Univ. of Idaho Murders Means of Death Don't Match Victim's Father Claims

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There's another big twist in the unsolved Idaho quadruple murder case ... a mysterious discrepancy in the way at least 2 of the victims were killed.

Steven Goncalves, the father of slain Univ. of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves, said Saturday night, the fatal attacks on Kaylee and Madison Mogen, her best friend, were mysteriously different in nature. He said on "Lawrence Jones Cross Country," ... "I'll cut to the chase. Their means of death don't match."

He wasn't specific, but did say, "Their points of damage don't match."

What's especially odd ... authorities say Kaylee and Madison were sleeping in the same bed at the time of the attack, yet according to the father the stabbings were somehow different.

Four people were stabbed to death in the house, and authorities seem stumped. They have given conflicting information about the attacks ... going back and forth on whether it was targeted and if the rest of the community was at risk.

Kaylee's mom has wondered why certain people were cleared "very fast."

Steven was understandably emotional, saying, "I'm just going to say it. It wasn't leaked to me. I earned that. I paid for that funeral. I sent my daughter to college. She came back in a box."

Vicious Crime Out for Blood ... Bat Attack in New York City


It's a horrifying video ... someone is walking down an NYC street, minding his own business, when an attacker pulls a bat out of his pants and clobbers the victim in the back of the head.

It seems like this may have been a targeted attack. You see the attacker train his eyes on the victim before pulling the bat out and swinging. The attacker is clearly enraged ... screaming at the 47-year-old victim as he lay on the ground.

Before the attack, it seems the assailant -- who attempted to disguise himself with a hooded sweatshirt -- was tailing the victim.

What's more ... as the attacker sets his sights on the victim, another pedestrian appears and the attacker turns away. It seems he waits for the bystander to leave the area, and when that happens the assailant makes his move.

The attacker walks away, then comes back and begins screaming at the victim and it looks like he stomps on him, then leaves.

The victim was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital with a laceration and bruises. He's in stable condition, according to cops.

Police need the public's help. Someone knows this guy.

Chinx's Widow His Murder Still Feels Raw ... New Rapper Deaths Are Triggering


French Montana's late Coke Boys artist Chinx Drugz is still dropping new music 7 years after he was gunned down -- a fact his wife sees as a testament to the countless hours he spent recording.

Chinx's widow, Janelli Caceres-Pickens, and his former manager, Doug "Biggs" Ellison, painstakingly compiled verses, snippets and unfinished tracks to complete "CR6," his third posthumous project, and the sixth installment in the "Cocaine Riot" series.

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TMZ Hip Hop spoke to Janelli about the release and she admitted it was exhausting, yet rewarding.

She also touched on the rash of rappers who've been killed at an even more alarming rate than when Chinx was murdered.

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Janelli says she's been vocal about the recent string of tragedies -- such as PnB Rock and Takeoff both getting fatally shot in recent months -- and she insists it's misplaced to blame the pattern on hip hop culture.

Instead, she says it's criminals who are ruining the vibes ... although, she admits if she and Biggs weren't A&Ring "CR6," she'd be listening to R&B.

Nevertheless, Janelli is proud of the Chinx project, citing the song "Lonely" with Offset as one of her personal faves.

Some legends never die, they live on through streaming.

Uvalde Shooting Survivors File $27B Lawsuit Against Police & Others ... Claim They Fell Short!!!

Survivors of the Ulvade school shooting claim the school district, law enforcement and first responders didn't act fast enough during the massacre, and now they're suing for $27 billion.

The class-action lawsuit was filed, Tuesday -- in federal court in Austin, TX -- by parents, teachers and students who say they were present the day of the shooting and are seeking damages for "the indelible and forever-lasting trauma" endured from the horrific shooting ... this according to multiple reports.

In the documents, the survivors say, "Law enforcement took seventy-seven minutes to accomplish what they were duty bound to expeditiously perform."


According to the lawsuit, the survivors claim that "[i]nstead of swiftly implementing an organized and concerted response to an active school shooter who had breached the otherwise 'secured' school buildings at Robb Elementary school, the conduct of the three hundred and seventy-six (376) law enforcement officials who were on hand for the exhaustively torturous seventy-seven minutes of law enforcement  indecision, dysfunction, and harm, fell exceedingly short of their duty bound standards."

As we've reported, 19 children and 2 teachers were gunned down on May 24 at Robb Elementary, in Uvalde, Texas.


You'll recall, video showing police retreat from the gunman sparked outrage from families and school staffed. One teacher, who lost 11 students, blames first responders for not acting fast enough.


Texas lawmakers also issued an 80-page investigative report back in July to identify what went wrong that day ... but clearly these survivors are seeking to further hold authorities accountable.

Horse Training Woman Charged With Animal Abuse ... After Disturbing Videos Surface


An equestrian trainer who was seen on videos dragging a horse and appearing to make it bleed has now been charged with animal abuse, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Two clips were shared on a Facebook page last week ... with one appearing to show Ontario woman Solstice Pecile pulling a horse in a moving vehicle while on an isolated road.

In the footage, it sounds like Pecile is yelling at the horse while fiercely yanking the animal by its muzzle.

"Walk!" Pecile says in the video. "Good girl."

In the other video, which appears to be the aftermath of the pulling session, the horse seems to be bleeding from its hooves. The woman appears to have the horse's blood on her hands, and she can be heard calling the animal the R-word while seemingly chastising it.

"Awesome. Fantastic," Pecile said sarcastically in the video. "Why are you a r*****? Hmm? Why? Why? Why?"

Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police opened an investigation into the vids after they surfaced online ... and according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Pecile has now been charged with causing distress to an animal.

If treated as a minor offense and assuming it's her first offense, Pecile faces a $75k fine and potentially 6 months behind bars. If treated as a major offense, she faces up to $130k in fines and up to two years in prison.

The 23-year-old is due to appear in court for a hearing on the matter in January 2023.

'Green Book' Actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. Found Dead ... Man Charged for Dumping Body

Actor Frank Vallelonga Jr., famous for his work in the Oscar-winning "Green Book," has died ... TMZ has confirmed.

The NYPD tells TMZ ... police responded Monday morning to a 911 call about an unconscious man in the Bronx, and when they got there they found a dead body in the street, which was later identified as Frank.

Cops say the Medical Examiner will determine an official cause of death. Meanwhile, police tell us a suspect has been criminally charged with dumping Frank's corpse. Cops also say the suspect told police Frank overdosed.

Frank's late father is "Sopranos" star Tony Lip, who played New York mob boss Carmine Lupertazzi in the HBO series ... and his brother, Nick Vallelonga, is the co-writer and producer for "Green Book," which won two Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.

In fact, "Green Book" is about Frank's father ... Tony worked as a bouncer and was hired to drive and protect pianist Don Shirley during an early 1960s tour through the Jim Crow South. In the movie, Viggo Mortensen portrays Tony and Frank plays his other brother, Rudy Vallelonga.

Cops say the suspect dumped Frank's body from a car owned by Nick -- but Nick told police the suspect did not have permission or authority to drive the car.

Frank was 60.


University Of Idaho Murders Police Backpedals Story ... Once Again Believes Killings Were Targeted


12:40 PM PT -- Moscow PD is changing its story once again ... giving an update Thursday, with a police spokesman telling CNN, "We remain consistent in our belief that this was indeed a targeted attack."


While the department's going back on its original belief, Moscow PD is still sticking to a part of Wednesday's statement -- the spokesman reiterated it's unclear if the victims or the home was a part of the possible targeting.

Idaho authorities seem to be back to square one ... they just reversed a key finding in their investigation into the slaughter of four college students.

The Moscow Police Department released a "clarification" on Facebook Wednesday night, saying they are now UNSURE if the victims or the murder house were targeted by the killer or killers.

The statement read ... "We have spoken with the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office and identified this was a miscommunication. Detectives do not currently know if the residence or any occupants were specifically targeted but continue to investigate."


Latah County prosecutor Bill Thompson sparked confusion during a recent interview with NewsNation, stating the assailant/assailants were "specifically looking at this particular residence." He added the use of the term "targeted" was likely a mistake because it implied one or more of the victims were in the killer/killers' crosshairs.

ABC News

Thompson's words muddled the message from Moscow Police Chief James Fry, who has been adamant since the beginning of the probe that it was a "targeted attack," but he never explained why. Police have not identified the suspect/suspects or released a motive. Few details about the crimes are publicly known.

Four University of Idaho students were discovered fatally stabbed inside an off-campus home on November 13. Investigators believe the murder weapon was a combat knife similar to the one used by the Rambo character in the '80s film, 'First Blood.' But, the weapon has not been found.

With the killer/killers at large and little if no answers from police ... many university students -- out of fear -- have opted to attend classes remotely.

Originally Published -- 6:16 AM PT

'Catfish' Murders Killer Blacked Out Windows of New Home ... Purchased Days Before Killings & Abduction

We're learning more about the sickening triple murder of a 15-year-old girl's family and the possible fate she faced if her abductor would have gotten her back to his home across the country.

Real estate records reveal Austin Lee Edwards paid $80,000 for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house in Saltville, VA on November 14 ... just 11 days before killing 3 people in Riverside, CA.

We spoke with neighbors who tell us Edwards almost immediately blacked out the windows of the home with car tint ... we've obtained photos showing it was next to impossible to see inside the home.

One of the neighbors tells us they had a brief conversation with Edwards, who said he chose to move there to get out of Richmond, VA. They also say Edwards wore a trench coat when he went to the water department to turn on his utilities, which they thought was odd.

As for his possessions ... we're told Edwards didn't appear to have much -- barely any furniture. We know cops have been active on the property over the last few days, removing evidence bags as they searched his home.

Cops say Edwards killed the 15-year-old girl's mother and grandparents before setting their house on fire, and then abducted the young girl. He was later caught in a police chase -- after one of the grandparents' neighbors called 911 -- which ended in a shoot-out where Edwards was killed. Cops say Edwards connected with the girl after catfishing her, pretending to be a 17-year-old boy.

You have to wonder what sick fate the 15-year-old could have faced if Edwards was successful in getting her from California to Virginia -- especially given the fact he wanted to hide whatever was going to happen inside his new home.

Danny Masterson Judge Declares Mistrial After Hung Jury


5:28 PM PT -- Danny Masterson was all smiles after leaving the courtroom, holding hands with his actress wife, Bijou Phillips, who was also grinning.


The actor was peppered with questions about the trial as he walked away from the courthouse, but he just smiled and kept it moving.


Danny and Bijou had a pep in their step ... and he clearly looks happy with the trial result.


His trial attorney Philip Cohen tells TMZ ... "l am so thankful for the incredible care and commitment that the jurors showed in this case. This trial was about nothing other than the credibility of the three accusers and that credibility could only be determined by comparing, contrasting and focusing on the ever evolving statements given by the women."


He adds, "The vote count says it all and it is a true testament to our justice system that the jurors were able to see through all the inflammatory noise and focus solely on what was truly important."

Danny Masterson's rape trial has come to an end ... a judge has declared a mistrial after a hung jury.

Masterson was in a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday waiting to hear a verdict, when the jury announced it deadlocked. The judge then declared a mistrial.

The jury began deliberations 2 weeks ago after 4 weeks of testimony from alleged victims. They had a break because of Thanksgiving, and two jurors were replaced on Monday with alternates after testing positive for COVID.

It's unclear if prosecutors will decide to try the actor again.

He was facing a maximum sentence of 45 to life behind bars if found guilty of the charges.

As we reported, Masterson was charged back in 2020 with 3 counts of rape, with the alleged victims claiming the incidents occurred between 2001 and 2003 ... right in the middle of the run of his sitcom, "That '70s Show."

Masterson's former attorney, Tom Mesereau, told TMZ at the time ... "Mr. Masterson is innocent, and we’re confident that he will be exonerated when all the evidence finally comes to light and witnesses have the opportunity to testify."

The actor pled not guilty to the charges ... and while he never testified in his own defense, he and his legal team maintained that the incidents either didn't happen or were consensual.

Originally Published -- 3:41 PM PT

Yasiel Puig Reverses Course ... Pleads Not Guilty To Lying In Illegal Gambling Case

Yasiel Puig will not plead guilty to lying to the feds during their investigation of an illegal gambling ring after all.

The former MLB star announced on Wednesday he's now pleading not guilty in the case -- saying in a statement, "I want to clear my name."

"I never should have agreed to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit," he added.

As we reported, Puig had initially agreed to plead guilty to one count of making false statements ... after federal prosecutors accused him of lying about participating in an illegal gambling business during an interview earlier this year.

Puig hoped to avoid jail time with the plea deal ... but now, he's decided to fight the charge and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Puig's attorney, Keri Axel of Waymaker LLP, said the course reversal came following the reveal of "significant new evidence" ... explaining that during Puig's interview with the feds, he was in essentially no condition to properly answer their questions.

"At the time of his January 2022 interview, Mr. Puig, who has a third-grade education, had untreated mental-health issues, and did not have his own interpreter or criminal legal counsel with him,'' Axel said.

"We have reviewed the evidence, including significant new information, and have serious concerns about the allegations made against Yasiel.''

Puig -- who's now playing baseball in South Korea after seven seasons in the MLB -- added in a Tweet late Wednesday afternoon, "All my life's I been told to be quiet and do what I was told. No mores."

Gucci Mane I Wanna Sign B.G. For $1 Mil!!! Once He's Outta Prison

Hot Boys rapper B.G. was centered in an internet hoax this week, and Gucci Mane took the bait -- but in doing so, he revealed the cards he's playing for the incarcerated Cash Money Records OG.

Gucci excitedly tweeted Tuesday ... posting a pic of B.G. with a $1 million offer to sign with his 1017 Records, highlighting the respect he had for the Louisiana-born rapper.

Once the purported video of B.G. was debunked -- it wasn't really him -- Gucci deleted the tweet ... seemingly crushing his hopes to boost his So Icy Boyz roster.

Gucci does have some open slots -- he recently dropped an up-and-coming rapper from the label in a 24-hour timespan -- but many signs point to B.G. returning to Cash Money if he stays in the rap game.

Cash Money boss Birdman has been teasing B.G.’s early release from his 14-year prison sentence for months … despite his 2021 conditional release being denied.

The Chopper City rapper is currently holed up in California’s FCI Herlong Detention Center with a current release date of April 7, 2024. He’s been incarcerated on a federal gun charge since 2012.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He’s currently asking fans to send pics, but if Birdman's right he'll be able to meet some fans in person soon enough!!!

Casey Anthony Partying Like A Rock Star ... Ahead of Controversial Doc

MARCH 2022
TikTok / @sarahjeanless

Casey Anthony, who was once accused of killing her daughter, seems to be dancing through all the drama without a care in the world ... ahead of her controversial documentary, as evidenced in a newly surfaced video.

The formerly accused and acquitted killer was spotted letting her hair down, and dancing onstage with the band Steel Panther back in March ... and that video is just now making rounds on social media.

The caption of the vid says ... "When you see Casey Anthony at a concert in Fort Lauderdale in March, then her documentary comes out in November" and she looked as carefree as can be.

As noted, the timing is interesting considering she recently opened up about her side of things during her first on-cam sit-down, since being acquitted, for a new Peacock documentary, "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

The project's gotten a lot of backlash from people who still believe she bears some blame for her daughter, Caylee's murder.

You'll recall, Casey stood trial in 2011 for killing her 2-year-old daughter. A jury acquitted her of murder, manslaughter and child abuse, and she was only found guilty of lying to cops.

As we told you, some bombshell claims are coming out of the new doc ... like Casey accusing her father, George Anthony, of staging Caylee's death to frame her, in an effort to cover up his alleged sexual abuse of the little girl.

Idaho Murders Prosecutor Says House Was Targeted ... Not Necessarily Individuals


The prosecutor in charge of the Idaho quadruple-murder case says there's been a misunderstanding when cops said this crime was targeted -- apparently, they meant the house itself was in somebody's crosshairs ... not necessarily any individuals themselves.

Bill Thompson -- who's overseeing the investigation in Moscow -- told NewsNation using the word "targeted" to characterize this was probably wrong ... conceding it could've been interpreted to suggest one or more of the four victims were in the killer's crosshairs. But, Thompson now says that's not necessarily the case.

Instead, he said this home was actually what the murderer was laser-focused on, but he never explained what he means ... or why cops might think that.

Thompson does say they're still looking into whether any of the victims may have been the target, but for now ... it doesn't sound like they've uncovered anything to connect that dot. He also says nothing strange - like symbols are markings -- were left behind.

He goes on to say he's not aware whether the doors to their rooms were locked, and also can't say for sure whether they were all sleeping at the time of the killings. BT also says law enforcement has no reason to believe this was drug-related ... so not much clarity.

Cops have stumbled a lot since the murders, making statements, then taking them back, creating confusion in the community and anger among families of the victims.

Another update ... all 5 cars parked at the house at the time of the murders have now been towed. Cops say they're storing them somewhere long-term for evidence gathering.

It's been more than 2 weeks since Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Ethan Chapin were stabbed to death in the middle of the night ... and the suspect/suspects are still at large. Several theories have been floated as to what may have led up to the crime, but so far ... nothing seems to be panning out into anything concrete.

Naturally, the public has grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers.

The investigation is ongoing ... and cops have asked for any help from the public that may lead to a break. Meanwhile, students are returning to the University of Idaho -- and are freaking out at the fact there's a killer still on the loose. Many have chosen to revert to online instruction out of fear.

'Catfish' Triple-Murder Cops Don't Believe 15-Year-Old Was Complicit in Family's Killing

Cops investigating the murder of a 15-year-old girl's grandparents and mother don't believe the teen was complicit in their killings in a stunning catfishing case ... and are urging other possible victims of the man responsible to come forward.

Riverside PD Officer Ryan Railsback tells TMZ his department has no reason to believe the publicly unidentified teen who came into contact with Austin Lee Edwards last week is anything other than a victim at this time given her age and the evidence they've gathered.

RPD won't yet say whether the teen was abducted or went voluntarily with Edwards, as they don't have enough information.

As for Edwards -- a cop from Virginia who's said to have driven cross-country to meet the girl -- Railsback doesn't believe it was his first time committing a catfishing-type crime.

We're told the cops think there could be some pattern of behavior from his past that could help explain things ... so they're investigating any digital fingerprints that he may have left on his phone, computer, or any social media sites he used.

At the moment, we're told cops don't know how Edwards first connected with the teen, or what may have caused him to kill her family and set their home on fire.

Edwards was involved in a shootout with cops Friday after a 911 call came in about a distressed teen in his car ... he was killed in the gunfire, and the teen was uninjured.

Autopsy results have not yet been released regarding the girl's mother's and grandparents' cause of death.

Railsback says they're not aware of any evidence of troubling behavior by Edwards from his previous police station employers.

Tommy Lee Mansion Trashed by Burglars ... As He's Trying to Sell It

Tommy Lee's dealing with a new break-in at his crib ... no sex tape was taken this time, but the suspects did make off with some strange items and left his home looking like a hotel room after a Mötley Crüe party.

Cops alerted the Crüe drummer there had been a break-in at his Calabasas area home last week ... according to our L.A. Sheriff's Dept. sources. Tommy hasn't been living in this house, he's actually selling it, but he rushed over to check out the damage once he got wind of the burglary.

We're told, someone got in through a back glass door, and absolutely trashed the inside of the home.

LASD says the thief, or thieves, broke glass, lamps and even one of Tommy's side gates. As for what they stole -- just a bathroom mirror and some cabinet handles.

Remember, way back in 1995 ... a contractor infamously stole a sex tape -- yes, that one -- from Tommy and his ex-wife Pamela Anderson's home.

So far, there's been no arrest in last week's burglary, but the total damage/loss is estimated to cost the rock star drummer around $5K.

As we've reported, the rock star drummer listed the beautiful home back in September for a second time ... after having no luck with a sale in May of 2020.

Unfortunately for Tommy ... he's in good company when it comes to recent celeb burglary victims. TMZ broke the stories of Megan Thee Stallion and Nas' homes being hit while they were out of town, and Arsenio Hall's pad was hit twice while he was home.

We reached out to Tommy's rep ... so far, no word back.

Big Ten Fines MSU $100K, Suspends Player 8 '23 Games ... Over Tunnel Brawl

The Big Ten has fined Michigan State University $100,000 and suspended a Spartans cornerback for eight games in 2023 ... after concluding its investigation into the wild tunnel brawl at Michigan in October.

The conference handed down the punishment on Monday ... saying officials found that seven MSU players did indeed kick, hit or use a helmet to strike Wolverines players during the Oct. 29 incident.

In addition to the fine, the conference revealed MSU corner Khary Crump will have to sit out the first eight contests of next season due to his role in the brawl.

The other six players involved in the fracas were all hit with four-game bans, though they've all since served that punishment, the conference announced.

Big Ten officials also issued a public reprimand to the University of Michigan for not providing "adequate protection for personnel of both home and visiting teams when entering and leaving playing arenas."

As we reported, Crump, linebacker Tank Brown, defensive end Zion Young, safety Angelo Grose, defensive back Justin White, defensive end Brandon Wright, and pass rusher Jacoby Windmon were all hit with criminal charges from the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office for their roles in the brawl.

Crump is the only player charged with a felony. Brown, Young, Grose, White, and Wright were all hit with misdemeanors.

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