Rams' Sean McVay's Raw Reaction to Jacob Blake Shooting ... 'That Makes Me Sick!!!'

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Cameras captured L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay when he watched the Jacob Blake police shooting for the first time ... and his reaction is emotional.

"Are you f*cking kidding me?" McVay says in shock ... "What the f*ck is wrong with people?!"

The moment played out in the opening scene of Tuesday's episode of the HBO docu-series "Hard Knocks," which follows the Rams through training camp.

In this powerful scene, Artis Twyman -- the Rams' Director of Communications -- brings the video to McVay because he thinks it's important for the head coach to see.

"His kids are in the back," Twyman explains while showing McVay the August 23 incident which took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Raysean White via TMX.news

McVay, astonished, says to Twyman -- "That is awful. That makes me sick."

McVay discussed the possibility of canceling practice the next day in the wake of the shooting ... but ultimately held a normal practice.

The team did hold a team meeting to discuss the shooting.

Of course, many NFL teams did cancel their scheduled workouts so players could take action after the shooting ... including the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and more.

The L.A. Chargers -- also featured on "Hard Knocks" -- canceled a scrimmage after the shooting and the announcement from head coach Anthony Lynn was also featured on the show.

"We're not going to scrimmage today," Lynn said. "This football team is committed to fighting for a championship and social justice."

Todd Gurley Lists L.A. Pad for $2.3 Mil Waterfall and Basketball Court!

Wanna live like an NFL running back but don't have the talent?

Well, you can buy Todd Gurley's L.A. pad if you've got $2.3 mil to spend.

The ex-Rams star -- who signed with the ATL Falcons -- is selling the 5,100 square foot crib in Chatsworth where he's lived for the past 3 years after buying an ever BIGGER place nearby from 'Twilight' actor Taylor Lautner.

Gurley's old crib was famous for hosting celebrity pickup games on his private court ... featuring stars like Cam Newton, YG and Quavo.

But, now that Gurley scooped up Lautner's 10,560-square-foot mansion just down the way ... he's looking to unload the smaller place.

It's a nice spot -- custom-built in 2005 and features a cool resort-style pool, waterfall and hot tub.

And, there's another celebrity connection -- Snoop Dogg's son Julian Broadus is working with the listing agents, Tai Savetsila and Michael Chambers of Agents of LA.

We're told Julian is interested in real estate -- and will help out in an "apprentice" role so he can learn the business.

As for Todd, the 26-year-old Gurley has reportedly made close to $40 million in contract money is his 5-year career ... which means he shouldn't have ANY problems finding a sweet new pad in ATL if he wants to expand his real estate portfolio.

Sean McVay Blasts Rams For Crappin' 'Don't Take A S**t In The Porta-Potties!'

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Absolutely laugh out loud scene on Tuesday's episode of "Hard Knocks" ... Rams coach Sean McVay blasted his players for crappin' in the team's porta-potties -- telling them straight up, "Have a little bit more social awareness!"

Here's the deal ... the Rams set up portable Johns on their Los Angeles practice fields for training camp so guys could take piss breaks during workouts.

But McVay, in a team meeting recorded by HBO's cameras, says dudes were violating rules by poopin' in the toilets ... and coach wasn't happy with that AT ALL!!!

The rant was hilarious ... "Don't be the guy that takes a sh*t in the porta-potties!" McVay said.

"I went in there and I about threw up," he added ... "That's to take a piss! Don't take a sh*t in the porta-potties! All right!"

For their part, Rams players could not stop laughing about the whole situation ... cameras caught superstar Aaron Donald nearly in tears over it all!!

... and you thought COVID would be the NFL's biggest issue this season.

Rams & Chargers Hang Monstrous Scoreboard At SoFi ... 2.2 Million Pounds!!!

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Move over, Jerry Jones ... there's a new king in the scoreboard world -- the Rams and Chargers just officially hung their video beast, AND IT'S 2.2 MILLION POUNDS!!!

The L.A. NFL squads made the joint announcement Wednesday ... saying their one-of-a-kind jumbotron is now fully functional at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif.

And, according to the teams ... it's gaudy.

The board is the largest EVER in sports history (yes, even bigger than the one at Jerry World in Dallas) ... coming in at 120 yards long and featuring 70,000 square feet of LED technology.

The teams also say it's hooked up with 260 speakers ... and holds enough power to keep 1,500 home theater systems running!!!

Unclear if any fans will be able to watch it this season -- coronavirus cases are spiking like crazy in California and with the regular season's kickoff set for only 2 months from now, things ain't looking promising.

But, hey ... the teams say the new digs will be complete by the end of this summer regardless -- so getcha popcorn ready just in case -- AND WEAR YOUR MASKS!!

Eric Dickerson New Rams Logo Looks Like a Penis ... They Messed Up!!!

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The new L.A. Rams logo looks like a big ol' dong ... so says Rams legend Eric Dickerson and he ain't wrong!

Just look at the face -- specifically, the snout and the brow. It definitely resembles man junk, right!!?

The Hall of Fame running back says he's so upset about the new look for his beloved team, he's going to upper management to demand changes be made ASAP!!

In fact, ED spelled out his gripe to L.A. Times reporter Arash Markazi on Thursday -- saying he's been talking with fans and they're VERY unhappy.

"Someone said it looks like a penis ... it did," Dickerson said.

"That says it all right there. That should be enough for the Rams to say we messed up. We're going to keep what we got."

ED says the team needs to scrap the new logo stat -- saying it's not only ugly, but horrible for business.

"This product will hardly sell. It'll sell nothing. I don't care if it's 3 years from now, it still won't be selling because it doesn't look good. It's ugly."

"When you put out a brand-new logo and product for your team you expect it to be in the top 5-10 in merchandise sales, and I'm willing to bet that this will be at the very bottom."

"If I'm wrong, I'll be the first one to say I'm a jackass and I'll shut my mouth and say I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, but I'm willing to bet this will be damn near dead last in sales."

Still no word from the Rams on what they're planning to do -- but most fans are hoping they call an audible before the season starts.

L.A. Rams Reveal New Logo ... Fans Hate It

Well, the L.A. Rams 2020 season is already off to a bad start -- they just revealed the new Rams logo ... and people hate it!

Unclear why the NFL franchise decided for a massive rebrand -- most people liked the old logo -- but alas, here we are. Rams COO Kevin Demoff explained the team wanted a new look that represented the "vibrant sunny optimism of Southern California life."

The final product ... it's not horrible, it's just not great. Maybe it'll grow on people?

In a super dramatic video reveal, Demoff told fans the franchise has been working on the project for YEARS -- even including Nike and Riddell helmets to pitch in.

"Over the past few years, we have listened to you at training camp practices, at tailgates at The Coliseum and in focus groups about your memories of the Rams, about your passion for our heritage," Demoff said.

"We have studied every look of the L.A. Rams over our history -- the blues, the yellows the whites, the helmets and the ram horns for inspiration."

Demoff said the goal was to "weave together this history into a new modern look for the L.A. Rams, respecting our past and representing our future."

The problem ... the new logo is underwhelming. There's nothing special about it. Search the hashtag "RamsLogo" on Twitter. Good luck finding anyone with positive commentary.

In fact, one user says it looks like the Rams stole the Firefox logo.

Here are some other reviews ...

@ciisumworld -- "Why? I’ve been fan since 98’ and I would have to say I am pretty disappointed. #ramslogo

@deanfense12 -- My thoughts on the new rams logo. Super bowl loss to NE hit them hard. #LArams #ramslogo.

@Cianaf -- 1. These look like they were made for a PS3 game in the 00s. 2. Am I the only one who thought the Rams old branding was classic and didn't need to be changed?

By the way, Roddy White warned us just how bad the reaction to these would be ... when we got the former Atlanta Falcon at LAX a few weeks ago, he clowned ALL OVER the leaked images.


Jerry Jones To Aaron Donald I Was Hurt At '14 Draft ... We Wanted You!!!


Zack Martin ain't going to love this ...

Jerry Jones told Aaron Donald, after a steak dinner in Miami on Thursday, he was devastated when the Rams drafted the DT just 3 picks before the Cowboys took Martin in 2014!!!

"First of all, you broke my heart," Jerry told the L.A. superstar at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami ... "They took him before we could take him!"

Of course, the draft ended up alright for Dallas ... Martin has made SIX Pro Bowls since Jerry drafted him, after losing out on Donald -- but it's pretty clear JJ wanted AD badly!!

"I'm going to tell you something right here," Jerry said, as he took Donald's hand. "You raise your hand to this guy. Now, this is the definition of a War Daddy. This is, 'Be a War Daddy!' right here!"

Jerry's son, Stephen Jones, clearly felt the same way ... 'cause when he grabbed AD at the restaurant, he told his dad, Donald is "the best player in the NFL!"

Don't worry, Rams fans ... Aaron ain't going to bolt for Dallas anytime soon -- he just signed a $135 MILLION contract that's locked him in to Los Angeles for the next half decade!!!

By the way, we also asked Jerry if he'd put Jimmy Johnson in the team's Ring of Honor now that his ex-Cowboys head coach is going into the Hall of Fame ... and all Jerry would tell us is, "Aren't we proud of him in the Hall of Fame?"

Translation ... don't bet on it.

Rams' Michael Brockers I Know Burrow Will Be NFL Superstar ... 'He's Got The Juice!'


"He's got it. He's got the juice, bro!"

That's Michael Brockers GUARANTEEING Joe Burrow is going to be a superstar in the NFL ... telling TMZ Sports straight-up the LSU QB is that damn good!!!

Of course, Brockers is biased ... he's a former LSU stud himself -- but the L.A. Rams D-lineman swears Burrow has all that's necessary to lead a team in the league in 2020.

"I feel like he has it, man," Brockers says. "Quarterbacks have to know how to get out of pressure and stuff like that and he has the juice, bro."

Brockers points toward Burrow's insane stat line this season -- 5,671 yards and 60 TDs -- as the reason he's so confident in the QB, telling us, "You can't take none of that away from him."

In fact, Brockers says Burrow is so good ... he thinks the guy might actually come to the league with a target on his back on Day 1!!

As for Brockers' own future, he told us his injured ankle is feeling much better ... and he hopes the Rams decide to re-sign him when free agency begins this spring.

Todd Gurley Rams Should Pay Jalen Ramsey He Deserves Fat Contract!!!


Todd Gurley is going to bat for his teammate ... telling TMZ Sports the L.A. Rams should pay Jalen Ramsey the fat contract he deserves ASAP!!!

"He's a Pro Bowler!" Gurley told us in NYC on Friday. "Pro Bowler, man."

L.A. traded a HUGE haul to the Jaguars for Ramsey earlier this season to get him to Hollywood ... but the corner has repeatedly said he won't play in 2020 without a new deal.

And, Jalen's made no bones about how much he wants in his new contract -- remember when he showed up to Jacksonville camp last July in a Brinks truck???

Yeah, dude's looking for THAT kind of money!!!

But, when we asked Gurley -- who was leaving the NBA store after buying a 76ers hat to show support for Michael Rubin -- about it all, he told us Ramsey's worth every penny of it ... saying, "Of course he is!"

There's more ... we also asked Todd about the shine coming off of Sean McVay after his Super Bowl season a year ago -- and Gurley says he's not worried about his head coach at all.

As for fired Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, Gurley wished him the best ... and says he's sure the guy will land on his feet somewhere.

Todd Gurley Parties Hard At L.A. Kings Game ... Chugs Beers W/ Dodgers Stars!!!

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LA Kings

Did you know Todd Gurley could party like a frat star!??!

Neither did we ... until Wednesday night -- when the L.A. Rams running back chugged beers and bro'd down with Dodgers stars at the L.A. Kings game!!!

The video of Gurley throughout the night was more entertaining than the actual on-ice action ... 'cause the 25-year-old lived it up in on-the-glass seats for the Kings-Stars game at Staples Center.

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Gurley rages his face off, throws back some suds and even gets into a chug-off with Dodgers players Gavin Lux, Matt Beaty and Kody Hoese.


But the best part? Arena cameras broadcast almost all of it on the jumbotron!!!!

Of course, Gurley and the Dodgers could use the booze ... both squads had rough seasons, with the Rams missing the playoffs and the Dodgers exiting the postseason early.

As for if their antics helped the Kings ... not really, 'cause L.A. lost to Dallas 2-1.

But hey, we sure as hell enjoyed watching the party!!

Jalen Ramsey Near Brawl With Marcus Peters Held Back By Rams Staffers

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Here's the most fighting the Rams did all night Monday ...

Jalen Ramsey had to be restrained by several L.A. Rams staffers after he and Marcus Peters nearly came to blows just minutes after the Ravens beat the hell out of JR's squad.

The game was wild ... the Rams couldn't stop Lamar Jackson at all in a 45-6 blowout -- and when Peters started ballin' out, he trash-talked Jalen like crazy.

Cameras caught the Ravens cornerback screaming across the sideline at Jalen ... and then they later filmed him mocking Ramsey's celebration after an interception.

It all spilled over into a near brawl at midfield after the final whistle ... when the two were in a heated screaming match.

Eventually, the guys were separated -- with Ramsey having to be essentially carried all the way to his locker room up the tunnel at the L.A. Coliseum.

At one point, Peters reportedly told Ramsey, "[We] kicked y’all ass out the playoffs."

Unclear why the two have such bad beef -- although it seems Peters is pretty pissed after the Rams traded him to Baltimore last month and then acquired Jalen only a few hours later.

Peters did NOT address the media after the incident ... and Ramsey refused to take questions from reporters over it all, saying, "I ain't going to answer no BS."

As for their team's standings ... Ramsey's Rams are pretty much dead after Monday's L -- while Peters' Ravens are now the Super Bowl favorites.

Must've been a pretty fun plane ride back to Baltimore!

Rams' Robert Woods Defends Jared Goff He's No Bust and Worth the Money!!!


L.A. Rams WR Robert Woods is going to bat for his QB Jared Goff -- telling TMZ Sports the team is still 100% behind Goff ... but acknowledges he's having a "rough year."

25-year-old Goff signed a $134 million contract extension in Sept. after leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2018 -- but the Rams are 5-4 in 2019 and Goff hasn't been playing great.

In fact, many critics are saying the Rams WAY overpaid the former #1 overall draft pick -- with some even suggesting the team needs to cut bait, ASAP.

But, now Woods ... who says Goff is still a monster with all the right skills -- tells us the QB just needs to get out of his funk.

"Jared's the same guy," Woods says ... "Still got that arm, still got that talent. It's just a rough year, it's a rough patch."

"He's just gotta put the ball in my hands and let's go," Woods joked ... "Just get it in your athletes' hands. Let us run! Let us do our work!"

Woods says he strongly believes the Rams are still solid playoff contenders and Goff is the QB that will lead 'em to the promised land.

As for Goff's stats -- he's thrown 11 TDs with 9 INTs this season. In 2018, Goff had 32 TDs and 12 INTs.

As for Robert's contract -- he's in the middle of a 5-year, $34 million contract which he signed in 2017 -- but believes he's got even BIGGER money coming his way down the line.

"It's coming. The work will take care of itself. I've been grinding. Been trying to let it pay off. The money will be there when its time."

Jalen Ramsey Touches Down In Los Angeles ... 'I'm Feeling Good!'


JALEN RAMSEY HAS ARRIVED -- and you better believe TMZ Sports was at LAX for his grand arrival!!!

The stud cornerback touched down on Wednesday (sporting his new Rams hat) where he was greeted by L.A. Rams staffers and what appeared to be a team camera crew to capture the moment.

Ramsey was just traded to the Rams from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a couple of 1st-round draft picks and a 4th-round pick.

The big concern was the alleged injury to Ramsey's back -- which kept him out of his final 3 games in JAX.

But, when we asked the 24-year-old how he's feeling, he shot back -- "I'm feeling good ... I want to play football!"

Great news!!!

Unclear if Ramsey will suit up and play for the Rams this weekend, but they could sure use him after trading away Marcus Peters and losing Aqib Talib to injured reserve.

In case you need a refresher ... Ramsey is widely considered the best CB in the NFL. He's in his 4th year as a pro and already has 9 career interceptions, 2 Pro Bowl selections and an All-Pro honor.

Welcome to L.A.

Dick Vermeil Fires Back At Jared Goff Haters ... He's Still Worth The $$!


Jared Goff does NOT suck -- this despite throwing for just 78 yards last weekend ... so says ex-NFL coach Dick Vermeil, who tells TMZ Sports the Rams QB is still worth the FAT contract he just signed!!

"I still believe that Goff is a fine player," Vermeil says ... "I wouldn't let one game influence the overall evaluation of how good a quarterback this guy is."

Goff inked a massive, $134 MILLION deal in early September ... but he hasn't quite lived up to that huge contract through the six games this season.

The Rams are just 3-3, Goff has 7 interceptions to just 7 TDs ... and the 25-year-old threw for less than 80 yards in a blowout loss to the 49ers on Sunday.

But, Vermeil -- who coached Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl in 1999 -- says he ain't ready to push the eject button on Goff just yet.

"Criminy," Dick says, "the best people have bad games. And many times when they go bad there's more reasons than just the quarterback."

Vermeil says the Rams' defense hasn't been good this season ... and their running game hasn't helped much either, and that's all led to issues for Goff.

But, when it comes to the contract L.A. gave him ... Dick says nobody in the organization should be panicking about those figures right now.

"They did the right thing in signing the quarterback. He's already proved he can play well."

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