Olivia Culpo Teases Wedding With Christian ... 'Now Let's Get Married!'

Sounds like wedding bells will soon be replacing the ref's whistle for Christian McCaffrey ... 'cause the NFL star's fiancee Olivia Culpo just made it clear she's ready to tie the knot!

The former Miss Universe, wearing a white dress, shared photos Friday on social media, along with a caption reading ... "Thanking God for a healthy season and for putting my best friend on this earth. Now let’s get married!"

You can see Culpo, 31, with the 49ers running back and their dog, Oliver Sprinkles, on a waterside balcony ... with both of 'em rocking white attire.

Of course, it's unclear when the couple -- who got engaged last April -- are going to say their "I dos" ... but it certainly feels like it'll be soon.

In fact, McCaffrey, during the lead-up to Super Bowl LVIII, opened up about the "hell of a job" Culpo has been doing planning the event.

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"It's been going really well," the 27-year-old said, "and I'm sure you guys will see plenty coming soon."

Timing-wise, it'd seem to be the perfect opportunity for the couple now that the 3x Pro Bowlers football season is over, and 49ers training camp doesn't start for months.

Tim McKyer Three-Time SB Champ Arrested ... After Alleged Hit And Run

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive back Tim McKyer -- who won three Super Bowls in his NFL career -- was arrested in Florida this week ... after he was accused of crashing into multiple parked cars before fleeing the scene.

According to police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, McKyer allegedly slammed his Tesla into five vehicles on Sunday in a Riviera Beach parking garage.

Cops wrote in the docs all five rides -- which were parked at the time -- had visible damage, with some left totally "inoperable."

Police say their investigation revealed that after wrecking the cars ... McKyer backed his Tesla into an open space on a different floor of the garage -- before he left without making anyone aware of the damage he had caused.

According to the docs, Riviera Beach Police Dept. officers made contact with McKyer a short time later ... and they claim he showed signs of inebriation -- namely, cops say he reeked of alcohol and struggled with his balance.

McKyer was taken into custody for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage ... and transported to a nearby hospital. While there, cops say he admitted he was the only one who had driven his Tesla that evening.

McKyer was ultimately arrested and booked on five total charges of hit and run.

Records show he's due in court for a hearing on the matter on March 4.

McKyer played in the NFL for 12 years ... helping Joe Montana and John Elway win Super Bowls in '89, '90 and '98. He logged snaps in 170 total games ... piling up 470 combined tackles and 33 interceptions.

Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffrey Enjoying Much-Needed R&R ... After Devastating SB Loss

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey stripped to their bathing suits and hit a Mexico beach ... taking a vacay after a bitter Super Bowl loss.

The engaged couple headed down to Cabo San Lucas with 49ers tight end George Kittle, fullback Kyle Juszczyk and their wives Claire and Kristin ... where they soaked up the sun in some pretty revealing bathing suits.

Check out the pics ... the whole crew's milling about on the sand before hopping in the clear blue ocean for a dip -- lots of pecs and legs for all to see.

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Christian and Olivia seem pretty deep in convo in the water too -- maybe talking about wedding planning ... after all, they've been engaged for almost a year, so ya gotta imagine the wedding's comin' up!

On top of the Niners players and their significant others, Peyton Manning was also down in the same area ... though as far as we can tell he kept his shirt on. He chatted up GK, KJ and CMC at a bar near the beach.

All of this messing around in the water comes just a week after the devastating 25-22 loss to the Chiefs in the NFL's biggest game of the year ... the Niners' second loss in a Super Bowl in the last five years.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

The whole trip seems to be one big healing retreat for the gang ... with Claire, Olivia and Kristin even posting a video to OC's TikTok about how much the L was affecting all of them -- though they seem in decent enough spirits.

So enjoy those rays while they last Niners gang ... the next NFL season is only a few months away!

Lily Gladstone El nombre de los Chiefs... ofensivo 49ers no es mucho mejor

Lily Gladstone no está contenta con el nombre de los campeones del Super Bowl y dice que la mascota de los subcampeones no es mucho mejor.

La actriz y activista conversó en un panel del Festival Internacional de Cine de Santa Bárbara el pasado fin de semana, justo antes de que los Chiefs derrotaran a los 49ers, y criticó el uso del tomahawk chop de sus aficionados, un gesto con la mano y el canto usado por fans de equipos que tienen mascotas nativas americanas.

Lily Gladstone dijo que el gesto es un recordatorio de lo que Hollywood ha hecho con los nativos americanos y señaló que el canto fue utilizado en los viejos westerns antes de que a los actores indígenas se les diera la oportunidad de interpretar papeles importantes.

Gladstone dijo que se molesta cuando la gente le dice que el canto se entiende como un signo de "honor", llamándolo otra forma de "mercantilización" de su pueblo.

Estos argumentos son bastante comunes entre los activistas, pero Lily también mencionó a los 49ers de San Francisco como otro ejemplo ofensivo.

Lily apuntó a los colonos -llamados 49ers- que fueron al Oeste en busca de oro, "un tiempo increíblemente brutal para los indios de California", por lo que un equipo de la NFL utilice ese apodo tampoco lo libra totalmente libre de culpa.

Por cierto, las protestas en contra del nombre de los Chiefs tienen lugar de vez en cuando. Hubo una justo antes de la victoria en el Super Bowl LVII del año pasado sobre los Philadelphia Eagles.

Otras franquicias deportivas profesionales, como los Guardianes de Cleveland en la MLB y los Comandantes de Washington, ya han cambiado sus nombres para hacer frente a la crítica, aunque sus nombres originales eran banderas rojas mucho más claras para los activistas.

TMZ investiga
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En pocas palabras, Lily está diciendo que no siempre es el nombre lo que está directamente vinculado con las raíces ofensivas.

Lily Gladstone Chiefs Name, Chop Offensive ... 49ers Not Much Better

Lily Gladstone's not happy with the Super Bowl champs' name ... and she says the NFL runner-ups' mascot ain't much better.

The actress and activist spoke during a Santa Barbara International Film Festival panel last weekend, before the Chiefs defeated the 49ers ... and ripped Chiefs fans' use of the tomahawk chop -- a hand gesture and chant used by fans of teams with Native American mascots.

LG said the gesture is a reminder of what Hollywood has done to Native Americans ... pointing out the chant was used in old Westerns before indigenous actors were given the opportunity to play major roles in the movie.

Gladstone said she gets upset when people say the chant is meant as a sign of "honor" ... calling it the "commodification" of her people as well.

These arguments are pretty common among activists and groups ... but, Lily also mentioned the San Francisco 49ers as another example of an offensive mascot.

Lily pointed out settlers -- called 49ers -- who went West looking for gold harkened "an incredibly brutal time for California Indians" ... so an NFL team using that moniker's not totally blameless either.

BTW ... protests against the Chiefs' name take place from time to time -- with one kicking off before their Super Bowl LVII victory last year over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Other pro sports franchises -- like the Cleveland Guardians in MLB and Washington Commanders -- have already changed their names in the face of criticism ... though their original names were pretty clear red flags for activists.

TMZ Studios

Bottom line ... Lily's saying it's not always the most directly linked name with offensive roots.

Jason Kelce dice que los famosos estaban tan pendientes de Taylor Swift Que no pudo ver a Usher

New Heights / Wave Sports + Entertainment

Jason Kelce se perdió todo el espectáculo de Usher el domingo, diciendo que el caos que rodeaba a Taylor Swift le obligó a encontrar cobertura en otro lugar.

El hermano mayor de Travis Kelce hizo la revelación en el episodio del miércoles de "New Heights" explicando que tantas celebridades trataron de llegar a Swift en el medio tiempo del partido Chiefs vs. 49ers que simplemente no pudo ver nada de la gran actuación de Usher.

"Había tantas cosas pasando en el palco", dijo la estrella de los Philadelphia Eagles. "Resulta que todo el mundo quería conocer a Taylor".

Jason dijo que las estrellas que buscaban charlar con la autora de "Love Story" incluían a Shaquille O'Neal... y en un momento dado, había tanta gente allí que todo se volvió "abrumador".

"Creo que fue la primera vez que entendí algunas de las cosas con las que ella tiene que lidiar. Porque había tanta gente ahí que era como: "Amigo, todo el mundo quiere venir a verla, pero el palco no es tan grande".

Jason dio a entender que Taylor manejó todo de muy buena manera, algo que no sorprendió a Travis ni un poco.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

"Taylor prospera en esas situaciones", dijo el novio de Swift en el pódcast. "Ella ha estado en ellas innumerables veces en su vida".

Travis, por su parte, dijo que él tampoco pudo ver la actuación de Usher, aunque eso no es sorprendente, teniendo en cuenta que el miércoles dijo que ha pasado cada minuto desde que ganó el campeonato festejando hasta el cansancio.

Jason Kelce Celebs Flocked To Taylor At Halftime Forced Me to Miss Usher!!!

New Heights / Wave Sports + Entertainment

Jason Kelce missed every bit of Usher's halftime show on Sunday ... saying the chaos surrounding Taylor Swift during the break in the Super Bowl's action forced him to find cover elsewhere.

Travis Kelce's big brother made the revelation on Wednesday's episode of "New Heights" ... explaining so many celebs tried to get to Swift at halftime of the Chiefs vs. 49ers game at Allegiant Stadium, that he simply could not catch "a lick" of Usher's big performance.

"There was so much happening in the suite," the Philadelphia Eagles star said. "Turns out, everybody wants to meet Taylor."

Jason said the A-listers looking to chat with the "Love Story" crooner included Shaquille O'Neal ... and at point, so many people were there trying to grab her ear that it all got "overwhelming."

"I mean, dude," Jason said, "I think it was my first really understanding of kind of some of the things she has to deal with on a lot of basis. Because there was so many star-studded people there, where it's like, 'Dude, everybody wants to come see her,' but the suite's only so big."

Jason implied, though, that Taylor handled it all with flying colors ... something that didn't surprise Travis one bit.

TMZ Studios

"Taylor thrives in those situations," Swift's boyfriend said on the podcast. "She's been in them countless times in her life."

Travis, meanwhile, said he too had yet to see Usher's performance ... although that's not too surprising, considering he said on Wednesday's show that he's spent just about every minute since winning the championship partying his tail off.

Super Bowl LVIII Streaker Breaks Silence ... Here's Why I Ran On The Field Half Naked!


The Super Bowl streaker is breaking his silence, explaining why he dropped $42k on front-row tix, only to be tackled on the field half-naked and thrown in the pokey ... revealing it all started with a bet!

TMZ Sports talked to SB streaker Alex Gonzalez on Monday ... just hours after he was released from the local jail.

The question ... why?!

Alex says the plan was to originally place a prop bet at a Vegas sportsbook ... plunking down cash on a fan running on the field during the Chiefs vs. Niners game.


Gonzalez says he was at a UFC event the day before Super Sunday, and he told everyone who would listen, including Dr. Phil and the Nelk Boys, that he was going on the field. So, place your bets.

The only issue? When Gonzalez tried to place the wager, it no longer existed. But, at that point, he says he was already committed ... so despite spending over 40 grand on tickets, Alex decided to go forward with the plan knowing he'd never get to finish watching the game.

"I'm like, 'Damn. I am in too deep at this point where I can't back out anymore.'"

Gonzalez and some buddies headed to a local sporting goods store to buy cleats (we know those Super Bowl fields) and other supplies, and they headed for Allegiant Stadium.

Premeditated Streaking
Instagram / @fxalexg

Then, when the third quarter rolled around (gotta watch at least some of the game), Alex and his friend made their move.

Gonzalez ultimately ran around for several seconds before giving himself up to security officers who were closing in, before leading him to a holding cell in the back of the new stadium.

Alex says he was then taken to jail where he spent Sunday night behind bars.

But, if you think he's regretting it all now ... watch the clip -- he certainly doesn't seem to be sweatin' the situation -- even if he is facing at least one misdemeanor charge.

Helluva story!!!!

Seis detenidos en el Super Bowl LVIII Entre ellos dos invasores de campo

Parece que la mayoría de los aficionados en el Super Bowl LVIII estaban mostrando un buen comportamiento el domingo, porque TMZ Sports ha comprobado que solo seis personas fueron detenidas en el gran juego en la Ciudad del Pecado.

La policía nos dice que un fan fue arrojado tras las rejas por hurto mayor. Otro fue fichado por agresión a un oficial. Otros dos, dice la policía, fueron detenidos por obstrucción.

Por supuesto, los dos últimos arrestados fueron el dúo de hombres que se despojaron de sus camisetas y corrieron al campo durante una jugada en el tercer cuarto.

Ambos chicos fueron puestos bajo custodia por cargos de actos prohibidos durante un evento deportivo antes de ser liberados.

También hubo varias emergencias médicas durante el juego, policías nos dicen que recibieron 56 llamadas relacionadas con sustos de salud, añadiendo que nueve personas en total tuvieron que ser transportadas al hospital para su posterior evaluación.

Fuera de eso, el juego se desarrolló sin problemas y los Jefes ganaron en el tiempo extra 25-22 de manera muy emocionante.

Super Bowl LVIII 6 Arrested At Game ... Including 2 Field Invaders

Seems most fans at Super Bowl LVIII were on their best behavior Sunday ... because TMZ Sports has learned only six people were arrested at the big game in Sin City.

Cops tell us ... one fan at Allegiant Stadium during the Chiefs vs. Niners tilt was thrown behind bars for grand larceny. Another was booked for battery on an officer. Two others, police say, were arrested for obstruction.

Of course, the final two arrestees were the duo of men who stripped off their shirts and ran onto the field during a play in the third quarter.

Both guys, we're told, were put into custody on charges of prohibited acts during a sporting event -- before they were released.

There were also several medical emergencies during the game ... cops tell us they received 56 calls regarding health scares -- adding that nine total people needed to be transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

Outside of that ... the game went off without a hitch -- as the Chiefs won a thriller in overtime, 25-22.

The TMZ Podcast: Kanye's $7 Million Super Bowl Ad 💰 & Trump Takes Credit for Taylor Swift's Success?

On this episode of The TMZ podcast ...

The Kansas City Chiefs took home the win at this year's Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers, and all eyes were on Taylor Swift as she planted a big kiss on boyfriend Travis Kelce during the on-field celebration!

The power couple kept things going at the post-game after party, where Travis serenaded Taylor by singing her song, "You Belong With Me", to her. 🥹

Former President Donald Trump posted on social media saying he's to thank for Taylor Swift making more money off her music. President Joe Biden also posted to social media, trolling MAGA supporters poking fun at conspiracy theories.

Usher brought out various special guests for his exciting halftime show performance, including Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris and more!

Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. reunited in Las Vegas over Super Bowl weekend amid dating rumors. 👀

Kanye West blew $7 million on a Super Bowl ad spot, but $0 on production for the commercial, filming himself with his phone advertising a Yeezy sale.

Plus, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan sparked breakup rumors after they unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed all photos.

Subscribe to The TMZ Podcast wherever you get your podcasts!

Hosts: Charlie Cotton & Melanie Miller

Allegiant Stadium Finishing Touches Ahead of SB LVIII ... It's Almost Game Time!!!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and the field where the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are set to face off later this afternoon is pretty much all ready to be trampled on.

Check out these pics of a pretty pristine gridiron over at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas -- where the two teams will file in pretty soon to start warming up for the big game ... not to mention thousands of fans who paid top dollar to be there, nose-bleeds or otherwise.

As you can see, the field has been properly marked and labeled with the Chiefs and 49ers logos on each end ... and workers are adding some finishing touches down there too.

Indeed, it certainly looks Super Bowl ready -- and in about 3 hours, the grass will be totally trashed after a ton of bulky dudes running around and tackling each other. Football, baby!

Anyway, the lockers for each team are also in tip-top shape and all set to be used. The jerseys and helmets are all laid out -- and everyone's got their name above their own locker too. Brock Purdy of the 49ers has his spot already designated, as does everyone else.

It's pretty neat to get a behind-the-scenes look at the quiet before the storm ... right now, it's just personnel people in the building -- but soon, this place is gonna be absolutely packed.

Big day obviously, for a number of reasons. Not only is there a football game to be played -- with a huge halftime show in store -- but everyone's gonna have eyes on Taylor Swift as well.

More specifically ... everyone will be watching to see how she reacts to a potential win or loss, and whether Travis Kelce has any ideas if he's riding high on yet another SB victory.

TMZ Studios

The stage is set, and the game is gonna kick off soon enough ... can't wait to see it!!!

Brett Favre I Hope My Absence At SB LVIII Doesn't Jinx Chiefs ... They're 2-0 With Me There!!!


Brett Favre has been a bit of a good luck charm for the Kansas City Chiefs -- they're 2-0 when he's attended their recent Super Bowls -- but he can't make it to the big game this weekend ... and now, he's hoping that doesn't jinx Patrick Mahomes and Co.

The NFL legend tells TMZ Sports ... because of his close relationship with Andy Reid, he's previously gone out to two of K.C.'s three most recent SB appearances to give a championship pep talk to the team.

Both times, he said, they won ... so, naturally, Reid invited him out to Las Vegas this week to keep the streak going.

However, Favre says he's not going to be able to be in attendance this year -- and he's nervous about the juju it might bring to Chiefs Kingdom.

"Knock on wood!" the ex-Packers quarterback said.

Superstitions aside, Favre tells us he's super proud of what Reid has accomplished since the two worked together in Green Bay way back in the 1990s ... telling us he could see even then that Reid had this in him.

In fact, he says he's never seen Andy happier ... and he can't fathom Big Red retiring after Sunday no matter what happens against the 49ers.

"He's enjoying -- maybe more so than any other time in his career -- what he's doing," Favre said. "He seems to be in a really good place."

While it seems Favre will be in KC's corner by the time kickoff rolls around at Allegiant Stadium ... he did offer some big praise for Brock Purdy too -- and he even had some words of advice for the young Niners QB heading into the game as well.

Brett Favre espera que su ausencia en Super Bowl No perjudique a los Chiefs

"muy agradecido"

Brett Favre ha sido un amuleto de la buena suerte para los Kansas City Chiefs, les va muy bien las veces que ha asistido a sus recientes Super Bowls, pero no puede llegar al gran juego de este fin de semana, y ahora, espera que esto no le traiga mala suerte a Patrick Mahomes y a su equipo.

La leyenda de la NFL le dice a TMZ Sports que debido a su estrecha relación con Andy Reid, ha ido previamente a dos de las tres más recientes participaciones del equipo para darle una charla a los jugadores.

En ambas ocasiones ganaron, así que naturalmente, Reid lo invitó a Las Vegas esta semana para mantener la buena racha.

Sin embargo, Favre dice que no va a ser capaz de estar presente este año y está nervioso por la mala suerte que esto le podría traerle al Reino de los Chiefs.

"¡Toco madera!", dijo el ex quarterback de los Packers.

Supersticiones aparte, Favre nos dice que está muy orgulloso de lo que Reid ha logrado desde que los dos trabajaron juntos en Green Bay en los 90s, diciéndonos que podía ver incluso entonces que Reid tenía algo especial.

De hecho, él dice que nunca ha visto a Andy más feliz y no puede concebir a Big Red retirándose después del domingo, no importa lo que pase contra los 49ers.

"Él está disfrutando -tal vez más que en cualquier otro momento de su carrera- lo que está haciendo", dijo Favre. "Parece estar en un buen momento".

Aunque parece que Favre estará en la esquina de KC para cuando comience el partido en el Allegiant Stadium... también elogió a Brock Purdy  e incluso tuvo algunos consejos para el joven quarterback de los Niners de cara al partido.

49ers Vs. Chiefs WAGs Ready For Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and her fellow wives and girlfriends of the Super Bowl know all too well what's on the line on Sunday ... and while they probably need to calm down ahead of kickoff, let's give these lovely ladies their flowers in honor of the Chiefs and 49ers duking it out on the field.

Travis Kelce's girlfriend is expected to be at Allegiant Stadium for the big game, following her 'Eras' tour stop in Japan ... we take it the TV broadcast will keep us in the loop on if/when she shows up.

Brittany Mahomes has also been in the headlines lately ... especially after her steamy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photos were released ahead of her hubby Patrick's fourth Super Bowl appearance.

A ton of other ladies in Chiefs Kingdom will be pulling for K.C. ... including Justin Watson's wife, Erica, Drue Tranquill's lady, Jackie, and Jojo O'Connor, who recently got engaged to Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

The 49ers WAGs are gonna be rollin' deep as well ... like Kyle Juszczyk's fashion-designer wife, Kristin, whose branding has been blowing up thanks to the Swift effect.

Former Miss Universe and model Olivia Culpo will definitely grace us with her presence and support her fiancé, Christian McCaffrey ... posting up in a suite she copped for her future mother-in-law.

Culpo ain't the only model on the 49ers side, though ... Nick Bosa -- who posed for Kim Kardashian's SKIMS campaign -- will surely be dominating on the field as his new GF, Lauren Maenner, watches his every move.

George Kittle's wife, Claire, will also be there to show love (probably in another Juszczyk fit), as well as Jenna Brandt, who got engaged to Brock Purdy last summer.

Fred Warner's wife, Sydney, is on baby watch as she's 35 weeks pregnant ... but luckily, the doctors cleared her to fly to her husband's second Super Bowl appearance.

It's game time, baby!!!

49ers vs. Chiefs Las novias listas para el Super Bowl

Taylor Swift y sus compañeras en el equipo de esposas y novias del Super Bowl saben muy bien lo que está en juego el domingo, y aunque probablemente necesitan calmarse antes del saque inicial, vamos a darle a estas encantadoras damas sus flores en honor a los Chiefs y 49ers que se enfrentan en el campo.

Se espera que la novia de Travis Kelce esté en el Estadio Allegiant para el gran partido, después de su parada en Japón en el marco de la gira "Eras". Suponemos que la transmisión de TV nos mantendrá en un bucle cuando ella aparezca.

Brittany Mahomes también ha estado en los titulares últimamente, sobre todo después de que se publicaran sus fotos para Sports Illustrated Swimsuit antes de la cuarta aparición de su marido Patrick en el Super Bowl.

Un montón de otras damas en el Reino los Chiefs estará apoyando al Kansas City, incluyendo la esposa de Justin Watson, Erica, la señora de Drue Tranquill, Jackie, y Jojo O'Connor, quien recientemente se comprometió con Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Las mujeres de los 49ers también serán protagonistas como la esposa de Kyle Juszczyk y diseñadora de moda, Kristin, cuya marca se ha disparado gracias al efecto Swift.

La ex Miss Universo y modelo Olivia Culpo nos honrará con su presencia y apoyará a su prometido, Christian McCaffrey, en una suite que ha reservado para su futura suegra.

Culpo no es la única modelo por el lado de los 49ers. Nick Bosa, quien posó para la campaña de SKIMS de Kim Kardashian, seguramente dominará el campo mientras su nueva novia, Lauren Maenner, vigila todos sus movimientos

La esposa de George Kittle, Claire, también estará allí para mostrar su amor (probablemente en otro ataque de Juszczyk), así como Jenna Brandt, que se comprometió con Brock Purdy el verano pasado.

La esposa de Fred Warner, Sydney, también estará atenta a su bebé, pues está embarazada de 35 semanas, aunque por suerte los médicos le dieron el visto bueno para volar a la segunda aparición de su marido Super Bowl.

¡¡¡Es hora de jugar, nena!!!

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