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Whitney -- Obama's Beanie Baby

1/17/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DC-bound Whitney Houston played it low key at LAX sporting a fur coat and the latest head wear from the Obama winter collection.

Whitney Hiouston -- Click to Watch!
No word on whether she'll be doing any official singing at the Inauguration.


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That crack-whore still sings???

2105 days ago


She cracks me up.

2105 days ago


Why is it still the only ones still wearing Fur, and whom apparently never got the memo, are Black women and older Jewish women? Something about selfish, uncaring of others and thinking they are Royalty come to mind?

2105 days ago

arte help    

What other losers are showing up, Vanilla Ice?

2105 days ago

two cents    

Wow! Quite an interesting list of Nodumba's supporters. So far this morning, we have a crackhead and an ear-eater. Nice.

Glad to see he's so well supported by 'his kind". Great. /sarcasm

With friends/supporters like this, who needs enemies? I'd be hugely embarrassed if I was Nodumba.

2105 days ago


But you have to admit it's better, than having a grandma (Sarah Palin) with a bastard grandkid... nothing beats that!
Maybe Sarah should teach Bristol how to close her legs in the future, so there won't be any other unfortunate bastards born. Sarah would have been at the inauguration, but she's still scared of this "media conspiracy" that she thinks is after her (LOL - you're not a delusional schizophrenc are you Sarah?

2105 days ago


@ 6..I agree..It's better than that Palin trash. If you read the latest issue of People, her daughter's "fiance" also leaves with them now. Wow..children out of wedlock...shacking up in momma's house...high school dropouts. To think that people actually voted for this idiot.

2105 days ago


Thanks Oprah the crack user in getting Obama elected, now you both can do cocaine in the Lincoln Bedroom, right after you get done doing Gayle King on the bed. Oprah has been lying to her audience since the 80's....I only wish after the Rosenblatss duped her, that she had invested all her money with Madoff.

2105 days ago


Right!! Oprah got Obama elected all by herself. How about thanking America for voting for Obama. I got news for you "Truth Serum" all of hollywood is doing drugs so that article about Oprah is not a surprise. She really didn't lie, she just didn't talk about that part of her past. She never said she was perfect. Do you talk about every skeleton in your closet?

2105 days ago


Does Bobby still pull the dookie out of her butt?

2105 days ago


All I got to say is that Obama is no Jesus and the heavens will not open and the seas will not part on Inauguration Day. Stop glorifying him as if he was Jesus. He's got a lot of work to do to make this country better. I'd appreciate if all of you could stop throwing insults back and forth and focus on more important things like using correct grammar when you write your opinions.

2105 days ago


About SP, I have found over the years that you really dont have to diss anyone - they will show their true self in the end.

Ol' Sadie now has a bastard grandbaby ( I feel SO sorry for that poor kid ) , her daughters baby daddy living at her house, her daughters mother-in-law a jail bird, she will never be elected to any important office again, and she needs to take the GED test, as she must have given someone a great B*** J** to pass high school - she really isnt as smart as a 5th grader.

As for Whitney , crack is whack / and she will never make a come back ( I wrote that myself )!! : )

OK,Im done...........

2105 days ago


So what is she going to do get him the crackie, maybe bi vote. These people do not vote.I hope her voice has not been ruined. Go for it Whitney !

2105 days ago


Truth Serum, you forgot to include George Bush with the little crack/cocaine party you're throwing. Seeing as Georgie himself was a big cocaine user (even was arrested for it - guess who got him out of the jam? Yep, daddy).

Oprah the crack user? Oh truth serum, sometimes your stupdiity shows thru. It would be funny most of the time, but it oes look like you're a little nuts with your lack of facts.

Well, for Sarah c'mon and take a break. Didn't everyone love that interview after the election where in trying to defend herself, blamed McCain and his group. LOL.... Oh and Sarah, just for future reference, when the economy is in such bad shape for your to spend $150,000 on clothes... Yep clothes... Way to be in touch with the common man...

2105 days ago


have to agree with you buttercup... she obviously brought out the knee-pads an tissues for becoming the governor, because her lack of intelligence wasn't her strong quality.

2105 days ago
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