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Cindy's Man Slugs Over Crawford's Naked Jugs

8/18/2008 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber were actually smiling for once, until one pap -- not TMZ's -- asked about those topless pictures from Italy.

Cheer up, Rande, at least your wife actually won our poll pitting her against a half naked Heidi Klum.


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Cindy knew the cameras were out there! She might not have seen them at that particular time, but common sense should have prevailed if she truly did not want to be photographed. She certainly was posing when standing on the ladder to the side of the yacht. Give me a break!

2196 days ago

arte help    

Cindy's are ok, but Heidi's are better.

2196 days ago


Everyone knows he cheats on her. He is irrelevant.

2196 days ago


That's no big deal Mini me could have won over Heidi.


2196 days ago

dont know    

Cindy is a sourpussed cheapskate. GIVE SOME MONEY BACK TO DEKALB, IL! It's so bad that you are so cheap. You are no role model.

2196 days ago


Keep your clothes on, bitches. You have sons . I can't believe those bitches were parading topless in fron of their sons, and the cameras.

2196 days ago


don't run around topless if you don't want people commenting on it..simple

2196 days ago


I guess it's part of the job....both sides...

Your famous, you take off your clothes someone's gonna get a picture,

You take the picture, someone's gonna wanna push your face in...

2196 days ago


As a wise woman of, gulp, 40. We are pretty smart gals. Cindy is a very smart gal. She had the grades to prove it. That said, HOW could she not know that, this far in her exposed life, a camera being around is a pretty good bet?

Come on! If you don't want your breasts on TV, a magazine, or a web site, then you don't run around naked.

Oh, by the way I live in Genoa, Il which is DeKalb's neighbor, I don't understand why the poster felt Cindy needs to up her cash to DeKalb.Do all people who make a lot of dough when they leave their hometown give back in the droves? That isn't fair. Besides, this poster acts like DeKalb is in need of cash. No, not hardly. It is a farm town with a lot of good farm folks. I love DeKalb.

Cindy seems like a good ol' gal that is pretty genuine to me. Just remember the cameras!

2195 days ago

dont know    

I live in DeKalb (not GenoWhere) and went to high school with Cindy. In case you didn't know it (too stupid I suspect), there are ENDOWMENTS, SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS, all sorts of things that WEALTHY PEOPLE (my parents being some of them) set up at the DEKALB HIGH SCHOOL for kids to go to college that might not be able to afford it. In fact, my family goes to a dinner ever year to meet the recipients of these scholarships, We also are given a list of everyone that has given, is giving to the DeKalb High School--CINDY'S NAME IS NOT ON IT, HAS IT EVER BEEN ON IT, OR WILL IT EVER PROBABLY BE ON IT. No, the lovely City of Dekalb doesn't need her money--kids from her high school do--but she's TOO CHEAP to give any out. Before you start babbling, you need to get your facts straight. Oh, and by the way, Genoa sucks.

2195 days ago


Wealthy with zero manners is more like it. Why so hostile? Re-read your post.

Is it written somewhere that all people who make a lot of cash are suppose to up it to whom YOU feel should get it?

Genoawhere? Huh? Let me tell you something. Dekalb has maybe 35,000 people in it. I was not raised there. I'm actually from a bigger town, maybe you have heard of it, Chicago. You are are clearly a hick with some money. I have seen your type in big time Dekalb. Oh, and you are old it seems. Sorry. I bet you look like dog meat like soooooo many women in Dekalb do. With your big fat husband in tow at Wal-mart. Probaly about five years back in fashion too. I'm quite sure I'm the opposite of you. So is beauitful Cindy.

Besides big mouth. I wasn't insulting anyone, until now. YOUR parents are the ones upping some cash it seems. Not you. I stand by my comment.

Oh and Genoa sucks? Have you seen some of the hoods in your dear city? Or the houses?! How about the RAMPANT crime ALWAYS in the Mid-Week? Please, give me these nice farm folks {except you it seems} anyday. Now I think you need to take your meds and have a nap. Your blood pressure is showing.

Oh, I said nothing that would provoke such a response unless you are clearly deranged. Watch out NIU! It seems you have another one on the loose!

2195 days ago

dont know    

Just Jealous that us with "old Money" rule DeKalb--Us rich educated farmers aren't the ones, you keep Wal--mart in business, the poor LIKE you do---go back to your ghettos of Chicago where you belong. Beautiful Cindy? Give me a break. Cindy's poor, BALD Mother works at a bank in town---and her loser second husband is in the Midweek getting DUIs! That's a great daughter for yeah, won't even continue to finance her Mom's shop downtown DeKalb. TOO CHEAP!

Please go back and read your email if you would like to speak about hostility--

Oh, and another thing, please keep the tragedies of Feb. 14th out of your post. For someone as myself that lived through it, it's not something to joke about. Shame on you for doing so. It appears you are the one with a problem to even think of poking fun at the events that killed 5.

I'll go now and take a nap in my of the six bedrooms in my mansion over looking my acrres and NOT think of your pathetic self--

2195 days ago


my friends and i were eating at taverna tony in malibu last night and rande was at a table full of girls in their 20's... the ones flanking him were not even remotely as beautiful as cindy crawford. jeremy piven was at the table with them and he has gnarly hair plugs.

2183 days ago

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