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Birkhead: Accuser Hatten's a "Loser"

9/4/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead spat back at the woman who's claiming that he and Howard K. Stern were lovers, calling her a "loser" with a grudge.

According to the New York Daily News, Birkhead says that former pro volleyballer Jackie Hatten "isn't a credible source," and adds that she "tried to come to the Bahamas to see Anna last year and Anna wouldn't let her ... This book is coming from the losers club because they all have axes to grind."

Hatten's brother is Mark Hatten, who's sitting in a California prison for making threats against Anna Nicole, and once claimed to be Dannielynn's daddy. Oddly enough, Jackie Hatten once said that she thought that Birkhead and Smith were "madly in love" after their first date. "They were trying to have babies the first day they met in my bed, okay?" she told Larry King back in February.

"Pipe Bomb" Rocks "Sopranos" Christufuh's Studio

Some kind of explosive device detonated outside a studio owned by "The Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli early this morning, wrecking a parked van but causing no harm to any humans. Oh, marone!

"It was a very loud boom, like a lightning storm," said a witness to the New York Post, and the blast "sent huge clouds of smoke billowing" into the air. There was no immediate link made between the blast and Moltisanti's Studio Dante, nor to the nearby Italian restaurant.

Party Favors: Hulk Says There's Not "A Bad Bone" in Nick ... Efron Says It'll Be Script, Not $$$, That Make Decision ... Alicia Silverstone's Vegging Out

Hulk Hogan tells "The Insider" that his son Nick is moving forward after his car crash, and despite criticism of his high-speed ways, "There's not a bad bone in my son Nick's body" and that Nick wasn't racing. ... Zac Efron tells People that it'll be the script, not the money, that determines whether he'll make a third "High School Musical." In a related development, scales were seen still firmly attached to Efron's eyes. ... A TMZ spy spotted devoted vegetarian Alicia Silverstone withstanding the 90-degree heat at the Hollywood Farmer's Market to get her fill of legumes, greens, and the rest of the stuff that does a body good.


No Avatar


This trash is coming out of the woodwork after Larry! But, they don't know he's a hellofa stand-up MAN!
This is a good guy here fellas, so f--k off!

2520 days ago


Larry, you go man!

2520 days ago

Dawn Day    

If pimping out your kid is being a good guy then this country is really in trouble!

2520 days ago


last* not lats

2520 days ago

Lenn K.    

Larry, I believe you not that liar Rita Cosby and her hack Jackie Hatten. Howard is a freak, you two being gay that just doen't ever sound right!!

2520 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a master he knows anything about Anna's life. He loves himself only. Poor DL got a looser for a father..rot in hell Larry Birkhead.

2520 days ago


You can take an Italian out of Sicily, but you can't take the Sicily out of an Italian. Criminals, all of them.

2520 days ago


It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

There are consequnces to your actions, and Nick Hogan needs to be held accountable. He has shown a blatant disregard for the law (i.e. speed limits). Who gets a kid his age a souped up sports car anyway? That's asking for trouble!!

2520 days ago

kay winn    

i am sorry to hear any negativity involving this sweet baby ... this is exactly the kind of thing will exspose daniellynn to the dark side of fame ... please just give this child and larry at least a chance to have a meaningful and loving life ... believe it or not ... there is a bright side to hollywood, sometimes ... kay

2520 days ago

just saying...    

why didn't Jackie say any of this when she was talking to Larry King all the time? She had plenty of time then... Instead she spoke of how she knew Larry was the father and that Anna and Larry had a relationship and what a s**mbag Howard was....
She seems to have changed her tune pretty quickly.

2520 days ago


Birkhead / Anna/ Stern WHO CARES! Why these people get as much press as they do is beyond me.

2520 days ago


# 9 Very well said.

2520 days ago


So Larry "spits" and doesn't "swallow", - noncommittal, hmm?

Anna wouldn't let her come to the Bahamas? Well, she wouldn't let Larry, either.

Is he a "smoker" or a "stroker"? Curious minds, know.

2520 days ago


I read over the weekend that the tape exists. Is Larry stalling, trying to make money off the story himself?

2520 days ago

Shame Shame    

If this so called tape exist, where the hell is it? It doesn't. This is nothing more than a bunch of whack jobs out to make a quick buck. Even the Today show sees through the lies. Bravo NBC!

2520 days ago
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