Oprah's Co. Sues Podcast Hosts You Can Talk About Me, But Don't Use My Logo!!!


6:28 AM PT -- 8/10 -- A rep for Roulette Productions tells us, "'Oprahdemics' is a journalistic exploration by history professors and sincere, longtime fans of Oprah Winfrey. As independent producers, we feel it's important to have fun, approachable, and educational conversations about the cultural impact of Ms. Winfrey."


They continue, "This comes from a place of both deep admiration and critical thinking. Kellie and Leah are remarkable hosts. Roulette Productions produces 'Oprahdemics' and has been engaged with the team at Harpo for some time--while genuinely surprised by this, we hope to resolve it."

You can talk about Oprah, but don't go ripping off her signature logo -- that seems to be the message being sent by the media mogul herself in a new lawsuit.

The legendary talk show host's company, Harpo, has filed suit against a couple of up-and-coming podcasters who launched a series this year called "Oprahdemics" -- where they discuss all things Winfrey and go through their favorite TV moments in fine detail.

The two hosts are Kellie Carter Jackson and Leah Wright Rigueur, and Harpo is suing them and their production company, Roulette Productions, for trademark infringement.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Harpo claims the women are specifically utilizing a giant "O" that Harpo says is just an attempt to create confusion as to whether Oprah is behind the podcast.

In addition to their 15-plus-episode first season -- which seems somewhat successful in its own right -- Harpo says the co-hosts have hosted popular IG live chats, Q&As in NYC and have even gotten a plug on 'Good Morning America' ... all with branding Team Oprah says violates established trademark rights.

Harpo wants a judge to step in and block the women from building their podcast brand on the goodwill of Oprah and her company's trademarks ... but they're not seeking money in the lawsuit.

Lori Loughlin Oh Canada, I Want to Visit ... Judge Approves, but Canada Could Shut Her Down

Lori Loughlin wants to get on with her life after serving time for her role in the college admissions scandal, and that involves flying to Canada to shoot a movie.

Lori is currently on 2-years probation after serving 2 months ... as a result, she's required to get approval from the judge before leaving the country.


According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Lori's been offered a role in the flick but it's contingent on her getting approval to travel. She says the project would last a week and it would be shot in the middle of September or the beginning of October.

The judge signed off, allowing her to travel, but that's just half of the approval process. Canada is super strict on allowing people in with criminal records, and Lori pled guilty to a felony.

We've already seen other celebs be turned away ... including Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and The Game, so Lori's fate is not certain.

She does not state the nature of the project, but Lori's been a fixture on the Hallmark Channel.

Attorney Bert Fields Repped Beatles, Cruise, Madonna, MJ Dead at 92

Bert Fields, one of the most powerful lawyers in the United States who, among many other things, who waged legal war on behalf of Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise, has died.

Sources close to Fields, including one of his famous clients, tell TMZ ... the attorney has indeed passed.

Fields' client list included James Cameron, Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Mike Nichols, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Jerry Bruckheimer, The Beatles and Madonna ... among many others.


Among his notable cases ... in 1993, Bert was involved in defending Michael Jackson against molestation allegations, and famously held a news conference acknowledging MJ was so profoundly addicted to pain meds, he could barely function on an intellectual level.

He also filed a $50 million lawsuit against a magazine publisher on behalf of Tom Cruise after the mag claimed Cruise was gay. He sued another outlet for claiming Cruise had abandoned Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Fields taught entertainment law at both Stanford and Harvard law schools. He was an accomplished author and wrote several novels and even lectured on Shakespeare.

Bert Fields was 93. RIP.

'Grease' Actor Eddie Deezen Not Competent to Stand Trial ... In Maryland Assault Case

Eddie Deezen, known for playing Eugene Felsnic in "Grease," has been found not competent to stand trial for allegedly burglarizing a nursing home.

The commitment order, obtained by TMZ, shows Deezen's unable to stand trial because of a mental disorder, and he's been transferred to the Maryland Department of Health for treatment.

The document says he's considered a danger to himself and others around him. Deezen will have no choice but to stay in the health department's care until the court believes he no longer poses a threat.

As we reported, police say Deezen pushed his way into a privately-owned nursing facility in April, refusing to leave after a woman told him to scram -- but cops showed up and hauled him off in cuffs.

The alleged victim told cops Eddie's been by her place several times before, claiming he usually leaves behind items with accompanying notes.

The security camera of a neighbor a few doors down showed Deezen approaching their property as well that night, allegedly trying to open the front door.

He was originally charged with fourth-degree burglary, 2 counts of trespassing, and one count of disturbing the peace -- however, the latest docs show prosecutors changed the charges to assault and disorderly conduct.

'WHY DON'T WE' DANIEL SEAVEY Gets Restraining Order Against Fan Who Broke Into House, Slept in Bed

Daniel Seavey, a member of the band Why Don't We, just got a restraining order against the obsessed fan who broke into his home and slept in his bed -- claiming this wasn't the first time she's popped up in his life.

Sources close to Seavey tell us ... the woman's on the loose again, after being released from a 72-hour psych hold ... and according to his docs, she’s repeatedly showed up at his gym ... so there's clearly a recurring problem.


The court’s order, obtained by TMZ, requires her to remain 100 yards away from Seavey … and to steer clear of the rocker’s house, whether he’s there or not.

As of now, the woman has not been arrested or charged, but Seavey is understandably concerned, saying he's "in fear of what she may do upon release." Thing is ... she HAS been released.

As we reported, the 23-year-old snuck into his house through an open window and stayed the night -- sleeping in his bed and putting on his clothes.

As for why ... she told police the ink on his arm was all the inspiration she needed to sneak in and shoot her shot.

'Why Don't We' Daniel Seavey Obsessed Fan Breaks Into Home ... Sleeps in His Bed, Puts On His Clothes


Daniel Seavey, a member of the band Why Don't We, has a tattoo of a person climbing into a window located on his arm ... an image that may have become the inspiration for one obsessed fan to make her way inside the singer's home and sleep in his bed.

LAPD sources tell TMZ ... the 23-year-old broke into Daniel's L.A. pad Wednesday night. We've obtained surveillance footage of the woman pacing outside his front door holding flowers -- it seems she was there to see him, but when she realized he wasn't home, she climbed through an unlocked window.

Sources close to Daniel tell us ... once inside, the woman rummaged through Daniel's closet, putting on a "Free Hoover" hoodie he got from Drake and Kanye's show back in December. From there, the woman got into Daniel's bed and fell asleep.


The woman woke up Thursday morning and made her way to Daniel's kitchen -- where she was again caught on video -- wearing the hoodie and digging through his cabinets, listening to "Can I Get It" by Adele.

Daniel checked his phone Thursday morning and saw home surveillance video of the woman digging through his cabinets and immediately called the cops. Police arrived and took the woman into custody. We're told she was not mentally there and was placed on a psych hold.

Our Daniel sources say the woman informed cops she had recently noticed the tattoo on Daniel's arm. We're told she said it did indeed inspire her to visit the singer, and she believed they were meant to be together.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

Bob Dylan Accuser Drops Sex Abuse Suit

Bob Dylan's sex abuse accuser is now singing a different tune -- she's dropped the lawsuit in which she claimed he had molested her back in 1965 when she was only 12.

As we reported back in August, the woman, identified only as J.C., filed a federal suit in Manhattan alleging Dylan plied her with drugs and alcohol, then escorted her to his Chelsea Hotel apartment and had sex with her while she was underage. She also accused Dylan of a pattern of abuse ... saying he used threats of violence to get what he wanted.

But, her allegations went out the window Thursday when she abruptly withdrew the suit after recently firing her lawyers.

Dylan's attorney, Orin Snyder, took a victory lap, telling TMZ ... "This case is over. It is outrageous that it was ever brought in the first place. We are pleased that the plaintiff has dropped this lawyer-driven sham and that the case has been dismissed with prejudice."

In a letter filed with the court Wednesday, Snyder attacked the accuser's credibility ... highlighting that she erased key text messages.

Dylan had maintained his innocence from the beginning, vowing he would vigorously defend himself. We reached out to the accuser's reps for comment ... so far no word back.

Johnny Depp Oui, We Love You!!! Fans Swarm in Paris

Johnny Depp's back in the City of Love, and still feeling lots of it from fans waiting for him wherever he goes in the French capital.

JD was leaving a restaurant in Paris early Thursday morning when he ran into a wall of supporters -- fans hoping to get some pics and autographs from the actor/rock star.

It was an offer he couldn't resist, as the guy said Bonsoir, and signed what he could before making his way out of there.

Johnny's in Paris to shoot his first film since the trial against Amber Heard -- he's playing King Louis XV in Maïwenn's "Jeanne du Barry."

Johnny recently made headlines after being seen out with a mystery woman ... while many believed the redhead in question was a new flame, we learned she's his French teacher for the upcoming film.

As we reported, Amber recently filed to appeal the $10.3M verdict in her defamation case ... a spokesperson for the actress told us, "We believe the court made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment."

If Depp's concerned, it isn't showing while he's soaking up his Parisian fanfare.

Britney Spears Will Not Be Deposed, Judge Rules


4:58 PM PT -- Jamie's attorney, Alex Weingarten just stated outside the court he believes the law allows for Britney’s deposition, and he'll bring it to the court of appeal.

Britney Spears will not be grilled by Jamie Spears' lawyer in a deposition ... this was the ruling Wednesday in the conservatorship case.

The judge said whatever information Jamie Spears needs to defend himself against allegations of conservatorship abuse can be obtained from other sources, such as documents and, presumably, other witnesses.

Jamie's lawyer argued that his client's hands would be tied without allowing him to depose his daughter ... in order to defend himself against the various claims Britney and her lawyer made. Jamie's lawyer says his client will be vindicated, and did nothing wrong.


Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, told the judge ... Britney has been traumatized by Jamie by his actions for more than a decade. Rosengart said putting Britney under oath in a deposition would re-traumatize her.

As we reported, Jamie filed legal docs in June, asking a judge to force her to sit for a depo ... claiming she's been going on a campaign to trash him online, and in her upcoming memoir ... and he deserves a chance to question her under oath about the allegations.

A judge has already ruled Jamie will be sitting for the deposition.

Among the issues Jamie wanted to question his daughter about under oath ... allegations that she was forced to give 8 tubes of blood for medical treatment, was forced to participate in therapy and was not allowed to own pain-reliever meds.


While Jamie was gunning for the depo, Britney's attorney Mathew Rosengart filed docs, saying the battle will be won with documents, physical evidence, and the testimony of Jamie.

Rosengart says Britney's testimony would not be relevant to any legal proceeding and would only potentially traumatize Britney.

Originally Published -- 3:26 PM PT

Lana Del Rey Gets TRO Against Alleged Stalker ... He Stole My Car!!!

Lana Del Rey claims she has a stalker on her hands, one that's very interested in her car as well -- this according to LDR herself, who just got court-ordered protection against this guy.

The singer was granted a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles County, where she claims she's been getting harassed by some guy named Eric Everardo -- who she says has visited her home on at least 2 occasions ... and allegedly jacked a vehicle there too.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Lana says Everardo first visited her residence without permission in February of this year ... when she claims he made off with one of her rides, a Jaguar, and was eventually criminally charged for that.

That wasn't the end of it though. Lana goes on to claim Everardo came back to her crib earlier this month and left a bag at her gate with a disturbing letter inside relaying his desire to see her again. LDR claims he also texted her sister a couple times between February and July, but it's unclear how he got her number.

In any case, Lana says she doesn't know this man and fears for her safety, and the safety of her family members. A judge signed off on the TRO and set a hearing on the matter for next month.

Everardo, in the meantime, has to stay at least 100 yards away from Lana and her sister and brother ... and can't make any attempt to contact them.

Amber Heard Claims One Juror Who Sided with Depp ... Should Never Have Been on Panel

Amber Heard's lawyers have just filed new documents, further detailing their claim that one of the jurors deceived the court by pretending to be the person who was actually summoned.

The new docs claim a jury summons went to a Virginia home where 2 people with the same name reside. The document says the person summoned is 77 years old, but the person who actually showed up for jury service is 52.

Now the docs say both people share the same last name. It would seem they must also share the first name as well, because it would be a big red flag to the court if the first names were different. The document does not address the first name.

In any event, Amber's lawyers say this was a fraud on the court because the 52-year-old never should have served on the jury, but apparently wanted to do so.

As you know, that juror, as well as the others, all sided with Johnny Depp on his defamation claim ... in Virginia, a unanimous verdict is required.

Amber's lawyers are crying foul, and want the verdict set aside and a new trial ordered.

Michael Jackson 3 Songs Pulled From Streaming ... Debate Rages Over Legitimacy of MJ Vocals

Is it Michael or a Michael imposter? That ongoing debate about 3 of Michael Jackson's posthumously released songs is behind the sudden disappearance of the tracks from major streaming services.

The songs -- "Monster," "Keep Your Head Up" and "Breaking News" -- were all on the "Michael" album, released in 2010 ... the year after Jackson's death. But, ever since they came out some fans, and even Michael's family members, have questioned whether they feature legit MJ vocals.

The songs vanished from Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal streaming services last week, which many fans saw as confirmation that's not really MJ singing on them -- however, a rep for the official MJ website says that's not exactly the case.

The rep confirms the songs "are no longer being made available by Sony Music for purchase or streaming but I should point out that the removal of these three songs has nothing to do with their authenticity. The Estate and Sony Music believe the continuing conversation about the tracks is distracting the fan community and casual Michael Jackson listeners from focusing their attention where it should be -- on Michael’s legendary and deep music catalog."

One fan who probably isn't buying that explanation is Vera Serova, who filed a lawsuit in 2014, accusing Sony Music, the Jackson Estate and the producers of the songs of lying to consumers. She lost the case in 2018, but is now appealing to California's Supreme Court.

The Estate tells TMZ ... taking down the songs was "the simplest and best way to move beyond the conversation associated with these tracks once and for all." Instead, the Estate wants fans to focus on the Tony-winning Broadway production, "MJ: The Musical" and other projects celebrating his catalog. The rep added, "Nothing should be read into this action concerning the authenticity of the tracks."

For what it's worth, Michael's mother, sister La Toya and his kids, Paris and Prince ... have all questioned the legitimacy of the vocals on the tracks.

Amber Heard Toss This Verdict, Judge ... BS Evidence & Fake Juror!!!

Amber Heard wants a do-over in court, demanding a judge toss the verdict against her in the Johnny Depp defamation trial ... because of shoddy evidence and an alleged fake juror.

The actress's lawyers filed new docs this week in VA, asking the judge to either set aside the verdict in favor of JD entirely, dismiss the complaint or order a new trial. Take your pick!

The reasons they lay out are many, but essentially fall into 3 categories -- one, she argues there wasn't sufficient evidence presented on Johnny's side to convince a jury that her words had hurt his career/cost him roles ... and yet, they somehow decided she had anyway.

Amber's attorneys argue that Johnny's career was already on the ropes -- including within the 'Pirates' franchise -- before her op-ed in Dec. 2018, and yet ... she was found liable for that. Furthermore, AH's team claims JD and co. failed to prove she acted with actual malice in the sense that there was little to no evidence offered up showing she ever believed she hadn't been abused by him and didn't believe every word uttered or written in the op-ed.

They're also harping on the fact that Amber never named Johnny in the piece, and more importantly ... insist that the defamatory lines in question were, in fact, true on their face.

There's also this ... Amber and her team claim that one of the jurors who decided her fate may not have actually been the person summoned to court, and that the court apparently missed it by not properly vetting them. It's Juror #15, whose birth year on paper is 1945.

Amber's team says they've done a quick search on this would-be imposter -- whom they say is clearly younger than that -- and it appears this person might've been born in 1970. As a result, they want the court to investigate the matter further. If it's found they did erroneously end up on the jury ... just another reason to scrap this whole thing and start from scratch.

Mind you ... this is NOT Amber's appeal of the case -- which she's vowed to carry out, even though it would cost her a fortune she apparently doesn't have. Because of that fact, this seems to be a roundabout way to achieve the same thing, sans throwing down any dough.


A judge has yet to rule on her filing. Johnny's attorney, Ben Chew, said this was to be expected ... and that nothing substantive was included in her motion.

R. KELLY 'SURVIVOR' He Needs To Admit Guilt, Seek Therapy

Kitti Jones -- one of R. Kelly's exes who accused him of physical abuse and sexual coercion -- says there's only 2 ways he can fix himself ... taking accountability and serious therapy.


Kitti says R. Kelly needs to accept the harm he's inflicted on his victims and turn his life over to God ... plus making the most of the mental health treatment he's been ordered to undergo upon his prison release.

As we reported ... Kelly was recently sentenced to 30 years in federal prison following his conviction for 9 federal charges, including sex crimes and human trafficking.

Kitti, who appeared in both 'Surviving R. Kelly' docs and gave a victim impact statement in front of Kelly at his sentencing, says she's happy Kelly is off the streets so he can't hurt more women.

For Kitti, Kelly's conviction is giving her some closure ... she tells us why she doesn't think he will pose much of a threat whenever he's released from prison, regardless of any changes he makes in federal lockup.

Justin Timberlake '20/20 Experience' Doc Director Sues ... Show Me MY Money!!!

Justin Timberlake's deal to make a documentary about his blockbuster album "The 20/20 Experience" isn't sitting well with the project's director, who's now suing JT for years of hard work ... according to a new lawsuit.

The singer is being sued by John Urbano, who claims JT recruited him back in 2012 to shoot and edit a documentary film about the making of his third studio album.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Urbano claims Justin proposed an arrangement where he would share profits from the film with Urbano instead of paying him his normal fee -- but Justin shelved the doc, which is why the director feels he got the shaft.

Urbano claims he filmed Justin for a total of 60 days all across the world and spent about 2,500 hours editing the footage into a documentary titled, "The Making of The 20/20 Experience."

The director says if he had been paid on the front end for the project, his filming and editing fees would have reached $2,450,000 ... but he says the only money he's seen out of Justin is a modest $20,000 upfront fee, plus reimbursements for expenses incurred while filming. According to his math, Urbano's been paid just $7 per hour for the project.

Urbano claims Justin was moved by the documentary at first, but after his album became his most successful solo project he lost interest in the doc, which has never been released.

The problem for Urbano ... he says Justin promised to share profits with him, but if the doc sits on a shelf, the promise of a big payday goes out the window.

Urbano claims Justin used his network of agents, managers, and handlers to stop the director from getting paid ... and he wants compensation for an allegedly breached agreement.

The director wants Justin to cough up lots more money, and he also wants a judge to declare he owns all the rights to the documentary.

We reached out to Justin's camp ... so far no word back.

R. Kelly Prison's Just the Start ... Sexual Disorder Therapy Ordered

R. Kelly will be in his 80s when/if he gets out of prison, but there are still concerns the old man will remain a threat -- especially to minors -- so, he'll have to live under a slew of strict conditions and counseling.

When Judge Ann M. Donnelly handed down Kelly's 30-year sentence for federal sex crimes, she also ordered mental health treatment for the singer upon his release. According to docs, his treatment will include therapy for an unspecified sexual disorder, and he must avoid all contact with anyone under 18.

That seems like a no-brainer, considering how the disgraced R&B hitmaker ended up in prison -- but there are even more criteria.

As we reported ... prosecutors said Kelly is especially menacing to society, because he'd continued his criminal behavior for years after standing trial in Chicago for sex crimes. Seems that struck a chord with the judge, who ordered Kelly must inform anyone choosing to live with him that he is a sex offender.

The only way he'll be allowed to be around someone under 18 is if it's a family member, or it's in a therapeutic setting with a "responsible adult" present -- ditto for associating with convicted sex offenders. And, all of the above scenarios would first have to be approved by his probation officer.

He's gonna get to know that P.O. very well -- Kelly will remain under supervised release for 5 years once he gets out ... and, that's just for this sentence.

Kelly still has another federal trial and 2 state trials to face, and if he's convicted again ... he'll likely face even more restrictions.

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