Pitbull Educate Yourselves on Virus ... Don't Be Afraid of Information!!!


Pitbull is telling folks how we can come together and beat the coronavirus, and it's a simple concept -- knowledge is power!!!

The Miami rapper joined us Monday on "TMZ Live," and talked about Florida's response to the pandemic. He gives law enforcement and politicians high marks, and as for the spring break crowds on beaches and boats ... he believes they're coming around now too.

Pitbull suggests people stop running from the scientific facts about COVID-19 ... and use their time in quarantine to bone up on the pandemic, but don't scare yourself out of solutions.

Translation: If science says the solution is staying home ... just do it, even though it's gonna be hard.

Pit reminded everyone ... all the information is at your fingertips, right there in your smartphone. He's optimistic that more people will follow the guidelines ... but they just needed time to adjust.


As we've told you, Pitbull and Haim Saban's "Saban Music Group" collaborated for his new empowering anthem, "I Believe That We Will Win" ... and he's donating the profits to charities fighting COVID-19.

You can see more with Pitbull on Monday's "TMZ Live" episode -- but his bottom line's pretty clear ... it's time for humanity to come together to get through this dark time.

Eric Roberts Quarantine Is Like Vacation ... But Coronavirus Screwed My Movie Opening!!!


Eric Roberts likes being stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, but there's one thing he's struggling to replace ... his morning gym routine!!!

The veteran actor joined us Monday on "TMZ Live" from the comfort of his own home, where's he's holed up for the next several weeks. Professionally, this is horrible timing for Eric ... we asked him about movie theaters shuttering within days of his new flick coming out.

"Inside The Rain" opened in theaters last week, and Eric told us it ain't great seeing empty theaters after pouring his blood, sweat and tears into a film.

The entertainment shutdown is also impacting his family because his stepson, singer Keaton Simons, was supposed to play Stagecoach. Obviously, that ain't happening until October.

Eric says all of his pending projects -- he has several dozen hanging in the balance -- are on hold for at least the next 2 months. In the meanwhile, he's settling in at home, and actually enjoying the break.

He says he's treating it like a staycation, but the toughest adjustment has been NOT going to the gym every morning. They've all been forced to close their doors in California.

Still, Eric gets it, and says he's being extra careful because he's a granddad.

Pete Buttigieg Bernie Bros Gotta Get with Biden ... It's Life Or Death!!!


Pete Buttigieg is urging Bernie Sanders supporters to get on board with Joe Biden, and quickly, because -- clearly referencing the coronavirus response -- he says it's a matter of life or death to defeat President Trump.

The former Democratic presidential candidate joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" and pushed for unity within the Democratic party as Biden and Sanders prep for Sunday's debate. Up to this point, many Bernie backers ain't warming up to Biden, but Pete says now's the time for that to change.

He says the debate will be tricky waters for both candidates to navigate, because if they both go for the jugular ... Trump will be the only winner.

The way Pete sees it, the differences between Biden and Bernie are molehills compared to the mountainous divide across the aisle -- and he says Trump is failing to keep American lives safe in the face of the deadly pandemic.

Pete explained how Dems can be smart about the election, and lays out the consequences -- in his eyes -- of Bernie bros not voting Biden.

Jordan Belfort Madoff Deserves Life in Prison ... No Way He Gets Out Early!!!


Jordan Belfort's not showing Bernie Madoff any sympathy following his request to get out of prison early, due to a terminal illness ... and he doesn't think the judge will either.

The "Wolf of Wall Street" has some history with the notorious Ponzi scheme mastermind, but he tells TMZ regardless of that ... the notion of Madoff getting released -- when he was sentenced to 150 YEARS -- is utterly ridiculous.

Belfort says Madoff got a life sentence for a reason -- because his crimes were horrendous, staggeringly affected people's lives and resulted in suicides ... including his own son's. Jordan doesn't see any justifiable reason to let a guy like that off the hook, even if Madoff claims he only has 18 months to live because of kidney failure.

As for their personal beef ... Belfort reminds us Madoff went after him when Bernie was the chairman of NASDAQ. Jordan admits that was justified, but says Madoff was just diverting attention from his own heinous crimes ... the ultimate hypocrite move.

Belfort concedes he'd be willing to cut Madoff some slack if he initially received a shorter sentence and had served a large chunk of it, but life is life, and that's the point ... according to the Wolf.

Bob Harper We Want 'Off Scale' Victories On New 'Biggest Loser'

biggest difference is ...

Bob Harper says what makes the 'Biggest Loser' reboot a big winner is what happens AFTER the contestants go home ... when the real work begins.

The host of the new 'BL' was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday, and while they're still going to have weight loss competitions ... he says the contestants will also be getting a huge helping hand whenever their time on the show ends.

The fitness guru also emphasizes the reboot's done away with "temptation challenges" and vote-offs. Bob explained there's a concerted effort to give contestants the necessary tools to continue a healthy lifestyle at home and on their own.

Arguably, that's the toughest part for most of the 'BL' cast ... according to Bob. The show's now airing Tuesday nights on USA and, overall, he says you can expect a "kinder, gentler" approach to slimming down.

BTW ... Bob's got no beef -- literally and figuratively -- when it comes to the term "weight loss" and he explains why it's NOT taboo to say so ... for him, at least.

Lala Kent & Randall Emmett Meryl Streep Big Timed Us at SAG!!! But for De Niro, So ...


"Vanderpump Rules" stars Lala Kent and Randall Emmett can wear it like a badge of honor now, 'cause the way they got subtly dissed by Meryl Streep ... turned out to be pretty epic.

Lala and her fiance were on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and we asked them about rubbing elbows with Meryl Sunday night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. If ya missed it, Lala was giddy about getting seated near Meryl and Adam Driver inside the Shrine Auditorium.

Her social media totally blew up when viewers saw her proximity to Queen Meryl -- but Lala and Randall told us things went a little south when they tried to get up close and personal.

You gotta see them describe the moment Randall tried to make an introduction. Not every day your moment gets hijacked by the likes of Robert De Niro!!!

Turns out producing "The Irishman" -- as Randall did -- is a lot easier than producing a pic with Meryl.

The good news ... Lala and Randall still got their photo op, even though it was just in the background of Iain Armitage's pic with Meryl.

Lala and Randall are hoping they get a second shot with their new podcast, "Give Them Lala ... With Randall." They have a few Oscar winners on their wish list of guests.

Watch the clip to see Lala prove she's ready for an Al Pacino sit-down!

If they can keep De Niro away, that is.

'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd I Don't Get The Hate ... Over Photo With Trumps


Kelly Dodd is unsure why folks on the Internet are so triggered by her photo with Donald Trump's sons ... saying all Americans need to embrace people with different views.

The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday, defending her decision to snap a photo alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump and questioning why it's got people in such a huff.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kelly was in Florida for the wedding of Fox News personality Jesse Watters and Emma DiGiovine.

As you know ... Kelly's getting dragged on social media for rubbing elbows with the President's sons -- and DTJ's GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, at a wedding in Florida.

Kelly tells us she didn't give much thought to taking a pic with Don Jr. and Eric -- she just thought it would be cool -- and adds she's been blindsided by the backlash.

Look, Kelly's not the first person to get slammed for associating with the Trumps or the GOP these days ... and she thinks the outrage is totally un-American, for a number of reasons.

It's a pretty interesting conversation ... and Kelly even borrows one of Trump's favorite lines to explain her position.

Adam Carolla Stop the Intolerance!!! ... And BTW, Back Off, Congress


Adam Carolla resents people telling him what to think and how he should speak his mind, so speak his mind he did on "TMZ Live."

Adam's got a new movie out -- "No Safe Spaces" -- which deals with the intolerance in America and the cancel culture which he says is out of control.

Adam thinks we've gotten soft because we coddle everyone who feels aggrieved. He's especially critical of what goes on on college campuses, where students have a super strong sense of entitlement.

And, there's something else -- we got into it with Adam over Congress putting the squeeze on Mark Zuckerberg to scrub Facebook of posts that contain lies. Congress is not Adam's gatekeeper of choice ... not by a long shot.

Andrew Yang Rips Trump Over Russia ... I Have the Right Tone for Putin!!!


Andrew Yang's done his research, and knows there's no way to completely stop foreign interference in elections, but says there's still a right way to respond ... and President Trump ain't cutting it.

In the wake of a strong showing in the latest Democratic Presidential debate ... Yang joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" to tell voters why he'll get tough with Vladimir Putin and any other foreign leader who tries to screw with our elections.

Yang said he views Russia's meddling in the 2016 election as an act of hostility and aggression, one he wouldn't take lightly if he's in the Oval.

He's already thinking about who he'll need by his side to get to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. -- as in, who's gonna be his running mate. It's clear Yang's working on a short list, and gave us the criteria for his Veep.

Best of all, Andrew gave us his best Rocky impression.

Something happened during Thursday night's debate that had him feeling very Stallone-esque.

It might not be the best impression, but the guy's got personality, for sure. Cut him, Mick!

Orlando Jones I'm Fighting Same Battle as Gabrielle ... Execs Trying to Keep Us in Our Lane!!!


Orlando Jones says he and Gabrielle Union now find themselves in the same boat ... speaking out against workplace injustice, and unfair firings, at the hands of the same production company.

The former "American Gods" star came on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to fill us in on his convo with Gabrielle ... after they initially connected through social media posts about his firing from the Starz drama.

'Gods' and 'AGT' are both produced by Fremantle Media, and Orlando says he and Gabby are in very similar situations -- they spoke up at work, and suddenly they were both shown the door. In his case, he says the trouble started with a dispute over his writing credit on 'Gods' ... as a member of the Writers Guild.

As we reported ... Gabrielle said she had no qualms risking her job in the name of fighting against misogyny and racism. She's urged others in her situation to NOT "be the happy negro that does the bidding of the status quo."

'Gods' execs did offer a public explanation for his firing, but watch ... he told us exactly why it doesn't add up.

R. Kelly Joycelyn's Tell-All Posts Don't Add Up For Accuser Lisa Van Allen


R. Kelly accuser Lisa Van Allen isn't convinced the singer's alleged sex slave, Joycelyn Savage, really has flipped -- because she claims some of the purported tell-alls doesn't make sense.

Lisa broke down the allegations from Joycelyn's new Patreon account, and told us Monday on "TMZ Live" ... "condoms" set off an alarm. Lisa, who was featured on "Surviving R. Kelly" said "Rob," as she calls him, just doesn't use them.


She added, Joycelyn referring to someone "letting her speak" is odd, because with Kelly locked up, who'd be pulling the strings financially? Watch the clip ... there were even more clues.

Now, don't get it twisted ... Lisa says she still believes the singer's done horrible things to multiple women -- she just doesn't buy Joycelyn's actually speaking freely now.

Lisa's also got beef with Lifetime when it comes to "Surviving R. Kelly: The Aftermath." She laid out her reasons for rejecting the announced 4-hour-long follow-up series.

'Jeopardy!' Champ Brad Rutter I'm Slight Fave Over Ken Jennings In 'GOAT' Tourney, Here's Why ...


Brad Rutter says he came out on top in previous battles with fellow "Jeopardy!" champ Ken Jennings thanks to a little luck, but Ken got the biggest break of all ... from the TV gods.

Rutter -- the highest money winner of all time on the game show -- joined "TMZ Live" Thursday to talk about his storied rivalry with Jennings ... which is set to be renewed on the upcoming 'Greatest of All Time' tournament.

Brad reminds us his past matchups with Ken were very close and could have gone either way, but points out that you make your own luck too. So, yeah ... fair to say he's suggesting he's a LITTLE better, and that's why he's slightly favored over Jennings.

Despite their history, and the fact Rutter's never lost a match (to a human, anyway), Jennings is the more famous of the 2 "Jeopardy!" champs.

Why? Brad has a pretty solid explanation -- face time equals fame ... and Ken was lucky to get more of it.

It's all in good fun, of course ... Brad tells us he and Ken are friends outside the show, and a very notable butt-kicking they both received brought them closer together. Like we said, Brad's undefeated ... if you don't count robots.

Rutter also says Alex Trebek is doing an astounding job hosting the game show despite dealing with pancreatic cancer ... and marvels how he seems to be getting better.

"Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time" will air in January, and it should be noted -- recent phenom James Holzhauer will be the third champion looking to take the title from Brad and Ken.

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