of a rift between William and Harry. Check out this photo at the National Service of Thanksgiving, taken Friday. They are sitting on complete opposite sides of the church.

Meghan and Harry took a backseat during the traditional balcony wave ... the Palace made it clear ... balcony presence was for "working senior royals."

Harry, Meghan and the kids are getting the security they demanded ... they're being protected by armed police.

It seems the Jubilee is turning out to be a warm family celebration after all ... at least, between the Queen and her great-granddaughter, Lili.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Tensions Were High At Queen's Jubilee ... Says Piers Morgan


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's visit with the royal family during Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee got off to a "frosty" and uncomfortable start ... according to Piers Morgan.

The host of the UK's new TalkTV reports Harry and Meghan showed up late to the event, kicking off some of the discomfort. He also says the couple was nowhere to be found as the day went on, while the rest of the family took a trip out to the garden to spend time together.

Piers believes the Queen herself is the only one who can help ease the tension -- but since it sounds like she won't be present for today's festivities at St. Paul's Cathedral, the expectation is things will continue to be pretty icy in the royal fam.

Piers, of course, isn't the biggest fan of Meghan, who allegedly got him kicked off of "Good Morning Britain" ... in the wake of the Oprah interview.

Good Morning Britain/ITV

Co-host Alex Beresford called him out to his face about constantly bashing Meghan, forcing Piers to take a walk.

Now, Piers has a new gig, but he clearly isn't backing off his criticism of the Duchess.

Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Begins ... Prince Harry & Meghan Join from Kids' Table

Fox News

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee -- honoring her 70 years on the throne -- is officially underway with the royal family, and that includes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ... although they're not exactly in the Queen's spotlight.

The 4-day celebration kicked off with a military parade in front of Buckingham Palace. The display is called "Trooping the Colour" -- it formally honors the Queen's birthday -- and QE2 was out on her balcony taking in all the action.

All the buzz about the Jubilee is who's making the traditional balcony appearance with her: Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton and their 3 children.

Y'know ... all the "working" Senior Royals.

Most notably, Harry and Meghan are NOT there on the balcony -- and nor is Prince Andrew, who recently settled his Jeffrey Epstein-related case.

However, Harry and Meghan are in the Palace for their first public royal event as a couple since 2020 ... they're just positioned in a different room to watch the parade.

They're watching from the Major General Office ... along with several of the Queen's other grand and great-grandchildren -- such as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

You can see in the pics, Meghan's charming some of the younger royals. It's kinda cute -- think of it as the kids' table at your Thanksgiving dinner ... and Harry and Meghan are definitely holding court.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Assured Top-Level Protection In U.K. ... After Seeking Legal Action

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been reassured their family will be well protected when they touch down in Britain today, a day ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend ... this coming after Harry threatened legal action to keep his kids safe.

The Met's Royalty and Specialist Protection unit has been working with Harry's crew to get him taxpayer-funded officers over the past weeks ... the family will get armed police protection while at royal events or at Frogmore Cottage where they'll be staying.

The protection won't be around, however, for smaller social events -- like hanging with friends or hitting up a pub.

As we reported, Harry's legal team appeared in court in February during a hearing to reinstate his family's protection ... when they removed themselves from the royal family, they lost their public-funded protection in the U.K., having to pay for their own security while in America.

Harry feared his children, 3-year-old Archie and 11-month-old Lilibet, wouldn't be safe in the place he calls home ... his lawyer added, "It should go without saying that he wants to come back: to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart."

Meghan Markle Stressing Out Father, Causing Health Issues ... Sister Samantha Claims

Meghan Markle's caused her father a ton of stress over the years and now it's taking a toll on his health ... at least that's how Thomas Markle's other daughter sees things.

Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle, tells TMZ ... their dad is in the hospital recovering from a stroke, and she thinks his health is failing due to the tremendous amount of stress in his life from Meghan.

Samantha seems to be drawing a direct link between Thomas' stroke and Meghan ... she thinks it's a byproduct of Meghan's refusal to have a relationship with her pops.


As we reported ... Thomas was rushed to a hospital Monday night, being reduced to writing his symptoms down on a piece of paper because he couldn't use his voice.

Samantha says TM is having mobility issues on his left side, is unable to move the muscles in his face, can barely use his left hand and is learning to speak again with the help of a physical therapist.

It's the latest health problem for Thomas, who has said he suffered 2 heart attacks right before Meghan's 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

Those heart attacks happened while Thomas was in a tense standoff with Meghan and the Royals over allegedly staged pics in the media of him getting ready for the nuptials ... with some folks accusing Thomas of faking a medical emergency for sympathy. Thomas ended up missing the wedding.

Samantha believes Thomas' heart attacks are also related to stress from Meghan ... and she says he would not be in the hospital now if Meghan was a loving daughter.

Thomas is going to be 78 in July, and Samantha says there will be a long recovery from his stroke ... and she's hoping Meghan wakes up to the possibility her father won't be alive for long and will make a change.

Samantha isn't holding her breath ... she says life's short and thinks if Meghan hasn't regretted the non-existent relationship with their dad by now, MM probably never will.

And, get this ... Samantha says Meghan "better stay the f*** away from a funeral and not use it as a photo opportunity" if Thomas dies soon.

Thomas will have at least one child by his side next week ... Samantha says she's flying down to California to see him in the hospital.

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