Boris Kodjoe Squat's Happening??? Fitness Challenge at TMZ


Boris Kodjoe brought his new fitness app to life at the TMZ office to show how simple it can be to improve your health, but we proved to be tough customers.

The "Station 19" star dropped in Friday with his brother, Patrick, on "TMZ Live" to promote KOFIT, the health and wellness app he launched this summer with his wife, Nicole Ari Parker, along with his bro and his wife.

Boris lays it all out -- this app's perfect for both busy folks on the go or people who feel intimidated going to the gym ... and it only takes 5 minutes a day to get in good shape.

Still, the prospect of squeezing in some basic exercises at the office proved too much for TMZ Sports producer, Michael Babcock ... but Boris is a great salesman.

The Kodjoe bros corralled a couple other TMZ staffers for squats and desk push-ups to show that the workout's so easy ... even a Babcock can do it.

Check out KOFIT wherever you get your apps.

El Paso Shooter Father is Therapist, Treats Shooting Victims ... Like Singer Eric Keyes


Singer Eric Keyes says he was at a loss for words when he found his therapist -- who helped him battle PTSD after getting shot -- is the father of the El Paso gunman.

Eric was on "TMZ Live" to talk about the ironic twist. He told us he was in tears when he found out that his mental health counselor, Bryan Crusius, had to cancel a weekly appointment to deal with his own family tragedy after his son, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, gunned down 22 people inside a Walmart.


Eric, a Texas guitarist and singer, was shot in 2012 at point blank range when a gunman showed up at his house. He said he can't imagine what Bryan's going through, especially when tragedy hits so close to home.

Bryan's had Eric's back for some time now -- he started a GoFundMe campaign for the musician last October after the shooting left him with permanent injuries, like nerve damage in his left arm which meant he couldn't play guitar anymore.

Eric says Bryan helped him overcome his crippling PTSD, and now he just wants to help do the same for him.

Ian Ziering New '90210' is Gonna Kick Butt, But ... It's Not What You Think!!!

9021Oh Really?

The highly anticipated reboot of "Beverly Hills, 90210" isn't just another cookie-cutter play for nostalgia -- it's taking the idea in a bold new direction ... and Ian Ziering thinks you're gonna love it.

The guy who played Steve Sanders on the wildly popular '90s TV show joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday and broke it down so viewers know what to expect ... as much as possible anyway.

From the sound of it, it's not quite "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and not quite "Desperate Housewives" ... but somewhere in between for the stars of '90210' who've reunited for the project.

As you know ... all the major players -- Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling -- are back along with Ziering. The exception is Luke Perry, who sadly passed earlier this year.

Ian says the new show -- with the slightly tweaked title, "BH90210" -- will highlight the differences between the actors' real lives and the characters they play on screen ... but with a twist.

He also touches on how surreal it was to gather with his costars back at the ol' Peach Pit after all these years -- especially when Ian's moved on quite a bit from his Sanders character, now starring in and producing a new movie called "Zombie Tidal Wave."

Seems like the group had a ton of fun filming the 6-part miniseries together, and don't worry ... the classic theme song is back too. Check it out Wednesday night on FOX.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger Gun Laws Have to Change It's on Congress to Find Common Ground


Congressman Adam Kinzinger is having an epiphany after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton -- saying it's time to change some gun laws, and time to say screw partisan politics.

The GOP lawmaker from Illinois was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to discuss last weekend's domestic terrorism -- resulting in 31 deaths -- and why it compelled him to do an about-face on 2 key points on gun control. He's now supporting universal background checks -- a House measure he voted against earlier this year -- and raising the gun purchasing age from 18 to 21.

Kinzinger says he's fully aware his new views could potentially hurt him politically, but he doesn't care. Just as importantly, he strongly believes there's a way for Democrats and Republicans to come together on this issue.

You've gotta see what Kinzinger is proposing because, honestly, it's refreshing to hear from anyone in Washington, DC.

Kinzinger makes no bones about it ... he's sick and tired of partisan politics when it comes to preventing future mass shootings.

He also has some advice for the media when it comes to covering these tragedies, and you can see that when the full interview airs on Tuesday's "TMZ Live" (click here for times).

Tulsi Gabbard Kamala Harris' Shot at Me 'Pathetic,' 'Cheap Smear'


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard got Senator Kamala Harris good during the Presidential debate Wednesday night, but Harris later shot back -- essentially calling Gabbard a loser -- so now the war begins.

Gabbard appeared on "TMZ Live" Thursday and blasted Harris for dismissing her as a one-percenter attacking a "top tier" candidate.

Watch the clip ... you hear the disdain in her voice as she calls the post-debate attack "pathetic" and a "cheap smear."


ICYMI ... Gabbard went after Harris for prosecuting marijuana users when she was California Attorney General. She also attacked Harris for withholding evidence in death penalty cases where the death row inmate was wrongly convicted. We asked if such attacks are below the belt if the candidate has evolved ... Gabbard stayed strong.

Gabbard's performance drew lots of attention ... she was the most googled of the candidates after the debate.

Roman Reigns WWE or Acting?!? That's An Easy Answer!!!


Breath easy, WWE fans ... Roman Reigns ain't leaving wrestling for his budding acting career. At least not yet.

Roman joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday and dude couldn't looked more HYPED talking about his role on "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw." If you've been living under a rock ... 'Hobbs & Shaw' is the first 'Furious' spin-off starring Roman's cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham.

It's Roman's first acting gig in Hollywood so naturally we had to ask -- if he had to choose, which route would he go, wrestling or Hollywood? The 34-year-old wrestler didn't skip a beat ... telling us he's got at LEAST 5 years left in the ring.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

'Hobbs & Shaw' has been highly anticipated for some time now and no doubt it has huge blockbuster potential with Friday's opening around the corner. But, does the film have enough horsepower to take down "The Lion King" and its MASSIVE $192 million opening weekend?

Roman's answer shows he's loyal, if nothing else.

Pete Buttigieg Good that Trump's Trying to Free A$AP, BUT ...


Pete Buttigieg is happy Donald Trump is trying to free A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail, but he couldn't be clearer -- that doesn't cancel out the damage the Prez has done to the African-American community.

Mayor Pete stopped by TMZ for an appearance on Friday's "TMZ Live" ... and he bore in on Trump, saying he's done enormous damage to African-Americans, but you still take what you get when you get it.

We asked Buttigieg about all sorts of stuff ... what his "Veep" would look like, whether we can be sanctimonious about Russian interference in the 2016 election when we invaded countries and installed brutal dictators around the world, whether celebs help or hurt candidates and ... his most cherished object.

Check out "TMZ Live" today.

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John Ratzenberger 'Toy Story' Films Toughen Kids Up ... Not So Bad When Grandpa Dies!!!


John Ratzenberger -- the voice of Hamm in the 'Toy Story' franchise -- says there's an upside parents don't think about when it comes to all the heartbreaking scenes in the films.

The actor -- also known as Cliff Clavin on "Cheers" before his days as a talking piggy bank -- joined "TMZ Live" Friday to talk about the newly released "Toy Story 4" ... and he answered a serious question in an unexpected and hilarious way.

Damn, John!!!

He makes a good point, though -- sadness is part of life, so maybe it's best to have children learn to work through it before an inevitable death of a grandparent.

Parents who aren't so sure can take solace, though ... Ratzenberger says the 4th installment isn't that sad.

John also reveals how director Josh Cooley was able to keep Don Rickles in the latest movie as the voice of Mr. Potato Head despite Don's passing in 2017. Pretty cool stuff.

"Toy Story 4" is out everywhere, and is on pace to rake in about $140 million for the weekend. Nothing sad about that, especially for Disney.

TMZ Live New Youth Baseball Vid ... Pregnant Woman Wielding Bat!!!


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Irv Gotti Kanye's New Track 'Brothers' ... We Put in 2 Years on This!!!


To say Irv Gotti's ecstatic to finally unveil Kanye West's new track on his show would be a severe understatement ... Irv's damn near losing his mind!!!

The Murder Inc. Records honcho joined "TMZ Live" on Thursday, and was visibly hyped about season 2 of his BET series "Tales" ... because it features new music from Ye. The track "Brothers" serves as the soundtrack for the episode ... and it's also the basis for the 2-hour episode's storyline.

Check out the clip ... Irv says the idea to work on this project was conceived back in October 2017. Way back then, Gotti hinted he and Kanye had "something enormous" coming ... but no one knew.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Irv captioned the post, "2 crazy. Out of the box thinkers. That only thinks about serving the world!! Hahah. Stay tuned. Great great great meeting of the minds."

And, here they are ... on the verge of dropping the new track AND a TV episode. Irv dished on what it was like to produce with Kanye and what he learned from a guy he says is "largely misunderstood."

For instance ... did you know Kanye likes to make it home in time for a family dinner? Check out Irv here ... and the "Tales" premiere on July 2.

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Josh Elliott ATV Crash On 'First Responders Live' ... Driver Miraculously Survived!!!


Josh Elliott is here with some good news on the out-of-control ATV driver who led police on a wild chase that ended with him getting SMOKED by another car ... the dude somehow walked away alive!!!

The host of the new FOX reality series "First Responders Live" tells us the man recklessly riding around Baton Rouge and eluding cops before a super scary wreck is miraculously on the road to recovery ... and it's all thanks to the police and paramedics the show's TV cameras were embedded with.

Josh's new show premiered on FOX last Wednesday and it quickly proved why it's a raw, in-depth look at first responders ... because viewers were given front-row seats as a police chase turned into a horrifying car wreck in the blink of an eye, which Josh says illustrates the interplay between cops, firefighters and paramedics.

'FRL' embeds cameras in several cities across the country, documenting a night in the lives of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others.

Check out our clip ... Josh explains why dumb luck plays a key role in the show, and tells us how fortunate the ATV driver is to be alive.