Silento Busted in GA for Reckless Driving Cops: He Drove 143 MPH!!!


Silento's so famous he needed to drive 143 MPH to lose 10 cars following him after leaving the club ... at least that's what cops claim the rapper told them when they busted him.

The "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" rapper was arrested Friday around 3 AM in DeKalb, County Georgia after cops claim they clocked his 2020 BMW X3 sports SUV doing 143 MPH on Interstate-85, which is a 65 MPH zone.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops say they observed the car slowing down, changing lanes and swerving before pulling it over. Cops say when they approached the SUV, Silento rolled down the window, handed the cop his driver's license and said, "We ain't do nothing wrong."

The cop begged to differ ... telling the rapper his radar gun clocked him driving at dangerous speeds. Cops say when they asked him why he was driving so fast, Silento pulled the famous card and said "people be following me everywhere I go."


And, get this ... cops say Silento -- who said he'd just left a club where he was promoting his new track, "DXB Money" -- claimed he had the right to drive at those speeds and justified it this way -- "If there is like 10 cars following me, I can do 143 because I am not a regular person."

That answer apparently didn't fly with cops ... who arrested Silento for 1 count of exceeding speed limit, 1 count failure to maintain lane, 1 count of reckless driving and 1 count of improper stopping. He was taken to DeKalb County Jail.

Not a good look for Silento, who just last month was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a bizarre hatchet incident.

Elon Musk I'm Not Leaving California ... Despite Tesla Announcement


Elon Musk has said he's moving shop -- as in Tesla shop -- to the Lonestar State, but he said something Friday night that made us wonder if the plan's still a go.

We got the Tesla/SpaceX honcho in WeHo Friday night at Boa, and asked about a couple of things. Our photog wanted the lowdown on Elon's plan to divest himself of his worldly possessions, ala John Lennon's "Imagine."  We specifically asked about the legendary home he sold that was once owned by Gene Wilder.

Elon told us he sold it to Gene's nephew, on condition -- that he retains its character. Elon sold it under market, possibly because he's a big Wilder fan -- we're guessing "Willy Wonka."

As we reported, Elon's shedding 2 massive homes in California ... Gene's home which was listed at $9.5 million and another estate listed at $30 million.

As for the move ... it seemed Elon was moving to Austin, and he said a few days ago he planned to open a Tesla giga-factory in Texas.

But, Friday night we ask Elon, "Is that why you sold the house because you're taking Tesla out of California. Are You Leaving?" He replies, "No, I'm not."

Unclear what he means, but it seems like the Tesla giga-factory is a go.

Buffalo Bills Pilot Traces Logo Via Flight Pattern ... High Praise!!!

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Nobody circles the wagons AIR like the Buffalo Bills!!!

A proud Bills Mafia member took their fandom to new heights on Friday ... by perfectly tracing the iconic logo with their flight pattern ... and the end result is pretty freakin' cool!!!

Ironically enough, Josh Allen and the gang are prepping to face off against the god-awful New York Jets this weekend ... but that didn't stop this pilot from showing support from high up in the sky!!

You can catch the tracker here to see the whole thing in action ... and it appears the masterpiece took about an hour and a half to finish!!

As for the guys on the ground, it's been a solid season so far -- the Bills are 4-2 and sitting pretty at the top of the AFC East and can basically coast into the playoffs.

Not so bad of a 2020 for those crazy, table-assaulting, Zubaz-donning fans!!


Wild Porsche Crash Driver Wrecks Taycan at 118 MPH ... Speed Test Gone Wrong!!!


Divert your eyes, Porsche lovers -- this crash during a speed test of the new electric model is gonna hurt.

A man in Turkey got behind the wheel this month of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S -- it's an all-electric whip, so it's fast as hell, and he seemed so giddy about it he had a camera rolling. The speed test starts off just fine ... topping out around 120 mph ... but it had an ugly, dangerous ending.

Less than 20 seconds after hitting the throttle ... BOOM!!!

For some reason, the guy went hurtling into a roundabout and lost control. He was lucky enough to survive ... the Taycan was not as lucky. You can see significant damage to his ride and the concrete.

BTW, the Taycan starts around $185,000. Hope it was worth it, pal!!!

Paige VanZant Pissed at Car Thief You Left My Door Open In Rainstorm!!!

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@paigevanzant / Instagram

If you're gonna steal from Paige VanZant's Jeep -- at least have enough common courtesy to shut the door when you're done!!!

... especially in the middle of a rainstorm!

The MMA fighter says someone tried to ransack her vehicle Tuesday night -- but didn't shut the driver's side door when they finished ... and now the inside of her car is soaked!

"Listen, if you’re going to break in to my car -- please shut the door," Paige said.

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship star says she didn't leave anything of value in her car -- so no big loss. But, it sucks when someone breaks into your car -- you feel violated.

The good news for Paige ... karma caught up with her while picking up coffee later that day -- when someone picked up her check in a random act of kindness.

Paige says she was so moved, she paid it forward to the next guest in line ... and says she hopes the good people out there continue to cancel out the bad ones.

SSC Tuatara Supercar Hits 331 MPH ... 'Fastest Production Vehicle' Ever!!!

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The SSC Tuatara has officially been crowned the "fastest production vehicle" EVER ... this after the supercar hit a staggering 331 mph on a Nevada highway earlier this month!

The rocket-ship-on-wheels took off on Oct. 10 on State Route 160 just outside of Las Vegas ... with its sights set on crushing a world record.

And, after a week and a half of analyzing data and confirming times ... officials say the car did exactly that.

SSC says its 1,750hp Tuatara ran two test runs to pull off the accomplishment ... hitting 301.07 mph one way and then 331.15 mph on the way back for an average of 316.11 mph.

Officials say that feat is good enough to dub the car the fastest production ride of all-time ... topping the Agera RS's 2017 mark of 277.9 mph.

And, get this ... the dude who drove the Tuatara says it could've gone even faster!!

"The car wasn’t running out of steam yet," Oliver Webb said of when he got the ride to 331. "The crosswinds are all that prevented us from realizing the car’s limit."

By the way, check out footage of Webb hitting the 331-mph mark ... it's intense as hell!

As for if you want a Tuatara of your own to speed around in ... hope ya got a small fortune -- the supercars are known to sell for around $2 MILLION!!!

Saints Owner Gayle Benson Stopped Attempted Carjacking ... 'She Was Very Shaken'

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Saints owner Gayle Benson thwarted an attempted vehicle theft last weekend -- screaming at the perp until he fled -- and the team says she's "very shaken" over the incident.

It all went down in New Orleans while 73-year-old Benson was seated inside her car.

Cops say someone in a white Nissan Titan pulled up next to her around 2:15 p.m. on Oct. 10 ... and tried to get into her car.

Cops have NOT said what kind of car Benson was in at the time of the incident -- but she's a billionaire, so we imagine it was nice.

Officials are convinced the man intended to steal Benson's car.

But, when the man entered Benson's vehicle, according to, Gayle screamed at him -- and ordered him to exit immediately, which he did.

Cops say the man got back into his Nissan Titan and fled the scene.

Cops were called ... and while an investigation has been launched, no arrests have been made at this point.

Benson's rep issued a statement confirming the incident -- adding, "while she was very shaken at the time, she was unharmed and is doing fine."

"She wanted to send her sincere gratitude to the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department that responded so quickly and professionally."

Cops are asking anyone with information to come forward or hit up the Crimestoppers hotline at 504-822-1111.

Benson became the owner of the Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans in 2018 following her husband Tom Benson's death.

Cardi B Yeah I'm Back with Offset ... I'm a 'Crazy Bitch!!!'


Cardi B is confirming what our own eyes have been telling us -- she and Offset are back together, and to hell with that pending divorce.

During the rapper's birthday celebration last weekend and another outing in Atlanta together this week, they seemed way more like a happily married couple than exes moving on ... and Cardi says the reason is pretty simple.

@bobbylytes, @theestallion, @achontishanise / Instagram

Cardi denies she's gone back to Offset for attention, instead it's just that she's a "crazy bitch" who can't make up her mind. She says one day she's happy, the next day she wants to beat him up ... and then she starts to miss him all over again.

She adds ... "It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It's really hard not to talk to your best friend."

Of course, there's also a sexual reason too. Cardi put it bluntly -- "It's really hard to have no d**k."

Cardi also responded to haters accusing her of only taking her husband back because he bought her a brand new Rolls for her 28th bday. It's not an outright denial, but again it sounds more like Offset just has what Cardi wants ... in his pants.

Cardi also casually claimed she's not bipolar and even took a test to prove it.

As you'll recall, they've been through rocky patches before, and even though Cardi filed for divorce last month claiming their marriage was beyond repair ... she's seeing it differently now. Or at least today.

11-Year-Old Boy Busted for Jacking School Bus ... Went on Joy Ride, Cops Say

@lainetaylor / TikTok

A Louisiana kid put himself in the driver's seat of a vehicle where he'd normally be a passenger -- his school bus -- and there's video of him leading cops on a wild high-speed chase.

The unidentified 11-year-old boy was busted Sunday in Baton Rouge after cops say he somehow managed to start a school bus, and then fled from police when they tried stopping him. What followed, according to authorities, was an intense 45-MINUTE PURSUIT through city streets.

Cops say the kid taunted and flipped off officers as they gave chase, before eventually crashing into a tree. The real miracle here is the kid was okay, and was immediately arrested. Cops say he also hit 3 other vehicles along the way, but no one was seriously hurt.

As for the kid ... you can see from the pics taken by WAFB he was placed in handcuffs at the scene. He was booked on charges of theft of a vehicle, aggravated flight, damage to property and aggravated assault.

Unclear how he got a hold of the keys to begin with -- especially since schools would presumably be closed on a weekend, not to mention during a pandemic. What's really curious is ... how the heck he reached the pedals well enough to joyride for almost an hour?!?

Conor McGregor Buys Lamborghini Yacht ... 'Supercar of the Sea'

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Conor McGregor just added a pretty sick toy to his collection -- A LAMBORGHINI YACHT!!!

It's called the Lamborghini 63 Yacht By Tecnomar -- which was only revealed to the public a few months ago.

The boat was designed by the people at Lamborghini -- in collaboration with the Italian Sea Group, a company that specializes in custom yachts.

But, let's get to the fun stuff -- it's 63 feet long, weighs 24 tons, has a top speed of 60 knots (roughly 70 mph) and has a 4,000 horsepower engine.

Starting price on this baby ... $3.9 MILLION.

Each boat can be customized and upgraded -- so it's possible Conor's yacht could cost a lot more.

The UFC star says it's the "Supercar of the Sea."

"I am honoured to secure the Number 12 edition of just 63 to be made," McGregor said.

"1963 being the year Lamborghini first began, and 12 being, well you know Twelve!  Proper F*cking Twelve baby!"

Conor ordered his vessel with his family at the Italian Sea Group headquarters in Marina di Carrara, Italy.

His yacht is expected to be ready for action by next summer.

"Excited to see the finished result during next seasons yachting season," Conor said.

Of course, Conor has a ton of issues in his life right now -- from criminal allegations in Corsica to drama with the UFC.

But, none of it seemed to bother him while shopping for his new yacht.

Wild Bear Ready to Roll in Pickup Truck ... Hops in, Locks the Door!!!

@morgan_winz/Tik Tok

Move over, Yogi ... this bear's way smarter than average, 'cause it not only opened a pickup truck door ... but it got behind the wheel and locked the door!!!

This all went down in South Lake Tahoe where a father and daughter happened to be driving by when they spotted Bear-io Andretti casually hopping into the driver's side of a pickup truck in someone's driveway.

Check out the vid ... they're initially surprised to see the bear strolling, but their minds are blown when the bear walks up to the truck, opens the door, gets in and locks himself inside and apparently starts leaning on the horn.

They captioned the video, "When my dad and I drove up on a bear acting like a grown ass man." As for how they got that "man" out of the truck? Well, they knocked on the homeowner's door and alerted him to the bear-y unique situation.

Watch the vid to see how he handled it. We'll just say, no bears were harmed in this video, but the dad's heart rate definitely spiked.

Bears, man. They're taking over 2020.

'Dreams' Skateboarder Everything's Coming Up Doggface!!! Merch Selling Like Crazy


It's gotta be feeling like more than a dream now for Nathan Apodaca -- the viral Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- because the reality is ... he's riding a major hot streak.

After his video blew up last week ... the cranberry-juice-sipping, good-vibes viral star received a brand new and fully stocked truck from Ocean Spray, an homage from Mick Fleetwood, tons of donations, and now ... his merchandise biz is booming.

A rep for Nathan tells TMZ ... his personally designed line of Doggface clothing has already hauled in more than $30,000 in profit over 5 days since its launch with

The Doggface gear includes hoodies and t-shirts with the instantly classic shot of him chugging his juice ... along with a beanie. BTW -- Doggface is Nathan's longtime nickname, but more importantly ... his TikTok handle.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Nathan teamed with UpMerch because he was trying to put out all his swag himself but fell way behind ... and the company had the resources to handle the majorly increased demand.

Nathan's doing work for UpMerch too -- our sources say the site's recorded a 96 percent increase in new customers since the Doggface products dropped.


And, if you missed him on "TMZ Live" -- modeling one of his own shirts -- check it out. Nathan talks about why he rides with a big bottle of cran-raspberry and his possible collab with Travis Scott, and understandably ... he can't stop smiling.

Lindsey Vonn Considered F1 Driving Career Wouldn't Agree to Pregnancy Restrictions

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Lindsey Vonn says she seriously considered switching sports from downhill ski racing to Formula 1 racing ... but claims a policy about pregnancy prevented it from happening.

The 35-year-old Olympic legend explained the whole thing on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" ... saying she was specifically told she would need to make a 3-year commitment to NOT getting pregnant in order to get a shot as a pro driver.

"I was thinking about switching, going to Formula One. Like actually trying to be a racer, a driver. But, I couldn't because they wanted me to commit, what was it, 3 years? And, they're like you can't get pregnant, you can't do anything. I'm like hmm, I don't know if I really want to do that."

Vonn says the opportunity would have been with the Red Bull racing team -- and it's something she would have "loved to have done" ... but ultimately, she wasn't down to put off having a family.

BTW, Vonn is engaged to NHL star PK Subban -- and it's clear having kids is definitely on the table.

Lindsey is a huge fan of race car driving -- she's a natural behind the wheel. And, says if F1 didn't work out, jumping to NASCAR was also a possibility.

During the interview, which airs on TV this weekend, Vonn also mentions how much MONEY race car drivers make compared to skiers.

"Probably the salary of one racer is probably the total amount of money that ski racing has for their annual budget as a sport. [Lewis Hamilton] makes more money than all of ski racing combined!"

There's a lot more ... Vonn also talks about her wedding plans with PK and the racism she's encountered for being in an interracial relationship.

'Dreams' Skateboarder Gets New Truck From Ocean Spray ... Tons of Juice Too!!!


Talk about positive vibes -- the guy who went viral skateboarding to a Fleetwood Mac classic just got upgraded wheels ... meaning a brand new truck, courtesy of his fave beverage.

A rep for Ocean Spray rolled up to Nathan Apodaca's RV Tuesday in Idaho ... and the dude who just loves sipping cranberry juice while vibing to "Dreams" was hella surprised by the generosity.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the video ... Nathan hopped out of his RV to meet the juice guy, who told him the truck and all the juice in its flatbed were all his! The Ocean Spray rep thanked Nathan -- as we all do -- for keeping the positive feels going.

A pretty awesome ending after Nathan's original video sparked the so-called "Dreams" challenge on TikTok, which racked up millions of views.

Soon after, Nathan, who was saving money to upgrade his ride, got tons of donations from strangers all over the country ... more than $10k he said might use for a new RV.

The "Dreams" challenge ultimately reached the rock band's co-founder and drummer, Mick Fleetwood, who on Sunday shared his own TikTok and said Nathan "had it right. Dreams and Cranberry just hits different."


Kart Driver Luca Corberi Throws Bumper at Rival During Race ... Video of the Madness!!!

Italian kart driver Luca Corberi took road rage to another level and put racers' lives at risk ... when he threw a temper tantrum and a bumper on the track as they flew by.

The insane incident went down at the FIA KZ World Championship Sunday after Corberi was reportedly disqualified for coming into contact with another driver.

Instead of bowing out like a professional, Corberi chose to stand by the side of the track with a bumper that had fallen off ... and waited to throw it at a passing driver.

Problem is, it seems he missed his target, and the bumper pinballed around on the track before striking another driver. Luckily, it looks like nobody was hurt, and nobody lost control of their karts due to Corberi's bumper toss.

The announcer was baffled by his behavior, and said ... "I'm sorry, that is absolutely unacceptable."

@EstagiariodaF1 / Twitter

The angry 23-year-old driver wasn't done though, and physically attacked the racer he initially threw the bumper at after the race was over. This led to a brawl involving several other drivers until everyone was separated.

Already, kart racing fans are calling for a lifetime ban for Corberi's actions ... which certainly could have killed someone.

Tom Cruise I Trained Hard for This!!!

@tomaspangelo / TikTok, @fotokjerring76 / Instagram

Tom Cruise could be a little strapped for cash these days, because we're thinkin' he had issues paying for a train ticket, so he just rode from the top!!!

Tom was in Norway filming the 7th installment of the "Mission Impossible" franchise, and he was true to form, riding on the top of a speeding train as some very impressed Norwegians followed the train in their car.

The guys actually got Tom's attention. The 58-year-old waved to the guys as he was riding high above the tracks, but that will pale by comparison to his latest plan -- getting hurled into space courtesy of Elon Musk and SpaceX to shoot scenes for an undisclosed movie project.

Tom's expected to blast off in October 2021.

Pretty cool.

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