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Kat Von Dummy

10/5/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and her boyfriend got matching tattoos with each other's names on them -- but they've only been dating a month!

While most would wait more than 6 weeks to brand their lover's name onto their skin for life, the "L.A. Ink" hottie and her long haired, Shaggy-like boyfriend showed off their new unicorn tats at a Rolling Stone Hot Party last night.

Perhaps a tattoo removal show is in the works.

UPDATE: Thanks to astute TMZ reader Pam, we've been able to i.d. Kat's new man. He's Alexander Orbie Lee Kelton Orbison (yes, that Orbison) and he's the drummer for Cisco Adler's band Whitestarr. Who knew? Oh yeah ... Pam.

UPDATE #2: Kat was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week and told Ellen she'd never tattoo a boyfriend's name on any of her clients if it were a new relationship. Someone doesn't follow their own advice!


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Last time I checked she was of legal age and in America! What does it really matter to ANYONE what she does with her body? She's not hurting let Kat be Kat! I love LA Ink because the "characters" are more fun to follow than those of Miami AND London Ink!!! It was obvious to ME that LA Ink is doing a great job in being who they are because they won the Battle of the Inks. I guess Miami did well letting her go!

2492 days ago

bored in Texas    

She said "name" she did not say unicorn!! I think it is sweet when people get matching tats....if the relationship ends its not a big deal you just have a unicorn or something like that...its not like it says I love Johnny!!!

2535 days ago

Kittie L D    

Ok people, Its not like she got his name tattooed on her. And a name is something completly different from a unicorn tattoo, and a name is talking about a specific person. A unicorn signifies a multible of things and there just showing there love for eachother. Why cant you understand that ?.... So quite bagging on her.........

2535 days ago

starry eyes    

who cares what kat von d does with her body? is she hurting you? no. didnt think so. if you dont want to see her, change the channel, then keep your mouth shut. stop worrying about celebrities in the news getting tattoos! NEWSFLASH! theres more important things to worry about. get a life, and stay out of hers. kat von d happens to be very successful, and friggin amazing at what she does. people need to work out their own issues.

2490 days ago


LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2490 days ago


Why does it matter to any of you...she isnt hurting anyone. There are worse things out there. AND...she didn't have his name put on her...just a unicorn...give me a break people...get a grip

2489 days ago


she has her ex husband oliver's face tattooed on her thigh i dont think she is worried about a tiny unicorn. and plus its rumored shes prego with his baby.

2488 days ago

Morten Olsen    

who the hell is interested in what Kat do outside the tattoo-studio THATS HER OWN buisness Take a Look at the work she do and thats is very good.
If i did'nt live in Denmark but in the states she would be the only one to make the portrait tatto that i want.


2533 days ago


people need to let her be.. just live their lives...
let her be who she is.
quit judging.

karma is the big bertha of bitches.
remember that

2532 days ago


Kat Von D is AMAZING!

2531 days ago

Tom From Down Under    

I find it sad that all of these people are passng judgement on someone they don't even know...Kat is an amazing artist and an inspiration. Not one of you know how deeply in love they are, and even if it doesn't last, the tatoos they have remind them not only of the bad times but the good times. It's no different to someone getting a memorial tatoo, its going to make them sad and happy. I would truely be honered for kat von d to tatoo me as would have a peice of art of my own as priceless as da vinci or picasso. Thank you Kat for being an inspiration to an aspiring artist.

2531 days ago

Hardcore Dad    

Everyone needs to mjnd there own business. Let Kat and Orbi do what they want. They are not hurting anyone so who cares

2530 days ago


okay.... why dont you haters leave her alone? its her life, and just like the rest of you, she is gonna live it the way she wants too. she is an AMAZING tattoo artist and thats all that should matter {outside of her personality}. its HER business whos name she puts where, not ours

2529 days ago


You people that are talking trash about Kat are all haters. Do you really think she cares about what you think? It's her body, and she's a grown woman, if she decides she wants to tatoo her boyfriend's name on her after a day, then she can do just that. I'm sure there are reasons behind her not wanting to do it for her customers. People now days, are always wanting to have a lawsuit against the celebrities for dumb reasons.
So, while you are all talking trash about Kat she's making her money and living the life YOU WISH you you ROCK=)

2524 days ago


Kat Von D is amazing. Her lifestyle is centered around the things she loves and cares about. Tattooing is her life, and she makes a statement of that with her own body. Many people dont find tattoos to be attractive, but i love them and im ready to get my 6th tattoo next week. I look to Kat as a rolemodel and hope to be as an amazing artist as her.

2524 days ago
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