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OMFG?! Is This Desperate or What?

4/10/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Going lowbrow to raise eyebrows is "Gossip Girl's" newest lame attempt for ratings.
Gossip Girl
Should a show targeted at middle/high schoolers really be using "Oh My F**king God" for a tagline in their print and TV ads? Parents Television Council on line 2! LOL!


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Insert comical name here    

TMZ criticizing someone for being sleezy. Lol,lol,lol. Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

2385 days ago

Danny Dogg    

Oh My Freaking God!

2385 days ago


First of all, to use the "F" word and GOD in the same sentence is ridiculous! I have know idea what Gossip Girls is about but, judging by your tag line the demographics are pre teen and teen. That being said, I am shocked and grateful I don't have children! Will be calling my sister to make sure my 6 year old niece DOESN'T watch this!

2385 days ago


Isn't it cute when TMZ, the snake's belly of gossip rags decides to act indignant?

2385 days ago


The newsrag that regularly uses "bitch, "ass" and similar language gratuitously in every other story is questioning this?

Hello Kettle...............

2385 days ago


Not to mention, how on earth do you figure this show to be geared towards middle schoolers?? And then to pretend that kids in HS dont use the F word is even worse. I may not have been in hs for more than 12 yrs now, but i know we used it then.

So , to get this right, tmz thinks this show is somehow geared toward 11 yr olds, thinks that hs kids dont curse, and that somehow this is worse than the sleeze they occasiaonally try to entertain us with. For example, we are going to follow around a 16 yr old preg girl in louisi-freggin-anna whos doing nothing wrong at all, and make fun of her. Yup, TMZ = High Class journalism.

2385 days ago


uh...forget the caption - what about that picture?!?

when i was in junior high school, i was more worried about the shape and size of the dots above my i's...they show two naked people flopping about? i would have been too embarrassed to watch!

2385 days ago

Gossip Girl Fanboy    


OK So this is a bit racy for a teen/tween show but I'd don't take that much offense. Most of the targeted audience for this add has plenty of online chat experience to know this isn't the worst thing that could be said. So any haters need to DIAF =-)

OH DIAF = Die in a Fire =-p

2385 days ago


I actually saw this ad today in a magazine and it just said OMG, no F

2385 days ago


Dallas I doubt a 6 year old would or should be watching this, more for lack of interest due to the story lines. Get over it. As for target ages, Id say mid to late teens. Sex scandals, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders.. oh wait isnt that high school anyway?!

2385 days ago


And that advertisement ladies and gentlemen is a perfect example of why my thirteen year old daughter will NOT be allowed to watch this show. I'm usually on the liberal side of things but all I can think of when I see the stuff geered at the tween/teens lately is that the whole world is going to hell.

2385 days ago

doesnt matter    

I actually think this is perfect for an ad ...just because it goes with the theme of the show....GOSSIP....
it looks like someone took the picture with their camera phone and emailed it to everyone with the caption "OMFG" ...which is what happens in the show......

to think that their "viewers" are innocent hilarious...they prob have racier pics on their own phones lol...

just saying ....

2385 days ago


Kyle, one day you will know that in fact there is a God!

Vix - you have no idea who my niece is and what she watches on tv. Yes, she is young in age but very grown up mentally. So, I suggest you tend to your business and let me handle mine.

2385 days ago


I like edgy as much as the next person. This is trash.

2385 days ago


I fnd it incredible that TMZ is calling the kettle black....why does TMZ sound shocked, this is something they would be proud of creating.

2385 days ago
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