Dubai Flooding Tesla Nearly Submerged ... Still Able to Drive!!!

TikTok / @bebesib

Elon Musk isn't just building cars -- he seems to be in the submarine business too ... that's what this video of a Tesla driving through several feet of water indicates, anyway.

A new video shows the inside of one of Elon's EVs while it drives through the rain as Dubai experiences torrential flooding ... and, the water climbs higher and higher from the outside. At one point ... the deluge covers the whole windshield, cutting off nearly all visibility.


Ultimately, they're able to get to the other side successfully ... and video of what appears to be the same car cutting through the water is also online, only seen from a bird's eye view.

'Fury' Movie Prop Tanks Up For Auction

Prop tanks from the 2014 war film "Fury" are about to hit the auction block, and they're expected to fetch tens of thousands.

Tracks & Trade -- an auction platform for unique historical military vehicles -- has listed the 2 tanks featured in the movie starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, which were used in place of actual WWII vehicles during filming to prevent potential damage to the authentic ones.

One of the tanks listed is called the "Sherman," while the other is named the "Tiger" -- the latter which had limited gear change opportunities.


It's the Ford Bronco behind one of the most jaw-dropping moments in TV history ... transporting O.J. Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings during a wild 90-minute police chase back in '94.

But, the infamous vehicle's no longer in the fast lane, as it's simply on display at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee ... where visitors can get a close-up look at the ride that captivated the country.

It's been a bumpy journey, though, going from L.A.'s 405 freeway to its final resting place in Tennessee -- it's a path that was detailed on a 2017 episode of "Pawn Stars."

Adin Ross Hooks Sean O'Malley Up W/ Car ... Custom 'Suga' Candy Paint Low Rider!!!

Youtube / Adin Live

Sean O'Malley's proving it pays to be one of the UFC's biggest stars ... especially when you've got friends like Adin Ross, who just hooked the MMA champ up with a custom "Suga" candy paint low rider!

The streamer surprised the bantamweight title holder weeks after Sean defended his belt against 'Chito' Vera at UFC 299, his 18th win as a professional.

When it came time to gift O'Malley the whip, he was in pure shock when he removed the blindfold, revealing the hot pink 1975 Chevy Caprice, and he (justifiedly) went crazy!

"No way!" O'Malley yelled. "What?! Bro! Haha! That's crazy!"

O'Malley took the car for a spin straight away ... moments after he secured the keys and got a tutorial on how to raise and lower the ride with the hydraulic suspension.

The car's sick ... from the deep, rich, metallic paint to the chromed-out suspension.

Of course, the low rider -- from the High Class Car Club in Glendale -- fits O'Malley's personality perfectly ... as he's known for his vibrant hair color and style.

Ross -- who went forward with the gift despite receiving an ass whoopin' in the cage during a sparring sesh earlier in the day -- also said he has an Audemars Piguet luxury watch for Sean.

"You're a legend!" Ross said. "You're a champ!"

Ray J Missing Maybachs Found in Reno What Had Happened Was ...

Found The Car

Ray J's trip to NYC where he's launching his own streaming platform, The Tronix Network, wasn't completely rained out -- he and his team got the good news their missing Maybachs were located back in Nevada, and not long after he vented to us about their mysterious disappearance!!!

Thanks to the gumshoe work of his biz partner, Ray J tells us the Maybachs were discovered in Reno near a chop shop and a casino.

The 6-figure vehicles went ghost on Sunday and Ray suspects the thieves got spooked by them constantly ringing the security alarms, and dumped the cars to get repurposed.


Ray's mood remained the same from when we spoke to him earlier ... he's not spending mental energy on the bandits -- they'll get their karma -- but he was happy to be back in the Maybachs.

He says his kids love the GLS backseat space ... it's the perfect family car -- if you have the $200k+ cash to spend!!!

With the Maybachs returned to their rightful owners, Ray now has to contend with Monica (or was it Goonica?) after she sent him a very stern warning for plugging a potential tour with Brandy against her knowledge and consent.

Ray told "The Breakfast Club" he was plotting a tour of them together ... with Monica opening up for his big sis.

If you want that to fly, Ray, ya better check with Monica, first!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Flat Tire Disrupts Afternoon Date ... Forced to Abandon Car!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's romantic afternoon had a wrench thrown in it ... or more accurately a tire -- 'cause one of theirs popped and stopped their date

The lovebirds were rollin' around Los Angeles Saturday in a silver BMW when they suffered a flat tire, quickly bringing their couple's outing to an unfortunate standstill.

Bennifer hopped out to check the damage -- with Ben in a flannel and baseball cap while J Lo rocked a tight black turtleneck and matching leggings.

Affleck and Lopez both got their hands dirty, leaning over the car -- with Ben's shirt lifting to reveal his infamous back tattoo -- but they ultimately weren't able to fix the problem.

Eventually, Lopez and Affleck just had to leave the car ... calling for a ride to come pick them up and leaving the Beamer behind as they headed for greener pastures.

Unclear who picked up the BMW or if it was taken to a shop, but it's far from the first time Ben's had car trouble ... with his luck seeming more than a little worse than the average motorist on the road.


Remember last year when Ben's classic Cadillac broke down during a heat wave in the City of Angels? Or when his son Samuel accidentally backed a rental Lamborghini into another car?


Yeah, certainly seems like bad luck seems to plague the movie star everywhere he drives.

Seems like the rest of the day went just fine for the couple ... who were at the Lakers game last night -- apparently it's gonna take more than a flat than to keep the couple from courtside seats.

Safe driving, you two!!!

Ray J Two Maybach SUVs Missing ... Police Investigating

Ray J's car collection is a couple rides light today ... 'cause he apparently he's missing two high-priced automobiles -- and we're told he's not getting a straight answer about their whereabouts.

Sources close to Ray J with direct knowledge tell us ... two of Ray's Maybach SUVs are currently missing after having been put on a enclosed car carrier to New York City Friday night.

We're told the cars were supposed to show up in New York today ... but apparently never did. Instead, our sources say the cars' have been tracked -- and, it seems the trackers are just sitting still in Reno, Nevada.

Sources tell us Ray's reached out to the shipping company in charge of moving the cars ... but they say he's not getting a straight answer on where exactly the Maybachs are right now.

Ray J's got the police involved we're told ... and -- though the cars are currently missing and not stolen as far as anyone knows -- police are investigating the matter.

We're also told Ray J -- who's out in NYC to launch his new original content steaming platform The Tronix Network -- will still be at all of the pre-organized events while figuring out next steps with the cars.

BTW Maybach SUVs ain't cheap -- with some reports saying cars like that can go for upwards of $200k ... so you can imagine Ray J's pretty keen on getting his vehicles back!

They call Reno "The Biggest Little City in the World" ... hopefully, that means police won't have too much trouble tracking down the missing Maybachs.

N3ON es detenido por vehículo robado Pero parece que fue un error...

Un video de N3on siendo detenido se ha vuelto viral en línea, pero TMZ ha descubierto qué fue lo que exactamente llevó a los oficiales del sheriff a detener a la estrella de redes sociales... y es increíble

N3on -que es un streamer y YouTuber popular entre los Gen-Z- apareció recientemente en un video que muestra a la joven estrella de internet de 19 años de edad con su séquito de siendo detenido por los oficiales en West Hollywood.

empeorando las cosas

Echa un vistazo a la vid ... N3on abre la puerta y comienza a gritar preguntas a los policías acerca de por qué están esposando a su socio - antes de que los oficiales les dijeron que no se movieran y luego le ordenó a él ya sus amigos a poner las manos en los reposacabezas delante de ellos.

Un miembro del entorno de N3on se puede escuchar gritando desde fuera del coche ... un movimiento uno de los oficiales dijo que es "empeorar las cosas". Es dramático - y finalmente llegamos al fondo de lo que diablos pasó aquí ... y es bastante tonto, porque básicamente equivale a un error administrativo.

Fuentes policiales nos dicen ... N3on y su equipo fueron detenidos porque su vehículo fue aparentemente reportado como robado, que los lectores de placas en el coche de policía recogido en y marcado.

Se nos dice que los oficiales ordenaron N3on fuera del coche a punta de pistola como parte de una parada de coche delito grave - procedimiento operativo estándar - y fue entonces cuando N3on dijo a los oficiales que el coche había sido robado recientemente y luego recuperado por la policía de Los Ángeles. En otras palabras, fue robado y encontrado antes de que fueran conscientes de la actualización.

perdiendo el tiempo

Nuestras fuentes nos dicen que los oficiales verificaron la historia de N3on y se enteraron de que el carro simplemente no había sido sacado del sistema. Nos han dicho que se lo explicaron a N3on -que, según nuestras fuentes, se mostró comprensivo- y lo dejaron en libertad sin más incidentes.

El video publicado por N3on parece confirmar esta versión, aunque, según nos han dicho, los agentes dejaron claro que su seguridad agravó la situación al interferir mientras intentaban hacer su trabajo. N3on hizo una broma al final, una que vamos a dejar que escuches por ti mismo.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

Parece que N3on y los policías se separaron en buenos términos, esto podría haber terminado como un gran problema.

YouTuber N3on Pulled Over in 'Stolen' Vehicle But Just A Clerical Error?!?

A video of N3on getting pulled over has gone viral online ... but TMZ has learned what exactly led sheriff's deputies to stop the social media star mid-stream -- and it's wild.

N3on -- who's a streamer/YouTuber popular with the Gen-Z crowd -- was recently featured in a video posted to Kick ... which shows the internet-famous 19-year-old and his entourage getting stopped by deputies in West Hollywood.

Making It Worse

Check out the vid ... N3on opens the door and starts shouting questions at the cops about why they're handcuffing his associate -- before officers told them not to move and then commanded him and his friends to put their hands on the headrests in front of them.

A member of N3on's entourage can be heard yelling from outside the car ... a move one of the officers said is "making it worse." It's dramatic -- and we finally got to the bottom of what the hell happened here ... and it's pretty silly, 'cause it basically amounts to a clerical error.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... N3on and his crew were pulled over because their vehicle was apparently reported stolen, which plate-readers in the cop car picked up on and flagged.

We're told Officers ordered N3on out of the car at gunpoint as part of a felony car stop -- standard operating procedure -- and that's when N3on told officers the car had recently been stolen and then recovered by LAPD. In other words, it was jacked and found before they were aware of the update.


Our sources tell us deputies verified N3on's story and found out the car just hadn't been taken out of the system. We're told they explained this to N3on -- who our sources say was understanding -- and released him without further incident.

Video N3on posted seems to confirm this account ... although, we're told officers made clear his security inflamed the sitch by interfering while they were trying to do their jobs. N3on cracked an NSFW joke at the end too -- one we'll let you listen to for yourself.

TMZ Studios

Seem like N3on and the cops parted on good terms ... this after a little mistake could've ended as a huge problem.

Red Bull's Christian Horner Under Investigation ... For Alleged Inappropriate Behavior

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is at the center of an investigation ... after a staffer within the Formula One organization accused the longtime boss of alleged inappropriate behavior.

The energy drink giant released a statement on Monday ... saying,  "After being made aware of certain recent allegations, the company launched an independent investigation."

Red Bull added the probe is being conducted by an outside party ... and it takes the situation "extremely seriously."

Horner -- who has been with the organization since it joined the grid in 2005 -- has denied the allegations ... although the nature of the claims was not revealed.

Horner is by far the most successful team principal in the sport today -- winning the constructors championship six times at the helm ... and overseeing six drivers championships, most recently with Max Verstappen.

Outside of F1, he's also famously married to Geri Halliwell ... AKA Ginger Spice.

It's unclear if this will have any effect on the upcoming F1 schedule ... as the first race of the season kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix in March.

Story developing ...

Lewis Hamilton Leaving Mercedes For Ferrari ... In 2025

A huge shakeup is coming on the Formula One grid ... with seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes -- his home since 2013 -- for Ferrari next year.

Ferrari announced the massive news just minutes ago ... saying, "Scuderia Ferrari is pleased to announce that Lewis Hamilton will be joining the team in 2025, on a multi-year contract."

39-year-old Hamilton is one of the most dominant drivers in F1 history -- he won six titles with Mercedes from 2014 to 2020 ... after securing his first championship with McLaren in 2008.

There had been rumors connecting Hamilton and Ferrari for a while ... but Sir Lewis temporarily put an end to the speculation when he agreed to a massive, two-year deal with Mercedes in 2024.

According to reports, Hamilton is eligible to opt out of the contract after the 2024 campaign ... which would pave the way for him to join Ferrari -- which currently seats drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Leclerc recently inked a long-term contract with Ferrari, and Sainz will keep the seat warm for Hamilton until this season comes to a close in November.

Hamilton hasn't shied away from his love for Ferrari in the past -- he told ESPN last year he always wondered what it would be like to drive in the team's iconic red.

Ferrari is a historic team in the sport, but has failed to live up to its own standards in recent years.

Fans are certainly hoping adding someone like Lewis to the mix will help turn things around.

'RHOM' STAR JULIA LEMIGOVA Ride Like 'The Real Housewives' ... Classic Mustang For Sale

Julia Lemigova is trading in the horsepower in her classic Mustang for goat power ... and one lucky buyer -- with a whole lot of cash -- can benefit from a sweet new ride.

"The Real Housewives of Miami" star is selling her vintage 1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback ... a car decked out in gorgeous maroon paint with a heck of a lot of features and just 12,486 miles on it.

The car's got a 289 V8 engine, vintage air conditioning, custom aluminum wheels -- that look just like the OGs -- and a custom grill, parchment pony interior, wood steering wheel, retro sound custom stereo and fold-down rear seat ... talk about a blast from the past!

Of course, another major selling point is its previous owner ... JL's got the car up for $42,500, and she doesn't really wanna part with it -- but she tells TMZ she needs the space for hay and animal food now that her goat, Elvis, is staying with her a few nights a week.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Julia tells us she loved the idea of riding around South Beach with her wife, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, in the passenger seat ... but found she's more of a pickup truck girl instead.

Not only is she not getting enough miles out of it, but Lemigova says it's taking up space -- space she needs to store Elvis' hay and animal food since he's staying with the couple a few nights a week now ... he used to stay full-time at their farm but apparently he's more of a house goat now.

Don't worry animal lovers ... JL and MN have arranged temporary accommodations for their happy friends while they unload the car -- so he's not out wandering the streets of Miami.

Potential owners beware -- the car's got a manual transmission which Julia tells us she learned to drive while still living in Europe -- so you'd better know how to drive a stick!!!

Sounds like a fantastic deal for one lucky driver ... one might even say the Greatest Of All Time 🐐.

Playboi Carti 2022 Arrest Speeding 133 MPH Ended Without Legal Drama For Rapper

Playboi Carti had his spot blown this week ... body cam footage of the enigmatic rapper being arrested in September 2022 for driving over 133 miles per hour on Atlanta's I-75/85 Southbound Expressway leaked online.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained the police report from the incident ... Carti was slapped with multiple traffic violations, including reckless driving ... a case he tried to plead with the arresting officer to no avail.

Carti told the officer he was driving like greased lightning because of an emergency getting to the airport, to which the officer informed him that driving 133 MPH in a 55-mile-per-hour zone, was a hazard in itself and placed him in the back of his vehicle.

According to the docs, a search of his car also found a Glock handgun on the passenger seat, along with an extended mag in the weapon but no round was chambered.

The firearm was legally registered to Carti and his background check revealed he was not a convicted felon ... his uncle later arrived on the scene and took possession of the weapon at Cart's request.

A somewhat funny moment also occurred when Carti was booked ... a fan recognized him through his face mask and openly admitted Carti was his fav rapper in the whole wide world!!!

We checked the records and Carti emerged with a clean slate from the incident ... which wasn't the case that following December.

His next challenge to overcome is getting his album and tour to the public after numerous delays.

L.A. POLICE CHASE Dog Thrown From Car Staying With Vets ... Animal Cruelty Charges Added


The poor dog thrown out of a moving car during a police pursuit in Los Angeles is not being returned to its owner for the time being ... instead, it'll be staying with a local humane society.

Daniel Pena -- the animal control supervisor at the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA -- tells TMZ ... the pooch will remain in their care, for now, while an investigation into Thursday's incident plays out.

As we reported ... the dog was tossed out of the window of some scumbag's truck Thursday as the driver was leading police on a high-speed chase.

Cops tell us the suspect is a 47-year-old man named Robin Luna and the chase started with a reported vandalism.

The guy was initially charged with felony evading but now we're told prosecutors are going to tack on animal cruelty charges.

As a result, the SPCA says the dog will remain in protective custody with them until further notice.

Fortunately, the dog survived and appears to have avoided life-threatening injuries ... although it's a good bet the pup is shaken up.

El Range Rover 2022 de Kim Kardashian está a la venta en Carfax... y parece bastante golpeado

El Range Rover de Kim Kardashian de hace un año y medio está a la venta en todo el país y parece que ha sufrido un accidente.

El anuncio de su antiguo carro, un modelo de plata 2022 que fue enchulado con llantas personalizadas y todo, apareció en un listado de Carfax esta semana ... y como se puede ver, está bastante magullado. Los parachoques están fuera y los airbags están desplegados.

Aparte de ser similar al carro Kim una vez condujo, la matrícula real coincide y TMZ ha comprobado los registros en DMV y aparece ella como propietario anterior.

Ahora, se está vendiendo todo el camino en la Florida por una empresa llamada Elite Motor Cars de Miami - que está utilizando Carfax para descargar esta cosa (dañado y todo) y que están pidiendo un paquete ... listado por poco menos de $100k. Así es... ¡puedes llevártelo por ese precio!

Ahora, en cuanto a cómo es que el carro terminó en un lote en Miami... tenemos respuestas para eso también. Fuentes con conocimiento directo nos dicen que el vehículo había sido conducido por un ex empleado de Kim que tuvo un accidente en algún momento del año pasado... conduciendo solo.

Nos dicen que nadie resultó herido, pero que a raíz de eso Kim y compañía lo vendieron a un tercero que se hizo cargo y que ahora están aparentemente tratando de darle la vuelta.

siempre con estilo

Recordemos que Kim ha conducido esta cosa por todo Los Ángeles durante todo el año pasado. Ella lo recibió como regalo de cumpleaños de su madre, Kris Jenner, en octubre de 2022 y luego lo personalizó en un lugar de la ciudad llamado Platinum Motorsports.

En ese momento, los informes tenían el carro por el valor de $125k. Parece que todavía vale mucho, incluso después de ser destrozado, al menos eso es lo que los nuevos propietarios sienten.

Veremos si alguien suelta el dinero, mientras tanto, conduzcan con cuidado.

Kim Kardashian 2022 Range Rover For Sale on Carfax ... Looks a Lil' Banged Up

Kim Kardashian's Range Rover from about a year and a half ago is all of a sudden hitting the open market all the way across the country -- and it looks like it's been in an accident.

The listing featuring her old ride -- a silver 2022 model that was pimped out with custom rims and all -- popped up on a Carfax listing this week ... and as you can see, it's pretty smashed up from front to back. The bumpers are off, and the airbags are deployed.

Aside from the similar look to the car Kim once drove, the actual license plate matches up too ... and TMZ checked DMV records as well on this, and she's listed as a previous owner.

Now, it's being sold all the way over in Florida by a company called Elite Motor Cars of Miami -- which is using Carfax to unload this thing (damaged and all) and they're asking for a bundle ... listing it for just under $100k. That's right ... you can take it as is for that price!

Now, as for how the hell KK's whip ended up on some random lot in Miami -- we have answers for that too. Sources with direct knowledge tell us the vehicle had been driven by a former Kim K staffer who got into an accident at some point last year ... driving solo.


We're told nobody was hurt, but that in the aftermath of that ... Kim and co. sold it to a 3rd party who took it over -- and who is now apparently trying to flip it.


Remember, Kim has driven this thing pretty consistently all over L.A. throughout the past year and change. She received it as a birthday gift from her mom, Kris Jenner, in Oct. 2022 ... and then got it customized by a place here in town called Platinum Motorsports.

At the time, reports had this thing pegged in value at about $125k. Looks like it's still worth quite a lot even after getting wrecked -- at least that's how the new owners feel, anyway.

We'll see if anyone coughs up that kinda dough for this. In the meantime -- drive safe, y'all.

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