Corey La Barrie Parents Sue Daniel Silva ... Claim Wrongful Death


11:11 AM PT -- 5/24 -- A source close to Daniel tells TMZ, Daniel did not have any drugs in his system at the time of the crash and he has never had a DUI. He’s never even had a speeding ticket since living in L.A.

Corey La Barrie's parents claim "Ink Master" star Daniel Silva is responsible for the wrongful death of their son -- and they want him to pay up in court.

The YouTuber's parents, Simon La Barrie and Lissa Burton, filed suit against the tattoo artist ... alleging he and his company, Daniel Silva Tattoos, were negligent in the hours and moments leading up to Corey's untimely demise earlier this month, on his birthday no less.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Corey's parents allege that Daniel was driving at an unsafe and unreasonable speed when he was in the car with Corey, which they say means he was operating the vehicle without due care and in violation of California law.

Not only that, but they go on to allege he was under the influence at the time of the accident -- which ultimately killed Corey -- and they even go so far as to say that his own company provided the intoxicants, which the La Barries say was alcohol and/or other unknown substances. Then the nail in the coffin ... they say Daniel had been popped before for driving under the influence, so he should've known the dangers of doing so.

As we reported ... Daniel has been charged with murder in connection to Corey's death. Now, he's got a civil suit to deal with too.

Corey's parents say that, with the loss of their son, they're going to be missing out on a whole lot of emotional comfort he did and would've provided them for years to come -- not to mention the burial expenses they've incurred and other costs.

For that, they want a judge to grant them damages. We've reached out to Daniel's attorney for comment ... so far, no word back.

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'Ink Master' Star Daniel Silva Charged with Murder For Corey La Barrie's Death


"Ink Master" star Daniel Silva is officially facing a murder charge for the fatal car crash that killed his friend, YouTube star Corey La Barrie ... TMZ has learned.

According to new legal docs ... the L.A. County D.A.'s Office says Silva "did unlawfully, and with malice aforethought" murder La Barrie. He's been hit with one felony count of second degree murder.

We broke the story ... Silva was arrested for murder after wrecking a black McLaren sports car earlier this month after leaving a party with La Barrie. We're told they were celebrating Corey's birthday ... he'd just turned 25.

Silva allegedly tried to flee, but was stopped by witnesses ... according to law enforcement sources. Photos from the scene show Silva being taken away on a stretcher and we're told he suffered a broken hip.

Witnesses said Silva was drinking before getting behind the wheel ... however, he has not been charged with DUI. La Barrie -- who was in the passenger seat -- died from his injuries at the hospital.

A bail amount of $2 million has been recommended for the "Ink Master" star.

'Ink Master' Star Daniel Silva Photos of Fatal Car Crash Scene That Killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie

"Ink Master" star Daniel Silva was stretchered from the scene of the car wreck that killed YouTube star Corey La Barrie -- the accident for which Silva's now facing a murder charge.

Photos of the fatal car accident show an emergency worker rolling Silva -- whose eyes are closed -- away from his black McLaren sports car. The car's hood was up and the windshield was heavily damaged ... especially on the passenger's side.

We broke the story ... the crash happened in L.A. Sunday night when the McLaren somehow managed to hit a street sign and a tree. Silva and La Barrie had attended a party together beforehand to celebrate Corey's birthday, and we're told Silva was seen drinking before getting behind the wheel of the car.

Law enforcement sources say Silva allegedly tried to flee after the accident but was stopped by witnesses. La Barrie, the passenger, suffered significant injuries in the crash and died from them at the hospital.

His cause of death is listed as multiple blunt force injuries sustained in the accident.

Silva did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but we're told he's being treated for a broken hip. As we told you, he was arrested and booked for murder while at the hospital. Along with allegedly drinking before crashing the McLaren, it's believed Silva was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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As for Corey ... his YouTube partner, Crawford Collins, broke his silence Tuesday about the tragedy. They created their channel, Corey & Crawford, in July 2019. They amassed 108,000 subscribers with more than 3.5 million views in their short time making vids together.


La Barrie had just turned 25 before he was killed in the accident.

'Ink Master' Star Daniel Silva Arrested for Murder ... After Crash Kills YouTuber


6:30 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Daniel was arrested and booked for murder. We're told he's still in the hospital.

"Ink Master" star Daniel Silva is about to be booked for murder after cops say he was involved in a car crash that killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie ... who died on his birthday.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... first-responders were called out to the scene of an accident in L.A. Sunday night -- where two men in a McLaren sports car somehow crashed into a street sign and tree while out for a drive. The passenger took the brunt of the hit.


We're told the driver -- alleged to be Silva -- did not suffer life-threatening injuries in the wreck, but the passenger, La Barrie, did. Both were transported to a hospital, where the YouTube star was later pronounced dead. Our sources say Silva is still being treated for a broken hip, and will either be arrested for murder there or once he's discharged.

As for how this happened ... we're told police were briefed by witnesses at a party that both Silva and La Barrie had attended earlier in the night to celebrate Corey's birthday. Our sources say people told cops Silva was seen drinking earlier that night.

It is believed the McLaren was traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash -- but we don't have any other specifics about what led to the accident.

Both guys are incredibly popular in their own right, with a massive fan base. Daniel's a big hit on 'IM' -- and Corey had hundreds of thousands of followers.

Corey was 25 years old.


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Tenn. State RB Jordan Bell Leg Amputated After Moto Crash ... Hopes to Play Again

Tennessee State running back Jordan Bell is recovering after doctors amputated part of his left leg following a motorcycle crash ... and he's already got his sites set on playing football again!

20-year-old Bell was riding his red 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in Nashville on April 4 -- when he hit a pothole, lost control and was thrown from the bike into a concrete wall.

Several bystanders rushed to help -- and emergency responders were called to the scene to treat the severe injuries, including broken bones and severed nerves.

Unfortunately, Bell's left leg was so damaged in the crash, doctors decided it was in his best interest to amputate below the knee.

Now, the running back is recovering at home -- which SUCKS even more because of the COVID-19 pandemic -- which is why his teammates organized a social distancing visit to show their support.

Several players and coaches (wearing masks) brought signs and balloons to Bell's home on April 29 -- and you can see in the pics, Bell was clearly moved by the gesture.

Bell is currently undergoing physical therapy and will be fitted for a prosthetic so he can walk again.

But, get this ... according to family members, one of Jordan's goals is to "eventually play football again."

Hey, with his work ethic and attitude, anything's possible!

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Meanwhile, Bell's family has started a GoFundMe to raise money for the medical bills -- and the fundraiser was already approved by the NCAA.

Bell played in all 12 games for TSU in 2019 -- and led the team in special teams tackles.

'Little Women: Atlanta' Ms. Minnie Caused Fatal Accident ... So Say Cops


Ashley Ross -- AKA Ms. Minnie from "Little Women: Atlanta" -- was all over the road before she struck another driver in the opposite lane, and ultimately suffered fatal injuries ... TMZ has learned.

We got a hold of the crash report, and it shows -- based on eyewitness testimony and the responding officer's observation ... Minnie lost control of her car while traveling southbound on one side of a highway, causing her to jerk the steering wheel right. Cops say she went off-road briefly before violently swinging back to the left and colliding with another vehicle in the opposite lane. Neither she nor the other driver were ejected.

The other driver was taken to a hospital with complaints of pain -- but the cops note, Minnie was unresponsive on the scene. She would later be pronounced dead.

The report also indicates that no drug or alcohol tests were administered to either driver. It does say, however, that Minnie was determined to be at fault in the crash.

As for cause of death ... the Fulton County Medical Examiner tells us there was no autopsy performed on Minnie, and no report is forthcoming either. We're told she'll likely be listed as having died from blunt force trauma from the accident.

Minnie's family is holding a memorial for her this weekend -- which only 10 of her closest loved ones will be able to attend in person due to quarantine guidelines. Everyone else can pay respect through a live stream, and the family is accepting flowers, cards and donations via different platforms.

We're also told her 'Little Women' costars plan to properly honor her on the show once they're up and shooting again.

Minnie was 34.


'Sopranos' Star Joe Pantoliano Hit by Car, Rushed to Hospital


7:21 PM PT -- Joe is home and recovering! He says he has "a severe head injury and some chest trauma" but is looking good, and is appreciating the positive vibes everyone is sending his way.

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Joe Pantoliano is in a Connecticut hospital after he was struck by a car while out for a walk ... TMZ has learned.

Joe's wife, Nancy, tells TMZ ... the 'Sopranos' star was walking with family Friday in their neighborhood when a Porsche skidded across the road and hit him. She says the Porsche had been t-boned by another car.

Nancy says Joe was sent flying a couple feet backward into an old wooden fence. He suffered a gash on his head, plus injuries to his left leg and a shoulder.

EMTs quickly arrived and rushed Joe to a hospital where he's being treated and waiting on the results of a CT scan.

The good news ... Joe's wife thinks he's going to pull through. We're also told both drivers in the crash stayed at the scene, and police are investigating.


Joe posted a video of a rainbow in his neighborhood Friday, and family members say that was shot shortly before his walk.

Again, sounds like Joe got super lucky ... so the rainbow is pretty appropriate.

Joe played Ralph Cifaretto on 'Sopranos' from 2001 to '04. He also played Captain Howard in the 'Bad Boys' flicks ... and costarred in huge movies like "The Matrix," "Memento," and "Risky Business."

More importantly, he's just a really good guy. Here's to a speedy recovery.

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Saquon Barkley & Teammates Make Video for Badly Injured Cop ... We're Bringing You to Giants Game!

Breaking News

Saquon Barkley is stepping up in a huge way for a police officer badly injured in a car accident ... offering Giants tickets and sending a special personal message of support.

Port Authority police officer Peter Siano was hospitalized in critical condition Tuesday after he was hit by a car while securing a crash scene.

Siano -- along with 3 Jersey City PD officers -- were handling traffic control around the crash when a driver sped through warnings and smashed into a JCPD cruiser, which hit Siano.

Officials say Siano suffered "serious" injuries -- and the driver responsible for the collision has been arrested and charged with assault by auto.

When the NY Giants found out about the situation, a bunch of players decided to make get-well videos for Siano ... including Barkley, Sterling Shepard and Grant Haley.

And, get this ... Barkley is even offering Siano a VIP experience with the team once he recovers.

"Thinking about you guys and once everything gets better, I would like to invite you guys to a Giants game," Barkley said.

"And to the police department, appreciate everything you guys are doing for us during this time."

Get well soon!!!

'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Ms. Minnie Dead at 34 in Car Wreck ... Cops Say She Lost Control

"Little Women: Atlanta" star Ashley Ross -- better known as Ms. Minnie -- has died from injuries suffered in a car accident ... but TMZ has learned there's a dispute about what caused it.

Minnie's management team says the reality TV star "succumbed to injuries from a tragic hit and run car accident." The wreck reportedly happened around 11 PM Sunday outside Atlanta. While the rep is saying it was a hit-and-run, cops investigating the accident tell TMZ ... it appears Ms. Minnie lost control of her Nissan Sentra and swerved into opposing traffic.

Cops say she struck a Ford Focus, and the driver of that car suffered minor injuries. Ms. Minnie was seriously injured and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. She died there nearly 24 hours later.

Her family confirmed her passing with a statement posted on her Instagram account. Ross had been on Lifetime's spinoff of "Little Women: LA" since it started in 2016. Several of her cast members posted condolences and memories of her after hearing about her death.

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Minnie is survived by her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and other family members.

She was 34.


Jason Pierre-Paul New Crash Photos ... Show Wrecked $350K Ferrari

Jason Pierre-Paul is revealing pics from the 2019 car crash that left him with a broken neck ... and the images show his $350,000 Ferrari was heavily damaged in the wreck.

As we previously reported ... the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star was driving a red 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista on May 2, 2019, when he lost control at around 3 AM and crashed.

Officials blamed weather conditions -- i.e. wet road surfaces -- for the accident ... and did NOT suspect JPP of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Now, nearly a full year after the wreck ... Pierre-Paul is reflecting on the crash -- sharing wild pics from the scene.

You can see in the photos ... the pricey ride was mangled pretty badly, with the passenger side door and rear quarter panel torn up.

Pierre-Paul captioned the pics with a message expressing gratitude for walking away from the crash alive ... saying, "I remember sittin home for months I mean months while time went by."

"But you know what kept me always going, I found somethin to be thankful for in this so call life bihhhh."

JPP added, "Fux a luxury car I got plenty of them. How can it be so luxury if you died in it and it. Live your best life TODAY!!!"

Pierre-Paul was sidelined for MONTHS with the neck injury ... but he returned to game action for the Bucs in Week 8 of the NFL season and went on to post 8.5 sacks.

He's expected to enter 2020 fully healthy and be a key cog on Tom Brady's new team.

Tarvaris Jackson Crash Report Lost Control While Speeding ... 70 In a 30


Tarvaris Jackson lost control of his car while doing 70 in a 30 MPH zone -- slamming into a signpost and crashing into a ditch, this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

The former NFL quarterback was fatally injured in the April 12 crash in Montgomery, Alabama around 8:50 PM.

According to the police report, the road where Jackson crashed was not well lit -- and he lost control while going around a bend.

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene just a few minutes after the crash, Jackson was "unable to give a reason why he crashed his vehicle."

The 36-year-old was transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The report also says Jackson was not tested for alcohol or drugs at the scene.

Officials also note Jackson WAS wearing his full shoulder and lap seatbelt at the time of the crash.

It was also noted the roadway way dry and the conditions outside of the poor lighting were normal.

They seem to blame the crash on Tarvaris driving at a "high rated speed."

Jackson was laid to rest of over the weekend -- but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mourners inside the church were limited to groups of 10 or less.

Tarvaris was a 2nd-round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft and famously played for the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII behind Russell Wilson.

Tarvaris Jackson Ex-NFL QB Dies In Car Crash ... Photos Show Terrifying Scene

7:52 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained photos of the scene of the crash ... and they're horrifying.

You can see in the pictures, Jackson's Camaro was overturned next to a tree on the side of the road ... and the car was severely mangled.

The rear of the vehicle as well as the front of it appeared to have been heavily damaged in the crash ... while debris was scattered all over the road.

7:14 AM PT -- According to law enforcement, Jackson's vehicle hit a tree just before 9 PM on Sunday -- causing the car to overturn. It was a single-car accident.

Jackson was rushed to a local hospital where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

Tarvaris Jackson -- who famously backed up Russell Wilson in Super Bowl XLVIII -- has died in a car crash.

He was only 36.

We're told Jackson was involved in a wreck late Sunday night in Alabama, where he grew up.

Russell Wilson tweeted about his former teammate early Monday morning -- saying, "TJack... you will be missed. Praying for your family...Love you man."

Recently, he had been working as a quarterback coach for the Tennessee State football team.

"My heart is so heavy with hurt hearing of the passing of Coach Jackson,” said TSU's athletic director, Teresa Phillips. “We were blessed with him for a short time but he did make an impact with our young men in this one season at TSU."

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to his young family and all who knew and loved him."

Added TSU head coach Rod Reed, "We are devastated. He was an awesome young man and he will be missed by our players, our staff and the TSU family."

Jackson was a stud football player in high school -- and later played at Arkansas before transferring to Alabama State, where he balled out for 3 seasons.

The Minnesota Vikings selected Jackson in the 2nd round of the 2006 NFL Draft, with head coach Brad Childress calling the QB a "diamond in the rough."

Jackson spent 4 years in Minnesota before signing with the Seahawks, Bills ... and then a 2nd stint with the Seahawks, where he served as Wilson's backup until 2015.

We spoke with Jackson's former Vikings teammate, Bryant McKinnie -- who spent 5 seasons with TJ -- about the passing of his longtime friend.


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Tracy Morgan Lambo Meets Pedestrian ... Alleged Collision in NYC


Tracy Morgan's Easter is off to a hopping mad start ... after an alleged run-in between one of his exotic sports cars and an NYC pedestrian.

TMZ obtained this video of Tracy -- next to his red Lamborghini -- and a man yelling at each other near Times Square ... on the corner of 42nd and Broadway. Eyewitnesses tell us Tracy had a green light and started to make a right turn when he nearly hit the dude on foot.

You can hear the guy explain to Tracy where he was walking to and from, while Tracy vehemently disagrees. Seems the debate is about whether he was jaywalking and who had the right of way.

Police drove by, but didn't get involved ... we're told they basically gestured to both men to keep it moving. Tracy checked his Lambo for damage, and the pedestrian walked off, slightly limping.

For what it's worth, they appeared to be nearly 6 feet apart during the dispute. We've reached out to Tracy's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Even though NYC's streets are nearly empty during the quarantine ... Tracy's got pretty bad luck in the Big Apple. Last summer, he got into a fender bender on an NYC street in a new Bugatti he'd literally just driven off the lot.

He was ultimately not found at fault in that case.

Be careful out there Trace -- people are WALKING HERE!!! Ah, 'Midnight Cowboy' ... anyone? No??

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