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Britney Escorted Out By Men in White Coats

2/24/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The men in white coats were after Britney last night -- but this time they were the chefs and waitstaff at Mastro's Steakhouse, who came outside in droves to help Britney part the sea of paps as she exited the eatery!

Britney, joined by Papa Jamie, must have needed a big meal yesterday after reuniting with her boys.


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2398 days ago

Mr. Hat    


Good for you!!
I guess that makes your life.

2398 days ago


it does actually Mr. Hat

2398 days ago


I don't understand why people think she should just stay at home. If there were pap laws about how close you can get to someone when taking their pictures, then maybe she could have a "notmal" life. Just because she is famous doesn't mean she doesn't have a right to leave her house and go to Starbucls 100x a day f she chooses. TMZ and all the other pap sites have turned into nothing but stalkers. I think the LA police she do something about this before someone gets killed. This is just ridiculous.

2398 days ago

Mr. Hat    


You have my condolances.

2398 days ago

big balls    


Posted at 10:40AM on Feb 24th 2008 by kelli
what this bitch do sit is front of the computor with her finger on refresh all day long so she can be first her ass is probley 3 ft wide

2398 days ago

Jeremy P    

their coming to take me away ha ha
Jeremy lesser funds are available for these lol~~~~

2398 days ago

Medical Girl    

Oh #1 kelli, GOOD FOR YOU HONEY. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Now you can finally take off those disturbing adult diapers and get your fat ass out of the chair you sat in for DAYS waiting to type those five little words and be correct. Good for you hun. Now go take a bath, loser.

Damn, I wanted to comment on Britney but kelli is a bigger loser today so i wasted my post on her. Well, it's the weekend and so I'll leave it up to the rest of you good peeps. You never let me down.

2398 days ago


I have the perfect solution to Britney-Billy's paparazzi problems. Move to France. Johnny Depp did, and look how well his career is going. Jim Morrison also did really well in France. I think that Britney-Billy should definitely follow in Jim Morrison's footsteps.

2398 days ago


There really should be a personal space limit where the photogs cannot tread. Have to say, I don't understand where people think just because you are an actor, you deserve this junk? Can you imagine never being able to simply walk 'cuz you have all these people around you? I'd go insane! If I were her , I would have about 6 big strapping boys making a perimenter around me so I could move freely and I'd even wave at the paps if they were nice about it. Just keep your distance.

2398 days ago


Here's a novel idea......order in!!!! These fancy places would happily deliver food to you(for a price) It would be better than the circus of paps following her and interupting the other patrons of the resteraunts!!!!!!!!!!!

2398 days ago


Brit is such a publicity hound - if she hates the paps, why does she go out to eat at a celeb hangout? STAY HOME BITCH! The police are wasting their time with her. They have better things to do than wasting it on some trailer trash like her.

2398 days ago

Damn Shame    

I feel so sorry for Britney and others in her shoes. It is a damn shame that these people cannot go anyplace with out cameras in her face. Why should she have to be a prisoner in her own home. She should be able have the rights that all of us have.

2398 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

same here I hate people that just refresh all day long just 2 b first on the so important tmz blogathons my, u must have a very interesting life . . . !!!! and britney . . . they wear these coats at a mental institution too !!!!

2398 days ago

disgusted observer    

Holy freakin crap needs to get a grip on reality- the police do not have time to serve as Britney's security. If you called 911 and had to wait 2 hours because the police were busy protecting Britney, would you be happy then?? No, Britney shouldn't have to give up her personal rights- but she created this mess by playing to the media- stripping to swim in the ocean, flashing herself, trading clothes with people in bars, etc. If she would calm down and stop giving them a story they wouldn't follow her. There are hundreds of movie and music stars- why does this only happen to Britney and Lindsey and Paris? Because they're stupid and create there own problems. I do NOT want my tax dollars being spent to protect her from herslef. She can move back to Louisiana and let their state taxes go up if she thinks she needs new laws and police protection. Or, here's a thought- maybe holy freakin crap would like to pay for Britney's protection? Good luck with that!

2398 days ago
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