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Brit's Bus Bust -- The 911 Call

5/8/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 tape from Britney Spears' tour bus escapade -- when she was pulled over in San Diego for "disturbing traffic" on the way to last week's House of Blues mini-show.
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The truck driver who made the 911 call suspected it was Britney's entourage and even knew she was playing a "secret show" that night!

Truckers heart Britney.


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Funny Answers    

Why in the heck don't the cops stop those paparazzi. There the asses who chased the bus. I am not a fan of her, but they will kill someone again soon. Remember Diana!

2724 days ago


wow there goes brit again
leave brit alone she my gurl
she gonna get pass all of this
just a matter of time ---

2724 days ago

Heaven Help us    

This girl has no one in her life that can counsel her? I hope the best for her, she is a young MOTHER of two and someone who really cares about her should help. She needs it. Please tell her to take off the wigs. I am sure her hair has grown back some by now. She needs to own whatever she is going through deal with it and move on with her life. All of this "show" will not get her very far.

2724 days ago

tuna marie    

how can any fan think those "performances" of hers were acceptable? they were a joke, a slap in the face to those very fans that still support her. as long as those people continue to do so, she will continue to half ass it.

2724 days ago


It wasn't her fault these ding bat retards were following her bus blocking traffic. Why in the hell would they follow and take pictures of a bus? It has tinted windows. You're not getting a pic of her. Just wait until she actually gets off the damn thing. MORONS!!!!!!! and i'd be pissed if i would be stuck behind these asswipes.

2724 days ago

tuna marie    

look at how well christina is doing compared to brit. in vegas xtina was playing in a much larger place and selling it out, what's brit doing, playing in a much smaller place, not selling it out, while not even doing any singing, and lousy dancing.

2724 days ago


great truck drivers love her too?! what’s up with this come back.. brit should come up with some new material and be ready to do full hour sets before she does a self congratulatory welcome back tour. and judging by this article i found i'm not the only one who this this

2724 days ago


What's Brit's next gig, a bachelor party?

R.I.P. Britney Spears, Entertainer.

2724 days ago


Why can't people comment on the story instead of bringing in nonsense? Britney's shows are selling out. In fact people paid 200+ dollars for some tickets and flew half way across the world. Please. You might hate her, but there is no denying a lot people don't. What does Christina have to do with this? She has her own success, and so has Britney. Christina is doing a full tour to support her cd that didn't sell very well. Britney is trying to get back into the game at small shoes. Christina and Justin both did smaller shows before their cds came out. Her small tour was her trying to get back into the game. It was never meant to be that serious. People need to get over it. It gave her press about her career, something that has been missing a long time.

2724 days ago


Put a fork in yourself you no talent, mentally ill, studio cookie cutter creation, white trash, publicity whore, drug addict, lousy mother. your done go away!!! you cannot sing, act or dance and your career you fooled the moronic Americans with is over.

2724 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

#9, Hey Ann: Get a clue. Her shows aren't selling out, and anyone who would spend $200 to see Twitney do 12 minutes of bad lip-synching and crappy dancing is a moron. It doesn't matter about her trying to "get back in the game", her career is pretty much over and everyone knows it except for you and Twitney herself. You Twitney fans have never been much for brains.

2724 days ago

tuna marie    

i used to like britney, but she had made herself into a world wide joke. i don't know anyone that likes her or has any sympathy for her. she has a warped view of her own popularity because of the paparazzi that follow her all the time. but she will get a rude awakening when her cd is released and it sells about as much as her ex's did.

2724 days ago

tuna marie    

britney was sexualized too young, that's why she is so screwed up.

2723 days ago

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