Janet Jackson's Brothers Thank Timberlake for Super Bowl Apology

Radio Andy/SiriusXM

Janet Jackson's brothers are thanking Justin Timberlake for stepping up and taking responsibility for his role in the infamous Super Bowl Halftime wardrobe malfunction, and hanging their sister out to dry.

Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson appeared on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show Wednesday and opened up for the first time about JT's apology, saying they appreciated him finally saying something ... albeit, 17 years after the fact.

Marlon said, "First of all, I just want to thank Justin Timberlake. It takes a man to step up and do that, so we do thank him." That being said ... Marlon added they'd like to move on from the negativity that surrounded the Super Bowl XXXVIII incident.

In case you were in diapers back in 2004 ... Justin and Janet were embroiled in controversy when a "wardrobe malfunction" exposed Janet's breast to MILLIONS of viewers tuning in to the highly-anticipated Halftime Show.

It seemed everyone BUT Justin suffered for an incident dubbed "Nipplegate" -- Janet's career took a big hit, and the FCC slapped CBS with a $550k indecency fine.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Two years later, during an interview with Oprah, Janet said she felt Justin left her hanging with all of the emphasis put on her "as opposed to us."

Nearly 20 years later ... Justin apologized specifically to Janet for situations "where I spoke out of turn or did not speak up for what was right."

Tom Brady On Super Bowl Boat Party I Was Hammered!!!

Tom Brady admits he REGRETS drunkenly throwing the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat during that legendary floating Super Bowl parade

... but hey, things happen when you're completely sloshed!

"First of all, there was not a lot going through my mind at that point," Brady told Michael Strahan on 'GMA.'

Remember, Tom and the rest of the Tampa Bay Bucs hit the Hillsborough River back in February to celebrate their Super Bowl LV victory over the K.C. Chiefs.

The booze started flowing ... and the QB started throwin' (trophies).


"I mean, that was not smart for a couple of reasons," a sobered up Brady says.

"One is, if we drop it, that's a little bit of a problem. But, the worst thing that could happen is the edges on that trophy are so sharp -- and had those things clipped one of my boys in the other boat, it would have been an ugly, ugly parade."

He's right -- but fortunately, his sure-handed teammates caught the trophy with no problems.

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Brady says of the event, "From what I remember, yes it was pretty cool."

During his interview with 'GMA,' Brady also opened up about why he wants to continue playing the NFL.

Remember, in the wake of winning his 7th title, Gisele had asked him, "What more do you have to prove?"

"I don't think proving it for me is the motivation," 43-year-old Tom told Strahan ... "I still want to play, I got like a little sickness in me that just wants to throw a frickin' spiral, you know what I mean?"

"Once you stop you can't go back and do it, I got some more football [left in me] I mean not a lot, and I know that, but what I got left, I'm gonna go I'm gonna give everything I got."

Tom went on to praise his wife of 12 years -- saying, "I give her a lot of credit ... she's the one that supports the family. She's the one that at the end of the day makes a lot of sacrifices. She brings out the best version of me."

Bruce Arians Bucs Coach Gets Super Bowl Tattoo ... 'I Love It!!'

Bruce Arians' momma clearly didn't raise a quitter ... 'cause the Bucs coach stuck to his word this month and got a HUGE tattoo to commemorate Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win!!!

The 68-year-old head coach had promised to get the ink if his team scored the victory over the Chiefs ... and just a few weeks after the Bucs' big win, Arians went under the needle.

The tat is big as hell ... it appears to be centered up on the top of his left shoulder blade -- and it's AWESOME.

The piece features the SB LV emblem, the 31-9 score of the Bucs-Chiefs game, and it also has the Buccaneers' logos.

"I’m a man of my word," Arians said, revealing the art on Tuesday. "'When we win the Super Bowl, I will get a tattoo' well I got mine and I love it!!"

Of course, Arians now joins an ever-growing list of Bucs who got Super Bowl tattoos after securing the ring ... Mike Evans and Antoine Winfield both got theirs done a few weeks ago.

Tom Brady still doesn't have his (at least, we don't think so!) ... but if Arians of all people got it done -- maybe the GOAT will consider it?!?!

Brett Favre On Quitting Painkillers 'I Almost Wanted To Kill Myself'

Boiling with Favre/PodcastOne

Brett Favre says his rock-bottom moment came right after winning the Super Bowl in 1997 ... admitting his addiction to painkillers nearly cost him his life.

The NFL Hall of Famer opened up on his battle with pills on "Bolling With Favre" on PodcastOne with guest Dr. Phil this week ... saying he first got addicted in 1994 after suffering an injury.

Favre started taking 2 pills a day ... which led to teammates helping get him more and more painkillers "to a point where I was basically taking in 2 days, a month's prescription, which is crazy."

Favre says he even suffered 2 seizures due to complications from his increased pill intake in 1995, which forced him to come clean with his addiction.

Despite a 75-day stint in rehab, Favre's addiction didn't end until after winning 3-straight MVP awards AND the Super Bowl in 1997 ... when he "was as low as I could possibly be."

That's the moment he knew he had to kick his addiction for good, saying "I said it's one of two things -- I die, or I flush these pills down the toilet."

"I sat by the toilet for two hours," Favre said. "Eventually, I dumped the pills in the toilet, flushed them and I almost wanted to kill myself because of doing that."

"I could not believe that I've actually done that and I was so mad at myself because now what was I gonna do?"

Favre says he spent the next few months trying to get over the "urge" to take pills ... and thankfully, slowly beat the addiction.

Mike Evans Donates $50,000 For Texas Storm Relief

Mike Evans is fresh off winning a Super Bowl, but he’s not done making great plays -- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star just donated $50k to help those affected by the winter storm tragedy in Texas.

27-year-old Evans is originally from Galveston, Texas ... an area that was heavily impacted by the storm. In fact, there were reportedly 3 storm-related deaths in the area ... and at least 25 others in nearby Harris County.

Evans says he was inspired to help the same community that shaped him into an NFL star ... which resulted in a $50,000 check from his foundation to the United Way of Galveston.

"The Galveston community has been so supportive of me throughout my career," Evans said Monday. "After I heard about the destruction the winter storm caused, I knew I had to do something to give that same support back.”

The money given to United Way of Galveston will be distributed in two parts ... $37,500 will be given to the families in need in the form of gift cards for food and other essential items Lindsey White, executive director of United Way of Galveston said.

The remaining money will be given to the Johnny Mitchell Boys & Girls Club of Galveston and St. Vincent’s House to help underserved children and families.

“We’re so thankful that the foundation entrusted us with these much-needed funds for Galveston families," White continued.

"Their decision to support our community as we’re reeling from the compounded effects of the pandemic and the winter storm will have a huge impact on those that call Galveston home.”

Great move by Evans!!

Rob Gronkowski Trolls Tom Brady With Epic FaceTime Prank ... 'I'm Confused!!!'

@gronk / Instagram

Here's further proof NOBODY in the NFL is having more fun right now than Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady ...

Coming off their Super Bowl win (and the endless stream of ensuing partying) ... Gronk decided to play around with TB12 with an epic FaceTime prank -- and it's hilarious!!

Check out video Rob posted Thursday ... the 31-year-old tight end called up Brady, just to immediately tell him that he's "busy right now" and needs to call him later.

"Did I call you!?" Brady asked with a perplexed look on his face.

Keeping the gag alive, Gronk went back and forth with Brady about who called whom … until Brady finally gave in -- "Alright," the QB said, "I did call you.”

When the jig was finally up, Robby G let Touchdown Tommy in on the prank ... and the 43-year-old QB couldn't help but laugh and slap himself on the forehead!!!

Gronk then found another person to prank ... his dad!!!

It’s unclear who had a better grasp on the tech between Papa Gronk and Brady, but it sure looked like Rob got them both pretty good.

FYI -- the fun video is the latest edition of the #imbusyrightnow challenge -- a social media trend where celebs and people alike call their friends/family members, and immediately tell them they are going to have to call them back.

Pranksters have ranged from NBA legends like Kenny Smith and Shaq to the Kardashians, and the list of victims varies even more.

We're all waiting to see what the return fire from Brady to Gronk will look like now ... getcha popcorn ready!

Buccaneers' Jaydon Mickens Arrested In L.A. ... Over Alleged Gun Possession

Newly crowned Super Bowl champ Jaydon Mickens is in trouble with the law ... TMZ Sports has confirmed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player was arrested last week in Los Angeles.

Law enforcement tells us the 26-year-old -- a Bucs receiver and return specialist -- was pulled over on March 5 after cops say his window tint was too dark.

During the stop, we're told officers found a gun inside the car -- NOT on his person -- and arrested him over it.

Mickens was booked on a felony concealed weapon charge. We're told the LAPD later informed the NFL of the arrest.

The Bucs issued a statement saying they are "aware of the issue regarding Jaydon that occurred in Los Angeles last week."

"He reached out to let us know about the situation soon after it happened and we have been in contact with the league office to ensure they were aware."

"We will continue to monitor the situation but will have no further comment at this time."

Mickens played in Tampa's championship win over the K.C. Chiefs last month ... taking back three kickoffs for an average of 25 yards a pop.

The 4-year NFL veteran was signed by the Bucs back in the 2019 season ... and has served as a key special teamer since.

He caught 7 passes for 58 yards this past season.

Story developing ...

Rob Gronkowski I'm Not Retiring After SB Win ... 'I'm Coming Back!!!'


Rob Gronkowski will not be riding off into the sunset after his latest Super Bowl win ... the future Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports he's FOR SURE coming back to Tampa next season.

"I'm back, man!" Gronk says ... "I will be back playing football, man. I love the game of football. I loved playing last year. I had a great time."

In fact, Rob tells us training for 2021 has already begun ... the tight end says he took three weeks off after the Super Bowl, but he just got in 4 straight workouts to begin season prep this week.

"Let me tell you, I was a little bit sore first day of training but it bounced back like that," Gronk says. "I'm feeling good."

The words are music to the Buccaneers' ears ... there had to be at least SOME worry Gronk might hang up his spikes this offseason.

You'll recall, he retired abruptly in March 2019 ... saying his passion for the game just wasn't there.

But, Gronk -- who unretired to play for Tampa this past offseason -- is clearly loving his new time with Tom Brady ... and he tells us they're all hellbent on getting yet another ring next season!!

Super Bowl LV Not A COVID-19 Super-Spreader ... Officials Say

Dr. Fauci is gonna sleep well tonight -- officials in Florida have determined Super Bowl LV was NOT a hotspot for COVID-19 ... with just 53 confirmed cases reported in the weeks following the game.

The Hillsborough County health department in Florida released its preliminary report on Super Bowl-related COVID-19 cases on Wednesday ... with chief epidemiologist Michael Wiese announcing case levels were just "a little bit higher" compared to the rest of the state.

Wiese says that small spike was believed to be a result of house parties and gatherings at restaurants and bars -- NOT fans in attendance at the game.

"While we didn’t really have a lot that was associated directly with the Super Bowl, we do know that the community kind of celebrated and got together in response to the events, which did show some increase in the transmission during the weeks afterward," he said.


Super Bowl host committee president and CEO Rob Higgins says more than 280k fans and workers took part in the game and related activities ... but just 1 out of every 4,700 attendees reported a positive test for COVID-19.

During that same time, the health dept. reported 1 in every 99 citizens in the county tested positive for COVID-19.

"Plain and simple, our collective job was to work together to mitigate risk, and the results shared today show that's what happened," Higgins said. "The Super Bowl was not a super-spreader."

Of course, there's obviously a chance some fans went untested or chose not to reveal their positive tests ... so take it with a grain of salt.

Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Wanted By Cops Over Alleged Robbery & Shooting ... After Super Bowl Party


Cops are on the hunt for a Buccaneers fan who they say robbed and shot a man during a "night of terror" shortly after a Super Bowl party in Tampa last month.

Officials at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office just released video of the suspect ... accusing the man in a Devin White jersey of turning "a night of celebrating into a night of terror."

"We want to find this individual immediately," Sheriff Chad Chronister said Tuesday. "& we are asking anyone who may have seen him the night of the big game to reach out to our detectives."

Cops say at around 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 8 -- just hours after Tampa's win over the Chiefs -- the Bucs fan and one other person offered a man a ride to a nearby Hard Rock Casino after a Super Bowl party.

The problem ... according to cops, the two men stopped the car on the way to the casino, ordered him out of the ride at gunpoint, and demanded he give them his jewelry.

Cops say the suspect in the White jersey then shot the man after he handed over the valuables. Officials claim the two men then fled the scene.

Fortunately, cops say the alleged victim is recovering ... but they're now releasing video hoping it leads to the arrest of one of the suspects.

In the footage, the man wanted by cops -- clearly sporting a jersey of the Bucs' best linebacker -- has a long beard and a black hat with light blue/grey jeans.

Cops are asking anyone with information to call 813-247-8200.

Tom Brady Gisele Urged Me To Retire After SB ... 'What More Do You Have To Prove?'

If Gisele had it her way, the Super Bowl would have been Tom Brady's last ride ... 'cause the QB says his supermodel wife urged him to retire after the game, saying, "What more do you have to prove?"

Brady said the moment all went down just seconds after Tampa Bay won the championship ... explaining on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" those were some of the first words she told him after the big victory.

"We were looking for my family," Brady said of the minutes following the Super Bowl's final whistle. "I said, 'Where's my family? Where's my family?' All of a sudden, I see my oldest son run over to me."

"'Dad!' You know? I gave him a big hug. And I saw my two little ones. And then all of a sudden, I saw my wife and I gave her a big hug. And just as I did it, she says, 'What more do you have to prove?'"

43-year-old Tom said he didn't really respond to his wife's question ... adding with a smile, "I was trying to figure out a way to change the subject really quick."

"I think I moved on to something else pretty quickly."

Of course, it's no secret Gisele has wanted Tom to walk away from football for a while now ... just a couple years ago in 2018, she famously told Ellen DeGeneres she hadn't been successful in swaying him to hang up the spikes.

Tom, though, appears to have no ideas of shutting things down after his 7th Super Bowl title despite his wife's wishes ... 'cause everyone in Tampa is expecting him back for year #22 in next season.

So ... sorry, Gisele. There's always next year, we suppose.

Antoine Winfield Jr. Bucs Star Gets Lombardi Trophy Tattoo ... After Super Bowl Win


Antoine Winfield Jr. wasted NO time immortalizing the Bucs' Super Bowl win ... the Tampa Bay star just got a Lombardi Trophy tatted on his arm -- and it's awesome.

The rookie safety, who balled out in TB's victory over the K.C. Chiefs on Feb. 7, went under the needle to commemorate the big game this week and showed off the incredible artwork Monday.

The tat goes from Winfield's wrist up to the start of his bicep ... and it features the Bucs' emblem, praying hands and the Super Bowl LV logo.

Winfield Jr. was clearly happy with how it all turned out ... posting vids of the finished piece with a fire emoji.

FYI -- Winfield Jr. might not be the last Bucs star to permanently rock the Lombardi on his skin ... wide receiver Mike Evans promised before the game he'd get inked if Tampa secured the trophy.

We're still waiting to see that piece ... but the bigger question is -- will Tom Brady follow suit?!?!

Alex Smith Perplexed By Kaepernick's NFL Absence 'Still Doesn't Make Sense'

Alex Smith says he can't wrap his brain around how Colin Kaepernick still does not have a job in the NFL today ... saying the whole situation is both "tragic" and "sad."

Smith forged a friendship with Kap when the two were teammates in San Francisco ... and he said this week he just doesn't understand how his old pal can't find a team.

"It still doesn't make sense," Smith told NFL Network star Kyle Brandt on the "10 Questions With Kyle Brandt" podcast.

Alex says Kaepernick's talent level, even during his rookie and sophomore seasons, was obvious ... and the NFL seemingly refusing to give him a job over his past kneeling demonstrations during national anthems is just perplexing.

"The run that he went on, at the end of that last year that we were together [in 2012] and went to the Super Bowl ... was so crazy to watch," Smith said. "Truly one of the historic runs in football to see what he was doing."

Smith continued, "It's crazy to fast forward only a couple years after that and he was out of the league. It's hard to -- you couldn't even grasp it. Couldn't understand it. You couldn't."

Smith said it's "so tragic" how some in the NFL and others in the country didn't realize what Kaepernick was protesting back in 2016 ... explaining, "He was ahead of his time."

"The country wasn't ready. Nobody was ready for it. And, he's sitting there trying to tell everybody through a completely peaceful manner about some of the things going on in this country and that have been going on for a long time."

Smith continued, "And, to see the backlash that happened, yeah, it hurts. It hurts looking back at it that the country wasn't ready for it and he suffered the repercussions."

Kaepernick has not played a down in the NFL since the 2016 season ... though he's insisted he's still training like a mad man and could help a team even despite the time off.

The Weeknd Gets Custom Diamond Super Bowl Ring ... For Awesome Halftime Show

@eliantte / Instagram

Guess you can say he "earned it!?"

The Weeknd got a pretty awesome piece of jewelry this week -- a sick diamond Super Bowl ring commemorating that epic halftime show in Tampa!

No, it's not an "official" ring like the ones the Tampa Bay Bucs will get -- this is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by celebrity jeweler, Elliot Eliantte, who's worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

We're told the ring was commissioned by Cash -- who's the co-founder of The Weeknd's record label, XO -- hence the big XO design across the top.

The ring contains 16 carats of VVS diamonds -- with the words "World Champions" surrounding the Lombardi Trophy.

The ring also contains The Weeknd's name, the score of the game, the date and the Pepsi logo -- since they sponsored the halftime show.

And, to make it even more special, we're told Cash gifted the ring to the singer on his birthday -- Feb. 16.

As for Tom Brady ... he'll get his 7th Super Bowl ring in a few months!

Tom Brady Autograph Prices Explode ... Doubled In Just 4 Years!

Tom Brady's signature is like GOLD -- the prices for a TB12 autograph are higher than ever ... DOUBLING in just 4 years!!

The Tampa Bay Bucs QB is holding a private autograph session for collectors and memorabilia shops ... and if you want his John Hancock on a Bucs helmet, you're gonna have to shell out $3,700!!!

Here are the current prices compared with rates from a TB12 signing back in 2017 -- back when Tom only had 5 Super Bowl rings (he's got 7 now!).

TB signed photo from SBLV -- $1,600 (up from $850 in 2017)

TB signed football -- $2,000 (up from $1,000 in 2017)

TB signed mini-helmet -- $1,800 (up from $900 in 2017)

TB signed Bucs jersey with special SBLV inscription -- $3,000 (up from $1,600 in 2017)

And a signed TB Bucs SBLV helmet with “LV MVP” inscription can be yours for $3,699.99!!!

Obviously, a lot has changed since 2017 ... Tom left the New England Patriots and basically secured his spot as the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

7 Super Bowl titles. 5 Super Bowl MVP awards ... and he still wants to play a few more years!

Bottom line ... these prices may seem high now, but if he wins ANOTHER title, you can probably expect another surge!!

Charles Barkley Brady Is G.O.A.T. Over Jordan ... Here's Why

Waddle and Silvy/ESPN 1000

Charles Barkley is gonna piss off his NBA family with this one -- the basketball legend says he believes Tom Brady has surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest athlete of all time ... and he's got an interesting reason behind the take.

Chuck -- who's always defended MJ to be the undisputed G.O.A.T. -- spoke about TB12 winning his 7th Super Bowl title this past week ... and explained why he thinks His Airness has officially been dethroned.

"It's hard for me to put anybody above Michael, but Michael was always gonna be the best player 4 out of 7 games," Chuck told ESPN 1000's "Waddle and Silvy."

"But, the difference is every time Tom Brady played a football game, it was a Game 7. I never had thought about it like that. I mean, you think about that. Every football game in the playoffs is a Game 7."

Chuck continued ... "Like, if Michael, he's gon' win most series because he's gonna be the best player 4 outta 7 games. But, when you playing football, every single game in the playoffs is a Game 7."

Barkley says it's incredible how Brady has won 7 out of his 10 Super Bowl appearances ... saying Brady's 34 playoff wins can be compared to 34 Game 7s in the NBA playoffs.

As for Brady's most recent playoff run with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chuck says he's shocked TB12 didn't hang up his cleats ... saying it would have been the perfect end to his career.

"I can't believe he's not retired, I'm not gon' lie. Because if you do what he just did, beat Drew Brees in New Orleans, beat Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, and then beat Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, that would be the greatest 'drop the mic' ever in sports."

"That would be the greatest mic dropped in the history of civilization. That's how cool that would be -- to beat those 3 guys and walk way on number 7, that would be one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life."

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