Aaron Rodgers Stafford & Trubisky Beer Chugging? Hey, They Finally Won Something!

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"There's finally a talent where they can say they're better than me at."


Aaron Rodgers shaded the HELL out of his NFC North counterparts Tuesday ... congratulating them on being better beer chuggers than him -- by ripping their hearts out and eating it.

If ya missed it ... Rodgers couldn't slug down a beer at a Milwaukee Bucks game a few weeks ago -- and the Internet went crazy ripping the guy.


Some of those involved in the Rodgers trolling? Bears QB Mitch Trubisky and Lions QB Matt Stafford -- who both posted vids of them destroying some suds in response.


Well, Rodgers saw that ... and clapped right back at the QBs during his news conference this week, saying, "As far as those other guys, for some of them, there's finally a talent where they can say they're better than me at."

Of course, Rodgers has demolished both the Bears and the Lions in his career ... so no coming back for Stafford and Trubisky from here.

By the way, Rodgers says if ya really want to see him win a drinking contest ... better break out the scotch, baby!

Kelly Stafford Returns Home After Complications from Brain Surgery

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Kelly Stafford is back home with her NFL husband and their kids after a complication from her recent brain surgery landed her back in the hospital ... and boy is she glad to be home!

Matt Stafford's wife returned to the hospital Wednesday due to severe pain following a 12-hour procedure to remove a tumor from her brain.

She had initially been released from the hospital before Easter Sunday -- but the pain became too much to handle and she was readmitted to the E.R.

But, good news on Friday ... docs allowed Kelly to return to her home where she immediately snuggled up with her fam.

She's not 100% -- far from it -- admitting the surgery has messed with her ability to balance and when she moves her head a certain way, she feels like a drunk person.

"I can’t turn my head right without feeling college drunk," Stafford said.

"I’m talking end of the night, cant put one foot in front of the other, knowing you’ll be sleeping on the bathroom floor, college drunk."

"I have to rework my brain to know that it can only rely on my left side, which will take time, a good amount of time."

Kelly says she's using their 3 children -- Sawyer, Chandler and Hunter -- as motivation during recovery ... so she can get back to spending more time with them.

"I miss them so much, but I’m so grateful I got that time today and now I have my inspiration to keep on pushing!"

Lions' #1 Pick T.J. Hockenson Got Texts From Matt Stafford ... Right After Draft


Matthew Stafford is such a good teammate, he found time to text the Lions' #1 draft pick Thursday evening ... while still comforting his wife who's ailing from brain surgery.

We spoke with T.J. Hockenson early Friday morning on his way out of Nashville, where the tight end told us how excited he was to start his pro career in Detroit.

But, the most interesting part involved Stafford ... whose wife, Kelly, underwent a 12-hour procedure Sunday to remove a tumor from her brain. She was readmitted to the hospital due to complications from the surgery earlier this week. Matt has been by her side throughout the entire ordeal.

We asked Hockenson if he'd been in contact with Matt -- and he told us the QB reached out late Thursday night to congratulate him and welcome him to the Lions family.

Pretty cool stuff.

There's more ... after Hockenson was drafted, we spoke with his family -- including his 92-year-old grandfather -- who were all ecstatic they got to watch the former Iowa star get his name called in the 1st round!


So, how's Hockenson gonna spend that first round money now that he's a multi-millionaire?!?

He's got a great financial plan already -- and Trump's Director of Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, will be proud!

Danny Amendola Takes Shot At Olivia Culpo's New Fling ... Zedd's Got Nothing On My Abs!!!

Danny Amendola is throwing some serious shade at Olivia Culpo's new fling, Zedd, with an assist from his rock hard abs and a famous Bruce Willis line from "Pulp Fiction."


As we first told you ... Olivia and Zedd got very flirty with each other during the first weekend of Coachella, getting super snuggly during some music sets and putting Danny firmly in the rearview.

Well, Danny just responded to his ex-girlfriend's new relationship ... posting a shirtless video on Instagram Thursday night and making sure to capture Bruce's famous line from the Quentin Tarantino flick, which is totally relevant to Olivia's new boo.


The NFL wide receiver is sending a loud and clear message to the former Miss Universe ... enjoy Zedd all you want, but the DJ ain't got nothing on these abs, baby!!!

Danny and Olivia have been dating on and off since 2016, but their relationship's been ice cold since he shipped out of Miami and joined the Detroit Lions in early March.

Allow us one more "Pulp Fiction" reference, this time for Danny's bod ... I said goddamn!!!

Zedd & Olivia Culpo New Couple Alert?!? Flirty Coachella Weekend!!!


Zedd and Olivia Culpo are THIS close to setting off the "New Couple Alert" ... 'cause they sure looked like a couple of crazy kids very much into each other after getting all cozy at Coachella!!!

We're told the famous Russian-German DJ and the former Miss Universe were cuddling in the artist area during Ariana Grande's set at Coachella. Check out the vid ... it appears Zedd had his arms around Olivia as Grande performed "God is a woman."

Witnesses tell us they were together for the whole set. His arms were around her as they swayed together. She would lean her head back on his chest ... the universal code for "I'm into you."

And, get this ... Zedd had a performance scheduled a few hours before Ariana's. When he went onstage ... guess who was backstage? Yup ... Olivia and her hot friends. But, here's what else is interesting ... this fling seems to come just days after Olivia was spotted with another star ... NHL's Aaron Varos.

Olivia and the New York Rangers star were on a double date just last week at Soho Hollywood. They were hanging with her best friend Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe. So, ya gotta wonder ... was Olivia's date with Varos a one-off and is Zedd more her jam???

Whatever the case ... one thing that seems certain -- Danny Amendola's in her rear-view mirror.

Matthew Stafford's Wife Kelly Has Brain Tumor, Needs Surgery ... 'I'm Terrified'

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NFL QB Matthew Stafford's wife, Kelly, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will undergo surgery in the next few weeks ... the family announced on Wednesday.

Kelly shared the news on social media ... saying she had started to feel "dizzy & off balance" over the past year ... and ultimately went for an MRI that revealed she had a tumor sitting on her cranial nerves -- requiring surgery to remove it.

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely terrified of brain surgery. I am," Kelly says. "I am terrified of them opening my head, I’m terrified of losing my hearing, I’m terrified of losing facial function."

She continues ... "I’m terrified of far worse things that could happen and I’m terrified that I won’t take the time I need to recover because the guilt I might feel of being absent from my kids for too long.. I am telling y’all this to ask for prayers and support."

Kelly says she will have surgery in the next 2 weeks and asks for prayers for her whole family.

"Please pray for matthew as I know his nerves will be high during this surgery. I couldn’t imagine being out in that waiting room."

Kelly and Matthew met while attending the University of Georgia and got married back in 2015. They have 3 children together.

Olivia Culpo Just Me & My Girls for Beach Day ... No Amendola Required

Olivia Culpo is back in her natural habitat on Miami Beach, but this time she's hittin' the sand without her on-again-off-again beau, Danny Amendola -- which you couldn't care less about right now.

The former Miss Universe made Thursday a sun day with some gal pals -- including model Devon Windsor -- but she stole the show with her red two-piece bikini. Olivia definitely seemed aware of the cameras too, since she got in tons of different positions ... as if she were doing an impromptu photo shoot.

It's interesting that Olivia's back in Miami without Danny, with whom she's been hot and cold since this past fall. He's no longer a Dolphin -- dude got shipped out to the Detroit Lions earlier this month. Bummer for him ... that's a lot less beach time with Olivia.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy the view.

Barry Sanders Jim Brown & Emmitt BATTLE OF THE BACKS

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Here's an amazing photo ...

Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders all got together at a massive autograph signing event over the weekend -- and it begs the question, how do you rank these guys!?

All 3 have routinely been brought up in the age-old "Who's the greatest running back of all time?" debate. They're all in the Hall of Fame. They're all legends.

So, when they got together for a pic at the Chicago Sports Spectacular, it forced us to do some real debating in the office.

Barry Sanders ... 15,269 yards on the ground in just 10 NFL seasons. 10 Pro Bowl selections. 6-time All-Pro. All this without a great offensive line.

Emmitt Smith ... 18,355 yards rushing in 15 seasons. 164 rushing TDs. 1993 MVP, 3 Super Bowls, 8 Pro Bowls, 4-time All-Pro.

Jim Brown ... 12,312 yards rushing in 9 seasons, 106 rushing TDs, 8-time NFL All-Pro, 9 Pro Bowls, 3 NFL MVPs.

We looked at the autograph prices this weekend ... here's how they stack up in terms of value.

Barry Sanders ... autographs start at $135, photo ops are $135.

Emmitt Smith ... autographs start at $235, photo ops are $200.

Jim Brown ... autographs start at $150, photo ops are $150.

So, go ahead ... rank 'em.

*Shout-out Walter Payton.

Herschel Walker Steelers Are Big Losers ... In Antonio Brown Trade


Herschel Walker says the Steelers took a big L in their trade with the Raiders ... telling TMZ Sports Pittsburgh didn't get nearly enough in return for Antonio Brown.

"It's sad because Antonio Brown is a heck of a player. I think everybody knows that. So, I think that's going to be a loss for Pittsburgh."

If you missed it, the Steelers gave AB away over the weekend to the Raiders for just a 3rd-round pick and a 5th-round pick in next month's NFL draft.

It's interesting ... 'cause Oakland got a 1st-rounder for Amari Cooper last year from the Cowboys, while the Lions got a 3rd-rounder for Golden Tate from the Eagles.

Brown is unanimously considered to be better than those two ... which is why Walker can't understand how Pittsburgh didn't get MORE for the future Hall of Famer.

"It's strange because with a guy as talented as Antonio Brown, you assume they'll get something out of it."

As for this trade changing the future of the Steelers in a way similar to how HIS trade from the Cowboys catalyzed Dallas back in 1989 ... Walker tells us why that's just not possible.

Lions GM Bob Quinn We Passed On Kareem Hunt ... 'I Want Good People'

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Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn says his team DID consider signing Kareem Hunt ... but ultimately passed, saying, "I want good people in this organization."

The Lions brass held a Q&A session for season-ticket holders at Ford Field on Monday ... when Quinn opened up to a fan on why Kareem is in a Browns jersey now and not a Lions one.

Bob didn't hold back ... saying the troubled RB did NOT fit the mold of the kind of player they want on their team.

"We talked about it internally and he’s a player that we didn’t feel comfortable bringing to the Lions for numerous issues."

"I stand by that. That’s my word. I want good players and I want good people in this organization.”

Of course, Browns GM John Dorsey seems to disagree ... after signing Kareem on Monday he said, "Given what we know about Kareem through our extensive research, we believe he deserves a second chance."

The Lions don't play the Browns in 2019 ... but, it seems now both fanbases will be keeping a close eye on the RB next season.

Detroit Lions LB Trevor Bates Arrested for Stiffing Cab Driver ... Then Punches Cop!!!

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11:00 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... Bates hailed a cab in Manhattan and was taken to his hotel in Queens, and the fare totaled $32.06. We're told, he told the driver he didn't have cash or a card and took off ... so the driver called the police.

We're also told before Bates attacked the sergeant at the station, he said, "I want to punch you in the face" ... then did exactly that.

Our sources say Bates has now officially been charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, along with theft of services.

A relatively unknown NFL linebacker just made a name for himself in the worst way ... by allegedly flying off the handle and punching a cop in the face!

According to law enforcement sources ... Lions LB Trevor Bates was arrested around 3 AM Saturday morning at a Hampton Inn in Queens, NY for refusing to pay his cab fare. Cops were called to the hotel and took him into custody for theft of services.

We're told while he was at the local station preparing for fingerprinting, Bates became irate and declared he didn't like one of the officers in the room. He then allegedly punched a sergeant ... causing a laceration above the cop's left eye.

Our sources say the sergeant received 3 stitches and was treated for a concussion at the hospital before being released.

Bates was taken to the hospital, as well, for a psych eval. We're told he has not formally been charged yet for assaulting an officer.

The linebacker played in 9 games this season for Detroit, recording one solo tackle.

Aretha Franklin Detroit Lions Pay Tribute

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The Detroit Lions are remembering the city's greatest singer -- sending their "deepest condolences to the family and friends of Aretha Franklin."

The Lions tweeted out, "Aretha was a groundbreaker and an icon whose legacy will live on forever."

Aretha famously busted out a FOUR-AND-A-HALF MINUTE rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at a Lions game on Thanksgiving 2016 ... one of the greatest National Anthem performances ever.

Former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas also showed Aretha some love -- tweeting, "Rest In Peace dear friend, I will remember your wisdom, laughter and music you gave us. #aintnoway #natuaralwoman #sayalittleprayerforyou."

The Detroit Tigers honored Aretha by posting a tribute on their video board ... with the message "Forever our queen."

ESPN's Jemele Hill -- who's from Detroit -- also weighed in ... saying, "Rest in power, Aretha. You were not only the Queen of Soul, but a warrior, a survivor, an icon, and a protector. You are Detroit’s heartbeat. Rest well, Queen."

Hill added, "Aretha was Detroit’s sister, auntie, momma, Queen and homegirl — all in one career. There are few people that defend, honor and protect someone the way we did Aretha. You can talk about our economy, and our crime, but say something about Re-Re, and you’ll get dealt with. Quick."

Aretha died Thursday. She was 76

Drew Brees Kids Get SonBurned ... Trying To Cover Golden Tate

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SonBurned: When a man or woman is forced to watch their offspring (in this case, sons) get ruthlessly burned on the football field by an elite NFL WR who's taking no prisoners.

Drew Brees' kids should now know this definition well, having been ruthlessly destroyed by Lions WR Golden Tate while trying to guard him one-on-one with no safety help.

The life lesson went down at Santa Fe Christian High School where Brees was working out alongside other NFL guys like Tate, Darren Sproles and Michael Thomas.

At some point it was time for the kids to get in on the action, and the resulting carnage was caught on video as both Brees kids get turned around like J Lo walked by.

Might be time to teach them the other side of the ball, Drew ... it worked for you, after all.

Calvin Johnson Not Coming Out Of Retirement Ever ... 'I Don't Want To Play'


Calvin Johnson will NEVER play football again ... telling TMZ Sports his fingers are so jacked up, "I ain't trying to catch no more footballs."

We got the future NFL Hall of Famer out at LAX ... and -- since training camps kick off in a couple weeks -- we had to ask ... when are you coming back to the gridiron?!

Megatron laughed at the idea ... and bluntly said, never.

"I don't want to play."

In fact, one of the game's greatest of all time says it's an easy decision to make, 'cause his body HURTS.

So, what's Cal doing these days to stay busy??

He tells us ... that involves getting better at a sport that DOESN'T kick his ass ... physically, at least.

Michael Irvin Nothing Worse Than Being Falsely Accused


Michael Irvin says if Matt Patricia is telling the truth ... there's NOTHING in the world worse than being falsely accused of rape.

Irvin would know ... he was accused of sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman in Florida hotel back in 2017. Irvin adamantly denied the allegations and prosecutors ultimately dropped the case.

Now, with Patricia denying all wrongdoing in his 1996 sexual assault case -- we asked Irvin for his thoughts.

"It's the worst thing in the world to have to go through when you are falsely accused of anything," Irvin said.

Patricia has said he's had to live with the "mental torture" of being falsely accused -- and it sounds like Irvin knows that feeling too well.

Bill Belichick Didn't Know About Patricia's Rape Case ... Supports Lions Coach

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Bill Belichick says the New England Patriots didn't know about Matt Patricia's 1996 rape case ... but he's voicing his support for the Detroit Lions head coach.

"The New England Patriots were not aware of the matter which recently came to light," Belichick said Thursday.

"For 14 years in our organization, Matt conducted himself with great integrity and is known to be an outstanding coach, person and family man. We have always been confident in Matt’s character and recommended him highly to become the head coach of the Detroit Lions."

Patricia and a college football teammate were accused of raping a 21-year-old woman 22 years ago during a spring break trip to South Padre Island, off the coast of Texas.

Patricia publicly denied the allegations on Thursday, saying "I was innocent then and I'm innocent now."

Patricia was most recently Belichick's defensive coordinator ... and the duo won 3 Super Bowls together.