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John Mayer to TMZ: Game On!

7/26/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We challenged John Mayer to host TMZ TV -- and wouldn't you know it, he took us up on the offer!
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Throughout the week, we aired snippets of John hamming it up for cameras -- but click the pic to watch the highlights.


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Rap sucks    

This was actually pretty funny made me laugh,can you still have him host?

2249 days ago

C in OC    

John you are the freakin man, Can he really be better at hosting a show than writing music ? I mean seriuosly this guy is amazing, Harvey you better watch out. John Mayer will be on a TV in your area pretty soon. Peace

2249 days ago


No effin way??!!! TMZ erased all the other comments??? You guys are so frickin shady!!! (this morning there was like 45 comments with people telling this guy to get a job and to quit being TMZ b!tch and now they're convenintly gone???) What's the matter can't handle people givin it straight about this guy? So basically you're saying why bother commenting we'll just put up only what TMZ deems appropriate? Did "no life" John Mayer call and cry because he didn't like being seen for the attention starved celebrity he is? I'm stunned and have even less respect for this site. Apparently freedom of speech is only for TMZ.

2249 days ago

Make It Right!!    

TMZ just ain't right, I was on last niht when they had the whole 20 minute video, and actually, not one single person had posted all friggin night! Just me!! Now they went and deleted that whole video and thread too! They do decide who we get to like and not like! Why do you think they keep showing us Matt Mc when nobody friggin cares about him?? They also spin the stories to get the responses they want, positive or negative. All TMZ does is post the worst foto they can find of a person who happens to be making news on "real" outlets, they make up what they thin is a "clever" headline never mind grammar or spelling, and then basically give a few lines of non-information and they call it "a story" or "breaking news".

Just one example, they used to LOVE Brangelina til John Mayer started dating Jennifer Aniston. Now all Brangelina stories have a negative slant to them.

2249 days ago


This was freaking hilarious. I absolutely adore him. And to be completely honest, his personality has turned me on more to his music.

Does the unedited version exist anywhere?

2249 days ago


@ TMZ just ain't right...

?? Why would someone say John Mayer has no life because he has a great sense of humor and makes the best out of a probably annoying situation. Face it, most celebrities may be busy but it is no 9-5 jobs, especially not always with musicians. He probably was on his way home from something, had nothing better to do, and as stated before, made the best out of it.

I suppose if he was telling TMZ to f- off or giving them the finger he would be the "uber cool" celeb, huh? Whatever. I prefer my celebs funny and down to earth. Go John!

2249 days ago


I just chkd Perez there's nothing about this tool on there. John is such a joke that even Perez doesn't cover him anymore. So that's proof enough for me. TMZ or JOhn (we all know they dog each other) simply didn't like the negative opinions that were expressed about him so they decided to simply delete those opinions . UNBELIEVABLE! So some celebutards are fair game and others like John are not?! I seriously can't believe you pulled such a shady stunt. Listen, you either have a staff member pretend to be a commenter (you know that's another racket you guys do) and explain where you get off censoring readers comment that don't agree with your own or I won't come back. Your choice.

2249 days ago


!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOHN MAYER YOU SEXY STUD MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!!

I love this man so much only because he looks exactly like my boyfriend. What a great sport and attitude for doing something like this. It shows hes not full of himself like most hollywood stars are. !!!CANADA LOVES YOU "HANDSOME" MAYER!!!!

2249 days ago

Make It Right!!    

In the unedited version, John was actually in a van on his way to that night's show when he hoped out to give them "10 minutes". It was actually 20 minutes. He left a van load of people baking in the sun in the New York heat to do this dity for TMZ. I do think he is quite good at it though, and certainly he could turn it into a day job like Mark McGrath has if/when his music career dries up. He is smart enough to think off the top of his head. Certainly he is better just off the top his head than TMZ staff sitting in the office all day trying to come up with the headlines for the stories! And someone else mentioned enjoying the part about him trying to talk his dad through a computer problem at the beginning of the video. It would have been endearing and sweet if he hadn't started yelling at his dad for not getting him when John was standing in the middle of some construction going on, on a cell phone! He should have moved to a quiet location to talk his dad through the Mac issue.

2249 days ago


Wow. I really enjoyed watching that! I had no idea J.M. is that smart, funny, and natural on camera. Great ad lib lines!

2249 days ago


Oh my gosh John you are too funny and should host more often....great job. We love your music and you play an awesome guitar!!!!! John....... Please come walk down my street, I promise not to have a heart attack......Lopatcong, New Jersey....

2249 days ago


John you can walk down my street any day Lopatcong New Jersey and I promise not to have a heart attack. Please host more often because it's always a pleasure to see you. We love your music and you play an awesome guitar!!!!!

2249 days ago


They deleted over half of the post because John got up set that the poster were slamming his ass. Whiny has all the post deleted. TMZ are pathetic pigs. John and his Pr team control TMZ. To bad you are not going to make us like John are that whore Jennifer Aniston.

2249 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I just found this and it was too priceless not to share with you! I know TMZ will delete it soon enough, but maybe a few of you will get to read it...Even Jennifer's own mother says she is not a pretty girl!
JENNIFER ANISTON hasn't spoken to her mother NANCY for four years - but it is only now that she feels real pain about the estrangement.

The sexy FRIENDS actress, 32, has revealed that her marriage to hunky actor BRAD PITT, 38, has helped her get over the problems she has with her mother, and accept responsibility for things she has done as an adult - rather than blaming them on uncaring Nancy.

In a frank interview, Jennifer sobbed as she said, "I still can't believe I got married and my mother has never met this person I married." The climax of Jennifer's anguish was the "torturous decision" to exclude her mother from her wedding to Pitt last year (00).

Jennifer says of living life with her ex-model mother, "I don't know if I would have known how beautiful she was if she wasn't always pointing out how unbeautiful I was." (AW/WNTMA/PDD)

Source: WENN

2249 days ago


TMZ is a little thin-skinned when it come to people thay have the HOT'S for.

2249 days ago
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