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Country Star Wants Cold One, Gets Cold-Cocked

8/20/2008 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country star Pat Green wanted a beer on stage the other night -- he got one, all right.

Green was singin' after a NASCAR race Saturday when he asked all his rowdy friends, "Anyone got a beer?" Well, someone delivered a full unopened can -- right between his eyes. Michigan state troopers say he was knocked out cold, but his rep says that just a bunch of suds.

No one gets knocked out by a beer can these days without somebody catching it on video. So far, we haven't seen any ... but we'd like to!


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ha ha ha!!! 1st!!!

2252 days ago


This guy called into US 99 (a radio station in Chicago on monday, I believe) and said that the whole incident was completely blown out of proportion. He did not fall to the ground knocked out, he said, "I mumbled some obscenities and walked off the stage. I had a huge flap of skin hanging, but the EMT asked if I wanted stitches or wanted to just let it heal and I told him, I did not want stitches."
So there you have it....gee, even us regular folk could do a better job than TMZ.

2252 days ago


there is an editing / sentence error in this

2252 days ago


Can you guys use one more "stereotypical, redneck" cliche in your "report"? C'mon, I'm sure you can come up with another. *rolls eyes*

Read your NASCAR history someday, OK?

2252 days ago

northern gypsy    

maybe he got the "special delivery" cause thats what the crowds thought of his music...

2252 days ago

A Producer for the show    

Pat Green says "I got clocked by a Pabst"

2252 days ago


Ha! Serves him right for forgetting about his original fans from back in the day...First the shiner on the beach and now this!

2252 days ago


Michigan state troopers say he was knocked out cold, but his rep says that just a bunch of suds.

Which one of the idiot TMZ staff members wrote this & why cant they proofread a story before posting it?
While typographical errors are forgivable, playing yourself off as a celebrity NEWS site without proofreading stories prior to posting them for the entire world to read is weak, stupid & LAZY. How much do these clowns make an hour? I hope its minimum wage - hell - they might NOT even be worth that!

2252 days ago


I was there and saw the enitre thing. He was having a blast his entire set and was laughing and all of the "things" being shown in the crowd. He said something to the effect of "all that is missing is a beer" or "anyone out there have a beer" or something like that. Suddenly a single beer came flying right at him. That one didn't hit him though, as he caught it easily, almost like it was a beer commercial as it reached him inches off his left shoulder. He held it up for a bit, almost as a trophy and the crowd went nuts. Unfortunately though, seconds later another beer came from another angle and you could tell he didn't see it coming. It was the "perfect" shot, or in this case, a horrible shot as it hit him on the side of his head. His head snapped to the side and he kind of just stood there for a few seconds. He most definitely did not fall or get knocked out. He stopped playing, put his hand to his head, turned towards the back corner of the stage as if to look for help from a stagehand, and then left the stage holding the side of his head with one hand and his guitar in the other. To the band's credit, they played out the last 30 or so seconds of the song(Wave on Wave) and almost seemed to be trying to figure out what happened at the same time.

Respectfully, I think his people should have reminded him of where he was before he ever went on stage. No, I don't mean a bunch of "rednecks" were there. That is likely THE most ignorant stereotype there is in sports. The setting is more of a party than a concert. He kind of asked for it, of course not knowing what the outcome would be, as none of us could have. Thousands of people that were just at a race, in the hot sun for hours, and obviously having already consumed plenty of beer, saw his reaction to that perfect earlier throw and someone tried to repeat it. The crowd wasn't out of line, this was just one of those perfect storms that happened. Fans were throwing beads up on stage and many band members, including Pat were putting them on. When he asked for that beer, I remember saying to my buddy that this can't end up good, I just didn't know how bad it would be. There were not dozens of beer that went flying toward the stage, in fact I oonly saw the 2 fly(there could have been a couple more, but I didn't see them). Also, while the crowd cheered at that first shot, nobody cheered at the second and there was most definitely a sense of concern from the crowd.

Pat Green put on a heck of a show and it is clear why he is one of the next "big stars" in country music. In fact, I am going to buy his CD just based on the show he put on at the race alone, as I am now a huge fan of his. He put on one of the best live music shows I have seen. I have seen bigger names with load of lasers and pyro, but his connection to the crowd was personal in a great way. I am also willing to bet that many in the crowd hadn't even heard of him, yet he won them over too.

I am sure he will admit that he should not have asked for someone to throw him a beer because he and his band were lucky more didn't go flying. Hopefully the only change the speedway makes is not allowing anything to be thrown at the stage. It wasn't an out of control crowd, it was just the perfect storm.

2252 days ago

Suzan K    

I was at the race and at the following concert where Pat Green got hit by a beer can. He had asked the crowd for a beer and a fan threw one up to him just as he caught it and started to open it..... another one flew up onstage from the side and hit him in the face. He was knocked down, not out. His security pulled him offstage as soon as he fell while his band kept playing, not knowing what just happened.

2252 days ago


Pat is great performer. I hate country music but he is ok. He is one gracious dude. He and his band performed FREE for an hour and half for the charity event I worked at. He's a nice guy.

2252 days ago

Pat Green Fan    

I just saw Pat Green at the House of Blues in New Orleans last month and he put on a great show! I have met him on 2 different occassions and he is an all around good guy. I hate to hear about the accident, I am just glad he was not seriously injured.

2252 days ago

I read TMZ for the interesting stories, please no more Paris    

Why be rude to Pat? He is one helluva performer. I've been to many of his concerts and he and his band never fail to perform whether it is at the Astrodome or some tiny little theater in Boise, ID (I've been to both -- a total of 8). He and his band are up for every performance and are even more incredible live than on CDs -- what other performer can claim that?

I love "Pat F-ing Green" (as his myriad fans call him). See you soon at El Arroyo!

2252 days ago

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