Todd Gurley Sips on $3,000 Booze at Party in L.A. ... I Got Expensive Taste!!!

Todd Gurley was the life of the party at a swanky event in Beverly Hills this week ... sippin' on expensive booze and posing with even more expensive luxury cars!!

The L.A. Rams superstar was celebrating his cover of the Haute Living Los Angeles magazine at Mr. C on Monday ... and everybody in attendance was drinking Louis XIII cognac -- which runs around $3,000 a bottle!!

If that ain't enough ... the main centerpiece decoration of the party was a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which starts at around 450k!! Oh yeah, and Gurley also pulled up to the party in a different Rolls for good measure.

The 24-year-old was gifted a custom piece of artwork by artist Crime ... which featured cool details about TG's life on and off the field.

Gurley's NFL friends, Chris Long and Jay Ajayi, came through for support ... and looking at the pics, it probably wasn't very challenging to get them to stop by.

Rams Coach Sean McVay Engaged to Model Girlfriend ... Check Out That Ring!!!

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The Super Bowl ring didn't happen ... but the engagement ring did!!

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay just proposed to his smokin' hot Ukrainian model girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn ... and (shocker!) she said YES!

The two have been on vacation in the French Riviera -- where the 33-year-old busted out a diamond ring the size of Veronika's knuckle and popped the question.

"Can't wait to call him my husband," Khomyn said.

Sean and 29-year-old Veronika started dating somewhere around 2011 ... when she was a student at George Mason University in Virginia and he was an assistant coach on the Washington Redskins.

Since then, the two have been super tight ... she moved out to L.A. with him when he took the job to coach the Rams. They live together in a home in the San Fernando Valley.

... and now they're gonna get married! Congrats!

NFL's Domata Peko To Sean McVay ... Sign Me!!!


Sean McVay, listen up ... a 325-pound beast says he wants to help the Rams win a championship -- 'cause Domata Peko tells TMZ Sports he wants to sign with L.A.!!!

"I would like to be with Aaron Donald, man," Peko says ... "Hell yeah! That would be dope."

34-year-old Peko shot down retirement rumors with our camera guy out in Bev Hills on Tuesday ... and says he's definitely trying to play a 14th season in the NFL.

Domata tells us he just had a visit with the Detroit Lions last week ... but the team he'd really like to sign with is McVay's.

"Coach McVay! Your boy, Domata Peko, here, ready to go. I would love to come out here, represent L.A. and try to pursue that championship!"

We also asked Peko how his ex-teammate, Vontaze Burfict, would handle being on the same Oakland squad with longtime rival Antonio Brown this year, and Peko says he doesn't predict any problems between the two.

In fact, Peko tells us he thinks they'll end up being best buds!!!

Eric Dickerson I Swear Gurley's Knee Is Fine ... He Told Me Himself!


Todd Gurley's knee is 100 percent FINE ... so says Eric Dickerson, who tells TMZ Sports he knows this because the Rams running back told him this himself!!!

"I talked to Todd," ED says ... "Todd's good."

Of course, NFL fans have been having a tough time believing that ... seeing as the league's best RB for the first half of last season was a non-factor in L.A.'s playoff run.

In fact, when we got Gurley leaving Craig's just last month ... he certainly didn't seem like a guy with two healthy knees ...

APRIL 2019

But, Dickerson says Gurley is adamant his legs are healthy, saying, "He said he's fine. He said he's fine."

Dickerson says there's no need for Rams fans to panic about Todd's health ... and tells us the only time anybody needs to worry about the RB is if he straight-up says he's injured.

"When he says, 'Look, I'm hurt.' That's when you worry."

As for the Hall of Famer's expectations for the Rams this season ... ED says he's ready for big numbers -- and tells us Cooper Kupp's return is a big reason why!

Rams' Sean McVay Todd Gurley's Knee Will Be Good In 2019


Great news, Rams fans ... your star running back, Todd Gurley, is doing great and should return to form in 2019, this according to head coach Sean McVay.

McVay and a bunch of his star players went out to the United Way's HomeWalk 5K to raise money to end homelessness in L.A. ... everyone from Aaron Donald to Johnny Hekker rolled through.

"It's great, man," McVay said about the event ... "We got a lot of players out here today."

So, what about Gurley? He wasn't at the event ... but everyone there was talking about him -- wondering how he's doing after a bizarre end to the 2018 season.

Remember, Gurley was killing it last year for most of the season ... then fell off hard in the playoffs and barely contributed in the Super Bowl. There were rumblings that he jacked up his knee bad.

But, McVay didn't seem worried over the weekend -- telling us Gurley's knee is "doing good" -- he expects him to be fine when the season starts.

We hope he's right ... but things didn't seem great when we saw Todd limping around L.A. back in April.

APRIL 2019

Earlier this month, Gurley was asked about reports that he's suffering from a degenerative knee condition -- but he didn't confirm or deny ... saying, "All I can focus on is how Iā€™m doing right now."

Sean McVay Rams Sucked In Super Bowl ... 'Cause I 'Over-Prepared!!!'

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Sean McVay is finally coming clean on why the Rams were so bad against the Patriots in the Super Bowl last February ... saying he straight-up "over-prepared" for the big game.

Remember, Los Angeles came into SB LIII as one of the most potent offenses EVER ... but threw up just 3 points against Bill Belichick's boys in an epic loss.

Now, after reflecting on the sorry performance for 3 months ... McVay told Sports Illustrated he finally has the answer as to why it happened ...

"You have so much time that you can over-prepare and get away from some of the things that helped you get there."

McVay says he poured over ALL of New England's 18 games in the 2018-19 season ... and even went back to look at how the Pats played in their Super Bowls against the Eagles and Falcons.

Sean says doing all that extra work killed the Rams, saying, "You can watch so much film that you lose perspective."

The good news for L.A.? Per Sports Illustrated, McVay seemed disgusted that he let his team down -- and seems he learned his lesson.

So, Super Bowl LIV next year ... watch out!!

James Holzhauer I'm the DeShaun Watson of 'Jeopardy'

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"Jeopardy" phenom James Holzhauer says if he had to compare himself to a pro athlete, he'd DEFINITELY go with DeShaun Watson ... because he can do it all!!!

Holzhauer -- who's chasing Ken Jennings for most winnings in "Jeopardy" history -- appeared on FS1's "Lock It In" on Tuesday to talk about his pre-game show life as a pro sports bettor.

During the show, Holzhauer said he was a hardcore online poker player before making the jump to sports gambling -- but now he puts together complex mathematical models to find an advantage when it comes to wagering on games.

Holzhauer says he bets on everything from football to hockey to college basketball -- and LOVES to make in-game wagers because he thinks he has an edge because the oddsmakers don't have enough time to set an accurate line.

And, just to prove he ALWAYS wins, Holzhauer told the guys he bet on the Rams to beat the Saints in the 2018 NFC championship game ... but he had 3.5 points, so he didn't care which team kicked the winning field goal in overtime!!!

One last thing ... Holzhauer wasn't afraid to talk TRASH to the hosts of the show. When asked which host would do the best on "Jeopardy," James told the group whichever person is smart enough to "keep your trap shut" for the entire game so they wouldn't fall below $0.


Rodney Peete Sued Super Bowl Ticket Screw Job?!

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Ex-NFL star Rodney Peete is accused of pulling a fast one on a Super Bowl ticket broker -- allegedly squirming his way out of paying for VERY expensive seats ... and now the broker wants his cash!

The 53-year-old and his famous wife Holly Robinson Peete are being sued by Barry's Tickets -- a pretty famous business which sells tickets to high-profile events.

Barry's claims Rodney hit 'em up in January 2019 looking for 8 tickets to Super Bowl LIII in ATL to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots take on the L.A. Rams.

Barry's claims they offered Peete a discount -- they'd charge him $11,500 per ticket if he paid before Feb. 3 ... and the price would rise to $12,500 if he paid after.

Rodney agreed, according to the lawsuit -- but only wired $46,000 to Barry's.

Barry's says they gave Rodney the tickets under the assumption he'd deliver the second half of the money -- but he NEVER paid.

In fact, Barry's says Rodney strung them along for days until finally ghosting them in mid-February.

Now, Barry's demanding $54,000 for the tickets plus interest plus legal fees.

By the way, Rodney had a pretty long NFL career -- he played from 1989 to 2004 -- but never really signed a massive contract.

NFL Fan Suing L.A. Rams ... After Beatdown At Game


You're looking at the NFL fan who's suing the L.A. Rams -- claiming he was brutally attacked by a drunk fan during a 2018 game at the Coliseum in an attack that SHOULD have been prevented.

The man is Peter Bergin -- who claims he was at the Rams-Vikings game on Sept. 27 when a drunk fan approached him and his girlfriend at a concession stand line and started causing problems.

Bergin alleges the wasted guy tried to punch another fan ... and when he stepped in to take the shot for her -- he suffered a broken nose and dislocated knee in the process.

Bergin says the attack was so violent, another person was knocked down in the melee and she slammed her head on the concrete floor.

Now, Bergin is suing the Rams ... saying the organization failed to provide enough security at the stadium to prevent these kinds of incidents.

Bergin's attorney, Barry Novack, tells us they believe the attacker was overserved alcohol, which "caused him to be a danger to those around him."

Bergin also claims the Rams failed to provide him with medical help immediately after the assault.

In his suit, Bergin is demanding unspecified damages claiming he's suffered permanent injuries which have hurt his ability to earn a living.

We've reached out to the Rams for comment ... so far, no word back yet.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Home Burglarized ... Jewelry & Purses Taken


Rams head coach Sean McVay's L.A. home was burglarized Thursday night by men who broke in and made off with a bunch of valuables ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports.

We're told 3 men wearing hoodies, bandanas and gloves smashed through the back door of the home ... before stealing $20k worth of jewelry and expensive purses.

No one was home ... and McVay's security system went off -- alerting police to the break-in -- but when they arrived, the thieves were gone.


In addition to what was stolen, we're told there was damage done to the house ... which is still being assessed.

McVay lives with his longtime girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn.

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops are trying to identify the men using surveillance from McVay's home ... as well as from his neighbors' cameras.


McVay isn't the first L.A. Ram to get burglarized ... receiver Robert Woods had his home broken into last year during a Thursday Night Football game.

Todd Gurley Hits L.A. Hot Spot ... With A Limp?!?


Does this look like a man with two healthy knees?!?

That's the question that's surrounded Todd Gurley for MONTHS -- and when TMZ Sports got him out at Craig's in L.A. on Wednesday with what appears to be a hitch in his gate -- it had us asking it all over again.

The L.A. Rams superstar seemed to have some sort of limp after dinner ... and if ya watch the clip, he ain't exactly moving like an RB ready to carry the ball 250+ times next season.

TG appears to use his buddy as a crutch as they exit the restaurant ... and while he's making his way to his car, there seems to be SOMETHING going on with his leg.

Of course, Todd battled a knee injury late last year -- sitting out the final two games of the Rams' regular season -- and struggled throughout the playoffs when he returned.

But, both Gurley and Rams coach Sean McVay have said the guy is OKAY ... and, in fact, team officials tell us Todd's been at the facility working out THIS WEEK and looks just fine to them.

So, does this clip prove anything?? We're not sure, but it's a helluva lot of fun to debate.

By the way, we also asked Todd about Ndamukong Suh -- and it seems TG definitely wants to see the defensive star back in a Rams uniform next season!!

Aaron Donald Gronk Done Forever?!? ... I'm Not So Sure


Aaron Donald doesn't seem convinced Rob Gronkowski's played his last game in the NFL ... 'cause the Rams superstar tells TMZ Sports, "He's retired right now ..."

Of course, the topic has been a huge talking point in NFL circles after the future Hall of Famer abruptly announced he's callin' it a career at just 29 years old.

Count Donald in as one of those who needs to see it to believe it ... but if it is, in fact, true, AD has HUGE respect for the Patriots legend's game, regardless.

"Great player, had a great career. Won a couple of rings -- one of the best to do it."

Donald also handed out some advice at the L.A. Sports Awards to a young fan who wanted some tips on how to make it big -- and, shockingly, Donald says it takes hard work!!!

"My main thing is just hard work. Getting the body working."

If ya need proof Donald practices what he preaches, here ya go. You're welcome.

Kamaru Usman Todd Gurley?? He'd Whoop Colby Covington's Ass!!!


Colby Covington better watch his mouth around Todd Gurley ... 'cause Kamaru Usman tells TMZ Sports the NFL superstar would whoop his ass if they ever scrapped!!!

"Todd Gurley would maul him," Usman says ... "He would maul him. He'd maul him."

Of course, Kamaru's talking about this 'cause he says he saw the Rams RB get into a spat with Covington seconds before his championship fight with Tyron Woodley at UFC 235.

So, we had to ask ... who'd win if Gurley and Covington were NOT separated that night?!

His answer -- Gurley ... and he ain't just sayin' that 'cause he HATES Covington ...

"These running backs, they have low centers of gravity, big butts, strong legs. All they have to do is -- it's not going to take them long, once they learn the technique, they're throwing hammers."

"So, yeah, I think he could take him."

The tale of the tape IS interesting ... Gurley outweighs Covington by over 60 pounds and is two inches taller -- so, is Kamaru right??

Only one way to find out ... Dana White, make it happen!!!!!

L.A. Rams 'Get Back' Coach Charged W/ Sexual Battery

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L.A. Rams "Get Back" coach, whose job is to physically restrain head coach Sean McVay from stepping on the field, is now in real hot water ... he's been charged with sexual battery.

His name is Ted Rath -- and he went viral during the 2018 season thanks to a highlight reel showing him constantly pulling McVay toward the bench so he wouldn't get run over by players and refs.

Rath -- who's also the team's strength and conditioning coach -- has been hit with 3 misdemeanor sexual battery charges stemming from an alleged incident on June 15, 2018.

Officials tell TMZ Sports the incident took place at a private residence in Moorpark, CA ... with the alleged victim claiming Rath groped her multiple times without her consent.

The Rams addressed the charges on Friday ... saying, "We take these allegations very seriously."

The Rams added ... "Once the charges were filed, we decided Ted would take a leave of absence from the team as this matter works its way through the justice system.ā€

Rath is facing more than a year behind bars if convicted ... and he would have to register as a sex offender.

Rath is due back in court next month.

Jared Goff & Smokin' Hot GF ... We're Best Buy Official!!!


Here's Jared Goff proving he's having a GREAT off-season ... taking his relationship with his smokin' hot model GF public Thursday -- and yeah, dude's definitely winning.

The lovely lady is Christen Harper -- an Instagram model with over 200,000 followers -- and rumors have been swirling since January that the two are an item.

The L.A. Rams QB reportedly wanted to keep the relationship on the DL during L.A.'s run through the playoffs ... but now that that's over -- the two are running public errands like they have nothing to hide!

TMZ Sports spotted the pair leaving Best Buy in Woodland Hills -- and Jared didn't object to our photog calling Christen his "girlfriend" ... even thanking us for saying she looks great!!!

By the way, Jared also gave us his opinion on the Odell Beckham trade to the Cleveland Browns ... but he wasn't in much of a mood to stay any longer to chat after that.

And, after looking at these pics ... can ya blame him?!?!

Big Boi & NFL Partner Up to Make $100k Donation ... Month After Halftime Show


Big Boi is following suit with Travis Scott and Maroon 5 by partnering up with the NFL to donate a bundle of cash, but he's keeping his charitable efforts close to home.

The Outkast rapper -- who performed with Adam Levine and co. during the Super Bowl LIII halftime show -- will announce Thursday a joint donation of $100k from himself and the NFL. We're told the money will be going to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Big Boi's hometown of Atlanta.

Sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ ... the joint donation is similar to the ones the league made with the other halftime performers in Atlanta. Maroon 5's went to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Travis' went to Van Jones' Dream Corps.

Their donations were announced before the big game, but we're told Big Boi always intended to make one too. He just took longer to announce it because he needed time to decide where the money would be put to the best use -- and The King Center won out.

As you know ... Travis and the NFL agreed to his joint $500k donation after he spoke with Colin Kaepernick, although not necessarily as a result of that convo.