Jalen Ramsey Near Brawl With Marcus Peters Held Back By Rams Staffers

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Here's the most fighting the Rams did all night Monday ...

Jalen Ramsey had to be restrained by several L.A. Rams staffers after he and Marcus Peters nearly came to blows just minutes after the Ravens beat the hell out of JR's squad.

The game was wild ... the Rams couldn't stop Lamar Jackson at all in a 45-6 blowout -- and when Peters started ballin' out, he trash-talked Jalen like crazy.

Cameras caught the Ravens cornerback screaming across the sideline at Jalen ... and then they later filmed him mocking Ramsey's celebration after an interception.

It all spilled over into a near brawl at midfield after the final whistle ... when the two were in a heated screaming match.

Eventually, the guys were separated -- with Ramsey having to be essentially carried all the way to his locker room up the tunnel at the L.A. Coliseum.

At one point, Peters reportedly told Ramsey, "[We] kicked y’all ass out the playoffs."

Unclear why the two have such bad beef -- although it seems Peters is pretty pissed after the Rams traded him to Baltimore last month and then acquired Jalen only a few hours later.

Peters did NOT address the media after the incident ... and Ramsey refused to take questions from reporters over it all, saying, "I ain't going to answer no BS."

As for their team's standings ... Ramsey's Rams are pretty much dead after Monday's L -- while Peters' Ravens are now the Super Bowl favorites.

Must've been a pretty fun plane ride back to Baltimore!

Rams' Robert Woods Defends Jared Goff He's No Bust and Worth the Money!!!


L.A. Rams WR Robert Woods is going to bat for his QB Jared Goff -- telling TMZ Sports the team is still 100% behind Goff ... but acknowledges he's having a "rough year."

25-year-old Goff signed a $134 million contract extension in Sept. after leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2018 -- but the Rams are 5-4 in 2019 and Goff hasn't been playing great.

In fact, many critics are saying the Rams WAY overpaid the former #1 overall draft pick -- with some even suggesting the team needs to cut bait, ASAP.

But, now Woods ... who says Goff is still a monster with all the right skills -- tells us the QB just needs to get out of his funk.

"Jared's the same guy," Woods says ... "Still got that arm, still got that talent. It's just a rough year, it's a rough patch."

"He's just gotta put the ball in my hands and let's go," Woods joked ... "Just get it in your athletes' hands. Let us run! Let us do our work!"

Woods says he strongly believes the Rams are still solid playoff contenders and Goff is the QB that will lead 'em to the promised land.

As for Goff's stats -- he's thrown 11 TDs with 9 INTs this season. In 2018, Goff had 32 TDs and 12 INTs.

As for Robert's contract -- he's in the middle of a 5-year, $34 million contract which he signed in 2017 -- but believes he's got even BIGGER money coming his way down the line.

"It's coming. The work will take care of itself. I've been grinding. Been trying to let it pay off. The money will be there when its time."

Jalen Ramsey Touches Down In Los Angeles ... 'I'm Feeling Good!'


JALEN RAMSEY HAS ARRIVED -- and you better believe TMZ Sports was at LAX for his grand arrival!!!

The stud cornerback touched down on Wednesday (sporting his new Rams hat) where he was greeted by L.A. Rams staffers and what appeared to be a team camera crew to capture the moment.

Ramsey was just traded to the Rams from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a couple of 1st-round draft picks and a 4th-round pick.

The big concern was the alleged injury to Ramsey's back -- which kept him out of his final 3 games in JAX.

But, when we asked the 24-year-old how he's feeling, he shot back -- "I'm feeling good ... I want to play football!"

Great news!!!

Unclear if Ramsey will suit up and play for the Rams this weekend, but they could sure use him after trading away Marcus Peters and losing Aqib Talib to injured reserve.

In case you need a refresher ... Ramsey is widely considered the best CB in the NFL. He's in his 4th year as a pro and already has 9 career interceptions, 2 Pro Bowl selections and an All-Pro honor.

Welcome to L.A.

Dick Vermeil Fires Back At Jared Goff Haters ... He's Still Worth The $$!


Jared Goff does NOT suck -- this despite throwing for just 78 yards last weekend ... so says ex-NFL coach Dick Vermeil, who tells TMZ Sports the Rams QB is still worth the FAT contract he just signed!!

"I still believe that Goff is a fine player," Vermeil says ... "I wouldn't let one game influence the overall evaluation of how good a quarterback this guy is."

Goff inked a massive, $134 MILLION deal in early September ... but he hasn't quite lived up to that huge contract through the six games this season.

The Rams are just 3-3, Goff has 7 interceptions to just 7 TDs ... and the 25-year-old threw for less than 80 yards in a blowout loss to the 49ers on Sunday.

But, Vermeil -- who coached Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl in 1999 -- says he ain't ready to push the eject button on Goff just yet.

"Criminy," Dick says, "the best people have bad games. And many times when they go bad there's more reasons than just the quarterback."

Vermeil says the Rams' defense hasn't been good this season ... and their running game hasn't helped much either, and that's all led to issues for Goff.

But, when it comes to the contract L.A. gave him ... Dick says nobody in the organization should be panicking about those figures right now.

"They did the right thing in signing the quarterback. He's already proved he can play well."

Post Malone Here's That $20k I Owe Ya, YG!!! Pays Up for Cowboys Loss


Post Malone is making good on his $20,000 bet with YG ... finally paying up 9 months after his beloved Dallas Cowboys lost to the L.A. Rams in the NFL playoffs.

Chris Villa

Posty had his manager, Dre London, personally deliver the cash to YG in a manila envelope Monday in Los Angeles. The handoff went down on the set of Tyla Yaweh's music video shoot for his collab with YG, "I Think I Luv Her."

As you know ... Post Malone is a huge Cowboys fan, and he put a ton of action on their playoff game, back in January, against the Rams. YG's a big supporter -- the Compton rapper sits in an endzone suite at pretty much all of the Rams' home games -- and loves talking trash to his opponents.

C.J. Anderson Claps Back at Fat Shamer I'm Getting Paid to Sit on the Couch!

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A random Twitter troll got ethered on Sunday ... and it was all at the hands of NFL running back C.J. Anderson!!

The current free agent -- who recently got cut by the Lions -- was just minding his business and sharing his 2 cents about his old teammate, Todd Gurley, on Sunday ... when one guy decided to bring up his weight.

"At least you got a good view from your couch fat boy"

Now ... there are several ways to go about responding to Twitter trolls, but if you got money like C.J., the obvious choice is to bring up the bank account.

"Being paid to sit here my man. I believe that’s the difference between me on the couch and you."


But, the troll wasn't going down without a fight, hitting C.J. back with "Just be nice if you would spend as much time exercising as you do on Twitter , good to see your proud of getting paid to sit on the couch"

C.J. wasn't having any of that talk ... bringing everything back to perspective to land one final blow.

"This can go both ways right? ' I need to get off twitter to hit the gym' however, your trolling another grown man instead of trying to make sure ya life is straight. Lol you have officially become a clown."

Note to all Twitter trolls -- come at C.J. Anderson, you best not miss.

Antonio Brown Rips Eric Weddle In New Beef 'Shut Your Mouth Jabroni'

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TMZ/Getty Composite

Antonio Brown ain't playing in the NFL ... but he's trash-talking like he still is -- the WR is going after Eric Weddle on Twitter, calling the L.A. Ram a "dummy" and a "jabroni."

Brown's been active on social media Thursday ... and one of his tweets, in particular, sparked a feud that involved Weddle AND New York Giants receiver Golden Tate.

Here's the deal ... AB tweeted "The game need me I'm like test answers." Tate responded, "What???"

Weddle jumped into the conversation, writing, "Def dont." Weddle also wrote to a fan who said he couldn't guard AB, "Dont need to. Isnt on a team."

AB saw the shade ... and immediately clapped back, writing, "U need some attention lil man glad I put that stuff arm in your neck in pittsburgh u deserved it Lil Weedle."

Weddle fired back ... saying, "When are u gonna learn that it isnt about you. Never was and never will be. Got a game to get ready for. Good luck my guy!"

Of course, Brown didn't let it stop there ... 'cause he told the safety, "Bro I don’t even know you don’t call me AB that’s my NFL name dummy ! I’m not on your team never been shut your mouth Jabroni."

As of this posting, the two are STILL trading barbs on Twitter ... and it all guarantees us one thing -- the Rams are probably out of the sweepstakes to sign Brown.

Odell Beckham Refused To Wear Chain Vs. Talib ... Noted Chain-Snatcher

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There was ZERO chance Odell Beckham was going to get Michael Crabtree'd on Sunday night ... 'cause the star WR straight-up refused to wear his chain against Aqib Talib!!

If you somehow missed it ... Talib and Crabtree had an EPIC beef a couple years ago -- with Talib snatching Crab's gold chain on TWO separate occasions in 2016 and 2017.

Obviously, Odell saw all the drama ... and wanted NO part of it when the Browns took on the Rams -- because he told Talib on the field Sunday, "I had to not wear my chain tonight!"

Don't worry, Talib didn't take it as an insult ... he actually laughed about it and said to Beckham, "Stop that sh**, O!"

But, while Odell's chain might have survived the night ... his game didn't exactly -- Talib shut down the receiver, allowing only six catches for 56 yards.

Tough trade-off.

By the way, Talib and Crabtree eventually squashed their beef at a Texas Go-Kart track last March ... with the guys having a long heart-to-heart outside the place.


We're told the two bro-hugged after chatting and the drama is now dead.

Props for finally moving on!

Neymar Hangs with Todd Gurley ... After Peru Upsets Brazil

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Soccer superstar Neymar wasn't too bothered after his Brazil squad lost a friendly to Peru at the Coliseum in L.A. on Tuesday ... taking time for a pic with NFL star Todd Gurley!

By the way, this was the first time Brazil had lost in 17 straight games -- the last L they took was during the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals when they were defeated by Belgium.

Neymar didn't start the game but came in off the bench. Brazil hung tough for the most of the match until Peru hit net in the final minutes of the 2nd half.

This is the 5th time Peru has EVER beaten Brazil in the 46 times they've played each other!!

So, why was Neymar in such a good mood? Might have to do with the fact that officials in Brazil announced this week that the woman who accused him of rape is being prosecuted for allegedly making the allegations in an effort to blackmail the soccer star.

As for Gurley, the L.A. Rams running back had GREAT seats for the game -- sitting right behind the Brazil goal when Peru hit the winning shot.

After the game, Gurley hopped into a pretty sick car -- a Vanderhall Carmel, a 3-wheeled vehicle with a $35k starting price tag!


Gurley will return to the Coliseum on Sunday when the Rams take on the New Orleans Saints in a rematch of the 2018 NFC Championship game!

Both teams are 1-0 to start the season ... should be a helluva game!

Sean McVay's Fiancee Hot Girls Trip!!! Bikini Time in Puerto Rico

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Sean McVay's incredibly attractive fiancee went on a girls trip with her incredibly attractive friends in Puerto Rico ... and the pics are great!!!

Veronika Khomyn and her 4 gal pals spent the weekend in San Juan for what they dubbed a "birthday trip" ... but it's unclear whose big day they were celebrating. We're just glad they're having fun.

McBae -- whose birthday is reportedly in March -- posted a hot shot from their time on the beach ... which reminds us how lucky the L.A. Rams coach really is.

Khomyn posted about the trip, saying "To have you as my best friends is everything. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much this weekend. Thank you for the best birthday trip."

McVay and Khomyn -- who have been together for years -- got engaged while on a romantic vacation in Italy back in June.

"The man of my dreams, my best friend and the love of my life asked me to marry him...And I said YES!!! to being his McBae forever."

We take it these girls will be a part of the big wedding ... and we're here for it.

Todd Gurley Sips on $3,000 Booze at Party in L.A. ... I Got Expensive Taste!!!

Todd Gurley was the life of the party at a swanky event in Beverly Hills this week ... sippin' on expensive booze and posing with even more expensive luxury cars!!

The L.A. Rams superstar was celebrating his cover of the Haute Living Los Angeles magazine at Mr. C on Monday ... and everybody in attendance was drinking Louis XIII cognac -- which runs around $3,000 a bottle!!

If that ain't enough ... the main centerpiece decoration of the party was a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which starts at around 450k!! Oh yeah, and Gurley also pulled up to the party in a different Rolls for good measure.

The 24-year-old was gifted a custom piece of artwork by artist Crime ... which featured cool details about TG's life on and off the field.

Gurley's NFL friends, Chris Long and Jay Ajayi, came through for support ... and looking at the pics, it probably wasn't very challenging to get them to stop by.

Rams Coach Sean McVay Engaged to Model Girlfriend ... Check Out That Ring!!!

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The Super Bowl ring didn't happen ... but the engagement ring did!!

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay just proposed to his smokin' hot Ukrainian model girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn ... and (shocker!) she said YES!

The two have been on vacation in the French Riviera -- where the 33-year-old busted out a diamond ring the size of Veronika's knuckle and popped the question.

"Can't wait to call him my husband," Khomyn said.

Sean and 29-year-old Veronika started dating somewhere around 2011 ... when she was a student at George Mason University in Virginia and he was an assistant coach on the Washington Redskins.

Since then, the two have been super tight ... she moved out to L.A. with him when he took the job to coach the Rams. They live together in a home in the San Fernando Valley.

... and now they're gonna get married! Congrats!

NFL's Domata Peko To Sean McVay ... Sign Me!!!


Sean McVay, listen up ... a 325-pound beast says he wants to help the Rams win a championship -- 'cause Domata Peko tells TMZ Sports he wants to sign with L.A.!!!

"I would like to be with Aaron Donald, man," Peko says ... "Hell yeah! That would be dope."

34-year-old Peko shot down retirement rumors with our camera guy out in Bev Hills on Tuesday ... and says he's definitely trying to play a 14th season in the NFL.

Domata tells us he just had a visit with the Detroit Lions last week ... but the team he'd really like to sign with is McVay's.

"Coach McVay! Your boy, Domata Peko, here, ready to go. I would love to come out here, represent L.A. and try to pursue that championship!"

We also asked Peko how his ex-teammate, Vontaze Burfict, would handle being on the same Oakland squad with longtime rival Antonio Brown this year, and Peko says he doesn't predict any problems between the two.

In fact, Peko tells us he thinks they'll end up being best buds!!!

Eric Dickerson I Swear Gurley's Knee Is Fine ... He Told Me Himself!


Todd Gurley's knee is 100 percent FINE ... so says Eric Dickerson, who tells TMZ Sports he knows this because the Rams running back told him this himself!!!

"I talked to Todd," ED says ... "Todd's good."

Of course, NFL fans have been having a tough time believing that ... seeing as the league's best RB for the first half of last season was a non-factor in L.A.'s playoff run.

In fact, when we got Gurley leaving Craig's just last month ... he certainly didn't seem like a guy with two healthy knees ...

APRIL 2019

But, Dickerson says Gurley is adamant his legs are healthy, saying, "He said he's fine. He said he's fine."

Dickerson says there's no need for Rams fans to panic about Todd's health ... and tells us the only time anybody needs to worry about the RB is if he straight-up says he's injured.

"When he says, 'Look, I'm hurt.' That's when you worry."

As for the Hall of Famer's expectations for the Rams this season ... ED says he's ready for big numbers -- and tells us Cooper Kupp's return is a big reason why!

Rams' Sean McVay Todd Gurley's Knee Will Be Good In 2019


Great news, Rams fans ... your star running back, Todd Gurley, is doing great and should return to form in 2019, this according to head coach Sean McVay.

McVay and a bunch of his star players went out to the United Way's HomeWalk 5K to raise money to end homelessness in L.A. ... everyone from Aaron Donald to Johnny Hekker rolled through.

"It's great, man," McVay said about the event ... "We got a lot of players out here today."

So, what about Gurley? He wasn't at the event ... but everyone there was talking about him -- wondering how he's doing after a bizarre end to the 2018 season.

Remember, Gurley was killing it last year for most of the season ... then fell off hard in the playoffs and barely contributed in the Super Bowl. There were rumblings that he jacked up his knee bad.

But, McVay didn't seem worried over the weekend -- telling us Gurley's knee is "doing good" -- he expects him to be fine when the season starts.

We hope he's right ... but things didn't seem great when we saw Todd limping around L.A. back in April.

APRIL 2019

Earlier this month, Gurley was asked about reports that he's suffering from a degenerative knee condition -- but he didn't confirm or deny ... saying, "All I can focus on is how I’m doing right now."

Sean McVay Rams Sucked In Super Bowl ... 'Cause I 'Over-Prepared!!!'

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Sean McVay is finally coming clean on why the Rams were so bad against the Patriots in the Super Bowl last February ... saying he straight-up "over-prepared" for the big game.

Remember, Los Angeles came into SB LIII as one of the most potent offenses EVER ... but threw up just 3 points against Bill Belichick's boys in an epic loss.

Now, after reflecting on the sorry performance for 3 months ... McVay told Sports Illustrated he finally has the answer as to why it happened ...

"You have so much time that you can over-prepare and get away from some of the things that helped you get there."

McVay says he poured over ALL of New England's 18 games in the 2018-19 season ... and even went back to look at how the Pats played in their Super Bowls against the Eagles and Falcons.

Sean says doing all that extra work killed the Rams, saying, "You can watch so much film that you lose perspective."

The good news for L.A.? Per Sports Illustrated, McVay seemed disgusted that he let his team down -- and seems he learned his lesson.

So, Super Bowl LIV next year ... watch out!!