Olympian John Carlos Rips Trump He's 'Created Nothing But Divide'


John Carlos -- the Olympian who famously raised his fist at the '68 Games -- is speaking out strongly against President Trump ... saying he's bad for America and needs to go.

"You've created nothing but divide and dissent and anger and hatred toward the American citizen," Carlos said on "TMZ Live" Friday -- which happens to be the 52nd anniversary of the famous Olympic moment.

The former track star says he's disgusted with Trump's personal attacks against Kamala Harris and other women ... and is asking voters to rise up and do something about it!

"I would just applaud anyone and everyone who has the right to vote to get out and vote."

"Get the vote in because it's the most critical time in world history."

The 75-year-old has also come out with a series of COVID masks that feature his iconic clenched fist and the words, "We Are One" over the American flag.

Carlos says he made the masks for 2 reasons -- 1, to keep people safe. And 2, to send a strong message about the role of Black people in America.

"We are defining the American flag. We are stating that 'Hey we didn't ask to come to America. We were brought here against our will. We have significant history in America in terms of building this nation and we're here to let you know that we are not leaving America. We will be here through America's end."

Killer Mike People of Color Can Thrive Again ... Come Bank at Greenwood!!!


Killer Mike's evoking the spirit of the historic Greenwood District with his new bank, which he says is going to help Black and Brown people take the power of their earnings back ... and set them up for future success.

The rapper's launching a digital bank called Greenwood -- named after the Tulsa, Oklahoma business district known as Black Wall Street, where the 1921 race massacre occurred -- in an effort to rebuild its legacy in modern times.

Watch the clip, because he lays out examples of how Greenwood can help working-class people and others -- who have been shunned by traditional banks -- and turn them into business leaders for generations to come.

Not only is the Atlanta hip-hop star on a noble crusade for his people, but he strongly believes his bank model will be followed by larger institutions once they see its potential, and say what you will about capitalism ... Mike's all for it.

Greenwood began accepting applications for accounts last week and received tens of thousands of application within 24 hours, so things are definitely looking good for its January 2021 launch.


Along with promoting his digital bank, Killer Mike also shouted out one of his heroes, Ice Cube, on "TMZ Live" for his bravery and leadership regarding Cube's "Contract with Black America."

If you missed it ... the rapper's taking some heat for working with Trump's administration on a plan to pump $500 billion dollars into Black communities and improve access to jobs and education, with critics accusing him of being used by the President.


Ice Cube scoffed at those claims and insisted he's only focused on improving Black lives and is willing to work with anybody ... something Killer Mike clearly understands and applauds.

TLC's T-Boz The Biz Turned On Us After Left Eye Died ... But it's All Good!!!


Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins says there's no doubt the industry abandoned TLC after the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, but she wants to make it clear she's got no beef with anyone ... except maybe one guy.

T-Boz -- one half of the popular girl group which still includes Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas -- tells TMZ ... the recent comments she made on a podcast aren't as incendiary as they seem, she was just stating facts fans might not know about the biz.

Her remarks, on "Hollywood Unlocked," especially took aim at famed record exec L.A. Reid for allegedly bailing on the group. T-Boz isn't backing down from that, but says it wasn't because Reid didn't believe in the group.

Check out her explanation, and what's perfectly clear is she hasn't gotten over whatever went down between Reid and her.

As for the rappers T-Boz called out -- Drake, T.I. and Nelly, among others -- for backing out of the 2014 Super Bowl Blitz with TLC ... she says that was actually a blessing.

If you don't remember, that SB performance was a major TLC comeback, and T-Boz says she doesn't blame the artists for not wanting to rock with them at that time.

And, this should rock TLC fans -- T-Boz told us she just found out 2 days ago that "No Scrubs" is now ... 5-times platinum!!!

Breonna Taylor 'It Was Her' Doesn't Mean She Fired Gun ... Lee Merritt Breaks Down New BF Video


Breonna Taylor's boyfriend's words -- captured by body cameras moments after the deadly raid -- will loom large in a potential federal case against the cops who killed her ... according to Lee Merritt.

The famed civil rights attorney joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday to discuss 2 crucial takeaways from the newly released body cam vids ... and both focus on Kenneth Walker's statements to Louisville cops on the scene.

In the video, Kenneth repeatedly tells cops he and Breonna didn't know it was police busting into her apartment. When an officer asks which of them fired at cops, Kenneth says, "It was her. She was scared." It's about one minute into this clip.


Lee says that might seem to create some uncertainty about who fired the shot that hit Louisville PD officer Jonathan Mattingly -- Breonna or Kenneth -- but he adds the video also shows Kenneth very emotional and under intense duress.

Since the night of the raid, Lee says Kenneth has insisted he's the one who fired his legally-owned 9mm handgun. He provided some insight into why Walker said otherwise as he was being arrested on the scene.

The other thing the videos reveal is the immediate confusion as to whether police announced they were law enforcement. As you know, a dozen neighbors said they did not. Merritt says the obvious emotion in Kenneth's voice as he repeatedly told police, "We didn't know who it was" adds credibility to his side of the story.

Although the grand jury did not indict any of the officers for killing Breonna ... Lee says they're still pushing for federal charges -- and that will likely hinge on whether police ID'd themselves.

'Dreams' Skateboarder Chugs Huge Ocean Spray Because ... Still In Awe of New Truck!!!

can't believe it!

Nathan Apodaca -- AKA the Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- has a couple of huge reasons to smile today, as well as an explanation for why he chugs huge bottles of cranberry juice.

Nathan was on "TMZ Live" Wednesday talking about how his life's changed dramatically since uploading that now-viral skateboarding clip to TikTok. He calls it a blessing, because it led to him getting that brand new truck, delivered Tuesday by Ocean Spray.

As we told you ... Nathan said the donations that poured in shortly after would be used possibly for a new ride, but then he got Ocean Spray's gift. By the way, he told us how his first drive went in the truck went -- it's gonna make ya smile.


Nathan says his family had been talking about saving money for his daughter's upcoming 16th bday party and getting a new place. Now, they're plans are changing ... for the better.

As for why Nathan sips on that large 64 oz. jug of his fave beverage while skateboarding -- it's pretty simple. It's all about time, size and value. Doggface (his TikTok handle) broke it down for us, and reacted to rumors Travis Scott even wants to collaborate with him now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mick Fleetwood definitely gets it.

Dr. Robert Wachter Trump 'Roid Rage' Concerns Legit ... Scary Combo with COVID


Americans should absolutely be concerned the man with our nuclear codes is on steroids, because the reality is President Trump's judgment could be impaired ... according to Dr. Robert Wachter.

Dr. Wachter, considered the father of the hospitalist field, joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and told us older COVID patients sick enough to be hospitalized have a decent chance of experiencing cognitive problems.

He added ... coupling that with steroids increases the odds POTUS might not be thinking straight.

Dr. Wachter, who's the chair of UC San Francisco's Dept. of Medicine, says Trump could be experiencing euphoria or sometimes even mania due to the steroids ... which might explain some of the President's recent tweetstorms. Let's be honest, its hard to tell.

Just to give you an idea how impairing steroids can be ... Dr. Wachter says the FAA wouldn't allow the Prez to fly a plane -- if he were a pilot -- due to his steroid dosage.

The hard part for President Trump's doctors has everything to do with the patient himself ... and this good doc told us what they're up against.

Desmond Meade No One's Buying Ex-Felon Votes in FL ... Not Bloomberg or Anyone Else!!!


Michael Bloomberg isn't the only one donating money to help thousands of ex-felons regain the right to vote in Florida, because the movement is NOT about politics ... according to one of its advocates.

Desmond Meade of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live," and told us the $25 million his organization raised to allow former felons to vote in the election came from folks across the country ... and before Bloomberg donated a dime.

While the billionaire is grabbing headlines for adding $16 mil to pay the court fines and fees necessary for the Sunshine State's ex-felons to vote ... Desmond says his coalition is making an impact thanks to a grassroots approach encompassing over 88,000 donors.

Some of the donors you know, like Ariana Grande, Michael Jordan and LeBron James ... but Desmond says lots of non-famous Americans donated their hard-earned money.

The problem with Bloomberg's name getting attached, Desmond says, is the political spin that follows. He's adamant none of the ex-felons getting voting rights restored should feel beholden to vote how donors vote.

This is the first time former felons can vote in Florida, thanks to the passage of Amendment 4 back in 2018, and Desmond tells us why it's beneficial to both sides of the aisle.

Daymond John Get Ready for Black Entrepreneurs Day ... $25,000 for Your Biz!!!


Daymond John is dropping knowledge and giving away money through a brand new venture he's cooking up, and he has a ton of celebs ready to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs.

The "Shark Tank" star filled us in on his latest initiative called Black Entrepreneurs Day, telling us how folks can get $25,000 to help their small businesses.

It's pretty cool ... Daymond's got a dream team of celebs, who are also very successful business people. Shaquille O'Neal, Gabrielle Union, Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J will be with him to share experiences and advice in a series of one-on-one conversations.

Daymond and co. will be streaming live for Black Entrepreneurs Day on Oct. 24 and you can tune in and take notes on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.

Check out Tuesday's "TMZ Live" to see more from Daymond about how he put this huge event together -- and you can apply for one of the $25k grants starting today at blackentrepreneursday.com.

The winners will be announced at the inaugural Black Entrepreneurs Day.

Van Jones New Probation Law is 'Transformative' ... Great Things Happening!!!


Van Jones can't stop smiling about the REFORM Alliance's big win -- the new law he says will improve the lives of tens of thousands of Californians ... and it's just the start, he hopes.

The REFORM CEO and esteemed news commentator joined "TMZ Live" Thursday, still riding high after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the AB 1950 bill into law ... which Jones calls a "transformative" piece of legislation.

Van says it's all about giving people a fair shot and setting them up for success, and gives props to Newsom for working with REFORM to make a much-needed change to the state's probation system.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... the new law limits adult probation sentences to a maximum of 1 year for a misdemeanor, and 2 years for felony offenses. Van says ideally, this will lower petty probation violations and keep people from going back to prison when they're not even committing crimes.

More importantly, Jones says the law is set up to give people in the criminal justice system a "springboard to success, and not a trap door into failure" ... in order to lead productive lives after they've done their time.

Jones also believes this progress is a result of all the protesting for change, and even though the alliance was founded by big names like Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Michael Rubin and Robert Kraft ... everyone involved in the movement helped.

Van tells us this is real change happening right before our eyes, so don't sleep on it ... the tens of thousands of people it will positively affect sure won't.

Rev. Al Sharpton Trump's 'Proud Boys' Messaging ... Opens Door to Violence at Polls


President Trump refusing to condemn white supremacists and continuing to undermine confidence in the election has Rev. Al Sharpton concerned about division and voter intimidation.

Sharpton was on "TMZ Live" Thursday to address the President's ominous words -- "Stand back and stand by" -- for alt-right group the Proud Boys ... and his apparent encouragement of supporters to take to the streets if he's dissatisfied with the election.

FOX News

According to Rev. Al, the message is clear -- Trump stands by white supremacy, and gave a hate group his stamp of approval Wednesday night.

Sharpton believes this could have dire consequences and deliver a blow to our democracy if voters are intimidated to go to the polls ... something he suggests is Trump's motive.

Al's not mincing words either -- he tells us there have been some bad U.S. Presidents, think slavery days, but he still feels 45 is now reaching an all-time low.

'Cake Boss' Star Buddy Valastro My Hand Injury Takes the Cake ... 'Worst Pain in My Life!!!'


"Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro is sparing no details of his horrific bowling accident, but says the gruesome injury's left him more grateful than ever ... for his family and the doctors who saved him.

Jersey's other Boss joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday to give his account of the freak bowling accident, telling us he's got a long road to recovery ahead due to severe tendon, nerve and muscle damage to his right hand.

Word of warning ... if you're enjoying a piece of cake -- or any food -- right now, finish up before watching Buddy's description of the pinsetter machine impaling his hand.

As we reported ... Buddy was bowling with his fam on their at-home alley and tried to fix the malfunctioning pinsetter. Buddy said the "blunt force" he felt as a metal rod repeatedly rammed through his hand was by far the worst pain he's ever felt.

He also revealed it wasn't just his hand that was severely injured 😬 ... and gushed about the amazing job his family did to free him from the evil machine to get him to a hospital.

As for the road to recovery ... the "Cake Boss" told us it's gonna be a long one -- but he said it's giving him a newfound appreciation for the medical pros doing miraculous work to fix his hand.

Sounds like renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michelle Carlson can expect a Christmas card, and probably a cake too!

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Cops in Breonna's Case Let Her Die ... Should Be Manslaughter


Breonna Taylor's family attorney Ben Crump wants the grand jury transcript released to see if prosecutors tried to make a case for charging the cops with involuntary manslaughter ... or simply let them off the hook.

The civil rights attorney joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday and tore into Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, and got heated about something the 3 officers did NOT do the night they raided Breonna's home and shot her.

Police reportedly failed to give Breonna medical aid for at least 20 minutes after riddling her body with bullets -- and Ben explained why, under the law, that amounts to involuntary manslaughter. The question he has is whether Cameron even presented that potential charge to the grand jury.


For now, Crump says there's only one way to know, and he's calling for public pressure on Cameron's office to release the grand jury transcript ... something Cameron said Wednesday he would not do.

Crump also has an issue with the witness who claimed to hear police announce themselves before entering Breonna's home and gunning her down. Watch the clip, and it should be clear why he, and others, feel it's crucial to know what Cameron said to the grand jury.

Bottom line for Crump ... the wanton endangerment charge against Brett Hankison for shooting into Breonna's white neighbor's house instead of a murder charge underscores what he sees as different justice systems for Black and white Americans.

D.L. Hughley SLAMS Kentucky AG Who Attacked Celebrities Celebs Care 'Cause We're Black!!!


D.L. Hughley wants Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to get something through his head -- celebs are invested in Breonna Taylor's case because they're BLACK. They also just so happen to be celebrities, not the other way around.

The comedian and author joined "TMZ Live" on Thursday and took issue with Cameron warning Kentuckians to not let celebrities, influencers and activists "capture our emotions" in wake of the Grand Jury's decision not to indict anyone in Breonna's death.

Cameron said, "There will be celebrities, influencers and activists who having never lived in Kentucky will try to tell us how to feel, suggesting they understand the facts of this case, that they know our community ... but they don't. Let's not give in to their attempts to influence our thinking or capture our emotions." By Cameron's logic, only those who live in Kentucky have earned the right to feel a certain way.

D.L. cites the great Martin Luther King, Jr. -- "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Point being ... you don't have to live in Kentucky to be a stakeholder.

D.L. says celebrities are speaking out first and foremost because Black celebrities have Black wives, Black daughters, Black nieces and nephews. His passion jumps off the screen.

But, the comedian -- like many pro athletes and other famous folks -- are outraged that, as he puts it, "the holes in the wall are getting more justice than the holes in our bodies."

BTW ... if you want to read a GREAT book about social justice and racism, read his book, "White People Surrender."

Bishop Talbert Swan Trump Blowing 'Anarchist' Smoke ... Distracting Voters from Racial Equality Issue


President Trump's trying to keep voters' eyes off the prize of racial equality -- at least that's how NAACP leader Bishop Talbert Swan is viewing Trump's latest defunding threat.

The President of the NAACP's Springfield, Massachusetts chapter, joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live," and ripped POTUS for threatening to pull federal funds from Seattle, Portland and NYC ... cities he's now labeled "anarchist jurisdictions."

Swan pointed out the term "anarchist jurisdiction" has never existed in America, and believes the Trump administration made it up to rationalize his threat to cut federal funding to those cities. That threat is already facing legal challenges, but the Bishop told us it's also creating a distraction ahead of the election -- and he thinks that's exactly what the President wants.

He's imploring Americans to not lose sight of the mounting issues that truly matter -- racial inequality, coronavirus, the economy and the possibility of a Supreme Court he believes will "attack every Civil Rights gain made in the last 100 years."

As you know by now ... Trump's set to nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement on the Supreme Court following RGB's sudden death.

Tarek El Moussa Run it Back ... I'd Do a New Show with New Bae!!!


Tarek El Moussa is a glutton for punishment -- at least that's what HE joked as he revealed he'd love to work side-by-side with wife-to-be, Heather Rae Young.

The "Flipping 101" star joined "TMZ Live" Thursday, and said, yeah ... he's down to walk that familiar path again of shooting a TV show with his spouse. He told us Heather -- who's on the Netflix show "Selling Sunset" -- tends to be with him nearly 24/7, anyway, so why not do a show with her?

Well, naysayers would probably remind Tarek about his ex-wife and "Flip or Flop" costar, Christina Anstead. They enjoyed incredible success together before a very public 2016 split that ultimately led to their 2018 divorce.

To their immense credit, they not only remained friends but also costars. That being said, Tarek says shooting a show as spouses did NOT lead to their divorce ... so he's not worried about working with Heather.

Christina, of course, has more than moved on. She and Ant Anstead welcomed a baby boy a little over a year ago.

As for Tarek ... he and Heather have been engaged for 2 months now, and their wedding's pretty much planned out. Except for one not-so-tiny detail.

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