Sean Kingston Busted in So. Cal Following FL Home Raid

Sean Kingston is behind bars in Southern California, an arrest that came hours after cops raided his home in Florida and arrested his mother.

The singer was arrested Thursday evening on the base of Fort Irwin -- out in the middle of California's Mojave Desert -- and cops say he will be booked into the San Bernardino County Jail.

Cops say Sean had performed a show on the base, and afterward he cooperated as the base police took him into custody on a Broward County Sheriff's Office arrest warrant for fraud and theft charges. The arrest bookends a busy day for Sean and his family with law enforcement.


Donald Trump's catching a bit of a break yet again ... his hefty multi-million-dollar bond in his New York civil case just got a major trim, and he may just be able to pay it off.

A NY appeals court sliced DT's civil fraud judgment bond from a staggering $454 million down to $175 million Monday ... plus they're tossing in an extra 10 days for him to rustle up the cash after his legal squad said they were hitting roadblocks securing the dough.

The ruling comes on the same day New York Attorney General Letitia James would've started trying to enforce the judgment against Trump in this case -- namely, by initiating the gears of attempting to seize his assets, including cash he might have and even properties.

'90 Day Fiancé' Stars Mixed on Deporting Prince Harry ... No Special Privileges!!!

Donald Trump's hinting at deporting Prince Harry again, and opinions on the possibility are split -- even among reality stars who've famously emigrated to America to find bliss like Harry did.

We spoke with several stars from the hit show "90 Day Fiancé" about the former president suggesting he'd consider booting PH, if reelected -- and while they're split on whether that should happen, they all agree he shouldn't be treated differently than any other citizen.

Jesse Meester, star of season 1 of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" told us he's lived in this country since coming over from Amsterdam, and he's never had any issues 'cause he says he doesn't break the law ... an easy way to stay out of trouble.

Jesse adds he's all for DT's strict approach to the country's border crisis, and he believes the former -- and possible future prez -- is the only competent politician out there.

And, Larissa Lima -- season 6 star of "90 Day Fiancé" who came to the U.S. from Brazil -- said she feels it's a huge privilege to get to live here, and not even famous people like Harry should get special treatment.

Despite that, LL also told us she's not for deporting the Duke of Sussex immediately ... adding that seems more than a little extreme.


We also spoke to Sam Wilson who starred in season 10 of '90 Day,' and he got candid about his own struggles as a former drug addict ... saying he's always judged for his past drug use. But, he's still against Harry getting special treatment, noting other people wouldn't get that kind of exemption.

They Broke Her Heart

Remember, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with GBN broadcaster Nigel Farage where he straight-up said Prince Harry wouldn't get special privileges if he lied about previous drug use on his Visa form to get into the country.

Harry talked extensively about using drugs in his book "Spare" -- something, theoretically, he would have had to disclose before getting a visa.

The speculation is he did not, and would, therefore, be subject to deportation.

The "90 Day Fiancé" crew seems most concerned with celebrity justice -- so, their view is ... if Harry lied, then they say he's gotta go.


Donald Trump's legal saga is hitting another hurdle ... this time the ex-Prez says he's having a hard time securing help to pay a massive multi-million-dollar bond in his NY civil case.

DT needs to post a $464 million bond to satisfy the judgment against him -- he needs to do it soon ... by the end of the month, in fact. However, his attorneys say he's struggling to come up with the cash.

In a legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Trump's lawyers signaled Monday that they're hitting a roadblock in their efforts to find an insurance company willing to secure the substantial financial penalty ... describing the task as a "practical impossibility."

Trump's team explains they've unsuccessfully approached 30 underwriters to back the bond ... writing, "The amount of the judgment, with interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few bonding companies will consider a bond of anything approaching that magnitude."

The filing says their efforts include "countless hours negotiating with one of the largest insurance companies in the world" ... which they insist shows how obtaining an appeal bond in the full amount isn't feasible.

Trump's lawyers add that potential underwriters typically look for the bond to be backed by cash or cash equivalents ... which makes it practically impossible to use real estate assets to back the bond. His team says Trump would need cash reserves nearing $1 billion for an insurance company to come aboard -- and it sounds like they're saying DT ain't got it.

As a result, Trump's lawyers have petitioned the appeals court to stay the imposition of the massive monetary judgment without requiring the posting of the bond during the appeal ... which would essentially block New York Attorney General Letitia James from trying to enforce collection while the appeal is underway. A decision on his filing has yet to be made.

You'll recall ... Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling ordered Trump and his co-defendants to pay a substantial $464 million in damages after finding him liable for conspiring to manipulate his net worth. Trump was ordered to pay $454M of that total.

Alec Baldwin Reportedly Offered 'Rust' Plea Deal ... Lenient & Equal to Halls

Alec Baldwin could've walked away from the "Rust" shooting with no more than a slap on the wrist ... at least, if a new report is to be believed.

According to Variety, new court documents released Friday claim Baldwin was offered a lenient plea deal. However, according to them, the deal was taken off the table before AB could make up his mind.

The actor was reportedly offered a plea deal that was "identical to the petty misdemeanor deal accepted by Dave Halls."

Halls -- who served as first assistant director at the time of the shooting that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins -- received six months of unsupervised probation, a $500, 24 hours of community service and a mandatory firearm safety class.

Variety reports Baldwin was offered this deal October 5 and given until October 27 to decide ... but prosecutors allegedly took the deal away on October 17 and informed Baldwin's team they were going forward with a grand jury. Unclear what changed in that short window.


As we reported ... Baldwin and his attorney Alex Spiro filed to get the case dismissed Thursday claiming Santa Fe County D.A.'s office rigged the grand jury against Alec, pointing to biased witnesses and their alleged omission of relevant evidence that undermined the case against Baldwin.

His filing claims the D.A. didn't present the entirety of the testing the FBI did on his firearm ... which he claims would prove it could've been fired without him pulling the trigger.

Court TV

Baldwin's case is set to go to trial in July, and he could serve up to 18 months in prison if found guilty. He's signaled he's going to fight the charges -- and, obviously is doing what he can to get them thrown out before he has to show up in court and defend himself.

Alec Baldwin May Call Celeb Witnesses ... For Defense at 'Rust' Trial

Alec Baldwin may look to enlist the help of other celebs when his manslaughter trial over Halyna Hutchins' death gears up this summer -- but there's a catch ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with knowledge of the case tell TMZ ... the actor's team is considering putting together a list of famous people to potentially testify on Alec's behalf during his trial in July -- but we're told these stars would be people who've already spoken out in Alec's defense.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Specifically, we're told Alec and his team would possibly be eyeing public figures who've weighed into the issue of whether an actor can be held responsible for weapons on set.

Worth noting ... our sources say this potential witness list hasn't come to fruition just yet -- remember, the trial is still months away -- and we're told nothing is set in stone either.

Still ... if this comes to pass, it'd be major news -- especially with the potential names.

So far ... Alec has received public support from a number of stars, all of whom have taken a firm stance -- namely, that it's crazy to go after Alec for something he wasn't tasked with checking in an acting capacity. Some of those names include Debra Messing, Mickey Rourke, DJ Qualls, Frances Fisher (who also starred in "Rust") and others.

Interesting to note ... some of these actors have already committed to being available in court if Alec should come to call on them -- including Mickey ... who tells us he's game to testify.

Mickey tells TMZ ... "Whatever Alec needs I’ll be there 100%. The armorer is 100% responsible for any gun handed to an actor. Especially, to an actor who didn't have experience with guns."

Rourke adds ... nobody from Alec's legal team has reached out to him yet.

As we reported ... Alec pled not guilty to an involuntary manslaughter charge in January ... over two years after he held the prop gun that went off and killed Halyna during a "Rust" rehearsal. Director Joel Souza was also injured at the time.


The armorer on set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was just convicted of involuntary manslaughter herself -- and while some feel that doesn't bode well for AB ... others disagree, arguing it only cements that the person responsible for weapons on set was found criminally liable.

We reached out to Alec's attorney, Alex Spiro, for comment -- but no word back yet.

Kim Kardashian Dice que es inocente el preso ejecutado en Texas Envía sus oraciones...

Kim Kardashian está prestando su apoyo a la familia de Ivan Cantu, luego de que el preso condenado a muerte fuera ejecutado en Texas.

Kim publicó un mensaje en Instagram el miércoles por la noche, informando a sus millones de seguidores que Cantu era "un hombre inocente" que acababa de ser ejecutado.

La magnate de SKIMS, cuya otra faceta es la abogacía penal, le envió sus "oraciones" a la familia de Cantú y otros seres queridos.

El lunes, Kim recurrió a "X" e instó a todos a firmar una petición para pedirle al gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, que concediera una suspensión de 30 días de la ejecución para que se puedieran revisar nuevas pruebas en el caso de Cantu.

A finales de enero, Kim se interesó por el caso, escribiendo en "X" que estaba conmovida por la historia de Cantu y exponiendo los detalles de los crímenes tal como ella los entendía.

Kim dijo que Cantu fue declarado culpable en 2001 y condenado a muerte por dispararle fatalmente a su primo James Mosqueda y a la prometida de Mosqueda, Amy Kitchen.

Dijo que los testigos del Estado prestaron falso testimonio en el juicio, del que luego se retractaron. También acusó a los fiscales de ocultar pruebas que habrían reforzado la defensa de Cantu.

Cantu siempre mantuvo su inocencia e insistió en que Mosqueda era un traficante de drogas que debía mucho dinero a un traficante rival. Dijo que el rival había cometido los asesinatos y que inculpó a Cantu.

A pesar de sus afirmaciones, Cantu fue ejecutado por inyección letal a las 18:47 del miércoles, según el Departamento de Justicia Penal de Texas.

TMZ investiga
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Tenía 50 años.

Que en paz descanse.

Kim Kardashian Calls Executed Inmate 'Innocent' ... Sends Prayers To His Family

Kim Kardashian is lending her support to the family of Ivan Cantu after the death row inmate was executed in Texas.

KK posted a message to Instagram Wednesday night, informing her millions of followers that Cantu was "an innocent man" who had just been put to death by the Lone Star state.

The SKIMS mogul -- who doubles as a criminal justice advocate -- went on to send her "prayers" to Cantu's family and other loved ones.

On Monday, KK took to "X" and urged everyone to sign a petition asking Texas Governor Greg Abbott to grant a 30 day stay of the execution so new evidence could be reviewed in Cantu's case.

In late January, KK became interested in the case, writing in an X post that she was moved by Cantu's story, laying out the details of the crimes as she understood them.

Kim said Cantu was convicted in 2001 and sentenced to death for fatally shooting his cousin, James Mosqueda, and Mosqueda’s fiancée, Amy Kitchen.

She said state witnesses had given false testimony at trial, which they later recanted. She also accused prosecutors of withholding evidence that would have bolstered Cantu's defense.

Cantu always maintained his innocence, insisting that Mosqueda was a drug dealer who owed a lot of money to a rival dealer. He said the rival committed the murders and framed Cantu.

Despite his claims, Cantu was executed by lethal injection at 6:47 PM Wednesday, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

TMZ Studios

He was 50.


Kim Kardashian Wrong Pic for Death Row Inmate ... Ivan Cantu, Proj. Mngr.???

Kim Kardashian does great work in criminal justice reform -- but in trying to shed light on one important case ... she mistakenly highlighted a guy who's got nothing to do with this.

The reality star flubbed Monday when she posted the wrong photo of death row inmate Ivan Cantu -- accidentally uploading an image of Ivan A. Cantu ... a project manager from New York.

TMZ spoke with Ivan about the social media mix-up -- and the planner tells us he learned of the error from his family. Understandably, he initially thought they were kidding ... as it's his 60th birthday. We're sure this wasn't the birthday surprise he expected!

In any case ... Ivan says he understands that someone from Kim's team likely shared the incorrect image by mistake ... although, he wouldn't say no to an apology since his photo was sent out to Kim's 364 million followers -- that's what he told us anyway.

The SKIMS founder has since taken down the mistaken post and replaced it with a local newspaper op-ed shedding light on the case. The mother of four has spoken out in support of the imprisoned Ivan -- who is currently incarcerated in Texas -- on more than one occasion.

Back in January ... Kim shed light on Ivan's case -- highlighting that the prisoner has always maintained his innocence in the 2000 murders of his cousin, James Mosqueda, and his cousin's fiancée, Amy Kitchen.

TMZ Studios

He is currently set to be executed on Wednesday after a prior execution date in April 2023 was canceled amid an appeal -- so obviously, this is a very serious matter.

Kim is encouraging her followers to sign a petition that will encourage the District Attorney to withdraw Ivan's execution date.

Jussie Smollett Appeals to Illinois Supreme Court ... I Had a Deal And Prosecutors Screwed Me Over

Jussie Smollett is telling the Illinois Supreme Court a deal's a deal -- specifically, the deal prosecutors made when they dismissed the first indictment for faking an attack -- so he should never have been charged and prosecuted a second time.

Smollett just filed legal docs with the highest court in the land of Lincoln, claiming after he was first indicted by a Cook County Grand Jury, the State's Attorney offered him a deal -- do community service, forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, and the case would not be prosecuted.

Jussie points to the prosecutor, who said, "After reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollett's volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, the State's motion in regards to the indictment is to nolle pros [not prosecute]."

The prosecutor added, "We believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case."

Smollett says the reason he was indicted a second time ... the special prosecutor "gave in to public outcry."


Jussie argues he did community service and forfeited his bond, so filing the case a second time amounts to double jeopardy.

Fox 32 Chicago

Smollett's argument has been rejected by the trial judge and the Illinois appellate court, so he's shooting his shot with the Supremes of Illinois.

TMZ Studios

Jussie was convicted of 5 felonies related to the fake attack and sentenced to serve 150 days. He served 6 days and was released pending appeal.

Jussie Smollett declara ante el Tribunal Supremo de Illinois Que tenía un acuerdo para "no ser procesado"

Jussie Smollett le dice al Tribunal Supremo de Illinois que un trato es un trato. Esto respecto al  trato que los fiscales hicieron cuando desestimaron la primera acusación por fingir un ataque, por lo que nunca debería haber sido acusado y procesado por segunda vez.

Smollett acaba de presentar documentos legales ante el más alto tribunal en la tierra de Lincoln, alegando que después de haber sido acusado por primera vez por un Gran Jurado del Condado de Cook, el Fiscal del Estado le ofreció un trato... hacer servicio comunitario y renunciar a su fianza en la Ciudad de Chicago. De esta forma el caso no sería procesado.

Jussie señala al fiscal, quien dijo: "Después de revisar los hechos y circunstancias del caso, incluyendo el servicio voluntario del Sr. Smollett en la comunidad y el acuerdo de renunciar a su fianza a la ciudad de Chicago, la moción del Estado en lo que respecta a la acusación es nolle pros (no procesar)".

El fiscal añadió: "Creemos que este resultado es una disposición justa y la adecuada resolución de este caso".

Smollett dice que la razón por la que fue acusado por segunda vez, es que el fiscal especial "cedio al clamor publico".

Jussie argumenta que hizo servicio comunitario y perdió su fianza, por lo que presentar el caso por segunda vez equivale a un doble enjuiciamiento.

Fox 32 Chicago

El argumento de Smollett ha sido rechazado por el juez de primera instancia y el tribunal de apelaciones de Illinois, por lo que está probando suerte con los Supremos de Illinois.

tmz investiga
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Jussie fue declarado culpable de 5 delitos graves relacionados con el falso ataque y condenado a cumplir 150 días. Cumplió 6 días y fue puesto en libertad en espera de apelación.

Alec Baldwin renuncia a comparecer Y se declara inocente

Al parecer, Alec Baldwin no quería pasar por el circo de Zoom en Nuevo México para hacerle frente a los nuevos cargos en su contra, así que está dando una declaración desde una distancia aún mayor.

El actor renunció a su aparición que se fijó para el jueves por la mañana, donde estaba previsto que se presentara en un tribunal en el condado de Santa Fe para decirle a la corte cómo se siente acerca de la acusación de homicidio involuntario que se volvió a presentar en su contra en las últimas semanas.

En su lugar, acaba de presentar una declaración de no culpabilidad a través de sus abogados, optando hacerlo de manera virtual. Tiene sentido, ya que ha señalado a través de sus abogados que quiere que todo esto se haga rápidamente y fuera del centro de atención.

tmz investiga
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Recordemos que Alec dejó claro la semana pasada que tiene derecho a un juicio rápido, haciendo hincapié en el hecho de que no quiere alargar esto más de lo necesario. Hay algunas condiciones de liberación que tiene que cumplir, no consumir alcohol, no sustancias ilegales y no armas de fuego y no salir de los EE.UU. sin permiso por escrito... lo de siempre.

tiro de práctica

Ahora que se ha declarado inocente, el caso puede continuar, y finalmente tendrá que venir a la corte para el juicio. Teniendo en cuenta que Alec ha negado cualquier delito desde el principio, todos apunta a que la lucha contra final será frente a un jurado.

Alec ha recibido apoyo últimamente, en concreto, de SAG-AFTRA, que emitió un comunicado diciendo que no es el trabajo de un actor comprobar las armas de fuego en el set.

Recuerde, la oficina del fiscal allí ya intentó procesarlo una vez - pero retiró los cargos ... solo para resucitar de nuevo a través de un gran jurado, presumiblemente en nuevas pruebas que piensan que hace que su caso sólido.

Con la declaración de inocencia de Alec ahora en el expediente, podemos seguir con esto de una vez por todas.

Alec Baldwin Waives Arraignment Appearance ... Pleads Not Guilty

Alec Baldwin apparently didn't want to go through the circus of Zooming into New Mexico to face the renewed charges against him -- so, he's skipping it, and entering a plea from an even further distance.

The actor waived his appearance that was set for Thursday morning, where he was due to beam into a courthouse in Santa Fe County and tell the court how he feels about the involuntary manslaughter charge that was re-filed against him in recent weeks.

Instead, he just submitted a not-guilty plea through his attorneys ... opting to pass on a virtual pop-in. Makes sense -- he's already telegraphed his game plan, signaling through lawyers that he wants this all done quickly and out of the spotlight.

TMZ Studios

Remember, Alec made clear last week that he has the right to a speedy trial ... emphasizing the fact he does NOT want to drag this out any longer than it needs to be. There are some conditions of release he has to abide by too -- no consuming booze, no illegal substances and no firearms and no leaving the U.S. without written permission ... the usual.


Now, that he's pled not guilty ... the case can continue, and he'll eventually have to come to court for the trial itself. Considering Alec has been denying any wrongdoing from the start -- all signs point to him fighting this thing to the very end, in front of a jury.

Alec has gotten some support lately on this front -- specifically, from SAG-AFTRA ... which put out a statement saying it's not an actor's job to check firearms on set.

Remember, the D.A.'s office there already tried prosecuting him once -- but dropped the charges ... only to resurrect them again through a grand jury, presumably on newer evidence they think makes their case solid.

With Alec's not-guilty plea now in the record, we can get on with this once and for all.

Alec Baldwin insiste en su derecho a un juicio rápido Por los nuevos cargos de "Rust"

Alec Baldwin acaba de presentar su primera respuesta oficial a los nuevos cargos presentados contra él en el caso "Rust" en Nuevo México y lo primero que sale de su boca es... ¡Date prisa!

De acuerdo con nuevos documentos legales, obtenidos por TMZ, el actor ha sido ordenado a comparecer ante un juez para responder a la acusación de homicidio involuntario que se presenta en su contra (de nuevo) y él tiene que hacerlo el 1 de febrero a las 11 AM a través de una declaración oficial.

El papeleo señala que Alec puede aparecer en la corte a través de teléfono o videoconferencia, pero tiene que responderle al juez de una manera u otra si es culpable o inocente. Basado en la última vez que esto sucedió, algo nos dice que Alec va a ir con este último.

De hecho, sus abogados presentaron una respuesta casi de inmediato y dejan claro que quiere terminar con esto de una vez por todas, haciendo hincapié en su derecho constitucional a un juicio rápido.


Una de las razones que su equipo legal cita como motivo principal, es porque va a "minimizar el vilipendio público y la sospecha." Además, quiere "evitar los peligros de probar su inocencia que a menudo surgen después de un largo retraso en el enjuiciamiento".

tmz investiga
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Recordemos Alec está enfrentando cargos otra vez la semana pasada. Cargos de homicidio involuntario por negligencia en el uso de un arma de fuego, o en la alternativa, homicidio involuntario sin la debida precaución o circunspección. Antes de que los cargos fueran retirados la primera vez, se enfrentaba a algo muy similar, y todo el tiempo negó vehementemente cualquier delito.

Por supuesto, todo esto tiene que ver con el hecho de que Alec estaba usando la pistola de utilería en el set, que de alguna manera disparó y envió una bala a través de la fallecida Halyna Hutchins.

Alec lo había atribuido a un terrible accidente, pero los fiscales de Nuevo México han alegado que se trataba de un delito y llevan tiempo persiguiendo a Baldwin. Su primera reacción oficial a que vayan a por él de nuevo se reduce básicamente a... ¡Vamos, vamos!

Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' Case Let's Get This Damn Thing Over With ... I Want A Speedy Trial!!!

Alec Baldwin just filed his first official response to the new charges being brought against him in the "Rust" case in New Mexico -- and the first thing out of his mouth is ... hurry up!

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the actor has been ordered to appear before a judge in NM to answer to the involuntary manslaughter charge being filed against him (again) ... and he's gotta do so on Feb. 1 at 11 AM through an official plea.

The paperwork notes that AB can show up to court via phone or video conference -- but he's gotta let the judge know one way or the other ... guilty or not guilty. Based on the last time this happened, something tells us Alec's gonna go with the latter.

In fact, his attorneys filed a response to this almost immediately -- submitting documents that make clear ... he wants to get this over and done with, stressing his constitutional right to a speedy trial.


One of the reasons his legal team cites as wanting to get the show on the road here is because it'll "minimize public vilification and suspicion." Plus, he wants to "avoid the hazards of proving his innocence that often arise after a lengthy delay in prosecution."

TMZ Studios

Remember, Alec was slapped with new charges last week -- namely, involuntary manslaughter through negligent use of a firearm, or in the alternative ... involuntary manslaughter without due caution or circumspection. Before the charges were dropped the first time, he was facing something very similar ... and the entire time, he vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Of course, this all has to do with the fact that Alec was using the prop gun on set -- which somehow fired and sent a live bullet through the late Halyna Hutchins, who was the DP.

Alec had chalked it up to a horrific accident -- but prosecutors there in New Mexico have alleged criminality was afoot, and they've been gunning for Baldwin for a while now. His first official reaction to them going after him again basically boils down to ... c'mon, let's go!

Actor de "Mi Pobre Angelito" está hospitalizado y aplazan su juicio Por violencia doméstica

El juicio por violencia doméstica por el que está pasando el actor de "Mi Pobre Angelito" —Devin Ratray— se ha retrasado después de que sus abogados le informaron al juez que fue hospitalizado "en estado crítico".

Un miembro de la familia le dice a TMZ que Devin —más conocido por su papel de Buzz McCallister— ha sido dado de alta del hospital de Nueva York y está de vuelta en casa descansando por prescripción médica.

No se sabe la razón por la cual el hombre de 45 años terminó en el hospital, o incluso cuando fue que pasó, pero en los registros judiciales se nota que estaba fuera del estado cuando su emergencia médica fue notificada.

La pesadilla médica del actor provocó un aplazamiento en su caso judicial. La selección del jurado se fijó para comenzar el lunes en un tribunal de Oklahoma, pero ahora, todo el asunto ha sido reajustado para antes del juicio el próximo mes, y todo causa de la hospitalización.

Devin fue detenido tras las acusaciones de que golpeó a su ex novia durante un altercado borracho en diciembre de 2021, con la ex diciendole a la policía que la empujó, le dio un puñetazo en la cara, y presionó sus manos contra la garganta y la boca.

TMZ obtuvo la declaración jurada de causa probable, cuando Lisa le dijo a las autoridades Devin dijo: "Así es como se muere".

tmz investiga
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Fue fichado por delito grave asalto doméstico y agresión por estrangulamiento, así como delito menor asalto doméstico. Más tarde fue puesto en libertad bajo fianza de 25.000 dólares.

Devin tuvo su primera comparecencia ante el tribunal en febrero de 2022, entrando en una declaración de no culpabilidad, pero las cosas se han movido lentamente desde entonces.

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