Eric Dickerson Rams Should Re-Sign Gurley After Akers Injury ... 'A No-Brainer'


Forget Le'Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson ... Eric Dickerson says if the Rams turn to a vet to help fill the RB void left after Cam Akers' injury -- they NEED to give Todd Gurley a call!

The former Rams superstar explained it all to TMZ Sports out at LAX this week ... saying Gurley would be the perfect runner to sign if L.A. doesn't like what it sees from Akers' backups this summer.

"That’s a no-brainer," Dickerson said of re-inking Gurley. "I mean, he knows the offense, he knows this offense. He doesn’t have to come in and try and learn it."

"He knows [Sean] McVay, he knows the guys on the team -- that would be an easy fit."

Of course, there are plenty of roadblocks both sides would have to get through to get to that point -- many of which Dickerson acknowledges himself.

First and foremost, the two parties didn't have the best breakup when the Rams moved on from their former star in 2020.

Gurley also didn't exactly look great in his lone season in Atlanta last year, rushing for just 3.5 yards per carry.

But, Todd is a free agent seeking an NFL home, and the Rams could use the help -- so Dickerson says "business decisions" could end up motivating both sides to reconnect and enjoy a new marriage.

"At the end of the day, football, this is business," Dickerson said. "That’s what it comes down to. You got to make business decisions."

"You got to make decisions that are good for the football team, and the player has to make decisions that’s best for him."

As for Akers ... Dickerson tells us he's sad to see the young star suffer such a horrible Achilles injury this week -- but he says he's confident the 22-year-old will bounce back and be ready for 2022.

NFL's Cam Akers Keeping Positive After Achilles Tear ... 'I’m A Soldier'

L.A. Rams star running back Cam Akers is in good spirits after suffering a season-ending torn Achilles ... saying he'll be back and better in no time.

The team made the news official Tuesday morning ... solidifying the end of the 22-year-old's sophomore campaign before it even began.

Despite the devastating news, Akers kept a positive attitude on Twitter ... saying, "I just want to thank any and every person sending prayers my way and wishing me well."

"I hate this happened but I’m in great spirits and I understand God makes no mistakes. I’ll be back better than ever in no time I’m a soldier. Again, thank you 🙏🏾."

Akers was set to have a huge 2021 season after earning 625 yards and 2 touchdowns in 13 games in his rookie year.

Although his 2021 is over, Akers should be good to go in time for 2022 ... and it sounds like he's determined to put the injury behind him as soon as possible.

Get well soon, Cam!!

Lions' Michael Brockers Guarantees Win Over Rams In '21 I'm Coming For Stafford!!!


Michael Brockers says revenge WILL be had over his former team this October ... the new Lions star tells TMZ Sports he's already giving Detroit a win over the Rams in their 2021 matchup!!

"Definitely," Brockers said when we asked the pass rusher out at LAX if he's already got a W circled on the calendar. "Come on, now!"

Michael took it a step further ... and said he's gunning for at least one sack on Matt Stafford when he heads back to L.A. on Oct. 24 for the big tilt!

"I got to get at least one," Brockers told us. "I'm trying to sack every quarterback, but I got to get that one."

Brockers was traded to Detroit from L.A. in March ... a shocking move considering just days prior, he had gassed up the Rams and Stafford HARD.


At the time, the 30-year-old told us Stafford was a better QB than Jared Goff ... and insisted the Rams were a legit Super Bowl contender.

Brockers, though, tells us it hasn't been weird at all being sent to Detroit with Goff despite the comments ... he reiterated to us there is absolutely no beef between them whatsoever.

"That's my brother," Brockers said of Jared, adding, "At the end of the day, what was said was said, but we can get over that. We're professionals. We'll move on."

Matt Stafford Hits L.A. Nightlife Scene ... Addresses Kershaw Jersey Quip


Matthew Stafford got one of his first tastes of the L.A. nightlife scene this weekend -- and there were paps, autograph seekers ... and even a fun answer about a silly tiff with his old pal, Clayton Kershaw!

It all went down Saturday night at Craig's ... where Matt -- who was just traded from Detroit to L.A. in March -- got in a night out on the town with his wife and friends.

You can see in the clip, the new Rams QB is clearly going to be VERY popular in his new city ... dude didn't even step 3 feet out of the restaurant before people wanted his John Hancock!

Of course, we were also there ... and we had to get his take on his old high school teammate, Kershaw, saying he would NOT wear Stafford's new jersey around L.A.

If you missed it, just a few weeks ago Kershaw went on the 'Dan Patrick Show' and said he's excited for Stafford's L.A. stay, but added he wouldn't be wearing Matt's Rams uni anytime soon.

But, Matt laughed that all off Saturday ... telling us he's got no beef with his friend -- explaining, "That's alright!"

Successful trip out and about in L.A. for Matt ... and with the city set to lift major COVID restrictions this week, maybe see ya out for Round 2 this weekend?!

NFL's Marcus Peters Rams 'Disrespected' Me After Trade ... 'F*** Them!!!'

NFL star Marcus Peters is UNLOADING on the L.A. Rams ... trashing the team as "disrespectful" following his trade in 2019 ... saying straight-up, "f*** them."

The 28-year-old Ravens cornerback spoke about his unexpected departure on ex-teammate Aqib Talib's "Catchin' Fades" podcast this week ... admitting he was "pissed off" when the Rams turned around and traded for Jalen Ramsey right after he was shipped to Baltimore.

"F*** them, that’s how I was feeling," Peters said. "I’m still feeling like that because I felt disrespected in the sense of, yeah y’all can trade me, that’s a part of the business."

"But, two minutes after that, you bring in another guy who do the same s*** I do, maybe a little bit different."

Of course, Peters is referring to the Rams making a blockbuster trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars ... bringing in Ramsey in exchange for a pair of 1st round picks and a 4th rounder.

Peters says the move didn't make sense, explaining he feels he brought more to the table ... and he believes it may have cost the Rams a Super Bowl win.

"If we play this compare game, I do a little bit more. That s*** was disrespectful to me. If we could have gone a little bit more, we'd have had a [championship] that year, too."

Talib was also traded from the Rams just a few weeks after Ramsey came into the picture ... and Peters is adamant the team had bigger problems outside of the secondary.

"I don't think we was the problem. I don't think that we were the issue that was holding the Rams back from taking the steps of where we needed to get to."

Talib never played another down of NFL football due to injury ... and Peters went on to thrive with the Ravens, earning 8 interceptions in 28 games.

Peters also signed a 3-year, $42 million extension in December 2019 to stay in Baltimore ... which provides a bit of silver lining in the end.

The Rams and Ravens will face off during the 2021 season ... so circle the date now!

NFL's Taylor Rapp Launches NFT to Raise Money for #StopAsianHate ... 'Want to Help My People'

Gronk's doing it. Same with Patrick Mahomes. Even Snoop -- and now L.A. Rams safety Taylor Rapp is launching his own NFT collection.

But what's cool about Rapp's foray into the world of non-fungible tokens -- he's donating part of the proceeds to the #StopAsianHate movement.

The 23-year-old free safety -- the Rams 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft -- is Asian-American (his mom is Chinese) and has been outraged by the recent wave of anti-Asian hate crimes across the country.

So, when Rapp was presented with the chance to jump into the NFT craze, he knew it would be an opportunity to help his community.

"I am Asian American, and this community means a lot to me," Rapp told CNBC.

"I wanted to help my people, and what better way to raise money right now to donate than through creating an NFT collection and using my platform."

An NFT is essentially a digital collectible built on a blockchain, oftentimes featuring a cool piece of art or video.

Rapp is launching 6 digital collections on Thursday -- and will auction off 90 total NFTs, according to CNBC.

Rapp says he will donate a "large chunk" of the auction proceeds to the #StopAsianHate GoFundMe page, which has already more than $4 million.

"I felt like it was a responsibility for me to go out there and do what I can using my platform and my name to try to help out my community and bring more awareness to what is going on right now.".

Matt Stafford QB 'Is A Level Up' Over Jared Goff ... Rams Star Says


Michael Brockers is putting the argument to bed ... the Rams star clearly believes L.A. won the QB trade with Detroit -- telling TMZ Sports Matt Stafford is just better than Jared Goff.

"Is it a level up?" Brockers said when asked if Stafford was an upgrade over Goff. "In my heart, deeply, just understanding what [Stafford] brings, it's a level up [over Goff]."

"It's a level up."

The Rams gave up Goff and a treasure chest of draft picks -- including two future 1st-rounders -- to get Stafford out of Detroit ... and many felt L.A. was fleeced in the deal.

But, when we got Brockers -- who's started 136 games for the Rams since 2012 -- at LAX this week ... he told us he thinks the Rams' front office did well in the swap.

"I don't want to say a lock for the Super Bowl, but with having a quarterback like that," Brockers said of Stafford, "and just seeing what we did last year and just seeing what he can bring to this team, there's no wonder why we can't [win the Super Bowl]."

There's more ... Brockers also said the Cardinals' signing of J.J. Watt does NOT give Arizona the best defensive line in the NFC West -- with the L.A. pass rusher saying that honor still belongs to the Rams!

Brockers even threw some playful shade Watt's way ... telling us, "We all know who the real 99 is!"

2021 bulletin board ... meet material!!

Jared Goff Pens Mushy Goodbye Note To LA ... After 'Not Fun' End To Rams Career

Just a day after calling the end of his Rams career "sour" and "not fun" ... Jared Goff is now thanking Los Angeles and his former team with a mushy goodbye note.

The 26-year-old quarterback posted the message on social media on Wednesday ... writing, "This city has shaped the man I've become and I will forever be grateful for the Kroenke family, my coaches, the support staff, and most importantly, my teammates for competing and fighting with me every Sunday."

Goff added, "From the bottom of my heart, it's been an honor to represent the city of LA."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, Jared was just dealt to Detroit in a surprising trade for Matt Stafford over the weekend ... and in an interview with the L.A. Times on Tuesday, he appeared to be perplexed by the whole deal.

Goff said he hadn't talked to anyone in the Rams organization about why their relationship deteriorated so quickly, adding that he found the lack of communication "a little bit" strange.

Goff also said, "As the quarterback, as the guy that’s at arguably the most important position on the field, if you’re in a place that you’re not wanted and they want to move on from you, the feeling’s mutual."

Seems Jared's trying to let it all go now though ... explaining in his note Wednesday, "I couldn't be more excited for this next chapter and am ready to attack this new opportunity that lies ahead."

"Detroit, here I come."

Isaac Bruce Rams Should Dump Goff For Watson ... I'd Make The Trade


Issac Bruce says if he were runnin' the Rams show ... he'd dump Jared Goff for Deshaun Watson -- telling TMZ Sports a potential trade with the Texans would be a no-brainer for him.

"I'd love to see it, I'm just going to be honest," the Rams legend says. "I think Deshaun Watson is a great talent. He can throw the football well. He's a competitor."

"You don't have to worry about if this guy is going to show up on Sunday. At all."

Of course, a Houston-Los Angeles trade would take a LOT of dominoes to fall ... first, the Texans would have to be willing to jettison their star QB -- even if he's as disgruntled as some reports say he is.

Second, the Rams would have to get creative with contracts considering Goff's massive deal ... AND they'd likely have to come up with a bunch of draft picks to give away as well.

But, Bruce says if there's any way L.A. can make it work ... the Rams should do it and not think twice.

"If Les [Snead] can pull it off, man," Bruce said of the Rams' general manager, "I'd be jumping on the table as well to make it happen."

As for Bruce's feelings on Goff going forward ... you can tell, Isaac ain't exactly Jared's #1 fan.


In fact, the Hall of Fame receiver tells us if he were coaching the team in this weekend's playoff game against the Seahawks ... he'd start John Wolford over Goff -- and ya gotta hear why.

NFL's Donald Penn Still Gunning To Play This Season ... Call Me, Rams!!!


Three-time Pro Bowler, Donald Penn, says he ain't callin' his NFL career quits just yet ... the offensive lineman tells TMZ Sports he's ready to play if a playoff team needs him!!

And, with the Rams recently losing left tackle Andrew Whitworth to a knee injury ... the dude says Sean McVay should hit him up!!!

"Why ain't y'all call me yet, man?!" Penn says. "McVay, come on, baby. You my dog! You know what I mean? Hit me up if you need me!"

Penn last played for the Washington Football Team in 2019 -- starting 15 games and performing well.

But, the 37-year-old didn't get the opportunity to latch on with an NFL team this year ... causing some to believe retirement might be on the horizon.

Penn, though, tells us he's still in game shape and ready to help a team make a run at a Super Bowl.

"I mean, it's crazy," Penn tells us. "Sometimes I watch and I'm like man, I look at some of these young cats out here and I'm like, 'Wow, like what are they doing?' I'm like, 'I can do that easily still in my sleep now.'"

Penn says if the opportunity is right -- like playing for a Super Bowl contender like the L.A. Rams -- he'd be down to sign a contract in a heartbeat.

"I'm still staying in shape, ready to go if somebody needs me," Penn says.

There's more ... we also spoke with Penn about his ex-teammates, Derek Carr and Dwayne Haskins -- and he tells us he's sure the two QBs are going to rebound from up-and-down seasons this year.


L.A. Rams Player Tests Positive For COVID ... Practice Shut Down

The L.A. Rams are the latest NFL squad with a COVID positive player ... and now the team has shut down practice to keep everyone safe.

"This evening, we learned a Rams player tested positive for COVID-19. The player immediately entered self-quarantine and out of an abundance of caution, we are entering intensive protocol," the team announced Tuesday night.

The Rams did NOT identify the player.

The team says they've canceled in-person practice on Wednesday "out of an abundance of caution."

Meetings -- and everything else -- will go down virtually.

This is the Rams 1st positive COVID test since linebacker Terrell Lewis had the virus at the start of training camp.

The Rams are currently tied for 1st place in the NFC West. The team is scheduled to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs on Monday night.

Jared Goff Gunning For L.A. 'Three-Peat' After Dodgers, Lakers Titles

Los Angeles Rams

First the Lakers ... then the Dodgers ... now the Rams?!

Jared Goff is gunning to make it a Los Angeles "three-peat" this season ... telling reporters Wednesday he's eyeing a Super Bowl after L.A.'s basketball and baseball teams won titles.

"These two teams have done it and now it's our turn," the Rams quarterback said. "It's something that we'd like to do."

In fact, Goff says he's already feeling the heat from his Dodgers buds to get it done!!

Goff explained he received a text from Cody Bellinger after the World Series urging him to get the Lombardi Trophy ... "He said, 'It's your turn now.' And I said, 'Absolutely!'"

Lakers star Kyle Kuzma, meanwhile, added in a tweet after the Dodgers championship, "@RamsNFL ....... you know what to do!"

So, could it happen? The Rams were just in the Super Bowl two years ago ... and they're off to a 5-2 start this season -- so maybe!!!

But, don't get it twisted ... Goff ain't getting too far ahead of himself in the hunt for another L.A. ring -- telling reporters it's still WAY TOO EARLY for title talk.

"Asking me about the Super Bowl in Week 8, it's a little early," Goff said with a smile. "We got some games to win and we're very focused on Miami right now."

No pressure ...

Model Christen Harper Supports BF Jared Goff At Home ... Bikini Time!!!

Jared Goff's smokin' hot model GF, Christen Harper, had the perfect setup to watch the L.A. Rams on Sunday ... supporting her man in a bikini at home!!

The 25-year-old NFL QB and 26-year-old SI Swim model have been dating for more than a year ... but fans aren't allowed at SoFi Stadium until further notice due to the COVID pandemic.

So, Harper had to improvise for L.A.'s home matchup against the Giants ... and her viewing party looks a lot more appealing than sitting around a bunch of drunk fans in a crowded stadium for several hours (no offense, SoFi. You're beautiful too).

"I guess watching football from home isn’t thaaaat bad 🏈," Harper said on IG ... with the Rams game visibly on display on the big screen TV behind her.

Goff and Harper sparked dating rumors as early as January '19 ... and went Best Buy official when TMZ Sports caught up with them at the electronics store a few months later.

As for Harper's gameday attire, maybe it's good luck -- L.A. won, 17-9, and Goff went 25-32 with 200 yards and a TD.

Either that or the Giants just suck that bad.

Rams' Sean McVay's Raw Reaction to Jacob Blake Shooting ... 'That Makes Me Sick!!!'

Cameras captured L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay when he watched the Jacob Blake police shooting for the first time ... and his reaction is emotional.

"Are you f*cking kidding me?" McVay says in shock ... "What the f*ck is wrong with people?!"

The moment played out in the opening scene of Tuesday's episode of the HBO docu-series "Hard Knocks," which follows the Rams through training camp.

In this powerful scene, Artis Twyman -- the Rams' Director of Communications -- brings the video to McVay because he thinks it's important for the head coach to see.

"His kids are in the back," Twyman explains while showing McVay the August 23 incident which took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Raysean White via

McVay, astonished, says to Twyman -- "That is awful. That makes me sick."

McVay discussed the possibility of canceling practice the next day in the wake of the shooting ... but ultimately held a normal practice.

The team did hold a team meeting to discuss the shooting.

Of course, many NFL teams did cancel their scheduled workouts so players could take action after the shooting ... including the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and more.

The L.A. Chargers -- also featured on "Hard Knocks" -- canceled a scrimmage after the shooting and the announcement from head coach Anthony Lynn was also featured on the show.

"We're not going to scrimmage today," Lynn said. "This football team is committed to fighting for a championship and social justice."

Todd Gurley Lists L.A. Pad for $2.3 Mil Waterfall and Basketball Court!

Wanna live like an NFL running back but don't have the talent?

Well, you can buy Todd Gurley's L.A. pad if you've got $2.3 mil to spend.

The ex-Rams star -- who signed with the ATL Falcons -- is selling the 5,100 square foot crib in Chatsworth where he's lived for the past 3 years after buying an ever BIGGER place nearby from 'Twilight' actor Taylor Lautner.

Gurley's old crib was famous for hosting celebrity pickup games on his private court ... featuring stars like Cam Newton, YG and Quavo.

But, now that Gurley scooped up Lautner's 10,560-square-foot mansion just down the way ... he's looking to unload the smaller place.

It's a nice spot -- custom-built in 2005 and features a cool resort-style pool, waterfall and hot tub.

And, there's another celebrity connection -- Snoop Dogg's son Julian Broadus is working with the listing agents, Tai Savetsila and Michael Chambers of Agents of LA.

We're told Julian is interested in real estate -- and will help out in an "apprentice" role so he can learn the business.

As for Todd, the 26-year-old Gurley has reportedly made close to $40 million in contract money is his 5-year career ... which means he shouldn't have ANY problems finding a sweet new pad in ATL if he wants to expand his real estate portfolio.

Sean McVay Blasts Rams For Crappin' 'Don't Take A S**t In The Porta-Potties!'

Absolutely laugh out loud scene on Tuesday's episode of "Hard Knocks" ... Rams coach Sean McVay blasted his players for crappin' in the team's porta-potties -- telling them straight up, "Have a little bit more social awareness!"

Here's the deal ... the Rams set up portable Johns on their Los Angeles practice fields for training camp so guys could take piss breaks during workouts.

But McVay, in a team meeting recorded by HBO's cameras, says dudes were violating rules by poopin' in the toilets ... and coach wasn't happy with that AT ALL!!!

The rant was hilarious ... "Don't be the guy that takes a sh*t in the porta-potties!" McVay said.

"I went in there and I about threw up," he added ... "That's to take a piss! Don't take a sh*t in the porta-potties! All right!"

For their part, Rams players could not stop laughing about the whole situation ... cameras caught superstar Aaron Donald nearly in tears over it all!!

... and you thought COVID would be the NFL's biggest issue this season.

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