Tracy Morgan Bugatti Reborn ... Just Like New!!!

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Take 2! Tracy Morgan is back in his precious Bugatti ... the one he got into a car accident with last month, and it looks as good as new -- which raises some financial questions. 

The comedian and 'Last O.G.' actor was rolling around NYC Monday in what appears to be the same luxury sports car that got slammed in Manhattan ... moments after he drove it off the lot. We broke the story, the repairs -- which didn't seem major to the eye -- were gonna cost upwards of $32k!!! The question now ... who the heck paid for this???


When the accident happened, NYPD told us the fender bender appeared to be the other driver's fault. If in fact it was ... her insurance would typically cover the damage. However, it's not everyday you hit a $2 million car, and it's unclear if the other driver had that much coverage. 

It's also possible, Tracy's insurance covered it but what's most likely is both insurance companies are slugging it out. 

Bottom line for Tracy ... he can get back to flaunting his whip around town.

Oh, and just to jog your memory on what he was dealing with on his $2 million whip ... here's a trip down deductible lane. Drive safe, folks!

NFL's Kendrick Norton On Losing Arm In Crash 'If Nothing Else, I'm Alive'

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Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Kendrick Norton is speaking out from his hospital bed -- saying even though he lost his arm in a July 4 car crash, he feels grateful to be alive. 

"I'm alive," Norton told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench ... "If nothing else, I'm alive."

Norton's voice was shaking as he gave the interview -- his left arm severed around the elbow -- but somehow, he's found a way to stay positive. 

"I'm doing fine. I'm doing the best I can," Norton said from the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, with his grandparents and father by his side. 

22-year-old Norton -- a 7th-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft -- says the reality is sinking in that he'll never play football again, but he's trying to figure out another purpose in life. 

"It's not realistic that I'm going to play football anymore. We're working past that."

"We're going to be doing a blood drive," Norton said ... noting that he's looking for ways to help and inspire others going through a similar experience. 

As we previously reported, Norton and his female passenger were badly injured when he lost control of his F-250 truck on a Miami highway in the early hours of July 4. Norton's left arm was amputated. 

NFL's Kendrick Norton Cited for Causing Crash ... that Severed His Arm


Miami Dolphins lineman Kendrick Norton was cited by police for an improper lane change after the horrific 4th of July car crash that caused him to lose his left arm, police docs show. 

According to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports, the Florida Highway Patrol responded the wreck at 1:18 AM on a Miami highway. 

When they arrived, officers noticed Norton's 2017 F-250 pickup truck flipped on its roof. 

Norton and his female passenger suffered major injuries in the crash and were both transported to a nearby hospital. 

Now, cops are spelling out what caused the crash -- and all signs point to Norton making a dangerous decision behind the wheel. 

Cops say Norton was exiting the highway on the Northbound exit ramp when he made a last-second decision to switch to the Southbound exit ramp. 

As Norton (Vehicle 1) was making his move, he sideswiped another car -- a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte -- which sent Norton careening into a barrier and ultimately causing his car to flip. 

The Maserati came to a controlled stop -- and it doesn't appear anyone in that car was seriously injured. 

Cops determined Norton made an improper lane change -- and he was issued a citation. 

Guessing it's the last issue on his mind though -- as we previously reported, the 22-year-old lost his arm in the wreck and suffered other serious injuries. 

Also noted on the police report ... officials say Norton caused $15,000 worth of damage to the concrete barrier. Unclear if he'll be charged for the repairs, but it appears likely. 

Norton was a 7th-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft out of the University of Miami. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Niece Uninjured After Horrifying Crash ... At Race Track

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Scary moment at the race track Tuesday ... Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 18-year-old niece was involved in a horrific crash -- but miraculously escaped uninjured!!

It all went down at a USAC Racing event at Red Dirt Raceway in Oklahoma ... where Karsyn Elledge -- whose mom, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, is Jr.'s older sister -- flipped her sprint car multiple times over a barrier and fencing.

Elledge was coming down turn 3 at the track when she lost control ... causing her car to go airborne and tumble several yards OVER a wall before coming to a stop.

The video is crazy ... but, somehow, Elledge -- whose goal is to follow in her family's famous racing footsteps -- was able to walk away from the wreck under her own power.

"Tonight I am so very thankful that all my safety equipment did it's job & that my team built a safe car," Elledge wrote after the crash ... "Thank you to everyone who's reach out, I am sore, but most hurt is my pride."

It's great news ... seeing as the incident hits WAY too close to home for Earnhardt racing fans. Remember, it was just 18 years ago that Dale Sr. tragically passed away in a wreck at Daytona International Speedway.

For her part, Sr.'s daughter sure seemed happy Elledge walked from the crash just fine, writing, "[Karsyn] is ok, shaken up as you can imagine. Thanks for everyone checking on her and being concerned!"

Gilbert Arenas Miraculously Uninjured ... In Crazy Maybach Crash


Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas was involved in a WILD car crash over the weekend -- where a Toyota flipped on its head -- but TMZ Sports has learned, miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt.

We're told a RAV4 collided with Arenas' pricey Maybach at around 2:55 PM on the 101 freeway in Encino, California on Sunday.

The RAV4 appeared to brush up on Arenas' rear quarter panel before it rolled onto its head ... and the footage of the aftermath is crazy.

You can see the mangled Toyota lying wrongside up in the middle of the freeway -- with Arenas' supercar severely dented in the back.

Fortunately for everyone involved, we're told there were only minor injuries suffered -- with Arenas not even listed as hurt.

For his part, Gilbert seemed to joke about the whole ordeal on social media afterward, saying, "@thebig3 the ghost ballers musta sent a killer to stop me since they couldn't."

FYI, Gilbert -- who now plays in the BIG3 for the Enemies -- beat up on the Ghost Ballers the day before the accident, droppin' 12 points in a 51-35 win in Alabama.

Miami Dolphins Kendrick Norton Loses Arm in Horrific Crash

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Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was in a horrific accident Thursday morning, and lost an arm in the crash.

The crash occurred just after 1 AM on State Road 836 in Miami. Kendrick was driving his Ford F-250 when it struck a concrete barrier wall and flipped over, coming to rest on its roof.

According to police dispatch audio, EMT personnel requested a Heavy 1 -- a tow truck that can lift a large vehicle.  It appears his arm was pinned underneath the truck.  Part of the police dispatch audio suggests the arm may have been severed at the scene ... you hear the operator say, "Cannot reach the amputator [or amputated] arm."


They canceled the Heavy 1 because fire and rescue personnel were able to free the arm.

Kendrick and a female companion were rushed to a nearby hospital. We do not know the status of their condition, but we're told it's "non life-threatening."

Norton had a stellar run when he was at the University of Miami, and he was selected in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers. He spent most of the season on the practice squad and later in the season signed with the Miami Dolphins.  

Jason Pierre-Paul Still In Neck Brace ... 2 Months After Car Crash

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Jason Pierre-Paul is STILL in a neck brace nearly 2 months after he crashed his $350,000 Ferrari in Florida ... and with training camp set to begin in 24 days, it's not a great look for Bucs fans.

As we previously reported ... the Tampa Bay star wrecked his 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista back on May 2 -- when he spun out of control in bad weather and slammed into a concrete barrier.

Pierre-Paul was diagnosed with a broken neck after the crash ... but when it was revealed he DIDN'T need surgery to fix the issue, some had hopes he'd return to the Bucs this season.

But, in videos JPP posted to social media on Tuesday -- you can see the 30-year-old doesn't seem to be close to blowing by offensive tackles anytime soon.

Jason inked a 4-year, $62 MILLION deal with the Giants back in 2017 ... but was traded to the Bucs before the 2018 season.

He logged 12.5 sacks for Tampa last year ... and was expected to be a key contributor this season before the neck injury.

Honey Boo Boo Uncle Involved in Fatal Car Crash ... Photos of Fiery Scene


Another member of Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's family is in bad shape -- her Uncle Billy got in a nasty car wreck and suffered major injuries ... and the other driver died.

Sources close to Alana tell TMZ ... Billy -- the younger brother of her father, Sugar Bear -- was involved in a 2-car accident outside Atlanta on Father's Day. We're told he was struck head-on by a driver traveling on the wrong side of the road, and that person was killed.


Billy broke his leg, both arms, several ribs and his jaw in the crash ... and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns because his vehicle caught fire after the crash.


We've obtained photos of the grisly scene, showing the car ablaze along a guardrail and the aftermath.

Our sources say Billy's been in the hospital since the accident, and he's already undergone 5 surgeries to repair his injuries and has 2 more to go.

Sadly, we're told the tragedy has stoked animosity among Honey Boo Boo's family members ... especially toward Sugar Bear. Our sources say they feel like he's abandoning his brother, because he's been practically invisible at the hospital other than visiting Billy once the first week he was there.

Meanwhile, we're told Alana's other uncle, Poodle, has been by Uncle Billy's side almost 24/7.

As we've reported ... Honey Boo Boo's also dealing with turmoil in her immediate family, stemming from her mother Mama June's troubling relationship with Geno Doak and her apparent substance abuse.

Alana refuses to move back in with her mom until Geno's gone and, after the incident where he was wasted and crashed into June's house ... that's probably a good idea.

Honey Boo Boo has been staying with her older sister, Pumpkin, in the meantime.

UFC's Desmond Green Arrested for DUI Manslaughter ... Crash Kills 2 Women

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UFC fighter Desmond Green was arrested for DUI manslaughter Tuesday after he allegedly caused a 5-car crash that killed 2 women back in August ... and officials claim he had alcohol and drugs in his system and cocaine in his vehicle.

29-year-old Green is facing multiple charges after he allegedly lost control of his 2011 Dodge Durango on I-75 and swerved into a semi truck on August 18.

So, why did it take so long to arrest Green? Officials say they conducted a massive investigation that took months to complete. And now, they feel they have enough information to successfully prosecute Green.

Here's what cops say happened ...

The initial collision started a chain reaction ... with Green's car striking several vehicles, killing a 67-year-old woman and a 76-year-old woman. Cops say 2 others were also seriously injured.

Cops say Green sustained minor injuries from the incident.

According to the police report, witnesses told cops Green threw a container over the highway barrier after the crash ... which cops say was a metal grinder with weed inside.

The report also says Green -- who wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash -- had a bag of cocaine in the front seat of his car.

Cops claim Green showed signs of being drunk -- he had slurred speech and smelled like booze -- and toxicology tests showed he had alcohol and drugs in his system.

Green is now facing a slew of criminal charges -- including multiple felony manslaughter counts -- and faces serious prison time if convicted.

Green has been fighting professionally for years -- he made his Bellator debut in 2013 and has fought in the UFC since 2017 ... most recently getting a victory over Charles Jourdain at UFC Fight Night back in May.

Bob Barker Home Smashed by Out-of-Control Car


No ... this is not the right way to "come on down" to Bob Barker's house.

The legendary 'Price is Right' host's manager tells TMZ ... the crash went down Tuesday outside his Hollywood Hills home. The vehicle slammed into the perimeter wall, but didn't get close to the house -- the 95-year-old former game show host was safely inside.

Law enforcement sources tell us the car was involved in a collision on the street, and the impact sent it flying into Barker's wall.

We're told everyone involved in the crash is okay -- there were no injuries to people, but clearly to vehicles ... and walls.

Josh Elliott ATV Crash On 'First Responders Live' ... Driver Miraculously Survived!!!


Josh Elliott is here with some good news on the out-of-control ATV driver who led police on a wild chase that ended with him getting SMOKED by another car ... the dude somehow walked away alive!!!

The host of the new FOX reality series "First Responders Live" tells us the man recklessly riding around Baton Rouge and eluding cops before a super scary wreck is miraculously on the road to recovery ... and it's all thanks to the police and paramedics the show's TV cameras were embedded with.

Josh's new show premiered on FOX last Wednesday and it quickly proved why it's a raw, in-depth look at first responders ... because viewers were given front-row seats as a police chase turned into a horrifying car wreck in the blink of an eye, which Josh says illustrates the interplay between cops, firefighters and paramedics.

'FRL' embeds cameras in several cities across the country, documenting a night in the lives of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others.

Check out our clip ... Josh explains why dumb luck plays a key role in the show, and tells us how fortunate the ATV driver is to be alive.

Mama June Wasted BF Slams SUV Into Garage ... Honey Boo Boo Reacts


6:00 PM PT -- Mama June's 13-year-old daughter, Alana, eventually made it over to her mom's house after we posted video of Geno crashing his SUV into her garage, and struggling to stand afterward. Presumably, she was concerned, but just check out Honey Boo Boo's reaction as she surveys the damage ... it's a classic WTF look.

We're told HBB was able to coax June out of the house for a face-to-face chat that lasted about an hour, but Mama eventually went back inside ... without her kid.

Mama June's boyfriend was in no shape to drive -- or even walk -- when he slammed his SUV into her home's garage ... and video of the aftermath is incredibly alarming.

Witnesses in Mama's neighborhood tell us ... Geno Doak was speeding down the street Friday before he pulled into the driveway and crashed into the garage. We're told he began honking the horn for June to come out ... and that's where the video begins.

The 'From Not to Hot' star comes out of the house to the passenger door wearing a purple negligee.

June hops in the SUV, and it appears she's leaning over to try to help her boyfriend -- possibly unfasten his seat belt -- so he can get out and go in the house ... but the mission fails.

Geno manages to make it out of the vehicle -- shirtless with his pants and socks falling off -- but he appears to be thoroughly inebriated and can only stumble his way a few steps up the sidewalk toward the front door before retreating back to the SUV.

At one point, Mama's seen trying to pull Doak's pants up, but he slaps her hand away and starts punching the windows of the vehicle. He's an absolute mess ... and clearly a danger behind the wheel.

WE tv

As we've reported ... Mama's family has been concerned about her relationship with Doak and what very much seems to be a severe crack cocaine addiction, and attempted to stage an intervention.

She and Geno were both arrested back in March for felony possession of a controlled substance, and he was also booked for domestic violence.

That didn't stop the couple from hanging out -- despite a court order not to -- at the casino ... which is where June was shacking up for a while with her BF.

June's family's been worried he's a danger to her, but after this video ... it's evident he's more dangerous than that.

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Tracy Morgan Crashed Bugatti Will Cost a Fortune to Fix


Tracy Morgan just learned a hard lesson about owning a Bugatti -- fixing a scratch is the equivalent of plunking down enough money to buy the car that sideswiped it.

We broke the story ... Tracy was sideswiped by a Honda CR-V 15 MINUTES after driving his $2 million ride out of the showroom.

The Honda driver nailed the front bumper, and to replace it ... an unreasonable $22,000!!!

But wait, there's more. The fender on the driver's side quarter panel was also damaged, and we're told that will cost $10,000, and that doesn't include labor.

Cops say the accident was the Honda driver's fault ... we don't know her insurance policy limits, but it better be substantial.

The Honda chick is lucky ... if there were structural damage, she'd have to sell the farm.


As you can clearly see from the video, Tracy was none too pleased as he assessed the damage on the street.

This all makes a good case to NOT buy super expensive cars on the mean streets of New York!

'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Out of ICU ... Lands Casino Gig!!!


Barry Weiss can now breathe a sigh of relief ... he's out of danger, but now the long road to recovery begins.

TMZ broke the story ... the "Storage Wars" star and popular auction guru suffered severe injuries in a scary motorcycle accident back in April after a car pulled out of a parking space and nailed him.

He was riding with a friend at the time ... as they slammed into the back of the car but Barry got the worst of it. As we first reported ... Barry landed in ICU and had to undergo multiple surgeries on his back and on his femur. He spent weeks in the hospital but a rep for Barry tells TMZ ... he's finally out.


We're told Barry's currently in an outpatient program and going through the long, hard process of rehab. The ordeal hasn't stopped Barry from working. He was just named the new face of Sherwood Valley Casino.

We're told Barry will do voice-over work for the NorCal casino while he's in rehab. When he recovers, the casino's global brand ambassador will appear in TV commercials to pimp the joint and also do meet and greets.

For now, Barry's rep says the reality TV star's thankful for the concern and well wishes his fans have shown since the accident. #OnwardsAndUpwards.

Justin Bieber Just a Bump in the Road Or a Big Ol' Dent in My Van!!!

Justin Bieber had a little chat with cops in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn't his driving that drew them out to an accident scene ... it was his hired driver.

Bieber's limo van was involved in a 2-vehicle accident that would normally be just a tiny fender bender -- if the freakin' van wasn't so huge! Looks like the back end of a Hyundai Sonata met the side panel of Justin's ride. Unclear who initiated the contact, but police were there to talk to all parties ... and possibly take down an accident report.

Officers spoke to Bieber, but again ... he was just a passenger. Law enforcement tells us both parties exchanged info and went on their way. No harm, no foul. In other words: this is why you pay insurance premiums.

Bieber's gotta know it coulda been way worse. It's a sweet van and all, but it ain't worth $2 million. Tracy Morgan knows what we're talking about!

Too soon?

Tracy Morgan Bugatti Crash Not His Fault ... NYPD Saw it Go Down


Only 2 things can make Tracy Morgan feel better about wrecking his $2 million Bugatti ... insurance and this -- the accident wasn't his fault ... TMZ has learned.

Just Tracy's luck ... an NYPD traffic agent happened to be on the corner of 42nd Street and 10th Avenue Tuesday afternoon when the costly fender bender went down. Law enforcement sources tell us the traffic agent witnessed Tracy cruising westbound on 42nd Street and preparing to make a legal turn onto 10th Ave. when the Honda collided with him.

We're told, to the traffic agent's eyes ... the Honda did NOT have the right of way. The driver of that vehicle is a woman named Joycelyn Madulid. She told the NY Post she had no clue she'd hit a celebrity -- "The people were taking pictures of him and the car. I asked the traffic officer, why people taking pictures and he said, 'You don't watch TV? That's a famous guy.'"

As we first reported, Tracy had juuuust purchased the Bugatti Veyron ... like, literally drove it off the lot. That might explain why you can see him banging on the woman's window immediately after the wreck -- sounds like he yelled, "Get the f**k out the car!!" Joycelyn said she was terrified.

Most of the damage to the Bugatti's carbon body was on the front left quarter panel. Doesn't look like a ton of damage, but when the whip costs $2 mil ... it's all relative.