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Carrie Prejean --

I Was Only 17!

5/5/2009 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanSo someone sent us pictures two days ago of Carrie Prejean -- showing the Miss California/Miss USA runner-up modeling topless, partially covering her breasts with her hands and wearing panties. So, we ask, What would Jesus think?

We contacted Carrie's rep, who gave us this statement yesterday: "This was a photo that was taken several years ago, when Carrie first started modeling. In her naivete, an agent convinced her to pose for this photo to submit to a lingerie company, claiming they could make her the next Victoria's Secret model. She has since learned what a lie that was, and what a mistake it was to have the photo taken."

A short time later, we got a second statement: "Is there any allowance for the fact that she was a minor when the photo was taken, that would allow you not to post? She was only 17."

We had our doubts ... especially when comparing the photos to photos of Carrie at the Miss California Teen USA pageant in 2004, a few months before her 18th birthday. But we just got a handwritten statement from Carrie herself, and she's towing the line: "The photo in question was taken when I was a minor, several months before the 2005 pageant. The photo was not meant for disclosure to the general public."

Carrie PrejeanA honcho at Miss California USA told us Carrie may have violated her contract, because she represented several times in writing that she never posed nude or partially nude for any photo. We're here to tell you ... that's not true.

We haven't posted the pics and won't unless we know she was over 18.


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I saw on another site that the photo in question was shown to Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret confirmed that it made the panties and that those panties were introduced after "Miss California" had turned 18. Her claiming that she was only 17 when the pictures were taken is a good way to keep them suppressed, but it appears to be a lie.

1994 days ago

Suck On This    

Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, refused to comment on the current controversy although according to insiders he is investigating the issue and taking it very seriously -- although this definitely isn’t the first time the Donald has been slapped with a snap-related scandal.

In December 2006, former Miss Nevada Katie Rees was dethroned when pictures of her performing intimate acts and simulating oral sex were leaked. However in 2006, Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught was still allowed to compete despite having posed topless for men’s magazine "Zoo Weekly" in 2004.

1994 days ago


Two quick points:
1)all you people calling her a fame whore, and say she is just doing all this to be in the spotlight are missing one huge point...You are the ones putting her in the spotlight!! granted, to be in a pageant you crave some attention, but that includes the other 50 girls as well. She never asked for all this attention. She answered a question that she was asked, and when you people didn't like her answer you kept digging and prodding into this girls life to find anything you can to make her look stupid. All she has been doing sense is defending herself. And even if she is taking advantage of the situation o get some press, again you guys are the ones creating the situation, so be it if she wants to take advantage of it.

2)Now I am not a pageant expert by any means, but I was under the impression that each girl is supposed to be representative of her state. Correct? So by her saying she is against gay marriage, and considering California just voted against legalizing gay marriage, is she not accurately representing the views of the majority in her state? over 50% of the people in California (considered a very liberal state) opposed gay marriage in a vote in November, but 1 girl answers a question asked at a stupid beauty pageant that means nothing to society and all of the suddon she is demonized? I love liberals always talk about open minded and accepting of everyone beliefs, when what they reall mean is everybody better fall in line with everything we stand for or else we will do everything in our power to hurt them and bring them down...very compassionate indeed

1994 days ago


Being a Christian doesn't mean being perfect. We all sin .... the only difference is Christians accept Jesus into their heart to forgive them of their sin. EVERYONE makes mistakes and has done things they regret. So please stop saying she isn't a good person now.

1994 days ago


Has the irony that the "sanctity" of gay marriage is being upheld by two guys with the fake names of "Perez Hilton" and "Nik Richie" been lost on anyone? ...probably.

1994 days ago


The photo I've seen could be hung in any art gallery or on the cover of a glamour magazine. This hardly seems racy coming from California were a "G" string is considered formal wear.

Carrie stepped on sacred ground with her comments and now Mario Lavandeira (Hilton) and the Miss California organization featuring the former bikini strutter Miss something-or-the-other, Shanna Moakler are on a smear campaign. If Donald Trump doesn't do something fast his whole Miss Universe franchise is going down the toilet with Lavandeira, Moakler and who ever else in the Miss California organization is part of this ugly conspiracy.

I think she should denounce the whole pageant organization and hand back their petty title. Maybe she could do it at a personal fund raiser. I'd support her.

I'm sure every contestant in a beauty contest has modeling in mind as a career (what else) and they all have private portfolios somewhere. It just takes an organization with a lot of money and a back-room deal with a unscrupulous photographer to get them.

1994 days ago


I wonder what a $10 donation from everyone that would like to see her give up the Crown would be worth?????

1994 days ago

perez is intollerant!    

Gays are so intolerant towards people who believe differently than they do. Long as you follow their beliefs, you're good!

What was this girl suppose to do lie about her beliefs?
Whatever age she was when that photo was taken, I'm sure her morals are different now! I'm 25, and sure hope no one judges by who I was as a teen!

Prop 8 didn't go their way, and now they are attacking like vicious dogs! Get a clue, keep attacking and making enemies, and you'll never gain the right to marry!

1994 days ago

jerico greys    

"3. Even if this was true why on earth would a good christian girl want to be a Victoria Secret model. Any way you look at it she is wrong to pass judgement on others.

Posted at 5:26PM on May 5th 2009 by hahahaha"

-are you yourself not passing judgement on other when you say this? people make mistake and in the process when they repent, only wicked people tries to drag them down to the mud again by reminding them who they are. are you yourself perfect? did you not commit any folly? ask yourself and be honest for God is righteous and he sees our hearts. God bless you.

1993 days ago


Carrie Prejean is claming that she is being attacked because of her views on same sex marriage. Maybe. “Christens” have attacked and condemned anything and everything they don’t understand through all of history, with impunity. Remember the Winston Salem witch hunts. Keeping women and minorities from the vote. Opposing civil rights and killing Dr. King because he dared speak. Opposing J.F. Kennedy for President because he was Catholic. Opposing inter-racial marriage… I can go on and on. Now it’s the homosexuals they are after.
They continue to use the bully pulpit to impose there narrow views and shove there form of morality (as Prejean did) down the throats of captive audiences. They attempt to hold the rest of us to a higher standard then they live by. Why? Because “as christens we are not perfect, we are forgiven.” The implication is, we have the Lord in our hearts and you don’t, therefore we, not you, are forgiven.
Ms. Prejean, this is the history that you voluntarily attached yourself to and you continue to perpetuate. I watched as you stood before the world proclaiming your “christen morals,” whatever the hell that means. You as a “17 year old” christen posed semi-nude to advance your standing in this world (not christen like). Then you had a boob job, I personally don’t give a rats ass. However if your God is all that, why did you feel the need to change what he created? You lied on your Miss America application. On top of all that you (and all christens) want to tell the rest of us how we should live.
I don’t know if you deserve the attacks from the rest of us. I do know that the rest of us, today and throughout history have never deserved the death and destruction that your “christen” attitude has and continues to cause throughout the world. May your God bless you. As for me I denounce your kind of God.

1993 days ago

Tommy H    

I am a gay man living with my husband and I say "leave her alone, already". She was asked a personal belief question and she answered truthfully. If you don't want to hear the "wrong answer", don't ask the question.

1993 days ago

Me =^_^=    

Although this young woman’s “Baited” answer to the Gay Marriage question was fairly unintelligent, narrow minded, and short sighted…So was Mr. Hilton’s question! This is a beauty pageant not a political arena..Lol Talk about agendas and hypocrites. I think this young woman is no more hypocritical then Mr. Hilton himself. She enters Pageants to forward her goals and ambitions and Mr. Hilton puts himself in positions to exploit others for his goals and ambitions. Hmmm, as for Marriage in general, Gay, Hetero, Communal, etc….I do not see what everyone is in all a tizzy about “Marriage” of any kind.
Do even heterosexuals believe that getting a Marriage License from The County Clerk a Government Office run by a Bureaucrat is protection for them? Where is the logic in this? The news is full of unfair legal consequences of Marrying someone with their only protection being a Marriage License obtaining “Permission” from Big Brother To join in Matrimony “Holy” or “Secular” The only protection for each party wishing to join for legally allowed procreation (Or the practicing thereof) is to go to each ones perspective lawyers and draw up contracts, for medical, death benefits, where the children go, etc.
Even heterosexuals have had greedy, selfish in-laws dive in like starving vultures and take away what is rightfully theirs because all they had for protection was the Governments Permission Slip to Have Sex and Be Fruitful and Multiply!
Children have tried to steal what rightfully belong to their Step-Mothers after their Fathers die and have succeeded! I have heard of cases where Step-Children have left their Father’s grieving Widows high and dry! The whole Marriage license thing is about control of The Mindless Masses thru Perceived Tax Benefits. Marriage should be left to each person to decide on their own. We are not Prime Beef. We do not need the Governments Stamp of Approval. There should be a “Flat Tax” All Citizens pay Married or Not. Holy Unions can take place at ones Church, Coven, Mosque, Synagogue, or Just a Gathering of Friends to witness your Choice to Unite. There are so many different lifestyles and points of views how can one Government Sanctioned Permission Slip cover them all? Some chose to be single parent families, some chose a man and a woman with children, some chose same said without children. Some chose a Matriarch, Some a Patriarch, Some have many wives a few have many men, some wish to be a group that live together always, and yes, some chose Same Sex Partners. I am sure there are other life styles I missed or don’t know about but, the main point is,” What does a Bureaucratic Institution have to do with anyone’s Private Life?” What kind of Liberty is it when Big Brother has to do with the basic life necessity of loving, being loved, and finding love?
Get your Legal paper work in order, Marry in what ever Spiritual or Non Spiritual way (That is non Government Sanctioned) you wish and file Head of Household for your taxes until Government has been kicked out of our beds! ~_^ Oh yes, back to these so called “Nude Photos.” They look like normal underwear shoots. Get a life people!

1993 days ago


wow are very angry. please learn to spell Christian if you are going to speak so negatively of it. it's Christian...not Christen. :) Have a blessed day!

1993 days ago


Chill out wtf, using captial letters is not going to get you point across and make it true. If God doesn't want same sex to be together, then let him deal with it along with the judging. It's none of your damn business if a person wants to be with the same sex, you are not God.

However I love how some of the Christians on here are tryig to justify following some of God's rule and not others are everyone committ sins (my personal favorite is Ron who acts like it's only hypocritcal to attack Christians for their beliefs not not for Christians to judge only the sins they haven't committed ) You are right everyone does which is why you are in no position to be judging the ones who haven't committed. Unless you have followed all of God rules (including the most popular sins, sex before marriage and living common law) you are in no place to judge gay people by hiding behind God and the bible to do it. If you do, you have to expect being called a hypocrite. The only one who wouldn't be a hypocrtice to judge sins is God since he's perfect.

1993 days ago


Oh please! Do any of you remember Vanessa Williams pictures where you not only saw her stuff she was simulating oral sex? Compared that to Miss cali. For that matter compare it to Miley Cyrus! Leave her alone, she has a differnet opinion, so does everyone. Perez Hilton should never be a judge because he is hopelessly biased.

If you think Miss California is being railroaded don't buy the products that are advertised on sites that slam her and tell the advertisers why you aren't.

1993 days ago
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