Jarrett Payton Taylor & Travis Are Real Deal ... I Saw Them Up Close!!!

Former NFL star Jarrett Payton has no doubts about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce bein' a couple ... and that's coming from the guy who got the viral video of them leaving the Chiefs game together.

Jarrett, the son of football legend Walter Payton, joined us on "TMZ Live" Monday to talk about his experience capturing Taylor and Travis leaving Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium together ... and he's telling us why there's real chemistry between them.


Jarrett's quick clip has quite the story behind it -- he says he was on the field filming coverage for Chicago's WGN and was heading to the car when he was stopped by security and told to wait there while they dealt with something ... or someone.

Luckily, he says he was told to stay put in the hallway ... and the 2 strolled past him not long after that.


He also thinks Travis gave him a bit of a look while walking out -- a total "come on, dude" kind of glance -- but Jarrett admits was like a kid in the candy store.

As you know, the internet's been going nuts over Taylor and Travis leaving together ... and the singer was also having a blast in a private box with Travis' mom, Donna, just hours before.

And for those of you who are convinced the 2 are an item, it sounds like Jarrett's right there with you on that one.

Do you think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the real deal, or just a PR stunt? Vote below.

Elon Musk's Neuralink Potential Cure for Brain Disorders, Paralysis ... Risks to Humanity Lurk, Too

Elon Musk's Neuralink is on the verge of beginning human testing, and the technology that could potentially help people suffering from all sorts of neurologic disabilities ... there's also potential for massive danger.


Dr. Marcello Ienca, a professor of artificial intelligence, joined us on "TMZ Live" to explain how Neuralink can advance medicine by light years ... tackling brain disorders that affect hundreds of millions of people, and even quadriplegia.

Dr. Ienca says the first human test groups will be patients living with paralysis, and he breaks down how it almost literally rewires the brain to do activities it previously couldn't.

However, there's also an alarming aspect that feels like an episode of "Black Mirror" -- Dr. Ienca says the Neuralink chip in someone's brain means a computer technically has access to their thoughts -- and if the computer has it, there's potential for other people around you to get it.

Yeah, think about it .. your spouse, coworker, neighbor and/or friend knowing all your thoughts. 😬

With the internet having a history of cybersecurity risks and privacy breaches, Neuralink comes with at least 1 red flag ... but Dr. Ienca points out why technology as revolutionary as this will always come with its share of risks.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Think Science Is Wack? Lemme Tell Ya About This Asteroid!!!


An asteroid the size of the Empire State Building has a slight chance of smashing into Earth, but Neil deGrasse Tyson says the fact scientists were able to recover samples of the space rock might be even bigger news.

Neil joined us Thursday on "TMZ Live" ... talking us through NASA's remarkable mission to send a probe -- dubbed the OSIRIS-REx -- to collect rocks and dust off the ancient asteroid known as Bennu.

What's amazing is that probe launched from Earth 7 years ago, aiming to hit a moving target ... and now it's expected to land this weekend in Utah!!!

Neil wants to make sure everyone's aware of just how spectacular this is -- he's throwing a little jab at the science deniers out there, too.

BTW, a new report revealed Bennu could hit Earth around 2182, but the odds of it happening are currently about 1 in 3,000 ... so we're probably good. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Of course, marveling at humankind's scientific accomplishments puts new perspective on what a potential alien species might be able to do.


Remember, governments and scientists around the world are taking UFO reports more seriously these days -- and Neil says there's plenty of reason to believe we're not alone in the universe.

But, check out his rationale for why they're probably not here among us.


And, in case ya forgot, NdT was singin' the same tune last month when we talked to him. Bottom line ... he hasn't seen enough tangible evidence to change his mind about aliens.

Not yet, anyway.


que gran momento para estar vivo

Un asteroide del tamaño del Empire State Building tiene una pequeña posibilidad de estrellarse contra la Tierra, pero Neil deGrasse Tyson dice que el hecho de que los científicos fueran capaces de recuperar muestras de la roca espacial podría ser una noticia aún mayor.

Neil se unió a nosotros el jueves en "TMZ Live" y nos habló de la notable misión de la NASA de enviar una sonda (OSIRIS-REx) para recoger rocas y polvo del antiguo asteroide conocido como Bennu.

Lo sorprendente es que la sonda se lanzó desde la Tierra hace 7 años con el objetivo de alcanzar un objetivo en movimiento ¡¡¡y ahora se espera que aterrice este fin de semana en Utah!!!

Neil quiere asegurarse de que todo el mundo es consciente de lo espectacular que es esto. Además, aprovecha de lanzar un pequeño golpe a los negacionistas de la ciencia.

Por cierto, un nuevo informe revela que Bennu podría chocar con la Tierra en torno a 2182, pero las probabilidades de que esto ocurra son actualmente de 1 entre 3.000... así que probablemente estemos bien. 🤷🏽‍♂️

revelando al alien

Por supuesto, maravillarse con los logros científicos de la humanidad pone una nueva perspectiva sobre lo que una especie alienígena potencial podría ser capaz de hacer.


Recordemos que los gobiernos y los científicos de todo el mundo están tomando los informes de ovnis más en serio estos días, y Neil dice que hay un montón de razones para creer que no estamos solos en el universo.

Sin embargo, échale un vistazo a su razonamiento de por qué probablemente no están aquí entre nosotros.

hay que hacerse cargo de lo que uno dice

En caso de que lo hayas olvidado, nuestro amigo estuvo afirmando las mismas teorías mes pasado cuando hablamos con él.

'Million Dollar Listing' Fredrik Eklund Launches First AI Real Estate Expert!!!


Former "Million Dollar Listing" star Fredrik Eklund says his new AI real estate expert isn't here to take jobs from agents like himself -- instead, he says this tech can spark market growth.

Fredrik joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" to introduce the world to Maya ... the world's first real estate guru completely powered by artificial intelligence. It's a product that took him and his team 18 months to get up and running, and he explained why he's so incredibly proud of what Maya can do.

He says Maya helps both sides of the housing market and even comes with her own personality -- and while you might think websites, like Zillow and Redfin, already simplify the home buying experience, Fredrik told us why Maya takes it to the next level.

Simply put ... the way you tour open houses is going to change dramatically in the next few years, and Fredrik believes Maya will be an integral part of that revolution.

AI has become a hot-button topic lately, with folks -- including Hollywood writers and actors -- worried the new tech will take peoples' jobs as it advances.

It might sound ironic for Fredrik to invent a tool that takes over some tasks that human agents have traditionally done for clients, but he fills us in on why he's not threatened by Maya. At least, not yet.


Un veterano condecorado con 40 años de experiencia nos cuenta cómo las misiones de combate cambiaron para siempre su función cerebral y afirma que su experiencia es un cuento con moraleja para todos los miembros de las fuerzas armadas y los médicos que los tratan.

Hablamos con el general Gregg F. Martin el martes en "TMZ Live" sobre sus memorias recién publicadas, "General Bipolar: My Forever War with Mental Illness" que narra su batalla personal. Como él explica, el trastorno bipolar en realidad puede desarrollarse con el tiempo.

La creencia generalizada es que la bipolaridad se hereda, pero el general Martin dice que no es tan sencillo. Dice que los médicos le dijeron que el gen del trastorno bipolar estaba latente en su cerebro hasta que las tensiones de las repetidas misiones de combate en Irak lo desencadenaron.

El General dice que sus episodios maníacos eran devastadores, y en algunos casos se creía literalmente Superman. No fue hasta que fue diagnosticado como bipolar 11 años después de salir de Irak que consiguió en los medicamentos adecuados y aprendió cómo el combate afecta a la bioquímica del cerebro.

El general Martin dice que no está solo. Muchos veteranos de este país han pasado por la misma situación, pero añade que el Departamento de Asuntos de los Veteranos es consciente y está atento a los síntomas del trastorno bipolar entre las tropas de combate.

Espera que su historia saque a la luz el problema y desestigmatice el tema de la salud mental en el ejército.

Bipolar General" está en las librerías de todo el mundo y también puede adquirirse por Internet.

'Bipolar General' Author Combat Triggered My Disorder ... Hidden Danger for Troops


A decorated 40-year veteran is opening up about how combat missions forever changed his brain function, and he says his experience is a cautionary tale for all service members and the doctors who treat them.

We talked to General Gregg F. Martin Tuesday on "TMZ Live" about his just-released memoir, "Bipolar General: My Forever War with Mental Illness" ... which chronicles his personal battle. As he explains -- bipolar disorder can actually develop over time.

Conventional wisdom is bipolarity is something you inherit, but Gen. Martin says it's not that simple. He says doctors told him the gene for bipolar disorder was dormant in his brain, until the stressors of repeated combat missions in Iraq triggered it.

The General says his manic episodes were devastating ... and, in some cases, he literally thought he was Superman. It wasn't until he was diagnosed as bipolar, 11 years after leaving Iraq, that he got on the right meds and learned how combat impacts the brain's biochemistry.

Gen. Martin says he's not alone -- far too many vets in this country have gone through the same situation ... but he adds the Veterans' Affairs Department is aware, and on the lookout for symptoms of bipolar disorder among combat troops.

He's hoping his story brings the issue to the forefront and destigmatizes the topic of mental health within the military.

'Bipolar General' is on bookshelves everywhere and available for purchase online too.

Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner Finally Said Hateful Remarks 'Out Loud' Says Guitarist Vernon Reid


Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid says Jann Wenner's comments about Black and female artists don't come as a total shock to him -- and he's calling on some white rock legends to speak out, but only if they keep it real.

Vernon joined us Monday on "TMZ Live," telling us why the Rolling Stone co-founder calling some iconic Black and female artists inarticulate was "staggering, but not surprising at all."

Keep in mind, Wenner was referring to people like Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Grace Slick.

If anything, Vernon's glad Wenner put, in his opinion, his true self out there for all to see.

Maybe the more shocking part is that Vernon says thoughts and feelings like Wenner's are not new to the music industry -- it's just rare for anyone to say it out loud.

TMZ broke the story ... Wenner was kicked out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Board of Directors after sharing his controversial thoughts in an interview with the NYT -- discussing his upcoming book, "The Masters," which highlights his interviews with 7 white, male artists.

In Vernon's opinion, folks in the book like Bruce Springsteen and Bono should speak out about Wenner's comments, on one condition -- that it comes from the heart, rather than issuing performative statements for PR purposes.

BTW, Wenner was asked in the interview why he left out so many other "masters" of rock and roll who aren't white men ... and he claimed Black performers aren't in his "zeitgeist," and said artists like Janis Joplin and Marvin Gaye just aren't articulate enough.

Cardiac Arrest Survivor I Was 'Sucked Out of My Body' ... Intense Experience After Flatlining

out-of-body experience

Several dozen cardiac arrest survivors are recalling eerily similar and bizarre experiences while dying -- and an author, who herself clinically died, is revealing her own encounter with the other side.

Author Mary Curran Hackett joined us Friday on "TMZ Live," recalling 1 of many cardiac arrests she says she's suffered over the years ... this one in 2004, when she flatlined in a hospital, and had a literal out-of-body experience.

During the ordeal, Mary says she felt calm while essentially being tapped into everything happening around her body -- from feeling the anxiety rising in her nurses' blood pressure, to seeing doctors leave another room in the hospital to come to hers.

According to Mary, she was fully aware during the minutes that her heart stopped but was seeing everything from a new perspective ... adding she felt at peace before being sucked back into her body.

Mary believes there are loads of unanswered questions about this fascinating and terrifying moment in people's lives, which is why she's working with Dr. Sam Parnia on his study of cardiac arrest survivors.

She says he's compiling their experiences in an upcoming book called "Lucid Dying" ... which sounds like a fascinating and revolutionary probe of the unknown -- what exactly happens to us when we die.

Writers Guild Official Rips Bill Maher For Bringing Back Show ... Help Your Staff w/out Crossing Picket Line

Bill Maher is taking it on the chin for bringing back 'Real Time' in the middle of the writers strike ... with one Writers Guild leader insisting Bill's misguided move won't weaken the union's labor stoppage.


WGA negotiating committee member Greg Iwinski joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" to push back against Bill's assertion that bringing back his show was necessary to help non-union staff members who are also feeling a severe financial crunch due to the strike.

Greg says Bill is not facing the same economic pressure as most crew members in Hollywood ... and he says he hasn't seen or heard of Bill helping the 'Real Time' crew pay for rent or groceries during the nearly 5-month-long strike.

Actually, Bill says he has provided "some assistance" to his staff ... but adds, some of them are still struggling, and that's why he's returning without his writers.

Meanwhile, Greg says the union is hustling -- with financial backing from some A-list celebs -- to support everyone affected by the strikes, including crew members who aren't writers ... and he rattled off several of those efforts.

His overall point is ... Bill could join those efforts, instead of crossing the picket line.

As we reported ... Bill announced Wednesday his show is returning later this month without writers, saying it was time to bring non-union folks back to work -- and the WGA quickly responded with plans to picket outside Bill's show.


While Greg's taking a pretty diplomatic approach here, actress Ellen Barkin had plenty of expletives for Bill when our photog got her in the Big Apple.


Bill's been critical of the strike recently and even called for California Governor Gavin Newsom to step in and do something to bring an end to the stalemate.

Now, Greg's calling out Bill and the studios, in much the same way ... and he tells us why those on strike will not go down without a fight.

Miembro de sindicato de guionistas Critica a Bill Maher por traer de vuelta su programa de TV

Bill Maher está recibiendo algunos golpes por traer de vuelta su programa 'Real Time' en medio de la huelga de escritores. No obstante, un líder del Gremio de Escritores insiste en que la medida equivocada de Bill no debilitará el paro laboral del sindicato.

lucharemos hasta el final

Greg Iwinski, miembro del comité negociador del WGA, se unió a nosotros el martes en "TMZ Live" para rebatir la afirmación de Bill de que traer de vuelta su programa era necesario para ayudar a los miembros del personal no sindicalizados que también están sintiendo una grave crisis financiera debido a la huelga.

Greg dice que Bill no se enfrenta a la misma presión económica que la mayoría de los miembros de Hollywood y que no ha visto ni oído hablar de Bill ayudando al personal de 'Real Time' a pagar su alquiler o sus comestibles en los casi 5 meses que van.

En realidad, Bill dice que ha proporcionado "alguna ayuda" a su personal, pero que algunos de ellos todavía están luchando, y es por eso que está regresando sin sus escritores.

Mientras tanto, Greg dice que el sindicato se está esforzando -con el apoyo financiero de algunas celebridades de primera fila- para apoyar a todos los afectados, incluidos los miembros del equipo que no son guionistas, y enumeró varios de esos esfuerzos.

Su punto general es que Bill podría unirse a esos esfuerzos, en lugar de cruzar la línea de la huelga.

Como informamos, Bill anunció el miércoles que su programa volverá a finales de este mes sin guionistas, argumentando que ya era momento de traer a la gente no sindicalizada de vuelta al trabajo. El sindicato de escritores respondió rápidamente con algunos planes para hacer huelgas fuera del programa de Bill.

Besa mi ***

Mientras que Greg está tomando un enfoque bastante diplomático aquí, la actriz Ellen Barkin disparó un montón de improperios para Bill cuando nuestro fotógrafo la encontró en la Gran Manzana.

seamos realistas

Bill ha criticado recientemente la huelga e incluso ha pedido al gobernador de California, Gavin Newsom, que intervenga y haga algo para poner fin al estancamiento.

Ahora, Greg critica a Bill y a los estudios del mismo modo... y nos explica por qué los huelguistas no se rendirán sin luchar.

Andrew Yang Biden Should Debate Other Dem Candidates ... U.S. Wants Someone New!!!


Andrew Yang says voters are disenchanted about President Joe Biden battling Donald Trump in an election day rematch ... which is why he wants to see the other Democrat candidates get some shine.

The former presidential candidate was on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, talking about why he wants Biden to go toe-to-toe in a debate with the 2 Dem challengers -- RFK Jr. and Marianne Williamson.

The way Andrew sees it, another round of 2020's political battle isn't what Americans want, especially with JB and DT both getting up in age. Hence, his push to shake things up.


As we reported, Williamson claims she's getting iced out of network and cable news outlets amid her campaign. For now, she's wisely relying on TikTok to spread word and help her cause.

Andrew says some news organizations are told to not give a spotlight to folks like Williamson or RFK Jr., but he's adamant the fair way to handle things is to give them a platform, too -- especially since they're polling higher than some Republican candidates.

BTW, Andrew left the Democratic party in 2021 and created the Forward Party, a centrist political organization that has been trying to make strides at the local level. His org already declared it won't be putting up a presidential candidate for 2024.

Andrew made the rounds this week when he had conversations with No Labels, another political org that focuses on bipartisanship and centrism ... but, for now, he's coy about whether he'd run for prez again.

nadie piensa que el prófugo es un héroe popular Dice U.S. Marshal retirado

no es un héroe

El hombre que se escapó de la cárcel en Pennsylvania y que actualmente está en la carrera no es el Robin Hood de la gente, y probablemente lo capturen pronto. Esas son las palabras de un ex U.S. Marshal.

Hablamos con Art Roderick el martes en "TMZ Live" y le preguntamos al veterano oficial— que ha trabajado en casos como este con anterioridad— si Danelo Cavalcante está preparado para eludir a las autoridades para siempre, teniendo en cuenta que ha estado sin capturar durante casi 2 semanas.

Roderick cree que el fugitivo será llevado ante la justicia, sin embargo, reconoce que las cosas están empezando a verse un poco complicadas teniendo en cuenta que su ubicación está en constante cambio. Además, la única forma de hacer el seguimiento es por medio de la gente que lo ha visto y pronosticando a donde se dirige.

Dicho esto, Roderick confía en que Cavalcante será detenido y que es sólo cuestión de tiempo.

Por supuesto, el último desarrollo es preocupante, Cavalcante se robó un rifle de una casa en un pequeño pueblo de Pensilvania. Así que ahora está armado y es peligroso, lo que sin duda complica las cosas.

el momento de la fuga

Roderick reconoce la gravedad de la situación, pero confía en que este tipo no quiere hacerle daño a nadie, lo más probable es que esté intentando huir del país.

A la pregunta de si los lugareños podrían aceptar su historia de bandido en la línea de los antihéroes estadounidenses como D.B. Cooper, Roderick responde que la gente de la zona sabe muy bien que no es un buen tipo y no lo aceptarán.

Para su información, Calvacante es un asesino convicto y se escapó de la prisión del condado de Chester en una de las fugas más descaradas en mucho tiempo.

Escaped PA Inmate Not Viewed as Folk Hero ... Says Retired U.S. Marshal


The man who escaped prison in Pennsylvania -- and who's currently on the run -- ain't no Robin Hood of the people, and he'll likely be caught soon ... so says a former U.S. Marshal.

We talked to Art Roderick Tuesday on "TMZ Live" and asked the veteran law enforcement official -- who's worked on cases like this one before -- if Danelo Cavalcante is primed to elude the authorities for good, considering he's gone uncaptured for almost 2 weeks.

Roderick tells us he does believe this fugitive will be brought to justice eventually, however ... he does acknowledge it's starting to look a little murky considering their ever-changing perimeters based on where this guy is spotted and where he might realistically be heading.

With that said ... Roderick is confident Cavalcante is going to be apprehended, and that it's just a matter of time.

Of course, the latest development is a concerning one -- Cavalcante snagged a rifle from someone's home in a small PA town. So, now, he's armed and dangerous ... which certainly ups the ante.


Roderick acknowledges the severity of the situation, but says he's confident this guy probably isn't out to hurt anyone -- in all likelihood, he's probably trying to flee the country.

On the question of whether locals might embrace his bandit-esque story -- in the vein of American antiheroes like D.B. Cooper -- Roderick halts that notion in its tracks, saying people in that area know damn well this isn't a good guy, and will not embrace him.

FWIW, Calvacante is a convicted murderer ... and he crab-walked his way out of Chester County Prison in one of the brashest escapes in a long time.

Bill Maher Newsom Needs to Step Up, Help End Showbiz Strikes!!!


Bill Maher is wondering why California's Governor is standing on the sidelines during Hollywood's economy-crushing labor disputes, and he's calling on Gavin Newsom to help hammer out a deal.

The 'Real Time' host joined us on "TMZ Live" and we asked him about the strike that's put his, and every other TV host's, staffs out of work for months now. Bill says this should be Gov. Newsom's time to shine by getting both sides in a room to find a quicker path to ending the work stoppage.

He also pointed out the obvious -- showbiz is one of California's biggest industries, so Gov. Newsom absolutely has a vested interest in fixing it.

Now, Bill says he is supportive of the writers -- hell, he IS one, and says he's not shooting his show out of solidarity -- but he also tells us some of the union demands get under his skin ... and lays out exactly why.

The HBO host also has strong thoughts on what's going on at college campuses around the country ... explaining why he's not surprised Harvard was just ranked the worst school for free speech.

Bill says it's part of an ever-growing echo chamber of sorts, calling it an extension of what has been playing out at corporate media outlets for decades, but he's got some solutions.

As always, Bill is equal parts funny, practical and blunt, and he's got a lot to say before he heads out to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a series of standup shows on Sept. 15-16 and Nov. 3-4.

Catch our full interview with Bill on Thursday's "TMZ Live."

Lil Rel Howery Bathroom Break Nearly Ruined My Proposal ... Beyoncé Had My Back!!!


Lil Rel Howery says an ill-timed trip to the men's room almost spoiled his marriage proposal during Beyoncé's concert ... and he's thanking her for stalling long enough for him to pop the question.

The comedian joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and told us all about how his engagement went down ... and why nature called at the most inopportune time.

Lil Rel proposed to his GF Dannella Lane at Beyonce's concert Monday night at SoFi Stadium, and he says Jay-Z and Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, advised him to do it when she sang "Love On Top" ... and they arranged to get the moment on the stadium's big screen.


It's funny, Lil Rel says he was waiting for the song for so long, he finally needed to break the seal ... and as soon as he got to the bathroom, "Love On Top" started playing.

Lil Rel says he finished his biz, and rushed back to his woman ... but he couldn't find their seats!!!

With the clock literally ticking, Lil Rel says he had to go back out and retrace his steps, and when he finally got back to his seats a cameraman was waiting ... and Beyoncé was motioning for him to get on with the proposal because she was dragging out the song. 😂

It all worked out, since Dannella said "Yes," and he tells us how the plan to propose really came together at the last minute. As for whether Bey's forgiven his tardiness ... we'll let him tell it.

Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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