Lada Gaga Dogs Found Tied to Pole in Alley ... Finder to Get $500,000 Reward


Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs that were stolen this week were tied to a pole in an alley, miles from where they were dognapped, and the finder is in for a big reward ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the woman who found the dogs is a Good Samaritan who happened upon the dogs and recognized them from all the media attention. We're told the woman saw the email address we posted from Gaga and said she found the dogs, and she was advised to take them to a nearby police station. The dogs are fine.


As we reported, police believe the woman has no involvement in the dognapping so she deposited the dogs at the PD and left.

As for the reward, sources directly connected to Gaga tell TMZ she will "gladly" pay the $500,000 reward to the finder and we're told tears of joy are still flowing in Rome.

As for the dognappers and, in particular, the person who shot her dog walker ... they are still at large, although we're told cops are combing the area for surveillance video.

Vanessa Bryant Slams Evan Rachel Wood ... For Calling Kobe 'Rapist' Upon Death

Vanessa Bryant caught wind not everyone had nice things to say about her late husband, Kobe, upon his death ... including Evan Rachel Wood, who labeled him a "rapist."

Kobe's widow is skewering ERW and others for comments they made about Kobe shortly after his passing in Jan. 2020 -- many of whom brought up his 2003 sexual assault case ... arguing his legacy was marred by the allegations, and straight-up calling him guilty.

For the record, the criminal charges he was facing were dropped after the accuser refused to testify. She later sued him over it, and both sides reached a settlement.

Of course, Kobe was never convicted ... and is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law -- which is exactly what Vanessa points out to ERW, in sharp terms more than a year later.

She writes ... "Your false, insensitive, defamatory and slanderous tweet on 1/26/20 is vile and disturbing to say the least? Behavior like this is part of the reason why innocent black men go to jail for crimes they didn't commit. An accusation doesn't make someone guilty."

VB adds, "YOU DON'T KNOW THE FACTS OF THE CASE." She had a similar message for film producer Abigail Disney, who also called Kobe a rapist not too long after he died.

Abigail still has her 2020 tweet up -- which links to a WaPo op-ed discussing Kobe's criminal case. Evan's Twitter account appears to have been deactivated. She still has an IG account though, where she's been detailing her allegations against Marilyn Manson.

Neither women have responded to Vanessa's criticism.

Aldis Hodge Zoom Bombed By Racists ... During Black History Month Event


A zoom celebration of Black History Month was interrupted by some racists who hurled the n-word for all to hear, but, as host Aldis Hodge said, were too cowardly to show their faces.

"Straight Outta Compton" star Aldis, along with Reginald Johnson and Malyia McNaughton, were on the call when an uninvited guest blurted out, "Aldis Hodge, my n*****. I heard you're like a famous actor, my guy."

Aldis and company kept their cool as they tried to boot the disembodied racist from the room.

Malyia then resumes the conversation, talking about the importance of Black History Month, when another voice chimes in, "When's white history month?"

At that point, the co-hosts decided to address the haters. After another uninvited guest hurls the n-word, Aldis lowers the boom, saying, "If you're brave enough to speak to me in such a callous way, I would love to see your face so we can speak face to face."

Of course, the invitation is not accepted, and Aldis labels the racists "cowards."

Sounds about right.

Shaquille O'Neal Krispy Kreme Fire ... Officials On The Hunt For Arson Suspect

Breaking News

Officials in Atlanta have confirmed the fire that gutted Shaq's iconic Krispy Kreme was caused by an arsonist ... and now, they say they're on the hunt for the suspect.

The famous donut shop -- which is located on Ponce de Leon Ave. and has ties to Martin Luther King Jr. -- was nearly burnt to the ground shortly after midnight on Feb. 10.

Officials say 2 employees who were in the store were able to escape the fire safely ... but the place took SERIOUS damage from the flames.

Now, officials say they believe the blaze was NOT caused by an accident ... but rather, by a person who wanted to see it burn.

Officials say they have surveillance video of the suspect ... and revealed images of the person from the video early Friday morning. Officials added there's now a $10,000 reward for help in identifying the suspect.

"The fire that occurred at @krispykreme Doughnuts (295 Ponce de Leon) on February 10th, 2021 has been determined to be a result of ARSON," officials said. "We are seeking the public’s help in identifying & locating the suspect in these pictures."

Officials say call 1-800-282-5804 if you have any information.

The donut shop, meanwhile, is one of the most famous in the country ... it was bought by Shaq back in 2016 and gained fame in 1968 for donating boxes of treats to mourners who flocked to Atlanta to grieve the death of MLK Jr.

Shaq vowed shortly after the fire to repair the place ... writing on his social media, "we will bounce back better than ever."

Tiger Woods Here's Why Blood Wasn't Tested ... After Brutal Crash


There are a lot of questions surrounding why cops didn't take a sample of Tiger Woods' blood after his rollover crash ... but the fact of the matter is, there was simply no reason for them to do so because there was no evidence Tiger was impaired at the time of the crash.

Law enforcement sources tell us there were no drugs or alcohol inside of Tiger's GV80, nor did he show any signs of impairment when he was pulled out of the wreckage. In fact, cops say he was awake and alert on the ambulance ride over to the hospital ... so the guy wasn't totally out of it by any means.


Beyond that, if cops want to draw blood to see if someone's under the influence -- they need a warrant to do it, and for that ... they need probable cause, none of which existed in Tiger's situation. Again, there was no evidence of impairment.

All evidence indicates Tiger was in a rush, was going too fast on a treacherous road and lost control of his vehicle.


TMZ broke the story, Woods was seen driving very fast out of his hotel just minutes before the accident and almost struck a director's car for the show "Grown-ish" which was shooting at the same hotel Tuesday.


L.A. County Sherriff, Alex Villanueva, came out Wednesday and said there were no criminal charges forthcoming for Tiger -- and he seemed pretty emphatic about it ... almost like he wanted to end any speculation to the contrary.

As we reported, Woods was busted for DUI in 2017, where he clearly appeared impaired after failing a number of field sobriety tests, but that wasn't the case this time.

Tiger's focus now is recovery. The doctors and physical therapists we've spoken with all say the same thing ... part of the recovery is physical, but 50% is mental ... and Tiger has shown the fortitude with past injuries that he will reign victorious over broken bones.

Travis Scott L.A. Newsstand Investigated Possible COVID Violations

Exclusive 2/23/21

Travis Scott's flash mob-type gathering on the streets of West Hollywood might cost him -- because city officials are taking a closer look to see if he broke pandemic regulations.

L.A.'s Dept. of Public Works tells TMZ ... the city did not issue a permit for Travis' Cactus Jack newsstand Tuesday in WeHo, as we're told the city's been frowning on dishing 'em out lately due to COVID-19 -- especially for non-essential gatherings like this.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In light of that, we're told Public Works plans to consult with the City Attorney's office on any possible actions they might wanna take -- including potential fines. Public Works did note to us that even though they do issue citations for permitting violations ... it wasn't certain that would be done in this case.

As we reported ... Travis assembled dozens of bodies at a newsstand, which he emblazoned with his Cactus Jack signage -- all as a way to announce the 1st issue of his "Utopia Issue" of i-D Magazine. Limited editions were being distributed to the masses.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

You'll recall ... Travis got dinged for something very similar not too long ago in the SoCal city of Downey, which only ended up costing a couple hundred bucks -- and McDonald's covered the tab for him.

That's not to say L.A. will do the same -- the City Council has been gunning to crack down on blatant COVID rule-breaking. Members recently voted to have cops step up enforcement, and for the City Attorney to potentially institute stiffer penalties for those who flout safety measures.

Elijah McClain Family Feels Vindicated ... Panel Finds Aurora PD in the Wrong!!!


Elijah McClain was dealt with in a severely uncalled-for manner by Aurora, CO cops and paramedics -- so says an independent panel investigating the 23-year-old Black man's death ... and now his family wants the officers criminally charged.

Elijah's father, Lawayne Mosley, and the family's attorney, Mari Newman, joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" to discuss the findings of a commission gathered by the Aurora City Council.

Newman says the commission determined cops did everything wrong during the 2019 incident ... starting with having no legal reason to stop and frisk Elijah, not to mention later detaining him in a chokehold.

As for the paramedics, the commission found they gave Elijah way too much ketamine to sedate him, and ended up putting him in a coma ... before he later died.

Newman says Aurora PD tried covering up their mess after the fact -- another finding she says the panel discovered and made clear in its 157-page report.

Elijah's dad says the commission's findings are just the start, because his family wants justice. They'd like to see the officers criminally charged for Elijah's death -- plus, they've already filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the police department.

Fox 31 Denver

There's another update for this case ... the fact that the firing of three Aurora PD officers last year was upheld a just couple weeks ago by the city's Civil Service Commission. When the Chief of Police spoke about their actions at a presser, it was clear she was sickened ... they photographed each other mockingly reenacting a chokehold during a memorial for Elijah.

As for whether Mr. Mosley still believes justice will be achieved for Elijah -- you might be surprised by his answer. Sounds like he's keeping the faith.

Ahmaud Arbery Mother Files Civil Rights Lawsuit ... On 1-Year Death Anniversary

Breaking News

Ahmaud Arbery's mother just filed a bombshell federal lawsuit, alleging the men charged in her son's death were in cahoots with local law enforcement.

Wanda Cooper is suing Greg and Travis McMichael and William Bryan -- the 3 who've been charged in connection with Ahmaud's killing one year ago Tuesday  ... as well as a number of police officials in Glynn County, and the county itself ... all of whom she says violated Ahmaud's civil rights.


According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Wanda recounts the events of Feb. 23, 2020 ... claiming Ahmaud went out for a jog that day, only to be targeted by the McMichaels and Bryan, who she alleges were deputized by Glynn County PD, and says Greg McMichael even had a police-issued revolver.

With those firearms -- including the revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun carried by Travis McMichael -- Wanda claims the men chased Ahmaud down on a "gut feeling" that he might be involved with recent break-ins in their neighborhood ... and then murdered him in cold blood.

Once Travis McMichael shot at Ahmaud point-blank range with his shotgun, Wanda alleges he uttered the words, "f***ing N***er." The aftermath, she alleges, is just as disturbing.

Wanda claims there were efforts by Glynn County and Brunswick County prosecutors -- as well as other officials involved in the initial investigation -- to sweep the incident under the rug, as she says Gregory McMichael had once been employed by the local police force as well as by the D.A.'s office. She says if it wasn't for the video of Ahmuad's death being leaked, it's possible nobody would've ever known or believed what happened to her son.

Ahmaud's mom alleges multiple causes of action ... including excessive force, conspiracy to violate Ahmaud's civil rights, conspiracy to obstruct justice, a failure to properly train officers, and several others.

She's seeking at least a million dollars in damages.

Martin Gugino Elderly Buffalo Protester Sues City Ya Cracked My Damn Skull!!!


Martin Gugino, the elderly Buffalo protester who got knocked to the ground and bled out of his ears, is now suing the city over that ordeal.

The 75-year-old man is suing the City of Buffalo, its mayor, several police officers and the Commissioner ... alleging the curfew they imposed last summer amid BLM protests was arbitrarily enforced, and ended up landing him in the hospital with a cracked noggin.

In his docs, Gugino says the 8 PM curfew they enforced at Niagara Square was draconian and frankly unconstitutional, infringing on his right to be there and peacefully protest ... as he claims he was doing that day.

Gugino claims mere minutes after the clock struck 8, officers in riot gear began picking and choosing whom they wanted to accost and arrest arbitrarily. Out of fear for other protesters, Gugino says he tried to talk them down, but alleges they screamed, "Push him" ... which he says 2 officers then did, with excessive force.

Of course, we've all seen what happened next ... he stumbled back, and slammed his head into the sidewalk. Gugino says that upon being transferred to a hospital, he learned he'd suffered a concussion and that his skull had been fractured.

After the fact, Gugino claims Buffalo PD tried brushing off his injury as a trip-and-fall -- but Gugino says that couldn't be further from the truth. He claims he was hospitalized for weeks, and that eventually ... Mayor Byron Brown copped to what had actually happened.

Erie County District Attorney

Despite this ... a Grand Jury declined to indict the 2 officers accused of pushing Gugino.

Gugino goes on to list a number of Buffalo police-involved incidents dating back years that he insists paints a pattern of excessive force and abuse of power. He's also asking for major damages -- punitive and otherwise that he feels will deter Buffalo PD from repeating this type of behavior.

NJ Judge Esther Salas My Son's Killer Had Another Target ... Justice Sonia Sotomayor


The lawyer who killed the son of New Jersey federal judge Esther Salas had his sights set on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor next ... according to Judge Salas.

Roy Den Hollander is believed to have posed as a FedEx delivery worker in July when he ambushed the home of Salas' family, fatally shooting her 20-year-old son and injuring her husband. At the time, Judge Salas was overseeing a case Hollander was arguing.

But Salas just revealed, on "60 Minutes" ... Hollander had more disturbing intentions.

After Hollander was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Salas says FBI agents found a locker belonging to him in which he had another gun, more ammo, and a manila folder with a "workup" of Justice Sotomayor ... including "her favorite restaurants, where she worked out, her friends."

Hollander's alleged hit list reportedly included information on about a dozen female judges -- so, now Salas is on a mission to raise awareness of the level of risk judges face for simply doing their jobs.

Deion Sanders My Stuff Was Stolen, Not Misplaced ... I Have a Witness!!!

Breaking News

Deion Sanders is ADAMANT his personal items were STOLEN -- not misplaced -- during his college football coaching debut on Sunday ... and Prime Time says he has a witness to prove it.

The NFL legend was FURIOUS after he led Jackson State to a 53-0 win over the Edward Waters Tigers ... claiming someone had sneaked into the locker room and swiped a bunch of his personal belongings.

"While the game was going on, someone came in and stole every darn thing I have in the coaches' office," Sanders said ... "Credit cards, wallet, watches. Thank god I had on my necklaces."

A short time later, reps for Jackson State told various media outlets the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding -- and that the items were "misplaced and found."

But, Deion clearly needs to get on the same page as the school -- because he says that's complete BS ... and he's got a witness to back him up.

"Whomever putting out the lie that my belongings wasn’t stolen is LYING," Sanders posted on social media.

"My belongings were taken out of a zipped bag in my office and more items were taken as well from my office. We have retrieved them since being reported. My Staff member witnessed the crime."

He added, "A staff member walked in on the theft being committed but she couldn’t fight a dude off."

The good news ... Sanders got his stuff back and his football team is 1-0.

All things considered, not a horrible day ... things could have been much, much worse.

'Ray Donovan' Octavius Johnson Arrested Over Alleged Fire Extinguisher Attack


Octavius Johnson, famous for his work in "Ray Donovan," got busted for assault with a deadly weapon ... after cops say he threw a fire extinguisher at a female jogger.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers in Burbank responded to a call that a man had allegedly thrown a fire extinguisher at a jogger when they encountered Octavius, whom cops say fit the description of the suspect. We're told cops tried to detain him, but he refused to comply and led police on a brief foot chase.

Cops caught Octavius and arrested him after the alleged victim ID'd him as the culprit. We're told officers recovered a fire extinguisher, and Octavius was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

Octavius allegedly continued his rampage inside a Burbank Police Department holding cell ... we're told he vandalized the phone inside the cell, violently striking the phone box with the handheld receiver.

Our sources say the assault case was presented to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office but the DA referred the case to the Burbank City Attorney's Office, which rejected the case due to insufficient evidence and a witness who would not cooperate.

We're told the Burbank City Attorney will now review the vandalism allegation for possible misdemeanor prosecution.

Octavius’s manager, Danny Estrada, tells TMZ ... "Octavius has been dealing with mental health issues and is currently getting the help he needs."

Chris D'Elia Emotional Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Chris D'Elia just posted a raw, emotional account of his life then and now ... then, when sex controlled his life, and now, where he's apologizing and getting therapy.

Chris has been MIA since allegations surfaced 8 months ago that he was grooming underage girls online and allegedly exposing himself to several women.

Chris says the relationships he's had were all consensual and legal, but he acknowledges his conduct was wrong because of the way he approached sex.

He seems tormented as he speaks about a "lifestyle that I didn't know how to stop." He says he's cheated on most of the women he's been with including his fiancee, Kristin Taylor ... whom he calls his "dream girl."

Chris got extremely emotional as he talked about how he's been working on himself and trying to be a good role model for his son.

He talks about the difficulty of making himself better, but he says he's working hard to become a better person.

Billie Eilish Claims Man Sending Death Threats ... Staking Out Her House for Months


5:12 PM PT -- According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the order was granted.

Billie Eilish is seeking court-ordered protection from a man she claims is harassing her and is potentially dangerous.

The singer filed docs seeking a restraining order against a man named John Hearle, who she claims has been harassing and threatening her from outside her Los Angeles home.

Billie says the guy has been camped out at a school across the street from her crib since the summer, and he's been bombarding her with threatening and disturbing letters.

According to the docs, Billie says she got a note from Hearle saying ... "You can't get what you want, unless what you want is to die for me ... You will know that soon the water will rise, and you might very well die ... You will die."

Billie claims Hearle watches her enter and exit her home, and she says he always says something to her or makes gestures -- including a throat-slitting move -- whenever he sees her.

In the docs, Billie says this is making her anxious every time she comes home and she fears for her safety and her family's too.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the LAPD is investigating, but hasn't made an arrest yet. Billie wants a judge to force Hearle to stay at least 200 yards away from her and her parents at all times.

Originally Published -- 2:15 PM PT

President Biden Woman Arrested Near WH ... Loaded Gun in Car, Letter for 46

A woman was arrested near the White House after reportedly telling cops she had a special delivery for President Biden -- a handwritten letter ... but much more ominous is that she had a loaded gun in her car.

The unidentified 66-year-old rolled toward a checkpoint in downtown D.C. Saturday evening ... close to the White House, which has a wide perimeter set for blocks on end. She was apparently with a man, and told cops they were there to meet Biden.

As for why ... cops say she told them she wanted to give him a letter. That prompted a search of the vehicle, where D.C. Metro says they discovered a loaded handgun. They claim the man she was with also had a BB gun -- but the woman was the only one arrested.

She was booked for possession of an unregistered firearm. The case has since been referred to the Secret Service.

The situation is eerily familiar ... there was another arrest like this back in January, when a Virginia man also drove up to a checkpoint, allegedly with fake inauguration credentials and a loaded firearm as well ... plus a ton of ammo, according to cops.

Just a day later, a woman was arrested under similar circumstances ... coming up to a checkpoint and trying to pass herself as a member of Biden's cabinet. She got busted too.

The National Guard's been in town since Jan. 6, and are set to stay there for a few more weeks. Probably a good idea.

Phoenix PD Bias Cops Caught Blasting BLM Protesters ... Wishing to 'Stomp' 'Em


Three Phoenix police officers didn't realize they were being recorded while secretly disparaging BLM protesters last year -- openly pining to inflict violence onto them ... seemingly exposing their bias.

The officers are unidentified for now, but on the body-cam footage -- obtained by ABC15 -- they're yammering away in a squad car, referring to a group of protesters in October in vulgar terms.

You hear one cop call them "dickheads" and "ass**** kids," while another wonders why they (the cops) didn't just stomp out the protesters when given the chance ... literally, put boot to body.

One male officer suggests they should've just gassed the whole lot of them, adding ... "who gives a s***?" The 3 officers also discuss how they and the public are "sick" of these protests, while going on to lament the fact they have to wear bodycams ... because they force them to be squeaky clean.

For example, the officers' details how once upon a time ... they used to be able to stomp out little baggies of drugs that they might not have made arrests for, but now have to because they're being monitored by the camera. The irony is they're being recorded at that very moment.

Later, as they were driving away, you hear someone on the street yell at them to go home. The officers' joke about it, and one caps off the convo by calling that person a "f**king liberal piece of s**t."

ABC15 has also documented "challenge coins" that were allegedly being bought, sold and distributed among different Phoenix PD officers ... almost as tokens for who could hurt protesters in certain parts of their bodies, including in their groin areas.

Phoenix PD's Chief issued the following statement: "I know that unprofessional, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior from even one of our officers tarnishes the badge but more importantly, it hurts the community we have sworn to protect." He adds, "I will not allow the actions and speech of a few of the 4,000 men and women of the Phoenix Police Department destroy the trust and credibility of those we serve. When that conduct does not show respect, you can expect that I as the chief will take swift and decisive disciplinary action."

The case is being investigated, and this footage is expected to be cited in the defense of several protesters who were arrested in Phoenix.

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