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Brad's Rent Offer is the Pitts?

4/9/2008 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt wanted to rent a resort villa in Texas during his most recent film shoot – but at a 95% discount to the usual price.

Believe it or not, MSNBC reports that Pitt's peeps showed up at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort near Austin awhile back, and wanted to rent a house near the property – for $3,000. That's for a month, not per day, folks. The hotel, naturally, balked.

But there's a reason for the low-low-ball offer: Pitt was filming "Tree of Life," an indie film with a tiny budget. Pitt is replacing Heath Ledger in the movie.

Rosie Won't Bury the Hassell-hatchet

Almost a year later, and Rosie O'Donnell still wants to strangle the living shizzle out of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Bitter much? Ro was grousing about "The View" anew on Martha Stewart's show yesterday. "I tried my best but it's hard for me when I'm not the boss. There was people there telling me what to do. There was a little Republican who scared me."

E, it should be noted, is much littler than Ro, and resolutely not scary.

Sex and the Sitting at Separate Tables?

Everyone wants to believe that the new "Sex and the City" movie brought the four stars closer together.

Maybe not: Rush & Molloy report that at a New York gala Monday night, SJP was very conspicuously not at the same table with Kim Cattrall, Kristin ... and yadda yadda. Anyway, they were very kissy and squeally for the shooters, but they had to sit apart during the dinner.

Event organizers says that there's no rift, just a quirk because SJP was giving an award to Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and thus sat at his table.

Party Favors: Mary Louise Parker Breaks Off Engagement ... Bono Unloads CPW Pad, Finally ... Naughty by Nature Still Naughty

Mary Louise Parker – "Weeds," "Dead Man's Cell Phone" – has split from her fiancé Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The on-off pair had been dating since 2006. ... Bono, reports the New York Post, has sold his Central Park West apartment for $4.9 million – a considerable discount to his $5.5 mil asking price. He bought his current pad in the San Remo for $14.9 million from Apple's Steve Jobs. ... Absinthe resurrected Naughty by Nature the other night at the Palms' Fantasy Towers. After a few shots of Le Tourment, the guys got up to do a surprise gig at the Big Sleepover.


No Avatar

It' OK Buddy    

Wow..What a strange dimension that Rosie O'Flannel lives in....Creepy!

She honestly thinks the world spins this way? or we think it does? or are going to think it does if she says so?......

2387 days ago


Rosie's right when she states that "E" is scary - her beliefs, ideas and arguements are very SCARY!

2387 days ago

my, my, my    

It is embarassing everytime that Hasselback opens her mouth on the view. She is worse than Ann Coulter. She talks making no sense at all. To call her an airhead does not do justice to how she thinks. Sonmebody shut her up. Sherri Shephard is just as bad. Both of them are scary dumb.

2387 days ago


Rosie is a very sad and tragic individual. She is so out of touch with reality she actually thinks the fighting at "The View" is still going on and still important to the rest of the public. Poor little thing.

2387 days ago


If anybody is scary, it's Rosie. Mentally ill democrats always have delusional thinking. Paranoid. Illogical. Unreasonable. How childish to hold a grudge for a year. People like her with no tolerance for others views are dangerous.

2387 days ago


Rosie needs to shut her damn mouth. I can't stand Hasselback either but enough is enough. The Rosie vs. Hasselback crap has gotten old and rotten. Rosie just deal with it and move on.

2386 days ago

Silly Lilly    

TMZ you are so retarded... .for the record HASSELBITCH IS SCARY...her ideology, her thoughts, her belief in the war machine that has plummeted this country into a dance with recession and depression like status, SHE IS SCARY. And alllllllll the while she sits there blinking like a baby doll telling people how birth control is wrong and you should be pius. Seriously my first real hatred of her was when she actually said that birth control pills are a step away from murder. The woman is a psychopath. SHE IS SCARY.MAYBE if you knew a little more about her social statements you would understand. Oh I forgot... you know all you need to know...about the color of someones underwear or lack there of...groundbreaking stuff guys...

2386 days ago


Brad could never replace Ledger and he is the Pitts. If you pimp your kids for charity is it surprising that you would expect
something for nothing. He just wants to look good, he's not worrying about anyone else.

2386 days ago

baby girl    

Holy crap Brooklyn. Angry much? Haven't you realized that arguing on the net gets you nowhere? Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone's got one. Since your opinion is so your a$$? Were your hands shaking as you typed? Ha ha ha!

2386 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Pitt expect the hotel to suck it up because he accept a low paying part? Does the world work like that for anybody other than a celebrity? If is chose to accept low wages he should choose to accept the lifestyle that goes along with that or , maybe, he should use his own personal fortune to pay for his housing. And Brooklyn, many of us in the middle of the country would be just thrilled to be our own country. Are you serious about defending a bunch of crazy cult members who get off on abusing children and women? If those control-freak pedophiles wanted to pursue their 'religion' in peace they should have stayed the heck out of Texas, we don't cotton to adult men raping and beating children here in our backwards, non-European inspired state.

2386 days ago


I love Brad...but since he knew there was a small budget...he should take whatever accomodations that provides for, else fork over the luxury dollars out of his own pocket.

2386 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Who cares about Rosie, I'm sure Hasselbeck looses a lot of sleep worrying about what that QUEER BITCH thinks.

2386 days ago


Anytime a freakin woman opens her mouth to say anything it's scary!!! What do you expect from any of these bitches? Words of knowledge?

2386 days ago


10. Miss Ditmeyer.... DEMS are SCARY>>>>> ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I am
sorry but you and your dumf**kistan members in the middle of the
country need to do me a favor... .ask to be a separate country...
PLEASE.... then I dont care if you have a monkey and his evil owner
running it.... I really cannot stand where the people of America are
evolving to. This is SO not what our forefathers envisioned. AND HOW
SAD is it that we tell people to SHUT UP when we dont agree with
of your mind! That is totalitarianism.... not democracy. The lack of
vocabulary comprehension and the grounds of what htis country was
founded on is astounding. EVEN if you are right doesnt change that
you cannot bastardize the original intent of this country which is
FREEDOM... not opression, not the worlds police, FREEDOM.

It is ridiculous that EUROPE is freer than us. Our final straw are
agencies like the children services that just broke down that
compound.... they were able to do it with no proof that the caller
was even from that compound and it is looking more and more like it

No probable cause. Nothing. They cannot be sued. They cannot be


THAT is what you WANT???
THEN LEAVE...because THAT is not what democracy is.

Posted at 9:12AM on Apr 9th 2008 by Brooklyn Lilies

You clearly need a lesson in respecting other people's opinions! You
could've stated your opinion without insulting someone else's. Now
you look like the crazy one.

BTW, in MY opinion, if it took a fake caller to bring what was going
on at the compound to the authorities attention, then good job to
whoever made that call! Those girls needed some outside help! It
was beyond religion, it was more like sexual predators hiding behind

2386 days ago


1) Asking to rent a place for $3,000 per month is not outrageous. Homes rent for that or less on a regular basis.
2) Rosie definately needs to learn how to let things go. Holding onto petty personal issues for years is not healthy, nor something the public really gives a damn about.
3) Hasselback is indeed scarey because she has apparently given up using powers of reason and blindly follows the course of her conservative brain-washers.
4) Brooklyn Lilies, you really need to get our of the house a little more and maybe travel to the parts of the country to whose residence you seem to think you are morally superior. The world really does not revolve around the 321 sq miles of NYC. I think you might miss the irony of railing against the "shut-up" attitude, by arguing "just go away!"

2386 days ago
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