Chumlee Down 160 Pounds!!! After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Chumlee is a whole new man ... after practically losing an entire man's weight.

The guy from "Pawn Stars" tells TMZ ... he was tired of struggling with his weight, which constantly fluctuated 100 pounds at a time. He says it had been a years-long battle and he felt it was time to make a drastic change after getting all the way up to 350 pounds in January 2019.

That dramatic change started the following month when he went in for gastric sleeve surgery ... a popular weight-loss procedure in which a large portion of the stomach is removed to create a smaller stomach pouch.

This, of course, reduces the quantity of food one can eat while making them feel fuller even when consuming less food. The stomach size is brought down to about the size of a banana.

As you can see, Chumlee's looking slim at 190 pounds now. He says he went through the 160-pound transformation because he wanted to not only get healthy, but stay healthy ... unlike his years of yo-yoing.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chumlee, who got the procedure done at Blossom Bariatrics in Vegas, says now that he's slimmed down he's committed to maintaining his weight by embracing a lifestyle change ... eating clean, healthy food and getting his sweat on.

He said it's also important to have a support structure around you. Noted ... and congrats!!!

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Divorced on the Down-Low ... A Year Ago!!!

"Pawn Stars" star Rick Harrison is a single man -- something we're assuming very few people besides Rick and his now ex-wife know about, because they pulled off a totally hush-hush divorce.

According to the newly discovered legal docs we obtained, Rick filed for divorce from his wife, Deanna, in Clark County, Nevada on July 1, 2020 ... almost 7 years after their wedding.

The timing is interesting -- filing in the middle of the pandemic, and as George Floyd protests were going down across the country ... probably explains how the divorce flew under the radar.

In the docs, Rick says during the course of their marriage their "tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage" ... and there was no hope for reconciliation as husband and wife.

Deanna initially responded to the divorce filing by asking for alimony, but according to the docs ... the exes reached a settlement agreement in September 2020 finalizing all issues like alimony, support and property division.

Rick and Deanna don't have any minor children together, but Rick tells us "I got 3 great daughters out of it" ... referring to Deanna's children from a previous relationship.

Rick adds that the marriage "didn't work out and [the divorce] was a mutual decision," and he's moved on.

Chumlee 'Old Man' Was Very Important to Me And, He Was a Badass!


Chumlee's relationship with Richard Harrison spanned about 20 years, and he has a lot of fond memories of the man they called "Old Man" ... and some funny ones too.

The "Pawn Stars" star tells "TMZ Live" ... even though "Old Man" wasn't truly his family, he was always treated like a grandson and he learned many life lessons from him.

Chumlee says he's happy he got to spend some time with Harrison in recent weeks as he battled Parkinson's Disease and, while he was prepared for the inevitable, it was still a surprise when he died ... because "Old Man" always fought like hell.

Chumlee tells us the outpouring of love for the "Pawn Stars" patriarch has been incredible, and he shared his favorite memory -- taking "Old Man" for a ride in his lowrider, and giving him a surprise hydraulics lesson.

As we told you, the famed Gold & Silver shop in Vegas created a memorial to honor Richard, and it's been flooded by fans paying their respects.

'Pawn Stars' Memorial for 'Old Man' Opened Up At Gold & Silver Shop

The famed "Pawn Stars" shop is already honoring its TV patriarch, Richard Harrison, a day after his death ... and fans can pay their respects in a number of ways.

Sources close to the family of Richard, best known as "Old Man," tell TMZ ... a makeshift memorial was set up in the corner of the Gold & Silver shop in Las Vegas in remembrance of their late founder. As we reported, "Old Man" died Monday ... and his memorial is already getting tons of love.

The shrine includes his signature chair, hat and coffee cup -- plus a life-sized cutout of him and photos from his office too. We're told fans and customers alike have been dropping off flowers and other items in droves.

We broke the story ... Harrison lost his battle with Parkinson's Disease. He was surrounded by loved ones when he passed at the age of 77.

Family sources also tell us ... a number of celebs have reached out with condolences, ranging from Russell Crowe to Dana White and the NHL's Golden Knights hockey to The Oak Ridge Boys quartet. We're told the outpouring of support has been incredible.

As for donations ... the Harrison family wants any monies sent to the Epilepsy Foundation ... an affliction his son Rick dealt with as a child.

We're told the Gold & Silver shop will remain open this week except perhaps for a couple hours, so employees can attend a private service. A public service is forthcoming as well.

Richard 'Old Man' Harrison From 'Pawn Stars' Dead at 77

9:09 AM PT -- Sources close to Harrison tell us he passed after losing his battle with Parkinson's Disease.

Richard Harrison -- famously known as "Old Man" on "Pawn Stars" -- has died, according to his son, Rick Harrison.

'''The Old Man' Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved," Rick said Monday morning ... "He will be tremendously missed by our family, the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over."

"He was my hero and I was fortunate to get a very cool ‘Old Man’ as my dad."

The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. However, Harrison's appearances on the show over the last couple years were slim to none.

'Old Man' moved to Vegas back in the early '80s and opened the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with his son, Rick.

When the producers found the family and turned their daily lives into a show, it became an instant success. It's been on the air since July 2009 with 'Old Man' as one of the fan favorites.

A rep for History Channel tells TMZ, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Richard ‘The Old Man’ Harrison, a beloved member of the HISTORY and ‘Pawn Stars’ family. He will be greatly missed for his wisdom and candor."

Harrison is a Navy veteran and often talked about his military career on the show.

He was 77. R.I.P.

'Pawn Stars' Jesse Amoroso Cobain's 'Unplugged' Guitar is Priceless ... Like Jimi's Woodstock Strat


"Pawn Stars" Jesse Amoroso says Kurt Cobain's "MTV Unplugged" guitar is a piece of rock and roll history and belongs someplace special ... in other words -- NOT with Frances Bean's ex-husband.

The guitar expert and Cowtown Guitars owner tells TMZ ... Kurt's 'Unplugged' performance with the 1959 Martin D-18E is synonymous with the '90s and as iconic as the white Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix shredded with at Woodstock.

Amoroso says because Cobain played the acoustic-electric Martin -- which is already a rare guitar because only 302 were ever made -- it's basically priceless ... though he estimates it could easily fetch close to a million bucks or more at auction.

Jesse also tells us if Cobain's 'Unplugged' guitar ends up on sale, he hopes it ends up someplace where it will be appreciated ... like Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture or the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

We broke the story ... Frances Bean Cobain conceded her dad's famous guitar to her ex-husband, Isaiah Silva, in their divorce settlement after a long legal battle.

No word yet on what he plans to do with it.

'Pawn Stars' Brett Maly Diddy Did His Homework ... $21M Art Buy's a Win-Win


Diddy's got a keen eye for fine art, and his historic purchase of a Kerry James Marshall painting is a huge score for him and a bigger score for the artist ... according to a famous expert.

Brett Maly -- the fine art appraiser from "Pawn Stars" -- tells TMZ ... Diddy deserves a lot of praise for making all the right moves before dropping $21.1 MILLION on Marshall's 1997 work "Past Times" during a Sotheby's auction last week.

Maly says the combo of focusing on an acclaimed artist AND going after one of his most important pieces is a baller move ... and Diddy certainly made a splash.

As for that splash ... Brett tells us it should have a ripple effect for Marshall -- who's sold million-dollar paintings in the past -- by boosting his sales a few more million ... per piece. Not too shabby, especially since Puff's purchase already made him the most expensive living African-American artist.

Brett also seems to be on the same page as Diddy's son, Quincy Brown -- who says his dad's now a major player in the art world ... get used to it.

Dana White on 'Pawn Stars' Drops $69k On Samurai Swords ... For My 'Weapons Room'

Dana White is building a personal weapons room in his Vegas mansion (seriously) ... so he hit up the guys from "Pawn Stars" to buy a REAL combat-used samurai sword.

The UFC boss had a hard bargaining sesh with Chumlee and Big Hoss over a whole batch of blades -- which the guys claim can be traced back to the families of the samurais who used them.

And in a matchup of equally intimidating bald dudes, Dana and Rick Harrison negotiated for the final sword -- bringing his total bill to $69k.

White made hundreds of millions on the UFC sale -- so we think he'll be alright.

The real question ... what's Dana adding to his playhouse of destruction next?!

Chumlee Threatens to Sue Candy Man

Chumlee's in a battle for the domain name domination over his candy store ... and winning won't be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

The "Pawn Stars" star had his lawyers fire off a letter to Patrick Keys -- the current owner of and -- threatening to take legal action if he doesn't hand over the rights to the sites. Keys has no association to the brick and mortar store that Chumlee opened 2 months ago in Vegas.

Keys tells TMZ ... he's been making his living for 20 years buying and selling domain names, and when news broke in May that Chumlee was opening the candy store ... he made a smart business move by swiping the domains. He says he tried contacting Chumlee several times to work out a deal for the names, but never heard back.

Chumlee's legal team's not having it. His rep tells us ... cybersquatter Keys jacked their trademarks while Chumlee was in the process of planning a site ... and that's why the cease and desist letter.

Chumlee Dumping Infamous Vegas Party Crib

Chumlee's done partying his ass off ... in one spot anyway -- the infamous Vegas home where cops once found guns and weed is on the market.

The "Pawn Stars" cast member listed his 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom pad for a whopping $1,849,900. It's a sweet deal if he gets his asking price -- he bought it 5 years ago for $1.1 mil.

The 6,206 square foot pad has a pool, spa and guest house. It's really a bachelor's paradise where Chumlee famously partied hard ... until cops searched the house in March 2016 and found more than 120 grams of weed and 12 guns. He eventually got off with 3 years probation.

Kyle Gluhm from Realty ONE Group is listing the home, which includes the "Chum Chum" room ... stripper pole included. Strippers NOT included, we're guessing.

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Don't Invest In O.J. Stuff


Nothing hurts the value of an autograph like murder ... which is why O.J. Simpson's got a big problem on his hands, so says "Pawn Stars" honcho Rick Harrison.

With Simpson arguably more famous now than ever before, the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) asked Harrison if he expects a spike in demand for O.J. stuff.

But Harrison says the exact opposite will happen -- and says if Juice is planning on making crazy money doing autograph signings at sports collectors shows ... he's BADLY mistaken.

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Offers Tom Brady $100k for Stolen Jersey ... Straight Cash, Homie!


Does the criminal craziness surrounding Tom Brady's jersey INCREASE the value? We went to the expert -- Rick Harrison from "Pawn Stars."

Not only did Rick tell us why Tom's $500,000 valuation is likely waayyyyy off -- he also makes a cash offer to the QB if he's looking to part ways with it ... again.

Chumlee Plea Deal Tells It to the Judge ... I'll Be Good for 3 Years


Chumlee from "Pawn Stars" laid out his plea deal for the judge in his drugs and guns case, and left court one step closer to dodging a huge bullet ... aka jail time.

TMZ broke the story ... Chumlee's attorneys scored him a sweet deal where he'll get off without a single day behind bars for his arrest for drug and weapon possession.

He was in a Las Vegas court Monday morning to lay out the terms for the judge -- 3 years probation, plus counseling ... and if he keeps his nose clean, the felonies will be dropped to misdemeanors. The judge still has to approve the deal.

Outside the courthouse, we asked Chumlee about his penchant for buying weed "in bulk" -- as he explained to cops when they raided his home.


Chumlee from 'Pawn Stars' No Sex Assault Charges ... Plea Deal for Guns & Drugs

Chumlee is dodging serious jail time in his drugs and guns case, and will NOT face any sex assault charges ... TMZ has learned.

The "Pawn Stars" cast member was busted back in March when Vegas cops raided his home during a sex assault investigation. TMZ broke the story ... cops say they found at least one gun as well as a bunch of marijuana.

According to docs obtained by TMZ ... the D.A. will charge Chumlee with felony possession of a firearm and felony possession of a controlled substance -- but the twist is ... his attorneys got him a sweet plea deal.

We don't know all the terms of the deal, but our sources say the big one is Chumlee will get probation and NO jail time. We're told the 2 felonies will eventually become misdemeanors once he completes probation.

As for the alleged sexual assault ... we're told police and Chumlee's attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, ran an exhaustive investigation. Both sides found there was not enough evidence to charge him.

We're told the judge still needs to sign off on the plea deal.

'Pawn Stars' Mayweather Loss Would Be HUGE For Vegas


The guys from "Pawn Stars" can spot a money making opportunity from a mile away -- which is why they believe a Mayweather LOSS would be HUGE for the city of Las Vegas in the long run.

Don't get it twisted ... Corey and Rick Harrison -- who were hangin' at the D Hotel -- told us they're rooting for the hometown guy, Floyd Mayweather ... but explain why Floyd taking the "L" would be MUCH BETTER for Sin City.

Check out the clip -- these guys make a pretty compelling case.

'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison I Dove Off My Bike at 40 MPH ... To Avoid Death!

Corey Harrison from "Pawn Stars" flung himself off a moving vehicle Saturday to avoid a MAJOR crash ... and the reality star miraculously lived to tell the tale.

Harrison's family and friends were throwing him a birthday party this weekend at his house ... but before the bash, he left on his motorcycle to grab a few supplies.

Corey says a piece of the bottom fender mount suddenly broke off ... sending his bike into a tailspin at 40 mph. The reality star was faced with two options -- fly into a nearby wall/oncoming traffic, or jump off the bike. He chose door #2.

Harrison was not about to let partygoers down ... so he chose to go to the party instead of the hospital. After the party he took a trip to the ER where he learned he had a broken hand. Doctors surgically placed 8 screws and 2 plates into his busted hand.

Corey couldn't celebrate the party he hoped to have Monday night at the D Hotel and Casino in Vegas ... so they ended up bringing the party to him ... at his humble abode.

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