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Mom to Brit -- I Have Rights Too!

7/6/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears, Britney SpearsBritney Spears wants her mom, Lynne, to stay a country mile away from her kids. But the combination to the code that could give Lynne some serious legal firepower is 3104.

Specifically, Section 3104 of California's Family Code gives judges the power to award visitation rights to grandparents. Judges consider two factors -- if there's a preexisting relationship between the grandparent and the grandchildren -- in Lynne's case, there is.

The judge will also balance the benefits the child will get from visiting grandma against the rights of the parents to exercise their parental authority.

Here's where it gets interesting. If both parents nix the notion of grandma having visitation, there's a strong presumption the judge should deny grandma's request. So K-Fed may be critical if Lynne takes it to the judge. If Fed sides with Lynne, she'd have a shot.


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St. Olof    

Brit has hit a new low. She is an ungrateful little brat. Her mother deserves WAY better treatment - considering what her mother has done for her. If she were my kid, I'd give her a smack!

2645 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

just move away from california and go back to the south brit. its where you belong anyway.

2645 days ago


I don't know.
This can go both ways. All of brittneys troubles are because of her mom. She wanted brittney to be a star and she made it happen. Now look @ brittney she's a loser!
I wouldn't want my kids around the person who messed me up and it might rub off the kids.
Eventhough brittney is not stable as well.

2645 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Britny is a no good, untalented piece of trash! Her mom should take the whore to court and teach her a lesson!

2645 days ago


stupid ass britney is soooo stupid, and she is the worse mother i have seen. she is a skankasuarus. she is just a dummy trying to act educated, as she stated, her umbrella tantrum was a "roll" she was trying for. skank can't even spell correctly. she should shut the hell up, go away and get some education (college) and then maybe she can judge others. she has way to much money which makes her even more stupid. she is plain nasty.

2645 days ago


Grow up.

2645 days ago

J Doe    

The 'Toxic' singer has allegedly changed her will to ensure her mother Lynne
never gains custody of her grandsons, 22-month-old Sean Preston and
10-month-old Jayden James.

Britney's teenage sister Jamie Lynne is now set to inherit the star's estate
and custody of her sons when the singer dies, according to National Enquirer
Britney also reportedly stipulates in the new will that her cousin Alli Sims
will look after the boys if she dies before 15-year-old Jamie Lynn turns 21.

Relations between Britney and Lynne allegedly turned sour after the 'Lucky'
singer felt her mother forced her into rehab.

Britney also reportedly hired a private investigator to record phone calls
between Lynne and the singer's estranged husband Kevin Federline.

In one conversation, Lynne is said to arrange to meet Kevin and the boys,
saying: "I have to be careful that Britney doesn't find out!"

Britney is also said to have presented Lynne with a hate-filled poem.

A source said: "In the poem, titled 'Dear Mama', she wrote that she didn't
have a mom anymore and she couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to
her child.

"Britney gave the poem to her mom and said, 'Here Momma, I just wanted to
see your face.' "Then she got into her car and drove off. Lynne went into the trailer and
broke down in tears."

2645 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Granma has a right to see those kids.

2645 days ago


I wonder if Britt's mother is happy that she pimped out her daughter???? Could this situation get any more screwed up!!!

2645 days ago


I truly sympathize with lynn, I am living the same nightmare with our daughter, she won't let us see our grandson. The problem is these girls think they know it all and treat the mom's like they are kids. I hope lynn wins and I hope britney grows up. LIFE Is too short. Karma will get them!

2645 days ago


I hope they go to court, and i hope her mother wins. then we can all laugh our asses off silly at stupid ass Britney. stupid ass hillbilly with no class and no talant at all. her voice sounds like she plugs her nose when she sings. tone deaf skank

2645 days ago


It's sad because she threw away a successfull career (even though I don't think she's got any talent, except that she can lip sync, some people seemed to like her) and now she is ruining her relationship with her mother. Who cares if her mom was siding with KFED, look at the way she was acting. SHE NUTS. In a few years after her money runs out and she's really a nobody she'll regret everything she did, especially cutting ties with her mother. I mean how do you do that? MONEY'S NOT EVERYTHING!!

2645 days ago


I hope this dimwit really hasn't told her mother to stay from the babies if she is on meds.

Look at that piece of trash Britney. She's the one in need of some kind of medication.

2645 days ago


Swim Chick ~ I know u didn't really just say "and maybe then she can judge others" in the same breath that you said ~ She is a nasty skanasauraus about someone that you have never met and don't know. Who the hell are you to call someone a dummy and correct their spelling when you don't even use punctuation? Give me a break!

Judgement is exactly what you are passing and from about the MOST uninformed spectator position even possible.

Why don't you look in the mirror and try judging yourself.

2645 days ago


Britney is living in "Britneyland" first off if she dies the kids will go to K-Fed along with alot of the money. I doubt very seriosly that her sister is loving her at the moment ether. This girl has caused so much drama in her life and the the life of people around her, she cant handle the truths about her and shes striking out at her mom.. why because her mom saw somthing that said hey you need help and I wont protect you.. She should have pounded soem sence into her.. Britney has destoyed her career.. her voice was never that good and now shes turned her self into what she was from the beginning.. Louisiana white trash. You cant take it out of her its there born into her genes. Her mom should go ahead and help ole k-Fed out because for now the boys are better off with him.

2645 days ago
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