Selena Quintanilla-Perez Bro Says Family Ready for Grammys ... We'll Accept Her Award!!!


Selena's brother says her posthumous lifetime achievement award is bittersweet ... but the family's ready and willing to accept it on her behalf at next month's Grammys.

A.B. Quintanilla tells TMZ ... he's hopeful Selena's parents can join the rest of the family in accepting the award in-person at the Grammys, but if it's still not safe for mom and dad due to the pandemic, he'd love to be there with their sister, Suzette.


A.B. also realizes the whole Grammys ceremony might have to go virtual. No problem ... the mega-producer behind some of Selena y Los Dinos' biggest songs has grand plans to turn his sister's award into a family affair. He says they've got their popcorn ready.

He also says it feels like Selena's still here whenever she wins an award or sets new records ... even though it's been a quarter-century since she was murdered.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The Grammy Awards are going down Jan. 31, and A.B. revealed what the family plans to do with Selena's shiny new hardware.

Blue Ivy I'm Grammy Nominated!!! Oddly Late Announcement

Blue Ivy Carter is in the running for her first Grammy -- but the timing of her nomination is a little mysterious.

Blue's voice is featured in the beginning and end of Beyonce's single, "Brown Skinned Girl," which received a Grammy nom for best music video. However, when the nominations were announced November 24, Blue's name wasn't mentioned.

Seems like someone made a call, because Blue's name has now been added as a nominee thanks to a recent update on the Grammy's website. Nigerian singer Wizkid was also added for the track.

The mystery is ... who made the decision or the phone call to add her to the online list??? Hmmm.

Anyway, it's not the first possible slip-up for the award show in the last few weeks. You'll remember, fans and artists alike were outraged when The Weeknd's "After Hours" album and single "Blinding Lights" were left off the nomination list.

Ditto for Alex Trebek not getting a Spoken Word nomination for his own memoir, which was read by Alex and Ken Jennings ... who did get nominated.

Tiffany Haddish Rejected Pre-Grammys Hosting Gig ... All Costs Were on Her

7:28 AM PT -- The Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., says Tiffany's deal was handled by a talent booker, and the specifics -- including her having to pay her own expenses -- happened without his knowledge. Nonetheless, he's still owning up to it and expressing his frustration.


Mason says, "I apologized to her personally, and I apologized to her from the Academy. I expressed to her my regret and my displeasure about how this was handled. Again I want to say, Tiffany, we are sorry, and thank you for allowing me to speak on it."

Tiffany Haddish says she turned down an offer to host a Grammys pre-show -- and it's all because the org was trying to make her foot the bill ... for everything.

The comedic actor says she was offered the hosting gig for the Recording Academy's 3-hour pre-telecast ahead of the main show in January, but when she was told she wouldn't get paid ... it gave her pause. Then she was told everything else would come out of her own pocket as well -- including hair, makeup and wardrobe costs -- so Tiff told them to kick rocks.

She tells Variety, "I don’t know if this might mean I might not get nominated ever again, but I think it’s disrespectful." Tiffany is, in fact, up for a Grammy this year for her Netflix comedy special, 'Black Mitzvah' ... she was nominated last year too for a spoken word project.

The Recording Academy tells Variety that because the pre-telecast isn't put on by CBS but, rather, themselves (a non-profit), they say it's normal for the hosting job to be pro-bono -- and apparently has been for a while. They also said Tiff's decision would have no bearing on any future nominations whatsoever.

That still didn't stop TH from openly criticizing them though -- she says, "How many other people have they done that to? It’s like a guy asking you on a date but telling you that you have to pay for it."

This is just the latest controversy to dog the Grammys this year ... coming a couple weeks after The Weeknd's outrage at being snubbed, and his allegations there were shady politics behind it.

Originally Published -- 12/9 5:12 PM PT

Ken Jennings 'Jeopardy!' G.O.A.T. Adds Another Title ... Alumnus of the Year in S. Korea!!!


Ken Jennings -- the greatest "Jeopardy!" contestant of all time -- is being honored at the school he credits for helping him possibly become the trivia champion of all time.

Seoul Foreign School in South Korea has named Jennings its 2020 Alumnus of the Year, and he'll deliver the commencement speech in June to the graduating class of 2021.

The school says this is the highest honor it bestows upon alumni, and it recognizes the recipient's "excellence in their chosen field of endeavor and outstanding service to the community or profession, as well as devotion to SFS."

So, the obvious question ... South Korea??? That's correct. Jennings moved there with his parents at age 7 due to their jobs, and he attended SFS from grades 2-12 until he was 17 ... graduating high school in 1992.

Jennings says ... "It's hard to overstate how my eleven years at SFS shaped me as a person, and continues to loom in my psyche." He adds ... "I couldn't feel more honored by this award, given my fond memories of Seoul Foreign."

Ken's also said many times his time in S. Korea led to his desire to learn as much as possible about America and the world ... and his obsession with "Jeopardy!" He watched almost daily with friends after school on the one channel he got.

The rest, as they say, is history. Jennings won a record 74 games in a row on the game show in 2004, and in early 2020 ... he was crowned 'The Greatest of All Time' in a tournament with the other 2 most successful contestants ever -- Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer.

Of course, one can't mention Jennings without thinking of the late, great Alex Trebek, who died November 8 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Ken was one of his biggest fans and is set to guest host "Jeopardy!" after Alex's final episode airs Xmas Day.

Jennings was also just nominated for a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for reading Alex's book, "The Answer is ... Reflections on My Life." However, he's trying to get the Grammy's to allow him to share the nom with Alex.

Tichina Arnold Grammys Plagued by Flawed System ... Unfair to 'Real' Artists!!!


Tichina Arnold believes there's a real catch-22 with the Grammys right now ... and it may signal the end of the music industry's biggest award having any real significance.

Fresh off co-hosting the 2020 Soul Train Awards, Tichina joined us Monday on "TMZ Live" to address the fallout of some big-name artists -- most notably The Weeknd -- getting snubbed for Grammy nominations last week. She says the major problem is talented artists, whose music is popular, are often a total blind spot for the people in charge of choosing noms.

The Soul Train Awards honored several acts -- like Chris Brown, H.E.R. and Summer Walker -- overlooked for the Grammys' major awards this year ... and Tichina says artists are not only noticing it, but they're fed up.

Halsey, Drake, Elton John and The Weeknd himself have all openly suggested there's a disconnect between the music and most award shows.

Tichina says the problem is compounded because the major awards still have a big impact on revenue for up-and-coming artists -- and that's the real reason getting overlooked sucks for them.

Drake Don't Be Shocked at Weeknd Snub ... Grammys Are Irrelevant

Drake almost finds humor in the Grammys which inexplicably snubbed The Weeknd, essentially saying those little trophies really don't mean crap.

Drake said Wednesday night, "I think we should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and these awards and just accept that what once was the highest form of recognition may no longer matter to the artists that exist now and the ones that come after."

And, then the zinger ... "It's like a relative you keep expecting to fix up but they just can't change their ways."

As we reported, on the surface it made no sense The Weeknd ended up with goose eggs when the noms were announced ... given the success of "After Hours" and especially "Blinding Lights." The Weeknd, who calls the Grammys "corrupt," believes he was snubbed because the Grammys did not want him to dilute his Grammy performance with a Super Bowl performance -- a ridiculous ask and one The Weeknd rejected. He thinks he was overlooked because of spite.

Alex Trebek Overlooked by Grammys ... Simon & Schuster Appealing

Exclusive Details

Alex Trebek was mysteriously dissed by the Grammys, because they declined to give him a nomination for his memoir, despite the publisher submitting his name for consideration.

Alex's book -- "The Answer is ... Reflections on My Life" -- was actually nominated in the category of Best Spoken Word Album. The publisher, Simon & Schuster, submitted Alex and Ken Jennings for the award -- they each voiced the book, but Alex was overlooked. Only Ken got a nom.

Ken Jennings even said, "This should 100% be Alex's Grammy nomination. He wrote the book and reads much of the audio book! Who do I speak to about this?"

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, Simon & Schuster do not understand why Alex was not nominated and they are contacting the Grammys for answers.

TMZ broke the story ... Alex died November 8 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

The Weeknd Grammys Says Nothing's Corrupt ... Super Bowl Had No Effect on Noms

The Weeknd's Grammys snub had nothing to do with him playing the Super Bowl ... at least according to the Recording Academy Chief.

Harvey Mason Jr. -- interim President and CEO of the Academy -- says, "We understand that The Weeknd is disappointed at not being nominated. I was surprised and can empathize with what he’s feeling. His music this year was excellent."

He adds, the Grammys had no issue with him performing at the Super Bowl and would have loved to have him also perform for the awards show. TMZ broke the story ... negotiations for The Weeknd's Grammy performance got nasty, and our sources say he was issued an ultimatum -- play for us or the Super Bowl.

As for Weeknd receiving zero nominations -- Mason claims there was nothing nefarious to it. He says, "To be clear, voting in all categories ended well before The Weeknd’s performance at the Super Bowl was announced, so in no way could it have affected the nomination process."

As we reported ... it was revealed The Weeknd would be doing the SB Halftime Show on Nov. 12. The Grammys point out its voting deadline for noms was in October. Mason is adamant nobody was upset about the prospect of the singer performing at both events ... because the Grammys happens first.

Mason also says he's "saddened" over The Weeknd and his team saying "The Grammys remain corrupt." He says ... "I try to empathize with where that came from, but it was difficult to hear."

Despite the apparent damage control, it appears this controversy's not going away anytime soon. The Weeknd's manager, Sal Slaiby, also slammed "corrupt leaders" at the Grammys and demanded transparency.

Scooter Braun piled on, tweeting that Sal and The Weeknd deserved to be nominated and deserved better.

The Weeknd Got Grammy Ultimatum: Us or Super Bowl ... Prior to Nomination Snub


4:38 PM PT -- The Weeknd remains extra testy with the Grammys ... he just ripped the process on social media, calling it "corrupt."

Abel says Grammys brass owe him, his fans and the music industry "transparency."

The Weeknd was faced with a tough choice -- perform the Grammys or the Super Bowl -- but hammering out a deal to do both could've cost him Grammy nominations.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us The Weeknd's team was in talks for weeks with Grammy brass, who issued the ultimatum -- us or Super Bowl LV. We're told both sides eventually came to an agreement where Abel could do both, but not without negotiations getting very testy.

Our sources say there's growing suspicion Abel's decision to perform at this year's Super Bowl cost him Grammy noms because the bitter back-and-forth talks pissed off Grammy honchos.

It's unclear why the Grammys would play such hardball in trying to exclusively book him for their airwaves. It might be fear of duplicate performances, as CBS is airing the award show AND the game one week apart in February. Still, our sources tell us Abel and co. feel the dispute might have something to do with his exclusion.

Abel wasn't the only one who fans felt got cheated this year, voicing outrage Pop Smoke, Roddy Rich and Lil Baby -- all Black hip-hop artists -- didn't receive more nominations.

If The Weeknd does decide to stick to the deal and perform at both events -- it would be a huge achievement for any artist.

Originally Published -- 3:53 PM PT

2021 Grammy Nominations Kanye's Christian, Weeknd's Snubbed ... Trebek Could Win Too!!!

The Grammys are going to look very different next year, and not just because of the pandemic ... Kanye's making a big move and Alex Trebek's in the fold.

Nominations for the 2021 Grammys are out, and there's lots of interesting changes to digest. Trevor Noah's hosting and he might have some fun with this -- Kanye is now officially considered a Christian artist.

Yeezy's "Jesus Is King" is up for best contemporary Christian music album ... it's the next stage in Kanye's transformation, which traces roots back to his Sunday Service.

Trebek's also got a shot at posthumous glory ... the late "Jeopardy!" host and TV icon's audiobook is nominated for best spoken word album. Ken Jennings helped Alex narrate the memoir, and would accept the award if the 'Jeopardy' duo wins.

One celeb who won't be taking home any hardware -- The Weeknd. He's shockingly snubbed even though his single, "Blinding Lights," topped the charts and his album, "After Hours," rose to #1.

Guess The Weeknd will have to settle for performing the Super Bowl halftime show a week after the Grammys.

Yeah, Trevor's got a lot of material to work with.

Country Star Alan Jackson Unloading Tenn. Estate for $23M!!!


Alan Jackson -- one of the OG kings of country music -- is ready to get dethroned ... from his castle-like pad, that is, 'cause he's selling his massive estate.

The two-time Grammy and 16-time CMA Awards winner has listed his majestic hilltop estate in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee for a whopping $23 million. The 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom crib also has 4 half bathrooms. The house is 22k square feet on just over 4 acres.

The estate is super private ... surrounded by 120 acres of green space. The monumental stone house has a private gated entrance manned 24/7. It's also perfect for a little honky-tonk action. Party in the grand public rooms, sumptuous suites and expansive outdoor living areas ... where you'll find a pool, pool house, outdoor kitchen and terraces.

No barn here, but those with lots of horsepower should get a load of the heated and cooled garages ... big enough for 15 whips. Saddle up!!!

AJ McLean Kanye Peeing on Grammy is Disrespectful


AJ McLean would never bust a Kanye West and pee on a Grammy ... not because he doesn't have one to pee on, but because it's just downright wrong.

We got the Backstreet Boys member leaving 'DWTS' practice this week and wanted to get his take on Ye taking a leak all over one of his Grammys stuffed inside a toilet. No matter the message Kanye was trying to send ... pretty clear AJ wasn't a fan of the move.

Check out the video ... AJ says even though the Boys don't have a Grammy -- YET!!! -- he thinks what Kanye did was way outta line.


As we reported ... Kanye whizzed all over his own Grammy statuette to underscore his message about Black people needing a seat at the table. Remember, Kanye had been ranting about African-Americans not getting their fair share of the pie and instead are being exploited by companies run by Whites. He pointed the finger at the NBA and the music biz as prime examples. He also talked about ownership of his master recordings, blasting Universal Music Group and alleging they won't even give him a chance to buy them outright.

Our photog asks AJ if artists should own their own master recordings ... and the Backstreet Boy seems to somewhat agree with Kanye.

Roddy Ricch Bags 7 Grammy 'Ship Rings for Crew ... Worth a Cool $250k!!!


Roddy Ricch really is ballin' now ... along with his crew cause he hooked 'em up with some diamond-studded championship rings to celebrate his first-ever Grammy win.

The 21-year-old Compton MC will soon get his hands on these incredibly-baller rings produced by none other than Hollywood's favorite celebrity jeweler, Elliot Eliantte. We're told Roddy ordered 7 rings for him and his crew. Eliantte's been working on the bling for the past few months and he just finished them, so Roddy will soon have them delivered.

Elliot Eliantte

All in all ... we're told the rings are worth a whopping $250k. But, gotta give the kid some credit, celebrate big after a monumental win. As you probably know by now ... Roddy brought home a Grammy back in January after winning Best Rap Performance for "Racks in the Middle." The track featured Nipsey Hussle and Hit-Boy.

Roddy thanked the late Crenshaw-reppin' rapper on Instagram when he finally had his Grammy delivered to him on Tuesday. Roddy also earned 2 other Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song ("Racks in the Middle" and Best Rap/Sung Performance ("Ballin'").

Pitbull Backed Out of Steven Tyler's Charity Event ... Too Torn Up Over Kobe

Exclusive Details

Pitbull was so devastated over the tragic news of Kobe Bryant's death, he had to cancel as the headliner for a charity event ... but the show went on.

Steven Tyler held his 3rd annual private dinner and Grammys watch party in Hollywood Sunday night to benefit Janie's Fund, his mission to help girls who've suffered trauma from abuse and neglect.

Pitbull was scheduled as the event's musical guest, but sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... he was too heartbroken to take the stage.

Jay-Z, Mark Wahlberg Stars Show Love to Kobe Bryant ... 'It's Just Tragic'


The biggest stars in the world -- from all walks of life -- are mourning the death of Kobe Bryant ... from Mark Wahlberg to Jay-Z, The Game, Lil' Kim and more.

Of course, everyone happened to be in L.A. for the Grammys ... but Kobe was clearly on everyone's mind.

Some of the stars remembered Kobe as a hero. Others focused on the tragedy that caused his death.

Ex-NBA player Al Harrington -- who was friends with Kobe -- couldn't believe the helicopter crashed so close to Al's Calabasas home. Al says he's still trying to process everything.

Swae Lee, French Montana, Offset and Michael Blackson also talked about Bryant and his daughter, GiGi.

Conor McGregor -- who was also in town for the Grammys -- admitted he never met Kobe, but clearly drew inspiration from the NBA star and talked about the huge impact Bryant had in Ireland, despite the fact nobody over there really cares about basketball.

Bryant -- along with 8 other people -- died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas on Sunday morning. He was 41.

Billie Elish, MGK, Winnie & Channing Go Wild Out at Grammy After-Parties

It was a monumental night for Billie Eilish and it's pretty obvious everyone was ready to continue the party with her after she got the final Grammy of the night.

Billie and scores of other music stars on Sunday night hit up Grammy after-parties scattered all over L.A. She showed up to Universal Music Group's party at Rolling Greens Nursery in L.A. The 18-year-old singer hauled in 5 Grammys ... including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist.

Billie was dressed for her big moment -- rocking Gucci from head-to-toe. Lewis Capaldi joined her at that party too. His "Someone You Love" was nominated for Song of the Year.

Another huge bash went down for Republic Records' party at 1 Hotel in WeHo. Channing Tatum and Jessie J showed up for that shindig.

Other celebs on the town included Noah Cyrus, Machine Gun Kelly, Winnie Harlow and singer DaniLeigh, who honored Kobe Bryant by wearing his purple No. 8 jersey.

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