Rams Vs. Bengals Super Bowl LVI WAGS ... Here In L.A.!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! -- and what better way to celebrate the big day than by honoring the wives and girlfriends of the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams!!!

Kelly Stafford -- who's been with Matthew since their University of Georgia days -- will certainly be at SoFi Stadium to root for her man ... hopefully, no pretzels involved.

BTW -- Kelly spent more than $200k on tickets for Rams fans to attend the NFC Championship game ... so props to her.

On the Bengals end, Olivia Holzmacher is used to cheering for Joe Burrow in a title game -- the two have been dating since #9 tore it up at LSU, where he won the Heisman and NCAA Championship in 2020.

But, it will be the first (in many ways) for Odell Beckham Jr.'s girlfriend Lauren Wood -- besides it being OBJ's first Super Bowl, the two are also expecting their first child any day now.

We can't forget to mention Erica Donald who married Aaron -- one of the best defensive players ever -- after they met when she worked for the Rams.

There's plenty more WAGS on our list -- keep swipin' through AND enjoy the game!

Mahomes' Fiancee & Kelce's GF Lose Their Minds After Chiefs' Win ... 'Let's Gooooooooo!!!'


Brittany Matthews finally wasn't the only one going crazy after a Chiefs win ... 'cause her BFF and Travis Kelce's GF, Kayla Nicole, joined her for the wild celebration -- with the two losing their minds following K.C.'s walk-off dub!

Patrick Mahomes' fiancee filmed it all on Thursday night ... showing the two WAGs going absolutely insane after the star QB and Kelce came back to beat the Chargers in overtime in L.A.

Check out the footage ... after Kelce caught a 34-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes in the extra period to win the game 34-28, Matthews and Nicole completely lost it.

The two were up in a suite dancing and screaming their heads off -- with Matthews yelling loudly, "Let's goooooo!!!!"

At one point, Matthews turned to Nicole and asked, "How does it feel to be dating the best tight end in the league?!"

Nicole's response? Nothing but pure joy!

"Travis Michael Kelce just had the best game of his career ladies and gentleman," Nicole said. "Period!!!"

The Chiefs are now the No. 1 seed in the AFC ... and are pretty much a lock to make the playoffs.

Which means one thing -- gear up for more reactions from Nicole and Matthews in January!

Astros vs. Braves You'll Fall For These Classic WAGs

The Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves are duking it out in the World Series ... so there's no time like the present to highlight the gorgeous wives and girlfriends on each team!!

Astros ace Justin Verlander might be injured this season, but his model wife, Kate Upton, definitely still counts for recognition -- even if she won't be in the crowd cheering on.

Same goes for the Braves' side -- Eva Luccia is dating Ronald Acuna Jr., who's also injured ... but if ATL wins it all, the dude gets a ring ... so it counts!!

Daniella Rodriguez is married to Houston shortstop Carlos Correa, who's NOT injured ... so there's no debate here.

There's more -- Liliana Armas, who's married to Atlanta Braves outfielder Guillermo Heredia, and Reagan Howard who is married to 'Stros infielder Alex Bregman also highlight the list.

Scroll through and check out all the significant others supporting their men in the Fall Classic ... and enjoy the game, if you care.

Ryder Cup 'First Ladies Of Team USA' ... Pose For Snap At Tournament

The wives and girlfriends of USA's Ryder Cup team have made it to Wisconsin to cheer their men on against Team Europe ... with the group of ladies rocking matching outfits!!

Brooks Koepka's fiancee, Jena Sims, posted the snap on Thursday ahead of Day 1 of competition ... showing all the WAGs wearing leather pants, white button-down shirts and black blazers.

Of course, Brooks and Jena got engaged earlier this year ... and have been together for years.

Paulina Gretzky -- Dustin Johnson's fiancee -- is also in attendance once again this year ... which means DJ will most likely take on paparazzi duties once again at this year's Ryder Cup Gala.

Bryson DeChambeau is also back at the Ryder Cup this year ... and his girlfriend, Sophia Phalen Bertolami, will be supporting from the crowd.

Collin Morikawa's gorgeous GF, Katherine Zhu, is also front-and-center among the group of gals ... and you better believe she'll be the Open champ's biggest cheerleader.

Patrick Cantlay's new girlfriend, Nikki Guidish, is also making her RC debut ... after the couple went public with their relationship earlier this year.

The Ryder Cup is full of awesome events for both the golfers and their WAGs to have fun and mingle amongst the star-studded bunch ... so we're sure this is just the first of many shots of the ladies together.

Oh, and there's golf!! That's fun, too.

NFL Super Wild Card Weekend WAGs ... Touchdown!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! No, not the holidays -- It's NFL Wild Card Weekend ... and to celebrate, here are the wives and girlfriends of the postseason!!

Of course, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson are back in the playoffs yet again ... which means their lovely wives Gisele and Ciara will be cheering their men on this weekend.

But, for the first time EVER, we can include Baker Mayfield's wife, Emily, in our postseason gallery ... thanks to the Cleveland Browns finally making it back to the playoffs for the first time in forever!!

There are more newcomers this season -- from Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr.'s wife, Kianna ... as well as Washington Football Team QB Kyle Allen's girlfriend Summer Juraszek.

We can't forget about Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff's stunning GF Christen Harper ... who has been cheering for her man all season in her favorite gameday bikinis.

So, sit back and enjoy the festivities this weekend.

Oh, and don't forget -- there are football games happening, too.

NFL Thanksgiving Day Wags ... Full Course Meals

Health and wealth are nice ... but here's a few more reasons to be thankful on Turkey Day -- the smokin' hot WAGs from the NFL's Thanksgiving Day football games!!!

Bears vs. Lions! Bills vs. Cowboys! Saints vs. Falcons!

There (should be) a ton of action on the field, but the Wives And Girlfriends (WAGs!) are proving they're the REAL stars off the gridiron!

Check out everyone from Rachel Bush -- bombshell wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer -- to the gorgeous Nikki Jordan, wife of Saints superstar Cam Jordan.

And, don't miss Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin, who's dating Lions punter Sam Martin!!!

Look, there will be football and that's great. But, this right here is what the holiday is all about.

So, cram that last piece of pie in your face and get to scrollin'!

Rams vs. Patriots Super Bowl WAGs!!!

We've been waiting all season for this moment ... the WAGs of Super Bowl LIII!!!

There's a new meaning to Hotlanta this weekend ... with the wives and girlfriends of the New England Patriots and the L.A. Rams invading Georgia for the big game.

You've heard of the Giseles and Camille Kosteks of the bunch ... but, don't let those Pats WAGs superstars distract you from the heat over on the Rams' end, like Ndamukong Suh's girl Katya Leick and Brandin Cooks' wife, Briannon.

Be sure to check out all the pics ... and watch the game, or whatever.

Red Sox & Dodgers WAGS Out Of This World (Series) Hot!!

Disappointed in this year's World Series games?? Here's something that'll cheer you up ... the players' smokin' hot WAGS!!!

Boston and L.A. haven't played the most competitive W.S. so far ... but they've hit plenty of home runs off the diamond -- just look at their wives and girlfriends!!!

Justin Turner's wife, Kourtney Turner, steals the show ... but Kike Hernandez's fiance, Mariana Vicente, and Alex Wood's wife, Suzanna Villarreal, came to play too.

In Boston's lineup, Catherine Rodríguez is as hot as an Eduardo Rodríguez fastball ... and Matt Barnes' fiance, Chelsea Zara, rocks the hell out of a bikini.

Just another lesson ... even though one of these squads will go home a loser after this series -- THEY STAY WINNING!!

Christina Milian Standoff with Bouncer Leads to Brawl

Christina Milian got caught up in an altercation with a bar bouncer who blocked her and a friend, and it eventually sparked a brawl and a call to cops ... TMZ has learned.

Christina and a group of women, including "WAGs" star Nicole Williams, hit up the Figueroa Hotel in downtown L.A. Tuesday night after attending the Bruno Mars concert. Witnesses tell us they were trying to get to the bar off the lobby, but the bouncer threw up a partial stop sign because it was after last call.

What's odd is, we're told he let in Nicole and few others before fully blocking the singer/actress and one other friend. One witness claims one of the friends who was inside reached to open a gate, Christina threw a drink at the bouncer, and then things got outta hand. We're told he tried to grab Christina, but 2 guys stepped in and the fight started.

Christina's camp tells us a different story -- that the hotel manager told the group they could enter the bar, and when the bouncer started getting aggressive ... Nicole left to go find that manager. They deny Christina threw anything, and claim the bouncer actually struck one of her friends during the standoff.

When it was clear he wasn't budging they called an Uber and left. Christina's people say the bouncer actually followed them down the street as they walked to meet their ride.

As for the fight -- Christina's peeps say the guys involved were not with her. Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD responded, but no word if anyone filed a report.

A rep for the Figueroa says the fight "was unfortunate and was diffused by hotel staff and security to the very best of their ability."

Johnny Manziel Wife Reflects on Football Comeback ... 'It Was a Struggle'


Johnny Manziel is about to make his first pro football start since 2015 ... and the woman he credits with saving his life is opening up on his battle back to the field.

TMZ Sports spoke with Bre Tiesi -- Johnny's wife -- on the eve of his first career start for the Montreal Alouettes ... and she admits that there were some dark days on the path to Johnny's sobriety ... and she questioned whether this day would ever come.

"It was just one of those things where it's like, 'Are we ever gonna get out of this?' Like, 'Are you gonna pull it together?'"

Bre says knowing what they've been through makes it that much sweeter to see him get another shot on Friday night ... and Johnny's poised to make the best of it.

But, Bre's not the only person in the ex-Cleveland Browns QB's corner ... she says he's been getting massive support from one of his friends -- Drake.

"Since day one, honestly. Since Johnny started getting better, he always gave a shout-out with love for that. And, same with the rest of the team and other people he's worked with and like, the guys. Everybody's shown their support the whole time and it means a lot."

"So, it's really exciting because I know everyone's watching and he can't wait to get in there."

France Vs. Croatia Smokin' Hot WAGS ... Of The World Cup Final

Make like some of the world's best soccer players and dive into these photos of some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of the World Cup Final!

France and Croatia will square off for soccer's highest honor ... and there will be plenty of "keepers" to look at on both sidelines.

In France's corner ... Pamela Anderson headlines the group of WAGS -- but, you gotta see who Samuel Umtiti and Paul Pogba are scoring with off the pitch.

For Croatia ... Mateo Kovačić and Ivan Rakitić have netted some serious talent too.

Sooo ... while an entire country might hate these guys if they blow it on the biggest stage -- just know they're still winnin' when they get home!!

'WAGS' Star Nicole Williams Wet Hot American Summer

Nicole Williams' idea of patriotic is a star-spangled bandana and a white bikini to match the giant waves that splashed against her awesome butt as she frolicked in the surf.

Williams hit the sand and water in Santa Monica in her own creation. She owns the bathing suit line Nia Lynn and, with a bod and legs like hers, she doesn't need models to show off her collection.

Nicole -- who is married to former football player Larry English -- is about 5'9" and, from the looks of it, she was fighting off at least 3-foot waves with no sweat.

NBA Finals LeBron's King On The Court But Who's Queen Off Of It?!

LeBron James is the king on the court ... but does he wear the crown off of it??

You be the judge in this look at the best WAGS of the NBA Finals!!

Savannah James always kills it ... but Steph Curry's longtime wifey, Ayesha, and Tristan Thompson's baby mama, Khloe Kardashian, make it interesting.

Don't sleep on Jeff Green's boo, Stephanie, or Shaun Livingston's girl, Joey -- who might not be as famous, but still rocks it in a bikini!!

And if somebody should blow the rest of the series like J.R. Smith and George Hill did in Game 1 ... don't feel bad -- look who they get to come home to!!

NBA All-Star Game WAGS Invade L.A. ... Everybody Wins

Team LeBron or Team Steph??

It doesn't matter -- the REAL winners of All-Star Weekend are the super hot wives and girlfriends flocking to town for all the festivities ... as if L.A. needed any more beautiful women.

We all know about Bron Bron's lovely wife, Savannah, and Curry's better half, Ayesha ... but don't forget about newcomers like Karl-Anthony Towns' GF, Kawahine Andrade, and Bradley Beal's smokin' lady friend, Kamiah Adams.

The game probably isn't gonna be too competitive, so feel free to go through the pics as many times as you'd like.

Super Bowl LII 100° Hot WAGs (Even Though Minneapolis is Totally Freezing)

While the Patriots and Eagles duke it out for the Lombardi Trophy ... the REAL competition is right before your eyes -- the best WAGS of Super Bowl LII!!

The temperature is expected to be 3-degrees in Minneapolis when the teams kick off later today ... but one quick look at these lucky players' ladies is all you need to escape the cold.

From Danny Amendola's model GF, Olivia Culpo, to Nelson Agholor's bae, Viviana Volpicelli, these receivers have proven they can make some amazing catches.

Check out all the pics ... no matter what happens on the field today, this is proof they're all winners.

Vikings vs. Eagles City of Hubba-Ly Love!!! NFC Championship WAGS Face Off in Philly

No cold front expected when the Minnesota Vikings travel to play the Philadelphia Eagles for a shot at Super Bowl LII ... and you can blame these HOTTIES!!!

Though the Vikings are led by a QB that went undrafted and the Eagles' man waited until Pick No. 88 to get off the board ... these smoke shows no doubt are No. 1 pick material.

To the left is Ally Courtnall ... Vikings LB Eric Kendricks' girlfriend. To the right is Viviana Volpicelli who is dating Eagles WR Nelson Agholor. Doesn't end there ... we also have the WAGS of Adam Thielen, Andrew Sendejo and Patrick Elflein reppin' SKOL nation and also the ladies of Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham and Jordan Hicks for the Bleeding Green.

Don't say we never did anything for ya ...

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